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Without Question the FUNNIEST UK thing I have ever seen

Now I know I post a lot of stuff on here…..but PAY ATTENTION TO THIS ONE. Some of you may remember a few weeks ago when Saturday Night Live ran this video of two guys doing a rap about “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Well two Kentucky college students have gone one better. They have produced this video of the UK Basketball rap version.

I am not just saying this… HAVE to watch this. It is beyond my mere words…..

Article written by Matt Jones

144 responses to “Without Question the FUNNIEST UK thing I have ever seen”

  1. Mosley

    Wow! These guys make Dewayne Lawson look like Fiddy Cent.
    While there are so many things to make fun of that my head might
    explode, I will make one suggestion for the following lyric:
    “We got a great team, just ask Pat Riley, who played for Adolph Rupp
    on a team full of Runts.” Change Runts to “Whities” and you got
    yourself a serviceable and somewhat fun rhyme.”

    Peace out my homies. One would do well to keep it real.

  2. maconvolfan

    I was just going to comment that these guys make me look straight ghetto, but Mosley beat me to it.

    Word to your mother or other significant female authority figure in your life.

  3. Mike Jones

    That’s great. I think they may have tried to too hard to make us think
    they were really serious. Come on. The best part about the video,
    HANDS DOWN, is the guy with the KENTUCKY shirt on, performing his
    imaginary jumper. That dude has a pure stroke that is reminiscent
    of what I imagine a right handed Chris Mullin would look like.
    Reggie Hanson or Scott Rigot really missed out on this kid, pure smoovness.

  4. Daniel

    Thanks for the feedback.

    It’s been picked up elsewhere.

    To Mike Jones, thank you. I can’t dunk or rap for the life of me.

  5. Daniel

    Hey, link to the revver link instead of youtube. I did not upload it on youtube

  6. Daniel

    Thanks again, Matt. But change the link will ya? I have it:

  7. Keith Chambers

    Yes, this might be a little late, but…

    If you were wondering who that ‘Keith Chambers” guy, credited as a writer, is, then think no more or look no further because I do exist…

    “Standing 6’ 4″ at 220 lbs., an English Lit major from Western Washington University with a love of hoops like no other… rising from obscurity by being asked if he could contribute to Lazy Tuesday… Keith… Chambers…”

    And it is true the only part I really worked on was the second stanza, the part where the NKU Geto Boyz had to read off the sheet. That’s the last time I try to incorporate Lukasz Obrzut into a rap…

    And I’m done.


  8. Daniel

    That’s the last time I do that line without rehearsal.

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