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Starting Lineup Announced

How many of you had no Crawford and no Patterson in your starting lineups….but had the Coury Flurry? Looks like the reports on the Razor and the Flurry were true…..


Article written by Matt Jones

57 responses to “Starting Lineup Announced”

  1. slapdaddy

    The Legend of Coury has added another chapter……..or at least A chapter

  2. Jacob Adam Brooks

    Why can’t I post now?

  3. CalCat90066

    Unbelievable. I love Gillispie’s ‘nads. He truly goes with who is playing the best!

    I’m ready for the season to start…GO BIG BLUE!

  4. Al Purnell here

    1st off, I’m kind of shocked by the line-up. 2nd Did you notice how I got the 1st in there………………….

  5. uofkcats

    That sucks for other teams who have to 1st face the starting lineup
    then Gillispie brings Patterson, Legion, Crawford, Jasper off the bench.

  6. uofkcats

    Maybe Gillispie is trying to spread out the point distribution and give
    him some weapons off the bench. It might actually work.

  7. Jacob Adam Brooks

    I’m sorry, I picked the other 4 (besides coury), but I just don’t see how both Stevenson and Patterson could possibly be outplaying Patterson. I mean, by all accounts the kid is a work horse, who never takes a play off and has a better offensive and defensive game then both of those two…. yet he doesn’t start his first game. Just sounds a bit to me like BCG is trying to say “You never know who I’ll start and I’ll start whomever I want…regardless of hype.” Which is fine, I just personally don’t see either of them two out wokring or out performing Patterson… he’s so much better than those two and I’ve never heard any one say anything other tahn that he works his ass off at practice… so it confuses me a bit. He’ll start the regular season opener.

  8. Jacob Adam Brooks

    7) not saying BCG is wrong or second guess him… I just don’t see it being that black and white.

  9. UKchrisb

    Is this a joke??????????

  10. al

    Am I the only one not shocked? It’s an exhibition game. I’m assuming he sees potential in these guys contributing and he wants to get them some real game experience in front of a large crowd.

  11. demoCrAT

    Rivals new article– Singleton down to UK/FSU–announcement to come by 11/14/07

  12. demoCrAT

    actually, he is having a press announcement for sure on 11/14/07– great news for us.

  13. KyCat

    Perhaps not starting Crawford is related to his slow start due to I think some type of injury. And perhaps Patterson’s respitory problems from last week slowed him down.

  14. demoCrAT

    Crawford not starting becuase of conditioning issues

  15. jtwildcats457

    Now that the site has cleaned up a bit I decided I would join the mix. Personally I am excited about the news of the starting lineup. I am a little shocked that Patterson is not in there, but it is not like he won’t be seeing significant playing time this season. Plus with all the injuries and illness during the last few weeks I am sure conditioning could have played a factor into the decision. I am just ready for them to hit the hard wood and win some ball games. Go Cats from not so sunny Florida.

  16. mortinski

    It probably has something to do with Patterson’s sickness. He’s probably not quite 100% yet. It is Pikeville after all…

  17. wildcatadam6

    where did this info come from?

  18. 69Z

    This line-up reflects who’s been practicing full time.

  19. demoCrAT

    18-exactly right

  20. Riverbandit

    Very interesting.

  21. Burly

    Its practice. Who cares who starts. They all will play.

  22. ukfan4882

    According to Marc Maggard at Kentucky Ink, Patterson and Crawford both missed a practice this week. Gillispie said if you don’t practive you don’t start. I guess that’s fair. I’m guessing there will not be too many missed practices this season. LOL

  23. demoCrAT

    Anyone who hasnt seen this page–this is an awesome collevtion of UK vids available on

  24. JKW1974

    In the office pool, I had Bradley, Harris, Meeks, Patterson and Coury. I am sure Patterson’s absence is related to not practicing due to illness….It will be VERY entertaining to watch Harris and Coury…..

  25. manualcrimsons09

    i mean patterson is not starting for obvious reasons, he was at the hospital last week. even though he is the “savior” of our woes, he is still human. crawford, jasper, and carter have all had surgery in the past year and are not 100%. A preseason scrimmage is certaintly not worth the risk of further injury to key players. our walkons can beat pikeville

  26. 69Z

    BG said he wouldn’t know the starters until after tomorrow’s practice at today’s PC.

  27. 69Z
  28. 69Z

    ^^^ Presser link.

  29. jtwildcats457

    I am not as curious as to who starts games, but as to who finishes.
    That seemed to be the difficult situation over the last few years. Who could put the games away?

  30. GregJ

    I sure hope these guys have improved as much as we’ve heard they have…or we’re screwed.

  31. bking84k

    This makes no sense to me…

  32. Vertigo

    Wow, I bet Pikeville is shaking in its shoes. Seriously, have these guys improved that much or is BCG forced to start them because of injuries or is he just trying to send a message to certain players?

    Whatever the case I think it’s a calculated risk. If it works, BCG will be seen as the genius we’ve already made him out to be. If it fails, I still think we give BCG a pass as long as he gets serious with the lineup the next game.

  33. bconover

    ok, let’s worry about who starts the first non-exhibition game. this is a glorified big blue madness and is not indicative of anything other than people working full-time compared with those who have not or could not for one reason or another.

    if patterson is not a full-time starter, i will be very surprised. on the other hand, i would not be surprised if crawford is not a starter come opening day. he has to re-earn his spot.

  34. GummyBear

    I think we’ll be just fine vs Pikeville… besides, Stevenson and Harris earned it for getting their noses broken.

  35. 69Z

    Listen to the press conference and relax. It’s a exhibition game.

  36. uofkcats

    I don’t know who will start but I do know one thing, UK will be pressing
    and running up and down the court. With Singleton being there I am sure
    Gillispie wants to show him what kind of style he will be playing.

  37. gonbewilson

    Crawford should not have started last year. If nothing has changed, he shouldn’t start this year. Meeks seems to have a much higher basketball IQ. I assume Patterson was in the starting lineup until he died according to Rob Bromley, but who is taking his spot? The Flurry/Stevenson/Harris?

  38. hayzardous

    #36, Singleton is going to be there?

  39. Vertigo

    I hear Singleton will be here Saturday, not tomorrow.

  40. uofkcats

    #39 your right he will be there Saturday and has a press conference
    held for 11-14-07 according to rivals

  41. Dragonophile

    I like the lineup from a motivational view. If Coury, Harris and Stevenson have put in great effort, why not reward them early in the season & with an exhibition game? I was a very good baseball player and usually started, but I was a mediocre basketball player and was one of the last in the game. It gets really hard to practice & practice & practice without the reward of getting in the limelight at least on occasion. I don’t think the starting lineup once we hit SEC games will look like this. I would be astounded if Patterson weren’t a starter. But regardless of who starts, the real measure is who gets the minutes. In many games, the eventual high scorer wasn’t even a starter.

  42. kentucky rain

    you people on here sound like the fans under tubby. Relax take a deep breath and sit down. Under Pitino did it really matter who started. Giving a starting spot is just to motivate players to work harder and earn the spot. Patterson is obviously not starting due to his sickness. All of the guys will see playing time all year long. Imagine the starters playing to the first timeout then look over at scorers table and in comes Crawford, Legion, Williams, Patterson, Jasper.

  43. Vertigo

    Let’s hope that Patterson starts on Saturday, especially if Singleton is in attendance. I’ve heard the Patterson has been instrumental in recruiting Singleton to UK. It wouldn’t look too promising to Singleton if he sees Patterson sitting the bench. JMHO.

  44. Vertigo

    #42, I don’t think you need to talk anybody down off the ledge just yet. 😉

  45. bcgobsession

    Matt– still having issues posting 🙁

  46. V-in-K

    What a bunch of nervous nellies; I don’t think this lineup will necessarily continue; just a starting point from where we are at; and yeah Crawford and Patterson did miss practice some….so…(GO CATS) I can’t wait!!! We are still LOADED with great shooters…

  47. uofkcats

    to change the subject, Kelenna started tonight and had 9 points in
    the 1st quarter of the game.

  48. Wolvezzz

    Im Guessing the following knowing what we know now, hopefully reversing the SF & PF. I Looked at Coury’s weight & he is the 3rd heaviest player on the team at 230. So if he has better footwork than Carter or Williams as we would expect its gonna = PT. We have to have somone to be able to hold thier ground, and I think I remember something about Patterson (or his mom) not wanting to pull the positon of being the default center, which I agree with.

    PG Bradley, maybe Porter maybe Crawford/Meeks/Legion
    SG Meeks, Legion
    SF Harris, Crawford
    PF Stevenson, Patterson
    C Coury, then either Stevenson moving over or Carter/Williams

    Think this covers most of possibilities we could be seeing, and knowing that Jasper is out for a while.

  49. Wolvezzz

    But heck who knows maybe a walk-on might just be impressive enough to sneak in there somewhere, especially during the first 2 games.

  50. halldawg22

    It’s an exhibition, no one talked this much about who started the Big Blue Madness scrimmage. Thats all this game is, an over-glorified scrimmage. Everyone will play, but don’t be surprised to see Crawford, Patterson, Bradley, and Meeks see very little playing time. Not worth the risk, let the other guys who have been practicing hard see some unusually high minutes. Stevenson, Coury, Harris and Legion will probably have the most minutes.

  51. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    That lineup last year would have been scarey. Who would be your true scorer besides Meeks? Obviously Bradley would force things but other than that, half court offense, post players? They would have been lost in a hurry.

    HOWEVER… considering this lineup under Billy G. has to open the possibility that these kids are being developed now. Can you imagine production from Harris, Stevenson and Coury last year? Forget Bradley and Meeks for a second. Will Harris, Stevenson and Coury actually be given play development capability? Will they show confidence in that role? What on earth has been going on over at Memorial… is it a Revival? 😉

    We all know Bradley and Meeks know what to do with the ball. But if these other 3 aren’t just limited fill ins, then this could really give our team the depth we need to compete. Seriously, along with Bradley and Meeks, we know Patterson and Crawford know what to do with the ball as well. The development of the Harris, Stevenson, Coury trio would be groundbreaking.

    Final lineup note:
    So is Legion behind Meeks? Then Crawford is behind Ramon? I’m wondering who is starting in front of Legion.

  52. jauk11

    #49, isn’t Coury that’s starting still a walkon?

  53. Da Bad Guy

    yeah right, this is just an exhibition. Patterson & Crawford will be in when the real games start.

  54. asdfasdf

    Look, everyone in Pikeville is a UK fan, even though the team isn’t all actually from E.KY, but still.
    I can’t wait to see if there was any credibility to the hype of Coury and Harris, I would love to see both surprise us.
    but the REAL question is…..WHY THE HELL ISN’T DUSTY MILLS STARTING??!!?? dubya tee eff

  55. asdfasdf

    oh yeah, legions drops 24 tonite, meeks 16, bradley 20

  56. AMH

    #52 – yes.

  57. V-in-K

    55) I hear ya man…altho you think Legion will get enough time to score that much??? lol Otherwise I would just reverse the Bradley and Meeks scoring…(just opinion) I can’t wait to see them play!