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Kentucky Elite Camp Rosters

This info comes from Marc Maggard’s site on Kentucky Ink. As I have said on here before, it terms of material on this site, we make a distinction between “news” posts and “opinion/interview” posts. The news posts, even if premium, are generally fair game and we often post with credit as to their source. The interview and opinion posts are a different breed and are what we leave for the premium sites. I have talked with Marc about this today and he understands and agrees with that distinction. Thus, here are the Elite Camp Rosters as produced by Maggard:

UPDATE: Apparently Daniel Orton has just showed up at Elite Camp

Team 1
Gj Vilarino 09 McKinney Tx
Jon Hood 09 Hopkins
Robbie Stenzel 11 Clark Co.
Dominique Ferguson 10 Lawrence North
John Crowder 2012 Maryland (state)
Javan Felix 2012 St. Augistine LA.
Justin Martin 2010 Lawrence North
Jeremiah Johnson 2010 Covington Holmes
George Fant 2011 Warren Central Ky
Josh Sewell 2010 Trinity (ky)

Team 2
Ryan Harrow 2010 Cannon, NC
CJ Penny 09 Anderson Co. (ky)
Jacob Jenkins 09 Louisville Manual
Elijah Pittman 2010 Covington Holmes
Clarence Trent 09 Findlay Prep (LV)
Jamel Riley 09 Covington Holmes (ky)
Aaron Watts 2010 Mccreary Central (ky)
Isiah Ivey 2012 Scott Co.
Timoty Knipp 2011 Elliott Co.
Holden Mobley 2010 Montgomery Bell Academy (Tn)

Team 3
AJ Walton 2009 Hall Ark
Aaron Ross 2011 Pulaski Academy, Ark
Kye Madden 2011 E.P.C Ark
Carlos Corbin 2009 Arkansas
Hunter Mickelson 2011? 7 footer Westside Jonesboro Ark
Elisha Justice 2010 Shelby Valley, Ky
David Rivers Arkansas
Darion Griswald 2011 Dumas Ark
Marcellus Barkesdale 2011 Tates Creek, Ky
Greg Kelley 2010, Newton North, Mass.

Team 4
Chad Jackson 2010 Scott Co.
Michael Avery, 2012 Crespi High, Ca.
Shaquille Wilson, 2010 Christian Co.
Dakotah Euton 2010 Scott Co.
Donnie Hale 2010 New Albany , Ind
Jordan Shanklin, 2011 Warren Central
Aaron Cosby 2010 Jeffersontown, Ky
Tamaron Manning 2012 Scott Co.
Chuck Jones 2009 Hopkins Co. Central, Ky
Perry Henry 2011 Charleston So, WV
Donovan Gibbs 2010 Louisville Iroquois, Ky

Team 5
Vee Samford 2009 Lexington Catholic
Derrel Edwards 2010 Dunbar Md.
Ronnie Thomas 2012 undecided, Md.
Russell Byrd 2010 Blackhawk Christian, Ind.
Farrakohn Hall, 2009 Memphis Whitestation, TN
Josh Whittaker 2010 Hazard, Ky
Ricardo Johnson, 2010 Covington Holmes, Ky
Reginald Buckner, 2009 Manassas High, Tn. 6/5
Andrew Adams, 2010 Bryan Station, ky
Malik Thomas, 2009, Largo Maryland
Jeremy Adams, 2009

Team 6
Ge-lawn Guyn 2010 Scott Co.
Jonathan Ferguson 2009 Elliiot Co.
Christian Watford 2009 Shades Valley, Alabama
Richie Phares, 2009 Scott Co.
Terrence Boyd, 2009 Norman, Ok
Hunter McClintock, 2008 Northern, NC
Desmond Dorsey, 2012 Louisville Jeffersontown, ky
Donovan Kates, 2011 Christian Co, Ky
Jaylen Beckham, 2012 Lexington Catholic
Donte Foster, 2009 Guthrie, Ok

Team 7
Taylor Maze, 2010 Bath Co, Ky
Leonard Macon, 2009 Campbellsville, ky (football)
Joey Miller, 2011 Charleston High, Ill
Jacob McClanahan, 2011 East Ridge Ky
Ethan Faulkner 2009, Elliot Co. Ky
Joshua Stroud 2001, Louisville Fairdale
Trey Williams, 2011 Greenup Co. Ky
Keisten Jones, 2010, Louisville Ballard, Ky

Team 8
Darnell Davis 2010 Hopkinsville, Ky
Clint Stepp 2010 June Buchanon, Ky
Will Evans, 2010 Lexington Christian, Ky
Melvyn Little, 2009 Louisville Trinity, Ky
Ian Chiles, 2010 Louisville Ballard, Ky
Isiaah Jones, 2011 Louisville Central, Ky
Matthew Rum 2009 Loyola Blakefield, Md

Team 9
Grant Sparks 2009 Lexington Christian
Eric Dunlap 2009 Oldham Co, Ky
Matt Harrellson, St Charles Mo.
Thomas Jackson, 2010, Louisville Jeffersontown
Griffin Schamp 2010 Wesleyn Ga.
Thomas Feeney, 2010 West Anchorage Alaska
Austin Flannery, 2010 Scott Co. Ky
Storm Stanley, 2010 St Francis Desalles, Ohio
Jake Belinski
Phil Barber

Team 10
Joseph Northington 2011, unknown
Derrek Tartt, 2008 Fenwick Hs, Oak Park Il
Antonio Tribble
Delquan Thomas, 2010 Louisville Eastern
Sydie London, 2012 St Augistine, La.
Ryan Fucci 2011, Tates Creek, Ky
Evan Faulkner, 2009 Elliott Co.
Mat St.John, 2010 South Laurel, Ky
Spence Sheldon, 2011 Warren Central

Vinny Zollo (injured)
Larry Bradley, 2011 Milwaukee Vincent (did not make it)
Daniel Corbett (did not make it)

Article written by Matt Jones

96 responses to “Kentucky Elite Camp Rosters”

  1. GoCats

    Wow. Are there really that many players there? I would pay to watch this camp. Team #1 is the best by the way.

  2. GoCats

    Matt Harrelson from St. Charles? Is that his brother?
    How does this work? Does Gillispie invite these guys or do they sign up? I am sure there are a few recruiting loopholes here. Can he talk to them about UK or just basketball?

  3. smiddy911


  4. Clarence Mason

    Team 4 looks pretty good as well, Matt when is your radio show going to be on again?

  5. ConcreteCat

    Malik Thomas is different than Malik Story. Matt, does your source confirm this?

    2. Good question, I would like to know the answer too!

  6. Clarence Mason

    5 Thanks a lot.

  7. ConcreteCat

    BTW- I think it’s great that BCG does these camps, what a great experience for these players. I can see the future camps will get more and more loaded with talent!

  8. Clarence Mason

    2. Matt Harrellson is Josh’s little bro according to Maggard’s site. I don’t know how he compares to Josh.

  9. MarcMaggard

    Jon Hood is playing very well and is “in control” at all times. Everyone there is impressed.

    Tonight, BCG officially offered Christian Watford in person (everyone knew he kinda had an offer, but hearing it in person is different). BCG and Christian’s dad seemed to be getting along great….teasing each other and punching in the arm, etc. Watford plans on going thru the process, but UK is right there at the top of the list and Christian has told a few people today that he loves UK.

    GJ Vilarino is doing a great job of running his team. He still needs to shoot the jumper a bit more, but he’s going to be a very good player at UK.

    KC Ross Miller didn’t come due to an invitation to the “super sophmore” Nike camp which starts a few days after the camp. These families have to pay for all the travel and the Super Sophomore camp is very prestigious and KC needs to be prepared to attend. UK coaches agreed.

    Dominque Ferguson is an athletic beast. He’s playing well and his athleticism is top shelf. He’s going to continue to learm to use his skill, and as he does, he could be ranked in the top 1-5 in his class. He’s that good.

    Clarence Trent is another amazing athlete. He needs to develop a better mid range game…at this point, it’s a 20 footer or a dunk. He’ll be able to get the mid range with some work, however.

    Hunter Mickleson is a 7 footer 2011 kid from Arkansas that is VERY skilled….the next Tyler Zeller type IMO. Arkansas has offered and I’m pretty sure UK will be hard after him as well. Very skilled and mobile big who’s just now growing into his game…will be a stud.

    Michael Avery is reportedly playing well…..

    Hunter McClintock has ridiculous handles and makes some amazing flashy plays, but everyone I’ve talked to (6 people) say they don’t think he can play SEC level. He just has no lift. His shot is quick to release, but that’s lost when you consider he’s 6/1 with very little lift. He also can’t get his shot in the lane. I’m having him watched closely tomorrow for more input…..mid major is the term most are using when describing his highest possible level of play.

    Shaquille Wilson is being compared to Steffon Pettigrew….a 6/5 nice body power forward……

    Dakotah Euton is stronger and banging in the post more this weekend. His shot is solid, he’s always in position. He is slow footed, as always, but he will be fine if he gets to 6/10. He is 6/8 now by all accounts….a solid 6/8 with a better body than last summer. He’s just a really smart player who’s starting to develop a physical prescence.

    Ferrakohn Hall is a nice bodied PF. he’s playing very well. Personally, I was surprised to see him make it….may be good for UK (mr. obvious).

    Chuck Jones looks great in a layup line (looks like a big time player), but doesn’t seem to possess the skill to be a big timer…..a few people have been disappointed in his play today.

    Malik Thomas is not Malik Story……

    Terrence Boyd is a physical and skilled beast…great body…great lift…horrible academics. May be playing at Oak Hill next year…….

    Clint Stepp is Clark’s cousin

    Leonard Macon is a Football stud…6/5 WR who everyone wants.

    Matt Harrellson is Josh’s little bro…..

    Larry Bradley may be the best PG you’ve never heard of (2011) and I’m surprised to see that he was scheduled to come, even if he didn’t make it.

    Was surprised to see that Jarell Eddy didn’t make it….UK is on him pretty good….watch for his name…….

    The Elite Camp counselors (the UK players) were scheduled to play a game against the top campers tonight, but it had to be cancelled….I think there weren’t enough players available for the counseler team. Meeks and Ppat are injured, but both are recovering well…..Galloway wasn’t around today (may be taking some summer classes at CSI juco….guessing). The camp is done tomorrow at 1pm, which is surprising. Registration was at 2pm Sunday, so it’s not even 24 hours long. However, there could be opportunitites for other activities after camp is over. I know some of the couselors and campers played pick up games Sat nite…..


  10. Clarence Mason

    Are all players who aren’t hurt counselers?

  11. ConcreteCat

    Thanks Marc! I’ll be signing up later today!

  12. patrick is tasty

    wat exactly r u chargin for marc

  13. cobrecat

    If Daniel Orton is at camp that would be big.

  14. ConcreteCat

    tin dollers a munth fer inzider stuf

  15. SteveQ4uk

    It looks like if you play for Scott county then you are automatically invited. Looks like Billy Hicks is building a powerhouse over there

  16. NewWildcatOrder

    I love to see Clarent Trent at the camp. I was at LCA the night he put on an absolute show in one of LCA’s tourneys over the holiday’s. I know he’s not 100% polished yet, but he is one of the freakiest athletes I’ve ever seen.

  17. MoBettaBlue

    Okay… so we know Clint Stepp is related to Clark… and that Matt Harrellson is Josh’s little bro… but do we know if Ian Chiles is Adam Chiles’ little brother, Adam went to Ballard too?

  18. GoCats

    Do we have to send in 10 dollars to read #10? Don’t tell Marc, I already read it. Thanks.

  19. Clarence Mason

    18. Yes he is the brother of Adam Chiles

  20. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    If ORTEN showed up after leaving Oklahoma State, did he have WALL in tow?

  21. GoCats

    Maybe the Malik Story that everyone thought was there was actually Mark Story. Everyone was wondering why Malik had a press pass.

  22. RichieFarmer'sMustache

    18) He is.

  23. CAnTuckeeBoi

    that’ll cost you $10 a month

  24. MoBettaBlue

    #20, hope he doesn’t have the off court issues of big brother… chiles could have been a decent 4 yr guard at UK, i think he played over seas somwehere last I heard.

  25. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    MARC– You have to stop posting information on this site without calling someone an idiot or moron. It does not fit what you have shown in the past. I may learn to like you and be forced to pay you $10 a month.

  26. GoCats

    If we get blonde highlights do we still have to pay 10 dollars?

  27. GoCats

    What class is Matt Harrelson?

  28. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    lol @ 27

  29. AustinCityLegend


  30. Clarence Mason

    25. Haven’t heard about any problems yet but I don’t think he is getting the same recruiting interest as Adam was.

  31. MarcMaggard

    26….haha….I just call em as I see em…..


  32. GoCats

    Are the people saying McClintok is a “mid-major” player also the people who said Stephen Curry was a “mid-major” player? I know absolutely nothing about McClintok I was just curious what the definition of a Mid-major player is? How about Rodney Stuckey on the Pistons? He was a “mid-major” player. Would we take him?

  33. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    ^^^^ Thanks for the info Marc^^^ Good stuff and appreciated. Much easier read when you are posting info and not defending yourself.

  34. patrick is tasty

    33 – rodney stucky didnt have the grades for a hih major colege thats y he ended up at eestern washington or something like that

  35. bsquared

    Thanks Matt and Marc. Any word on how the kids from Covington Holmes have performed? I’m from NKY and interested to see what the local kids are doing…thanks.

  36. GoCats

    Seriously thanks for the info Marc I appreciate any and all UK info.
    I just have to make fun of the blonde highlights. If you had a skateboard and wore your boxers outside of your pants you would be the identical twin of my 14 year old cousin.

  37. drew0422

    So the games are open to the public Monday and Wednesday at 8?

  38. smiddy911


  39. smiddy911

    is she hot #37?

  40. MarcMaggard

    37…no biggie, but I don’t have highlights…..I’m blonde and lived in Florida/Texas/San Diego…..natural sun does that to us blondes……still, i’m a firm believer of not letting any facts get in the way of a good ribbing.


  41. GoCats

    I am blonde also but I guess the fact that all my hair has fallen out prevents me from getting the highlights.

  42. MarcMaggard

    well, I am a member of “hair club for men”, which I would have thought was a much better rib than highlights…….


  43. GoCats

    I like to remind the ladies when they point out that my hair is all gone that the carpet matches the drapes.

  44. MarcMaggard

    44…too much….just too much…..


  45. UKBoo

    People are saying HM is mid major because he doesn’t have hops.. THAT is asinine. And I agree that he doesn’t. But neither did:


    We are in a word of shit if scouts are looking at hops as a definition of a players ability.

    Here’s another that didn’t have hops:

    I’ll take a PG with vision and an instinct for the game over one with “hops” every day of the week. One of UK’s MAJOR issues last year was passing. The knock on Sallie: PASSING.

    Having said that, I am getting some very informal word that Sallie says he’s a Cat.

    Any guru care to confirm or deny?

  46. NoseBreaker

    Haha. I think its much funnier that you incriminate yourself.

  47. patrick is tasty

    last yeers problem was that we passed too much cause haf of the playas coodnt skore evertime jasper or haris got the ball and coodnt do anything with it they had to pass if u get mor skorers lik sallie then pasing is esier cause u hav to defend everyone then

  48. NoseBreaker

    46) I’m pretty sure Bird wasn’t 6’1″ in college. He doesn’t help your argument.

  49. I'm Just Sayin

    Uh, what?

  50. I'm Just Sayin

    “Hooked on phonics”, learn it, know it, live it.

  51. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #48– You are not the one that is helping Liggins study for his test are you? If so, that would explain a lot.

  52. Wildcat Rico

    Clark and Clint Stepp are brothers, not cousins. I went to
    Alice Lloyd College for 4 years. June Buchanon School is on the
    Alice Lloyd campus. Their dad, Joe, is now the president of ALC.
    They were just small kids when I was there, but one thing I
    remember is that they always had a basketball with them.

  53. matt s

    what’s amazing is that Gillispie has only been at UK for about 14 months and this is already his 2nd Elite Camp. It’s a shame we didn’t have these types of things in the past to get these top prospects on campus.

  54. mattcat68

    Thanks for the info Marc. I must admit, I’m a bit perplexed on the evaluation of McClintock. Not getting lift on his shot (even though he has a quick release) somehow means he can’t play SEC basketball? I think Chris Lofton, Richie Farmer, Scott Droud, Barry Goheen, Jason Williams (Fla) and Travis Ford would adamantly disagree with that assumption. There must be more issues with his game to lead these evaluators to this conclusion?

  55. SEC-43Titles25Tournys

    I still cannot understand why people are going out of their way to make Hunter McClintock into a high D-1 player. It makes no sense! By all accounts from scouts who do these things for a living he is a mid major player. He has great flashy handles but isn’t overly quick, has poor leaping ability and lacks overall explosiveness. He has a pretty good shot, not a P-Sparks level shot, not a Lofton level shot and CERTAINLY NOT A BIRD SHOT, not to mention Bird was 6’9 not 6’1. Of course there are always going to be Stephen Curry’s, Steve Nash’s and Scottie Pippon’s but they are very RARE! For everyone one of those there are 100 JP Blevins and Brandon Stocktons. At the very least all the McClintock groupies have to admit that the kid cannot come into the SEC and have much of an impact as a true freshman!

  56. SEC-43Titles25Tournys

    It also appear to be the same people that slammed Pilgrim for being a player from Hampton. So a kid who plays for a mid major but all the scouts say is a beast and potential NBA player isn’t good enough but a kid who scouts say is a mid major player is UK material because of flashy handles on YouTube?!

  57. MarcMaggard

    55….that’s not the ONLY reason he’s not projected at an SEC player, but it’s a good part of it. At 6’1, you need as many plus’s in your column as possible…flashy handle and quick release aren’t enough to make you an elite player…..He’s a good kid by all accounts and who knows where he’ll end up, but there are reasons everyone is saying he’s fun to watch, but not elite. 56….rack that post….nailed it.

    By the way, I don’t have an opinion on Hunter….haven’t seen him play enough to have any real opinion…..


  58. MarcMaggard

    Yes, clint is clark’s brother….just too lazy to correct it….I guess I should


  59. mattcat68

    #56, I’m certainly no HM “groupie” by any stretch, however, I do feel that HM is already more advanced at every level than Porter, and Porter will be either the starting PG or the back up next year. Hunter may not be a star, but he could certainly help provide depth next year. No one questions his handles and passing, or his I.Q. He may not be a great shooter, but he’s good enough to keep defenses honest, at least a better threat than Jasper. The fact is, UK won’t need much scoring from him next year, they will need a floor general, and Hunter is certainly that.

  60. mattcat68

    58, you don’t have an opinion but #56 nailed it? That’s hilarious!

  61. mattcat68

    Alright, here’s my concern, UK needs depth at PG next year. Is HM the guy or should they just wait?

  62. UKBoo

    49# And Bird didn’t play against 6’1″ “Hops” actually matters less at PG than at PF.

  63. UKBoo

    56# I am actually not a HM groupie. I’m not sure what level he can play at. What burns my butt is when I see so called experts busting someone for not being able to jump at a position that it matters the least. IF coach doesn’t think HM can contribute next year, he should pass on him. But I sure am glad he isn’t listening to these so called experts. And for the record, the kid was able to set a state shooting record, so I don’t think anyone can say what level of shooter he will reach.

  64. ukisgr8

    #60, We have better players at PG than him as it is but we need a stud at PG but we don’t need 5 role playing PG’s. I would add Sallie, who is versatile enough to play SG and has the size and defensive abilities over HM any day of the week. I think you are taking the video’s too seriously

  65. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    I will admit, I was drinking the Kool-Aid or Smoking the Great White Dope that McClintock brought to the table. However, I am also a realist about the situation. I would prefer nothing more than McClintock to want to come to UK and for him to live up to what everyone “thinks” he is. That being said, I trust BCG and what his master plan.

    #56– Good post, what you are forgetting, the players evolved. They were not as “hyped” coming out of H.S. and grew into good players.

    That is where BCG’s evaluation of the kid will come into play. Just like Pilgrim, many nay-sayers believe he is a head case, lazy and not worthy of a schollie. BCG believes, he can change his ways, has not been in the right situation and will be a “star” at Kentucky. Just a difference of “opinions” but regardless how we all think our opinions are right, BCG has the final say and given his track record over “ours”– I trust what he thinks.

    We are a loyal bunch and 2 years from now, we will not be mentioning any of this. Unless, Hunter lives up to the hype and I can not see that happening. The hype is that he can dribble like Marcus Haynes, is a showman like Medowlark Lemon, shoots a half court hook shot like Curly Neal, has the drive like Michael Jordan, and the will to win like Bird. That is not possible. Well, maybe Lebron. LOL


  66. GoCats

    What I like about the way Gillispie recruits is the 6-5 to 6-7 player that plays multiple positions creates incredible match-up problems for the opponent. McClintok does not create match-up problems for any opposing defense because any 6’0 defender and taller can guard him(in my opinion). Meanwhile Galloway or hopefully Liggins or Sallie create tough match-ups for an opposing team because you probably can’t put your point guard on him and may have to use a small forward.

  67. NoseBreaker

    63) I think you missed the point. He, #46, was talking about people with “no hops” being able to get their shots off. It is, ABSOLUTELY, much easier for Bird to get his shot off (anywhere) than Sparks, Lofton, and Ramel Bradley.

    Also, how did you come to the conclusion than “hops” matters less at PG than PF?? I would love to read your thought process.

  68. mattcat68

    Not taking the videos too seriously. I perfectly understand that they were an edit job. However, I must admit, I didn’t see anything in the videos to suggest that HM can’t shoot, is too slow, and can’t play defense.

  69. mattcat68

    67 I agree, I would love for UK to sign another big PG. Liggens would have been perfect. If Sallie works out, then I’m also happy. The thing is, Porter’s handle scares me, I don’t care who it is, I just hope UK adds someone with a handle.

    I think McClintock is a very shiny package, but like most, I want to know what’s in the box.

  70. 3 fan

    Marc thanks a ton!

    Also notice that 4 Elliott County kids in attendance. I’d like to see someone give a report on how Ferguson, the Faulkner twins, and Knipp do against really tough competition.

  71. ukisgr8

    #69, I’m not saying he can’t either, but by a couple of accounts, the coaching staff wasn’t too excited either and that is who I trust. I also think talent is relative. Tyler Hansborough is a stud in college but probably not in the pro’s. Hunter, with the players he is playing against in high school is a stud and may be at a low to mid major school but not high major, according to most accounts. Michael Porter was a great player in high school but a good role player in college. Curtis Kelly in HS was a 5 star stud but played at a 2 star level in college. You can only evaluate based on skills but evidently HM is lacking some skills that make the coaching staff think he might not have what it takes to make it at an Elite school like UK.

  72. SEC-43Titles25Tournys

    60) Porter is not an awful player by any means. He is not a big time scorer and he had trouble handling the ball at the beginning of last year but I would say that his basketball IQ is greater than McClintocks and his defense and understanding of the system is going to be way ahead of Hunters. You’re right no one is questioning HM handles but where do you get that his ball distribution and defensive skills are anywhere close his ball handling skills? I hope the best for the kid but put me on record even if UK signs him (which I’d say is less that 5% chance) that HE WILL NOT BE A SOLID CONTRIBUTER AS A FRESHMAN! Even though we are lacking at the point guard the kid only played average HS talent. Its a big leap from that to a good mid major, much less into the SEC and its most elite program. If you don’t think a kid like Porter who was seen as a pretty solid point guard out of HS is good enough why do you think a player who is considered under him in skill level as a senior in HS would be more advanced than him at every level?

  73. SEC-43Titles25Tournys

    69) Highlight videos usually aren’t going to show the player bricking a shot, getting crossed over or throwing a pass 10 rows up. That is the exact reason why they are taken so lightly, it’s all bone and very little meat…

  74. Cats Fan CWR

    Any word on whether John Wall and/or Derrick Favors were invited, and if so, why neither attended?

  75. C-A-T-S

    Why are people aruging about Hunter and if he is good enough or not?

    UK needs another PG, Gillispie and staff are evaluating Hunter right now. If they offer – he is good enough. If they don’t offer – he isn’t. Sounds pretty simple to me.

    As for Marc, I love his info and will be signing right when I get finished writing this. I don’t know why people hate on him, he has very good sources and probably shares more than he should. Isn’t that what we UK Fans long for?

  76. SEC-43Titles25Tournys

    Wall was invited but was in Oklahoma last I heard. Orton was also in Oklahoma but showed up late for the UK elite camp. No word on Wall doing the same; it’s plausible but I doubt it. Pretty sure Favors was invited but don’t know why he didn’t show.

  77. ukisgr8

    76, We also have Sallie, a combo guard, and we have better option on top of that with Galloway and Porter. We have Vilarino coming in next year so we will have 4 players right there that can play PG, not to mention the chance that Liggins can still qualify. Sallie is the obvious answer because he can play both guard positions, more talented, and has more experience. It’s a no brainer. And my opinion is in line with Marc’s opinion, I believe, based on what he is hearing from people at the camp after the staff evaluated Hunter. They seem to think he has some skills but lacking in many that won’t allow him to be successful at the high major level.

  78. MarcMaggard

    Hunter hit 8 threes in a row today at elite camp……still, those watching aren’t convinced he’s ready for SEC play….said a prep year would be good for him….but that doesn’t mean he won’t be offered…I have no idea.


  79. GummyBear

    Is Chuck Jones the same guy that wrote and directed alot of the Bugs Bunny cartoons? If so, how cool is that?

  80. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    Marc– I told you– stop giving info and being “nice” about it. You are starting to change my perception of you and it was much more fun when I could “hate” on you.

    Come on, give one good “Shut the hell up CAROLINA BLOWS idiot.”


    Good stuff, thanks.

  81. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    #80– Is Chuck Jones, Matt Jones’ brother or cousin? I remember when they were younger they had a basketball in their hands everywhere they went. Later, one was left to play in a Barnstorming tour, carry a computer, answer questions about his sources, attend at least 3 weddings a month, and support a Liberal for President without coming across as a man crush.

  82. UKBoo

    #68 I certainly agree that Bird could get his shot off better than anyone, but I don’t think that was 56’s point. He was saying HM has an OK shot but not a great shot. My point is, how does anyone know? I do think he has more length, with about the same amount of hops, than Sparks…..
    As for “hops” at the point guard spot, how many great ones have had great hops? Few, very few… Isiah Thomas? Nope. Nash has entered the conversation and he doesn’t have hops. A great PG should be defined by handle, vision, BB IQ, and being able to set up a team to take advantage of what the D gives them. UK has been a horrid passing team of late. It would seem that many think a good passer is someone that can make a chest pass from one player to another. Well, anyone can do that. A great passer is someone who can see an advantage and help get the ball to that advantage. UK had NO guards last year (that played) that qualify as good passers IMO. 2 Pat was the best on the team. I honestly do not know if this kid can play at this level. My beef is with those that say he can’t only because he doesn’t jump. And for the record, if there is a reason he isn’t D1 level, I would think it would be in the strength area. He seems a little too weak to be able to fight through SEC screens. But that is just an opinion and I could easily be wrong.

  83. WildcatsOne

    Hey Marc, I really appreciate the information you work so hard to provide and I wish that I could afford your new Kentucky Ink subscription. Unfortunately, my budget is very tight and I cannot afford it right now. Perhaps someday though 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  84. MarcMaggard

    Like I’ve always said…..the premium stuff at KyInk is additional…we still have lots of great free info too.

    Oh, and Carolina blows is an idiot…..


  85. Forrest4Three

    73- Porter is NOT better than HM. IF UK signs HM he will make more of a impact as a FR then Porter will a JR.

  86. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    SWEET INFO. MM. Appreciated.

    I tend to think like a couple of guys said about McClintock. If he is offered he is good enough. If not then he isn’t good enough. It’s that simple.

    I hope we get Sallie because we need handles at Point and we need a backup for Jodie Meeks. What happens if Meeks get injured again. Who will play two? We definitely need a backup at two.

    I cannot believe there are that many players at camp. Was the camp that popular when Tubby was here? Or is Gillispie just killing it? I tend to think the latter. This BCG guy must be one hell of a coach, huh.

  87. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    #86 I tend to agree. Although I haven’t seen Hunter play ball. It is hard for me to believe that there isn’t a point guard somewhere in the state that is better than Michael Porter. I’m sorry to say it, but the kid has shown me nothing. I make assumptions based on what I see with my own two eyes and Porter has shown me nothing.

  88. Blue in the Vein

    Besides an unproven Galloway, we don’t have a player that can consistently bring the ball up the floor. Joe played pg most of the time last year when ramel went out. We have to have someone who can handle the ball. Meeks can’t be breaking a press on every trip up the floor because we’re going to need him on the offensive end for scoring. Could you imagine Porter bringing it up against a defender like Rondo, he’d get picked every time. BCG definately needs a point. McClintock would be a better pg than porter without question simply because he can dribble. That being said McClintock may be the weak link in BCG’s strong defense which could defeat his master plan, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  89. wildcatmma

    say whatever you want but 8 threes in a row for Hunter is very impressive. Also for the fact that hes under the pressure of basically playing for a scholarship. very interesting.

  90. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    #90 No one can say that 8 threes in a row isn’t impressive. Escpecially against some of the best High School players in the country. If you want a guy that can come in and handle the ball and be able to knock down the three then Hunter is your guy. Alot of people are questioning his ability to get his shot off. Anyone remember Pat Sparks. Pat just decided he would shoot 2-3 feet behind the line to get his shot off and worked pretty well in plenty of ball games. He shot better from 3 feet behind the line than some people including Derek Jasper shot free throws. This kid brings instant offense. I believe that if his offensive game is as spectacular as has been documented BCG will offer him a scholly. Maybe Hunter would be open to walking on at UK proving himself and then getting a scholly. Only time will tell.

  91. rainbow4

    Folks – the issue with Hunter McClintock is simply one of opportunity. The “model” for a BCG lead guard is based on athletic skills to play Defense – coupled with offensive capability. Everyone who is enamored with HM is looking at his offensive capabilities – which appear pretty decent, but you also need to look at his ability to play defense.

    At 6’1″ he can be posted up on D, at 6’1″ his wingspan is approximately 73″ (by comparison Ramel Bradley’s – also 6’1″ is 77″ as measured by the NBA), his half court foot speed is good, but overall speed, beating players off the dribble, is average. He makes up for jumping ability with a quick release on offense, but that translates into being out rebounded on defense (and BCG likes guards who can rebound).

    With a full compliment of “proven” athletic guards in hand, and an “extra” scholarship to go around – HM could be headed to UK. However, that doesn’t appear to be the current case – BCG needs to fill a “tallish LG” position i.e. DeAndre Ligginsesque type player – which is why the interest in Roburt Sallie.

    The other thing to note is a “PG” is NOT a “Lead Guard” – in a BCG offensive set – its not setting up a half court and calling the plays i.e. a “point guard”. The ball is advanced quickly via passing to the wing with the first look inside, THEN it is the “Lead Guard’s” role to get into position (move without the ball) to be the first outlet pass recipient, ready to shoot, DRIVE, or DISH – multiple talents. The Lead Guard is not a stand outside – “spot up shooter”. The Lead Guard might pass the ball to the “spot up shooter” – but the LG must be very mobile, intelligent, and capable of an outside AND inside game – so far HM has not shown that level of versatility – according to most published reports, and from what I have seen on the videos.

    Understand – as good as Patrick Sparks was, and his enthusiasm, and energy – when you put 6’5″ defensive pressure on him – he struggled at times. I am not certain BCG would recruit Patrick Sparks to be a “starter” – but more likely a backup.

    My opinion is that BCG sees enough “back ups” (potentially in Porter/Villarino) that HM’s timing to become a UK Wildcat is just not right.

    Doesn’t mean he isn’t capable – just that the current fit / opportunity at UK doesn’t match.

    PS I also reserve the right to be WRONG – after all, I am NOT the UK coach (but neither are you, right?) I’m just giving you my somewhat educated assessment of the SITUATION, not his abilities.

  92. big blue gonad

    We should have sent Kige in to report from the Elite Camp. That would give us the inside scoop on who we should go after next year.

  93. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    #92 I don’t disagree whatsoever with your assessment of the situation. However it is nice to have some shooters on the floor here and there. With the starting line up we are most likely to have we have one proven outside shooter. It would be nice to have Hunter as a back up in case we need some threes. Obviously the kid has the ability to shoot. Also you have to remember that defense in college is played as a team. You don’t neccessarily have to have 5 great defenders on the floor in order to be an effective defense. Although like you eluded to BCG like the lead guard position to be played by a great defender to pressure the ball thus making it hard on the other team to make entry passes. This also allows traps to be set up as well because the ball handler can’t get rid of the ball fast enough. Overall I agree. Just think it would be nice to have some scoring pop off the bench. I wish Hunter would take a preffered walk on position, prove himself for a year, then be given a scholly.

  94. Blue in the Vein

    I completely agree that HM is not a prototypical guard for BCG, but the cat’s have to find a guard for next season. I see next season as being one of the worst offensive team that the cats have ever fielded. Noone knows for sure when or if Jody comes back fully healthy yet. Porter as a lead guard would be a disaster. Ramon is a weak ball handler and are most of our bigs. We have to have someone other than galloway. Deffense is nice, but you have to put some points on the board. Good offense beats good defense, but its nice to have your d to fall back on. I would like to have a weapon like HM just in case. Sparks was used in situations and many games Tubby would just give him a heat check to see how he would do. HM could be the same type of player. He doesn’t ever need to be a starter.


    Marc how did Griffin Schamp from GA look?