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Johnny Cash’s Wednesday News and Views


The Man in Black’s birthday was yesterday, but you have to forgive me as I cant let it pass. If I were to pick the six non-family deceased individuals that I would like to have dinner with, Johnny Cash would be at the head of the table (FWIW, which is nothing, he would be joined by Bobby Kennedy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Thurgood Marshall, Gandhi and Cawood Ledford). In a day and age when nearly every song I hear on the radio makes me cringe (especially those not performed by “No Parking”), and what passes as “country music” would make Hank Williams Sr. roll over in his grave, Johnny Cash’s music is almost pure perfection to me. Sung with a unique voice that is identifiable at its first note, Cash had a career musical catalog that, unlike Michael Bolton, one does not need to lie to say is almost universally great. If I were to list my Top 50 songs of all time, Cash would have 10-15 of them and that number is rising as I dig deeper into his resevoir of classics. But what is fascinating about Cash is not just his music. He is a man that played with Elvis, walked with Billy Graham, entertained every President since Johnson, won Grammys in four decades, played for prisoners, worshiped with the most religious and cared for the most hated. He was, as U2 lead singer Bono said when he died, the “rare mix of extraordinary and ordinary.” They simply dont make them like Johnny Cash any more. On his birthday, here is a performance of a song by Bono (who would make my living dinner list) and U2 at Johnny Cash’s Memorial Tribute. The two of them recorded this song, but neither ever performed it live. This is still the only time that “The Wanderer” has ever been performed on stage and its lyrics about searching for God are both brilliant and haunting. One of my Top 10 songs and I hope you guys and gals like it.

To the news……

(1) NCAA TOURNAMENT: Making the always smooth transition from Johnny Cash’s passing to the Field of 64, the conversation continues to spread about whether the Cats will make the NCAA Tournament. Probably more than any other school in college basketball, the case for Kentucky is both fascinating and controversial. Since virtually every announcer in America wrote off Kentucky after the loss to San Diego, it is impossible for many to fathom that the Cats might actually be a tournament team. Thus you have divergent opinions….Andy Katz, a known occasional sparring partner of mine on the radio, says the Cats are most certainly in…an opinion shared by Dick Vitale. Others however, including Jay Bilas and Clark Kellogg, are almost certain they are out. And no middle ground seems to exist among any of the announcers. Regardless of their opinions (which in the end dont matter), two things are certain. First, the Cats will shoot up the RPI if they go 3-1 this week. All four teams will improve the Cats strength of schedule and they could finish with an RPI in the low 40s. Second, even though no one would believe it, if the Cats can beat Tennessee in Knoxville (a long shot for sure), they will WIN THE SEC. Yes that is correct…win the SEC and get the #1 East seed in the conference tournament. Try and keep the Cats out then my friends.

(2) PATRICK PATTERSON: Seth Davis’s name was on everyone’s lips today, as he threw into his column that his sources were hearing that Patterson was thinking about jumping to the NBA at the end of the season. Of course that led to many Cat fans’ anger and a great deal of scorn from a number of outlets. First and foremost, lets be clear about one thing….Seth Davis has no source on this that would be better than countless other sources who follow Patterson on a daily basis. No one I have spoken with, including those close to Pat, believes that he will leave at the end of the year. In fact, Patterson himself is alleged to have posted on Facebook today saying it wasnt true (as with all Facebook stuff, one has to be careful that it was actually Pat). As I posted earlier, I honestly think the Patterson are committed to Patrick being here at least two years and I have heard nothing that would change that opinion. As for now, I think folks should assume what we long ago knew….Seth Davis is simply the worst.

(3) MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: We here at Kentucky Sports Radio are not a monolithic group. We all have opinions and sometimes they diverge. Earlier today Rob Gidel gave his take that Mitch Barnhart’s decision to veto the proposed “Monday Night Football” game on ESPN between Kentucky-Louisville was a good one. I will give the opposite take. I think the Cats are mistaken not to take this grand stage on the national platform. For the first time in my lifetime, Kentucky football has a buzz that exists not just because it has a fat quarterback. People are beginning to believe that Kentucky football is for real, a fact that will multiply come draft day when multiple Cats get called up to the stage. That Monday Night Football college game (while the NFL is still waiting to get started) has, at times, been a marquee game. Miami-Florida State occupied it for a while and then Florida St-Clemson played last year. It is a game watched by literally EVERYBODY in the country and one that recruits will all see. What better way for the Cats to showcase once again that they are for real and not a one-trick pony? Unlike last year, there isnt a case to be made that playing on Saturday or Sunday gives the Cats a better chance to win….the game will occur sometime in that 48 hour period, so why not with the national spotlight? Yes it gives a short week for the next game….but the next game is NORFOLK STATE….not even a team in Appalachian State’s league. Yes there is the possibility the Cats could lose….but there is also the possibility they win and get great press and great national exposure. I am for it….but then again I always err on the side of exposure. Either way, the debate will continue to rage on.

(4) SCOTTY HOPSON: Folks if you werent in Christian County last night (and most of us were not), you apparently missed a heck of a show. For the second straight year, Scotty Hopson and UHA got a scare in the district tournament, but this year they won, pulling out an 85-81 win against Hopkinsville. Hopson was brilliant, finishing with 35 points, 28 of which he got in the second half. While much debate is raging about Bud Mackey (and yes we have thoughts to coming later in the week), the tide is starting to get more unified on Hopson. With such talent (McDonalds All American talent to be precise) and Kentucky in need of scoring next year, moving after Hopson seems to be what everyone thinks is important….including recently, me. Hopson has shown TREMENDOUS signs of growth and has matured a great deal in the past year. The Cats have ground to make up….some would say a lot of ground….but if Scotty is going to pull out performances like he did Tuesday night, he is worth the work.

More during the day, including the results of the “UK Reporters Combine”….an athletic competition with the UK press corps….who would win? We will let ya know….

Article written by Matt Jones

51 responses to “Johnny Cash’s Wednesday News and Views”

  1. Cat Lady

    C’mon down Scotty! We need you as much as you need UK!

  2. ukfan2323


  3. wldctky

    Hopson will be a Wildcat…been hearing it for a “FEW” days now

  4. bcgobsession

    OK– I’ll bite #3) What makes you say Hopson will be a Cat? Unless you are actually Scotty Hopson, I just don’t know that I can be that optimistic yet.

  5. Steve Jobs

    U2 Rules!

  6. BigBlueAces

    Gotta love Johnny Cash…..

  7. ukworm

    I love Johnny Cash! Hes the shit! I dont think Patterson is going anywhere at all! Hopson is a one and done for sure…. sure he would be good next year but lets face it we still have nobody else on the team next year or the year after that.

  8. WonderBread

    I thought we had lost you Matt. No press on the UT Vandy game… hmmmm. Being that is was critical to UK for Vandy to get the win (for the regular season East SEC crown to still exist) while showing UK wasn’t the only team to have trouble in Nashville I felt a thread was certainly due.

    Good stuff on Johnny Cash. But your dinner table of 6 would only include one musician? No comedians?

    I’d love to see you guys do a thread where you lay out the 2 schools rosters Hopson is looking at for next season. take into consideration where the points are coming from this season, and project the best place for him to go:

    1. For playing time
    2. To increase his exposure (# of National TV Games)
    3. Increase his development to play at the next level
    4. Who’ll be playing seriously in the NCAA tourny (and what % of that play will include him)

    What does it take to lay out on the table the truth about the UK, UT, and Miss St. rosters next season and who has more of a chance (historically and under current regimes) to get to the NCAA tourny? With Joe and Bradley leaving, there is less in the way at UK, it’s the perfect time for a scorer to come here. Go to UT, and you sit the bench a lot like Chris Lofton did this year. Go to Miss St. and play with unmotivated kids who don’t bring it every game (and won’t see the NBA because of it) and who every year seem to fade when the big games come along with no history in the NCAA tourny to brag about.

    Sure I’m biased, but just look at the coaches… I think I’d get real tired real quick of Bruce Pearl spitting in my face as he yelled at me. There is tact that Bruce doesn’t have, and if anyone watched the UT Vandy game they saw it on display. What a blowhole!

  9. wldctky

    #4 I was trying to give a hint to who is saying that..” FEW”…..There is someone on some message boards who’s username starts with that. Who thinks that Hopsen to UK will happen……I have absolutely no idea what he will do, but would love to have him on our team

  10. jfiala1

    RIVALS HAS UK IN THE NCAA TOURNAMENT!!!! As the 44th team to get in. Just saw—here’s the link if anyone’s interested.

  11. The Truth

    #2 Doh!!!!!


    I love the news here, but I love when this happens more! Thanks ukfan2323

  12. boots45

    U2 Fan from way back.

    I think we are foolish not to try to get Hopson but I defer to coach. However, I was impressed with Preston Knowles playing defense for UL. He is a shutdown defender and we passed on him.

  13. mhurt

    As Yogi would say, Cash is just as good as money. An all time BEST on any list. Go Cats, Kill the Rebs!

  14. shmu evans

    U2 blows!!

  15. lueker


    While I agree that the East crown is still available in all likelihood Vandy winning last night hurt UK overall. Assuming we win tonight, we are only going to be one game ahead of Vandy for second place in the East. While I would like to think we’ll win at UT I’ve got to be realistic and count that as a loss so if the Cats and ‘Dores do what we expect the rest of the season we will both end up 12-4 and tied for second in the East. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but looking at all of the tie-breaker scenarios listed on, UK would lose the tie-breaker to Vandy based upon the loss to Mississippi State. Now if we could get Arkansas or Mississippi State to knock off Vandy then we’d be in good shape.

  16. Brink

    15 Let’s not forget that Arkasas this year has been alot like Vandy, not so great on the road, but one hell of a team at home. I could see vany losing that game quite easily.

  17. 1kyfan

    First, we have to take care of business at home tonight…

  18. ESECEE

    Gotta disagree on the Monday night game. I don’t want to goto a game on Monday night, and have to get back up for work the next day.
    Might sound like an excuse, but we all know how much more fun it is to party on the weekend that a work night. This game could also be the only national game on Sunday, so the exposure arguement is somewhat defunct. More people will watch the game on Monday, most likely, but not THAT many more. If you want to err on the side of exposure, watch Louisville play Monday-Friday, and their decline in season ticket sales, as the elders are getting tired of it, and we know who puts up the big money, which is even more true in Lexington. Sunday is the right answer here, and Mitch knows that, and that’s why he’s the AD, and a darn good one at that.

  19. I'm Just Sayin

    Do we really think Mackey can “Walk the Line”?

  20. blues77

    I agree with you 15 I was hoping to have Tenn win over Vandy because of all what you said.

    Plus, I think we have a better chance of winning the SEC tourney with
    Tenn and Vandy on one side of the bracket where we only have possibility of playing one those teams.

    i want to be on the side of the bracket with miss.state because i like our chances of beiating them in the semis if they get there….setting us with a either vandy or tenn

  21. EyewearMan

    Ok guys, I know I will be laughed off this board. I love Johnny Cash, and I really loved the fact that he covered the song “Personal Jesus” which is from my favorite band Depeche Mode! Huge 80’s music fan, and DM’s lyrics mostly written by Martin Gore are about real world stuff. Mainly love, religion, and pain. They have never really been a commercial band, but they are different and have sold millions of albums around the world!
    Johnny wrote and sang songs about life. He went to prisons and performed, he was a man’s man, and I would think that his legacy will live on for ever.

    Cats need to go 3 – 1 the rest of the way. If they can do that, and win 2 games in the SEC Tourney, I think they are in. Every game is tough, and they have to start with a win tonight!

  22. CAnTuckeeBoi

    Sorry to bring this up, but the cats winning in Knoxville on Sunday does not mean they will win the SEC. I shouldn’t have to remind anyone that we play a tough Ole Miss team tonight, SC on the road, and a Floriday team which has beaten us once before this year. I have as high of hopes as any but to say that we are in with a win Sunday simply is not true!

  23. I'm Just Sayin

    20 I thought that was clever. You’re now in the “Burnin Ring of Fire”!

  24. Beezner

    23, I agree. I’d hate to be a pessimist, but this team hasn’t exactly proven itself to be word beaters and I dont think any game can be seen as an “easy win”. It sure would be nice though.

  25. M. Vick

    Can’t believe it hasn’t already been posted, but here’s some breaking news…………. Seth Davis is a TOOL!!!!!!!!

    Wonder why he’s not sniffing all over Kevin Love’s crotch, wondering what he’ll be doing after his Fr. season? Or Rose, or Mayo, or whoever????

  26. kwfaris

    Re: Monday Night Game

    This happened last year with the Sunday night game controversy, and it appears to be happening agin. Because there is no other college or pro football game on, people assume “everyone” will be watching. Instead of assuming “everyone” will be watching, why not post the ratings for the FSU/Miami and the FSU/Clemson games.

    That should provide a nice point of reference.

  27. CAnTuckeeBoi

    I am beginning to think that what we need most is to blow someone out. Don’t get me wrong I’ll take a win any way I can get it, but if we could beat Ole Miss, UT, or FLA by double digits, or SC by 20=, I can’t help but to think it would help us look better in the committe’s eyes. You have to remember that we have been outscored in overall conference play, we need to make progress on that and whipe that slate clean and leave one less thing to worry about come selection time.

  28. ricdix

    Not trying to rush this season but looking ahead I’m hoping that Meeks will a have a full recovery and Hopson becomes a CAT. It would be a shame for an All American from the state of Kentucky to get away.
    By the way, what’s the latest on Mackey? Has he been playing, if so has the staff been recruiting him? Or is his MySpace post just a way to stir some interest?
    Also, There’s no crying in Football. Many teams have short weeks throughout the season just to get the coverage. Lets play on Monday.

  29. CAnTuckeeBoi

    As for Hopson, if the kid can play TEAM ball go get him, but I dont want anybody who is going to shoot 40 shots per game to try and average 30ppg. If the kid is one and done no matter what, why piss off a solid 4 year team player by making him sit behind a guy that is only out to impress. I like to hear things like “I wanna go to UK to win Championships,” not “I wanna go to USC so that I can get more expoure” (Mayo). I have said it before, I would take a Tony Delk, Tayshaun Prince, or Chuck Hayes, before I would ever take a Ron Mercer.

  30. Beezner

    29, Last I heard Mackey was playing in Georgia. I think it was Redon High School or something.

  31. Wednesday

    The only time I can remember the rumor of a player going pro and him coming back was Tayshaun, and then of course the whole Morris debacle, but that doesn’t really count. He would be silly not to see what the process is like and just not hire an agent. I foresee PP testing the waters and likely going pro next year. Seth Davis is probably hearing stuff from pro scouts and b/c people are saying he is a first rounder and with the guaranteed money and what not he just assumes he will leave. Which seems unlikely to me considering everything we have heard to the contrary.

  32. GoCats

    love that song, great dedication to the man, the myth.
    UK will be in the tourney, I would love to win the Tennessee game but I believe the key is the Florida game. Win our last 2 home games, beat South Carolina, win at least 2 int conference tourney and not only are we in, we will be listed as one of those teams no one wants to play.

  33. cubsfaninky

    Matt Jones, I can’t believe you would dis’ a fellow communist the way you just dis’d Michael Bolton. Be careful, the Dems might revolk your party membership.

  34. Yesterdays

    Why does everyone seem to think we beat Florida at home??? This is INCREDIBLE logic to me. They have already beaten us once. I realize it was at their place and they have a ton of freshman, but still, we have 3 TOUGH games left. I want to see u beat Ole Miss tonight and then I think we can talk about our tourney hopes. Lose at Ole Miss, and we are in serious trouble and the TEnn game would turn into a must win

  35. CAnTuckeeBoi

    IMO the SEC tourney is going to be a crap shoot this year! If there was a miracle and we did get a one see that would probably give TENN and or Vandy a very rough first round game. I would not be surprised at all if we went real deep either way!

  36. payne

    Go ahead and jump to ridiculous conclusions as most Cats fans tend to do. If the Cats beat Tennessee (which there is absolutely no way in hell they will), but if somehow they do, they do not win the SEC. They have a game tonight against Ole Miss and if I am not mistaken two more games after the Tennessee game. One of those is on the road against a team that plays really tough at home and the other is against a team that already beat the Cats. Tennessee has games left against two teams that they already beat by 20 this year.

  37. GoCats

    #35 every game is a must win but if we lose to tennessee we can still get in if we beat florida, miss, and usc.

  38. GoCats

    you have to have hope that we can beat florida and tenn. if you dont have hope that the cats will win, why are you here?

  39. golfnuts43

    30) What you said about Hopson I agree with 100%. For that reason I feel BCG is not hot after him.

  40. funkadelic

    Payne = Seth Davis

  41. UK Fans Turn To Facebook For Answers

    […] this past weekend when he indicated UK’s prized freshman, Patrick Patterson, might be turning pro after his freshman year; news the Big Blue Mist didn’t take kindly to. So what did the […]

  42. Yesterdays

    #35. I absolutely agree. The games against Ole Miss, SC, and FL are must wins IMO. My point was IF we dont beat Ole Miss, or any of the other three, we would HAVE TO BEAT TENN. I think 2-2 would still leave us with a remote shot, but we would have to have a VERY STRONG showing in the SEC tourney.

    #36. I believe we CAN beat Florida, but alot of folks on here have pretty much counted it as a W. I see that as a VERY tough game and a possible NCAA elimination game in some ways. It will be a dogfight.

  43. DubCKY

    I’m not sure if this has been mentioned about a million times…but if Scotty Hopson is as good as he is touted to be, then why are we only recruiting him now? And how the heck did Mississippi State almost get him to sign? He sounds like a great player and if he’s from Kentucky, I would think he’d rather go here than MSU.

  44. GoCats

    #43 we have all watched this season, there is not one game that have anybody counts as a W, every game has been excruciating. we are 9-3 and have been outscored in SEC play! but you have to believe you are going to win every game. GO CATS!

  45. CAnTuckeeBoi

    Hey Payne this is from earlier in the week:

    payne Says:
    February 25th, 2008 at 10:33 am
    Please tell me why you think Vandy is somehow suddenly better than Tennessee? Did you watch their first game? The Vols absolutely dominated them. Wayne Chism had 18 pts and 18 boards. Duke Crews was still out. If Vandy tries to outscore the Vols, they will lose. If they try to slow it down, they will lose. I think maybe you are just a little jealous that Tennessee is #1 and the Cats are still trying to play their way into the tourney.

    CAnTuckeeBoi Says:
    February 25th, 2008 at 3:20 pm
    PAYNE) I dont think jealousy is the case at all, and just because one team is better than another does not mean they will win. Vandy is undefeated at home this year, and UT is coming off of a big emotional win, and that is a perfect formula for an upset. You cant judge this game based on what happened earlier in the season, because if you did I guess you would have to say we will own TENN again March 2nd :). Not trying to start anything just saying that I would not be surprised at all if Vandy beat UT by double digits at home this week.

    UK FANS we are TRADITIONally right! 🙂

  46. halfcourtshots

    I think Hopson would be a great addition. He made me a believer last night. He did not play well early and battled foul trouble, but he was incredible in the fourth quarter. He had 19 in the 4th alone and sat out part of it because he had four fouls. He actually had 31 of his 35 in the second half.

  47. ESECEE

    #29…you’re just making the exposure arguement again, after we’ve all pointed out that the game will still be on sunday, and you’re assuming a LOT more people will be watching on monday. IMO, exposure is no different from sunday to monday…so then why would we do it if not for that? Harder on traveling fans, harder on local fans, harder on the players, and it’s harder to party on a school/work night. I can think of 10 reasons not do it, and the only one people keep coming up with for it, is exposure….which could be equal or close on sunday.

  48. kystevie

    when I was a kid back in the mid 60’s my late aunt Ruby had an old “Kay” archtop guitar she played she would play “Ring of Fire” for me and I loved it I thought ive got to learn this stuff… now i have been teaching guitar for 30 years
    Cash was/is a true American icon Go Cats tonight…
    Where’s Sean Tuhey?

  49. Brink

    48 Exactly, but exposure could be even greater if they get the prime time slot on Sunday. For one it will still be the only game on. And two I know I for one would feel much better about staying up till midnight watching a football game on Sunday night when there is no work/school the next day, as apposed to it being on till midnight on Monday.

  50. recruit_a_shooter

    I live in Northern Kentucky (Boone County) and have to put up with endless Cincinnati sports talk radio. No one around here thinks UK can make the tournament b/c they’re all UC and Xavier fans. The talk show host thinks I’m crazy for thinking UK has a chance to make the NCAA’s even though I gave him all the reasons why if they would go 3-1 in the next 4.

    Anyway, on his blog their is a poll that I believe isn’t accurate b/c of all the Cincinnati fans. Here is the link to the site

    Sorry, I don’t know how to insert a hyperlink. On the left hand side is the UK poll question. Show support for the cats and let’s swing this poll in their favor.

    I’m tired of being treated like an Ohioan when I live in KY!

  51. RVZ4UK

    Johnny Cash, what a man he was. He rightfully stood up for everthing
    he believed in. Be it music, life, politics, religion, and taking the
    blame for things he knew was wrong but he did anyway. He was not afraid
    to to say what needed to be said, be it in a song or verbally. JMHO his
    last 4 or 5 cd’s were as good if not better than his first 4 or 5.