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Hood commits to the Cats

I wasted about the last 8 minutes trying to think up the greatest double-meaning headline using the word “hood” in history, and…..nothing.  Sorry.  I’m not cut out for this.

However, UK got yet another commitment.  This time from class of ’09 stud and Kentuckian Jon Hood, according to TCP’s Jerry Meyer. 

Feels good.  Apparently, Mr. Hood prefers Range Rovers.

Hopefully we’ll speak with the newest Wildcat in the coming days.  Discuss amongst yourselves.

Article written by Evan Hilbert

140 responses to “Hood commits to the Cats”

  1. ConcreteCat


  2. pete

    yes!!! who cares about maze!

  3. jl in ohio

    wow! i’ve never seen so mamy pieces fall so quickly! i’m impressed!

  4. Ryan

    I am the golden child i belive i was put on the earth for a particular reason im not the ordinary human being god first family second basketball third and im liveng my dream so please do not pinch me!

    ~Bobby Maze quote on myspace

  5. Ryan

    ^^such a smart guy *rolls eyes*

  6. Inside Info 35

    BCG is lining them up and knocking them down. This guy is the best thing that has happened to our programe since Rupp. Go BCG and GO CATS

  7. forbin

    Anybody got a running list of our signees for the next 5 years?

  8. Ryan

    I’m not gay, but I get excited over BCG’s recruiting greatness! I have a man crush! (no homo)

  9. Bryan the Intern

    09: Villarino, Hood
    10: Ferguson, Miller, Euton
    11: Zollo
    12: “the 8th grader”

  10. travyork

    “Time to see whats under the Range Rovers’ Hood” or “UK is robbin’ Hood from the Dukies.” Do those sound corny enough to be a headline?

  11. Robshairgel

    Billy might have cried with Zollo,but dammit he keeps this up and I’m going to start crying!!! BCg kicks ass!!!

  12. CAnTuckeeBoi

    How about Bobby Maze is not HOOD enough for the cats!!!

  13. Japrick

    I think Hood saw that the boat was filling up quick and figured he better jump on before it was too late.

  14. Ryan

    CAnTuckeeBoi, B. Maze is the golden child! He is not the ordinary human being! LMAO 🙂

  15. travyork

    “Mr. Gillispie’s neighbor, Hood”

  16. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    Man the guys of KSR are beating the 8th grader thing to death. Just be proud that you have a coach now that will do whatever it takes within the rules to get us the best talent out there. I’m going to laugh my ass off when MICHAEL AVERY becomes a stud by his junior year and we already have him sewed up. John Hood will be a hell of a four year guy. WAY TO GO BCG!!!!!

  17. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    How about We’re so Hood in ’09

  18. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    BTI’s comment is what I was reffering to. Actually Evan your the only one who doesn’t have some kind of smart ass comment to make about it.

  19. CAnTuckeeBoi

    14.) I am confused

  20. Bryan the Intern

    19) oh, get over it and take a joke

  21. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    How about “THANK HOODNESS.” Reffering to thank goodness Hood chose UK instead of DUke or FLorida. I heard a few months ago that he loved Donovan and Coach K.

  22. NoseBreaker

    Is this the end of the secret silent verbal talk? He was the one everybody was witholding, right?

  23. cobrecat

    I said it before I love this coach and his non-stop recruiting, UK Basketball seems like a labor of love to him. Non-stop just like the fans. Make fun of him if you want!

  24. Ryan

    20. That is what Maze’s myspace says. Read the 4th comment here.

  25. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    21, Alright lets make a truce then. You don’t mention it and I won’t call you out about mentioning it.

  26. Bryan the Intern

    27) fine, for this particluar time i just couldnt think of the kids name and didnt want to look it up, but i was critical in the past and i have moved on because we will all be 4 years older before he ever gets to lexington and thats just too long away for me to really care

  27. BPatte

    This guy can play some “string music” guys. He’s a pure shooter and is going to be a key to our team for the next few years. A great kid from the home of Travis Ford and Frank Ramsey. WTG Billy! You’re changing my opinion fast!

  28. funkadelic

    We are HOOD rich!

  29. GoCats2010

    when will they update the top 100 rankings again? is the next round in August after all the summer play is over?

    Just asking ’cause I really think he can be a 5star and GJ should move WAY up the list. Only junior all stater in Texas and hes a 3star, BS, he also grew to 6’1″ this year. I look for him to be a top 40 player

  30. maxim99

    who has seen him play? Scouts says he is 4 star, top 50 player. Can he “do it all” type player?

  31. greginky

    So when are we going to get BCG under contract anyway. We hired him because he is a great coach and great recruiter and he has proven to be both, now lets make sure we keep him.

  32. CAnTuckeeBoi

    29.) I am hyped but isn’t he getting off a pretty serious injury (I think he broke his shooting wrist).

    Ohh well I am sure he will be great!!

  33. Thomas Beisner

    I like the way that Gillispie isn’t just recruiting top-ranked guys to have “name” guys. Everyone he’s adding seems to fit a need or a role and, as much as we can conclude with speculation, have games that fit well with each other. There appears to be a an inside-outside balance coming in the future that might be VERY difficult to match up with.

  34. maxim99

    31 – he was the only JR on the team, but 2 sophmores were on the all state team too.

  35. wildcatadam6

    This is getting to be so boring. Where’s the fun in recruiting anymore these days?


    Matt Jones

  36. ale8one

    You can feel good about Hood. he can also endorse Hood’s milk.

    anyways, we are going on a national championship run for a decade! 2010-2020!!! UK will be in every championship game and win at least 7 out of 10.

  37. Thomas Beisner

    34, He either just recently got the cast off or he’s getting very close to it. I can’t remember exactly.

  38. maxim99

    Did he break it during a game?

  39. GoCats2010

    36- good call, forgot about that, but still he’s BALLIN’

  40. C-A-T-S

    Must suck for UT Fans. Everytime they get good news Gillispie one ups them.

  41. funkadelic

    I was with Hood on the MARTA on the way to the SEC Tourney. I didn’t think it was him at first because of the cast on his hand, but we did finally ask. He said he was there to see what the tourney was like, and that he did like UK the most. He seemed like a class act. I’m glad the tornado didn’t scare him to dookieland. This is great!

  42. funkadelic

    His cast is off and he’s back to normal.

  43. forbin

    29 – please don’t start w/ the “string music” Joe Dean gets on my last nerve. He’s got to be one of the worst – JP/LF announcers around. I like it when we have our homer broadcasters – Hammond & the Con man calling the games.

  44. Bho

    woooohoooo….Bobby Who???? Range Rovers climb mountains!!!

  45. jimisize1

    “‘Cause da boyz in da HOOD are always hard.”
    Eazy E….circa 1989

  46. jimisize1

    “Put yo HOOD up! Put yo HOOD up!

  47. K-NOTH

    Its all good in the Hood!

  48. wholton

    Let’s hope Jerry Tipton doesn’t get the Hood’s phone number…cheers

  49. GoCats2010

    I think Hood mottos should replace the current poll question

  50. Ryan

    I am quite fond of “hood.”

  51. Ryan

    Jon Hood gives me wood! lol jk

  52. K-NOTH

    51 EXCELLENT POLL QUESTION, that along with bobby DUMAZE’S future nickname

  53. commonwealthambassador

    #8 —- I say this with a staunch record of heterosexuatlity but I want to give Billy Gillispie a kiss.

  54. Japrick

    Nobody wants a Range Rover without a Hood.

  55. chuckmashburn

    I saw Derrick Anderson at the Jefferson Mall back in 98. What was he drivin? Range Rover.

  56. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    Guys if we somehow pull off getting Jon Wall and Derrick Favors to join Hood it will be the best three classes in a row that I have ever seen in Kentucky basketball and College Basketball in general. It would be amazing and I could definitely forsee a national championship in 2010. What a man, What a man this Gillispie is.

  57. rdkats1

    Great pickup but I saw something about DeShawn Painter for next year that would be the icing stealing a stud center from out underneath the Cards. IT is time to PAINT THE HOOD!!!
    “Cats ‘getting serious’ with 5-star big man
    Jeff Drummond

    One of the top big men in the Class of 2009 says his recruitment is heating up with the University of Kentucky. Five-star Norfolk (Va.) Booker T. Washington center/forward Deshawn Painter tells that he’s spending a lot of time speaking with the Wildcats’ staff this spring.


  58. Wolvezzz

    getting better every day

  59. travyork

    60 every couple hours

  60. Wolvezzz

    ya, gonna have to check in more often than i usually do

  61. travyork

    HS/JH Players are taking notice of how BCG is building this team for a NC run and they want to be part of it. Well, unless they would rather drive a Ferrari.

  62. Riddle32

    63 so true lmao

  63. jaxcat1

    It is really going to be an exciting time for all UK fans the next few years! UK is definitely back!

  64. fraudfighter13

    Duke has been “Hood-winked”

  65. Riddle32

    but yea for real does hood have a chance to be a 5* and vilarino a 4*?

  66. Atticus

    Great news about Hood. Does anyone really think the Maze experience with BCG would have worked out? No way. If there was trouble early on with Joe and Legion, I can only imagine the fireworks that this guy would have created. While we need a PG, I think this might be one of those situations where you need to be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

    As an aside MATT, have you heard anything about Chris Wright (Dayton) possibly transfering to UK? Johnny made a pretty strong impression on his show today that this was close to happening. T/F?

  67. travyork
  68. Shat Jones

    Welcome to the whitest “Hood” in NCAA Divison 1 baby… 2 double ot 9. Looks like Kentucky will actually have white boys (plural) on the court in the near future. That can’t be be a bad thing (This isn’t a challenge Matt).

    I’m for a good mix personally. A little salt, a little pepper and a bunch of talent. It seems to be a winning mix historically. Too many brothas and it can get a bit out of control at times, too many white boys and it can get a bit stale here and there. The mix is where it’s at. Just picture rye chips… then think Gardetto’s Party Mix. It’s a win win even for 2 Lexington reporters looking for the negative slant in the story. They know it’s there somewhere. Which strikes first? The suspense!!!

    Maryland pulled the scholarship offer from Bobby Maze this year (the reason I read was Maryland wouldn’t allow him into the school academically). HEY! Where on earth could he go? Can you say… Nocksbills? Tennessee is THE PLACE for him! It’s like a dub sack in the UT basketball dorms, a perfect fit!

    What I can’t figure out is… how does he turn an underwear stain into a Ferrari? Is he Neo? Or CLeo?

  69. funkadelic

    70. I’m NOT for any racial mixture. I’m down with a team of smurfs if they can win a championship.

  70. jimisize1

    And when he’s lockin’ down one of those Gaytors……Fort Hood.

  71. jimisize1

    Little Red Riding “in a Range Rover” Hood.
    Sorry. Couldn’t resist!

  72. maxim99

    Great article by Jody Demling from the courier.

  73. funkadelic

    Typeo on 70. I’m not for any *evaluation of* ratial mixture. sorry if that came out wrong, welcome HOOD

  74. UKisKing8

    UT gets Bob from Mazetown, while UK goes to the Jon!

  75. maxim99

    34 dunks in 25 games….4 triple doubles

  76. Lip Man 1

    I never expected this much this quickly and to think just ten days ago many fans were wondering if things would start to fall into place.

    Apparently they have.

    Granted these kids may not turn out but you’ve got to admit there appears to be a hell of a lot more options right now.

    The word is getting out and you can bet kids will be paying more attention when this coaching staff comes calling.

    Mark Liptak

  77. larry the cable guy

    I can see Tiptons headline tomorrow. “Billy Gillispie holds Jon Hoods family hostage until he committs. He then forces them to drink beer until their tongues bleed and they puke on the slummy streets of Lexington.

  78. travyork

    Everytime doubt starts to creep into Big Blue Nation BCG shuts it up. Adversity only makes him stronger. Just when you think you have a grasp on how hard he works bam he takes it up a notch.

  79. Riddle32

    chris wright is thinkin about transfering to uk?

  80. I'm Just Sayin

    Does anyone hear it?? ……….It’s the sweet sound of victories just around the corner……

  81. BillyClyde4President

    I am just now reading this!!!!! That’s awesome. I love Jon’s Hood. LMAO, I mean Jon Hood.

  82. oldcat

    Is there an NCAA rule on how long the bench can be ??

  83. Riddle32

    anybody know?

  84. Drewdown N ChiTown

    J’Mison Morgan is asking for a release? Do we have a shot?

  85. Atticus

    81- I hadn’t heard anything like that until today on Renshaw’s show. He said “his sources” say this will happen. Who knows…Johnny is known to drink a little bit.

  86. Riddle32

    would we be giving him a scholly or is he plannin on walkin on?

  87. oldcat

    depends on how good the copier is working

  88. dwayne

    82- i hear it, but its not just victories. we’ll be poppin champaign

  89. Atticus

    No way he walks on. He’d need a scholly and would have to sit out this season. I would be shocked if this actually happened, but we’ll see.

  90. GoCats

    Great news for the Cats. Sounds like the good old days when Kentucky boys were begging for a chance to play for the Cats.
    Ok seriously not wanting to run off anyone I promise but can we get a definite answer from Jasper or Williams? I’m ready to get Painter now, we need this guy to sign during the best month of recruiting I have ever seen.

  91. oldcat

    Gocats i thought maybe you had passed out from all the good news lately

  92. GoCats

    93) doing great this is my time of year!
    Not wanting to rub it in to some of the pessimistic fans out there but here are some posts from just 2 weeks ago!!
    K-NOTH Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 2:44 pm
    UK has gotten thier a$$ handed to them on the recruiting trail as of late. where is this BCG recruiting
    magic? why did the UK players get the shaft in da
    bigshaun Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 2:45 pm
    #8 They should just kick us where it hurts as soon as we ask them to come to UK instead of making us wait lol

    Wildcat Girl 11 Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 2:47 pm
    I wish the basketball gods would just bless us with one bit of good recruiting news!

    bigshaun Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 2:48 pm
    #8 I don’t think he’s all he was cracked up to be as far as recruiting goes anyways. It’ll take a year of not looking like the bad news bears on the court in order to get the elite players. It’ll also take a year without a boat load of injuries.

    3 fan Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 2:49 pm
    CBC is getting thumped badly in recruiting. Shape up or ship out Billy. Signing Sutton will further infuriate the fan base
    NewUK Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 3:43 pm
    god, can we get a f-ing commitment
    There are about 1 million more where that came from! Patience Cat fans! National Championship #8 is just down the road!

  93. dwayne

    hate to be a “negative nancy” but mike williams is not UK material. Jasper obviously is, and hopefully gillispie puts a lot of time and energy to get him back at UK because he is such a quality athlete and UK DESPERATELY needs his game experience

  94. Riddle32

    90, start with straight shots and then pop bottles lol

  95. dwayne

    lol yes

  96. I'm Just Sayin

    How is Matt going to negative spin this tonight? Oh, I’m sorry, make fun of it.

  97. Riddle32

    jasper stays williams goes i call it

  98. kykat51

    GoCats…I love getting a Ky kid!
    and he’s a good one!

  99. GoCats

    CAnTuckeeBoi Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 3:54 pm
    I am tired of hearing this BCG pulled in Patterson crap……Tubby was on the kid from day one and like a loyal coach pitched his school rather than himself (see Mike Davis). He pitched the university so well that Pat decided to still go here. Its getting old to take hidden shots at the old coach. I have faith in BCG but he has not brought in a decent recruit yet. Maybe time will tell, but quit making excuses for the present.

    joe crawford is the man Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 3:55 pm
    21. We weren’t even competetive in recruiting this year. Olec Czyk and Tyler Zeller didn’t even have us as finalists. Trae Golden visits one weekend supposedly we lead the next week he commits while visiting Ohio State. Rotnie Clark and Willie Warren get away those are just right off the top of my head. That’s not to even mention Hamga, Sanchez and Andre Clark. What happened to witherspoon? And if anyone thinks the SEC will be as down next year you’re crazy.
    April 28th, 2008 at 6:54 pm
    Wake me up in three years….cuz KY basketball is about to get real bad.

    dwayne Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 8:18 pm
    uk basketball sucks really bad right now

  100. Seymour

    84-85, the bench can have 15 dressed. Non-dressing walk-ons are unlimited.

  101. kykat51

    Love our coach and Wildcats.
    You too Jasper, hope you will decide to come back.

  102. oldcat

    I think every true U.K. fan should be extremely thankful that we have BCG for our coach.There is no way anyone out works him recruiting,and there is not one fan that could have possibly believed that he could turn around our recruiting,and the perception of our direction as a program as quickly as he has accomplished it.I am amazed and i have thought he was a great fit from the beginning.

  103. dwayne

    101- it sucked at that moment b/c it seemed ridiculous to have someone choose efffin hawaii over a program like uk. but with billy g, 8 days is a lifetime when it comes to recruiting!

  104. GoCats

    105) Sorry Dwayne, wasnt trying to call anyone out! Just proving what I have been saying, patience, Gillispie has back-up recruits lined up for the back-up recruits! The good times are back in Lexington!

  105. dwayne

    agreed, theres a method to coach g’s madness

  106. I'm Just Sayin

    106 Go ahead and call out CAnTuckeeBoi. He has an agenda (The Tub) with everything he posts.

  107. _Blackhawk_

    Billy G – keeping KY Boyz-n-da Hood.

  108. CAnTuckeeBoi

    101.) I dont see anything wrong with what I said. I am extremely excited for the future, but I am still worried about the present. I mean its great we got Harrellson and Galloway and Liggins and Miller, but we don’t know anything yet. The comment was more of a shot at the OTS issue, and him not getting the credit due, but that has since been resolved and a truce is out so I will not touch on it. The future looks great, but as far as getting recruits in for next year, only time will tell. I have high hopes, but the jury is still out, I guess we will see soon.

  109. CAnTuckeeBoi

    108.) hahah thats uncalled for, you selectively read everything I post. I was a Tubby fan, and that is known, but I am also a huge BCG fan something that believe it or not can coexist, and that is the problem I have with certain people on this site….

  110. GoCats

    I know Gillispie is working his butt off but I believe the last 3(Avery, Zollo, Hood) are cases of players wanting to jump on while there is still room. Ferguson may have been who Gillispie was after but now he is started an avalanche of top recruits wanting to come here.

  111. kykat51

    lol, my son’s name is Chris Wright, but not the same one you guys are talking about.

  112. GoCats

    110) when you wrote that original post, we had Liggins, Miller, and Galloway? What kind of decent recruit were you looking for?

  113. Wolvezzz

    GoCats u left me out trying to cheer everyone back up after those comments.

  114. WeNeedJPBlevins

    this is one guy we definately needed! huge grab. Out of all of them, he is the biggest because being a kentucky boy, he already knows how crazy we are about our cats and he chose to embrace that instead of run to tobacco road with all the speedo wearing dukies! good choice.
    If kentucky is a range rover, duke is the cheese wagon with the big rat coach k behind the wheel

  115. arembr01

    I sure do hope Jasper is coming back but with him taking a 1 way flight to Cali on May 1st, it sure doesn’t sound good. I would think that if he was planning on comming back, he would have gotten a round trip ticket.

  116. WeNeedJPBlevins

    had not heard that. what’s ur source

  117. GoCats

    115) I know there were a lot of people trying to keep people from jumping ship(like you and me) but I was just wanted to remind some of the “bench is half empty” crowd what they said just 10 short days ago!

  118. CAnTuckeeBoi

    114.) I will def. admit that the “decent” comment was a far stretch, b/c I think all three of those players have the potential to be really great players. None of them come in with the Patterson hype, and once again the comment was intended to defend a totally different subject.

  119. arembr01

    My source is my finance who checked him into his flight and then called me to tell me he left on a one way ticket.

  120. arembr01

    I mean I am by no means saying he is gone or that he is transfering, I’m just saying I know he flew out of Lexington on May 1 with two bags, he had a lay over in Vegas where he had to change airlines and was there for 1 day, and off to his home town in Cali.

  121. truBLU

    Tipton’s feeling the heat, boyce.

  122. GoCats

    120) no harm at all. We are all UK fans who want the same thing.

  123. arembr01

    Fiance sorry about the spelling

  124. GoCats

    123) nice link
    Jerry asked about the injuries UK suffered last season that some have linked to Coach Billy Gillispie’s tough practices. This is not a new issue, and it’s one that has been written about and commented on extensively in the press,
    “extensivley commented on by Tipton”!!!
    Tipton has crossed the line of trying to hard to report objectively, he obviously has made the choice not hop on the bandwagon because he doesnt think it will last. That is fine, but I for one am done reading his articles. I will be more than happy to get my UK stories from KSR, ASOB, and

  125. kykat51

    #118 do not listen to arembr

  126. arembr01

    I heard someone was wanting a petition against Tipton, I am all for it.

  127. arembr01

    Why wouldn’t someone listen to me, You don’t know me or my family. You’ve never talked to me in my life. Honest to God, why in the heck do people love to get on here and discount every thing everyone says. You don’t work at the airport, you didn’t check him in for a flight. So seriously, stop discounting me.

  128. ransmith

    This is great news!

    Good kid, and good BB player who will fit in really well!

  129. arembr01

    And how many times do I have to say it, I am not saying he is gone. All I said was that he flew out, why is that so hard for some people to believe. We are all UK fans, we are all here for the same reason, to get information, to find out about the team, and share what we know. Thats all I’m trying to do. I would love to challenge the love and dedication I have for this team with just about anyone. I have lost count to the number of nights I spent camped outside the student door waiting to be the 1st in line. For the UK Florida game last year I was there 2 days before the game started. I was the first in line for the game, I was out there with Digger helping lead the cheers. I found out that my fiance was pregnant before the game and I still went, of course we went to the doctor the next day. I love this team with all my heart and it personally hurts when people would discount information. I’m just trying to share my passion with everyone else.

  130. crazyblueman

    What arembr01 is saying is true. I was there!

  131. arembr01


  132. crazyblueman


  133. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    John Boy?

  134. gene kelly

    Great get, read his interview sounds like a good kid also. Seriously guys, a couple of you sound a little spooky about expressing your appreciation for Billy. Its ok, you don’t have to defend yourself when you say you love him… What the heck, I want to kiss him.

  135. greginky

    arember01, I for one appreciate what you shared and I share your love of the program, I have been a cat fan since I was a kid, over 40 years and still going strong. Billy G is doing a great job recruiting and I think that the snowball effect is now evident in the recruiting process. Now I hope we land John Wall and DeShawn Painter for next years class, wouldn’t that be awesome

  136. drewky

    In the words of Trey Anastasio:

    “You can feel good. Good. Good about Hood!”

    If they start playing Harry Hood at UK games I’ll cream myself.

    from wiki:
    “Harry Hood” is infamous among the band’s fans for its association with the spontaneous emergence of “glowstick wars,” a Phish-created audience and band interaction in which multicolored glowsticks were tossed in dazzling, arching parabolas from all points in the crowd, such as during the 1997 “Great Went” performance featured in the film Bittersweet Motel.

    /huge phish phan

  137. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    I think Hood is the player of the future here at UK. He will be one of those players like the unforgettables and Travis Ford that will never forget. Thank Hoodness Hood chose UK. BCG is creating excitement around the program and I am proud of the direction that we are headed in. Looks like we will be dominating the SEC for another 50 years. GO CATS, baby.

  138. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    #137 There is one thing in this world that never get old and that is being a UK fan. IT seems like every year my love for the CATS grows stronger and stronger. Outside of God and my family for short periods of time I have enjoyed this or that, but it seems those things came and went. My love for the CATS though has never waivered. GO BIG BLUE!!!!