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Phyllis George’s Wednesday News and Views


Today’s birthday of note is one with a little connection to the Bluegrass. Phyllis George was at one point a relatively famous person in America….crowned Miss America in 1971 (back before the show was on CMT and was passed by all pageants run by Donald Trump) and became a celebrity, marrying former Kentucky Governor John Y. Brown. She became first lady of Kentucky and adopted her new state as her home, starting a number of foundations in the Commonwealth. In addition, she had sports in her background, becoming a controversial co-host of the CBS NFL Today pre-game show, culminating in her interview with Roger Staubach, where she got his wife so upset at him that she stormed out of the room in the middle of the take. George has been rumored for a while to be getting into politics in Kentucky and considered a run against Mitch McConnell for Senator in 2008 (good decision to stay away). She set the standard for Miss America’s marrying Kentucky politicians that later was picked up by Heather French and hopefully one day will be joined by Heidi from “The Hills” when I run for public office. George turns 58 today and surely will celebrate her birthday by watching the latest videos from Kige Ramsey.

To the news….

(1): Lots of little tidbits today, but the most interesting may be that Sean Woods, one of the Unforgettables from that great 1992 team, has been hired as a college head coach by Mississippi “Jerry Rice went here” Valley State. Woods has been going through the coaching ranks for a few years and is often forgotten by Kentucky fans when talking about alumni with potential to join the high coaching ranks in the future. Mississippi Valley State has played in Lexington recently and is actually one of the tougher Division I coaching jobs in America, with a long history of losing and difficulty reaching the top levels. But things have improved a bit and Woods is ready to embark on his first college head coaching job. We wish him luck and hope at some point, his team will be brought to Rupp Arena for another game.

(2): Matt May of TCP reported earlier on Tuesday that Mark Halsell, a relatively (ok not relatively, a totally) unknown player from Josh Harrellson’s high school and college has enrolled at UK and will be a walk-on on next year’s team. Nothing is known about Harcell, except that his nickname will from now on be “Turtle” and Josh Harrellson will be called “Vince.” Harcell becomes the sixth (by my count) walk-on for next year’s team, which is actually too many for road games, but may be worked out by some sort of rotation system. Either way, the Junior Varsity team could be once again on the horizon, so get your tickets now.

(3): My favorite 2008 jump shooter with an odd release and a great last name, Eshaunte Jones picked a school, and it was Nebraska. He had been reportedly looking at Kentucky, although it isnt clear what amount of interest had been expressed to him. Jones will put up points in Lincoln, and I bet one day you will hear his name as a guy scoring 20 a game in the Big 12 for a terrible team. He just has that destiny in his future.

(4): Lots of internet rumors today about the qualification status of DeAndre Liggins. A poster on Cats Pause today made the moronic decision of linking the UK student directory, which contains Liggins’ enrollment info for summer school and his phone number. That phone number had to be taken down by the University, and the poster should have been deported. His enrollment means nothing however about the qualification, as that still isnt in yet. I was told to expect the decision right after the 4th holiday, although it could come even sooner if it is granted “fast track” status. Some of the optimism that surrounds Liggins recently comes from the fact that he took some classes that substituted for his previous classes with lower grades and now the test score he needs is lower….thus making what had once been told to me to be “VERY unlikely” a much more reachable proposition. We shall find out soon. Cross your fingers.

More throughout the day….new media approval rating….a preview of our forthcoming NBA Draft live blog…and other goodness. Check it out…..

Article written by Matt Jones

23 responses to “Phyllis George’s Wednesday News and Views”

  1. GoCats

    Vince and Turtle? Is that for real? I prefer the crappy nickname “jorts” over Vince or Turtle.

  2. The King

    Lets hope we get some good Liggins news early.

  3. GoCats

    Is there any possibility that the catspause poster is some one who also posts here? Could we get his number?

  4. TimTamTavern

    #1 Vince and Turtle are characters from Entourage. It is on HBO. HBO is on television. The television kinda looks like a computer screen, but you can’t type messages or check blogs all day. Just kidding Gocats.

    Next time: Outside, what is it, and how do I get there?

  5. muzzy

    i too vote for “jorts” over “vince”.

  6. GoCats

    4) that is very funny. No I have never seen Entourage but I have heard its good. If it is not Sports related, politics related, or Seinfeld reruns I do not watch it. Let me know when that outside update is ready, I would like to learn about that one.

  7. catlanta91

    The Liggins test score thing makes me uneasy. I remember being ecstatic after Eric Manuel passed the ACT about this time 19 years ago. I sure hope Donnie Harville wasn’t the proctor again.

  8. The Truth

    If that poster shows his face over here, I will virtually kick him in the nads.

  9. Keetycat

    Phyllis George is hot and would look good in jorts.

  10. AppalachianWonder

    Phyllis George also had a small role in “Meet the Parents” as the mother of the groom.

  11. al

    I don’t have all the information but from what was provided, while I agree the poster didn’t make the best decision in posting the link, it WAS publicly available information.

    The real idiots are the people that called. Don’t worry about the poster #8, focus your cyber beating on the people that actually called the number.

  12. JKW1974

    While it was public info, that sort of stuff is best left for people to discover on their own. Even if it is the internet, you have to show some sense and some distinction.

  13. wildcatmatt

    ESPN has earliest bowl projections out. Has us playing Rutgers at Papa Johns. Here’s the link….

  14. I'm Just Sayin

    A little in defense of whoever posted the telephone number is that every time someone posts info on TCP you have 10 idiots posting LINK. So he posted a link. Not the smartest move ever but I can see why he did it.

  15. wildcatmatt

    Why in the hell does UK give out that information anyhow? I mean seriously.

  16. maxim99

    13 – I know OSU is going to be tough this year….but enough is enough. They have taken a beat down the past 2 years, and I don’t think this Georgia team is going to be any different.

  17. maxim99

    After looking at these projections even more, they are all jacked up. Won’t go into my opinion but maybe later today a post that beaks down some of these projections.

  18. RichieFarmer'sMustache

    13) The game’s played in Birmingham, AL, not at Papa John’s Stadium.

  19. wildcatmatt

    I meant Papa bowl. Didn’t know where it was played, thanks.


    What I can’t believe in this mock draft of 2nd round picks is that Xavier’s Stanley Burrell (a defensive stopper) and Joe Crawford (driver and streaky shooter) are no where to be seen. Maybe its best they don’t get drafted, then they can get their own choice as to which team to sign with as a free agent.

  21. jacobk

    20- the amount of ridiculous speculation that goes into nba draft predictions is amazing.

  22. I'm Just Sayin

    21 kind of like speculation on recruiting?

  23. Cyps_forehead

    Halsell >>> Harcell. How do ya spell it correctly once and then spell it wrong the rest of the time? lol. Overall… nice report.