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Wanna Know Why #1 Seed Usually Win?

Its because they often get calls like this. Down 2 and with a chance to tie the game, this was the “clean block” that led to no foul call and a UCLA steal at the end of the game:


Be on your toes Arkansas and Mississippi State…..

Article written by Matt Jones

33 responses to “Wanna Know Why #1 Seed Usually Win?”

  1. blues77

    its crap..the officiatinig dicates everything.

    i said it in one of your post last night, kevin love got away with so many
    moving screens..

    does the ncaa want ucla to win one more before wooden passes on…

  2. halfcourtshots

    Something that was funny was the replay that CBS chose to show. They showed it from behind where it did look clean. How many calls is UCLA going to get this year?

  3. Azubuikebicep

    Anyone know how much NCAA referees are paid? I am considering dropping out of school to pursue a career as a ref. There is no way I could be any worse than what we currently have.
    Isn’t that about the 4th game UCLA has won this year because of a blatantly bad call?

  4. dtuck

    And UCLA was on the receiving end of this? Shocking.

  5. blues77

    i hope i did not offend anyone with my comment that the ncaa wants ucla to win because of wooden but it just bugs me soo much…yes this is just a game but I feel like we are being cheated…

    10 years from now we will look back at this years is very possible that the team might not be champion if not for if the officiating had been better…10 years we forget about the bad calls and the champion for that year will not be changed…

    sorry for my bantering

  6. cobrecat

    CBS gets what CBS wants!!

  7. NewWildcatOrder

    When watching this live last night, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The announcers kept talking about what a great block the 3 UCLA defenders made, and I watched the replay over and over and I never saw a UCLA player actually touch the basketball on the defense of the jumpshot, it all wrist all the time. That’s the 3rd call at the end of a game UCLA has gotten in the final seconds of a game within the last 2 weeks or so. Are they the new Dook??????

  8. hollar2thehood

    UCLA=The New Duke…..

  9. TBoogie

    I was about to throw something at Jay Bilas last night for completely ignoring the fact that Kevin Love had “7 blocks” that really should have been “3 blocks and 4 fouls.”

    And what did that allow? Well, since Love wasn’t in foul trouble, he was still in the game to hit 2 jumpers to tie the game. Unbelievable.

  10. Splat Jones

    Whats ashamed is the incredible poise that Kevin Love showed in those final minutes are overshadowed by the refs swallowing their whistles at the end (in the name of letting the players decide the game).

    Most teams are disciplined enough to not even give the refs a chance to make the call at the end. That pic is atrocious.

    I hate UCLA because IMO they are looked at as one of the top teams in the country historically, but in reality it’s just an 11 year stretch. What about the other 90 years bozos.

  11. floorgeneral22

    Well this is why UCLA won’t win the national championship….They won’t be allowed to get away with this kind of bullshit against higher seeds

  12. Splat Jones

    yea but floorgeneral… how many “End of the Game” lucky breaks is one team going to get in the end of the season?

    I don’t see anyone making a big stink about this on any of the major sports news sites. This pic should be front page on ESPN. With a big “?” beside it. But it’s not. Why is that?

    Hey Matt, where’d you get the pic?

  13. DevilDog

    what about jordan crawford, is it true he may transfer????

  14. Brink

    I watched SC last night and they called it a clean block. I just dont get why nobody is calling this what it is a blatent foul, and a blatent cheat by the officials.

  15. Splat Jones

    ROTFL… watch from the 1:30 mark to the 1:58 mark.

    Dick Enberg says, “… Slone batted away, for a UCLA win! Oh my!”

    Dick Enberg finished with, “… and it was the defense tonight that rallied a sluggish offense to a hard earned win over the ninth seeds from Teas A&M.”

    Look back at the pic Matt posted after the “… and it was the defense tonight… ” line.

    That’s so disgusting it’s almost like watching politics.

  16. boots45

    I didn’t need to see a replay. the guy changed direction from thr force across his arms.

  17. wildeers

    hahaha read that, esp the last comment

  18. wildeers
  19. wildeers

    sorry about the double post

  20. TBoogie

    Duck Fuke

  21. NashvilleCats

    There was a point in this game when A&M got up by 10 and you could see a clear turn in the officiating. That’s when Love went on his block spree where he used the move made famous by Jarvis Varnado. Hold with the left hand, block with the right. Then there was a play where Love went to the floor after a loose ball. A&M recoved it and Love fouled the guy 3 times before A&M got a timeout. It was clear that the officials were going to let Love keep fouling until he eventually got the ball and caused a jumpball. No one can say that Love didn’t make some big shots at the end of the game, but it was definitely clear that the refs weren’t going to allow him to get in foul trouble.

  22. j-mo

    if A&M had someone that could score the ball it would not have been an issue…

    Looking at their players i don’t feel good aobut our offense going forward… we need to recruit someone that can shoot or something. Does anyone know if Miller can score off the dribble.

  23. NashvilleCats

    Well, A&M was pounding the ball inside but when you’re getting hacked and not getting the calls, it’s hard to score it.

  24. wildcatstrat

    WOW! After seeing that angle I can surely say that A&M got SCREWED!

  25. flipisatrip

    UCLA should not have even been a 1 seed in the first place. They should have lost about 3 more games this season. Took TN’s number 1 seed from them. Worst of all #1 seeds by far.

  26. Inside Info 35

    Totally off subject but the local rumor going around town is that the Elliot county twins are moving to Carter County. They would be in the East Carter school district. It would be to far for them to comute back and forth. I really hope this dont happen because it would be nice to see a eastern Kentucky school win a championship for a change.

  27. wildcatproud44

    #22 Miller is a good penetrater. He attacks and gets fouled and make s a living from the free throw line. In the championship game last night he was taking it to the hole every time.

  28. I'm Just Sayin

    Folks, Enberg got his start announcing for UCLA. It would be about like Ralph Hacker announcing a UK game oin television. Objectivity is thrown out the window.

  29. ukbbfan

    that is complete bullshit. refs are too affraid to make a call at the end of the game and that sucks. TAMU got screwed for sure.

  30. RVZ4UK

    ucla’s luck has to be just about out. Didn’t they get calls at the end of the seasaon
    in 2 different games that saved their asses? To make my tourney to end well, I need
    ucla, unc, and kansas all to go down hard, but not like they do on each other.

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  32. TheDancingOutlaw

    And, why #2 seed Duke always wins (well, at least their first round game):

  33. TheDancingOutlaw