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Derby field announced

Evan already called the one in the middle, so we can duke it out for the other two.

The field for the 134th Kentucky Derby was announced today and I’m not sure who you should be looking to gamble on or who is riding who.  That’s what we have Broseph for.  Well, that and his unmatched fluffing abilities.  Anyway, these are the horses that will be competing on Saturday, in no particular order – unless this is the way they finish and then I will take full credit for that.

1.  Visionaire
2.  Big Truck
3.  Colonel John
4.  Z Fortune
5.  Pyro
6.  Eight Belles
7.  Anak Nakal
8.  Court Vision
9.  Z Humor
10.  Monba
11.  Smooth Air
12.  Adriano
13.  Bob Jack Black
14.  Denis of Cork
15.  Cowboy Cal
16.  Big Brown
17.  Tale of Ekati
18.  Cool Coal Man
19.  Recapturetheglory
20.  Gayego

Well, that’s pretty much it for right now.  Don’t be too excited about all of this hot info we’re dishing out to you.  Did you hear it was a good day for recruiting yesterday? We should all probably still be concentrating on that.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

31 responses to “Derby field announced”

  1. BaronOfBluegrass

    I call 1 on the left.

  2. Evan Hilbert

    Don’t judge me. I dig plaid blazers. What of it?!?!?

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  4. RetireChucks44

    Cashing out the 401k and putting it on Big Brown….

  5. Gerry DiNardo

    Lets bring back the Intern for this handicapping for the big one.

  6. Japrick

    Is UPS sponsoring the derby? Big Brown and Big Truck in the same race.

  7. HillbillySlim

    I want to see a horse named, “Run Jared Run.”

  8. cobrecat

    McCoy’s state championship game is about to be shown on one of the FSN stations.

  9. HillbillySlim

    Verdell Jones will be holding a press conference Monday to announce his college destination. I think Tubby has him wrapped up according to Jones’ dad. His father said, “Verdell was really impressed with Minnesota.” I wish him luck, and I hope we get McCoy.

  10. al

    How can you not put money on a horse named Recapturetheglory ? The only other horse I would put money on would be one named Billy Clyde or BringingHomeNumberEight.

  11. UKalltheway08

    I call the one on the right.

    1. Colonel John
    2. Big Brown
    3. Smooth Air

  12. groface killah

    here are the actual post positions which they drew on espn2 almost two hours beisner put this up — nice research

    1 Cool Coal Man, Julien Leparoux, Nick Zito, 20-1
    2 Tale of Ekati, Eibar Coa, Barclay Tagg, 15-1
    3 Anak Nakal, Rafael Bejarano, Nick Zito, 30-1
    4 Court Vision, Garrett Gomez, Bill Mott, 20-1
    5 Eight Belles (f), Gabriel Saez, Larry Jones, 15-1
    6 Z Fortune, Robby Albarado, Steve Asmussen, 30-1
    7 Big Truck, Javier Catellano, Barclay Tagg, 50-1
    8 Visionaire, Jose Lezcano, Michael Matz, 20-1
    9 Pyro, Shaun Bridgmohan, Steve Asmussen, 6-1
    10 Colonel John, Corey Nakatani, Eoin Harty, 4-1
    11 Z Humor, Rene Douglas, Bill Mott, 30-1
    12 Smooth Air, Manoel Cruz, Bennie Stutts Jr., 20-1
    13 Bob Jack Black, Rich Migliore, James Kasparoff, 20-1
    14 Monba, Ramon Dominguez, Todd Pletcher, 15-1
    15 Adriano, Edgar Prado, Graham Motion, 30-1
    16 Denis of Cork, Calvin Borel, David Carroll, 20-1
    17 Cowboy Cal, John Velazquez, Todd Pletcher, 20-1
    18 Recapturetheglory, E.T. Baird, Louie Roussel, 20-1
    19 Gayego, Mike Smith, Paulo Lobo, 15-1
    20 Big Brown, Kent Desormeaux, Rick Dutrow Jr., 3-1

  13. Evan Hilbert

    Beisner’s a hack!

    In his defense, though, he had this written hours before he posted it.

  14. groface killah

    hah it’s cool i figured that — just wanted everyone to see the post spots

  15. E-ROCK

    what are those 2 girls names?

  16. Ken T. Ucky

    1) I’ll fight you for her.

  17. 69Z

    ^^^^Ick and Shnick.

  18. larry the cable guy

    Hey Evan do they sell mens clothes where you bought that blazer?

  19. Ken T. Ucky

    19) That’s not Evan it’s some guy on Jay Leno. And he’s very openly gay so the answer to your question is quite possibly no.

  20. ChuckHayesIsAFullGrownMan

    this blog is not so good anymore

  21. Ken T. Ucky

    21) Feel free not to read it.

  22. Splat Jones

    Yea, I know what you mean ChuckHayesIsAFullGrownMan…

    Since there was no information yesterday and all. (crock)

  23. slappy

    if sam cassell were a white girl, he’d look like that girl on the right.

  24. K-NOTH

    Beisner it looks like you called “ross the intern” since erin is off center. i had to read the comments to get it!

  25. kc4enics

    #24 if the chick on the right has the name of sam cassell I would still bend her over

  26. slappy

    some people dig aliens… i can respect that, 26.

  27. TJ Taylor

    Kentucky Oaks Analysis;

    I think the winner comes from one of these four; Awesome Chic, Little Belle, Proud Spell or Bsharpsonata.

    Since there are so many value opportunities I will only consider Proud Spell for the Oaks-Derby Double and any of my rare ventures into the exotic wagering world. But she looks like the horse to beat and in my opinion is the reason Eight Belles was entered into the Derby were she is most likely to run. I doubt she can beat Proud Spell. So why not put her into the Derby and hope for one of the oh so many occasions were the Derby falls apart and one of those not necessarily better horses comes in to pick up the pieces. That makes more since than trying to beat her stablemate who clearly looks like a better racehorse.

    That’s a theory based on nothing but my instincts. Which are wrong more often than they are right. But in a game geared towards being wrong more often than correct (i.e. the pre-race consensus best horse loses twice as often as it wins) my instincts are correct enough times to make my horse playing efforts quite successful.

    Gotta love a game like that!

    Aewsome Chic looks like a real interesting value opportunity and is my top play here. Her numbers stack up nicely with the top few in this race and she has some very intriguing running lines. In her last she worked through traffic to finish going away impressively in her first ever route race.

    Look back at that late move in the OBS Sprint going only 6 furlongs on synthetics. She made up six-plus lengths in the stretch to come up a bit short. The running lines don’t indicate it and I have been unable to find a video replay, but the chart indicates a middle move came sometime in that race prior to the big late move. From the chart, “3 wide middle move, fanned 4 wide, out finished.”

    How about the Gasparilla. Another short sprint. The chart reads this way, “laid on rival, eased back, angled in, came again.” The came again move is the key there.

    Her performance in her first race against winners was impressive considering all the factors. The close even run and even finish against what was likely a major class hike coming off her maiden win from the off the beaten path Suffolk Downs and straight into a stakes race. Speaking of that maiden score. It most likely came against very little, but look at the huge winning margin and pulling away at that.

    See the trend here. She had been begging for longer distance and consistently finishing up like a feisty hen. (get it chic – hen) She looked very impressive and once again moved away with authority in her first route race. Check out the pedigree. Awesome Again out of a A.P. Indy mare. She is bred for to route and she has shown all signs of being a special filly. A special Filly yet to be discovered by the betting masses as evident from her 20/1 morning price and equally likely huge post time offering.

    Little Belle is another possible value play worth a bet. (Those of you with multiple bet phobia please overlook that last comment) I do not suffer from the affliction and I will have a win bet on her just as I will Awesome Chic. That is if the odds hold up.

    She moves synthetic-to-dirt and continues to impress while at the same time continuing to step up in class.

    Bsharpsonata is consistent and experienced but may have less upside than many of these. Regardless she looks good enough and she will offer enough value to consider for a bet. Which at this time I think I will pass on other than to have her prominent in any exotic wagers I might make.

    I haven’t handicapped the Derby yet, but I will be using Awesome Chic, Little Belle and Proud Spell in Oak-Derby double bets with the Derby portion of that wager yet to come.

  28. MEWH

    Those are playmates in town fro derby festivities

  29. TJ Taylor

    About the photo;

    So the trick to getting two ladies like that is finding the two ugliest shirts in town and wearing them at the same time?

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