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Tipton vs Maggard: An Overview of the Herald Leader Mess


If you were online the last couple of days (and you know you were), then surely you are aware of the controversy surrounding Jerry Tipton and his interviews with UK commitments Vinny Zollo and Michael Avery’s parents. If you are not, what follows is a brief summary of the events that have caused some in the Big Blue Nation to blow a gasket and others to call for Tipton’s firing and the burning of the Herald Leader offices. At the center of this controversy are Jerry Tipton….a Hall of Fame journalist who has been criticized many times on this blog and who has a reputation for negativity that is unmatched and Marc Maggard….an internet recruiting follower who has taken it upon himself to call for a boycott of Herald Leader advertisers and to lead the UK fans march on Lexington. The facts of this are a bit murky, but here is what we seem to know….

— After Vinny Zollo and Michael Avery committed to UK, Jerry Tipton called both young men’s parents to interview them. During those conversations, Tipton asked a number of questions that are at the center of this controversy. Everyone agrees that Tipton asked the regular recruiting questions and then followed up with some questions about whether the players’ families knew how hard the practices were at UK and some form of a question about the injury situation at UK in the past year.

Marc Maggard recorded two podcasts with the two parents that asked about these Tipton questions (along with other topics) and pursued what exactly Jerry said to them. In the course of these conversations, both parents agreed that Tipton asked about the injury and hard practice questions. Maggard then asked if Tipton had questioned them on “rumors” about Gillispie’s DUI history or social life. Neither parent said yes and Avery’s specifically said no. Maggard on his website however hinted that in private Zollo’s mother had told him something opposite. This was not however on the podcast.

— Maggard then apparently (according to A Sea of Blue) wrote that, “I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that Tipton is UK enemy #1.” UK fans then hit the message boards, intimating that Jerry should be fired and some fans began online petitions and started calling the Herald Leader. The rhetoric increased to such a degree that the Herald Leader editor decided to respond in this blog post in which she says that she has listened to tapes of one interview and read the transcript of the other and believes Tipton did nothing wrong. Here is a part of that article:

Jerry did not ask about any rumors alluded to in the podcasts, nor did he comment on Lexington as a place to live. Unprompted, Ms. Curry mentioned that she had heard things about Coach Gillispie. As Jerry reported in his story, “When asked to elaborate, she said, ‘I didn’t hear directly. But I heard he [Gillispie] was arrogant. I saw none of that. He was very down to earth.’” I reviewed a later conversation that Jerry had with Ms. Curry, who confirmed that Jerry did not speak in a negative manner about Lexington. Jerry also called back Mr. Avery, who acknowledged that the injury question made him uncomfortable but that it was not Mr. Avery’s place to pass judgment on whether it was appropriate.

So this is where we are….Tipton vs Maggard and the question of what Jerry did, whether it was wrong and what the response should be. Three quick caveats before we begin.

1. I admit to being a regular critic of Jerry Tipton. While I respect his long career and his success, I do think he has become overly negative in recent years and is very guilty of injecting his own opinion into his “news” stories. This is not the role of a reporter (as opposed to a columnist or blogger) and I think hurts his credibility.

2. I have at times in the past had a blogging relationship (the best kind) with Marc Maggard. I know he has a great number of connections in the recruiting world and I also know that he is a big UK fan. I have listened to Marc’s podcasts on this subject and I think they are legitimate and the questions asked to the parents arent out of line.

3. Most importantly however, I also know that no one, except maybe Tipton, the parents and the editor, has heard the actual conversations and thus, it is hard to know definitively what was said.

With all that said, there are a number of issues here. First, we have to be clear about what questions Jerry may have asked that could be objectionable. Jerry’s questions about what Zollo or Avery’s parents think about Gillispie having a reputation for being tough or a hard worker are in-bounds. These questions are asked every day by reporters when recruits are being interviewed who have committed to tougher teams. Those are, in my view, unobjectionable. Equally as clear to me is that any question allegedly asked about Gillispie’s personal or social life are completely out of line. Asking recruits’ families about rumors of social shenanigans, when they are backed up with no proof, would be completely inappropriate. Maggard apparently alleged on his site that Jerry asked such questions and Zollo’s mother told him that Jerry asked such questions in private. If that were true, it would be highly inappropriate. But both Zollo and Avery’s families deny publically that he did. Thus I think the hysteria based on such questions is, at this time, misplaced. There is no proof such questions were asked, and until there is, I wont assume that someone in the business as long as Jerry did such a thing.

What is left then is the topic of the questions asked about injuries and the difficulty of practice. Here my views are mixed. Whether a particular question is inappropriate depends entirely on the wording of the question and the context it was spoken in. If Tipton said, “did you have any concerns about the injuries to the players on the team last year?”, that would be a question that I wouldnt ask but I dont think is ridiculously out of line. If however he said, “do you have a concern about the fact that Gillispie works the kids so hard that they get injured all the time,” I would think that question is way out of line. Again, context and wording matters and at this point I personally no neither.

In both cases, Zollo and Avery’s parents said they felt somewhat uncomfortable about the questions asked by Tipton. But when I listened to the podcast, I felt they were more uncomfortable about Tipton’s questions about why a kid would commit at such a young age, which I think is an ok question, rather than the questions that are being discussed on the message boards. Again, I dont really know because I havent spoken with the families, but nothing in the podcasts indicates to me that it was those questions that made the family upset. Maggard indicates that they told him privately that the other questions bothered them, including the supposed personal questions, and I have no reason to believe that Maggard isnt telling the truth. But i didnt hear THEM say that, so I am hesitant to call for a man’s job because of them.

Ultimately that is the point. I am a harsh critic of Tipton. I believe he is overly negative and way too often interjects that negativism into his stories for the newspaper. But, as Jeff Drummond of TCP pointed out, we are talking about a man’s livelihood and his profession here. Because of that, I think both sides of the story need to be heard before conclusions are made. Calling for a man’s firing without that information seems to me to be a bit premature. Maggard claims to have that information and he may….but I am surprised that a recruiting analyst who is neutral in his affiliation with universities would put himself in the role of a fan and call for a boycott that could end up with a man’s ouster. We can all criticize Tipton’s journalistic ethics, and I have. And if the fans are tired of reading Jerry or want to cancel their Herald Leader subscriptions, then I completely understand that (the newspaper business is heading down south anyways, as we all know). In fact, solely speaking from a fan’s perspective, I think that is the way to remedy any problem a fan has with Tipton’s comments. But I dont understand why a neutral recruiting analyst would think a systematic attempt at leading a boycott of a newspaper based on hearsay and conjecture is the way to go.

The fight between Maggard and Tipton is one that I admit to finding interesting on a variety of levels. And believe me, I understand the fans’ frustration and at times anger, with Jerry and his reporting style. I have long wondered why people still rely on the outdated mainstream media to get their reporting when it frustrates them to such a large degree. But I also think that the piling on over Jerry in the last 24 hours has been a bit much. If you are going to get upset at a person, get upset for the right reasons. There should be some real concern on the possibility of Jerry asking questions about injuries supposedly caused by Gillispie….but we should make sure exactly what was asked and how it was asked. Similarly, if allegations are going to be thrown that more devious questions were asked, they need to be backed up with proof. Otherwise, the furor is a bit over the top. I do know this….there are mainstream media outlets looking into this at this point and seeing if there is any “there”, there. If something really went down that was as juicy as some of the rumors….I do think it will come out.

But then again, what do I know….I just blog and watch “The Hills”….

Article written by Matt Jones

140 responses to “Tipton vs Maggard: An Overview of the Herald Leader Mess”

  1. Inside Info 35

    Its time for Tipton to get kicked in the ass.

  2. LeBowlingAlley

    I’m wondering if posts like these adds fuel to the fire that Tipton may or may not have started. It just adds drama and controversy to something that should be a happy occasion for all.

  3. I'm Just Sayin

    At the very least the fact that this has come to light should make him think twice when his questions cross the line.

  4. shmu evans

    We haven’t had any football news in a long time. Is nothing going on?

  5. Assassin Number 2

    I will super cyclone jerry tipton.

  6. C-A-T-S

    It doesn’t matter if Tipton was out-of-line with his questions or not. It doesn’t matter if Tipton had the right to ask those types of question or not.

    But it is clear if he continues to go down that path most UK Fans are not going to support the LHL and I would think that LHL makes a lot of their money off UK Fans.

    So LHL has to make a decision. Stand up for Tipton’s journalistic rights or satisfy their bottome line, MONEY

    They won’t have both

  7. V-in-K

    It is just tipton under the big blue microscope of the BBN…just like anyone else that annoys the group…crazy man.

  8. jacobk

    fire tipton


    Wonder when Tipton will have a negative article about Hood?

  10. kwfaris

    There are a variety of problems with Tipton, but here is one that annoys me:

    His Sunday “UK Basketball Notebook” frequently features other schools besides UK. For example, the one two weeks ago that focused on UT. The CJ has a “College Basketball Notebook” and, to be honest, that is what Tipton’s should be titled. By contrast, Chip Cosby has a “UK Football Notebook” that features UK and UK only.
    The LHL needs to either change the title of his notebook or require him to focus on UK.

  11. kwfaris

    Other Tipton problems:

    1. The articles about Rondo’s SUV
    2. The articles about Azubuike’s dad (which for a long time ran in the Sports section before being moved to City and Region)
    3. The Dusty Mills articles

    UK fans don’t want or need a “homer” I think Brett Dawson of the CJ and Victoria Sun of the Cincy paper do a fine job without being “homers”. Even Chip Cosby at the LHL does a great job on the football beat without being a “homer”. If we could have the basketball equivalent replace Tipton, I would be happy.

  12. cat1

    Everybody is worried about Tipton but i would have say that if Maggard called them back and asked the parents the same thing again i would have to be worried. Throw more fuel on the fire. Its bad enough to ask once but twice come on guys.

  13. rkboyd86

    kind of off topic, but does anybody know what time the barnstorming event starts tomorrow night in bowling green? im here in bg finishin up finals at wku and was wanting to go catch a little bit of the action. any help would be great. thanks guys.

  14. arterah1

    The Hills. Was it me or was this season just way too short?

  15. Shat Jones

    Another poster said it best in a previous thread. He lives in Tennessee and said they don’t have any writers in their papers that seek out negative spin on their sports programs. He attended UK and still follows our program from there. He sees 2 sides of program reporting and his perspective is essential to see the reason for unrest here. Tennessee doesn’t have it, but we do.

    I would love to see Jerry Tipton replaced, not just for this current beef though. For his consistent negative crap about our coach and program. I’ve counted him mentioning BCG’s 2 DUI arrests (not convictions BTW) in at least 3 articles spread over the past 12 months. Running out of bad news and recycling it just to keep it coming is not award winning anything. It’s a prick that needs to go somewhere else where he’s wanted.

    Tipton Controversy Winners: (more clicks more, ad weight, more potential money)

    Main Winners: Lexington Herald Leader, KentuckInk
    Consolation Prize: KentuckySportsRadio, SeaofBlue

    Tipton Controversy Losers:

    BCG, Kentucky Basketball, Kentucky Fans

  16. cat1

    And i would bet this will only help the LHL because more people are going to buy it just to see what Tipton writes next.

  17. CAnTuckeeBoi

    14.) I thought about changing my screenname to respond to your question so that I could keep my street cred. but ohh well.

    The season was way too short, but you have to remember that we got back to back 30 minute episodes the first 3 weeks.

  18. Thomas Beisner

    well said matt

  19. KadizKat

    I agree with 11), Cawood Ledford was never a homer but he was loved by all because he reported the game as it was without trying to influence his listeners. I do not think that Tipton is that way. He seems to me to be the anti-homer and whatever he can do to hurt UK he does. There are a number of ways to report the news and a number of ways to ask questions to have the desired effect. It will always be my belief that Tipton will try to slant the news to have the effect he desires.

  20. kwfaris

    The concern for someon’s livelihood and profession is misplaced. It does not seem to bother anyone, including those in the media, to call for a coach or GM to be fired. Clay and Story have both done it at some point in their career.

  21. deWildcats

    The Tipton thing is bigger than recent events, in the end maybe the BBN is just sick and tired of Tipton. He’s made too many enemies in KY and now we should do our very best to make changes. That is why we have blogs and Internet Forums – the world needs change – including the loss of Tipton.

  22. kwfaris

    someon’s = someone’s. Sorry.

  23. ukcatfan88

    I stopped buying the paper a few weeks ago when it hit .75 cents an issue. Screw them anyway. When I interned there back in 1988, we hated Tipton because he was negative. Here is why….He was just starting out when Jeff MArx and the other reporter won a Pulitzer at the LHL for the $100 handshake series of stories. Tipton is a whore of the worst kind and simply wants success and adulation, like a Pulutzer brings. So he is trying his best to uncover dirt and maybe, just maybe, get nominated for the big prize. Shoot, he’s a Marshall grad, so you know he ain’t the smartest guy anyway.

  24. ukcatfan88


  25. ale8one

    Maggard may be getting more hits on his blog, but he’s also increased HL sales for the time being.

  26. Wildcat Girl 11

    14 and 17: I agree, season felt way too short, would have rather it been longer than had the back to back episodes the first few weeks! haha!

  27. AZ Blue

    This is stupid. It might hurt recruiting. Some recruits who never thought of UK as an injury-prone program may suddenly have ideas.

  28. dsolzman

    who cares about the hills…it’s not UK related. if it’s that reality crap, it’s not TV programming IMO

  29. KentuckyEXCLAVE

    Jerry Tipton is gay. Really, really…..really gay. Go back to West Virginia Jerry and cover Marshall U.

  30. GoCats

    15) I agree the losers in all this are the program and fans. Of course nationally the bad guys here will not be Maggard or Tipton. The bad guys in the national public eye will be UK and their “crazy” fans.
    “now those crazy fans are running off a reporter”
    This story needs to go away, the best thing to do to avoid negative publicity is for the fans to not even pay any attention to Tipton. Not a boycott, just ignore. In the end the crazy UK fans are to blame for all of this in the eyes of the National Media.

  31. BravoBigBlue

    Is that a real hair-piece, Jerry?

    But, seriously, are there any jounrnalists (in sports or news, print or TV) that warrant the fans’/readers’ respect? The industry as a whole has become so negative, so gotcha, and more into becoming a part of, rather than reporting, the story. And it’s not just Tipton, either. Rick Bozich and Pat Forde (now with have done their share of negative pot-shotting at UK over the years. I don’t have much use for hardly anybody in the media these days.

  32. catty

    I listened to the podcast live. Marc had indicated that there was a story about Tipton to be heard. This is the strange part. Marc called Robin-Vinny’s mom. He chatted with her for a sec, asking if Vinny was home yet. I don’t know if she knew it was already being broadcasted to the listeners. But Marc said something like, “ok, I’m going to introduce this segment now.” She said “Marc” as if trying to get his attention. I could tell she wanted to say something before they went on the air. I don’t think Marc heard, as he was cueing the music.

    pure conjecture here, but I think she wanted to tell him that she didn’t want to discuss the Tipton thing. He tried to get her to say what she had “previously told him”.

    I agree with whoever said that this “war” could end up hurting our recruiting efforts more than the lame attempts of Tipton.

  33. KentuckyEXCLAVE

    Matt, you should try watching LOST. And you are gay for watching THE HILLS.

  34. KentuckyEXCLAVE

    And Payne and Macon_Vol_fan….you are also gay.

  35. asdfasdf

    Maggard is actually calling for a boycott of the LHL so I doubt he is spiking any sales. He is also calling for people to send letters to major sponsors of the paper and say they should stop supporting the paper as long as Tipton is there or something.

  36. dsolzman

    33. He should try watching, oh, I don’t know…CSI tonight. The writers are from Two and a Half Men in tonight’s episode.

  37. zachkyzach

    I am all about Tipton gettin called out but Maggard isnt the tool who needs to do it. Lets be fair, the man has good information and all that jazz, but he is just as obnoxious as Tipton. If there was any way to get them both canned that would be the best solution. Oh yeah before one of you all run to his site to suck Maggard off, I deleted my account there so I am not “going behind his back” to say anything.

  38. Chuck Norris

    Click on my name if you are one of the people who wants Tipton fired–i have started an online petition, but you have to provide a valid email address in order to sign.

  39. K-NOTH

    if he even round about said these things to those recruits, then why on earth would the Hearald want its most popular section being driven by this guy? If they (LHL) find these things to be remotely true i would have to think his a$$ is hitting the trail and good riddance. if not true, well, hes probably F’d either way at this point, because as a Cats fan…cant say i trustem

  40. KentuckyEXCLAVE

    36- I am also a big CSI fan, but I kid you not, I stayed up until 3 am this morning watching the entire first season of lost. FREAKING ADDICTING!

  41. Hiawatha

    31) I would gladly take Pat Forde over Tipton any day!

  42. K-NOTH


  43. GoCats

    If Herald-Leader is so worried about money, I wonder how this headline would go over..

  44. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    I personally would side with a guy like Marc Maggard who is a huge fan of the CATS and would love nothing more than to see them succeed on the recruiting trail. IMO when someone is a reporter for a paper in Lexington that covers the wildcats they should really only report good things about the University. I don’t see why a guy like Tipton would have to come out with anything negative concerning the University unless there was some kind of scandal. IF there is no scandal with these recruits and there parents then why ask questions with a negative spin. What has GIllispie done to warrant such questions. He is a tough coach. What in the world is wrong with being a tough coach? Insinuating that players were injured due to tough practices makes no sense. I’m sure that GIllispie has coached many more players who haven’t been injured during a season than he has coached player who have had injuries. In closing it makes no sense to me for a paper like the Herald Leader to have a reporter that tries to bring negativity to University of Kentucky. The Herald Leader should only want stories that make the fans of the University of Kentucky happy since most of their subscribers are fans of the university.

  45. KentuckyEXCLAVE

    I like Maggard. Accept for the saga with the South American point guard…I think he does a great job with recruiting and the AAU circuits. Ironic thing is, Tipton gets most of his info from blogs like KSR and KY INK!

  46. terwilliger

    tipton is a GRADE-A douchebag and it’s time for him to pay for this crap. this isn’t a new thing with him. he’s been trashing the University, the players, and the fans for YEARS. now, he’s trashing our coach — a coach who is busting his ass to make Kentucky basketball relevant again on the national scene. tipton can kiss the crack of my @##.

  47. GoCats

    38) Can you start a petition to get the Hills taken off the air?

  48. KentuckyEXCLAVE

    mine too #46. hells yeah!

  49. GoCats

    I’m telling everyone, we need to drop this story before it is picked up by the National media.
    The only thing that is going to happen is UK fans will be told again we are crazy and now we are running off reporters.
    Just ignore Tipton, no official boycotts, no asking him to be fired. Don’t buy the paper or go to the website. Act like he doesn’t exist.
    The UK fans are going to be the one to pay the price for this controversy, not Tipton.

  50. K-NOTH

    the angry mob has lit its torches and is gathering.

  51. BravoBigBlue

    #31. Agree that Forde is better than Tipton, no doubt. But when he was at the CJ, Forde followed the style of his buddy, Rick Bozich, who is a no-talent hack. Really pathetic. I think that Forde is a talented writer, which is why he is no longer at the CJ.

  52. Mike4UK

    it is not that the fans have a new found disdain for Tipton… This has been building for the better part of this decade and I think we have finally had enough of his over inflated self worth and shenanigans. He is completely replacable.

    When people in the state of KY think of a fair journalist, one name comes to mind and that is Mr. Larry Vaught, the voice of the fans. Mr. Vaught is fair with both positive and negative perspectives depending on circumstances surrounding the story. He does not go out of his way to bring down a program nor does he sugar coat any of his stories. If Mr. Tipton values his present position then I suggest he start reading and take notes on how to deliver a fair perspective.

  53. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    #2 Said it best, “IT just brings controversy to something that should be a happy occassion for all.” Well said, why add controversy when there is none to begin with. We all should be celebrating the last week in recruiting we’ve had, instead we are surrounded with garbage that Tipton has manufactured. He should write an article titled, “What a Week to be a UK Fan” and talk about each recruit and what they bring to the table. Maybe he should write an article that talk about BCG’s plans for some of these kids and why exactly he recruited these kids in particular. Anything outside those lines is just garbage and should embarrass the Herald Leader.

  54. coachclyde

    As I mentioned in a previous post, if UK has a problem with the way Tipton and the LHL cover athletics at the university they have the ability to pull Tipton’s credentials (or the credentials for any of their beat writers). Now, while I doubt UK would do this because of how it would appear to the outside world, the message it would send would be “either cover the university objectively or don’t cover us at all.” And, if Tipton’s credentials were to be pulled, you can guarantee that he’d be replaced. The LHL cannot afford not to have access.

  55. maxim99

    53 – good post and I totally agree.

  56. K-NOTH

    jerry tipton is the old man that sits 8 rows off the floor and 8itches the whole game. probably owns something bedazzled by his wife and could be spotted at Hardees very early drinking coffee

  57. GoCats

    There is only way this is going to be perceived and that’s it.
    UK fans run off a reporter.
    No one is going to say, good job UK fans!
    Everyone will say, Those UK fans are psychotic!
    I promise this is not going to end well for UK fans

  58. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Watch out Matt, you may be the next to get a scathing post in their honor over on KY Ink…(be afraid, be very afraid)

    37’s right, I think at least half the posters over there would gladly “polish Maggard’s pearl”.

  59. Hiawatha

    51) I don’t think Bozich is that bad, but as you alluded to…there’s a reasons writers are where they are, be that at the CJ or ESPN. As for Forde, I think he has been much kinder or at least fair to UK in the last year or two.

  60. E-townCatfan1

    To me this is getting stupid, UK is recruiting these kids and I am sure the parents of these kids could care less about Tipton, When interviewing these kids it should be positive, not for just the basketball team but for the state of Kentucky. The Lexington Herald should have a talk to Tipton and tell him to grow up, If he has something againest BCG let him go duke it out with him. If i was Maggard don’t go to Tiptons level, Be positive about coach G and the UK. Tipton is trying to get cat fans fired up and he isn’t worth it. No matter what Tipton says we are still getting recruits. And by the way the Hills does suck, watch Dexter on CBS.

  61. Shaffer42

    This is just not good for UK in general. If you don’t like Tipton, then pay him no mind. He’s a douche bag anyhow. If people don’t like what he writes, then don’t read it, don’t buy a paper. However, his negativity is a problem if he’s talking to our recruits. I don’t care how he is phrasing his questions, he shouldn’t be talking about injuries that can happen walking down a flight of stairs and UK basketball practices and their difficulty in the same breath. If this is how he offends parents/potential players, then they shouldn’t grant him interviews. So, let’s let him start writing about Loserville and he can use his negative slant on them and it’s a win-win. He’s negative, readers (UK Fans) love it.

  62. ukbbfan

    Tipton is a damn fool and although i REALLY enjoy Marc’s info and recruiting news, he is an arrogant prick. the whole thing seems kind of childish and reminds me of how completely ridiculous ky fans can be. chill the fuck out. Im more worried about the damage Marc has done to the recruits than Tipton. Marc interviewed them driven to get some dirt on Tipton and then proceeded to throw them under the bus to back up his own personal views of Tipton. I wouldnt be surprised if the recruits parents said those fans are crazy, we are going elsewhere. Ky fans are so damn annoying with that constant buzz of “everyone is out to get us”. its such bullshit. people make fun of us for shit like this. its embarassing.

  63. mattcat68

    Hello Zollo and Avery families, welcome to UK. You are still 3 and 4 years, respectively, away from putting on a jersey. Yet, here you are in the middle of a family spat already. Just pay no attention and make yourselves at home, you still have a long, long journey ahead of you.

  64. gvillecat

    I guess I’m the only one that thinks this is getting blown way out of proportion. He is a reporter for a Lexington newspaper, not an employee of UK. He doesn’t have to be a cheerleader and only write positive things. Hearing what you want to hear doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting the whole story.

    I rarely read anything Tipton writes because I can get the info I want out of this site and others. But I don’t see why everyone has decided to give this non-story such legs. Everyone would be better off if they were simply indifferent to Tipton.

  65. BravoBigBlue

    #65 – No the days are slipping by UK are over. We’re still ahead in wins, tournament appearances, and championships. But maybe Roy-Boy can cry some more for the cameras. Or, bring back Deano for some more classic under-achieving.

  66. BravoBigBlue

    I guess the UNC fan got deleted. OK, nevermind.

  67. nybrasky

    I’m tired of reading all these long winded posts and threads everywhere, so I admittedly didn’t read a word of this post or the comments. I just hope this is finally the straw that breaks the camels back and Tipton gets canned for good. He’s a hack. They should fire his ass and hire one of the TCP guys.

    I’m glad to see people doing something about it though, instead of just whining on message boards. I feel bad for Zollo and Avery, but if this ends in Tipton’s demise then it’ll be a nice contribution from their family years before they get to campus.

  68. ransmith

    The LHL will probably give Tipton a pay raise because the paper is strongly anti UK BB! They have been for the last 2 or 3 decades. Why else do you think they all their online furum on UK BB to be so crazy. That forum, makes UK BB look really bad mainly because the LHL not only makes no effort to moderate it, but I feel encourages the nuts. Much of that garbage I don’t even feel are really UK fans, but rather haters pretending to be UK famns.

    At one time I subscribed to the paper every day, but for the last couple decades I have not even read the thing. If I go into a restraunt and it is laying oout, I will not even look at it.

    They hate UK BB, and have an extreme left wing political leaning, it is managed by a bunch of snobs.

  69. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    MATT– I would like to sue you for the plagiarism of my thoughts.

    However, the one thing that stands out to me and would like for you/others to address is:

    Zollo’s mom mentioned that she was well versed in “strengh and conditioning” and believed that you should recognize your weakness and build those up to avoid injury. Her ex-husband played in the NFL and put Zollo on routine. She was very impressed with the program that KY had in place to avoid future injury and that made her feel more comfortable about the decision.

    IF, that is the case, she does sound like she knows a thing or two and who is Tipton to bring of concerns of injury.

    Many on here only want the facts and it is wrong of Tipton to treat “speculation” as fact. That is where the line is crossed. This only used to give the perception that speculation is fact and allow doubt to creep in. That goes against “responsible” journalism and there should be some action taken to avoid it in the future. Many on here questioned “why all of the injuries”– it must be BCG but there is nothing to support that and don’t believe any of us would assume it the reason without all of the data.

    Again, “rumors” fall into the “speculation” category and Tipton should not use this in any form of reporting or interview to drive home a point.

    This is the reason for the uproar.

    Good job on you assessment without jumping to conclusions or taken sides until the “FACTS” come out. Tipton could use tips in this area.

  70. Shaffer42

    I know that he’s not an employee of UK, but still…I liken what he did/does to me standing outside your place of employment and asking your potential customers misleading questions that basically just tried to convey my opinions and weren’t necessarily based on facts. I might not be an employee of a competitior, but it sure isn’t good for your business.

  71. Shat Jones

    Mark Coury must be made of titanium and kevlar (as we all suspected, but now have confirmation). How could he make it through last season without injury?

  72. TheBigBooyah

    Hopefully 10-15 more reporters will call these families and make their lives’ miserable for the next few days (sarcasm).

    In conclusion, we don’t know what he said or how he said it.

    In my mind, it would also be hard to trust Maggard after he had a “private” conversation with these families and then wrote about it/told other people about it.

    By “off the record”, does Maggard mean “on the record”?

  73. arterah1

    #62, Speaking of ridiculous and embarassing…

  74. KentuckyEXCLAVE

    Change of subject–
    2009 Top 30 recruits who have kentucky listed:

    Derrick Favors
    John Wall
    DaShonte Riley
    Ari Stewart
    Deshawn Painter
    Peyton Siva
    John Hood***
    Terrance Shannon

  75. chardun20

    I don’t understand what the big deal is? It’s not like he’s the first person to say something bad about UK. You can’t fire someone for being anti UK, can you?

  76. doovie

    Here’s my email to the “rags” editor who defended Tipton:

    I would like to express my concern with the overall direction of Jerry’s articles. I am a longtime reader, and I have seen the moral heading, if you will, of his writing spiral downward for some time. The question here is not whether or not the questions Jerry asked are objectionable and meant to be apart from the norm as you stated in your blog. The question that is ultimately at stake here is the credibility of a man when his columns continue to shed negative light on a Kentucky program and a state to which he owes a great bit of gratitude. I think if you take an objectionable view at the bigger picture you will see the same. We the citizens of the great State of Kentucky continue to read newspapers alongside the myriad of sports information out there today to here a voice of a statesman that transcends journalism. We long for the voice of someone who points to the greater good of sports, and life in the Commonwealth in general. When we desire to hear the negatives that Jerry has spiraled toward we can always turn to the blogs, and other electronic media spouted by talking heads. I call for you to ask Jerry to step down. We will honor him as a journalist and his journalistic integrity, but we will not stand for continued tirades toward our State and our team and/or coach. As for my subscription… consider it cancelled until he steps down.

  77. KentuckyEXCLAVE

    Also top 50 recruit Shawn Kemp from Georgia– anyone know if that is THE shawn kemp’s son?

  78. Thomas Beisner

    78, it is. one of many.

  79. TheBigBooyah

    78. THE son?????? He’s got 30.

  80. catlanta91

    Where’s Chuck Culpepper when you need him?

  81. SimpleMan

    #77, great message!

    BOYCOTT Tipton’s website, don’t go there, e-mail the LHL’s advertiser’s, insist that Tipton be replaced!

  82. deWildcats
  83. Lip Man 1

    Did anyone else notice that the story on Hood going to UK was NOT written by Jerry?

    I wonder if he was placed on some-type of leave while this is being looked into.

    Mark Liptak

  84. minton06hd

    maybe this is what is wrong with jerry tipton….

  85. coachclyde

    #75, what about Shawn Williams? Rivals has him listed as a 4-star Forward (6-7, 215) with “High” interest in UK, Kansas, and Texas. I haven’t heard him talked about; anyone have any information?

  86. gvillecat

    77… “The question that is ultimately at stake here is the credibility of a man when his columns continue to shed negative light on a Kentucky program and a state to which he owes a great bit of gratitude.”

    Credibility isn’t earned by sugar-coating and pandering to UK fans. If the story was about Tipton calling the parent’s of Hopson and asking them if they were concerned about UT’s poor academic standing or Pearl’s obession with 20 year old girls, you wouldn’t be complaining. The point is, Tipton is in no way obligated to write homer article after homer article. I’ll be honest, I don’t read much of what he writes, but this “example” of Tipton bashing UK is pretty weak. If you want to cancel your subscription then by all means do so, but I’ll remind you there is more than Tipton’s column in the LHL. You could always read other articles and just ignore his column.

  87. Trashmaster

    #60 EtownCatfan1….. absolutley the best advice and insight to this whole Tipton/Maggard ordeal. May the light shine bright on my old Kentucky home. Very, very very seldom do I post but, I always read.

  88. MoBettaBlue

    PTI just ran down the practice of getting verbals from 8th and 9th, graders and they both hope the NCAA will put a stop to it.

  89. MoBettaBlue

    oh i guess Maryland’s president thinks the practice is appaling(sp?). It is silly if it’s not even a real committment, who really benefits.

  90. goukcatsgo

    This was as much about Maggard Pimping himself and his site as it was about UK basketball…

  91. PatMan

    (89) I was also watching PTI and they think that what Billy Clyde is doing needs to be stopped and that it is wrong to go after 8th & 9th graders. They think you need to wait until a kids junior year

  92. T-Will is better than Ramel

    UK is pathetic. Getting verbals from 8th and 9th graders? It’s funny how “Billy Clyde” can stoop so low to get some kid thats in the middle of puberty. UK is now the laughing stock of college basketball.

  93. Rajay333

    I’ve read that when Pitino was here he had Tipton banned from post game press conferences. Hmmm… has anyone else heard about this?

  94. goukcatsgo

    Maggard keeps saying UNC has verbals from two 8th graders. I’ve asked and searched far and wide and can’t seem to find the two names. Anybody got them?

  95. Rajay333

    #93. UK didn’t contact Avrey, as this is not allowed. However, the Avrey family did contact UK, which is allowed. Should have we hung up on them?

  96. 69Z

    Tipton is not a fair person and has not reported faily on UK BB so he doesn’t deserve to be treated fairly. You get what you give. MM is a friend to the UK BB program. Tipton is a enemy therefore MM>Tipton and I would love to see a throwdown between the two on PPV. A severe ass beating is what Tipton needs.

  97. T-Will is better than Ramel

    But he DID offer him a scholarship. The committment won’t last thats all i gotta say.

  98. T-Will is better than Ramel

    97- He’s just a columnist. It’s not like he proclaimed nuclear war or anything.

  99. PatMan

    (93) These are non-binding commitments. I don’t really have an opinion as to whether it is right or wrong, but I do know that when I was in the 8th or 9th grade, I would have jumped at the chance to commit to the big blue, no questions asked and would have been proud for everyone to know it !!!

  100. jcat

    This time Tipton attacked our two new babies (Zollo and Avery) familys. This is not allowed. Fire his ass.

  101. Cant Get Right

    Let me fix it for you #98. I pray the committments don’t last, that’s all I’ve got to say.

  102. T-Will is better than Ramel

    100- Okay, keep recruting your 8th graders. In the meantime Pitino (the best coach UK ever had) will recruit in the now and UofL will continue their dominance of the new little brother.

  103. PatMan

    didn’t bobby knight do the early signing thing with damon bailey. i believe he was destined for indiana by the 8th grade ?

  104. doovie

    87…. Have you seen the movie “300”? When the King proclaims boldly, “This is Sparta”!!

    This just in for your clueless argument, “This is Kentucky” Credibility is not earned as you so obviously stated by sugar-coating and pandering to UK fans! It’s a good thing we could never accuse Jerry of that lately! You are right when you say I wouldn’t complain about the Hopson interview. Because Scotty’s mom would hang up on him in a second for asking idiotic questions, and it would never be published. Kentucky recruits feel obligated to talk to him because of being Kentucky recruits.

    Now, credibility is earned from those that call you friend and honor you with their attention to articles that are created of value. I hate to call Jerry out on this, because I can honestly say that for 21 years I have called him friend! He and I had a discussion last night, but the truth of the matter is you have choices in life. You can choose to write about the good of a program or you can choose to write about the bad. In fact, I asked Jerry why he didn’t ask Robin about the excitement of Vinny one day participating in the Barnstorming tour, or visiting the great folks of the state in Hospitals, and nursing homes as our great current cats have been known to do. (Thank you Matt Jones for reporting the human side of our student-athletes. Jerry said, “I didn’t think about it.” As for the rest of that rag, ha, I only read Jerry’s articles and threw the rest away after I went through the classifieds anyway! You don’t have to pander, but you sure in the heck do have to know your audience. We pay the bills! By the way, I’ll scoop here and say, look for a “retraction-somewhat” from Jerry coming soon.

    Who’s the HOMER??

  105. PatMan

    (103) i see now, you are a louisville fan.

  106. ConcreteCat

    37. What did you say? You are barely understandable with all the Tipton splooge in your mouth.

    87. Certainly you could have thought up something better. In the case the Customer is always right, it’s much more than UK fans wanting “homer” articles. Then again you admit you don’t read Tippie so don’t act like you are an expert on the subject.

    I find it Hilarious that the people representing Tipton all say they don’t read his articles. SHUT UP IDIOTS!!

    Tipton and the LHL are irrelevant and are becoming increasingly more irrelevant everyday. This stuff sells papers, which increases the ad money they can charge. It has nothing to do with the truth and hasn’t in a very long time.

    I agree the losers in this are UK and their fans. Boycott the LHL and their advertisers. This is coming from someone who doesn’t frost his hair!!!


    Go CATS!!!

  107. Irwin R. Fletcher

    103) dominance? I didn’t realize a one game winning streak qualified as “dominance”…

  108. WestWorld

    He writes like a fox and there’s no need to dance around his hidden agenda designed to draw attention to himself by taunting the passion of UK fans. He insinuates and drops innuendoes in a way to protect himself from accusations. He’s like the kid in class who causes the trouble but never gets caught only this time, he went too far.

  109. PatMan

    (111 112) It seems as though you are maybe a little jealous ?

  110. 69Z

    87- Since you admit you don’t read much of what tipton writes why don’t you quit passing judgement on something you know very little about.

  111. ConcreteCat


    Don’t take the bait.

  112. DooDooBrown

    91, I couldn’t agree more. Tipton is a real douche when it comes to his reporting but Maggard jumped all over a chance to make a name for himself and stir the pot. Now, we all have egg on our face as a fanbase. UK fans should know by now that Marc Maggard cares about Marc Maggard and not UK. If it doesn’t benefit him, then he has no interest.

    Plus he looks super gay.

  113. ConcreteCat

    This has nothing to do with the 1st amendment. If the man has questions about the Coach he needs to ask the coach. Deal with it and walk away. How is a fishing rumor with a recruit and his family doing his job for the LHL or even the Washington Post? Tipton has an agenda and is out of control. He needs to go, and sorry but he deserves what he gets. If I treat my customers like crap I don’t get paid and lose my job. What makes you think Jerry Tipton is above that?

    Seriously I want a reply,


  114. DooDooBrown

    114, I think the difference is that the actual issue of Tipton bringing up rumors of Gillispie’s nightlife and his hurting his players were never brought up on the actual podcast. Really, the damaging stuff just comes from Maggard’s “secret info” that he won’t release because of respect for the families. Strikingly similar to CaptialCityCatsFan giving all that Jasper info and then refusing to say how he knew for sure because he wanted to “respect his friend”. Maggard is and always has been about Maggard. Tipton sucks, but until someone says he did that stuff and it’s not based on “secret info” from a guy like Maggard, it’s all unfounded accusations to me.

    That being said, if Tipton is gone, I’m still smiling.

  115. Yesterdays

    Tipton= B. Packer

  116. Todd_Svobodas_Lunchbox

    This whole thing is already older John Wooden’s pocketwatch.

  117. Todd_Svobodas_Lunchbox

    ^ “older than”

    excuse me

  118. Cant Get Right

    Both Tipton and Maggard had their agendas in the interviews with the unknowing parents. I recall something to the affect that the parents said you have to be careful who you talk to and what you say because you may get stabbed in the back. MM was very cordial during his fishing expedition, little did they know that he always carries his filet knife. Time to put this nonsense aside and move the program ahead with positivity. We’ve got two fine building blocks, if nobody runs them off.

  119. BobS

    Pretty fair writeup Matt. Lays it out well. But I still don’t trust Tipton or the LHL.

  120. macon_volfan

    #35, call me gay if you wish, but don’t insinuate that I watch The Hills like Matt…the only Hills I see are when I visit my parents in Tennessee! (and when I watch The Soup on E!)

  121. zachkyzach

    107..You can’t read, that’s cool. If you were to actually read you would see that I strongly dislike Tipton. I just went on further to say I would rather someone other than someone who I hate like Tipton (Maggard) be the one to call him out. Either way, glad to see you cannot understand things.

  122. Smidgerine

    Hey Matt,

    How many people get convicted on circumstantial evidence?

    I see problems with both interviews as they are, and I believe Tipton should have repercussions.

    I hate to have the guy fired, but I don’t see how anybody can trust him. I wonder how much recruiting has been hurt even in the Tubby years.

    Just a side note, wasn’t Tipton the one that asked BCG about Chris Singleton in the press conference for Liggins’ and Miller’s LOI day? I wonder if he could have influenced that?

    Oh well, hopefully he won’t screw things up anymore.

  123. jaxcat1

    Time for Tipton to go. Everyone should cancel their Leader subscription until he is gone. He has
    had enough changes.

  124. NewWildcatOrder

    I think this serves Tipton just right. He likes to drag everyone else’s name through the mud as soon as he sees an opportunity. I HOPE that the truth comes out eventually, and the LHL adds ole Jerry into their 4% of the budget that they’re cutting. He’s criticized UK for far too long to have never once made an attempt to write a positive story about the program that I can remember reading.

  125. kyartist

    As a journalism major and former writer, now living in ACC land……I can tell you this……Jerry Tipton has caused my UK hair to stand on end many times! His incorrigible ego and self-aggrandizement are so obvious, it doesn’t take much savvy to see through it. A reporter can “skew” the news with any slant he/she wishes to take…not overtly, but by phrasing, choice of questions and what angle they wish to make sure the public takes note of. Tipton borders on “yellow” or tabloid journalism in the majority of his articles. He always wants to take the seedy road and while I don’t know what motivates him unless it is ego and by antagonizing the fan base, he gets recognition, even negative notice…well, that’s all well and good with him! I’ve thought for some time that the HL should replace him with a more knowledgeable person that could truly communicate with the sources surrounding the athletics department, someone they trusted to show the realities of the programs…..this latest debacle certainly confirms my thinking! Some reporters like to set themselves up as self-appointed gods of determining the public taste and mood and in this arena, Tipton excels. Actually I don’t think Clay is too far behind him and if the HL wants to continue to be supported, financially and otherwise by the legions of UK fans, they need to find new horses. What does it say when you find more information and ….let’s face it….better writing in the Courier Journal in Louisville…than you do in the Lexington paper?? As far as the type of critical review UK gets from their home town newspaper………I NEVER see anything like that where I am… one disses UNC, Duke or NCState!! If Tipton, whom I see as a hack of the worst order, loses him position over this…it is overdue and of his own making…….nuff said!

  126. Clandestine

    Maggard may come off like an ass sometimes but he’s got years of experience w/ recruits and knows what kind of things push/pull a kid towards/away from any given school. Tipton has been hurting UK recruiting for some time. Maybe not in a huge way, but hurting it none-the-less. Maggard’s recent actions are far more pro-UK than pro-KI.

  127. ConcreteCat

    122. …Now you’re gargling with it. Sorry Maggard is right about this one and no matter how you try to disguise it, attacking his credibility is a vote for Tipton. Maggard is doing the right thing here and Tippie has to stop. Seriously Dude; come on!

  128. Ken T. Ucky

    Nice balanced post, Matt.

    It seems the facts about Tipton’s ethics are far from clear. What is undeniable, however, is his constant negative slant and I believe that is why people were so quick to jump on this. I think the Herald Leader needs to learn that although UK fans do not want to read a total homer, they certainly don’t want to read someone who’s always taking shots at the program. Regardless of these interviews, I don’t think it makes business sense to employ him.

  129. TJ Taylor

    We are in the age of “shock jock” journalism and “vigilantly” journalist.

    They need attention to earn the spotlight and will do what ever it takes. No matter how absurd, classless or needless it may be. It only has to provoke and incite.

    Their validation comes when sites such as this fall for the ploy and give them what they set out to get. Attention.

    Journalism such as these need a giver and takers. Both sides play an equal role in its success.

  130. TJ Taylor


    They need something people will fall for as much as they need the people that will fall for it.

  131. LeeW

    Tipton works for all of us as our clicks and coins pay his salary (either through newspaper sales or advertising). We can all fire him one person at a time. I did yesterday and it feels great.

  132. Ricky Bobby

    Wow I just wasted 2 minutes readng that post and then just stopped.

  133. DooDooBrown
  134. FearofaBluePlanet

    I’ve been preaching for years no papers and no clicks but too few listen and now look at this we’re going to have to run this clown off and probably take some heat for it. Luckily, better that heat than the kind of stuff this piece of garbage is trying to bring on.

    Really, the effort should be two fold. Getting rid of Tipton is a nice FIRST step but the real end game has to be to close down the LHL. It’s clearly not just Jerry behind this. The Herald is an enemy to the program. Not a neutral party, not a friend, not indifferent, but an enemy.

    Let’s shut ’em down!

  135. Shat Jones
  136. Shat Jones

    PWNAGE Take 2! I know, I had ta…

    It’s hard to decide which is better. You can switch Tipton and Maggard pretty easily.

  137. jukr

    “While I respect his long career and his success, I do think he has become overly negative in recent years and is very guilty of injecting his own opinion into his “news” stories. This is not the role of a reporter (as opposed to a columnist or blogger) and I think hurts his credibility.”

    To be fair, gess who shows up if you go to the columnist section of the Herald Leader website. As a As a As a writer for the Herald Leader his job (altruism aside) is to get exposure for the paper and get people to buy the paper, particularly as a “columnist”. Apparently, the exposure part is working out pretty well for him and while a couple of people may claim to be cancelling their subscription because of him, it very likely is no more than a handful who actually will do so as a direct result of Tipton.

  138. chuckmashburn

    Tipton looks like a lesbian grandma

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