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Donovan to NABC: your ideas are stupid


Not even a month after the NABC requested that coaches not extend offers to kids until just before their junior year, Billy Donovan has wrapped up a commitment from a rising high school sophomore. Austin Rivers is not just any high schooler, however. He is the brother of recent Georgetown transfer Jeremiah Rivers and the son to Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers.

There are a couple of ways to look at this story, and to denigrate Billy D. would be highly hypocritical on my part. However, something has to be said for a man that absolutely shuns the suggestions of the NABC. Especially if that man is widely considered one of the nation’s top coaches.

However, the same arguments shall be waged by the Florida faithful that we voiced a few months ago. How much was this decision based on Donovan’s recruiting? How actively did he pursue Rivers? Did he press for a verbal? We don’t really know these things. What we do know, however, is that Rivers has been tearing up the AAU circuit and had a solid freshman season. Furthermore, this certainly cannot be blamed on faulty advising. Rivers has an older brother who has been through the recruiting process, and a father who has been in the game since his playing days at Marquette. Perhaps this is the case of a kid knowing where he wants to play, and ending the process before it begins.

Thus, where does this move fall? Is it Donovan defiantly turning a deaf ear to fellow coaches and doing whatever he pleases? Is it further signs that the recruiting process is evolving? Or, is it an isolated incident that had more to do with a kid’s eagerness to sign than a coach’s eagerness to wrap up a star?

At the very least, this makes Donovan look bad.

Winter Park’s Rivers, son of Doc Rivers, commits to Gators (Orlando Sentinel)

Article written by Evan Hilbert

106 responses to “Donovan to NABC: your ideas are stupid”

  1. BillyClyde4President

    B Donovan is a joke. He’s such a wuss.

  2. GummyBear

    It’s mutiny! Mutiny, I say!

  3. gators4life

    if he is such a joke, why in the hell
    did KY want him

  4. TheOutlawJoseyWales

    # 3.. it was all a conspiracy.

  5. gators4life

    dont think so #4, if he was there, you would be
    kissing his ass on that recruit

  6. GoCats

    Actually its not recruiting this kid that makes him look bad, its the haircut.

  7. gators4life

    someone get billy g another beer please

  8. maxim99

    Bad move on BD’s part. But in all honesty, BCG did this, it would be on ESPN already.

  9. gators4life

    well we got him get over it. you guys think you
    got orton. What I am hearing he is not going to UK and that
    is a fact

  10. Sanny

    This is Donovan’s prototype recruit. A rich kid with a strong chance of staying an extra year or two because he doesn’t need the money. It worked out fantastically with Horford, Noah and Green. Not going to lie to you, it is smart. Too bad we missed on this kid.

  11. gators4life

    think you #10, dont hate, you all know if
    billy g got this kid you would love him. especially
    #6, he sounds like if billy had a nice haircut he might be
    interested in the man.

  12. maxim99

    If I had to cheer for Noah (NCs and all) I would have switched teams. I love UK, but I can’t stand spoiled, whiney rats.

  13. gators4life

    # 12 you sound real dumb, if you had noah and guys
    that played with that passion, you guys would have another
    championship hanging up. you need players like that.

  14. SagaciousMind

    Just goes to prove, people was scared of UK. UK was making serious noise on the recruiting trail, they tried to find a way to stop it, but now other coaches are doing the same thing…or should I say, have always been doing the same thing. Not even right.

  15. macon_volfan

    in all honesty, I hate Noah. But had he played for UT, I’d loved him. Same with with people like Magloire. Hated him. Would have loved him if he were a Vol. I think many felt the same way about Ron Slay. He talked alot, but was loved by UT fans and most all SEC players. He went 110% all the time and was a good, vocal floor leader.

  16. maxim99

    13 – passionate players, I agree with, but I couldn’t stand him. Taunting all the time, chest pounding, always whining and BD did nothing about it. BD should have watched Coach Carter….”do you seen that knot…I tied that ish…I did….I tied that ish”

  17. gators4life

    think you #15, morris was one of the those guys
    who I hated to watch. He would get a dunk and
    act liked nothing happened. Hell with that go crazy and let
    the other team know you just dunked on them.

  18. SagaciousMind

    I guess its safe to say that Billy G has more integrity than Billy D. Something was asked of the coaches and Billy G has complied…knowing UK is going to be ruling the SEC again, Billy D is out there breaking suggestions cuz he knows the Florida program will go back to the way it once was. I find it amusing and sad that he cannot even comply with what is asked from them. And people want to give Billy G a hard time? At least he doesnt abandon his school for the pros and then think, oh wait and go back. Traitor Billy D. If this doesnt explode on ESPN, I’d be raising hell if I was Billy G. Oh well, everything just goes to show people are getting scared of the where UK is headed again.

  19. I'm Just Sayin

    I actually am glad BD did this. I thought the NABC (uh Tubby and the boys) were attempting to limit what is a freedom any kid has, which is to declare what college they will attend whenever they want to do so. Of course all the politically correct crowd jumped on Tubby’s bandwagon. I am not glad Florida got this kid but I am glad they shunned the idiotic declaration.

  20. RichieFarmer'sMustache

    So it’s a fact that Oton is not going to UK. What’s you source there getAlife?

  21. GoCats

    gators4life you will get more respect if you come on here make your points without doing things like comment #7. That is not even a topic of discussion. THe thread is about Donovan getting a sophomore recruit. Trying to stir it up by saying something stupid like that does not help your argument. You usually make good points but saying something like #7 makes your good points meaningless. For example I agree with your #13 post so try not fall into the trap of arguing with childish responses.

  22. gators4life

    listen to yourself, #18 you just might be the biggest
    hypocrite I have ever heard. There is a guy named
    rick pitino that once left for the nba, and you guys would take him
    back in a heart beat.

  23. RichieFarmer'sMustache


  24. gators4life

    thanks #21, I will make my points and not fire back and the
    special people that know nothing about basketball

  25. GoCats

    I do not know why I bothered to try

  26. RichieFarmer'sMustache

    24) Are you special?

  27. Matt Jones Jr.

    Why are there so many gaytors and volunqueers on this site?

  28. kazaam

    Not a big deal its just how recruiting works now. The NABC can make all the suggestions they want, but unless the NCAA makes a rule coaches will not tell a prospect he can’t commit if he wants to. O and you don’t have a clue what Orton is going to do and neither so give it up.

  29. kazaam

    neither do I*

  30. GoCats

    Gators, just so you know I did want Donovan and I loved Pitino but now I would not take either of them. This past season they both did things that made me lose some respect. They threw their players under the bus instead of taking the responsibility that a coach should take for his players. Every bad game UK had this year(yes there were a lot), Gillispie took full responsibility for the losses and every good game he credited the players. That is what a coach should do so he earned some respect from me. Donovan did exactly the opposite.

  31. gators4life

    I get on here because there are some interesting articles on
    this website and I enjoy reading them

  32. The Truth

    Marshall just accepted a ’11 commitment too.

  33. SagaciousMind

    I am not talking about Pitino am I? And no I dont think I would want him back…Louisville isnt doing anything. At least he was actually gone for awhile…not like a two day thing like Donovan did. Besides, Billy G is the new Pitino and I am excited that him. There is no denying he runs a good program…look what he did at his old schools. Only thing Pitino has been doing is kicking guys off his team. So gators4life, dont speak for me when you dont know what you are talking about.

  34. gators4life

    If he is such a bad coach why does kids keep signing with
    him. Go figure it out special

  35. RichieFarmer'sMustache

    Like this article about your Eddie Munster cheating ass coach.

  36. UKFAN26

    I couldn’t agree more 30..i gained tons of respect for Billy this year because of that!!

  37. RUPPS_rhetoric

    Hot off the Presses. UL loses 22nd player since the end of last season. Courier Journal reports:

    University of Louisville junior wide receiver JaJuan Spillman, who was suspended last year after an arrest
    for DUI and marijuana possession, was arrested again early this morning on similar charges.

    Spillman, 21, was arrested at 12:08 a.m. today and charged with driving under the influence, possession of
    marijuana, carrying a concealed weapon and having no insurance, according to court records.

    “L” YEAH!!!

  38. SagaciousMind

    #30, you are completely right. Its kinda like Izzo kicking his team out of the locker room. Man up and take some responsibility. Gillispie does that. And he will be at UK winning championships for a long time.

  39. gators4life

    #33 you said the same thing about tubby when he won
    his first championship, but then you jumped off the
    bandwagon and now your on billy g’s. Who you gonna get on next

  40. The Truth

    looks like you enjoy posting on odd numbers too.

  41. SagaciousMind

    Uh you dont know me…I never wanted Tubby as a coach. I wanted Gillispie as our coach way before Tubby even said he was leaving. I never was on Tubby’s bandwagon, we all know he didnt progress kids and that he won that title with Pitino’s players. So just get over yourself.

  42. maxim99

    39 – as a FL fan, do you agree with Donovan going around the NABC requests?

  43. The Truth

    Maybe Rivers can lead them to an NIT title.

  44. The Truth

    Talk about getting back in your corner.

  45. kazaam

    Billy D is a good coach and he did something that 90% of coaches would do. Billy G could still take a commitment from a 11′ guy. What if a can’t miss prospect wants to commit to UK would Billy G turn him away because of what the NABC says? I really don’t think he would. I think it makes Billy D look like he is ignoring the NABC, but at the end of the day he isn’t dirty or a cheater.

  46. GoCats

    gators you are missing my point. I never said he wasnt a good coach, I said don’t respect him. You want so bad to argue that its eating you up inside. try to relax.

  47. gators4life

    we just won two before that, have you guys won a championship
    in a while. We also lost 6 players on that team. Its called
    rebuilding something you dont know about. You could real soon,
    because one day they might rebuild that meusum they shut down

  48. SagaciousMind

    I’m sure he was happy about those rules cuz Gillispie couldnt recruit any more young guys, but I’m sure it’s ok for his coach to break them. Talk about being a hypocrite.

  49. TheBigBooyah

    Collin Cowgill now has 10 HRs in his first 15 games with Arizona’s minor league team.

  50. kazaam

    It’s not a rule it is a suggestion. Nobody has to follow it.

  51. UKFAN26

    haha 45 he would still take a commit from an 11′ foot guy(that’s Kenny George style). u mean class of 2011 hahahaha

  52. SagaciousMind

    Dude, you all have only won two titles…thats it. UF has only been on the basketball scene for a short period of time. I dont get why you are evening arguing about that. As for that museum, more people would have went if it was in a better location and when we do get back to the final, which I say will happen not this season but next season, there will be a better museum. At least UK has stuff to put in a museum.

  53. ekuwalls182

    Isn’t Gillispie supposed to have an 2011 recruit and teammate of Furgeson on campus soon or maybe even already did? Until its a rule, it doesn’t really matter.

  54. SagaciousMind

    Yeah its a suggestion, but it would only seem plausible to follow it. I’m sure if Billy G took another commitment after being told that they would want to hang him.

  55. GoCats

    gators I am sure that you have not seen a gator thread with 50 posts on any florida websites that didnt mention Tebow but you should try making your points without insulting or attacking.

  56. gators4life

    thank you #53, you can build a new museum and you can
    put all the empty beer cans billy g leaves behind in it.

  57. UKFAN26

    53, i think ur talkin about Jeramiah Davis…

  58. GoCats

    56 unbelievable, you have zero class.

  59. gators4life

    but calling billy d names is alot of class

  60. kazaam

    51 well obviously I meant 2011, but I am glad you interpreted it as 11 foot. Thanks for making a meaningful contribution to the discussion.

  61. TheBigBooyah

    Florida girls have Bingo Wings.

  62. GoCats

    59) never did, I said he had a bad haircut, im sorry for that horrific insult

  63. RUPPS_rhetoric

    Calling Billy D “Eddie Munster” is not calling names, its stating facts…Proof:

  64. gators4life

    calling billy g an alcohlic is a fact also, i hear it everywhre

  65. gators4life

    alcoholic sorry

  66. GoCats

    64) its a fact because you hear it everywhere? are you serious?

  67. kazaam

    Right rumor and gossip is always fact.

  68. gators4life

    lets make a bet if you buy him a beer i bet he drinks it

  69. RUPPS_rhetoric

    Saying Billy once had a DUI is a fact. I have friends with DUI’s that are not alcoholics. And if he is an alcoholic, good for him, he’s setting a fine example for alcoholics everywhere. You can successfully outcoach completely sober coaches. Good for him!

  70. GoCats

    you have incredible logic, if you buy me a beer I bet I drink it too!

  71. RUPPS_rhetoric


  72. maxim99

    68 – that was terrible….never answered my question. Do you think that BD going around NABC requests is the right thing to do?

  73. gators4life

    consider I am only 12 #70 I think you a sick-o

  74. RUPPS_rhetoric

    Id be pissed if he didn’t drink it! Gotta love the Gators!!

  75. GoCats

    72) be careful you are actually discussing the topic, Gators does not participate in that.

  76. gators4life

    Just kidding, I think that kid already knew where
    he wanted to play

  77. GoCats

    73) I am done with you, I don’t believe a word you say. I thought you could discuss things intelligently I have made a mistake.

  78. gators4life

    well got go, I enjoy reading what you guys have to say. You
    all make some great facts,that why you will hear from me
    again. All you wildcat fans I hate you, but I hope all of you
    have a great forth of july!!!!!

  79. maxim99

    Me personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it. My own problem with it all, is the double standards that UK (and their bball coach) has to go through if they did anything like this.

  80. GummyBear

    gators.. UK has sent way more players to the NBA in the last 15 years, yet we never had to play in the NIT to “rebuild”. The fact is that Florida blew their wad with those guys and will never get back there again.

    45… I would hope BCG would take a committment from an 11 footer. That guy would dominate.

  81. gators4life

    well I can come back with this, we have sent more guys to the NFL
    then you will every think about. Peace I’m out

  82. gators4life

    i’m going to go play with my ballsack now and smoke crack with Billy Donovan; maybe find 1 more gator basketball fan so we can start a museum selling our 2 calendars we have with pictures of our two championship wins with Noah in the locker room grab assing the assistant coaches.

  83. kazaam

    Is the Florida fan really 12?

  84. gators4life

    I heard porter and stevenson are dating now. You guys are
    really coming together. Good job billy G

  85. gators4life

    Guys Can Ball To I Guess

  86. gators4life

    no I am not 12 are you

  87. pimp juice

    Kige would never accept a commitment from a sophmore. Perhaps we should all learn a thing or two from him…

  88. gators4life

    83, i’m an adult!!! ask the football team!!!

  89. maxim99

    82 – so your silence about my question makes it seem like you do not have an opinion?

  90. Chuck Norris

    Why in the hell are you guys even bothering w/ this stupid a** Florida fan? All he is trying to do is get people riled up, and apparently it has worked. His insults are so original too, Billy G is an alcoholic…how original. As the great Lloyd Christmas said in Dumb & Dumber, “You are one pathetic loser…no offense”.

  91. gators4life

    guys dont make me get the other 2 florida fans on the internet and crash this party man!

  92. GoCats

    90) sorry momentary loss in judgment on my part. I thought I could convince him to have a rational discussion. I learned my lesson.

  93. truBLU

    #22–Speak for yourself there buddy I’ve always said that the second Slick Rick went to Loserville there’s no way in HELL I would welcome him back as coach of the cats.

  94. Chuck Norris

    92) I understand & have fallen into that trap before, but it is clear this dbag has no life whatsoever & can’t talk UF sports w/ other UF fans. And here are some things you might see in UF’s basketball museum besides their two national championships:

    ***crickets chirping****

  95. GoCats

    94) no declerq? no d-meat hook pictures? you might be right.

  96. Chuck Norris

    95) Funny, i almost forgot about those guys…but i guess that is pretty easy to do! Here’s another one, Teddy Dupay’s unpaid gambling debts.

  97. carlothedon

    I find Gator fans humerous. It is pretty funny that a team with three good years out of 88 brags about how dominant they are. I cannot wait for the future Gator4Life email…it will include much baseball smack about how great Tampa Bay is and how the Yankees suck. yadda yadda yadda.

  98. The King

    I bet no national outlet picks up this story about billy D saying a big FU to the other coaches

  99. 69Z

    Interesting insights by MM on his premmy site about Galloway and Liggins.

  100. JimmyJam

    Congrats Billy D…I am very glad that someone is recruiting the younger ones still and taking commits. IMO, its just plain stupid “suggestion”.

  101. TNBluemist

    Care to elaborate 99.

  102. 69Z
  103. whosthenextcoury

    Does anyone know any gator sites that a UK fan can go on and make a jackass out of themselves?

  104. 69Z

    Seems like good news.

  105. Todd_Svobodas_Lunchbox

    I dont have a problem with it. The NABC only gave out ‘suggestions’. If you don’t want people doing it, make RULES. If Clyde did this, though, he’s already be getting drup through the mud. Billy Munster, however, won’t even get a mention on thi sone from most major news outlets.

  106. GoCats

    The NABC should talk to baseball, at least college is offering an education. The A’s just signed a 16 year old to a professional contract.