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Cats Lose a Heartbreaker 60-56


In a game that was as surreal as any event I have ever attended, the Cats fell to Georgia in overtime thanks to a prayer by Zac Swansey with just under 2 seconds to go. The Bulldogs controlled the glass all day and were able to counteract Kentucky’s solid defense by hitting the glass and getting multiple second chances. However at the end it wasnt a rebound, but a shot by a reserve on the run that brought the Cats down. After the game, Billy Gillispie praised the team’s efforts but also gave a ton of credit to Georgia, saying that both teams played with passion, but Georgia hit the big shot to win. Gillispie in his postgame press conference said that if he had it all to do over again, they would play the same defense and move towards the same shot. Knowing who was on the court and what the potential plays were, you likely would hope that Swansey would try and go the length of the floor and take that shot….and he did. The problem was that this time, he made it.

A few notes…

— The arena had about 1200-1500 people in by the time the game got going. Each school was allotted 500 tickets for donors and administration folks and then some Kentucky fans were able to get some of the tickets from the allotments of other schools….thus making the crowd approximately 1000 Kentucky and 150-200 Georgia. The band and the cheerleaders were doing their thing, but ultimately the game did have an AAU type feel. There were sights that you simply would not see normally….in the media section (which was the first five rows of the normal seats), you had Bill Raftery and Verne Lundquist just hanging out and watching the game next to fans in blue hair. The gym was empty, but it was also loud….one of the strangest environments that I have ever been in, but one that in its own odd way, was memorable.

— The Seniors seemed devastated at the end. Their comments at the press conference were uncharacteristically short and the players were as low as I have seen them. The feeling was also felt in the locker room, where Ramon Harris told me, “I just hate this for the Seniors. We all wanted so badly to help them win this SEC title. It hurts me for them.”

— Billy Gillispie handled the post-game press conference well and had some interesting things to say. First, he said that he thought the loss would have “no effect” on the Cats’ tournament chances. He explained his decision to have Perry Stevenson block the free throw by saying that he believed the rule to be that the free throw would count and they would get the ball down three. He said he wasnt aware of the automatic technical rule. He did however also show some frustration at random questions asked by the media. When one reporter asked what his “initial thoughts were of Catlanta”, Billy looked at the group and said that while it was a talented group, he “didnt know about that question.” He also visibly rolled his eyes when Joe Crawford was asked if being picked 2nd team All-SEC had motivated him for this game….to be fair, a really bad question.

— Gillispie was asked about Albert Jackson’s knockdown of Ramel Bradley and whether he had hoped for a foul call. Gillispie paused and said with his trademark smile, “Yeah I guess you could say “hoped”.”

— Finally, one word about the way this all played out today. In his press conference Gillispie praised the SEC for how the ultimate decisions were made. The Cats were informed at 2 am they would play at 12 and Gillispie said he was glad to see that “finances” didnt make the decision, but rather safety was the ultimate concern. The process did hurt the UK fans who came here and I understand their frustration. But with the Atlanta police saying they didnt want people camped out and waiting in mass at Georgia Tech, I am not sure the SEC had any other choice. The Georgia Dome was found to be potentially unsafe and if the games were going to go on, this was really the only way it could happen, while allowing the SEC to maintain its automatic bid. Bottom line….the Cats lost today, but it wasnt because of the decision. Georgia may lose tonight because of the “Two games in one day” thing, but for the day game, both teams generally were in the same situation. Once the Georgia Dome was deemed to be potentially unsafe, this was the only resolution that worked. Gillispie said that it was the best of a number of bad choices and noted that to this team, will play anytime, anywhere. Great attitude and I think the team had that all day….the SEC did the best it could in a bad situation and all things considered, did a good job handling the unfortunate incident.

It has been some kind of 24 hours around here. I was up until 5 waiting for the final call by the conference and up a couple of hours later to get going for today. I am now going to nap…..and you can guarantee that the future Top 10 SEC moments….whenever they come…..will rank this one very high.

Here is the Billy Gillispie Post Game Press Conference:

Gillispie Post Game Press Conference

Article written by Matt Jones

246 responses to “Cats Lose a Heartbreaker 60-56”

  1. fiddlerky

    well said

  2. asdfasdf

    son of a bitch

  3. cobrecat

    Get out of town fast, you never know what is going to happen next!

  4. perrystevensonsappetite

    CBS talking heads just broke down the bubble and we weren’t on it. Doesn’t mean much, but hopefully it bodes well for tomorrow

  5. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor



  6. CAnTuckeeBoi

    $ not sure if thats good or bad

  7. wildeers

    we’re in….id bet on it

  8. matt s

    It was nice to hear Steve Lavin on ESPN say UK got screwed on the no-call.

  9. GoCats

    When we took the lead with 8 seconds left there was no doubt in my mind we were going to win and I just started thinking about how hard the second game would be. My head is pounding like I got punched, just really hurts, I do not want this season to end but I’m looking forward to offseason recruiting to see what this team looks like for next year.

  10. Stableboy

    Can I ask a simple question? How does a team with a 6-7 non-conference record with home losses to San Diego and Gardener-Webb, not to mention a full-of-excuses first-game SEC Tournament exit, expect to be greeted warmly into the NCAA Tournament? I keep hearing that no BCS school with at least 10 conference wins has been left out of the tournament. But did UK look like an at-large team today? I doubt the selection committee is crunching numbers, trying to find ways to wedge into the bracket a team with an RPI of 60.

    The elitist backbone that’s driving the Nation just isn’t cutting it, Big Blue. The sense of entitlement strikes me as rather Krzyzewskian… something I’d expect to read on Duke’s blog sites. And the excuses this season… really. Consideration for injury I grant, but not being able to put away a four-SEC-wins Georgia team with Gaines as a spectator? Enjoy your NIT home games, Wildcats.

  11. matt s

    And can Mark Coury please go away. Please.

  12. teevee999

    My heart breaks after the year these kids have had:

    1. Tubby walks out on them, leaving the program in (by UK standards) shambles.
    2. Morris walks out on them for the NBA
    3. They have to deal with the Billy Donovan fiasco
    4. Gillispie endures months of silly rumors about being gay, chasing women at Merrick Inn, and his alcohol use.
    5. Surgery for Crawford
    6. Surgery for Jasper
    7. Injury to Meeks
    8. Gardner-Webb and the national media circling in the water
    9. Legion walks out on them
    10. A 6-7 start
    11. Injury to P.Patt
    12. Vandy debacle
    13. Tornado at SEC

    I just wish SOMETHING would work out for our boys. They’ve worked so hard and fought through more adversity than any team I’ve ever witnessed. msg to the team and coaches: This is one kentuckian who is proud of you all!

  13. matt s

    Listen Stablegirl, UK has gone through more diversity this year than any other team in the nation, and to finish 2nd in the SEC is a great accomplishment. This team did everything it could to get into the NCAA tournament and has defied all of the odds. Don’t forget 12-4 in the SEC. 12-4. It’s not a sense of entitlement, it’s a sense of this team belongs in the NCAA tournament.

  14. oldcat

    stableboy,what do they use you for??? tease the mares..????

  15. Stableboy

    Diversity? Diversity? My goodness, matt… maybe getting out for some fresh air might improve your choice of words… or reading something other than BCG’s press releases. I’m surprised he’s not dropping them from planes, especially in Indianapolis tomorrow. “We’ll play anybody anywhere anytime”… I hear the weather’s nice in the Big Apple this time of year.

  16. matt s

    or to spray down the rubber chips in the teasing room after the deed is done?

  17. matt s

    I’ve actually never read a BCG press release

  18. Stableboy

    You might try. I hear he’s discussing the nuances of free-throw lane violations tomorrow.

  19. Masterblaster2008

    REFUND Please? SEC did a great job handling the one thing they never planned for. However, if you don’t let us watch the games, you HAVE to refund our money on the tix we did not get to use.

  20. teevee999

    stable, why not list two or three bubble teams you think should be in ahead of UK: Syracuse? Oh St? Villanova? nope.

  21. matt s

    Nope, I think we’d be hearing how well Georgia played, how the SEC handled the situations in Atlanta well, etc. We’d hear how he is the one to blame for any losses this year. Probably not any excuses, nothing Krzyzewskian as you would put it. You’d hear a man stand up for his mistakes because that’s what a real coach does.

  22. Stableboy

    Now that I agree with, Masterblaster… you fans who spent money on tickets and rooms deserve the refund. You really do. That’s one place where no one can poke fun at Kentucky. You travel well and support your team whatever it takes. Maybe you will get to visit the Big Dance.

  23. oldcat

    he is just upset that his school hsa been ranked #1 for a total of about 40hrs. in school history period.pathetic

  24. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    Master– They announced today that there would be a full refund for tickets. (that is for face value)

  25. matt s

    Hope you didn’t buy them from a scalper.

  26. Stableboy

    Virginia Tech, for their run in the ACC Tournament (it legitimized their season), plus higher RPI than Kentucky
    Dayton (21-wins, higher RPI)
    Villanova (higher RPI, 20-win season)

    And a case could be made for Illinois State, VCU, and New Mexico.

    The NCAA Tournament is about rewarding schools that play their ways in, not only for a body of work but using conference tournament results if necessary. Really, how does UK boast either?

  27. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (24) where did you hear that? i need to know asap before I leave atlanta!

  28. nessa5555

    StableBoy you are a idiot.

    Joe L said that UK would be in the NCAA that Va Tech

    might not be. Also UK wasnt on the last four in or out list.

    Stable you must not listen to the TV they all said UK

    wasnt on the bubble and they was in.

  29. nessa5555

    UK are not on the bubble is Stableboy mad because UT will problay suck in the/ NCCAA

  30. nessa5555

    They said Vill and VA Tech will likely be in NIT.

  31. Stableboy

    Hey, I hope you’re right, nessa. I honestly do. It looks better for the SEC if Kentucky makes it.

    Hey, has anybody looked ahead to Kentucky making the tournament and somehow being paired against Minnesota?

  32. nessa5555

    StableBoy We are not saying we know anything we are just saying what The
    TV said it isnt our fault Joe L said UK was in.

  33. nessa5555

    Minn wont made the NCAA unless they win the big ten C/

  34. perrystevensonsappetite

    31- That would mean Minnesota makes the tournament, which will not happen

  35. Stableboy

    OK OK… I’m just trying to instigate, that’s all. I shouldn’t have, since I don’t have a dog in this fight. All this trash I’m talking, it’ll turn out that my boys will get hogged tonight, get seeded a #2, then lose to a #15.

    And don’t mess with Tennessee. We’ll turn you in for a recruiting violation!

  36. nessa5555

    Didnt TN turn in Unconn Women for a recruting violation.

  37. Stableboy

    Actually wouldn’t that be bad news for Kentucky? Wouldn’t it be correct to say no more surprise champions would be a good thing?

  38. Stableboy

    C’mon, nessa, keep up with me… we’ve got to get you off dial-up.

  39. Stableboy

    We allegedly turned in Alabama several years ago, too, for football recruiting violations by boosters in Memphis. I’m telling you, we have the one character trait that is so lacking in collegiate sports these days: INTEGRITY.

  40. ppatsweedman

    staplegirl you are a retard…kentucky is in, prob with an 11 seed, which is perfect…oh yeah fyi, your the only idiot still saying sd was a bad loss…

  41. nessa5555

    Serious Stable What do you know.

    UK in the NCAA they was a number 9 before losing

    maybe a 11 now.

  42. drizzlemizzle

    i appreciate all the support and love that people have for our uk teams, but some people just have zero concept of what goes on in the outside world…for starters, just knowing how to write helps…but also, the talking heads on espn, cbs, etc. have no say in who gets in and who gets out…just because joe lunardi on espn says we are in does not make it so…i, for one, am kinda worried about our chances…it’s much better not to base arguments on conjecture, and at this point all we can argue is our in conference achievements…i hope it’s enough, but i am just not sure…

    and stableboy, real classy coming here to instigate…

  43. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    Tennessee blows, buddy… You all should be trying to be like us instead of hating. Last time I checked they don’t call it Volanta. I think Stableboy needs to stick with football. How do you not know that Minnesota will not make the tournament? Why are Tennessee fans on this blog. Makes no sense.

  44. njcatfan25

    What makes me nervous are the comments that CM Newton made saying that Kentucky needed to win 2 games in the SEC tournament to feel safe.

  45. Blue in the Vein

    Drizzle, I agree that I’m not liking our chances. If you put our stat’s against most of the other bubble teams and took away the name of the school, we are not looking good. Losing this game counts as another bad loss. We had nothing positive come from our pre-SEC schedule, only bad losses. The only thing that the team has going for it is strong late season play, as long as nobody saw the vanderbilt game. It can definately go either way.

  46. MonstaMash93

    42. Your right, but Lunardi is usually very accurate.

  47. rj24yankees

    Staple boy, why don’t you and “the great pumpkin” Bruce Pearl proceed in putting on your orange Vol shirt’s and start picking up the trash/debris that’s littering the streets of downtown ATL..for we all know, that is the only thing Tennessee orange is good for…

  48. liveblueorfyou

    stable boy you have what is the word you used : INTEGRITY I guess that is what they call it at UT when players have tutors taking test for them and when Bruce Pearl cheats on his wife And Wayne gets busted for some Mary Jane in his room and is back on the team in less than a week.

  49. NC Cat

    Quick thought re: BCG’s strategy of having Stevenson goaltend… Rather than goaltend, why not have all the players who are lined up simply step across the line and commit a garden-variety lane violation. By committing the violation, you ensure he doesn’t miss the shot and have the remaining time run off while the defense gathers the rebound. In essence, you’re forcing the shooter to make the shot. I guess it could lead to a “standoff” where the shooter refuses to make the shot, and the defense refuses to stop committing a lane violation, but I don’t think that intentional and repeated lane violations are grounds for a technical.


  50. Call me Clyde

    didn’t the selection committee say that they would take into account all that happened to delay the game and what not?

  51. Japrick

    Well, I guess I’ll root for the hogs and my hometown redhead. Go Pelphrey!!

  52. Chris Robbins

    Anybody see the report of 2.75″ hail in Atlanta this evening? That’s baseball sized, folks.

    None of these games should have been played at all today.

  53. Chris Robbins

    Oh, and in that picture Bliss looks like he’s dropping a deuce.

  54. TheOutlawJoseyWales

    #12 i never really heard the Billy G being gay rumors… i would say that is highly unlikely. I hate today for the seniors and Coach G… i have really enjoyed this season.. anyway!

  55. april22ky

    if there’s good news today…duke just got beat.

  56. wildeers

    stewart mandel just said the commitee would pretty much just throw this game out due to circumstances of the last 2 days

  57. april22ky

    maybe it was a blessing in disguise…the loss today would have looked a lot worse had it happened last night instead of how this crazy situation played out.

  58. AJStewarts splinter

    It’s ironic our last two senior classe went out on FT lane violations and last second 3’s at the SEC’s.

  59. AJStewarts splinter


  60. Dave C


  61. perrystevensonsappetite

    Billy Packer just said that the only person who was more abused by the classless Kentucky fan base than saul smith was donna. This was a carry over comment that ended a two minute conversation during the conclusion of a close game. I have only seen Minnesota on the Big Ten Network this season, but watching the lashing Nantz and Packer give our fan base makes me want to vomit

  62. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    We really really deserved to win this game after all of the debacles that have gone on this season. IMO there is no doubt we are a tournament regardless of our non-conference record and this loss today. These guys have shown so much heart. The comittee should know that if we do get in somebody has their work cut out for them in the first round of the tournament. It will be a close and exciting game. I actually hope that before this loss we were a 9 seed and now we are an 11 seed. That would be idea IMO. I preferred to win this game today and then lose to MSU only because I think that loses piss this team off. We saw it against Vandy and UT during the end of the SEC schedule. I believe that the tougher circumstances surrounding this team get then the tougher they get so I expect them to win their first tournament game. I may be crazy but I seriously believe that this team has a chance to make a sweet 16 appearance. Right now we can compete with any team in the country. If we don’t get in the comittee will not live this one down and a restructure of the comittee will be in order. I love this team and they fought hard today. Just got some bad luck again. Ramon Harris and Perry Stevenson I thought played like 30 year old men today. Ramel was a little off and we didn’t make our free throws which ultimately lost us this game. Right now Georgia is playing some ball though. GO CATS, BABY. I STILL BELIEVE, BOY THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT, and the SKY IS KENTUCKY BLUE.

  63. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    Yeah Donna and Saul probably cried about how bad they were treated at Kentucky to the media. Saul forgot that there is no way he would have started at UCLA, UNC, DUKE, or KANSAS and then he apologized. Donna forgot that she and Tubby are now millionaires and then she apologized.

  64. Brink

    Donna Smith was and still is beloved by the UK fan base. Packer is a moron.

  65. mashburn4ever

    As everyone else is reiterating…this loss really hurt today.
    Duke lost, but that just moves clemson into a more solidified spot.
    I am pretty concerned for the selection show tomorrow. I know there are a million
    tv personalities that have their own thoughts on what is important for getting into
    the field of 64…right now (and for the last week) Lunardi has us playing Kansas St.,
    who i think would hurt us…even if we got by them, next is a projected match up
    against a 1 seed. Good times.

  66. Stableboy

    “We really really deserved to win this game after all of the debacles that have gone on this season.” …You’re all right, where would I get the idea that there’s a sense of entitlement here.

  67. Brink

    65 We will not get a 8/9 seed. which is where we are in that scenario. We will be more like a 11 or 12 seed. That would match us up wit a 4 or 5 seed in the first round.

  68. Brink

    Stableboy you said earlier that BCG talked as if there were a sense of entitlment, but he did no such thing. In contrast your great pumkin pearl was on national tv a couple weeks ago whining about how tough of a week they had, and they should still be #1.

  69. CAnTuckeeBoi

    Seth Davis sucks at life!

  70. kdeage2

    Pelphrey just told Jujuan Smith to “shut the F up”

  71. Brink

    WTG Pelphrey

  72. Stableboy

    Speaking of classy, anybody catching John Pelfrey swearing at Tennessee’s Jujuan Smith? Jajuan’s sticking it to him now. Where did Potty-mouth Pelfrey go to school again?

  73. Stableboy

    Nothing worse than seeing some former Big Blue has-been with a 1980s fraternity row haircut roaming the sidelines in the SEC Tournament.

  74. Brink

    I hope UT wins this whole thing, gets a #1 seed, and then become the first team in NCAA history to lose to a 16 seed.

  75. I'm Just Sayin

    73 STFU, Pelphrey is a legend at UK.

  76. Brink

    additionally I hope that the game ends with an obvious foul that is not called.

  77. gmo

    20,000 fans taken away, bye basically taken away, calls taken away…..still have to
    beat Georgia. Bottom line. As a side note, Doug Gotlieb sucks large goat balls. Who’s
    he to dog Ramels crappy shooting. He led the nation in assists b/c people didn’t even
    guard in at Oky State. He just stood in a spot amd passed to good players. Eat crap
    Doug Gotlieb. I’m worried about selection Sunday. The Cats need to make a statement if
    they make it. Have to win one for respect……need a sweet sixteen. LIVE BLUE!!!!

  78. Chris Robbins

    Anyone moderating today?

  79. gmo

    Why are they sucking Zona State and Nova………….That dude from Vermont sucks off
    Gotlieb and Seth Davis. Bobby Knight should walk over from another studio and smack
    them in the mouth after he shuts up Digger.

  80. Bryan the Intern

    I really think that if Gillispie had a plan to block the free throw at the end, he should have researched it a little better to know that a technical foul would have been assessed, that proved to be VERY crucial because Bradley nearly hit the half court shot at the end and that would have tied it, gillispie has been wonderful in SEC play but that was a really bad coaching move

  81. Brink

    BUT Bradley didn’t hit the half court shot so it doesnt really matter.

  82. gmo

    80. Good gracious. Maybe he should’ve googled it from the sideline. Wake up. Maybe they’ll hire you for intern help to look up obscure rules.
    It was the only chance they had to do something for a violation and throw it to midcourt.
    UGA should have tried to miss #2 on purpose if they were smart.

  83. Brink

    And had the officials called the foul on Jackson, then it never would have happened.

  84. april22ky

    I love how espn is callin out the refs on the game.

  85. Bryan the Intern

    81) agree, you know the play i think hurt the Cats more was Porter not being able to throw a good inb ounds pass, you have to be able to at least get a shot off and instead he chucked it where no one could catch it, i actually think that hurt worse, it was gonna be a long shot for the Cats to score anyway so all of this doesnt bother me, just nitpicking

  86. Chris Robbins

    That play on the inbounds where Gillispie had Bradley set up to draw the foul and had Porter run along the baseline to cause it was nothing short of brilliant. Too bad the refs were retarded.

  87. Bryan the Intern

    86) if you remember Pitino ran the same type of play against South Carolina on Senior Day in 1997, the refs didnt call it and Pitino got tossed from the game

  88. bigcat4453

    I didn’t see the end of the game so I still haven’t seen the no-foul call that Bradley tried to draw!

  89. I'm Just Sayin

    80 Actually I give him a little credit for ingenuity. Even though it ended up being misguided. I once called a time-out at the end of a high school game when we were out of them, but at that time the clock didn’t stop running after a made basket at the end of the game and we scored to cut it to two with 5 seconds left and they were just letting the clock run out. I desperately called time-out. They stopped the clock and called a technical and the other team made both free throws so my coach reemed me out after the game. I went home still thinking I did the right thing, but the next day at practice he apologized and said that technical was the only thing that gave us a chance to win. Maybe Gillispie had one of those epiphany moments but it just didn’t go as well although if they had missed one more of those free throws and then made the last one it would have given us a chance. Otherwise they could just miss and the game was over.

  90. dmw8067

    Matt, besides losing the game I only have one complaint……. our coach needs to act with more professionalism when leaving the court after a tough loss. There are many coaches who “act” better – and coach needs to represent UK and our state in a more classy way. When leaving the court as quickly as possible, which I understand, he basically just stuck out his hand as he brushed by the UGA people “shaking” their hands. He was upset but he didn’t handle it with class at that time. With the cameras on him at that time he needs to treat others as he would like to be treated. I was disappointed in our Coach at that moment. He can and should do better.

    I’m glad Matt gives a good report of his comments at the post game conference – that’s great. He just needs to clean things up when we lose a tough one….. this will be a bit tough to get over. Hopefully getting a bid Sunday night will put this game behind us. I’m proud of our team.

  91. gmo

    I don’t mean to keep doggin people and starting stuff today…..but 90, get real.

  92. I'm Just Sayin

    90 I disagree. I don’t want fake crap from our coach like Coach K gives. I like the fact that he is real. If he’s pissed he’ll tell you he’s pissed. If he’s happy, by God he’ll tell you he’s happy. No guessing with BCG. I love it!

  93. mashburn4ever

    90..i have to agree with 91 & 92…just got done watching the halftime shows on all of the
    networks…the only one that really had anything to say was espn…they were all on the same page that we got screwed on the no call at the end…to be honest though, we should have never let it get there.
    The fact that they still beat us even though Gaines fouled out, was kind of frustrating.
    F’n Dave Bliss basically beat us down the stretch..Dave Bliss!

  94. bigcat4453

    It’s been a forgone conclusion that the coaches are not allowed to comment on officiating but if he can’t comment on them he can sure as heck give them a piece of his mind even if the game is over!

    I’ve felt that the officiating, in the SEC, has been poor at best, all season long!!

  95. dmw8067

    All I’m saying is he doesn’t need to be rude – and he was very rude. I understand we’re all upset about losing the game. He needs to treat others with class even in tough moments.

  96. cdbearde

    90, He was in a hurry to catch the ref. that did not make the foul call on the inbounds play, if you watched you could see him telling his mind to him up the hall way.

  97. dmw8067

    Officiating in the SEC, and college basketball in general, is terrible and getting worse. But I have no clue as to what to do about it. They are awful.

  98. Stableboy

    Then you love classlessness, 92. Do you think Adolph Rupp would’ve ever treated people like they were beneath him? …oh

  99. bigcat4453

    I didn’t see the incident you are talking about, and am not sure how you tell wether a person was rude or not just from a video clip!

  100. mashburn4ever

    i am kind of shocked at how easily stable boy got everyone in here so rattled.
    Obviously, they have no idea what is going on…However, anyone that speaks poorly of Pelphrey or any
    other Kenutcky greats, should be asked to leave the blog.

  101. Brink

    I’m glad he was in a rush to get to the ref and let them have it. Why is it that the officials are soooooo protected? I think there should have to be some accoutability on their part.

  102. TBoogie

    Y’all, GET OVER the last 1.2 seconds of the game. That’s nowhere near why we lost to UGA. Arguing semantics of making a miracle half-court shot to TIE a 14-16 team makes no sense.

    Maybe if we don’t miss 9 free throws we don’t have to worry about it. Maybe if we give the ball to Stevenson more than twice all game, we don’t have to worry about it. I swear he just came off a game where he dominated decent big guys.

  103. april22ky

    I can’t wait to see Georgia get dismantled by Miss State tonight.

  104. bigcat4453

    you’re right 101 they never have to give response to any questionable calls they make. Not just todays game but any game!!

  105. cdbearde

    #100, If evryone would ignore douche bags, then they wouldn’t waste thier time over here, but fans get caught up in it and fuel the problem.

  106. perrystevensonsappetite

    90, I understand what you’re saying and to some extent I agree. However, that pretty much sums up the dynamic of most coaches in the college basketball. I was fortunate enough to sit close enough to hear the post-game exchange at Rupp between Pearl and Patterson. It went something like this:

    Patterson- Good game coach, see ya in a few weeks (smiles)
    Pearl- F*** off son

    Not that the great pumpkin is the epitome of class, but it could have been worse than a quick handshake.

  107. april22ky

    It’s nice to see that a loss means so much to BCG. Tubby always looked satisfied after a loss.

  108. mashburn4ever

    102 – thank you…if you noticed, we had a decent run going when we got stuff going towards
    the basket…when we started settling for mid-range jumpers late in the game…that is
    when things went back to strugglesville…missed free throws and offensive rebounds, once again
    killed us…the crazy thing is, we were in 8-10 other games like this this season…the only
    differnce was, we eneded up pulling them out…what happened to our free throw shooting?

  109. bigcat4453

    Almost like he didn’t care, 107? He’d fit in well in the NBA then. They don’t seem to care when they lose very much. I figured P. Riley would get livid when the Heat continue to lose like they do!

  110. bigcat4453

    We haven’t shot well from the FT line for several games now. I wonder what has happened myself. Tired legs?

  111. Splat Jones

    Why didn’t they do an open gym using the turnstyles to count attendance. Once the capacity is met, cut off entrance to the building.

    They could have at least kept the feeling of the atmosphere fair for all teams (as Kentucky would have had 70% of the fans just the same as if it had been played at the Georgia Dome). they could have also picked up some revenue on consessions.

    For them not to do that IMO shows someone knew Kentucky had an advantage with fan attendance and they were trying to eliminate that as much as possible.

    Once the decision was made that the SEC would just swallow the attendance revenue, just have an open gym. It’s that simple. They avoided a mob with 5000 Kentucky fans by locking the doors entirely, just as they would have avoided criticism (and a mob) by at least letting the people who showed up to attend in until the gym was filled.

  112. bigcat4453

    This first semi-final game is still a close one! Can’t really decide who to cheer for! I don’t really like either one of them!

  113. april22ky

    110 – Ever sense Patterson went out. Now Jasper, Harris, and Stevenson are taking those free throws and don’t have the percentage of Patterson.

  114. mashburn4ever

    just to throw it out there…i know lunardi has us at a 9, but everyone knows that is we make it, we are looking at a 10-12…if we land at an 11 and louisville stays at a 3 (possible), how sweet would that be as a second round match up? sorry…i could not help myself.

  115. bigcat4453

    I would just like to make the tourney and be respectable. Seeding doesn’t mean much to me. Gotta play whomever they place in front of you anyway!

  116. Brink

    113 you areright to a degree, but bradley and crawfod have been missing them too.

  117. mashburn4ever

    111 – i hear ya and the whole conspiracy theory thing, but it still comes down to the fact
    that we should be able to beat georgia (especially w/o Gaines in the last 7 minutes) in front of any type of crowd.

  118. april22ky

    Is Arkansas already in with this SEC run they’ve had? Or are we hoping for a loss to free up some bubble space. Because I would really like to see UT get beat today.

  119. bigcat4453

    Yeah both Crawford and Bradley were averaging in the 80% range they’ve really dropped off in teh last 2 weeks!

  120. mashburn4ever

    sorry to keep referring to lunardi, but he has arkansas as a lock.

  121. Brink

    Anybody want to know how bad Tennessee sucks, Iam driving thru TN right now and cant find ut ua on the radio, but I can listen to UCLA and Stanford.

  122. Splat Jones

    Also… Matt, what was the gametime temperature outside the gym and inside the gym? I would suspect it should have been slightly cold outside.

    But all the players were sweating profusely. You mentioned it was extremely hot in the gym. Who turned up the heat on 2 teams that would have to play 2 games in one day? Tell me that sh!t is accidental. Who keep the heat on in their gym when it’s not used? And, who turns it up above where it should be when it is decided it will be used?

    Recipe: How to kill a team who has to play 2 games in one day?

    1. Make them play the first game in a sauna.

    Especially a team with a short bench.

  123. youngweezy13

    yo stablebitch why the hell are u on a uk blog?

  124. nessa5555

    Are we a lock.

    What happen if gerogia.illions and Temple all steal a bid.

  125. bigcat4453

    I’m not sure wether Ark is in or not. My guess is yes. THey finished 2nd in the west. I was thinking they were one of the 4 teams already mentioned as a lock for the Tourney!

  126. Stableboy

    The fact that I can offer the kind of feedback that riles illustrates two points. First, the Nation is wound like a top, sitting on eggshells and hypersensitive to anything not placing “BCG” on a pedestal, not lamenting the shoddiness of the program under Tubby Smith, not frothing at the mouth over seven national championships and why they don’t get Kentucky a grandfather-clause entry as a 3-seed or higher.

    But secondly, and more importantly, what I’ve said is true. In response to one of my earlier comments about bad losses, you know why the basketball world is still referring to the San Diego loss as such a bad loss? It’s because it’s such a bad loss. You attach Kentucky’s tournament resume to a nameless team with no history and you know where they’d spend the end of March? You guessed it… googling for directions to Madison Square Garden.

  127. AZ Blue

    Tough loss. Good effort by UGA – I hope they beat MSU tonight.

    We’ll get to 20 wins before it’s over. I expect we’ll be a 12-seed and cause one of the regular 5-12 upsets.

  128. I'm Just Sayin

    90 & 106 Maybe this is an example of why the phrase “Nice guys finish last” rings so true. Normally it is the extremely driven that succeeds at high levels. But most of the time the extremely driven have some personality flaws and don’t handle losing very well. i.e. Pearl, Pitino, Knight, Gillispie, Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Woody Hayes, and on and on and on. I know there are a few that buck the tide but not many. Personally, I don’t mind having a coach who gets pissed when we lose or get screwed. If it bothers you then may I suggest Monopoly or Croquet?

  129. april22ky

    124 – Temple isn’t stealing a bid, either Temple or St Joes is in and Temple has a greater chance of getting an at large than St Joes. No way in heck is Georgia winning the SEC finals, so that leaves Illinois and that is highly unlikely.

  130. Splat Jones

    Hey, at least Billy Gillispie did everything possible to give us a chance after the lucky 3. I can’t name a previous coach on UK’s bench was would have been that creative down 1 with 1.2 seconds left.

    He has aces in his back pockets even when we have none in our hand. That is who I want on my bench. It’s a nice change of pace as opposed to getting beat by other coaches out witting us.

  131. bigcat4453

    I get pissed when I lose at Monopoly or croquet. I’m not a poor loser, I just don’t like to lose!

    the late Dale Earnhardt said it best,”2nd place sucks!”

  132. april22ky

    Kentucky being grandfathered in as a 3 seed or higher every year, I really like that idea Stableboy.

  133. Stableboy

    CREATIVE?! Was it creative when, in the National Final against North Carolina, Michigan’s Chris Webber called for a timeout his team didn’t have. That wasn’t creative. It was illegal, as was that move today.

  134. bigcat4453

    Does sound like a good idea to me!

  135. Lip Man 1


    Then is San Diego beating #22 Gonzaga “a bad loss…” because they did. I don’t get the same sense of ‘outrage’ from the media that I did when they knocked off UK. And UK wasn’t ranked either.

    Mark Liptak

  136. Stableboy

    LOL, april… just give me royalties if it happens. At this pace, though, it won’t. But don’t fret, Big Blue… football’s coming.

  137. Stableboy

    …not ranked for good reason, lip… if you’d rather I can change the focus to Gardner-Webb.

  138. Lip Man 1


    Nothing “illegal” about. Like Steve Lavin said tonight, a foul should have been called on Georgia.

    Mark Liptak

  139. I'm Just Sayin

    135 San Diego also beat St. Mary’s twice. Another team considered a lock for the tournament. Stableboy is either G.G. Smith or a Louisville fan.

  140. youngweezy13

    stablebitch, revel in this great abberation of a year that your vols have had. you and every other kentucky hater, is jealous because you will never be kentucky! we are the greatest basketball program of all time and no matter how many games bruce pearl will win in his homo orange jacket, UT will never be the transcendent program that is UK. we have a sense of entitlement because kentucky is the single most important reason that SEC basketball is not a joke of a conference.

  141. bigcat4453

    I heard one of the ESPN announcers say today that close losses are taken into consideration as well. Would losing to the #1 ranked team on their floor by 3 be considered a close loss or would they just say oh well it’s Just Tenn. and we know they are overrated anyway?

  142. UK81

    Stableboy, San Diego is a NCAA tournament team beating #20 Gonzago in conference tournament final. How is this a bad loss? Only bad loss on UK resume is Gardner-Webb. Kentucky makes NCAA tournament as a 12 seed. You are just wishing UK does not make it. It was a done deal before today’s tipoff.

  143. Stableboy

    So am I reading this correctly, that you’re now speaking of losing to San Diego at home as justified? I can’t believe this.

  144. Brink

    139 He;s a UT fan. That is busier acting like an idiot than watching his team.

  145. Lip Man 1

    Amazing how Tennessee has one good season in the last twenty years or so and everyone down there comes out of the woodwork giving grief.

    I’d actually win a few times before spouting off. But that’s just me.

    Mark Liptak

  146. april22ky

    Yea, I hope the committee doesn’t take into consideration how overrated Tenn is and makes our loss by 3 seem like less.

  147. I'm Just Sayin

    143 No, just that San Diego is a pretty good team, and we weren’t playing very well then. Anyone that can’t see that BCG was breaking them down to build them back up at that point in the season just doesn’t want to see it. Bradley and Crawford had no idea how to win at that point. The transformation they made the last part of the season is called COACHING!!!! Too bad they didn’t get BCG for four years.

  148. Stableboy

    Transcendent?! If you want to make San Diego a new power in the world of college basketball, I’ll let you have that. And I’ll even give you close losses (like to Tennessee) and losses affected by injury. But how can you say with a straight face that a program that loses to Gardner-Webb on its home floor has transcendence? It just blows the mind.

  149. april22ky

    Isn’t this UT’s first year in the Semis of the SEC tourny in like 40 years or something?

  150. youngweezy13

    144) lol i agree….hes been on this UK blog since 4:33

  151. april22ky

    If it takes 40 years to get to the Semis of the SEC tourny, I can only imagine how long it will be until UT ever gets to a final four. You might as well right this season off because it’s not happenin this year.

  152. Stableboy

    And if Bradley and Crawford had that transcendent idea how to win, don’t you think they could’ve managed pulling one out against a mediocre team whose best player had fouled out?

  153. UK81

    What I am saying is the selection committee will not consider that a bad loss.

  154. Stableboy

    By the way, you are all easy to rile.

  155. Stableboy

    So is today’s a worse loss than the San Diego loss?

  156. april22ky

    Is this Calathes character playin for St Joes related to that pansy at Florida?

  157. bigcat4453

    In 30 years anyway. ’79 is the date that sticks in my mind!! Has it been 30 years. WOW!!

    Right now it looks like UT is gonna foul out all of their players tonight anyway!

    And were tied at 76!!

  158. KWSP34

    We will be in the tournament Blias and DG hate KY

  159. I'm Just Sayin

    148 More SEC championships than all the other SEC teams combined. More victories than any other college team. Seven National Championships. Yea, I’d say we’re transcendent.

  160. Stableboy

    I fear you’re looking at this with blue-shaded lenses. This has nothing to do with a Tennessee fan versus Kentucky fans. I’m not putting our basketball history against yours, which makes my points that much more valid. You’re putting the spin of legend on what you’ve seen this season, making BCG out to be the best thing since John Wooden. It just seems you’re reaching for straws and viewing mediocrity as if its excellence.

  161. UK81

    Today’s loss was not worse. OT, last second shot, extraordinary circumstances. Game played Friday night in Georgia Dome, UK wins.

  162. I'm Just Sayin

    Mediocrity is where our last coach took us. Excllence is where BCG will bring us back to. End of discussion.

  163. UK81

    156, his brother.

  164. youngweezy13

    its usually lame bitch about referees but they did steal the game away from us…right after the “no-call” on the charge, a play or two later, they called a ticky-tack foul on joe crawford…that segment of officiating beat kentucky

  165. april22ky

    163 – perhaps they’ll be meeting one another in the NIT? I just don’t see how these guys say St Joes is in without a win today. They beat Xavier twice and got 4th in the a10. How is that a resume for the tourny?

  166. Stableboy

    I hope so. I really hope so.

  167. youngweezy13

    162- well said

  168. UK81

    Ole Miss and Florida were the only teams in a position to knock UK out of the tournament. Ole Miss is kicking themselves for losing Thursday.

  169. Brink

    So uf UK sucks so bad, what does that say about your team and coach. UT was out played and out coached in both our meetings this year.

  170. Stableboy

    OK, I was going to quit, but I have to ask my question again. How does a loss in your first conference tournament game to a team that went 4-12 in conference and just lost their best player to fouls show a selection committee that you deserve an at-large tournament berth? From first game to last, Kentucky is a team that achieved less than was predicted, for whatever reasons. Do any of you seriously argue the perspective that there are enough teams that deserve invitations more than Kentucky?

  171. Chris Robbins


    With all due respect (which isn’t much) I think you have to look at how UK’s team has bounced back after a terrible non-conference schedule to go 12-4 in the league with some very good wins against the top of the conference and only one game which could be called a disaster.

    The game today was not a good game and I feel like it is useless to blame the loss on the circumstances surrounding it – though things could have been more accomodating for our team, the loss happened because Georgia outplayed Kentucky.

    Now go away.

  172. kdeage2

    that dunk was dirty by weems

  173. oldcat

    stable boy,what you hve been ranked #1 for let’s see 40 hrs…in your entire school history,and your talking about the winninigest school in all of B-Ball history,what a joke

  174. Brink

    I will ask the question again who are all those tams your talking about.

  175. Stableboy

    Well, brink, I’d say it means that a third of our losses this season came to Kentucky. I guess you got me there, man, since we only produced a twelfth of yours.

  176. Brink

    Pig sueyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  177. Call me Clyde

    170. why don’t you name the schools on the bubble that deserve an at large bid then?

  178. april22ky

    Stable, will you finally go away once UT losses to Ark in 2 minutes?

  179. youngweezy13

    tennessee and their parading band of headband morons are overrated…i can easily see them losing in the second round to a lackluster team like UK unfortunately did to UAB in 2004…their foul-shooting is also horrific which is something that will handicap them in the tournament

  180. Brink

    41 years since ut won it outright.

  181. Stableboy

    Did Kentucky recruit Chris Lofton?

  182. april22ky

    lol @ 41 years, hilarious

  183. kdeage2

    have there been any sec tourny games this year that weren’t close at the end?

  184. Chris Robbins


    UK went 12-4 in a major conference, has a couple good marquee wins, and ended up well over .500 – there was a point this season where we did not expect that to be possible. The selection committee traditionally notices accomplishments like these and rewards them. I feel like UK is solidly on the bubble and the decision could go either way.

    Good thing for Tennessee that both UK and UF are having down years this season. Enjoy the rare scrap of prominence while it lasts.

  185. april22ky

    How many SEC tourny titles has UK had in the last 41 years?

  186. Stableboy

    Jealousy suits you, robbins.

  187. Chris Robbins



  188. Chris Robbins


    There really isn’t anything to be jealous about.

  189. Stableboy

    See that rebound? He’s a better inside presence than Patrick Patterson.

  190. april22ky

    Lofton would have sucked at UK, Tubby couldn’t develop players. Lofton underwent a lot of development in college, something that would not had happened at Kentucky under Tubby.

  191. Stableboy

    Heh heh… Vols rule!

  192. Stableboy


  193. bigcat4453

    Vols still aren’t playing in the finals!!

  194. april22ky

    That’s what I call “atleast 42 years”

  195. kdeage2

    goofiest lookin kid on the court wins the game

  196. Brink

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PIG SUEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. youngweezy13

    how bout dem hogs…stableboy wat are your thoughts on losing to a mediocre arkansas bunch?

  198. Chris Robbins


    What was that?

  199. oldcat

    stable BOY ur vols just lost LMAO

  200. bigcat4453

    So will UT get a #2 seed in the big tourney?

  201. Stableboy

    Can you believe that hippy hit that shot?

    Oh well… I’ve had fun with all of you today.

  202. Stableboy

    Oh well, at least the Wildcats buses probably left bread crumbs to mark our way out of Atlanta. Good luck tomorrow night, all… see you in San Antonio.

  203. bleedinbluesince81

    Stableboy we have something in common now your team lost today too

  204. april22ky

    Duke loses, Tenn loses, things started off pretty bad today, but my wounds have been healing as the day goes on.

  205. UK81

    Unforgettable beats Tennessee. I feel so much better. Tennessee all flash and just lost a Number 1 seed.

  206. bigcat4453

    Ky has won 27 titles in the last 41 years!!

  207. I'm Just Sayin

    I am beginning to think this may be one of those years where the SEC does really well in the tourney. I hate saying this but UT is good (won at Memphis) but the SEC has been giving them hell. Miss St, Vandy, Arkansas, UT and yes UK will represent the SEC very well this year I believe.

  208. youngweezy13

    uk will be fine…even if uk one the whole tournament or won a couple of more games the highest seed uk would have gotten would be a 8…i would rather have seeding in the range of 10-12 than having to face the number 1 seed so early..hopefully a blessing in disguise assuming uk makes the tournament

  209. I'm Just Sayin

    I think we will be in the tournament, and once we are today will have been a blessing in disguise. Playing three games in 24 hours would have finished us for the season. Now we get an extra days rest and will be ready to go next weekend. Just put us somewhere away from tornadoes please.

  210. MuhlenberCountyCAT


    Maybe next year you will realize that it is not a good idea to talk shit to a fan base whose team has won 27 SEC titles just hours before your team plays in the SEMI-FINALS of the SEC tournament. Surely you feel really stupid right now. See you in the Sweet 16 MAYBE…

  211. Japrick

    Isn’t it odd that after the East proved to be the dominant division all year long, two west teams will play for the Tournament championship. I say this with full confidence that Mississippi State will destroy Georgia.

  212. TBoogie

    Hey, Stablepuss….

    Net score from UK’s games versus UT this year: 132 to 129.

    How’s it feel to be outplayed by a team with 12 losses?

    Gosh UT’s so good. I wish I could kiss Chism’s shoes.

    Good luck losing in the second round as a 2 seed.

    5 bucks says UK gets farther as a 10 seed than UT does as a 2.

  213. mashburn4ever

    190 – what? do you honestly think that chuck, tayshaun and bogans would have made it to the
    association w/o tubby? no way…i know tubby is in a better spot now, but give him some respect.
    he could not find the greatest talent, but what he did bring in, he got the most out of.

  214. mashburn4ever

    also…if stablewhatever is such a big vols fan, why would he be all over this blog while his
    team was playing in the conf. tourney (and losing by the way)…pelphrey is really developing.

  215. lobstersky

    Stableboy blows goats…
    and his weak-ass Vols got it handed to them tonight!

  216. WildcatsOne

    Our RealTime RPI just dropped to 62. It amazes me how slowly we would climb and how fast that we fall in the rating.

  217. WildcatsOne

    Go Georgia….stomp the heck out of Miss. State.

  218. Blue in the Vein

    170, we will get to the tournament because we are kentucky. They even let us in when we suck. I know it must suck to have to cheer on a team that will never be great. UT will always live in our shadow. Noone from kentucky will ever care about a tennessee blog. Enjoy our scraps.

  219. nessa5555

    Did ULNV Steal Ohio st bid or did they already have one.

  220. nessa5555

    that Doug G bitch said that Arizona ST should get in over UK.

    he is a idiot. peoples on the catspaise message baords said we dont ghet in .

  221. april22ky

    let’s just hope that UGA doesnt pull this out and then beat ARK tomorrow. That would not be good.

  222. cdbearde

    I have to think that all you fans that are responding to Stableboy are young men, when you grow older you will realize that you should have acted like he never was here and he would have got bored and left, but instead you let him dominate this thread. I enjoy coming here and reading the true UK fans opinions, so please keep it with us, not them.
    Come on guys we can do better.
    And let’s give Pelfrey some love!!!

  223. Stableboy

    Yes, they’ll rename this blog after me. Heh heh heh… we may have lost, but today I won.

  224. nessa5555

    Joe L does not have UK in the last four in isnt that good.

  225. nessa5555

    Stableboy Doug G Bash UK the past 10 yearss saying every Year they shouldnt be i in it nothing new.

  226. Stableboy

    Wow, nessa, that puts me in my place. Nice one… I’m sure seven national championships gets you a provisional entry from time to time.

  227. CatsFan4Life

    221, I agree. UGA would probably take out bid…

  228. Stableboy

    I just can’t believe how easy it’s been to manipulate this blog.

  229. Chris Robbins


    Heck, the way their playing they might deserve it.

  230. Blue in the Vein

    It’s entertaining when fans of other teams frequent our blog, it show’s who’s at the top. You can model your program after ours but you can’t create what UK has in the lifetime of one coach. It would take over a hundred years to parallel our success.

  231. Stableboy

    Hilarious! I wonder if the Duke bloggers would have been so easily purturbed.

  232. april22ky

    I am so sick of hearing about how the SEC is down. Because Florida isn’t an obvious national championship this year then it’s down? What is so down about it? Tenn has been ranked at the top all season…Vanderbilt has been in the top like 15 all season. Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Miss State have all been ranked in the top 25. Just because the bottom 2-3 teams haven’t been ranked doesn’t mean that the SEC is down. Then all this crap about how wonderful the Pac 10 is because UCLA is in that conference. Arizona is not good this year, USC has Mayo but other than that aren’t all that wonderful…and the rest of their stupid teams haven’t done anything impressive…Arizona State?? It’s such a bunch of crap/ The media gives all this credit to the Pac 10 and thinks that their entire conference deserves to be in the tourny while SEC should get 2 teams in.

  233. cdbearde

    april22ky 221, I agree, I told my wonderful wife that tonight, we don’t need an automatic bid from the SEC.

  234. Chris Robbins

    Georgia is still hanging in there. Shouldn’t these guys be passing out from exhaustion?

  235. april22ky

    Georgia is funny. They haven’t played a competitive game all season until they get to the SEC tourny.

  236. cdbearde

    I would be.

  237. M. Vick

    You’ve sure logged some serious clock on this blog today. Hopefully you’ve got your long-windedness out of your system before tomorrow’s sermon.

  238. april22ky

    Miss St needs to go ahead and do something UK couldnt and put UGA away. This is getting ridiculous.

  239. Chris Robbins

    Please Don’t Feed the Troll

  240. sylvesjj

    gaines just fouled out. Don’t worry though Swanson will come through again.

  241. cdbearde

    looks like Georgia is going to win.

  242. cdbearde

    This don’t look good, I hope Pelfrey can win tomorrow.

  243. CATSby20

    Doug “d-bag” Gotleib just said we are out either way. I realize we probably are if Georgia wins but I’m still gonna drive to Bristol and beat his ass.

  244. wild1


  245. BravoBigBlue

    We had our destiny in our own hands and didn’t get it done. We came out flat and lifeless and looked like shit on the offensive end. If we don’t make the tournament, it’s our own damn fault – not anybody at ESPN. Go Razorbacks!

  246. HanOfTheBluegrass

    244) Interestingly, a poster on TCP says Vaught said on the radio (yes, this is like 3rd hand) that Gillispie told the refs in advance to watch for it (common practice on trick plays, etc), and Gillispie was especially yelling at that ref at the end of the game.

    It seems that the refs basically decided not to call that a foul, and I think they really need to explain why publicly, since Bradley clearly didn’t flop.