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A Few Thursday Notes


It is late and I am a bit beat with a full day tomorrow, so just a few notes….

— The man you see above is Terrence Boyd, a 2009 recruit with major talent who told today that Kentucky is currently his leader for his services. Sounds good right? Well Boyd can play and would be a welcome addition to any team. However those who are following his recruitment suggest that there is virtually no chance that he will get eligible and that taking a commitment from Boyd is simply hoping for a miracle. I have no insight as to his academic condition, but I have seen his game. He can play and if he were to end up in Lexington, the Cats would be very happy.

— Jeff Goodman, the only person more negative about UK than Jerry Tipton, did a story on John Wall today that stated his top three schools were Oregon, Oklahoma State and Baylor. This follows an ESPN story that suggested his schools were Memphis, Oklahoma State, Kentucky and Baylor….a Rivals story that suggested UK, Memphis, Oklahoma state and NC State and a Bob Gibbons story that said Memphis, Oregon and Oklahoma State. What does that mean? Well only one school makes the list every time….and that is Oklahoma State. When you get such divergent lists, look for the school with the most appearances. Couple that with the Marshall Moses connection and Travis Ford may be getting it done.

Harrison Barnes played his first game in Louisville and had 18 points in a rout win. I am going to watch his evening game tomorrow and will report on his play. Having been to Ames, I can say for all it glory, its no Lexington.

Deuce Finch, the St Xavier standout running back who is looking for a big year this season, did not commit to Kentucky as earlier reported today. In the “General Franco is still not dead” mode, Finch had to deny the report after it was made by a number of sources, including apparently WKYT. I blame Rob Bromley.

We will have more throughout the day, including an answer to the question “what happened to Hunter McClintock?”

And oh yeah, there has been some gold on here today….look at Tomlin’s earlier post and Beisner’s Gillispie and Rich Brooks pictures below….brilliant. For example:


He was in a New York club and caught the controversial freestyle rap by Rich Brooks called “Kragthorpe, how’s my a– taste?”

Article written by Matt Jones

14 responses to “A Few Thursday Notes”

  1. GoCats2010

    I would pay a hundred bucks just to hear rich brooks say those words

  2. Robshairgel

    Thanks for the update Jones.Duece would be a great get for the Cats and Wall Somehow I think ends up at Memphis,hopefully I’m wrong.It’s just good to see the top recruits listing UK again as schools on the list.

  3. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    I have been saying for a while that Wall and Orten could both end up at Okie State. If we are able to pull either to KY, I would prefer it to be Orten (and all indictations are that he is leaning this way). Wall is one and done for sure and while I believe him to be a good person and player, Orten seems a bit more on the ball (no pun intended).

    By the way, no mention of Poop Tooth. I posted this earlier today:

    Ryan Kelly, 6-9, 205, Ravenscroft School, Raleigh, N.C.:’s No. 17-rated player lists KU, Notre Dame, Stanford, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest and others. Kelly scored 2,150 on his SAT and has a 4.3 grade point average, according to

    Tell someone over there to get this kid on Academic Scholarship and bring him in. Speaking of Orten, tell him to call the boy and convince him to come to KY.

  4. pji

    2,150 on the SAT! WOW! Seems like that would be impossible. I guess he found all the bonus questions. Zach Morris eat your heart out.

  5. jacobk

    who is orten?

  6. bluegrassjohnny

    As much as i would like to see Wall and Orton wearing blue and white, i just don’t think it’s going to happen. Well done Travis Ford.

  7. BigBlueJim

    In other news, got this link from a friend:

    Can’t get it to post correctly, you may have to cut and paste. Great article about Josh Harrellson! Sounds like he could really contribute
    this year. Can’t wait for the season to start, GO CATS!!!

  8. funkadelic

    6. It may be more appropriate to say “well done T. Boone”. The only person who can out-bid the city of Memphis.

  9. GummyBear

    7.. Great find on the JH article.

  10. monstermash

    the Boyd kid kind of looks like Alex Legion…..

  11. UKFAN26

    i don’t get why Terrence will be a long shot to qualify? He’s got his entire senior year.

  12. KevininLoveland

    #4, they added a writing part to the SAT and the high score is now 2400, not 1600, as it used to be.

  13. UKisKing8

    I’ve got a feeling Travis might be the real deal…his team last year was solid,
    but, they didn’t have the right name on the front of the jersey…once he gets
    a school with tradition and the culture he was used to at UK, i believe he’ll be
    someone who could put a team in the hunt for a title year in and year out

  14. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    Nobody knows yet where Wall and Orton are going to play college ball so quit pretending like you do. Keep up with their play and cross your fingers. Hopefully we still have a shot. Their is no doubt in my mind that we do. Be fans and quit trying to be experts.