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“Hard Knocks” Thursday News and Views

hard knocks

I spent an hour tonight watching a show that undoubtedly at this point is my favorite show on television. Year in and year out, the HBO Documentary “Hard Knocks” is the best such show on television. HBO goes into every an NFL training camp and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at a team and their preparation for the upcoming season. The premise began a few years ago with the Baltimore Ravens, morphed over to the Cowboys and then the Chiefs and now is back in Dallas again. The show always illustrates the life of an NFL team, from the roles of the coaches and owners to the lives of the star players to the guys at the end of the roster just trying to make the squad. I have watched every season and I always root for the little guy, get caught up in the personnel dramas and even get a crush on the player girlfriends (remember Brody Croyle’s wife?). Tonight’s first episode was great, as we saw all we needed about T.O., Jerry Jones, Tony Romo (sans Jessica Simpson) and even Dave Campo of all people, who has returned to the team as an assistant after being a head coach (in other news Eddie Sutton will now be Billy Clyde’s assistant). If you arent watching it, you should and if you dont subscribe to HBO, that is mandatory. Dont make me come after you when the new season of “Entourage” begins in September….

A few notes….

(1): Today the UK basketball team held their second Elite Camp, otherwise known as the “Daniel Orton Invitational.” Orton was in attendance, with his father, and actually celebrated his birthday in Lexington. He however did not play at the camp, which I actually think is a good sign as it showcases a guy who is willing to come to town, even when he will not take the court. Apparently the players that were on the court were virtually all local guys who filled up the remaining spots. Jacob Jenkins once again apparently played well against the low competition, again leading to calls from some fans for an offer. As a person who has seen Jenkins on multiple occasions, I think he is a good kid and a decent player. But he isnt good enough to play at UK, especially with offers to players like GJ Vilarino, KC Ross Miller and Dakotah Euton already out. Jenkins should play mid-major level basketball and he will do well there. As for Orton, no word on when he will decide….but he has suggested it could be before schools starts. We shall see.

(2): The media fell in love today with Randall Cobb again, as the coaches once again praised his ability. Rich Brooks has said that he expects Cobb to get more looks at QB and it may be the case that this becomes his future. But whatever the case, Cobb is an athlete that the Cats are THRILLED to have. He told the media today about Tennessee’s attempt to recruit him after his commitment to UK and the absurd nature of their comments that they “hadnt seen enough of him” when he went to school in Alcoa, 10 minutes from UT’s campus. He saw through those lines and clearly holds a grudge against the Vols….could he help lead the first victory since 1985 during his career…..sure would be nice.

(3): The competition continues to heat up for the other Cornerback spot next to Trevard Lindley. David Jones is still presumed to be the leader but Rich Brooks singled out our man Randall Burden, he of the “Soulja Boy” videos last year, as a player who is standing out and will likely see some playing time. In addition Cartier Rice is stepping up the chart and those two guys may have played their way into the lineups.

(4): One basketball Elite Camp participant confirmed by Jody Demling on “Sports Night” tonight was Tanner Jacobs, the former Trinity star who led to my first batch of hate mail, when I didnt pick him as a preseason Top 10 player his Senior year. He played his first season at Georgia State, but is looking to transfer and hoped to potentially have UK as an option. Jody suggested that UK was not looking at a scholarship but wanted him to attend junior college and then potentially re-evaluate things soon after. Tanner may be looking to go Division I now and not lose the year of eligibility, but Jacobs’ situation is one to follow.

More later today as we do another Media approval rating, pick another Fan of the Day and give a little more info on the confrontation between a former UL football player and a certain radio host from this site……

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. hr pufnstuf


  2. kdgking

    Second……but first to say Favre to the Jets!!!!

  3. hooperstar54

    im glad orton got to celebrate his bday in lexington. seems like a good sign to me. pretty sure he knows how much we want him here and how big of a star he could b at uk. if he comes and patterson leaves then we’ve got a pretty good replacement, but if he comes and patterson stays, we’ve got one of the best frontcourts ever. plus we would still have harrellson and stevenson.

  4. CAL4UK

    Orton did play today. Orton and Jenkins both played pick up games following the camp. Orton is the real deal.

  5. BA40

    Actually heard the exact opposite on Jenkins from a friend that attended the Camp today. Heard that some were questioning whether he was going to hit a shot today and looked out of his league even with the lower tier state competition.

  6. macon_volfan

    Randall Cobb isn’t a good judge of time. It’s no where near 10 minutes from campus to Alcoa, more like 20-25 easy. Sheez…..
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  7. CCBLue

    #5 I had a coaching buddy that drove 3 players there from eastern KY and he said Jenkins was the best player there and was lights out shooting the ball. Said he even hit a few game winners in coach’s sight. So you can drop your agenda. You might want to note that lower-tiered state comp included Euton who they said looked dismal. He also said the staff were talking to Jenkins throughout the camp, before and after. Get your story right.

  8. damonwhawkins

    Saw the Ortons, Patrick, and Billy G eating lunch at the student center today. Daniel seemed pretty excited by a group of students who recognized him from sites like this. Good job Big Blue Nation. No one does their homework like us.

  9. adaircam4

    So, will Randall Cobb be UK’s equilavent of Chris Lofton? An in state kid that goes “unrecruited” and attends a rival school to go on and have an excellent career? I sure hope so.

  10. Robshairgel

    Get over it!!! Phil Is the “Tubby Smith” of College Football.Got his ring early and quit recruiting.If it wasn’t for his Donations down there,he’d probally be “Gone” like Timberlake!!! I do find it quite humorous that you would make excuses for him.Who cares if it’s 10 minute or a hour?This will be a huge mistake,kinda the Chris Lofton issue.Joker just said he’s the most impressive freshmen he’s seen at UK.But I guess you don’t have time to evaluate talent when you’re being served with subpoena at Media days.That Orange isn’t as great as once believed to be( Ask Cal).Anyway spin it the way you want.

  11. GottaLoveThoseCats

    macon_volfan how lonely and bored are you with your life to take the time and sign up on another schools blog just to “try and talk shit”? I do feel somewhat honored that you realize what a great site this is and that the fans here are, hands down, the greatest in the nation but I’m sure they were more important things going on in your life than to come here. Or maybe you’re “Ky-curios”. Have you just came to the realization that you are a closet KY fan
    and trying to fight your true feelings about the great Blue and White? It’s ok today’s society is more understanding of your situation and we welcome you over with no hard feelings..

  12. GottaLoveThoseCats

    or he/she might have been the crackhead that stole the school bus and drove back to Georgia…

  13. GottaLoveThoseCats

    Sorry for the triple post but I about shit when I read this. Our country is no longer ours…

  14. fuzzyzeller

    13. 700 of the 1200 employees are Muslim. I got no problem with it after reading that fact.

  15. ConcreteCat

    14. Have fun at Thanksgiving when this country is over run w/Mexicans and you lose the holiday for cinco de mayo. In the future your Grandkids will not be able to converse with you because they have been forced to speak spanish.

    When in Rome do as the Romans do. 500 Americans lost their traditional holiday, then add the family members effected. Holidays also have commercial value in this country so local businesses now may take a hit. These people came to the US and took American jobs! When does AMERICAN stand for it’s own values and traditions?

  16. Ryan

    15. ‘”These people”‘ came to the US.” Yes, and so did the Irish, English, German, etc. How do you know “these people” were not American citizens?

  17. Mr. Bentley

    neither the time nor place for this discussion BUT… we all get off for Christian holidays and its not like they canceled Christmas, its labor day

  18. drmarc

    #6 You sure do have allot of excuses and denial concerning Cobb not being at UT, feel a little spiteful do we? You’ve posted on every thread concerning Cobb trying to downplay anything positive… get over it, he’s here.

  19. CatFan4444

    One more name to throw out there with Tennessee roots; Duante Mason from Nashville will be another Tn boy to help out the Cats that could have been at UT but Fulmer already had a full recruiting class of two star players. UK can turn theri two star players into forces to be rekoned with, while at UT two star players are….eh????

  20. I'm Just Sayin

    You guys are getting political. I’m just waiting now for drewky’s left wing spin on the topic.

  21. nybrasky

    Geez, lighten up fellas. I took macon_volfan’s comment as a joke. To which an appropriate response would be, “no, Randall Cobb’s just that fast”.

    Get over yourselves, he’s one of Matt’s friends and that’s why he visits the site…along with talking some smack, but if one of my good friends ran a UT or UofL site, you better believe I’d be doing the same thing.

  22. GregJ

    Forget Entourage, Generation Kill is the reason to get HBO.

  23. EyewearMan

    Did I miss NTKW?????

  24. jessemcgreevy

    What is this about Sutton? Am I missing something?

  25. maxim99

    Oh, I get the joke now 21….sort of like John McCains “light sabor” joke.

  26. GummyBear

    I am just waiting to here the details of how Brian Brohm punked out MJ. Even though MJ had a full entourage with him.

  27. Clarence Mason

    Jets miss the playoffs this season and Favre sobs more than ever.

  28. UKCatFan01ABC

    21, macon_volfan should expect no less than what he’s getting. Because he and MJ are pals makes no difference. He is a UT fan. Hello…Rocky Top, puke orange, scourge of the earth? Does your blood not run blue?

    If you go to a rival team’s blog and talk crap what do you expect to get back? Don’t expect to come here with “volfan” in your ID and say things like UK “won’t” do this or “won’t” do that and not catch some flack. Maybe you and MVF can go have a nice O’Douls somewhere this evening.

  29. ConcreteCat

    16. Read the article from the link.

  30. Chuck Norris

    @ 15 & 29:
    First off, Mexican is not the preferred nomenclature dude, it’s Hispanic–and how quickly you forget that your ancestors were trespassers too? It is so funny how some people think “we” (usually white Anglo-Saxons)are losing the country because illegal immigrants come here for a better life. Do you think there is some big underground hispanic movement with hopes of trying to take over America? Is this coup being perpetuated through their various manual labor jobs, which many Americans are too lazy to do? And now that their master plan is laid out for you, better go build a bomb shelter b/c the revolution is coming. Viva America!!

  31. drmarc

    #30, No one would deny someone trying to make a better life for themselves or their family, but it is completely legitimate to expect immigrants to do it LEGALLY and learn our language and customs….NOT the other way around.

  32. UKCatFan01ABC

    The Hispanics from Mexico…are from Mexico. They are Mexicans. They are Hispanic but they are also Mexicans.

    Many are here illegally. Illegal is the opposite of legal. It’s wrong. Also we shouldn’t have to teach our kids Spanish because they are here. They should learn to speak English. You wouldn’t move to Japan and expect the Japanese to learn English to communicate with you better.

    But that has nothing to do with sports. Is macon volfan a Mexican?

  33. UKCatFan01ABC

    I used to work at a fruit orchard. There were lots of “Hispanics” there. The boss new only two words. Trabajo!! No aqua! Trabajo!! That’s how he communicated. He liked football btw. He was a Hoosier though.

  34. UKCatFan01ABC


  35. bleedbluetillidie

    Tanner Jacobs played at Kennessaw St. last year and actually got quite a bit of playing time as a freshman. However, his work ethic is… well he doesn’t have one needless to say. Also, hearing from many people who have played with the kid say if he doesn’t touch the ball during a possession he gets pissed and lets his teammates hear about it.