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Kentucky Recruits conversing with each other

I have always believed that conversation was a good thing. When people are talking, there is a better chance of positive results. Thus when I heard that AJ Stewart and Patrick Patterson, two important UK recruits, were talking on myspace, I was very happy. Here is their conversation (with no editing on my part).

Stewart: “what’s good Pat i heard u was lookin Kentucky so what’s up we gonna be teammates”

Patterson: “i duno bro.. s**t im goin der for midnigt madness tho so ima c wuts good down der… i aint no u wuz goin to Uk tho.. damn

holla atcha boy”

Future teammates? We can only hope.

Article written by Matt Jones

17 responses to “Kentucky Recruits conversing with each other”

  1. Brian Miner

    Stewart seems like he has his mind made up. But then again these are 17-18 year old kids we are talking about here. They can change their mind in a heart beat. Its great that our recruits are communicating with each other though. Should be fun to see how it all turns out.

  2. Jared19

    hope thats real

  3. STAN

    wow can you imagine tubby and patrick talking to one another????
    i didnt understand one word( except damn) that PP was saying
    and with the way tubby stutters around when he talks i guess
    the two could talk all day and not know what the other said

  4. Kingblue

    Stan, I’ll bet you don’t do a lot of text messaging.

  5. keith

    Stan does alot of bitching

  6. Jason

    I’ve read that conversation they’ve had a couple times to see if they’ve said anythign else in the last day or so, but for some reason… reading it on here made me laugh my ass off lol.

  7. JL Blue

    Itz der prefurd wey o tuawkeen. Savz on silables.

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