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The Tourney continues…..Vote for KSR…..and a Tubby interview


Well the Blogger Bracket continues over at the ladies site and for those of you that didnt know, we beat the guy from Deadspin fairly handily. Actually thats not exactly correct… guys, through your absurd number of votes took out the tournament’s number one overall seed in a way that the Cats were unable to do the last two seasons. But now the tournament goes on and we face a very dangerous 17 seed (yes they have those) from the blog With Leather. Many of you may remember that blog from the first round where we beat a contributor…….and now we face another contributor, forcing us to go against a national site again. Three rounds, three national sites. UK gets no love. So click below and cast a vote for me again…..I know it makes some of you feel uncomfortable, but you are doing it for the Bluegrass state and the blog world is noticing. The first two rounds we have had the highest vote total….by far. Its time to do it again…..

In other news, the Tubby Atlanta radio interview is linked below as well……..

Vote for Kentucky Sports Radio

Tubby Atlanta radio interview

Article written by Matt Jones

159 responses to “The Tourney continues…..Vote for KSR…..and a Tubby interview”

  1. donovansucks


  2. DaOne


  3. that guy


  4. that guy

    Matt is behind early in the voting so pick it up people!!!!!

  5. killerthrees

    Tubby’s interview was dull, he made statements about being contacted 6 times while at UK from NBA Teams and almost took an NBA job, but other than that I thought it was the same Old Tubby.The Hawks job might have been good for him, He seems to like Atlanta.

  6. Chris Tomlin's backhand

    Time to layeth the smacketh down!

  7. BDinSC

    Can we please vote for some hot chicks????
    And seriously “donovansucks”, do you ever stop hitting refresh????

  8. Chuck Norris

    7) He has a program, don’t even ask.

  9. Al Purnell here

    C’mon GO VOTE

  10. Looking4#8

    Matt only up 111-89…not the thrashing that we must have…I think everyone non UK is voting for the other guy, the other guy
    has 89 and that is by far more then anyone other then Matt…

    Why was there 10 people left in the second round…and now you have 6 people left…I believe if you cut 5 in half, that means
    there were 5 winners from round 2…so how do you get 6???

    If you will notice #5 TC: Its Still Football isnt even in the second round…and yet made it to the third??? Hmm…if people
    are getting a buy some how I want to know why they got a buy when Matt had by far more votes and it would be nice if they
    had a bracket so you dont just see random people popping up. It will be down to two bloggers and Matt wins and we think its
    the finals…and then someone else pops up and Matt has to face them…

  11. PrinceUk21

    i may have to eat my words over on that site. guys/girls, go vote for matt and his ugly mug

  12. adaircam4

    Matt is starting to create a little seperation now..still don’t know how I feel about voting for a dude..but I did it anyway

  13. BigBlueBloodhound

    Matt, everyone in Middlesboro is so proud.
    7… did you say donovansucks has a program…wonder if it dupes as a waffel iorn.

  14. donovansucks

    7) i never hit refresh. you can download the program if you want to check it out.

  15. BigBlueBloodhound

    sorry, I’m blind. I ment 8.

  16. a fan

    i feel like taking a nap after listening to Tubby. shooo….

  17. Looking4#8

    200-99 not bad for 10:30 eastern time…

  18. Looking4#8

    If your voting for others dont vote for #5…something shady how he wasnt in the last round but is in this round…

  19. Looking4#8

    16) After three times accidently clicking on the message board because I forgot I was listening to him, I gave up…if you click
    onto the board you lose it and it starts all over…

  20. Crow

    Not sure where this whole thing ranks on the “Liberace scale of all things gay” but it has to rank right up there with plucking your eyebrows with your lips pursed while wearing a hairnet.

    Anyone tells anyone else that I voted in this thing and they’re going to be sleeping with the fishes.

  21. Big Jules

    I would love to talk to Tubby when he could actually speak and not try and talk so politically correct. I bet he would probably be fun to talk basketball with if he could speak his mind and not worry so much about giving everyone props.

  22. donovansucks

    Please don’t make fun of me. My parents are already doing it. Mom encourages me to meet girls but I love sitting on my computer waiting to post that I am first. Honestly I fantasize about doing this. So please no nerd jokes.

  23. kthblu

    donovansucks I feel for you. You poor nerd of a child.
    I am sitting here trying to picture what you might look like and I keep picturing Duke point guards.

  24. Looking4#8

    23) Funny 🙂 The sad thing is the Duke guards probably get a lot of women…but their Duke women…their ugly…

  25. adaircam4 are kicking arse now. Up big (that’s what she said)

  26. bcgobsession

    25) Do you know Brian Feese?

  27. adaircam4

    #26…yes I do, he was a senior when I was a freshman in HS..I played baseball with him..not related as far as I know

  28. bcgobsession

    I thought maybe you were related to him. Been trying to catch you on here to ask. He was so much fun in high school– haven’t seen him in about 10+ years though.

  29. bcgobsession

    So you know Bug? He’s an asst. coach in Marion Co now.

  30. Alan

    Matt – 732 The Other guy – 137. Dominating!

  31. adaircam4

    Yes I know Bug..I was pretty good friends with him in HS..he was the one who gave me my nickname when I was a freshman..good guy..what sport is he coaching? Football?

  32. donovansucks

    donovansucks Says:
    June 15th, 2007 at 10:52 am
    Please don’t make fun of me. My parents are already doing it. Mom encourages me to meet girls but I love sitting on my computer waiting to post that I am first. Honestly I fantasize about doing this. So please no nerd jokes.

    kthblu Says:
    June 15th, 2007 at 11:03 am
    donovansucks I feel for you. You poor nerd of a child.
    I am sitting here trying to picture what you might look like and I keep picturing Duke point guards.

    LOL, hatuhs everywhere!! hehe,
    22) that was funny!! LOL. i must admit!
    23) you are imagining things…22 wasn’t me. DOH!

  33. bcgobsession

    31) He’s coaching baseball, but he doesn’t work for the school, works for the correctional center there. So what was your nickname?

  34. bcgobsession

    32) People sure do you give you a lot of shit b/c you’re computer smart. Poor thing.

  35. kthblu

    No I really was thinking this before #22 post. You really must not have much of a personal life. And yes I do picture you as a Dukey point guard. Do you have Matt’s poster next to your bed?

  36. adaircam4

    33) it was “9” along with a few other variations of it…If you see Bug,ask him if he knows Cameron and he will tell you what it means..He made it up in the middle of a baseball game my freshman year and it stuck with me the whole time..I think you are from C-ville right? which HS did you attend? Taylor or C-ville?

  37. donovansucks

    Thanks guys, My Mom and Dad just came in to my room and took my cheerleading outfit. Have you ever had clothes ripped off your back. It hurts Damn it! It hurts.

  38. donovansucks

    34) i KNOW!! it’s crazy!!!
    35) lol, well for not much of a personal life i sure will be having lots of fun for 10 days in
    panama city beach on july 1 through the 10th at this resort with my friends!: i’ll be sure and report back to you kthblu how non personal
    it is while i’m there sipping on some kickass tropical beach drinks!! good lord!!
    a Pukie point guard!?!?! could have done better than that!! i wouldn’t wish THAT
    on my worst enemy!! nah, i don’t have any posters dude!! you are right to some extent though…
    i have no kids and i’m not married!! dammit what a loser i am!!! hehe.. shit i feel like
    it’s already beer thirty or something!

  39. adaircam4

    Matt with 770 contest, kicking arse

  40. bcgobsession

    I live in TX, so I don’t see Bug anymore. I talk to him every once in awhile, but not real often. I’ll be sure to ask though. 9? What kind of variations could there possibly be with that??? Went to Taylor Co thru most of elementary & high school, with a couple of years at the city school when we moved into the city district.

  41. donovansucks

    37) HAHAHAHAHHHHA !!! priceless!! but get it straight man; it was Duke panties!

  42. Anonymous

    I don’t think people give him shi* about being computer smart. They would just like to see sports news on here and not a guy that only post I am First to get his jollies off. I hope he has fun on vacation with his Mommy and Daddy.

  43. BigBlueBloodhound

    38 I live 30 miles west of Edgewater. I’m pretty sure they don’t allow Dook point guards on the property or for that matter Bay County. Might want to wear your Tubby mask.

  44. adaircam4

    40) like I say, it has a meaning behind it, but too much to get into here…I’m originally from C-ville..I lived there until we moved when I was 4..most of my family still live there…I probably know a lot of the same people you do..I played legion baseball with some guys from both Taylor and C-ville….TX huh? go there for a job or just the scenic beauty?

  45. bcgobsession

    Of course people give him shit about it. Not to be taking up for him, however there are certainly a number of other people who have posted 1st on here numerous times as well. He’s just an easy target apparently. Its going to happen whether donovansux is first or not. Hasn’t everyone figured out to just skip past the first 3 posts to get to the sports news? Its not that big a deal!!!!

  46. kthblu

    45) Agreed! Hopefully when school starts back up it will subside a little.

  47. bcgfan

    40) were you ‘obsessed’ while BCG was in Texas or just since he came/went to UK?

  48. bcgobsession

    My parents moved here about 10 years ago & in the past 3 years, my 3 sisters have also moved to Texas. So, in December last year, I packed up & moved. Trust me, there is no scenic beauty around here– its the ugliest state, never realized how spoiled I was in KY with its natural beauty. Green, rolling hills; huge tall trees, lakes. TX is flat & brown. Yes, we might know some of the same people, but don’t forget I’m about 3 years older than you. (since Bug graduated a year ahead of me & you were a freshman when he was a senior)

  49. donovansucks

    42) here again, that is ridiculous…just saying that is stupid. someone always posts #1 on here.
    whether it’s myself or someone else…i’ve already explained this once. and i don’t post anything until someone such as yourself starts sh*t for no reason. i keep totally quiet until the BS starts…and i don’t
    start the BS..just a simple #1 and i on this post i didn’t even post #1.. i put “12”.
    your post is one of ignorance and inaccuracy. i just think it’s hilarious how a person can do nothing
    except post a #1 or whatever on a first post and then specific ignorant people actually turn that
    into the focal point of the thread instead of the topic itself…it’s funny to me! just stupid.

    43) i hate duke for your information…always have, always will and for that matter i’m not a big
    fan of “lurville” either just so you know. you must be in Destin or something like that…
    come on over to edgewater one night and we’ll all have a drink and chill out..i’m not a nerd..
    by the way, anyone catch ultimate fighter last night? it rocked!

  50. 69'Z

    38- Way to much information. 😉

  51. bcgobsession

    46) LOL These damn high school boys!

    47) I just moved to TX in Dec, but I did watch many of his games at A&M & was a huge fan of his- I was rooting for A&M during the UofL game(which normally I would root for the Cards just b/c they are a KY team UNLESS they are playing the Cats). The ‘obsession’ in my name actually formed after my obesession during the coaching search for any & all news UK basketball related. Now, I’d say its b/c I do happen to have a severe crush on some guy I’ve never met 🙂

  52. donovansucks

    45) exactly dude!! you are dead on right! go litchpatch! ; ) hehe.

  53. TubbyCAT

    GREAT interview w/Tubby on TheZONE! Very dignified and classy as usual!

  54. Looking4#8

    49) I thought you said you live in Grayson County Kentucky?

  55. adaircam4

    48) I agree about TX, it is not very “scenic”..a lot of people who come to KY for the 1st time remark about how beautiful it is..I guess when you grow up there, you take it for granted..I played legion ball with guys that were older than me, so when I was 15 I was on the team with guys older than was good competition when I was pitching against guys who were 17 & 18 and I was 15..helped me out a lot. I will say 1 thing about TX, both the Rangers and Astros have very nice stadiums..I went to both last summer.

  56. donovansucks

    50) hahhah, now i’m skeert 50..i’m skeert !!! don’t get my room number OMG NO NO! haha 🙂

  57. donovansucks

    54) yea so??

  58. bcgobsession

    Rangers have a great stadium, not so great team!! LOL Haven’t been to the Astros park yet. I’m north in DFW area. Texas on the gulf coast is much prettier, but still can’t hold a candle to KY. I really miss the scenic beauty of KY. Any guys you specifically remember playing ball with?

  59. bcgobsession

    Hi Z!

  60. BigBlueBloodhound

    49 Edgewater is nice, but Destin is where its at. There is a ton of UK fans down here and maybe a dozen or so UF fans. We’ve been here since ’85. Enjoy your stay.

  61. adaircam4

    Donovansucks..I think the fact that you developed a program to alert you to new posts in order to post “1st” everytime and not the fact that you actually post “1st” everytime is the reason everyone is coming down on you hard and saying you are a nerd…I have no opinion that you are a nerd or whatever, however using the phrase “beer thirty” does not help you cause at all..just an observation.

  62. BigBlueBloodhound

    53 Thought you moved on.

  63. Hancock


  64. bcgobsession

    61) LMAO!! I have to admit to donovansux that I thought the same thing about the ‘beer thirty’ comment. Maybe you should stay away from that saying!! Perhaps you could say “its 5 o’clock somewhere”– Buffett will always be cool.

  65. adaircam4

    #58..It’s been awhile since I played on that team with the guys from Taylor (I switched legion teams my sophmore year) but T. Kemp is one that I remember well..he went to C-ville..he was a very good catcher..I remember playing against Chris Eastridge..he went to Taylor, I think he played at UK. Derico Irvin too, he was a good basketball player but was very good in baseball too..

  66. bcgobsession

    Ahhh– I loved T! He was one of the most genuinely nicest people I’ve ever met. Haven’t seen him since graduation. (but I haven’t seen many people I graduated with since then, I never went home after I left for college. Seriously, I can count on 1 hand how many times I went there after graduation) Forgot about Irvin, he was a good b-ball player. And Chris Eastridge? I don’t know him, could you be thinking about David Eastridge?

  67. Anonymous

    61) i didn’t develop my program so i could post “1st” everytime..good God. i created the program so i could be working on other things that i do and be instantly notified of a new topic. it’s that simple… people have posted “1st”, “#1” and many other things on this blog for a very long time….i didn’t invent that LOL. OMG – yes i forgot that most of us have never used the phrase, “beer thirty” 🙂 i’ve invented something else!! YIPPIE! but in all honesty, the only time i ever drink is on either a friday or saturday night…which i plan to do tomorrow with some friends watching UFC 73 i believe..!! would coconut rum 45 be better than beer thirty? or maybe “it feels like Seagrams 7 :30” HAHA 😛

  68. Larry Redmon

    I will be playing at Harpoon Harry’s on Panama City Beach that week, be sure to wear you’re cheerleader uniform!

  69. bcgfan

    47)join the club…..LOL….I wasn’t a UK fan until a couple of days after BCG left for Kentucky
    …..first 48 hours was spent plotting how best to torture/kill the guy! But hey, I was a
    wildcat once, just one from a school that was known for hockey…I don’t even think we played
    basketball 🙂

  70. donovansucks

    68) are you for real or just joking? that’s a cool bar. i’ll head over if you are for real. i’m a drummer. what instrument you play?

  71. donovansucks

    68) how about schooners? that place is NICE!! good views too of the chics on the beach!

  72. bcgobsession

    69!) So what team were you a fan of before [email protected]? And, my second question is WTF? is that second part of the post about? Torture/kill who?

  73. tzuzaki

    guessing he’s from A&M.

  74. plc

    donovansucks… i just wonder how many other websites you do the #1 for.
    Certainly this isn’t the only one.

  75. bcgobsession

    Don’t know why the bcg thing turned blue- it doesn’t link to anything.

  76. bcgobsession

    73) I think he’s a she, either way its good to know we can add another fan to the BBN!!

  77. tzuzaki

    Because of the @.

  78. tzuzaki
  79. killerthrees

    Donovan is one classy guy, with lots of integrity.

  80. CalifCatFan

    You take any kind of bracket with Kentucky in it, and it is like Catnip to the Big Blue Nation. If Kentucky had the ugliest man alive in this bracket (although Matt comes close), Wildcat fans would still come out in droves to vote as if it was the NCAA tournament. Even if the contest was for the best hair, Rob Gidel would win by a landslide.

  81. donovansucks

    74) how about just this one.. and for God sake i dont’ even frigg’n do it all of the time..sheesh..let it go! as i said and others have noted: MANY MANY people post #1 on the first post ..geez.. i’m not even a serious blog poster or forum poster. but when it’s this easy to stirr up chaos among people, how can you not? all it takes is two characters.. #1 and people go nuts! lol..sorry, it’s just funny to me.

  82. bcgobsession

    78) Ha! That’s pretty cool! Never realized it would [email protected]

  83. tzuzaki

    These ESPN guys love Donovan. He’s a good coach and all, but I never understand what makes them pick one dude over every other to fall in love with.

  84. Sidekick

    Matt is going to win the whole contest.

  85. Malone

    Tubby remains one the most classy gentleman in the game. Good dude that Tubby.

  86. tzuzaki
  87. tzuzaki

    I must be bored.

  88. killerthrees

    Tim Duncan greatest Power Forward , must be true Dickie V said so.

  89. donovansucks

    or you could do this:

  90. bcgobsession

    Wonder why I’m being moderated? I think I’ve said worse things than that before.

  91. bcgobsession

    86) That really is cool!! It takes so little to amuse me.

  92. tzuzaki

    moderated about what?

  93. Jacob Adam Brooks

    88) fundamentals wise… I agree. He is the most sound PF of all time. If I was a defender though, thered be a few other PF’s in history that I’d be more hesitant to guard then Duncan though.

  94. tzuzaki

    Karl Malone says Karl Malone was the greatest power forward of all time.

  95. tzuzaki

    “He is probably the best player to ever play the position the way he plays it,” said Utah coach Jerry Sloan. Umm, logically speaking, couldn’t you say that about everybody?

  96. killerthrees

    94 Don’t you believe Vitale ? He’s mister basketball he knows all!

    After listening to his podcast on Billy Donovan – I Need to throw up! Dickie V needs to be run out of Rupp arena if he ever shows his face in Lexington again.

  97. bcgobsession

    93) Not sure, I posted a comment (#88– well that’s what its showing on my screen) about the vitale article on donovan. There’s a few ‘choice’ words in it & it says “this comment is awaiting moderation”. Perhaps y’all aren’t seeing it yet, being that JABrooks has said “88) fundamentals wise…”. *My #88 (on my screen) is my rant about vitale*

  98. tzuzaki

    “Shagari Alleyne was the best player ever to play the position the way Shagari Alleyne plays it.”

  99. TheDude

    Matt, you are only ahead by about 1000 votes. Worried yet?

  100. donovansucks

    i used to love watching Jorden own Malone and the Jazz…

  101. bcgobsession

    I loved watching MJ period. Michael Jordan, not Matt Jones 🙂

  102. donovansucks

    tzuzaki, what if he changes his social security number and name? will he still have been the best player ever to play the position the way Shagari Alleyne played it?

  103. tzuzaki

    “MJ was the best player ever to play his position the way MJ played it.” Period.

  104. donovansucks

    bcg…i agree. the game just is not anywhere near the same as it was when jorden played. everyone still is trying to be like him and no one is even frigg’n close. compare L. James to MJ? nope..sorry, not even close. MJ was so much smoother and a better shot..james just doesn’t have that scare and fear tactic MJ stirred up in people…and no one does…the entire league hated knowing they had to play the bulls because of’s that simple..and that is lost now in the NBA. there is no one superstar that the entire league just hates to face..

  105. tzuzaki

    Jerry Sloan is the new Yogi Berra.

    102) Please don’t make me think. I don’t come on here to think.

  106. donovansucks

    you can say that AGAIN 103! LOL

  107. Al Purnell here

    Matt Jones must be butter, cause he is on a ROLL!

  108. tzuzaki

    Seriously, I stopped watching the NBA, and I’ve never seen Lebron James play. The thing about Jordan is that he was great at all facets of the game — outside, inside, mid-range, if anything he was underrated for his versatility, and it seemed like he could do anything. Is Lebron that kind of player?

  109. donovansucks

    no lebron is NOT that kind of player…yea he’s only 22 but he has tons of work before he’s even close to MJ. his moves just aren’t smooth enough and when he drives he lags too long before he drives..not nearly as quick. you can pretty much see where he’s headed before he heads there. he did that all through the finals versus san antonio. he just looks like he questions himself on his moves, not confident…plus they are predictable, you know what he’s going to do..not nearly as flashy as jordan…not even close. Kobe’s style is closer to MJ’s than le bron’s style.

  110. Big Jules

    One thing to remember in the LeBron vs Jordan debate. LeBron is 22 years old. 22!! It is unfair to compare the two, but its like apples and oranges at this point where you compate a guys first years vs an entire career. Expecially one as young as James. 22 years old.

  111. Looking4#8

    Donovansucks- I asked about you saying you live in Grayson because in post 49 your saying for him to come over to Edgewater…

    you live in Edgewater and Grayson???

  112. Jacob Adam Brooks

    108) Lebron is 22 years old. When Michael Jordan was 22 he was not as good as Lebron is now… Jordan was a great player, even as a rookie, but he was more of a scorer. He did not get his team mates involved the way that Lebron does and always has done. (104) Jordan at his best was better then Lebron right now, but to compare the to and say Lebron isn’t even close to being as good… well that is hard to sell. Lebron James is a mid range jumper away from being arguably the best player of all time. That’s the only thing missing from his arsenal and Jordan didn’t have that mastered til he had been in the league a few years either.

    Also… Lebron James has ZERO talent surrounding him right now. The announcers of the finals said time and timae again that Jordan couldn’t even have beated the spurs if he had the same team Lebron has. The spurs were better then the cavs at 4 out of the 5 positions on the floor.

    Parker > Gibson/Hughes
    Finley/Ginobli > Pablovich
    Bown Gooden (They need to get rid of him ASAP)
    Oberto > Illgaukis

  113. Jacob Adam Brooks

    that should be

    Parker > Gibson/Hughes
    Finley/Ginobli > Pablovich
    Bowen Gooden(They need to get rid of him ASAP)
    Oberto > Illgaukis

  114. bcgobsession

    I love NBA ball, esp when there’s no NCAA ball playing. Nobody will ever be MJ, he was a once in a lifetime kind of player. However, with that said, I think that Lebron will only improve with time– he’ll surpass Jordan in all aspects, but he will never have the national fanbase that MJ had. He’s rough around the edges- can’t shoot. But he can tear up driving to the basket. He’s so powerful. If he had gone to college & been developed, as Jordan did, Lebron would eat up Jordan, but since he didn’t (go to school & get developed) he’ll never be the all around player that James was. Lebron James is not nearly as versatile, but he is a formiddable opponent that not many want to face. The Cavs were just outclassed in the championship series.

  115. John From Harlan

    Here is what the guy at With Leather had to say about KSR:

    “I’ve advanced with your kind assistance, but the Kentucky juggernaut (I know it’s difficult to believe) has garnered over 5,900 combined votes in two rounds. Is there any way we can use those lucky machines old Mayor Daley employed?”

    Let’s keep pouring it to him.


    I agree with your assesment of James. He is sorely lacking a reliable jumper and should posting most of his defenders up since he is so much biegger and more athletic than most small forwards. I think the thing that will seperate him from Jordan is the championships. Lebron will get his ships eventually but there is so much competition out there with the Wades and Duncans that also have good teams that no one will ever get 6 in a row the way Jordan did. 3 two years off and then 3 more.

  117. Jacob Adam Brooks

    109) You’re forgetting that Lebron is getting triple teamed whenever he drives… he has no talent surrounding him so teams just make the other Cavs beat them and they throw their entire D at Lebron. If you really think his game doesn’t look that smooth that I’m at a lost as for what to tell you… He’s not exactly like Jordan, but there’s never EVER been a player like Lebron James. 6’8 240 with a 40 inch verticle and plays the perimeter…. come on. Kobe is close to MJ as far as the way they move and he can score better then lebron, but Kobe doesn’t do the little things that Lebron does and Jordan did. Also, if you give Lebron James the Lakers team this year I think he could’ve done a more with them then he did the Cavs.

  118. bcgobsession

    Seriously, you think they need to get rid of Gooden? He performed as well as the rest of the team & kept them afloat a couple of games. Gibson– he’ll be a star in a couple of years.

  119. tzuzaki

    5,900 votes??? Good grief!

  120. adaircam4

    #66..yeah your right it was David, I was thinking about a guy named Chris Eastwood I played in college with..

  121. bcgobsession

    Good point on the triple teaming– that really hurt the Cavs. Crazy to think that it takes 3 people to defend one guy. That’s the reason that Lebron will only get better– he’ll learn to hold his own against 3 guys, which will make him unstoppable against one defender. Once the Cavs get more support for James (in the form of pure shooters)– they will be unstoppable. The difference between Kobe & Lebron (besides the overall smoothness of play) is that Lebron is not selfish with the ball. He plays as part of a team, not as though he is the team.

  122. Big Jules

    Dont see why LeBron needed to go to college. The main difference between the two has nothing to do with his jump shot. It has to do with DEFENSE. Jordan was a sick defender. In the second half of his career, he was one of th top 5 every year on defense. If LeBron ever becomes that type of defender, the discussion gets
    interesting. Saying he takes too long driving to the basket is not accurate at all. Look how many open threes Marshall, Jones and the rest of the scrubs missed that were very good looks. Ask Bruce Bowen or Tay if LeBron is slow getting to the basket.

  123. bcgobsession

    Knew David well too. He was a year ahead of me. How was lunch? lol

  124. Big Jules

    Gooden is garbage. What was he doing in the game where fouled out? he was basically jumping around and fouling people. He hits a jumper now and then, but he isnt good for much of anything. Besides that, that little patch of hair on his head is just gross.

  125. Jacob Adam Brooks

    Parker > Gibson/Hughes
    Finley/Ginobli > Pablovich
    Bown Gooden (They need to get rid of him ASAP)
    Oberto > Illgaukis

  126. donovansucks

    111) i’m going on VACATION to edgewater in florida : ) no i don’t live there…

    112) agree to disagree. opinions vary. L. james has a long way to go before he does things that
    MJ did..a very long way. and his athleticism, just not the way.
    MJ = much smoother.

    60) yea i have been to destin before it had anything, it was nothing but frigg’n sand and grass…no stores..nothing. my father had the opportunity to actually purchase lots of land there..didn’t do it!!!!
    my aunt and uncle from louisville live there as well. actually if you were there in 85 you know what i’m talking about. there used to be basically zero there!! now it has exploded! thanks. so long as there
    is beach, hot sun and chics in bikinis then i’m good!! i cannot WAIT to get there..15 more days!!!
    i plan on having SEVERAL good drinks a day and waste away in the frigg’n sun listening to some good music!

  127. bcgobsession

    I’m not saying he should have gone to college, but that a coach would have developed him moreso. Thus, by the time he got to the NBA, he would have been even better than we see now. And, that’s saying alot.

  128. Jacob Adam Brooks

    118) Yes! They need to get rid of him somehow, he makes way to much money for what he produces on the court. He gets paid about the same that most 20/10 guys get in the NBA but he only produces about 13 and 8 a game and fouls out every other game. He had some good games in the finals, but he’s very eratic and I’d love to see him go.

  129. adaircam4

    123) lunch was very good, thanks for asking, had a club sandwich at Jersey Mikes..very tasty

  130. bcgobsession

    JAB) Opinions are like as* holes, everybody’s got one! Overall I think there’s great chemistry surrounding the Cavs (Gooden included), they’ll only improve with time. And, I hate that scrappy patch of hair too– its NASTY!

  131. bcgobsession

    LOL– knew you went to lunch. And, no I’m not stalking 🙂 Its my turn now– I’m starved!

  132. Jacob Adam Brooks

    127) Maybe, but he’s 22 and just took his team to the finals for the first time ever. What more do you wnat from him. Do you watch the regular season games? If anyone is judging Lebron from these playoffs or the finals in particular, you’re not getting a clear picture of what he can do. During the playoffs teams decided to make him beat them and they leave the other players alone. He gets triple teamed constantly and on every drive there are three help defenders blanketing him… is he as good as Jordan was? No. But is he better then Jordan was at 22. Yes.. and I don’t see how you can argue with that when every sportswriter in America pretty much is in agreement. Lebron is the best 22 year old to ever play the game. Give him a few years and some talent and you’ll be shocked.

    126) What do you consider athleticism? You’re not making any sense. Being smooth is not the same as athletic. Jordan was 6’6 200… Lebron is 6’8 240… to say Jordan was smoother is just to say he was more agile, not more athletic. And for weighing 40 pounds more and doing a lot of the same things, I’d hope Jordan would’ve looked a lot smoother. They’re different players, but overall talent wise, Lebron is better then Jordan was at the same age.

  133. donovansucks

    117) jordan got triple teamed MANY times. and sure i realize lebron was bigger and stronger; i understand that.
    but he doesn’t carry himself the same way…the finesse, the smoothness, the intimidation…it’s just
    not there. and yes MJ was more athletic than lebron, far more athletic. just look at how lebron
    drives dude…you KNOW what his move is going to be. it’s as if he cannot decide what he’s going to do yet
    he MUST decide. jordan didn’t move like that. no one ever knew what he was going to do. it was
    always something new and crazy because he didn’t have to THINK about what he was going to do. everything he
    did was just smooth like corvette. i don’t care about the numbers and all of that..lebron won’t be
    a michael jordan, not even close.

    i think one of my main points here is the fact that i think what you see in lebron james now..indeed
    IS lebron james….he’ll fluctuate a bit but for the most part, what you see is what you get. the
    fluid movements and intimidation factor and the fear brought into the eyes of opponents and entire
    teams he just won’t be able to deliver that. that which was MJ will never be LJ.

  134. Big Jules

    Wow, BCG. I just dont understand the logic behind the CAVS. Besides gibson, who do you like on that team. they have noone that can score, and their salary cap sucks. Larry Hughes has never given them anything and is not a good complement to leBron at all. Big Z can barely walk and cant score or defend against any of the top big men.

  135. donovansucks

    132) yes, MJ was more athletic AND more agile/smooth; whatever you would like to call it.
    i know fully what athleticism is. jordan was silk smooth dude. always was when he played.
    LJ won’t ever be like that in my OPINION.. 🙂 you’re of the opinion that LJ was better..i’m of the
    opinion he wasn’t. what’s funny is that it doesn’t matter what any of us think about MJ or LJ,
    who is/was/will be better is just an opinion..always will be.

  136. Jacob Adam Brooks

    131) I’m not going to argue with you on here, but if you don’t think the Cavs need more talent then I guess you didn’t watch the finals. Both those teams operate under about the same salary cap… yet see the talent difference there. the spurs are older, this is true, but you have to get Lebron some more verteran type players that can play. you don’t want to spend the next 5 years hoping for this team to develope. Zydrunas, Gooden, and Hughes are all way overpaid though and I don’t see Lebron winning a championship with Zydrunas or Gooden starting with him.

  137. adaircam4

    #132..I agree with you in that LeBron is better at 22 than Jordan was..Jordan was a dynamic scorer at age 22, LeBron is more of a complete player, Jordan did not become a complete player until later in his career, hence all the titles..It will be scary to see how good LeBron will be once he gets a running mate and Larry Hughes is not that guy..Jordan may have been “smoother” but LeBron has more sheer power to his game…Think the ability of Larry Bird and Dominique Wilkins mixed together. Power with a team style game.

  138. Jacob Adam Brooks

    133) yes, but when Jordan was triple teamed, he had Horace Grant, Scottie Pippen, or Kukoc, or Kerr or Harper to pass the ball to.. Lebron has Drew Gooden and Larry Hughes… it’s not the same.

  139. Jacob Adam Brooks

    LOL. Ok Donovan. If you’re going to predict the future of a 22 year old kid then you go ahead and do that. I’ll jsut sit back and actually see what happens. If you think that Jordan was better then Lebron is RIGHT NOW.. .when they were both 22… then you disagree with basically every NBA analyst there is out there. He’s a long way from Jordan in Jordan’s prime.. but as of now, he’s ahead of where Jordan was at the same age.

    btw, I actually don’t think you know what athleticism is. you keep saying you do, then follow that with “Jordan was smoother” which simply isn’t the same athleticism so….

  140. bcgobsession

    I happen to like Varejao (sp?) & Pavolovic– while Varejao was slightly hyperactive in this last series, he still had great energy. Ilg.. avgs close to 12 or 13 ppg & shoots over 80% at the ft line, which is not that shabby. And, while I agree that the Cavs need to pick up some good players, the current team must not suck that bad to reach the championship– unless you think the Pistons suck. They won 4 games in a row. Yes, they have a lot of work to do on their games, but like I said it will take some time. I agree with JABrooks in that there’s not much more you can ask of James.

  141. Jacob Adam Brooks

    137) well someone has to agree with me, Steven A. Smith, Bill Walton, Charles Barkely, Dan Patrick, and about 4or 50 other people who cover the NBA.

  142. donovansucks

    138, he didn’t always have those guys. kerr was iffy.
    i agree jordan had some awesome players to play with but it didn’t matter. he continued
    to control games all by himself. jordan was such a force he had fans even on rivalry home
    turf; many fans in that realm. overall i think that when you combine how smart michael played
    the game, his knowledge of all of his opponents and how to push buttons; combine that with his
    awesome skills and maturity year after year, lebron just has a very long way to prove himself
    worthy of being in that matter how many points he scores or records he may set.

  143. bkenzer

    i feel bad for who ever you are up against.
    1256 – 205 unfair advantage. just shows what the BBN can do to the other guy

  144. Jacob Adam Brooks

    140) I’m a HUGE Cavs fan and I watched about 35 of their games this year… I love Vereajo and Pavolovic is coming along nicely… I really liked what he was bringing in the finals. Ilg. gets some decent numbers, but he has a HUGE contract and a lot of miles on his legs… thanks for agreeing about james.

  145. Looking4#8

    Donovan sucks, ok didnt catch the vacation part- have fun 🙂

  146. Jacob Adam Brooks

    138) When? What year did he have all these fans from rival teams cheering him on more then their own team? When did he take over games by himself and win a championship? (He was 29 btw) When did he become the greatest player ever? You can’t say the Lebron will never be as good because of how he plays when HE IS 22. And if you think u can, then you’re an fool and I can’t sugar coat it anymore then that.

  147. waddy1937

    Matt is so far ahead,he has this contest in the bag. You go Matt!

  148. donovansucks

    146. i didn’t say MORE than their own team..good God. he took over games all of the time…
    i didn’t say to win a championship. arguably he’s the greatest player..arguably, which you
    have proven. i said i don’t THINK he will ever be as good as MJ and i stand by that.
    oh, and i’m no fool i can assure you of that, and i can’t sugar coat it anymore than
    you can; trust me 😉

  149. bcgobsession

    JABrooks- You’re right on when talking about the Cavs & James. While I don’t know any stats on MJ, what I do know is that there will never be another player like him. He was one of a kind & loved nationwide (actually worldwide) by fans of all teams IMHO. I was a Bulls fan during the time that MJ, Pippen, and co. were there, but haven’t watched them since, for the most part. MJ was just historical & forever changed the game of basketball. James will write his own history & will go down as a storied player for sure. He’ll be a legend, but I don’t know that he’ll ever have the national recognition that Jordan had.
    PS– Love your commentary!

  150. donovansucks

    that’s right 149. MJ had fans everywhere he played, hollering his name with signs, posters…you name it.
    just didn’t matter which arena he was in. and for me, playing with guys like pippen who was
    also great, he still rose above them all and conquered entire teams on a consistant basis.
    i just don’t think james will have an impact on the game that jordan did. kobe couldn’t do it
    and now it’s james’s turn i guess but i highly doubt he’ll do it either.

  151. Alex Legion

    Tubby sounds great. Happy, joking, laughing. Good for him.

  152. Anonymous

    So Matt, what’s the going rate for buying votes? You now owe me for two.

  153. Jacob Adam Brooks

    guys, I respect both your opinions. I’m not trying to prove that Lebron will be better then Jordan and I’m not going to say you ARE a fool donovansucks, I’m saying if you think you can predict that James will never be as good as Jordan is foolish since no one can predict the future. my point with those questions I was asking is at what age did he do that? Jordan was about 26 when people started realizing how much of a sensation he was. If everyone knew at 22 that he’d be the best player ever he would’ve been drafted ahead of Olajuwan. (sp?) No one thought Jordan (at 22) was going to be the best player ever. He had a lot of holes in his game also, but he improved upon them and by the time he won his first championship (at 29) he had become arguably the best player of all time. Lebron just got to the finals at 22, 7 years before Jordan did. It’s easy to say Lebron won’t be as good based on his skill set right now, but you’re comparing him to Jordan’s entire career…

  154. ZW

    Gutless wonder Tom Gray continues to impugne the name of an incoming UK freshman with his ceaseless defense of anything and everything related to CEBUM(currently employed by U of Minnesota).

  155. donovansucks

    153. oh i don’t think i can predict it…it’s a feeling i have based on what i see from lebron.
    i remember jordan on the tonight show when he was 26. he was already a superstar. i’m not a lebron
    hater. i like him and his team. i watched jorden throughout his career in the nba. there was
    just something about his game that i simply don’t see in lebron…..more of a spiritual/emotional
    thing versus physical. like he was just part of the game more than lebron is and i just strongly
    do not feel that lebron will have that same thing that jordan had. age doesn’t matter, jordan always
    had that feel for the game and whatnot and the style…he always had that…of course he polished
    his game just like all of the greats did but there was just some other things about him that simply
    highly doubt lebron can achieve. but yea he must become a much better shooter and take it upon
    himself to not be so obvious in his driving and how he makes his moves…they are predictable and his
    hesitation before he makes his moves makes him very vulnerable to TURNOVERS….he’s very bad about that.
    it will be interesting to see how he develops and he’s indeed a great player no doubt. he’s a favorite of mine, but i still stick with my feelings, that he won’t be another MJ or on his level.

  156. PuddingTime

    Just voted……KSR has 1519 out of 1700+ votes in Round 3. You’re goin up against a Brit sports blog….it’s a bloodbath! lol

  157. CALKAT

    (LOL) Matt your rolling thru to the next round……These clowns must quiver when they see they are matched up against you!!!!

    Just curious does everyone else vote for the underdog in the other matchups like i do just tto give Matt a easier bracket? Seems like most of the dogs are winning.

    MATT IN A LANDSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THE POWER OF THE BIG BLUE NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. billy harrison

    I was just thinking about the”done deal” with Donovan at Kentucky. How about the “done deal” with Donovan and the Majic. Talk about getting jilted. Ha

  159. Ryan

    Varajae reminds me alot of Noah. I think Noah will be a role player just like Varajae in the NBA.