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How does Thad Matta keep attracting top big men?

thadmatta-operasinger1.JPGIs it impressive feats of ballet like this?

Since 2004, when he took over at the poopy state school in the center of Ohio, Thad Matta has put together quite the hot streak on the recruiting trail when it comes to talented big men.  He’s added your run of the mill three-star guys like Dallas Lauderdale, Othello Hunter and even that Euro JUCO guy that got mentioned once or twice earlier in the year as a possible UK target (Nikola Kecman).  The real haul for Matta, though, has come when he goes after the big men that find themselves at the top of their class.  And when he does take a swing at these players, he is the bizarro Adam Dunn.  Here is a quick rundown of the talented big guys that Matta has landed so far:

Greg Oden (class of 2006) – consensus top player in America
Kosta Koufos (class of 2007) – 16th best player and third best center
B.J. Mullens (class of 2008) – top player in the country
Jared Sullinger (class of 2010) – #3 player in the country and #2 PF, committed to Ohio State already

Matta obviously isn’t getting by on his charm or his good looks. That should shock no one.  But, surprisingly, it’s apparently not his coaching skills either that have him getting these stars on campus.  Just about a year after Bill Walton ripped into Matta for turning Greg Oden into the “the most under-utilized talent that I have ever seen in the college ranks”, Jazz first round pick Kosta Koufos’ high school coach aired some serious beef with Matta and his coaching skills.  In this story in the Canton Repository (doesn’t that sound like a painful medicine?), Jack Greynolds said, among some other good things, that Matta was “clueless” and was trying to hold back Koufos so he wouldn’t leave after only one year at Ohio State.  If this streak continues, will B.J. Mullens choke Matta out in between timeouts at Northwestern?  I sure hope so.

If you’re a Kentucky fan, you’d have to hope that this is the type of information that certain top centers considering Ohio State, **cough** Daniel Orton **cough**, might take note of in their recruitment.  Maybe the annual criticism will make the world start to see the Buckeyes as the fool’s gold that they are.  Of course, the possibility remains that the kids have known this all along and they just haven’t been able to resist the allure of following a guy who is a firm believer in the 5 second rule.  I guess we’ll know in a few months.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

9 responses to “How does Thad Matta keep attracting top big men?”

  1. Forrest4Three

    OSU is a football school… their basketball fans are clueless.. they dont know who Orton is…

    Fan support is big to Orton…. Nobody comes close to UK in that regard.

  2. Flag City Cat

    First to say, I have no idea but it needs to stop!

    Flag City

  3. Stafford

    If it isn’t charm and it isn’t coaching results, that only leaves…..

  4. MeetyourMakersMark

    ill come out and say it….hes dirty

    there i said it

  5. Redlegs

    I met Thad Matta once in Norwood, Ohio. He’s a good guy. If you don’t believe me, check with any Xavier fan.

  6. toddpacker

    I want Orton to come to UK for sure. I dont care about OS, but I cant agree with Walton or Doufas’s old coach. I think Oden is good but offensively he was up against a quick team and a frontcourt of Horford, Noah, Brewer, and Richard. All are in the league now. If Richard isnt then he was. I know Brewer wasnt a big man but he was the small foward.

  7. toddpacker

    I read the article so I see his coaches point, but I still dont agree with Walton.

  8. payne

    They are hypnotized looking down at the glare from the top of his head?

  9. coachclyde

    I went to Butler for undergrad where Matta was Barry Collier’s top assistant for several years until Collier left for Nebraska. The players basically told the administration that Matta was their choice and the AD and President went along. After ONE season, in which Matta went to the second round of the NCAA Tournament, he jumped ship to Xavier when Butler wouldn’t match XU’s offer. He essentially parlayed that gig into the job at OSU. While Matta is a “good guy” and I do like him, I’m not sold on his coaching ability. He can recruit, but he doesn’t seem to be able to get his guys to live up to their potential. His 2010 class is stacked; I’ll be curious to see if he can have any success with them.