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Kentucky Sports Radio needs to get its vote on…..


So against all odds, we made it to the Second Round of the Hottest Sports Blogger bracket. Actually it was quite a performance by you guys as we ended up with the highest vote total of any of the candidates and put on a performance that has been noted by the beautiful ladies running the contest. However, like Kentucky in the last two NCAA Tournaments, we are pressed with a difficult second round matchup. We are going up against Will Leitch of the best blog on the internet, Deadspin. Will is not only very funny, but his picture on the website shows that by any objective measure, he is much better looking than I am as well. But that shouldnt stop us!!!! No, even though Will has the power of Deadspin and Gregg Popovich-like handsomeness, we cant give up. If Kentucky Sports Radio can beat Deadspin, then the UK fan nation will have been shown to be even greater than anyone could believe. So click below and place a vote for me and the site. I know many of you are hesitant, due to the whole “picking the hottest guy” part of this, but hold your nose and do it…..the Commonwealth needs you. If we pull this off, free Bill Keightley bobblehead dolls for all!!!! (Oh and do it quick….I am getting slaughtered)

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Article written by Matt Jones

92 responses to “Kentucky Sports Radio needs to get its vote on…..”

  1. Wes

    I think I am going to have to go buy a “Vote or Die” t-shirt (or just use P Diddy’s old one since he obviously didn’t follow through on that campaign) and campaign for Matt.

  2. Wes

    16 pathetic votes are you kidding me?

    UK fans don’t show up, we invade.

    I voted not because of Matt’s awesome hair, but apparently the guys were rocking out at the after party at O’sheas and it was well worth seeing Woo with his crazy polish fro thing going on.

  3. GYERO

    We’re up!!!

  4. Tomlin Rocks

    Jones takes the lead!

  5. bkenzer

    voted 5 times still in the lead. come on people this guy gives us UK info. clicking the mouse a few time is the least we can do

  6. veeper

    Will Leitch is gonna feel just like Phil — his head crushed as he lays bleeding on the ashphalt……………

  7. BigBlueBloodhound

    Smarty Jones has the lead. Run Baby Run. Go BIG Blue

  8. Jacob Adam Brooks

    I gotcher back Matt…

  9. catinhotlanta

    My 27 votes are in!!!

  10. twoeightnine

    Kick his ass!

  11. adaircam4

    Matt, you’re kicking ass now…I still don’t know how I feel about voting for a dude.

  12. me

    I don’t like how it feels voting for a dude… but eff-it.

  13. demoCrAT

    I feel dirty now

  14. ChicagoCatFan

    matt, you got 80% of the vote…hope the big blue nation can keep that pace going.

  15. Jacob Adam Brooks

    Hey guys, if any of you are HBO drama junkies… I’m about to watch John from Cincinatti right now.. it’s free on for free (episode 1) check it out, you can just click and play it.

  16. Jacob Adam Brooks

    16) sorry about the double “free” there… couldn’t see what I was writing…

  17. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    If Matt wins, the Deadspin commenters will get all bent out of shape and the blogosphere will consider Matt and KSR fans the crazy Kentuckians who ruined a good poll. I see only flames in our future.

    That being said, Go Baby Go!

  18. LifeLongCatFan

    I voted 3 times……does that make me gay??

  19. just my opinion

    #14 Me too! Something was just not right about that! UGH………..

  20. just my opinion

    #19 You need to be tested!

  21. 08

    No worries-
    Matt has this baby locked up. But now it is time to make it embarassing. Everyone must vote. We are Kentucky, we don’t just win- we devastate.

  22. just my opinion

    #19 1. Go to your local gay bar! If you feel any different! You could be gay!
    2. If you stay longer than five-ten minutes! You might be gay!
    3. If you stay over 10 minutes and like it! You probably are gay.

    If you are gay please send $250 cash to my PO box (complete address in different e-mail) and I will then send you instrustions on converting!

    But don’t wait to long, because after 24 hours I cannot promise results. HURRY Do it now!

  23. BigJHagan

    This is funny. Within 10 minutes of each post you have made, you get like 100 votes. I think you have the backup to take this tourney down….

  24. lexslamman

    Isn’t it funny how almost every year around this point the NY Yankees go from a laughing-stock to the hottest team in sports? Yankees will eclipse the RedSux before too long…

  25. UKfaninAlabama

    18-Doesn’t matter what they say, We have to win everthing. Losers
    always cry.

  26. UKfaninAlabama

    25- I have noticed that, and have won a lot of money betting on them
    the past two years. Bet against them the first half of the season, and
    with them the second half.

  27. CatFanJ

    Dude I just voted thinking it was a best blog contest, then I noticed it was a hot guy contest. I so feal like Ace Ventura with a wad of bubble gum in my mouth right now. Good luck Matt! btw.. check out my bands myspace we’re trying to start something good.

  28. flipisatrip

    Is there a line for each contestant we can bet on?!?!

  29. wildcat girl

    we are dominating as usual!

  30. adaircam4

    It’s not even a contest now..Matt is kicking ass.

  31. flipisatrip

    #29 sweet jams

  32. One Time Voter

    Just so you guys don’t get a sore index finger, you can only vote once. You can sit there and continue to vote, but it doesn’t move the total votes.

  33. Wes

    #19 – Voting 3 times doesn’t make you gay, the fact you have a boyfriend makes you gay.

    Sorry couldn’t resist.

  34. CatFanJ

    #33 Thanks man,,, rough drafts of some original songs. We’re trying and it’s alot of fun!

    Go Cats!

  35. The Crow

    You’re up big Matt. I think the Big Blue nation might be able to carry you into the final four with our passionate fan support…

  36. donovansucks

    get alerts of new KSR blog updates in realtime with links,
    audio alert and blinking icon:

    don’t worry, no spyware or viruses.

  37. josh from bville

    While voting, I almost felt like Dick Vitale wearing Renee Zellweger’s wedding dress, getting his hand kissed by Kenney Chesney. lol, Looks like Matt’s got this one in the bag.

  38. Lurker Number Whatever

    You can actually vote many times. Vote early. Vote often. “Sore index finger” be damned!

  39. ukinpa

    I didn’t see how they could let you vote numerous times

  40. PrinceUk21

    this is a slaughter. deadspin has no chance. congrats matt. just don’t put pics of rob up or you’ll instantly lose

  41. Sidekick

    543 to 82 Matt is winning

  42. AMH

    #34 delete cookies in your internet options and you can keep voting like new.

  43. Lurker Number Whatever

    where wil we be able to pick up said “Bill Keightley bobblehead dolls”?

  44. UofLsux

    Is it true Rick Pricktino went back to the Cleveland Clinic to get his root cleaned out again
    or did Dr. Bob take care of the job himself since that is his expertise?

  45. Deebo

    I want my bobblehead…i feel gross!

  46. freda johnson

    go matt

  47. adaircam4

    this contest resembles the UK/LSU first half in 1996..a total ass kicking!

  48. ChicagoCatFan

    like CBCG said at his press conference…make them want to go home at halftime!

  49. John

    Don’t download any .exe link like the one #38 provided. It’s just safer that way.

  50. Al Purnell here

    Your crushing the competition, way to go.

  51. bcgobsession

    I LOVE TO WIN!!! Nothing feels better– well that maybe a stretch, but its great. GO MATT! We have until Wedneday to keep voting. Don’t worry guys, your egos will rebound. Girls like guys who “help” others (even if its to win a beauty contest for Matt); it shows you are sensitive. So, vote away!

  52. bcgobsession

    Matt, you could write a couple extra threads about recruits or this weekends elite camp, as a thanks for all our votes…. **hint hint**

  53. Dont give a Sh*T about this contest

    Reaaly…voting in this contest is retarded…who gives a flying crap who wins this thing? just reports and keep the beauty contests somewhere else

  54. RyanInLondon

    88% of the vote how ya like that

  55. ravi (not moss)


  56. adaircam4

    Matt, are you the only contestant trying to illecit votes from dudes? Go with whatever works I guess.

  57. Snoopy


  58. donovansucks

    51) that exe link is safe. i wrote the program for God sake. it’s meant for people to see
    the headlines on this site easier/quicker……there isn’t one single thing “unsafe” about it…

  59. 69'Z

    55- Matt gives us free info and we vote for him. You know. Give and take. Quit whining.

  60. TheDude

    Matt, KSR is like lightyears ahead of deadspin in votes. Must be the hair.

  61. V-in-K

    54) Hmm..private invites to write the man….lol.
    Hi bcgobsession! Hope you had a great weekend!

  62. ukblueblood

    983 to 131…’ve got this one!!!!
    Middlesboro’s got your back Matt

  63. Mike G

    the slaughtered comment must have been 10 seconds into the voting. those girls on the site had no idea what they were in for by putting you on it.

  64. adaircam4

    Has anyone heard that Rondo played during the Elite camp? If he did, I think that is great that he is willing to come back to campus and do things like that…what better way to promote your program than to have a current player in the NBA playing in camp with you?

  65. Mike G

    “Dont give a Sh*T about this contest Says” you must be one of those lets not keep score and just have fun playing kind of people. when you do something you do it to win it!!! you were probably happy with a second round exit two years in a row.

  66. Sports Talk on » Blog Archive » SportsMob Monday

    […] don’t forget to scroll down and vote for Kentucky Sports Radio on the blog contest. Now will the DeadSpin guy respond, […]

  67. Big Jules

    If you dont care about the contest, dont vote and dont read the posts. Its really simple. Why must everyone find something to bitch about???

  68. 10, 2, and 4

    Just rest assured that Deadspin guy HATES each and every one of you. Plus, he is probably planning to mock us in his blog and is best buds with Andy Putz.

  69. James

    25 and 27.Congrats on taking 3 straight from the Pirates.That is some accomplishment.Keep up the good play and You might get to .500.Nothing like Yankee fans running there traps when 10 down.

  70. Macon_Volfan


    Stick to beauty contests.

  71. 69'Z

    73-Stick to vol boards.


    I heard rondo played at the elite camp as well. If its true it raises my opinon of him quite a bit as i didnt peg him as the type of player to return to school and support his school.

  73. jds
  74. Mr. T

    I pity the foo that faces Matt Jones next round.

  75. lovemycats

    1212 – 159 …This is so ridiculous! Are you all at work too? What a bunch of slackers we are…

  76. Yeayeayeayea

    I would say you have a safe lead.

  77. Jkwo

    Look at Matt hitting on the chick in the messages below the voting screen. Atta boy.

  78. lexslamman


    Rondo was ‘recruiting’ for Tubby this past year, believe it or else…

  79. bcgobsession

    64) Had a great weekend! Thanks for asking. Bought lots of sparkly jewelry in Dallas. Roamed around the store for a couple hours picking out some fun pieces. Oh yeah– I drank a little too, ALWAYS a great way to spend a sunny afternoon on the lake 🙂

    Hmmm, I’m wondering what the secret rendevous is too…. Matt– I emailed you. Your turn.

  80. V-in-K

    82) Hmmm…I sometimes wonder if there isn’t a picture of you next to PARTYGIRL in the book….lol
    New sparklies…(I hope you got someone else to pay 😉 )

  81. bcgobsession

    Trust me, they weren’t the expensive sparklies– just the costume jewelry kind! Where’s this partygirl book? I’m definitely in some pictures, just not the ones you’re referring to…. 😉

  82. twoeightnine

    You know, if you guys really wanted to have some fun you should take down Tim Tebow… err Orson Swindle.

  83. Jack Cobra

    Congrats on your impending victory Matt. I initially thought you were the underdog,
    but I can see I vastly underestimated your readers. I regretting that I didn’t declare
    my UK roots (born in Lexington) for my matchup (blowout loss) against Paul Shirley.
    Great site, keep up the excellent work.

  84. TheGoldfishCowboy

    Alright fellow Lexingtonians and Kentuckians, I’m here to garner a little support. I’ve been down since the first few hours, but with the Commonwealth behind me, we can make this comeback.

    Continue supporting Jonesy in the future rounds, but I’m calling all cars on this one.

    TheGoldfishCowboy #4 seed MAC

    Thanks fellas!

  85. TheGoldfishCowboy

    Beer at Winchell’s on

  86. SeoulCat

    Matt,,,only for you man. I swallowed my heterosexual pride and ventured over to “that site.” After aiming my arrow at the vacant bubble next to “Matt Jones,” I clicked away and cast vote #2,000 something for Kentucky Sports Radio’s residential hunk. Something totally unwholesome about voting for a “hottest blogger,” but I figured that I could take a walk on the dark side for a moment (only in the privacy of my own home, mind you) if it meant helping out my “UK insider pusherman.” Thanks for all you guys at KSR do.
    ===Top ‘Cat this side of the Pacific

  87. uceompgphj

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