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Packer Out at CBS


Reports from the Miami Herald this morning suggest that Billy Packer is out as the main announcer on CBS college basketball…..down goes the “nattering nabob of negativisim.” More later…..

Article written by Matt Jones

25 responses to “Packer Out at CBS”

  1. Cobb

    Oh, this is the best way to start a week ever.

  2. wholton

    Thank God

  3. meeksistheman

    What a great morning!

    Very good news – now, if ESPN would just get rid of Digger, College Basketball be that much better

  4. Jesse Duke

    Hallelujuh!!!!!!!!! I hope there is more good news this week.

  5. MrBlueHead

    Bloomin’ Onions.

  6. Jesse Duke

    I hope ESPN doesn’t hire the fruit.

  7. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    Don’t think for a second that we’re rid of him. I bet ESPN will hire him stick him with some play by play guy and dUKie V to create the worst broadcast team EVER! Poor play by play guy would never get a word in.

  8. drewky
  9. wildcatfandave

    I hope Matt gives me some credit for posting the link to the article about Packer in the last topic!

  10. truBLU

    YES!!! Beers on me today boyce.

  11. truBLU

    #9 Don’t hold your breath

  12. The Truth

    Our luck, He’ll end up on Fox Sports South.

  13. UKBoo

    There is a God….

  14. Clarence Mason

    You always knew the game was big if Packer was coming, like him or hate him.

  15. ConcreteCat

    Hopefully Vitale and Tipton will join him.

  16. wildcatfandave

    #11 Thanks. I decided after my face turned blue I should breathe again.

    Maybe Billy Packer will be paired with Rob Bromley for the Big Blue Sports Network broadcasts next year?! Yikes.

  17. drmarc

    Maybe the ACC can make him their PR specialist….

  18. Todd_Svobodas_Lunchbox

    HALLELUJAH!!!! THis is only about 10 years overdue. I will never forget the single lamest call I’ve ever heard any broadcaster make in my life:


  19. UKIreland

    Wow this is fantastic news, all those times I had to watch a CBS broadcast on mute can now end! Next up, get rid of Dick and UK wins the tourney all will be right with college ball!

  20. JKW1974

    We will see more of him than ever. No doubt his agent is working up deals with ESPN and all those little Fox sports regional networks.

  21. SagaciousMind

    I saw this on ESPN earlier and I was ecstatic. Billy Packer is so anti-UK and I always, always hated when he broadcasted our games. I’d rather listen to Verne Lunquist than BP. Even if UK would do something good Packer would try to knock it somehow. But isnt he pretty much being let go cuz of something he said on the air awhile back? I have forgotten what it was, just that it was racy or something.

  22. jcb973

    My guess is he goes to ESPN/ABC and is paired with Brent Muffberger to do PAC-10 games that no one really cares about. Here’s to you west coast.

  23. Big Smoothe

    MrBlueHead loves onions i think.

  24. dano

    Now he can officially recruit for every ACC team.

  25. kdgking

    Thank god…..fudgepacker sucks