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Billy Clyde has No Contract


We would be remiss if we did not mention the biggest news of the day, the fact “unearthed” by Jerry Tipton, that Billy Clyde has yet to sign a formal contract. Let me first of all say that I dont blame Tipton for “digging up” this story as some around the UK fanbase seem to be doing today. When something is legitimately news, I dont think you shoot the messenger for that news solely because you dont like his general style. There is no doubt in my mind that Tipton is extremely negative in his coverage the majority of the time and is very apt to dig up stories that simply arent news to try and make a splash (think Azubuike’s dad or Rondo’s car). In those cases, Tipton deserves the scorn he gets and his “nattering nabob of negativism” label is entirely appropriate. But here, the fact that Billy Clyde has not yet signed a contract after being on the job for over seven months is worthy of news coverage and raises some interesting issues.

According to the article, Billy Clyde is currently operating under the “Memorandum of Understanding” that was originally agreed upon at the time of his hiring and outlines the general parameters of the deal. But as of now, there has yet to be an agreement on finalized terms that would complete the contract and lead to its signing. The terms in which the parties are apart are unknown at time and could only be determined via speculation. Yet it is worth noting that this is a great deal of time for a coach to go without signing a contract. Nick Saban went 6 months without getting the deal done at Alabama, but then finally put pencil to paper… of yet that hasnt happened here.

It is important however for fans not to assume negativity due to the lack of an agreement. Jerry Tipton (bringing out the part of him that is frustrating) mentions that it is a “glaring omission” that there is no morals clause in the Memorandum of Understanding…..however one would never expect to find such a clause in a document like this. If Billy Clyde were to have a serious violation before a clause was agreed upon in the final contract, UK would have just clause to terminate the agreement in any event. The lack of such language at this point says nothing, beyond the obvious hint by Tipton that he personally believes it is needed. We have no idea what the sticking point is in the negotations and I am sure most fans will take the intelligent path and not speculate at this time.

What is likely to occur however is that this story becoming public will prod the parties closer to a deal. This story is now on the front page of and will continue to be asked to Barnhart and Gillispie until a deal is agreed upon. Likely both parties know this and will have extra incentive to make the final agreements necessary to get the deal done. It would not surprise me at all to see a deal finished within the next couple of weeks in order to put this story to bed. But if it drags on longer than that, through the season and in to the offseason, expect rival coaches to use it against UK in recruiting and the questions to linger. Now that this is public and front and center, both parties need to get this off the table. If they dont, and the disagreement is such that both sides are willing to take the public scrutiny and continue to submit to questions on the topic….well, then we may have a story worth following closely.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. bigdaddy23

    FIRST !!!

  2. cheekdaddy

    Sign him baby

  3. CalCat90066

    Come on, sign that bitch, and get ‘er done!


    Yeah, so ESPN runs with Jerry Tipton stories now? Wow, who would’ve thought?

  5. deplion

    Nice article Matt. It is a legit story, but likely not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

    Good call on Tipton’s “glaring omission” also. He obviously has zero understanding of contracts / contract law.

    I’m relieved to see his pattern of commenting on topics he knows absolutely nothing about remains in tact.

  6. Carlisle1974

    I recall someone at the Courier-Journal or Herald-Leader did a story on this back in the summer. They mentioned that it wasn’t uncommon for college coaches to do this…specifically mentioning Urban Meyer and maybe Billy D or Nick Saban. Another case of Tipton and ESPN taking a story and running with it.

  7. GoCats

    Im sure Gillispie isnt too concerned considering all the endorsements he is doing all over the state. He has so much money coming in he probably didnt realize the contract wasnt signed!

  8. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    I know this doesn’t have any bearing but… can you imagine if Singleton had planned on signing with Kentucky and Tipton had released this story on the 13th?

    Let’s just say… he would not have found his car in the Herald Leader parking lot. It would have been towed to Tallahassee.

  9. Drewdown N ChiTown

    This is exactly what we DON’T need right now. Regardless of the underlying reasons for this situation, it needs to be remedied.

  10. Mosley

    Can you sign contracts with a pencil?

  11. go cats go

    I’d say they haven’t had time to sit down and do it yet since BCG has been digging us out of the hole that was left for him. Funny that nobody has brought that up.

  12. V-in-K

    11) That sounds about right.

  13. IowaCatFan

    Why should we sign him? He hasn’t won a regular season game yet!

  14. BPatte

    I love the digging us out of a hole comment. We won 22 games last year. Hopefully we can get this done before other coaches start using it against us with potential recruits.

  15. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    As Matt stated, “We have no idea what the sticking point is in the negotations… ”

    This just in…

    11/16/07 4:35pm – Rob Bromley is reporting for WKYT from Malones Restaurant on Tates Creek Drive that Bill Keightley has confirmed bathroom stall knife engravings found in the Men’s restroom do match engravings found recently in bathrooms around the UK Craft Center 2nd floor offices. To help save the program Keightley signaled to Bromley about the story through an “in huddle” head nod. Keightley also has confirmed the tip of Billy Clyde’s T A&M embossed pocket knife was reported to him as broken the morning of the 14th. According to the Malones bathroom attendant, the engravings surfaced after a late dinner and drinks the coach and his manager had on the 14th after a tough day (Meeks injury, loss of Singleton).

    The engravings etched into back of the bathroom stall door:

    “UK wanny me… Bring W.V. Soccer girl Cicchini, home to BCG”

    Bromley went on to add that their is NO CONFIRMATION of a life threatening hip injury to Meeks, as previously reported on WVLK.

  16. David Shelton

    Billy G stalling to see if the
    Texas job opens up?

  17. mdluk1

    Great…tipton can “unearth” crap like this but can’t find one shred of good news to report. Nothing on recruiting that is valid. Nice, tipton:^(

  18. BPatte

    If Bill G was interested in the Texas job, why would he ever take this job? I think it has to do with the morals issue or clause that is needed. Don’t forget he likes to party a little bit.

  19. high and mighty


  20. GregCat

    Are we still recruiting him?

  21. Scotland

    No big deal. His contract is worth $20 million over 7 years.

    It takes a while to Dot The I’s and Cross The T’s on $20 million contract.

  22. GregJ

    I guess I’m the only one who sees this as a positive. Clearly Billy G and the administration trust each other enough to rely on their respective words.


    this has nothing to do with Billy G, it has everything to do with lawyers trying to work out a deal that is best for their clients, and what is best for theirselves

  24. Dragonophile

    The story is big enough to make the front page of ESPN online.

  25. V-in-K

    So who is Willie Warren signing with from the big 12??

  26. V-in-K


  27. What’s the Holdup? « Rush the Court

    […] UK nation thinks this is a non-story, and they’re probably right.  ASoB and KSR riff on the situation.  […]

  28. ukbandman

    Not a big deal. will happen when it happens.

  29. sortleader2

    It sucks that I have been banned to post as Clinton’s Memoirs(my nome de plum). But I’ll have you know that Bubba is alive and well in us all, regardless of whether we can land a big man on campus.

  30. boots45

    no wonder he still wears the belt! Sign the man. this is ridiculous.

  31. sortleader2

    BCG’s contract with UK is as lucrative as the Republicans’ Contract with America from the 90’s. Remember, when we won Championships.

    Q.S. Happy 96th Birth Day Omega Psi Phi, Inc.: Nov. 17, 1911.

  32. starchief5

    #20 That’s because lawyers get paid by the hour.

  33. gorbe ye abi

    We got so much deadwood and have had so much deadwood upfront for so long that it looks like we are stacked when someone looks at us. That’s why we can’t get a Big to come to UK. The projects of Tubby.

  34. gorbe ye abi

    The Tubby Defense League is out in full force. How much do you guys get paid? Must be a lucrative position for you guys to be so dogged.

  35. gorbe ye abi

    How much per hour does the Tubby Defense League get paid? Just asking.

  36. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    Did anyone notice that Scotland, BPatte, and David Shelton all operate under the “Memorandum of Sadism”? This allows them to work for the Univerity of Tennessee boosters without a written contract connection.

  37. Scotland

    Going Into This Season, Top 20 Team (All-Time) Edit | Reply

    Clipped from Cincy athletics site…

    NCAA All-Time Winningest Men’s Basketball Programs

    No. School (Yrs.) Record Pct.
    1. Kentucky (104) 1948-608-1 .762
    2. N. Carolina (97) 1914-696 .733
    3. Kansas (109) 1906-782 .709
    4. Duke (102) 1818-802 .694
    5. Syracuse (106) 1704-782 .685
    6. Temple (111) 1668-935 .641
    7. St. John’s (100) 1659-831 666
    8. Penn (107) 1634-913-2 .641
    9. UCLA (88) 1611-713 .693
    10. Indiana (107) 1610-876 .648
    11. Notre Dame (102) 1605-885-1 .645
    12. Utah (99) 1595-833 .657
    13. Oregon St. (106) 1570-1137 .580
    14. Illinois (102) 1569-824 .656
    15. Western Ky (88) 1548-764 .670
    16. Washington (105) 1548-1021 .603
    17. Princeton (107) 1533-949 .618
    18. Cincinnati 1531-887 .633
    Texas (101) 1532-926 .623
    20. Louisville (93) 1529-816 .652

    NOTE: As of the start of the 2007-08 season.

  38. smbivens

    Leonard Washington got cleared today. MM is reporting they are in talks with UK…Says he a monster down low…Could play for a team as early as midseason.

  39. Chuck Alexinas

    Hopson DID NOT sign.

  40. Scotland

    UK is the #1 program in terms of W-L (%) record. 1950 W out of 2560 games (all-time) for 76.2% success.

    The last 10 seasons, UK was 263-83 for 76% success. The past 5, 131-40 for 76.6% success.

    So far this year, 1-1.

  41. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    Is their a scholarship Washington could use this year? That would be interesting to see the shuffle that would be done to accommodate him in the fold.

    My only issue with him is the 6′ 6″ thing. And yes, I know Chuck Hayes was 6′ 6″, but lets leave good ole Chuck in a league all his own in this discussion.

    Also, did anyone watch the first half of the 2KSports Coaches vs. Cancer Tourny: Memphis vs. UConn? Ugly hack ball. No respect street ball. Call it what you want, I call it ugly.

    18th ranked Arkansas just got smoked by Providence in Puerto Rico by 16.

  42. uofkcats

    #36 you need to watch some videos on LW, you will be impressed

  43. GoCats

    9 points, 10 assists, 7 rebounds for Rondo

  44. Scotland

    I think (not 100%) sure that Coury is a walk-on again, leaving the 13th scholarship open.

  45. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    Does any video exist other than whats on Rivals or the 1 YouTube 40 seonds worth?

    I’d like to watch that entire adidas Vegas game. It looks similar to the place that Washington got in the startdown with Fortson. If no one can come up with that game, can we at leasst get a post of the Washington Fortson bump staredown? Please?

  46. smbivens

    If you go to MM site someone has posted a link to watch LW at the USC elite camp, rather impressive…Also its been said, in terms of schollys available, there may be 1-3 transfers this year..One being Carter to WKU, and tccat also mentioned UNC..For some reason Roy wants him..UNC can have em..ha

  47. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    God I hate MM’s site… lol

    Slowest formums on the planet. They need an IT guy also

  48. Scotland

    Washington likes LSU and New Mexico as his Top 2 right now.

  49. robby ……….hopson didnt sign, he said he’s not ready……… be interested to hear more about washington too, as well as carter to wku or nc, as someone mentioned earlier

  50. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    OK I take it back… I love MM’s site… got to see some Leonard Washington Video…


  51. GoCats

    I know we are a basketball school 1st but I am amazed that there are no football posts on the day before an absolutely huge game.

  52. robby

    i agree gocsts!!!!!!……we play one of the hottest teams in football tommorrow, and its a very very important game to our program…….

  53. smbivens

    Scotland get informed, hear we may know by tomorrow whether he’s coming..He’s spoken to UK tonight and MM says it went great

  54. robby

    48, seriously?…….not sure how i feel about that…..i hope its a good thing though…..great until proven bad i guess……

  55. GoCats

    Tayshaun 16 points 9 rebounds in a loss
    Kelenna 10 points 7 rebounds in a win

  56. V-in-K

    54) That is old news, it has not been updated in a while; he was talking to kentucky as early as yesterday; I think we are in the control seat here.

  57. billyharrison

    15 that was funny.

  58. Scotland

    #53 Maggard is more often wrong than right.

  59. smbivens

    I do think recruiting is a tricky thing to predict, however he is usually very close…Guess we’ll see who is right today or tomorrow..Im hoping Im right.ha

  60. litig8tr

    This is not a big deal at all, nor is it unusual to take this long.

    I have negotiated and drafted several D-1 coaching contracts (including one where prior alcohol use was a major consideration). The “for cause” clauses are fairly standard and are not usually a stumbling block. The delay is usually due to the coach not having time to meet with his attorney to finalize the language, especially if the attorney is located elsewhere. Once the deal is struck and the coach is getting his paycheck, the actual contract is generally not a top priority for the coach.

  61. Scotland

    (Hoopmasters says) USC or UK are his 2 schools.

  62. catfan_76

    At the game yesterday after “hob-knobbing” with some big wigs, I heard from the hordes mouth that Billy Clyde has a five year contract. So all the fans are going to have to give him time to impliment his program. Because DR. Todd said he would

  63. Scotland

    No contract (yet) but 7 year MOU at $2.3 million per (plus incentives and bonuses).