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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click


Interesting note from Evan Daniels of Recent 2010 commit Dominique Ferguson has blown out both ACL’s in the past.  OUCH!! If Ferguson was an animal, PETA would have a field day with him.   

Senior Ryan Wilkes had 8 RRI last night in a 21-3 thrashing of Wright St.  That bumps the Cats to 35-14, and leaves them 5 wins away from a lock for the NCAA’s, in my opinion, which doesn’t count for much in college baseball. 

Here is the story Matt alluded to earlier about the reaction of Coach Gillispie and the Zollo family, this coming from the Herald-Leader. 

So, its a question thats get brought up all the time, “Can I enter the NBA Draft”.  Well, if you are a 55-year old overweight man (as some of you probably are), the answer is no.  But, if you are a college student, ABSOLUTELY you can.  Although, if you are a UK student, you might want to hold up the way Billy Gillispie takes on walk-ons.  This kid from Washington went through the steps and now is a candidate to be drafted

Little kid wears the same Brett Favre jersey for 1,581 straight days.  It doesn’t even reach past his belt anymore.  So, who is the bigger weirdo: the kid for wearing it or the parents for letting the kid wear it.

Was that just an absolute snooze-fest last night in Boston.  The Cavs and Celtics were awful, and it only became watchable because the game stayed close.  If the Celtics continue to play this way, they wont win the NBA title, and maybe are likely to get beat by the Pistons.  Rajon Rondo did have a very good game though, 15 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds.  Who’s the better pro: Tayshaun or Rajon?

Article written by Bryan the Intern

38 responses to “Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click”

  1. GoCats

    The parents letting that kid wear that jersy is ridiculous. I won’t let my kids wear the same shirt twice in one week.

  2. GoCats

    Tayshaun is the man!
    People saying Rondo is one of the most improved players are idiotic. Add Garnett and Ray Allen to a team with Pierce and see if your Point Guard improves. I could get 8-10 assists a game passing to those guys. I love Rondo and hope he does well but I am rooting for Tayshaun to go all the way.

  3. wildcatmatt

    Better pro = Tayshaun Most Potential (with the Celts) = Rondo

  4. TRockUK11

    Tay for sure but Rondo is creeping up there. I think Rondo is 2nd best point guard behind CP3.

  5. drewky

    Tayshaun, without a doubt. Ask Reggie Miller:

    ^one of the best NBA plays of all time.

    Pistons beat the celts in 6 games.

  6. drewky

    4) Nash, Steve. Ever heard of him?

  7. AppalachianWonder

    Tayshaun. But Rondo is doing much better than I ever expected he would. Having Garnett, Allen, and Pierce to dish to doesn’t hurt, but he has improved his shot too.


    After all this Tipton crap going down about him pushing the Zollos in a negative direction, are you still going to continue linking his articles Brian? IMO, you should quit giving him the hits.

  9. maxim99

    Posters have stated along with the KSR crew – stating the negativity that Tipton brings to the UK program is not good for fans or the program. So maybe we should stop putting anything he writes on “Picks to Click”.

  10. ESECEE

    2… Rondo does get his assists, but without his scoring, the Celts wouldn’t have been in the game in the 1st half last night.

  11. Mac

    Just be sure to clearly note that the articles are from the Liberal Herald-Leader please.

  12. ESECEE

    9. Agreed.

  13. C-A-T-S

    #9 and #12 I agree.

  14. Hiawatha

    I really wish you wouldn’t link to Tipton’s articles. Not trying to tell you how to do your site, just feel he is damaging our recruiting efforts and shouldn’t be encouraged.

  15. deWildcats

    #9, #12 and #13 – ditto
    Don’t support the creep

  16. KadizKat


  17. TRockUK11

    6) I agree, Nash is awesome and I have him at my number 3 PG. This year though Rondo has played better. CP3 and Rondo both have figured out that taking it hard to the hoop works the for them and have had success with it

  18. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    POLL: Which is a better highlight…A Tayshaun block on a fast-break or a Rondo ankle-breaker?


  19. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    that man crossed the lines of responsible journalism and entered the world of tabloids long, long ago.

    I hope, after her interview, that mrs. zollo is prepared to receive the azubuike treatment for the next six or seven years.

  20. ESECEE

    19. Yep, with Tipton’s journies into the Gillispie personal life, it really makes him a National Enquirer writer, and less of a sports writer. Next he’ll be covering Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears.

  21. BlueCat_75

    What’s an RRI?

  22. GoCats

    18) Love a tayshaun block on a fast break. I can remember him doing that at least a dozen times just at UK alone, where he would slow down and make the guy think he had an easy lay-up and then swat him.
    Not to start an argument because I love Rondo and want him to do great but he is not even in the top 5 in Point Guards in my opinion. Baron Davis, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Tony Parker, Chauncey Billups, Steve Nash and Kidd may be a little too old but I would still take them. Rondo is a great defender and driver but he NEEDS TO DRAMATICALLY improve his jumpshot and free throw shooting to be a part of that group.

  23. drewky

    I agree with GoCats. Rondo is top 10, not top 3.

  24. UKfaninAlabama

    22-Thank you for being realistic on the PG’s. My list.
    1.Chris P
    2.Deron W
    3.Chauncey B
    4.Tony P
    5.Steve N

    Rondo, Daavis, Kidd, Alston, and Iverson can all fight over the next spots. I love Rondo, but he is not top 5.

  25. C-A-T-S

    tipton sucks

  26. I'm Just Sayin

    20 It’s part of the spin that seems to be happening on this site all of the sudden. Tipton has been reemed out by posters onthis site before, but now all of the sudden since he is writing in tow with the feeling on this site then he is a credible link. Double standard guys, I hope you are listening to your audience.

  27. GoCats

    I do not think there is any conspiracy by this website or Tipton against Gillispie, I just think its fear of change. Gillispie is trying something that has really never been done before. Obviously we are going to have to wait several years to see if it works but I am willing to try it because the recruiting style of the last few years has not worked.
    This website is a great thing for UK fans, Matt is not trying to destroy Gillispie.
    I believe Tipton does try way too hard to try and prove he is an objective journalist and not just a UK fan writing stories.

  28. ransmith

    Prince is the better Pro… But maybe over time Rondo’s performance may be such that Rondo ends up being the better pro.

  29. ChadBurton

    ENOUGH BIGJIM…..dude, seriously? the PETA thing is a current even and relevant to kentucky sports. if youre not into that, then maybe youre in the wrong place.

  30. goukcatsgo

    How can you compare rondo and prince? Prince is a veteran and Rondo is in his second year in the league.

  31. ChadBurton

    31, i’m with you (for once). rondo has some work to do before he catches prince.

  32. goukcatsgo

    #24-Billups isn’t on that list anymore.

  33. GoCats

    33) Why not? He is one of the best in the league. he had a few bad games in the Philly series but he is definitely an elite point guard.

  34. truBLU

    Tay-Tay is my all time (active) favorite baller so this is a loaded question for me. Rondo is doing extremely well right now no matter who he’s playing with though. I always knew Rondo would do this well in the league just based on his quicks and defensive instincts. What I didn’t see coming was this production to be so soon. The Boston 3 party aided his development for sure. What will be interesting to see is how well Rondo projects on to a different team with not-so-much firepower. Then and only then can we do this apples to oranges comparison IMO. Will he pick up some scoring slack on a different roster? Will he thrive on a team that doesn’t push it up and down the floor? I honestly can see his REB and PPG going slightly upward if/when he is traded someday and becomes the 2nd or 3rd option as opposed to the 4th or 5th. I think his AST numbers might be a little inflated at this point in his career just based on the team around him. But who knows? He might start pouring in Jason Kidd workman like numbers. Either way I’m glad we have some representation in the postseason this year besides Tay. Win-win in my book.

  35. Spanish Radio

    Coach getting all of these early commitments is really getting under the skin of the guys who write for this site. It is pretty funny… Looks like you may have to rethink your business model.

  36. Blue in the Vein

    Rondo is doing well but his jumper knocks him out of the top point guard talk. The incredible thing about rondo is his athletic ability. His game is suited to up and down tempo, but he would struggle more on a team that didn’t have two guys that required double teams.

  37. ESECEE

    26… Big difference between the guys from this site voicing their recruiting opinions and Tipton talking to a recruit’s parent and giving her negative information on the UK program. I don’t believe Matt or Beisner or anyone on here would do that. If they want to post that they don’t like an early commitment, then that is their prerogative and doesn’t cross any ethical lines.
    36… Bryan. Posting stories related to UK is what you do, and I get that, but this is notoriously a fan site of UK, not a completely objective site, and giving links for people that are basically anti-UK goes against the grain of the fans. I would have figured you wouldn’t want to link Tipton, like most fans wouldn’t want to link Tipton if this was their site, IMO.