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The truest fans…


Yes if you wear your Kentucky shirt to a UK game, you are a fan……wear it work and you are maybe a bit bigger fan…..wear it to an opposing team’s game and now you are an even bigger fan…..but wear on your way to the pearly gates…..well now that is a true fan. I am sure people are familiar with the notion of team coffins but it is a bit new to me. Apparently you can buy a coffin all decked out in UK blue and have your earthly remains drenched in the logo of the Cats. In doing so, anyone who encounters your remains (for instance worms or people later looking for DNA evidence, a la Zachary Taylor) will know your allegiance. So sign up folks…..times a’ wasting.

Article written by Matt Jones

37 responses to “The truest fans…”

  1. kykernel

    sign me up!

  2. Clandestine

    What will they think of next?

  3. BoDiddly

    I could make a canoe out of one of those

  4. sideshowbob

    for the “die hard” fan

  5. deWildcats

    Sophomore linebacker Mikhail Mabry sustained a broken thumb in practice on Thursday and will be out indefinitely … any more bad news before we kick-off the season!!!

  6. TheDude

    Ok. So just why would a coffin need a reversable pillow? I mean, even IF you wanted to change it twenty years after you were laid to rest, there isn’t enough room in the darn coffin to do it.

  7. Gotttt AKA Lee C

    #5 Mabry was third string. He’ll only be out for this weeks game. He’ll be playing in a cast after that. It’s good to get these out of the way early.

  8. drew

    some KYian was buried in his custom teeth that read GO BIG BLUE across them

  9. Wildcat Larry/Bluestorm

    I seen one of those on “six feet under”.

  10. Alice Cooper

    I love the dead.

  11. Mikhail Mabry

    I’m fine fellas, just a little sore.

  12. I Slept With Half Of L.A.

    pssst….I’ve got an entire catacomb underneath Commonwealth made out of selected bones from former U.K. All-Americans. Your fan cards are hereby revoked.

  13. JerrySexton

    i found my death bed

  14. nipplehead

    Having a Duke coffin might be sending the wrong message to God….. I hoipe Reddick gets one.

  15. CarloTheDon

    That is the greatest thing I have ever seen

  16. conspiracy theorist

    Not listed in product features is a guarantee to prevent rolling over. The “swing bar” – bourbon stocked, of course – is oddly inviting. It’s made in Macon, GA….it concerns me that the Macon Volfan might work there and secretly install a speaker playing Rocky Top when the lid closes. What a death trap.

  17. SouthBeachWildcat

    someone send Keightly the link

  18. stagger

    We should all chip in one and send it to Jay Glazer.

  19. V-in-K

    18) Good one…

    Personally I am just going to dress in my UK blues and have them burn
    me on a pyre….lol….one more big blue rising to the sky…hahaha


    I want to cremated. Can I order an urn that has the UK logo on it?


    18 LOL. That would rock.

  22. sortleader2

    Does this ominously spell the near end of Bill Keightly’s contract at UK?

  23. sortleader2

    My luck, I’d get buried in Tennessee.

  24. FlashOfBlue

    People are just dying to get into one!!!

  25. True Blue

    I’m only 40 but bought one last year and will be buried in it when I die. My friend owns a funeral home, just hope he doesn’t croak before me…

  26. Charleston

    My Grandmother had “On, On, U of K” at her funeral.

  27. Clinton's Memoirs

    Say that reminds me of a DNC fund raiser at Falls Church, VA. I had invited my ol’ pal Bill Keightly. Never one to miss a Democratic shin-dig, he tied off his big blue UK ‘kerchief on pole’ filled with Aqua Velva, bologna, and assorted travel sized Bourbon bottles and arrived via USMC 1. I’ll never forget the flaming peach tone of his jowls as he sloshed up to the podium. There he went on a rant about the Final Four loss to Arizona, and a Republican conspiracy to foul out Ron Mercer before proclaiming that,”Rick Pitino’s the damned devil, and that I’d rather be dead and buried ass up in Indiana before I’ll stand to let him march his traderous ass back into Kentucky.” To the surprise of the eclectic crowd of onlookers, he grabbed his sack and spiked his bottle upon the head table. After a pause of astonishment. There was clap. Then three. Then a raucus applause. I motioned to the Secret Service to lower their weapons and remove Keightly from their sites. Later, we sipped Woodford Reserve walking down to the Potomic. We talked of world affairs, and Keightly caught a trout with his bare feet. By God, that sum b*tch sure has mass appeal, but I can’t help but think that it will end badly for that ol’ boy. Mine eyes have now seen his eagerly awaiting coffin. Woooo pig sooey!


  28. JR

    Looks like they don’t have a Louisville coffin. Guess they don’t have any TRUE FANS! Just a bunch of fair weather fans…

  29. ukcatfan88

    Can you image a worse eternity than being buried in a UL coffin? Let’s all chip in and buy Prick Pitino one!

  30. A flock of seagulls

    28. Get a job- you have too much time on hands you idiot.

  31. Shepherdyzing McDess


    Where does being a 2L at Brandeis and regularly wearing my LingoTees “The Nation” shirt to class rank?

  32. Cheryl

    I had a good friend of mine who was a die-hard UK football fan die recently and he was buried in a UK casket. It was beautiful. At the visitation, there was a DVD playing of Jim’s life which included a lot of pictures of Jim and his friends tailgating and at the UK Football games.

  33. I

    How about a Wildcat emblem on the top and an autographed copy of Cawood’s biography to hold in my hands?

  34. SouthBeachWildcat

    23, I was thinking the same thing after i typed it……..but I just had to hit enter 🙂

  35. RyanInLondon

    it better be bourbon stocked so the 90% or so of us going to hell can have some fun on the way.

  36. Clinton's Memoirs

    “A flock of seagulls” reminds me of Kenneth Starr. A hater of the worst ilk. Hell son, sounds to me like you need to lighten up and release your sexual repression. If you spent half the energy writing whitty, entertaining, or even informative posts you wouldn’t rub us all the wrong way like Hillary’s thighs. Get your smack up, or get smacked the f_ck up. That goes double for “anonymous”. I digress, and back to my vacation. I’m Bubba, and I approve this message!

  37. mike

    We had a UK on the inside of my sons 12 years ago.He also has a wildcat on his stone. Big Blue goes with you everywhere