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Some People Are Sad about Tennessee’s Loss

It seems to have hit this guy particularly hard….

Article written by Matt Jones

19 responses to “Some People Are Sad about Tennessee’s Loss”

  1. roseysdaddy


  2. ConcreteCat

    Yes, Classic it is!!

  3. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    Made my day!

  4. sidsel_roine

    Kudos to whomever put that together. Great stuff.

  5. Da Bad Guy

    you’d think they blacklisted his xbox live account or something…

  6. JerryTownBlotter


  7. gossie21

    That was brilliant.

  8. matty32

    OMG!! funniest thing on here since that alabama guy didnt like the puke inside the pumpkin orange. tennessee is such a fun target.

  9. bmwuk

    I love those versions used from the same movie. I’ve seen some better ones but that was good. UT sucks!

  10. BBallSophist

    Yeah, there are roughly 300 of these things out there.

    But they are all funny:

  11. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    the one with Hillary is pretty funny

  12. sortleader2


    Is there any chance that we may get a new poll question?

    Transy Class of ’93

  13. damonwhawkins

    Has anyone ever seen the Cincinnati Reds version of this? He’s all upset because they bet all their money on the Reds to win Matt Belisle start. It’s awesome.

  14. meeksistheman
  15. Spica Orbit

    BTW, for all you pencil-necked geeks on here, that was from the movie Downfall, a stunning movie focusing on Hitler’s last days in the Bunker. A must-see, if you haven’t, but most of you rug-chewers on here likely couldn’t read the sub-titles fast enough to keep up with the plot.

    The Mighty, Mighty Spica Orbit

  16. gobgblu37

    Someone needs to post that on the TN GBB!!!

  17. adaircam4

    Best line: In no time, they’d be UAB’s bitch! Hilarious!

  18. RUPPS_rhetoric

    That was great, I laughed the whole way thru, pure comedy! This CAT gives it 2 thumbs up !!

  19. macon_volfan

    geez, not even a ‘props to macon_volfan for sending me this video’ or anything.

    Some friend you are..