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That was short lived

Inexplicably, I made a post nary two hours ago lauding the accomplishments of a UT player. Because the universe has a way of evening itself out, I later came across this.

The gentleman who posted this is…confused? Deranged? I’m unsure right now, but his point has zero basis. Saying Kentucky is the wrong place to go to become an NBA player is as blatant a misrepresentation as saying that Scotty Hopson left the Kentucky program.

Oh. He said that, too.

Either way, this post is insane. Especially coming on the heels of Rajon Rondo winning an NBA Championship and Tayshaun Prince being named to the Olympic team. They seem to be shaking off that horrible “Kentucky” stench fairly well. Not to mention the other players comfortably in the league.

This should angry up the blood a bit…

Article written by Evan Hilbert

55 responses to “That was short lived”

  1. commonwealthambassador


  2. coachclyde

    Hmmm, and how many Tennessee players have been drafted, ever?

  3. GoCats

    Absolutely ridiculous trash. How many Tennessee players are in the NBA?
    Prince, Azubuike, Hayes, Bogans, Magloire, Walker, Rondo, Mohammed, now Crawford? Did I miss anyone?
    Delk and Anderson were in the league for ten years until this past season. Fitch and Daniels spent a few years in the league as well.
    I honestly believe UK has more players in the league in the past 15 years than any other school. Somebody smarter than me can figure that out. Looks like a pretty good resume to me.

  4. corndog23

    hmmm…not much to say about that. Dude is just trying to get hits to his blog or something. It will probably work, but he he has truly embarrassed himself with this one.

  5. Drewdown N ChiTown

    I can feel the jealousy oozing through his prose. I have one retort for “Joel,” Mr. Hater, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  6. BravoBigBlue

    This guy is a moron. It’s no secret that Tubby’s recruiting had gone to hell in recent years. That’s not news — Kentucky fans wouldn’t have expected any high draft picks with what he was bringing in (for the most part). But, Tennessee has ZERO players in the NBA!

  7. dsoco88

    that article was very unprofessional…..I usually don’t get angry at many things, but if I ever saw that guy waling down the street I would have to punch him in the face

  8. The King

    This is just some tard spilling out words to anyone who will listen. I’ve seen guys on the street tell me that they are Jesus, it doesn’t make it anymore true just because they are wearing orange.

  9. The King

    BTW, did TN have anyone drafted?

  10. SagaciousMind

    How many UT players have been successful in the NBA as of recent? Alan Houston…yeah thats what I thought. How many UK players? Several. UT fans are just hatin. They are just hatin the fact that their little run of bein at the top in the SEC is now over due to a man named Billy Gillispie.

  11. Thomas Beisner

    I saw this on his page:

    “If you would like to be a writer for this blog, guess blogger or have an opposing view point in the form of a story to balance things out, e-mail it in.”

    Maybe he’s the guess blogger. And he guessed wrong.

  12. dsoco88

    Does that mean people should not go to Duke and UNC as well??? I did not see anyone get drafted from those schools.

  13. SagaciousMind

    UT was a program only good for a sort while in the 70s and now. I remember watchin a game where they said they have the top part of their arena closed off with a curtain because they couldnt even fill it up. Has that ever happened to UK? Dont think so. UK has had their slumps here and there but always recovers. I guess the dude never heard of players like Sky Walker, Bowie, Mashburn, etc, etc. Sounds like someone is just butt hurt.

  14. drmarc

    That’s just some weak uneducated “Volunqueer” spin…. nothing more

  15. V-in-K

    Maybe they need some help writing that blog Evan…looks like they are looking for a writer…might give them a more attractive tint…a BLUE ONE!

  16. SagaciousMind

    Apparently who ever that writer is hasnt heard of a guy named Patrick Patterson neither. That dude is just retarded. Hopson may be a good talent, but his selfishness and lack of passion will led him no where. He will probably end up being a bust in the NBA like the Sebastian Telfair’s of the world. I kinda think that post was funny because none of it really makes sense. He wants to dog on Billy G? Look at their own crooked coach. Our players transfer for playing time or to be close to home, not kicked off the team for other reasons. At least UK can say they are running a classy program. UT could say that, but now Lofton is gone and guess where he is from? That dude shouldnt be allowed to blog.

  17. Matt Jones Jr.

    You know how I know you’re gay? You have a website named “Your Mother Slept with Wilt Chamberlain”.

  18. Pokey Chapman

    The fact that he would write this the day after Crawford got drafted over Lofton pretty much says it all.

  19. AppalachianWonder

    Hehe. It’s good to be king. All that uneducated hating and nothing (on a conference or national level) to show for it.

  20. cat1

    I will tell one thing that site has that this one doesn’t is hot chicks.

  21. payne

    the guy who wrote that is obviously his own uncle or something.

  22. Sanny

    What? Kentucky has an 11 year lottery drought… Fine. But has had NUMEROUS players that have been very productive in the league.

    How long is UT’s drought of even getting somebody drafted at all? Alan Houston about 12 years ago. Did Yarborough get drafted? I can’t name a single UT player even in the NBA right now. Is Houston still playing?

  23. TBoogie

    Hey, nobody goes out of their way to hate on programs that suck.

    Jealousy and bashing is the ultimate compliment.

    I just can’t wait for the next Bobby Maze video. BAAAhaha

  24. adaircam4

    if douchebaggery were a skill (which it is) this guy would have a very high skill level.

  25. Broseph

    One of that guy’s recent posts is just the youtube vid of Candace Parker’s AWESOME dunk…sweet.

  26. UKFAN26

    this guys just mad that UT had no one in the darft..AGAIN
    and that UK had another player in the draft..AGAIN

    someone needs to show that blogger this site!!

    Kentucky can’t get players in the pros, hahahaha, i lost count after about 70 players!!!

  27. bigdinky

    NBA championship rings. Start counting the last few years and see if there is a Kentucky player on the roster of an NBA Champion. This year-Rondo. Miami Heat had Antoine Walker. Detroit had Tayshaun. San Antonio had Nazr and I think they had Derek Anderson. Maybe there is a connection to championships that are linked to the team player concept and tough defensive approach with Tubby and UK. There may be more players.

  28. GoCats

    Derek Anderson was on the Heat with Antoine. Five different UK players win a NBA championship in the last 5 years. That is amazing.

  29. I'm Just Sayin

    If you want to learn how to do crappy rap videos, go to UT.

    If you want to learn how to win, go to UK.

    It’s really that simple.

  30. Steve Jobs

    The thing that pisses me off is that his blog has a better web design than this one. That pisses me off, Matt Jones!

  31. ransmith

    Who cares what some UT fan may post!

    If an idiot thinks you are stupid, does it have any meaning? Think about it, one should be selective in what thought they pay any attention to!

  32. UKisKing8

    Both Tubby and Rick have their UK ‘era’ players in the league…and BG will shortly follow…

    UK has 10 in the NBA since 2000, that have PLAYED in the NBA

    UL has 2, as a nice reminder of who’s king of the Bluegrass no matter the coach…

    now that BG is here he will continue the tradition and will, hopefully, expand on the success
    of those that came before him!!!

  33. UKIreland

    I couldn’t believe the crap this guy came out with! But I have to say I agree with his point about the arena. Think UK needs to do away with the name of Rupp for the arena, it’s associated with racism and keeping the name of the Rupp is condoning Rupp’s actions. Which is wrong. You are either part of the problem or solution. UK athletics is part of the problem as a result.

  34. macon_volfan

    #30, your post is as absurd as the original post.

  35. SagaciousMind

    According to what I saw, Crawford is the 91st player drafted from UK. How many has UT had? And that doesnt even count players like Hayes and Buike who worked to get into the NBA.

  36. kycub25

    #37, nice for you to join us

  37. gobigblue32

    #37, I think you meant #35….it’s OK though he is the crazy vol fan and that is all that matters.

  38. GoCats

    34) I hope you do not buy into the rumors that RUPP was racist. Just a stereotype that is wrong. He attempted to integrate his team but the other SEC schools would not allow it.

  39. HaYES44

    Wow what a total idiot to whomever wrote this. Lets look at the numbers comparing UK NBA players to those select small few from Tennessee: UT= 29 Players ever to play in the NBA ; 0 Hall of famers ; 2 Still in the NBA today. UK= 80 NBA players plus a new one THIS YEAR which now makes it 81 ever to play in the NBA ; 4 Hall of Famers ; and currently 11 players in the NBA, 5 of which have been on NBA Championship teams most recently Rajon Rondo, and 4 out of the Last 5 NBA Championship teams have had an Ex-wildcat on their team playing a vital role in winning the championship and 6 out or the last 6 NBA Finals has seen an ex-wildcat in it. Not a great school for NBA players huh? This is kind of a one sided argument towards the greatness that is UK, kind of like the number of wins, season titles, tournament titles and National Titles UK has compared to UT and that of the rest of the SEC, but still not a good school for a young player to go to? Add all the championships up from all the schools in the SEC and still UK has them beat, still not a good school to go to? Are you serious, take a drug test and a small dose of anti-denial pills while your at it.

  40. SagaciousMind

    39) Exactly. Rupp was not a racist. He knew if he had black players on his team, traveling in the deep south would on be dangerous for the players and the team itself. Some people need to do a little more research before they state that about Rupp. Even his past players said that he wasnt. And if he was, then how come he signed the first black player to ever play in the SEC?

  41. GoCats

    41) People tend to believe stereotypes. Its easier than actually learning something for yourself.

  42. UKIreland

    41, you might actually do some research before writing info out here. Tom Payne was the 6th player in the sec. Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia all had black players before UK. Plus a whole lot of other schools in the south, i.e. Houston, Texas & Texas Tech. “GoCats”, you are right, people don’t like to learn things for themselves.

  43. BravoBigBlue

    43 – You don’t know what you’re talking about. Arkansas was not in the SEC until the early 90’s. Rupp is one of the greatest coaches of all time – period. That is what matters. It’s easy to take cheap shots about someone who’s been dead for 30 years. You probably have a few skeletons in your ancestry chain.

  44. UKIreland

    44. Doesn’t matter when Arkansas joined the SEC. There is plenty of evindence to support that he was racist, but that’s ok if you want to only see the good points. Just goes to show your ignorance when you say something like “Rupp is one of the greatest coaches of all time – period. That is what matters.” There is no disputing that he was a great coach!

  45. GoCats

    45) Read this. They are facts, not opinions.

  46. GoCats

    here is a good quote from that article about a recruit he wanted but wasn’t allowed to go after so he got him a scholly at another school. What a racist!!
    One of the more surprising angles the story took came courtesy of Tom Leach, the radio voice of the Wildcats. He’d told me a story about an African-American man named Jim Tucker, who grew up in Paris, Ky. (Tom’s home town), playing basketball for Paris Western High School, an all-black school back in the days of segregation.

    Rupp saw Tucker play and helped arrange a scholarship for him to Duquesne University, which in the 50’s was a basketball power. Rupp wanted Tucker for his own team but at that time, UK and the Southeastern Conference were segregated as well.

  47. UKIreland

    46, You don’t think authors have agendas? Whatever you want to make yourself believe whatever it is that you believe in go ahead & I’ll do the same.

  48. BravoBigBlue

    45 – You can kiss my ignorant ass.

  49. GoCats

    #48 you are absolutely right. You believe what you want and I’ll believe what I want based on people who knew him, grew up with him, worked with him, and were recruited by him. I am sure those are all people with their own agendas.

  50. jessemcgreevy

    GO CATS!!!!

  51. jessemcgreevy

    Ridiculous is the fact that any of us has even done a counter-argument against this ridiculous “argument”……The CATS rock and evryone else licks #$%^:)


  52. jessemcgreevy

    everyone…..sorry….too many cocktails!

  53. kykat51

    Someone wanted a lot of hits today…lol

    This “Joel” is most likely the main guy at the Tenn SB Nation site, and there was no mention of anything of this article on that site today.

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