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Dicky Lyons Jr does…..well he does this….


I dont know what to say about this. I really dont… was first linked in the comments section of this blog by “travyork”….and well, I dont know what to say. I am not sure what is funnier….the “Fun With Editing” at the beginning….Dicky dancing in the middle…..or the fact that someone thought this was a good idea. Whatever the basis, it is GOLDEN! Here is Dicky Lyons Jr….and folks, this has “Lazy Tuesday” potential…..

Article written by Matt Jones

98 responses to “Dicky Lyons Jr does…..well he does this….”

  1. Big Jules

    Throw it to Dicky Baby

  2. yo


  3. semperfi

    I love Dicky Lyons Jr…..

  4. GoCats

    Always treated UK games as a social event and took a date and the basketball games were much more serious, never took a date to a UK game! however, I am definitely looking forward to this season. I believe if we can win 2 of the games that we are not supposed to win(UF or tennessee) Woodson could be a heisman candidate.

  5. adaircam4

    looks like he is training hard for the upcoming season

  6. kybeau

    he must have lost a bet… or at least i hope that’s the excuse…

  7. Intern

    #10, one person who isn’t embarrased by this is DLJ himself. I love the cameo from what I assume is UK Hall-of-Famer DL Sr.

  8. Bubba

    He looks a little “fluffy” for a SEC wideout. I wonder where his 4.4 40 comes from. I have more muscle definition than that and I can’t even come close to a 4.4.

  9. semperfi

    #28 thats just winter fluff… he could trim that in one trip to the hot box…

  10. RyanInLondon

    #28 he’s just naturally fast.

  11. Al


  12. dixiecats78

    So wrong it’s right. That boy has the attitude.

  13. Anonymous

    dickey lions the #2 reciever next year?

  14. bob cause she forgot my name

    S&C coach still needs to kick his ass!

  15. billyg

    andre clark situation?

  16. RyanInLondon

    hey jones where u want us 2 go?

  17. wildcat1973

    Why not just stay in shape year round? I never understood letting yourself go in the off season. Why wait until camp to get into shape? He should maintain optimum playing shape year round.

  18. PTI(pti)

    Good point JB. I guess Dicky should stay in optimal shape rear
    round. Dumbass

  19. crazyqx83

    Is anyone else concerned that the kid is smoking? I can’t imagine that helps with conditioning.

  20. mailman85

    My new favorite player….great find!

  21. Hey Coach Gazz,  Take Subber off first

    Dicky is a fool. But a damn funny one. MOncell put that onto

  22. drew

    I was thinking the same thing about the smoking… that can’t be good for the endurance… I have no idea if that is actually DL because I have no idea what he looks like outside of his uni but he did not look like a major college wideout… I did not expect DLJ to look like that so I have to question whether or not that is actually him

  23. gillispie is amazing

    This is awesome I am buying his jersey and am going to start smoking.

  24. RodneyfromMcKee

    Thats pretty good……Now we need to get Woo lipsynching “The Legend of Wooly SwamP

  25. D-ROCK

    the fattest wideout in College football…

  26. SouthBeachWildcat

    Does nobody else think this is a bad idea to post a video of one of our best wideouts drinking a beer and smoking?

  27. Deuce

    DLII might be my hero.

  28. abhsux

    This has to be Dicky’s answer to Marcus McClinton’s rap video!!!

  29. villecat

    Great. Hilarious. A guy not worried about his image. From what I hear about DLJ, he’s a wild man. So this doesn’t surprise me. My guess is he’s had more than that 1 beer and cigarette, probably a few with SR. there. But, really, I’ll buy him a carton and a case if he keeps playing like he did last year and makes those incredible leaping touchdown catches. Go Cats!

  30. Anonymous

    #28 This really sucks for DLJ…

  31. Ultimate Jim

    Dicky is da bomb

  32. wtf?

    That was really gay.

  33. Derrick

    Lord…just cause the kid is a D1 athlete…doesn’t mean he can’t have a brew and a smoke. You guys think these guys are supposed to just live in their dorms, go to church, workout and play football…they need a social life and a chance to have a good time, as well.

  34. fuzzy zeller

    24) That is him for sure

  35. Bill Keightley's Soiled Diaper

    AMEN, 35. People need to get a clue.

  36. crazycat91

    No news and views tonight?

  37. 10, 2, and 4

    Now I’m fired up and ready for some football. Thanks DL Jr. I will always root for wildasses.

  38. bcgobsession

    That video must be his response to the shirtless A&M guy singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. Unfortunately his face, abs & overall package are NOT near as appealing- to me anyway. But, I love football & I love the way he plays. And, don’t get me started on the gig in front of the camera about halfway through (2:15ish), that was just plain hilarious!!! I’m still laughing, might have to watch it again for another chuckle.

  39. goonies 24(also known as boof)

    vote vote vote or die…he is gainin on Matt….huh oh

  40. Cats9698

    Wow. Nothing like one of our own smoking, drinking, and showing off his gut. I hope that was NOT meant to be seen by UK fans, and if so, what an embarassment. And #35, when you are a member of any team, you ALWAYS represent that team. Players are supposed to be role models, and you know there are 13-14 year olds watching this. And you say its okay to glorify drinking and smoking? Yeah, okay. Maybe he just meant to do this as an inside joke for the team, and NOT post on youtube, but it doesnt look like it. Great role model for young UK fans. What an idiot.

  41. Han

    42) Just wanna point out, while I get your point, do you really think insulting people online, as well as 20-something year old football players, is the best example to set for the kids you’re so worried about seeing this?

  42. bling bling brad king

    but whose really the idiot?

  43. bling bling brad king

    Away from the over-sensitive stuff….

    Lyons Jr. is gonna be the real deal next year with Burton. Lyons is definitely on par to be on the same level as Abney, Burton, and Yeast…. Landing Aaron Boyd (shane’s brother) at Wide Out is going to be crucial to replace Burton and keep the mojo going. Aaron Boyd may be a better wide-out than Burton when it’s all said and done– he certainly has that potential.

  44. cardkilla

    #40 are you gay then…’don’t find his face or abs appealing’?, lol! Umm, wow!

    Maybe some of you all should tuck your gut in and live a little. College kids do silly stuff. Why do you have to bash him for that? Are adults not allowed to smoke cigs and drink beer? Take your socialist crap elsewhere.

    Stupid ass video, but I love it! Long live the ability for others to act and think for themselves!

  45. Mattcat

    I’m not sure which is more entertaining, the video, or some of these comments. To Dickie’s credit, at least he was trying to be humorous.

  46. catmandu in tennessee

    He’s a 20 or close, time to have some fun. He was in C. Brook’s dog house in the spring, and had a fantastic season!!!Go a head son, just get ready to catch some football’s this season= 67 catches, is that tuff enough?

  47. Mattcat

    Ok, I have to say it. Anyone who thinks that Dickie is a smoker, has obviously never been a smoker them self. As an ex smoker, it was blatantly obvious that the cigarette was only for entertainment value. To begin with, he could barely light the freaking match.

    As for the beer, I’ve known a lot of college athletes over the years, and every one of them drank beer. People here act like it’s some sort of aberration for a college kid to drink beer. That’s hilarious, do you people live under rocks?

  48. Dave B

    Wow Dickie…booze, cigs and sausages for that GUT! Come on son, it’s football season!!!

  49. Anonymous

    does anybody know when the b-ball schedule will be released for this upcoming season?

  50. 1ukfan

    Matt is down by 21K votes!!! Rally the troops!!! Unbelievable numbers on that poll. Make sure you guys check the appropriate CHAD!!!

  51. littlefeller

    Looks like a chip off the old block.

  52. bcgobsession

    46) (Cardkilla) Helllllo, I’m female, so NOPE, not gay. And, might I add that you probably shouldn’t stereotype people on blogs, regarding the sex of the poster. Also, never a polite thing to comment about one’s sexual preferences either.

    I’ll give you props for calling conservatives out about college kids drinking beer & living a little. Its most often a college rite of passage & usual way to pass time– BETWEEN studying & class of course, not during. Well, maybe sometimes during….

  53. Mac

    Oh boy…

  54. ET

    too funny

  55. Al Purnell here

    That reminds me of the classic wrestling videos with Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, etc.

  56. danken12

    Hey, did anyone notice that it appears this was posted my Moncell Allen, UK football recruit?? This could be any old video, from back home.

  57. Clandestine

    Stuff like this helps perpetuate the stereotype. Thanks for posting… not.

  58. Derrick

    #42….get ouf from under your rock….those 13 and 14 year olds see a lot worse on TV every single day….I’m guessing you think your kid will never touch a beer or have a smoke…get off your high horse…

    I’m glad you aren’t my father…cause instead of gettin a buzz and laid on prom night or in college..I woulda been breakin bread and watching the sound of music.

  59. cat

    that is by far the dumbest video i have ever seen. what an embarassment, he just looked like a complete fool with no sense of humor. with videos like that, no wonder so many people hate us UK fans. while i agree is does not set a good example, it is not that big of a deal, but im guessing this kid is only going to college to play football bc anyone who can make this big of an ass of themselves must be braindead. even if it is a joke, it no where near funny. we are all laughing AT him, not with him.

  60. AwesomeUSA!

    Anyone watch Sportscenter this morning? Andy Katz interviewed Joakim Noah and asked him about overcoming all the adversity that came with being such a marquee college player. Namely, our friend Andy pointed out the “incident” involving the UK cheerleader waving pompoms in Noah’s face. Nice call Andy, way to remain neutral. No mention of the scuffle with Kevin Stallings though.

  61. slappy

    Legendary video. That boy sure can dance! LOL

  62. Appalachian Wonder

    Please tell me that one of our star college athletes was NOT drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette in a YouTube video. You know this is going to get him in trouble. He must have gone to the O.H. Napier conservatory of music.

  63. adaircam4

    Cousins throws in a nice comment about UK.

  64. jayhovah

    Guys I was there that day. He never actualy lit the cigarette and it was an empty beer can. Notice that although he chugs for 30 seconds no spillage occurs down his chin. That does not mesh with the laws of gravity….

  65. Gotti

    I’m pretty sure that video was done last winter or before he ever got to UK. He’s the strongest reciever on the team and is ripped.

  66. cat

    smoke actually comes out of his mouth buddy

  67. Duncan Cavanah

    Sweet Jesus, I love Dicky Lyons Jr.

  68. Chuck Norris

    Sweet Lincoln’s mullet, that was terrible! DL Jr is a heck of a wideout, but don’t expect to be seeing him on America’ Got Talent anytime soon.

  69. wildcatmatt

    I guess kids on academic scholarships shouldn’t be allowed to drink either? Geeze, the kid is in school. I”d rather have him live a little and have fun than live like a robot for his four years. At least this way he’ll look at UK like a fun place to be. Only thing I would have changed, is having him light his hair on fire and down two shots of Jager. Now that is entertainment!

  70. UKFAN

    For those out there saying it’s unconscionable for a Kentucky kid to drink in college because it’s a bad reflection of the team, please refer to the fighting, raping, and yes, murder that has come at the hands of players from Nebraska, Miami, and Penn State.

  71. BigBlueBloodhound

    Jr. is to funny. Those of you who were embarassed or offended need to move your ass out of those glass houses you live in. Were you never young. Have you ever enjoyed one day on this earth.

  72. todd

    its a joke, get over it

  73. Cat Toe

    Brooks will seeth when he sees this. That is totally in character for him though. Pretty funny.

  74. Droops

    Heh, funny stuff. Enjoyed it. It fits with his persona too, always the jokester. 🙂

  75. 10, 2, and 4

    This may be the greatest post Matt has ever put on here for representing why this blog started in the first place. If this is not funny, you’re in the wrong place. This is pure gold.

  76. 10, 2, and 4

    Right about now Rich is seeing this for the first time and is beet red and slamming his hat harder than Spurrier.

  77. Beatle Bum

    Dickey better spend the summer getting into football shape.

  78. flop

    Hilarious. Lighten up.

  79. SouthBeachWildcat

    my only concern is this site that has gained so much respect and credibility over the past year, proven by getting big national names and uk coaches to come on the show for interiews. Will that respect be lost by the UK coaches when they see videos like this of their players?

  80. Stan Gable

    “this video is no longer available..”

  81. Chris Tomlin's backhand

    81, Just because KSR posted a link to a video that was put up by someone else doesn’t mean they will lose the respect of the coaches at UK. Get a life.

  82. Chuck Norris

    Wow that did not take long, somebody must have told Dickey Jr about this.


    there isnt a VOTE option to vote for matt in the middle? how can we vote!! and matt might i add the following just for you..long live HANDSOME JIMMY …a little wrestling lingo there for ya!!

  84. Bill Keightley's Soiled Diaper

    LMAO @ #60. Right on point.

  85. SouthBeachWildcat

    83 If I was the coach and this was one of my players I definitely would. and my life is great thanks

  86. wildcatwill

    I saw Dickey Jr at a bar one night smoking inside and the bouncer asked him to please quit. He blew smoke in the the guys face and said “I’m Dickey fn Lyons Jr. and I do what i want”, i think that might be the attitude our football team might need, finally a little confidence………lol

  87. My Gay Brother

    Just loves it !!! LOL

  88. floydwilkey

    49 and 66- dicky is for sure a smoker whether he actually was on this video (no longer available).
    i was at a bar in nashville after the bowl game last year and saw dicky and a couple of very attractive ladies chain smoking at a nearby table. i know it was him because i asked, “hey, arent you dicky lyons?” and he says “yeah,” then i said “good game.”

  89. travyork

    This is one of the proudest days of my life. Being credited with the lead on this thread by the great Matt Jones. It like writing a really big, bold “FIRST” but even better. Thank you Matt Jones I can now die a happy man.

  90. travyork

    I just hope Jerry Tipton didn’t see it.

  91. Clostradamus

    Oh my gosh, he is smoking. Who cares
    You guys are acting like he’s chopping a line
    You must be from OHIO. 🙂

  92. frankfortfan

    the video doesn’t work. any suggestions

  93. BigBouncer

    #88, i hope that’s not true, but if it is, he needs to get his ass kicked.

  94. Cats1923


  95. Friend

    I’ve been knowing dicky my whole life and its funny to read ya’ll comments. you really just have to kno dicky to understand this. you can bet that this is one of about 100 dumbazz videos that he has. he really could care less what anyone thinks. yea he does look a lil puffy but id put my life on it that he could run a 4.4 right now in the snow haha he’ll prolly shed about 10 in the next month

  96. Dicky Lyons Jr = Done

    […] Kentucky’s win over LSU last season. For non-Kentucky fans, Lyons will be remembered for his silly eccentricities and the Daily Dicky — a video web report on […]