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New Uniforms….From a Reader

Cant verify these, but they look like the new deal. The Black “K” is for Keightley and the blank on the waistband is for the next title:





Article written by Matt Jones

61 responses to “New Uniforms….From a Reader”

  1. Flag City Cat

    UK mothing but the best…nice details in national titles and a tribute to Mr. K!!!

    Flag City

  2. The 5 Star Dribbler


  3. Thomas Beisner
  4. UKIreland

    I like it 🙂

  5. drew0422

    The name is printed just like the football jerseys. I like them a lot, love the tributes to Mr. K and Secretariat/horse racing. Would like to buy one of these and frame it, the K is a pretty big deal to me.

  6. Thomas Beisner

    I don’t want to hijack the thread here, but does anyone work for United Airlines and want to hook a brother up? I’m supposed to fly in the morning but no one wants to help me change my reservations without charging me 175 bucks.

    Ok, I’m done being pathetic.


    I like these because not only are they a different way to honor someone that was truly special to the program at Kentucky, but they will also garner attention from the talking heads calling games who will mention Mr. Wildcat probably every game now. He’ll live on this season through this move! Also like the championship dates on the shorts, even though the 1st thing I thought of when I saw them was UT checkerboard.

  8. poliopiper

    I like how there is an open spot on the checkerboard for this years championship.

  9. JerryTownBlotter

    Not to be the bad guy but these uni’s are lame. Call me George Louis Costanza but how about cotton. It keeps you cool and hand stitched letters would be a great touch. I do love the black K concept but thats about it. I feel like year after year the style is heading more towards the awful cincinnati bearcat style = shoulder/neck cut/thickness. I honestly think Bill Wildcat would be hard pressed to say he loves the style.

  10. Band Of BlueCats

    I Love These! Very good looking jerseys, reminds me of the 90’s. What a classy move by NIKE and UK with the “K” Tribute. The new shoes will go great with these jerseys.

  11. JerryTownBlotter
  12. NewWildcatOrder

    I love the concept, especially the tributes to Mr. Wildcat and the National Title years. However, I think they could have made them a lot sharper. All in all, I definitely like them better than our recent uni’s.

  13. westCoAsT

    I have to say that I thought the uniforms were going to be totally over the top cheesy when I first saw the Umbro like, checker board sketch way back; but I have to say that these are really awesome. They are simple and classy which is respectful to the tradition of the program. The “K” is a great touch as it is the symbol of the school (think big flags running around the court and the Student Athletics Council shirts…old shirts when I was there) and is perfect to honor Mr. Wildcat without being a black band, a little more legendary of a memorial than the simple black band. The “buckle” of the checker board is just subtle enough to envoke the history of horse racing and the blugrass, Billy G’s love of the pony’s to usher in his tenure, and the awe inspiring number of titles that Kentucky ownes. I’d be inspired every time I put on the uniform if I were a player at UK, and would be reminded when suiting up of what is expected of me and how hard I would have to work to fill in that last blank. All around knockout design, while not being too conservative which I have to say is what I expected. Can’t wait to see them on the team and can’t wait to see the team kick some ass.

  14. SlickRick48

    Way better than that 3rd grader’s drawing

  15. UK81

    Nice uniforms. Well thought out process.

  16. Band Of BlueCats

    13- Well said.

  17. ukstheway
  18. Mojo Wilkins

    Nice! Much better than the “suspenders and plaid” possibility we saw earlier! This one is great!

  19. IkeDaddyUK

    My only beef is that the white jersey could use a black “K.” In general, I think they’re a pretty good design. Looking forward to purchasing the shorts to wear around the house.

  20. James Brown

    JerryTownClotter….James Brown thinks that you should take your 1958 designs, malted milk shakes, flattops and cotton back to……1958. James, and anyone who has even had a bad case of the swamp ass, knows that cotton holds more moisture than James’ fan’s panties. If you think less is more, you and John Stockton need to go and cheer for IU. James thinks these suits are the snazziest thing he has seen since he picked up his purple suit from the cleaners yesterday. James will call you Costanza…next thing James knows, you will be suggesting we bring back the denim!!!!!
    The Hardest Working Man in Show Business has spoken!!!

  21. UK81

    #19, I was thinking the exact same thing.

  22. homebody7

    don’t like them. the only good things about them are the Black K, the fact that they say Kentucky on them and they are blue and white.

    the shorts look generic with a sewn on checkerboard. i like the idea of putting the national titles on there, but that checkerboard just screams TENNESSEE to me. checkerboard is there thing.

    also, don’t like the different color on the shoulders, unless it does something cool on the back.

    the checkerboard on the actual jersey looks a little too gimmicky. kinda, too much going on.


  23. UK81

    #19, About the Black “K”, not wearing the shorts around the house.

  24. zuzzyfeller

    9) I’m sure the “real” jerseys will have the lettering stitched on. This is obviously a picture of the cheaper ones you buy in a store, not the authentics that have stitched lettering and cost a fortune. I like the new look.

  25. RyanInLondon

    ryan “poop tooth” kelly to duke, jordan hamilton to texas.

  26. Biggass Hungguy

    Shouldnt you at least give credit to Huber on HOB for taking the pics?

  27. IkeDaddyUK

    23–I was with you, though I’d recommend the wearing-around-the-house-or-anywhere-else-I-think-people-should-know-I-went-to-UK-which-is-pretty-much-everywhere part.

  28. JerryTownBlotter

    #20 crack is wack crack is wack

  29. zuzzyfeller

    26. Careful, any disagreement with what gets posted on here can result in a ban.

  30. James Brown

    homebody7…..James just got a call from Nike….they were trying to call you and asked if you approved of the UK jersey design for this year, but they got James instead. James went ahead and told them that you would be down with the design, you seemed like a cool cat. James told ’em that the checkerboard was sweet and he ordered a few sets for ya. Don’t worry, James will pick up the tab. James gave em your real number, be ready next time…they want to use your extensive design experience!!! Speaking of…what do you think of James’ outfit??

  31. NewWildcatOrder

    24) They may have stitched on letters, but a lot of these new style jerseys do not.

  32. funkadelic

    Sorry to post a Tipton link, but this is some really cool stuff Gillispie said today.

  33. Da Bad Guy


  34. The King

    Beisner- I don’t know where you are flying out of, but if you are calling the reservations line for the airline you’re not going to get anywhere. your best bet is to some up with some story about a family member and an illness. but you can really only get away with this at the counter. the more details the better with the story. i don’t know your flight plans or i’d give you some ideas, but i’m sure you can think of something. also you may be able to just find someone willing to do it at the counter, it really just depends on the system they have. i’d try the aproach of being cool with someone at the counter and asking them if they could help you out, if that isn’t going as well, go into detail why you need it changed and hit them with the sob story about someone in a hospital. good luck to you.

  35. gooch3803

    I never would have thought of the black K. Its an outstanding tribute.

  36. ukhooligan

    he’s right a sob story about a family member is the only thing that will work especially on a friday.

    the uni’s are money. they’re flashy and the tribute is perfect.

  37. Rock_Cat78

    Simply awful…but thats JMO and I know I’ll be in the minority.

  38. CHunter

    How pissed would you be if you were me? I bought 4 tickets for tomorrow night from a guy on EBay for 160 bucks. And we already paid but haven’t gotten them in the mail yet. Just wondering if it is okay for me to be extremely pissed and nervous…..

  39. James Brown


  40. Robshairgel

    No offense but if I was you,I’d smack myself for paying 160.00 for tickets unless I was in the layup line.Did you check the sellers rep before buying?Well goodluck!!

  41. James Brown

    Beisner…tell em you got tickets to see James Brown and you have to make the show!!!!!!

  42. CHunter

    40…he has great feedback…they are lower level, couldn’t pass it up

  43. BlondBomber4Ever

    Gotta love the new style… Solid black K would look good on the white shirt.

    need some info … Why would Kelly go as a PF to Duke with Plumlee already there ??? Same thing for Hamilton as SF to Texas with the boy the Cats were hot on. Same position players competing for PT. We seem to be going for long shots and other programs are loading up. Texas has ALWAYS flames out during the tourney and yet they are getting the recruits… Hmmmm

  44. BillyClyde4President

    If the “K” is in fact for Keightley, then these are the best uniforms EVER!!!!!!

  45. slappy

    Whatever. I don’t care if we wear pink leotards as long as we’re winning. The whole to-do over the unis every year is silly.

  46. SagaciousMind

    Yeah I would think wearin those uniforms would inspire the kids. I mean, they literally have the history printed on them. I am glad Gillispie got new jerseys, should have done that last year. I say these uniforms will sell out of stores like crazy. They are more than just a uniform, they are a memorial to all things UK.

  47. UKBestAllTime

    22…I understand what you are saying, but this are not the official replica jersey’s…the official ones are allllways much better quality and much more well done…I love the jerseys, and can’t wait to see the real deal on the court

  48. IkeDaddyUK

    He said it’s “from a reader.” Congratulations HUBER, seriously. Are you on the news channel websites calling them names, too?

  49. Peterslaw

    Last post of the night, I just want to grace you all with this neat little song and dance.

    Come and lets play together
    In the bright sunny weather
    Lets all go to
    Gullah Gullah Island

  50. SagaciousMind

    Sounds like someone just needs to get over themself. You dont want your stuff put on other sites, then dont post it on the internet. And it’s pretty pathetic that was your best comeback. Never claimed to be a Matt Jones lover, just glad I can get info without payin for it. I was glad to see what the new uniforms looked like. Yeah he may have went to Duke, but as far as I know he’s a born Kentuckian and UK fan. Get over it. Sh*t happens right?

  51. SagaciousMind

    Glad to see you obviously deleted those posts…good job. And I still love the new uniforms.

  52. Peterslaw

    I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won’t you say you love me too.- Barney the dinosaur

  53. lueker

    I’m really amazed at people who use the fact that he went to Duke as a reason to bash Matt Jones. Anyone who would do something like that has no idea about the purpose of going to college and higher education. I’m as die hard of a sports fan as anybody but in no way shape or form would anyone who cares about their education solely choose a college based upon the fact that you like their sports program. That type of talk is idiocy at its finest.

  54. lueker

    Well…by the time I got my post typed the comments I was referring to seem to have been deleted, suppose its for the best anyways.

  55. Peterslaw

    I don’t bash him for Duke. I dont even dislike the fella. I just wish sometimes credit was givin for the stories. Im wearing a Duke shirt to Midnight Madness tomorrow if my buddy brings it just to see the rises I can get out of people in our loony ass fan base.

  56. coachholland

    55, you’re an idiot. If someone smacks you in the mouth for wearing a Duke shirt, I’m sure the UK crowd will give whoever that person is that smacked you a bigger standing ovation that Meeks and Patterson combined.

  57. stxwildcats

    look good

  58. Deebo

    Absolutely Awesome. Love them.

  59. WildBlue

    Love the uniforms and I have to say James Brown gives some wonderful insight to the comments section.

  60. NoogaCat

    i love the new uni’s…think the players will too…like to hear from bobby perry to get his opinion on them…..

  61. admankyfan

    Awesome unis…should give a lot to cheer and play for this season…

    RIP Bill Keightley