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Interviewing Jeff Goodman


So last night on the show, I confronted Jeff Goodman about his many anti-UK articles and about perceived bias against the Big Blue from the Fox Sports writer. He was kind enough to come on the show and take the tongue-lashing, but his answers were interesting ands he did backtrack on a number of the comments. Nevertheless, Jeff handled the whole thing in good spirits and I still do like the guy personally. Check out the interview and see what you think….and as you listen, imagine me pacing back and forth in front of the microphone while I was talking….I did get kind of worked up:

Goodman Part 1

JEFF GOODMAN INTERVIEW part 1 – Sports Night on 93.9FM The Ticket

Goodman Part 2

JEFF GOODMAN INTERVIEW part 2 – Sports Night on 93.9FM The Ticket

Article written by Matt Jones

20 responses to “Interviewing Jeff Goodman”

  1. macon_volfan

    Just like in the courtroom, huh…?

  2. kwhold

    goodman = douchebag

  3. ukrick

    Unfortunately Jeff Goodman isn’t the only writer/analyst who takes some shots at UK. And the reason is it gets attention. The web site gets hits which is what they want.

  4. RKA

    Who gives a sh*% about some sports writer that can’t make it anywhere but at Foxsports. Here’s the solution don’t read his articles and don’t go Fox Sports.

    I want my free t-shirt!

  5. uksbiggestfan

    great job, he may not have showed it all that much, but was so freakin’ uncomfortable. nice one bringing up the patterson story and what he thought of BCG.UK#1

  6. 081305

    wouldn’t walk across the street to hear this guy


    Damn. Nice job Matt…I need a lawyer, anyone know a good one..

  8. WackyFunDip

    Who does Goodman favor? Sounds like he has issues with the Coach, unless he is a Dukie or something. He is like Tipton and Doyle knowing there is a sure fire way to get readers, fire up on those who care. Screw him and let’s move on!

  9. ConcreteCat

    8. Agreed- The sooner UK Fans learn to ignore these idiots, the less of this crap we will have to read. The reason he didn’t write these things about Baylor or Memphis is because their fans don’t care. Matt and others have given him the publicity he was looking for, how smart is that?

  10. GoCats

    I have the exact same picture with my girls, that is Epcot at Disney World.
    I guarantee that Foxsports is loving the attention on this and will tell Goodman to keep doing what he is doing.

  11. Jaxalum

    Atta boy Matt. Now he knows “we don’t take no shit off no bartenders ’round here.”

  12. KYERIC

    The fact is that the Kentucky fan base CANNOT just ignore articles and negative sound bites! We are so large and widespread that we have changed the face of online polls with our Wildcats bias.

    The fact is that Kentucky does what most major college teams do, but since there is a built in advantage of calling the Cats out and seeing the backlash of the media storm, then it is worth it for the companies that hire these clowns to continue to run stories like this.

    News about UK = Page hits

    Negative news about UK = SIGNIFICANT amount more page hits

    Page hits = Money paid to ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS, etc. from advertisers.

    Simple math, don’t you think?

    Face it, guys. There really are no more truly dedicated “fanatics” about the sports teams like the people that support their Kentucky Wildcats. And when it is a negative article about something that is blown way out of proportion to smear us, then we come out in droves to defend our pride.

    Kentucky fans, with all of their perceived backwards ways are very much like family. That is what makes us different from the vast majority of average fans.

  13. deuceshoes

    Nice Bounce and Jump tee-shirt douchebag… “Have you seen my baseball????”

  14. gobigblue32

    What a tool…nice job Matt.

  15. nipplehead reborn

    How can this guy already claim that Gillespie is not a great coach?

  16. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    “Do I think Gillispie is a ‘great’ coach? No, absolutely not.”
    -Goodman, FoxSports

    File this away for about 5 years from now.

  17. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    o, and Goodman must have one hell of an editor, bc he seemed completely incapable of putting together a logical, linear argument during that interview.

    i want his job.

  18. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    seems like the guy comes up with a conclusion, and then he tries to find evidence to support it.

  19. gay jlazer

    Look like im only one who cant listen. Press play and it runs but sound is inaudible. Sounds like when adults talk in the old Peanuts cartoons. WTF? I tried using firefox, and explorer and there are no updates or anything on the website for that player u used?