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MEET The NEWEST Cat: Donald Williams


Well after the early stories, we at Kentucky Sports Radio have also been able to confirm that Donald Williams of Maryland is the newest Kentucky Wildcat. Donald is a 6’6″, slashing forward who was one of the late risers of the Class of 2008. Described to me by a guy who has seen him a few times as a “guy who can get to the basket, play defense but not shoot all that well”, he seems directly in the Gillispie mold of players such as Liggins, Galloway, Harris, etc. Our man Evan Hilbert was on the scene and found these tidbits:

Here is what ESPN had to say about him after he played well at the Bob Gibbons TOC:

Six-foot-6 Donald Williams, the 17-Under Select MVP, was one of the major surprise players this past weekend, leading his New Orleans Jazz team to the 17-Under Select championship. Williams finished in the top 10 in scoring and was No. 1 in made field goals with 55 in six games. He uses his extraordinary athleticism to slash to the rim and finish in traffic. Williams will need to improve his perimeter stroke to reach his full potential at the next level. However, he is a definite high-major college prospect with a bright future.

And Rivals:

New Orleans Jazz wing Donald Williams was named Most Outstanding Player of the Select Division of the 17 and under division. The 6-foot-5 prep school guard averaged a hair under 23 points a game.

“He was the best player we played against all weekend,” said one AAU coach that tried to slow down Williams in North Carolina. “He’s really good. People need to know about him.”

Consider it done. Williams technically is part of the class of 2008, too. Let the phone calls begin to Progressive Christian in Maryland.

And a video for your enjoyment:

More about Williams here.

Article written by Matt Jones

87 responses to “MEET The NEWEST Cat: Donald Williams”

  1. adaircam4

    can he play WR too? That would be awesome.

  2. The 5 Star Dribbler

    Hope he can shoot like the Donald Williams/Ex-Tar Heel

  3. nybrasky

    Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions (all tournament team here, with many big high school basketball names, including Derrick Favors) coverage, from ESPN Recruiting:

    Six-foot-6 Donald Williams, the 17-Under Select MVP, was one of the major surprise players this past weekend, leading his New Orleans Jazz team to the 17-Under Select championship. Williams finished in the top 10 in scoring and was No. 1 in made field goals with 55 in six games. He uses his extraordinary athleticism to slash to the rim and finish in traffic. Williams will need to improve his perimeter stroke to reach his full potential at the next level. However, he is a definite high-major college prospect with a bright future.

  4. MrBlueHead

    The new player is

    Onions McOnion
    Power Forward
    Onion Hills (ON) Onions High

  5. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    Man, Coach G just doesn’t stop.

  6. jacobk

    who is this kid

  7. The 5 Star Dribbler

    5) He signed with Puke after Coach K cried in his living room.

  8. demoCrAT
  9. Thomas Beisner

    We got the MOP of the 1993 NCAA tournamnet?!!?!! YES!!!!

  10. JkwoFtw

    I can’t tell whether to give you props for finally crediting Marc or derision for stealing his pay info..

  11. chandrathan1

    Poor Marc…

    If only he could get Matt Jones to not reveal all of his information. But hey the suckers that pay for his blog, did get the name five minutes earlier than the rest of us.

  12. bigblueswami

    Matty May says “Yeah”.. I think its official

  13. 1kyfan

    Tread Carefully if you go to MM site, another person just got banned over there for questioning MM. I don’t know if he is banned from just the one Woolworth’s store or all the Woolworth’s….lol.

  14. Evan Hilbert

    No, Beisner, we didn’t. How would he have any eligibility? Gawd, you’re such an idiot. Everybody hates you.

  15. chandrathan1

    now the blog is up for free over there…

    Great Work Matt!!!!

  16. Steve Jobs
  17. GtownCatFan

    To all of you all who complain about MM’s site, I’m not a paying member over there and I found out just like I did from coming over here. So maybe you guys should learn the facts first before you bash his website.

  18. bakert

    For those of you who believe that by paying money to a premium site you are going to get info no one else gets, please drop me a line – I have some really cheap property in South FL to sell you. You cannot control the flow of information. I subscribe to the premium board at KSR but that is primarily because the nature of the discussion is a bit better. But I don’t expect that everything that is said there will only stay there. In fact, there is a lot of good stuff that is posted first by people on various free boards. Is it “unethical” for that to then be posted on a pay board?

  19. Butchy Dickless

    Funny that UK tells Matt Jones they have no info on the player but turn around and confirm it to Matt May within minutes.

  20. 1kyfan

    #20…I believe that MM has the right to do whatever he wants on his site. It’s the way he does it and his attitude that turn most people off. Then he has the hypocrisy to talk about other sites banning people for questioning things, etc.

    Just saying…

  21. chandrathan1

    24) well just said 🙂

  22. CAnTuckeeBoi

    20.)Wanna know why we bash Maggard? If I were to go over there on his site and say what you did here on this site, he would ban my URL and never let me return. He runs a communist board, and I really dont like being told what I can and can’t do on a message board. Its basically like saying, ” hey you if you pay me I will give you information and opinions, but if your opinions aren’t the same, then I will take yourmoney and give you the boot!

  23. AlphaSig332

    FletchUk….. are you grounded? Did your mom take your bike away? Just trying to figure out why you are, the way you are.

  24. CAnTuckeeBoi


  25. AlphaSig332

    How would he ban your URL?? He banned your personal MySpace??

  26. CalCat90066

    You nerds all need to chill. Quit worrying about who does what, and just enjoy the info when you get it, from whomever you get it.

  27. funkadelic

    “Anatomy of a Nerd Fight” by Thomas Beisner, 2008.

  28. CAnTuckeeBoi

    29.) Nice one, but i got there first. Good try, now go play with Maggard.

  29. BlueSkies

    GO CATS!!

  30. nybrasky

    Classes started today, right? Hit the books, Donald!

  31. chandrathan1

    matt jones says

    Hey Maggard…tell me how my ass tastes

  32. dsoco88

    Wow…no Poly Sci majors in here.

    its called freedom of press. Anybody that pays for information either has way too much time to kill or way too much money. And if it is the latter, you should be spending it on coke and whores..not pay sites

  33. FletchUK

    hey Alpha….take a fukn hike if you don’t like this site and go play n the streets w/ MM…K, thanks.

  34. Hendrix

    I am a little confused as to why someone would leave a site that they support (i.e. AlphaSig) and even pay money for to come to a non-pay site and talk trash to everyone who has lives and uses their money more wisely than to get recruiting info 7 minutes before the rest of the country once a year? Can anyone answer this question.

  35. bigbcurry

    Gillispie just got a great addition for the upcoming season and you people are still crying over Maggards site. STFU. Life is to short….Go Cats, kick some cardinal ass on Sunday.

  36. father torque

    NERD FIGHT!!!!!

  37. gbl5233

    Alpha Sig…sweet name…you should try LeDouche though

  38. chandrathan1

    43) I’s kinda fun!

  39. gbl5233

    #40, good point, CATS ON FIRE

  40. BillyClyde4President

    Billy Clyde is the straight shat!!!!!!!

  41. CAnTuckeeBoi

    34.) Dude none of us care how we get our information, for all I know (and care) Matt’s sources are Mark Maggard, and Matt May. The thing is that I really dont care where they get it from, I know that its free, and the posts are always better.

  42. FletchUK

    #44……is that u for sale alphalfa?

  43. dsoco88

    person 3: well im going over to that site that also reported what MM said and argue with all of them about how unfair it is that they get the information for free whereas mommy and daddy pay for me to suck off MM all day

  44. CAnTuckeeBoi

    43.) We dont bash Maggard b/c he gives Matt information, we bash Maggard cuz hes a prick, and always come on here running is mouth!

  45. BSORG

    this is for comments on donald williams…but rivals has it posted that he is on the team.

  46. ryanfertig

    He moved into the Lodge last night. It’s official.

  47. Rolaids

    Another long athletic player who can’t shoot jumpers. Noticed he walked on the dunk of the day. From a high School in Maryland but plays on a Louisiana summer team?

  48. FletchUK

    #44…AMEN brotha.

  49. demoCrAT

    If Maggard would just make his site free, and rely on advertisements for income, his site would really start to take off.

  50. nybrasky

    Beisner just emailed me saying Donald looks like Q from Making the Band 4. I’ll have to take his word for it.

  51. Matt Jones Jr.

    He can’t shoot?

    “Donald Williams’ coach thinks that St. John’s is a better fit because there is more playing time available; coach also compares him to Ray Allen and Wally Szczerbiak(!!). But he’s also athletic. And he’s qualified to play next season.”

    Is coach exaggerating a bit??

  52. GoCats

    This is exactly why I still check the website everyday. I may not post as often as I used to but I love knowing that Gillispie never stops looking to improve the team. We were all worried about scoring this season so Gillispie gets a scorer. He may not be a shooter but he is a scorer. Considering we had 2 starters last year that would not shoot if they were all alone under the basket. This guy had more field goals than anyone else at the tourney this weekend so I guess he is not afraid to shoot.

  53. dsoco88

    53… Szcerbiak/Allen references makes me worried about ankles

  54. 1kyfan

    Where has GoCats been…lol. Haven’t seen your wife on here lately either…lol. You know I’m kidding….

  55. GummyBear

    He is from Louisianna, he just went to prep school for one year in Maryland to get qualified.

  56. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    Why in the world do we discuss MM when a new recruit is unveiled or anytime basketball news in brought to the forefront? If you really want to get under Maggards skin pretend like he doesn’t exist. STFU about Maggard. WHO CARES?

  57. BillyClyde4President

    This is awesome!!!! Billy Clyde is the man.

  58. gbl5233

    Easy FletchUK, we agree with you and gto your point. No politics or MM on this site! Just straight UK DOMINATIN

  59. Thomas Beisner

    50, i did no such thing. however, i’m not saying that youre wrong.

  60. FletchUK

    #59 sorry gbl….just took my valium. its all good now baby, go CATS! idiots make u crazy sometime, u know?!

  61. funkadelic

    Quanell Mosely will be a good addition to the team.

  62. gbl5233

    I feel ya, I fell into that trap earlier (see #37), but we all need to be focused on Sundays game!..and how much bourbon my girlfriend is gonna let me take in…

  63. meeksistheman

    UK just got a new PLAYER for the 08 class and you all are arguing about Jones and Maggard.


    Lets talk about the kid we just got

  64. FletchUK

    who is jones talkn about up there? who would dare use a church as an excuse to act crazy? that is crazy.

  65. EyewearMan

    Is he eligible to play this year???

  66. GoCats

    #54 took a few weeks off but I still check the site regularly. Saving my posts for Basketball season, just in case they decide to limit my posts!

  67. jacobk

    go cats

  68. jacobk

    are all of our available schollys taken now? what does this do for us in 09, 10, 11, etc?

  69. gbl5233

    Does anyone know how many seats are in papa johns stadium?

  70. funkadelic


  71. 3 fan

    Most importantly, how many scholly’s does that leave for next year? One? Man GJ has got to go. Sorry but we have to get better talent. Keep Hood no question but GJ needs to go bye bye

  72. 3 fan

    I’ll go further than that. UK is in a bind for scholly’s now. Where will the scholly for Orton come from? Boyd?
    Seriously, getting talent is great, but the purge has to happen. It’s not a question of should someone go, it’s a matter of how many. AJ? Porter? GJ? Ramon?

  73. TNBluemist

    There is no way we let Ramon go.

  74. BillyBobMcGee

    Agreed on Ramon. He seems tailor-made for Gillispie’s style. It wouldn’t break my heart to see GJ go elsewhere however.

  75. Bleeding Blue

    I’d say we could see a Christmas transfer… once the guys see how PT will be handed out

  76. Jackie Treehorn

    Jesus….these nerd fights need to stop. What a waste. I see more venom directed at MM than at UofL fans. Surely, we can just agree to disagree and ignore one another….

    PS: Who the pooptooth is Donald Williams? We have 4 guards on scholly (2 have never played D1, one was hurt most of last season, and the other is Michael “Instant Turnover” Porter) and pick up a non-shooting 3, sweet. Regardless of what our Offensive production may or may not be (hint: NOT) our D and rebounding should be outstanding.

  77. CAnTuckeeBoi

    77.) Is that a prayer in letter form?

  78. crazzedcats22

    How many 6’6 guys that can’t shoot that well do we need?

  79. Oboro3

    The guy averaged 25 points against the likes of Derrick Favors and John Wall was voted MOP of the camp and people are still complaining. It really shows their basketball IQ….

  80. Oboro3

    As always, KSR was scrambling behind trying to find out when other sites were already reporting UK had signed another player

  81. Kige Ramsey

    Looks good to me

  82. Thomas Beisner

    Kige! Check your email holmes.

  83. Jackie Treehorn

    Well, after some checking on more reputable sites, I see that the kid is a fine shooter and scorer. I rescind my previous comments. I’m excited to hear more. I think this years team may be on the fun side of competitive…and UNC better get ready for a hell of a game.

    CAnTuckeeBoi) yes that’s a prayer. This crap is stupid. People treat MM like he’s the enemy. Damn, he’s a Cat fan…maybe an ass, but hell, there are at least 50 UK website’s to visit regularly, just ignore him.

  84. paducah1964

    always great news to hear another big body coming to UK….put your trust in coach gillispie and just enjoy the show!! One question though..what happened w/ Rotnei Clarke?..I saw where he committed to John and his pig farm in fayetteville…i guess i missed that one…

  85. I Am Not Chris Robbins

    I saw that Maggard made me pay for what i was already paying for on catspause so i posted it here…and i will keep doing so..until all you, lol, “nerds” tell me how i can be sued! hehe..

  86. WildcatScratchFever

    This kid is a ninja. Who heard of him before yesterday? Now he’s a Cat. Skillz.