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Yo Holmes, smell you later….

UK named a starter at their first day of practices today – kind of. Curtis Pulley was dismissed from the team. The Michael Hartline era is upon us, folks.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

29 responses to “Yo Holmes, smell you later….”

  1. SagaciousMind

    Wow, you’d think since he had the opportunity to be a big part of this team, whether at QB or not, he wouldnt have messed up. I cant believe they let him go. He just wasted his talent and hurt the team.

  2. RUPPS_rhetoric

    Just heard this on WHAS in Louisville. At least now we know. Mr. Hartline…I have the faith. Pulley didn’t look that good in the Tennessee game a few years back anyway…

  3. deuceinyoeye

    brutal, our O might sizuck this year

  4. Todd_Svobodas_Lunchbox

    See ya. I won’t miss him and the drama. Go play for Southwest Northeast Texes A&M School for the Deaf before fading into obscurity and returning hom to Hopkinsville to smoke weed/stay in trouble with the cops and piss away your life. The only truly sad thing here is that guys this are born with an ounce of talent to throw away.

  5. RUPPS_rhetoric

    I know I’m an eternal optimist, but the kid is 6-6 with 2 years understudy with the ‘Apostrophe’. I really think this kid is going to be just fine, assuming our receiving core can produce. The kid had pretty good numbers coming out of HS where he played in Division 1 in Ohio (Kentucky’s 6A). I have all the faith in the world in Joker and Randy getting this kid ready for Aug. 31. GO CATS!!

  6. BravoBigBlue

    Apparently something else came to light. We will miss his athletic ability on the field, but in the long run it is probably the best thing for the team. If he can’t get his shit together, then move on without him.

  7. Captain Awesome

    Pulley = Maurice Clarrett, self destructive loss of a great talent

  8. RUPPS_rhetoric

    FYI, I’m talking about Hartline, not Pulley…

  9. bfrey

    I wouldn’t say Clarett (he’s not robbing c-stores), but Rashad Carruth did call and asked if Curtis wanted to team up for a buddy pic.

  10. Dopplebanger

    Hartline was poised to lead this team since Dre’ left. Have faith Cat fans and pray he stays healthy.

  11. Captain Awesome

    Well at least we won’t have to see the option again.

  12. Evan Hilbert

    That’s one less profile! Rich Brooks is hardcore. Take a page, Coach Richt.

  13. The King

    Stupid Fing kids. Seriously, you had everything handed to you but you still want to be dumb. I really don’t get people like him or guys even like Chris Henry. Hello, you get to play football as your job, you play a game as your job. You don’t have to act like a thug anymore, have some of your dumb friends do it for you, and trust me they will be very willing if they think they can get some of your money.

  14. The King

    Evan, I think you should still do the profile. I’m willing to bet you guys could come up with some very interesting things now, and thats not even counting the parts you make up!

  15. Cobb

    What a mess this kid is.

  16. troubleshooter

    Can’t wait to see what daddy says this time.

  17. funkadelic

    Did anyone else notice that Trevor Kelsey sounds like Ken Caniff (from the old school Eminem)?

  18. Matt Jones Jr.

    Ken Caniff? From Connecticut?

  19. Mr Schwump

    Let’s start the season tomorrow while we still have players left.

  20. smiddy911

    Can we get Matt Jones to fight MM please! I would pay $100 at the door!

  21. -H A Z E L S M A C K-

    20) Matt should immediately go to the headlock and mess up those plug-ins on MM.

  22. Uk_Don

    So what “came to light”?


    Do you think this helps us with Newton or Mazakowski(sp?) I know
    both of these kids were confident in their abilities regardless
    of who was on our roster, but you would have to think that this
    would help us.

  24. Flarf

    Here’s to Coach Brooks for having the gonads to lay down the law and take control of his team. Hartline looked at least as good as Pulley to me in the spring game. This may ultimately help the team.

  25. BravoBigBlue

    Could be we may never know what was the final straw for Pulley. But something happened for Brooks to kick him off the team today. Up until now, he was on the team (probably missing some playing time)and was going to get to compete for the starting QB job. Maybe he flunked a drug test – who knows.

  26. Phili5

    Maybe he can get his job at amazon back.

  27. JerryTownBlotter

    Just goes to show that Brooks is a class act. UK football program took leaps today for setting a tone that will greatly enhance its future regardless of CP’s or Hartlines. On On..U of K……..

  28. KadizKat

    We’re sorry for Curtis, but I also have to hand it to Coach Brooks, he is in charge.

  29. hooperstar54

    Beisner, im lovin the fresh prince reference dude lol.