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John Brady is Done

It’s been real, John.

Now, a trivia question–has there ever been a program that has achieved moderate success under horrible coaches for longer than LSU?  Between Dale Brown and Brady, LSU hasn’t had a coach since…I have no idea.  The coach before Brown was Press Maravich, who was hired because he’s bring his son Pete with him.  Pete was pretty good.

But really…I don’t think I’ve seen a well-coached LSU team in my life, and I’m damn near 30 years old.

Article written by Bomani Jones

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29 responses to “John Brady is Done”

  1. King Nate


  2. swilson13

    Unbelievable that Brady lasted as long as he did, in my opinion.

  3. matt s

    He was able to get great players to come to LSU but could never do anything with them. Like Anthony Randolph this year. He’s a great player but picked LSU over UK (UK would be great if they had him as well). Keith Gallon in 2009 has LSU and UK on his list. Hopefully any LSU problems could help UK get closer to this PF beast.

  4. Matt Jones

    Cheatingest coach around….but only two years from the Final Four….something fishy going on….

  5. ukcatfan88

    And he can store 17 chestnuts in his cheeks

  6. Matt Jones

    well played #5

  7. TBoogie

    Speaking of “done,” will the Bengals please get rid of Chad Johnson already? I’ve never in my life seen someone so preoccupied with themselves, T.O. included. At least T.O. took a team to a super bowl birth.

    Here’s to hoping they trade him to Detroit or San Francisco so he can see how good his situation in Cincy really was. He’s pissed me off too damn much.

  8. wtd

    The greatest hair part in the history of the SEC. The left side really has some nice vertical.

  9. billyb

    wonder if this might give us another shot at J’Mison Morgan??

  10. M. Vick

    Wonder if his wife will leave him for $greener$ pastures to graze in?

  11. nlk

    Lousyana produces plenty of talent. The right coach could make LSU pretty stout. Hope they can’t find one 🙂

  12. ukhoopster

    A good question would be how does this affect J’Mison Morgan now? Gallon would be a good get to in 09 but if we could somehow get Morgan for 08 we would be in great shape for next year. Come on Billy G get it done!

  13. billyb

    Morgan’s list was UCLA, Kansas, Louisville etc. You KNOW that all three of those coaches have already texted him today!

  14. billyb

    Oh, I forgot texting isn’t legal . . . but buying him an SUV might be workable . . .

  15. matt s

    Morgan would put this recruiting class close to the top. Wasn’t he going to visit UK for Midnight Madness but didn’t because he knew he was committing to LSU? I hope Gillispie hits this hard.

  16. ukhoopster

    Another question may be do these other school’s have scholly’s to offer him? We know UK does.

  17. matt s

    He would Start at UK next to Patterson. He could get all the PT he wanted. Louisville has 2 5-star big men coming in next year that Morgan would have to contend with (not to mention Character if he stays).

  18. Spica Orbit

    TBoogie Says:
    February 8th, 2008 at 11:24 am
    Speaking of “done,” will the Bengals please get rid of Chad Johnson already? I’ve never in my life seen someone so preoccupied with themselves, T.O. included. At least T.O. took a team to a super bowl birth.

    A Super Bowl birth? And the whole team was there? Bet that was uncomfortable for the mother…….berth perhaps?

    Spica Orbit

  19. shmu evans

    Before committing to LSU Morgan aslo recieved offers from Bama, Baylor, ‘Nati,
    KU, UL, UCLA, and UK.

  20. Inside Info 35

    I remember kicking LSU’s ass when they had a pretty good player on the team. I think his name was SHAQ

  21. Inside Info 35

    If my memory is correct we also whipped up on another player that aint so bad either. I think his name was TIM DUNCAN

  22. Portersjuniorcollegetalent

    Our game against LSU just got a little tougher.

  23. 10, 2, and 4

    I’ll assume it was a vicious firing with a Hal McRae phone-throwing type incident. It’s just better that way.

  24. catfaninsbca

    22 that was brilliant.

  25. Pokey Chapman

    They see how well things are woking out for Arkansas and their new coach and they gotta be thinking, that should have been us.

  26. floorgeneral22

    Dont forget about Storm Warren we might try to get involved with him as well…..Lets hope so….But man John Brady can recruit, but JESUS he cannot coach. I have never seen someone do less with more in my life. The man made Steve Lavins teams look like overachievers. The fact that a team that lost only Darrel Mitchell (terribly underrated player really) and Tyrus Thomas and went from a Final Four berth (shouldve won the friggin thing honestly with that team) to being the bottom dweller in the SEC WEST in one year is just inexcusable. If Tubby could’ve recruited like Brady we would’ve won a national championship ever other year of his tenure. But then, Tubby did struggle to coach high level talent because he couldn’t deal with anyone who was even REMOTELY spoiled. God bless him…..Just so everyone knows this isn’t an anti Billy post, just an observation.

  27. AJStewarts splinter

    26 that was brilliant. I’ve never been able to put it in to words why Tubby struggled with top recruits, but you hit it on the head. The spoiled I’m a star factor. Not that he couldn’t relate to kids anymore, b/c that’s just stupid. he just didn’t understand the “I’m a STAR” characters we forced him to pursue. And you gotta bbe able to do that at a top 5 program, these days.

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  29. UKCatsWin8

    It is a sad day for the south. Where will our kids learn cussing and blasphemy, if not from watching camera shots of John Brady on the sideline?