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Prince’s Thursday News and Views


Today is the 48th birthday of one of the coolest people on Earth, Mr. Purple Rain himself, Prince. Long-time readers of the blog will remember that I spent the vast majority of the post-Super Bowl week continually singing the praises of the producer of the Best Halftime Show in history. There is something about the short Minnesotan to me that simply radiates cool…..and I freely admit that it is somewhat odd. He has bizarre hair, occasional strange facial features, is oddly feminine, Brandon Stockton-level short, crazy wardrobes and is known as the ultimate JD Salinger-esque recluse in a world of overt celebrity. So rationally, I should just consider him a strange creature that is only a few steps above Michael Jackson. But I cant think like that…..if you put “Kiss” or “Rasberry Beret” of “Seven” or “Purple Rain”, I cant help myself…..I get a falsetto tone to my voice and begin singing at the top of my lungs. It isnt a pretty picture. Prince is the coolest, that is for sure….and now he approaches 50. There is hope for us old….

To the news…..

(1)With the 2008 recruiting coming quickly upon us, an interesting subplot is developing as the Cats extend offers to many more players than they have scholarships. An interesting example of that is the recent offer to Rotnei Clarke, the sharpshooter out of Oklahoma. Clarke is the type of player that a college team needs to get to the next level…..a deadeye shooter who can catch and release and is guaranteed to provide offense when open. However his offer at this early point does strike me as a bit odd. The best argument for offering Clarke is that his shooting is excellent and his relationship with fellow recruit Willie Warren, could combine for a great package deal. However it seems to me that there is little room at UK for more than two guards in this class and one wonders if that twosome would be the best UK could hope for. Make no mistake, Clarke is the type of player who would succeed at UK…..but Kentucky is likely to be the best offer he will receive….and he may be very likely to come to UK if recruited heavily. By giving him an offer, you are essentially giving him a spot on the team…..and with the potential for such a loaded 08 class, that surprises me somewhat.

(2) Along those lines, the 2008 visitor on campus this past weekend, Deshan Harris also now has an offer to UK. Harris is a point guard and continues the trend of UK looking for more and more players at that position. With GJ Vilarino coming in 2009, the need for a point guard in the 08 class seems not to be heavy (especially with two potential guards in Jasper and Porter returning). Harris however is a kid that the UK staff likes a great deal. Like with Clarke, I wonder if it will be the best offer that Harris gets, and if so, is a Harris-Clarke backcourt a possibility? Should be interesting to see…..

(3) In addition to all of the news about the upcoming “Elite Camp” at UK, there is news from Evan Daniels of of a new visitor to the Bluegrass, Polish-born (and Vegas held) player Olek Czyz. Czyz is a power forward (one of the many in the 2008 class being recruited by UK) and is seeing love right now primarily from West Coast schools. His Polish heritage makes him a natural target for Woo’s affections and an instant favorite of this blog. Little is known of Czyz’s game (he is currently a three star recruit), and at this point there is no indication of an offer. But he plans to visit UK this weekend, and we shall see what materializes.

(4) This weekend is the “Elite Camp” for UK and we hope to have a roster of players at the camp sometime at the end of the week. For now, we know from Dave Telep of that DeMarcus Cousins, an uber stud from the 2009 class (when in my view, Billy Clyde really starts to rack up) will be there and other top talents from that class are expected to join. The camp is not open to the public, but is step one for UK in reclaiming its rightful place atop the recruiting world.

(5) Andy Katz is coming on the show next week…..I plan on (politely) letting him have it. I hope you folks are ready……I know I am.

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Until later……

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. Devin


  2. Devin

    god bless prince and the new power generation as well

  3. Devin

    and god bless those coaches who play true up tempo 1,2,1,1 fast break basketball

  4. haywood

    andy katz? is that a joke?

  5. Devin

    it doesn’t suprise me that clark is being recruited or will be recruited heavily.. if things remain the same, we should have three scholarship available.. if one person transfers, that makes four.. carter could go on state aid, which makes fives… maye red shirt williams or he may leave as well so that makes six.. plently of scholarships to go around…

  6. d1ja


  7. GoCats

    Is the 6th his birthday or the 7th? love singing Prince myself, I still have a dance routine for I would die 4 U, that Album, thats right I said Album, was played over and over in my house as a child with me and my sister fighting over it.

  8. Devin

    I wish they would open the vaults at pasley park and let people hear the prince/miles davis recordings.. supposed to be some brillant stuff…matt how much of a pop culture whore, are you really ?

  9. GoCats

    #4 Katz has been very defensive about all the UK bashing, stating he is just reporting stories. I know I may be the most biased individual on the planet, but I honestly believe that within two years everyone will have nothing but love about the UK program based on the recruits that will be lining up. However as much as I hate most of these sportswriters, we need to not go off on them when they are in our line of sight. Like when Vitale is in RUPP, we should just be ready for the “I told you so” speeches and not resort to attacks on them.

  10. UKLS

    Ask Katz why so many ESPN commentators are former Duke grads, and why the only one that is in any way unbiased is Jay Bilas?

  11. villecat

    prince created god. that’s why rain is clear today. god f’ed it up. woulda been purple, but prince was too busy gettin with hot chicks to busy himself with earths creation.

  12. GoCats

    Dr. Bob Can you name one recruit that we have “stolen” from someone else? How busy are the Florida chat rooms right now? Why are we forced to have our posts so rudely interrupted by you?

  13. Anonymous

    Matt take Katz to school.

  14. GoCats

    Thank you for deleting Dr.bob

  15. GoCats

    I think Matt will be very professional with Andy but i would be interested to hear why Andy thinks we dont like him. We are not making this stuff up Andy. A million Kentucky fans can not all be wrong!

  16. UKLS

    10- Dr Bob, are you serious? Are you really back here after all the abuse you’ve taken? (oh wait, you just slink in here when you think no one is looking and try to take a cheap shot, stand and fight, coward)

    Let’s see, we can’t win? 1900 wins say otherwise. 7 NCAA championships say otherwise, so do 25 SEC titles, 41 SEC regular season titles, 81-20something all time against you’re joke of a Florida program, including 8 straight as recently as 3 years ago, under Tubby of all people.

    Point shaving? Are you kidding me? Care to elaborate? Specific examples, with documentation, within the last 25 years. Otherwise your point is irrelevant to anything in the modern era and I reserve the right to ridicule you mercilessly for referencing some long dead pseudo-scandal.

    Don’t you have some Tim Tebow to talk about? What’s wrong, no one wants to talk about basketball in on the Florida boards right now so you have to come here?

    Who’s your coach? Oh wait, you don’t have one. Go home and cry for Billy Boop to come back and maintain the only chance your program has ever had to be relevant on the national stage. Sniffle Sniffle Bob, better keep crying.

  17. UKLS

    Maaaan, they deleted him. Oh well, that was fun writing anyway, I hope he reads it.

  18. GoCats

    #16 I could not have said it better myself

  19. lexslamman

    Prince is King!

  20. GoCats

    #19 Knew a girl named Nikki, i guess you could say she was a sex fiend…
    met her in a hotel lobby…

  21. Rich

    I think someone should come up with a word that means all of Kentucky’s accomplishments. Let’s be real with each other, you see it alot, used in a variety of contexts. It has to be hard to type out every time. If you have a special word for it, you can just say, “Well, what about lamp?”

  22. Bejosano

    #16 think you.

  23. GoCats

    #21 Interesting thought but with our true love of UK basketball Im sure none of us have any complaints typing that stuff out. It always brings a warm feeling to my heart and my hands seem to glide over the keyboard as I type all of our accomplishments!

  24. Jon

    Anybody think Katz is gonna be on the show?
    He hates UK. He has blown Matt off many, many times, and now, that he has it coming too him, do you think he’s gonna stand in and take it, or just not call in and not show up?
    Matt, you should stop scheduling him. We all hate him, and even though it isn’t your fault, it makes you look bad to miss on getting him on air time after time. Just keep talking to Bomani, and try to get Jay Bilas if you have to dip into the ESPN T.V. personalities.

  25. Will

    Guaranteed Katz doesn’t show and I just want to say he is a penishead for posting the crap I see under his name.

  26. Bejosano

    Matt get jay bilas on the show. We like Jay, and he is the best on ESPN. Thank
    you for a good job!

  27. lexslamman

    Don’t have to be rich to rock my world…
    Don’t have to be cool to be my girl…
    Ain’t no particular style I’m more compatible with
    I just want your extra time and your…….

  28. Jake

    So apparently Kansas isn’t a good offer anymore? Both Clarke and Harris will have many high-major offers from great basketball schools. I don’t expect that we land them both, but honestly, a class consisting of Warren and Clarke with a couple of bigs, or Harris and Warren or Jeremy Green or Darius Miller with a couple of bigs would be ideal.

    As for the bigs, Jamychal Green, Zeller, Osby, or Woods (or less likely–but still possible–Samuels or Monroe, would be ideal. A four man class with a few of these guys in it would be outstanding.

  29. Jon

    Clarke dosn’t have a Kansas offer right now (not saying it wont come). His best offer and presummed leader is Oklahoma, who is
    leading because it’s the only school to offer clarke and warren (untill UK did recently)

  30. Amos

    Two points about recuting.

    Billy Clyde reminds me of a friend who when he went to a bar would proclaim ‘go ugly early’. He did just fine with the ladies. I has another friend who was like Tubby — he waited all night for the perfect 10 to come in the room. He always left alone. Billy Clyde will line em up and take what he can. Matt you’re right 09 is BILLY CLYDE’S.

    But that being said right now they’re just not talented enough. People will have to go at year’s end. Let’s look at the roster:

    5 Jared Carter (gone at year’s end) and Mike Williams (gone at year’s end) Both will struggle at the mid major level.

    4 PP (LTG), Perry Stevenson (possibly gone at year’s end) A.J. Stewart (will develop) and Mark Coury (not athletic enough to make the team) Although I hope Billy Clyde develops this kid, Stevenson to Southwest LA might work out for him.

    3 Alex Legion (LTG), Derrick Jasper (go west young man) and Kerry Benson (gone at year’s end)

    2 Joe Crawford (graduated), Jodie Meeks LTG), and Ramon Harris (has a chance)

    1 Ramel Bradley (graduated), Michael Porter (gone at year’s end), and Dwight Perry (gone at year’s end)

    That leaves four legitimate D1s (PP, AJ, Alex, Jodie) and three I hope so’s (Perry, Ramon, and Jasper)

    Now the good news the classes of 08 and 09 are loaded and BC will have plenty of room to get bigger faster and stronger.

  31. john michael reitz

    no matter what … billy gillispie will have a good class for 08, 09 and the years beyond

  32. Ryan

    30. Crawford played the 3 last yr and I expect him to play the 3 again this yr and Meeks at the 2. Legion is also a 2, not a 3. Jasper is also a 1, and Bradley is a 2. You are way off man, and you call yourself a Uk fan.

  33. Ryan

    30. And you tell Jasper “Go west young man.” What is your deal? Jasper is a good ball player. Did you not see what Jasper did early in the r at Hawaii before Tubby ruined him. Jasper was the man, slashing in the lane making thing happen, getting out on the break, etc. YOu don’t know anything. Jasper will flourish under Billy G. Amos, go west old man.

  34. Ryan

    it should say yr

  35. Ryan


  36. Asdf

    32. Crawford is a natural 2, people are thinking he may go back to that. In a smaller lineup, Meeks could fill the 3. Bradley played the 1 at times last year, and there is a discussion about whether he or Jasper should play it this year.

    The lineups are not as straightforward as you think.

  37. bcgobsession

    I have to agree, Jasper might just be the most improved player under BCG’s direction. I’m looking forward to seeing what Gillispie can do with the current roster~ think he may damn well make this good team, a GREAT team! I think they will BRING IT to every game next season. By IT, I mean the swagger, the confidence, the team attitude, and lots of energy! I hope they do send everyone home by halftime!

  38. 08

    Any Kentucky fan should be down with Prince.

    Katz is interesting. I hope the plan is to talk reasonably with him and to keep callers from reaching him. Last thing I want to hear is an anecdote from him on ESPN where he recalls the UK fans who threatened to kick his teeth in as he smugly laughs with his elitist Duke loving attitude.

  39. bcgfan

    #38 Amen, this could be a disaster for UK fans, there are a lot of idiots out there.

  40. bcgobsession

    Yes, no call-ins if Katz does call in for the interview. Even I’d like to call in tell him what I think about his lack of professionalism. Just not a good idea to invite trouble like that!

    I was thinking about BCG making more offers than schollies available. In an odd sort of twist, it does follow the law of supply & demand. If supply goes down (# of schollys available), demand goes up (more recruits wanting them thus, recruits commit more quickly). So, economics can even apply to UK b-ball. I always wondered when I’d use the stuff I learned in that class!

  41. BulletBob

    In five years Donovan is going to wish he would have taken the Orlando job. His shoddy recruiting and suspect coaching is going to catch up with him. He caught lightning in a bottle and really never had what it takes to lead a University of Kentucky team.

  42. CatsFan03

    Any closer to podcasting yet? I know the other shows on the station are doing it…
    Come on guys!

  43. V-in-K

    9) I agree in a couple of years all will love us again…funny it seems UK fans aren’t the only ones who EXPECT the CATS to kick ass…ya think!?!! It is funny how DickV can give us hell about wanting to change the progam and at the same time call it…mediocre.

  44. dano

    Amos…Are you kidding with that post? (#30)

    I agree that Williams will probably be gone…But, Carter will probably stay. Stevenson and Patterson will be a two headed monster in the post. Stewart is a 3 who can play the four…Considered to be underrated too.

    Harris is the one who is getting the most “wows” during the summer games. He is considered to be the best athlete on the team.

    Crawford is a three in this system. Legion and Meeks are twos, and Jasper is a PG.

    Stevenson and Jasper were both ranked higher than Stewart…Consider who coached them their freshman year. Harris will be a stud…Wait and see.

    You should put the shine down for a while. Maybe consider a glass of juice, and some Advil.

  45. ukcatsfan2

    First of all, I have disagree that Prince was the greatest half-time show ever! I must be getting old if people think that he is an “artist”. He does not rate even close to McCartney. Again, I am showing my age I guess. Even the Stones put on a better show in my opinion. And Timberlake and Jackson…. they knew they sucked so they had to come up with a side show, ala, the garment malfunction.

    Give me The Beatles (Or Beatle), the Stones, Aerosmith anyday!

    And by the way, We have got Kentucky Basketball back in the hands of someone capable of doing something great!

  46. Fred

    Sorry ukcatsfan2, it was U2, THEN McCartney for the best ever…

  47. catinhotlanta

    I’ll gladly show my age…the SuperBowl hasn’t had a decent half time show in many years, unless you’re under 30. Prince is a complete joke and today’s music is nothing but noise. There have been very few true “singers” in the last 20 years. A decent voice with range? They’re either dead on way up in years. I pity today’s youth who think what they’re hearing is true music. It’s sad, so sad.

    I think Clarke is a must for UK. A true PG who can also score is very rare. His stock will skyrocket the next year and BC knows this. It’s called “evaluating talent,” something we haven’t been used to in the last 5-6 years.

  48. Boggie

    If Andy Katz is on the show, he will eat Matt’s lunch. I mean
    no offense to Matt, but let’s face it – conducting good interveiws
    is not one of his strong points.

  49. billyb

    combining what matt and amos said, it does seem obvious that BCG is planning not to renew some scholarships
    at the end of 2007-08. he also is known for oversigning, as in the kid who wound up at Kansas State because
    Turgeon didn’t have a spot for him. i’m cruising along on blind faith here, thinking that BCG knows exactly
    what he is doing. it wouldn’t surprise me to see him sign five kids next year and find a way to fit them
    all in.

  50. jimmy dugan

    Has Matt or Rob being to Longheads “Bar & Grill” before?

  51. Rick

    I’ll be amazed if Katz has the testicular fortitude to actually show up. Ask him how come there’s such a double standard when it comes to UK. Ask him why when UK exercised the buyout clause option in the contract with UMass, that UK gets portrayed as the “bad guy”. Yet Washington backed out of the Great Alaska Shootout for the same reason and nobody says a word. Billy D backs out of his deal with Orlando and gets such support except for Jay Bilas and Jay Mariotti on ESPN. Yet last year when Dana Altman backed out of the Arkansas job, he got hammered on ESPN. How about some freakin’ consistency. You can’t have it both ways.

  52. Jacob Adam Brooks

    As of now it appears that Harris is surprising everyone on the staff and that there could be a decent amount of PT for him this year. If he is successful this season the the need for a true SF isn’t nearly as great for the 08 class. That could be why BCG has went ahead and offered Clarke… Also, I wouldn’t completely rule out losing Meeks after this season. The kid is a freak athlete that like it or not will play in the NBA eventually, and if he puts up some impressive numbers this year he could possibly contemplate a jump.

    BTW… Amos… 30) was one of the dumbest post I’ve ever read on any website…EVER. And that’s a lot of dumb posts I’ve read over the years so congrats.

  53. Macon_Volfan

    #48, whether you think Matt is a good interviewer or not is your opinion, but Katz won’t eat Matt’s lunch. It kills me to say this, but Mr. Jones may be one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.

    Matt, stick to politics.

  54. More Like Lamos

    52, i have to agree… Amos’ post was the worst thing ever… apparently Billy is here to completely rip apart the team and send 4 star players to small Div I schools… im still at a loss as to what that dude was thinking

  55. Jacob Adam Brooks


    Jasper and Stevenson were both very heavily recruited. Both are great athletes who did not get an opportunity to shine as freshman Yet you want them both to transfer. What kind of UK fan wants kids to transfer like that? Do you know all the bad mouthing people do about UK fans? well you’re a big reason why.

    You suggest that


    Will be gone at the end of the year? And that “hopefully”


    will be gone too? HOPEFULLY?

    So you’re one of those fans that just wants constant turnover. If a kid doesn’t have a great freshman season then get rid of him? That would look great for the new coach. Recruit A, I’d really like you to come play for me, but if you don’t produce as a freshman (even if you don’t play like PS) then I’ll ask you to transfer. Yeah! That’s a great image to put forth to recruits.

    Erik Daniels had a bad first couple of seasons…then he went on to be a 1000 point scorer and a starter on one of the most special teams we’ve had in quite some time. Who’s to say Jasper or Stevenson wouldn’t have careers like that… I guess Orlando should’ve asked Magloire to take a hike and go to a mid major after his dissappointing first season? I guess I don’t have to actually say that I’m estatic that you’re not on the new staff…

  56. Cat Toe

    Amos…what? I love when people state mere conjecture and opinion as an obvious fact. Your way off with your crystal ball. I also disagree with Matt, since I personally think a Harris/Clark backcourt would be a good guard class. If we miss on Liggins then they are 2 of the top 5 guys left at the point in the 08 class. Does anyone know why they list Clarke as a pg on Rivals?

  57. Jacob Adam Brooks

    56)I think it’s because he’s thought of as a combo guard even in HS, but projects better as a point in college (guessing)

  58. Mojo

    Jasper and Stevenson have have their freshman season out of the way, and now they will shine! To a lesser extent, this is also true for Porter and Harris! Not every freshman breaks out like Meeks did late. Most have ups and downs and then become steady as upperclassmen.

  59. NyBlue

    I disagree with Prince. I think you DO have to watch Dynasty to have an attitude.

  60. Macon_Volfan

    #59, I like to Tom Jones version of that song better.

  61. Question of the Day

    From Billy D., Florida: How long does it take for Intrigue to wear off? I’ve heard that it takes only 24 hours, is this true or am I…err…that a rare instance?

  62. Michael Clarke

    I thought it was “ain’t no SIGN I’m incompatible with” as in astrological sign. You know, “hey baby, what’s your sign?” (No, I’ve never actually said that seriously. . .)

  63. Big Jules

    I dont think Carter will transfer. Its just too late in his career. He would lose one year if he transfered to a D1 program, i think, and he is a KY kid. Hopefully he will become a serviceable back-up, but he whines too much. Did anyone see him at Midnight Madness last year? He was crying the whole time when Randolph was pushing him around. I think Mike Williams or Porter will be the ones to watch regarding transferring. Williams is just too slow and Porter is seeing his chances of playing decrease by the second with recruiting.

  64. BigJHagan

    I can’t see Porter thriving in a faster offense I think we will see. But I think after more conditioning and a few months of practice with Billy G and his staff, Jasper will be a good point guard. Think Tubby slowed him down to much.

  65. Big Jules

    I would like to keep Porter, his ability to shoot the 3 is something we need.

  66. Rich

    From With Leather (ouch):

    The Ladies present the Hot Blogger Brackets. As George Washington said: “We had quitters in the Revolution, too. We called them Kentuckians!” So vote for the handsome #11 seed. And who’s that dead sexy #17 with the translucent skin? Cast some Cook County style for him – early and often.

  67. Jacob Adam Brooks

    64) Jasper will be a freak this year. Did anyone watch the Maui Invitational last year? UCLA was one of the best defensive teams in the nation and he just sliced them to pieces… then of course Orlando (as per Jasper) asked him to stop driving into the lane becuase it was clogging things up for his senior forwards… ridiculous. With a real coach, Jasper could be second team SEC this year.

  68. BigJHagan

    If we pull in Clarke for 08 then Porter will basically be obsolete. They both sound like they probably have the same speed and ball handling skills but Clarke sounds like a monster shooter. You would have to be if you are only 6ft and not too fast, but still manage to average 37 points a game.

  69. thewildcatblog

    Andy Katz on the sports mob; that should be interesting.

    Ask him about his spelling lately. LOL!

  70. Big Jules

    Tubby screwed with jasper mentally, but after the first 6-7 games, teams gave Jasper a 5 foot cushion while guarding him. This is why he struggled so much. I expect him to be much improved and hopefully Billy G will repair his confidence, but to claim that he is going to be a “freak” or that he will be the most improved player is ridiculous.

  71. ukcatfan88


    I love Prince as well. Isn’t he a Jehovah’s Witness? They don’t celebrate birthdays, if I remember. Maybe I got the wrong religion, but anyway…..

    KSR girls made me pitch a tent this morning. Especially Elizabeth. Oops. There I go again!

  72. 1ukfan

    I love Michael Porter! Well at least I am a fan. Love is a strong word! 🙂

  73. Jacob Adam Brooks

    70) why is it ridiculous? He started nearly every game last year, and it’s not an opinion… Orlando TOLD HIM to stop taking it to the hole as much as he was in the beginning of the year… teams may have started giving him a cushion, but he was told to stop driving. When he came out of high school, it was widely believed that Jasper would eventually end up being the best pg of the 06 class. Rondo, Bradley, and Jasper.. the last three guys we’ve had start significant time at the PG for us, all pounded the ball at the top of the key… they all walked the ball up the court and the offense was constantly struggling to find cohesiveness… do you think that was just a coincidence?

    It is neither obsurd or unlikely that Jasper will be the most improved player… and to call the notion ridiculous is very unfoundd.

  74. Macon_Volfan

    #62 I thought it was, “ain’t no particular sign I’m MORE compatible with.

  75. john michael reitz

    jasper is my opinion is a good all around player…. rebounds, assist, and shooots (sometimes) if he can shoot or is not to be afraid to shoot… he can be a special player….

  76. Big Jules


    Did you watch the Miss St. game in the SEC tourney? Did you watch Jasper constantly get beaten by penetration all season? The reason Ramel had to run the point was because Jasper was not improving. I AGREE that Tubby killed Jasper’s confidence, and i would love to see Jasper become an All-American. But i am going on what i have seen, not on what i think a coach will or will not do for a kid.

  77. Diamond & Pearl

    Hey, us twins love our man in purple. He is a friggin genius! There is nothing better than funk in your rock! Bring back the funk people!

  78. Macon_Volfan

    #76 If you read the “Need to Know Wednesday” by Chris Tomlin, you’d realize that you need to stay away from the phrase, “beaten by penetration.”

  79. adaircam4

    sorry Matt..Prince sucks…also Andy Katz sucks! I can’t decide which one sucks more.

  80. PharoahsBrother

    According to Charlie Murphy, Prince is also a HELLUVA basketball player. I’m not makin’ this up.


    When did Tubby say this. Where you there to witness it or was it in an article?
    Just wondering because you seem so vehement about it.

    IMO Prince rocks. Mcartney sucks. Maybe its the age difference but I have never understood everyone’s fascination with the Beatles. I dont like most of their songs and ringo starr was one of the worst drummers I have ever heard.

  82. Jacob Adam Brooks

    76) Yes I watched almost every game all season long. Jasper, I’m pretty sure, had 3 or 4 steals against Aaraon Afflalo in the ULCA game, he sturggled when he had to play tiny super-speedy pgs that could drive past him, but his defense is not by any means bad…He did not as you said “constantly get beaten” Also, if I’m ocrrect, he’s not the first freshman to need to improve his defense. I’m pretty sure that’s a common thing in the NCAA and will most likely get better with time.

    Jasper struggled down the stretch for several reasons.

    1) Orlando messed with his confidence. Orlando told him to stop doing the thing he best at and therefore he struggled to find his offense.
    2) Orlando’s offense was notoriously boring and over the past few years, looked very bad as far as cohesiveness goes… there was no Pf to get the offense started (we ran a high post… a pf is kinda important)
    3) By all accounts, he was getting very home sick after the midway point of the season… about the time he started struggling, and was even contemplating moving back to CA at seasons end.

    At least two of those reasons will be non existent this year… as long as he’s more comfortable being away from home, he shouldn’t have that problem either. I’m not annointing the kid a lottering pick or anything. But do assume he won’t improve or say that it’s ridiculous to think that he could be very good this year is puzzling to me.


    Prince was dunking on charlie murphy all night.

  84. Big Jules

    Jasper stats

    4.1 PPg
    3.7 Rpg
    .9 steals/game
    .3 blocks
    52.5% FT
    23% 3 Pt
    3.1 assists/game
    2.1 Turnover/game

  85. Jacob Adam Brooks

    81) I can’t remember where I heard this, but it was an article (I think on scout, but maybe rivals) when he gave an interview stating something to the degree of “Coach told me it’s not high school anymore and I can’t just take it to the hole so much because I’m clogging up the lane. So he told me to just stay up top a lot more.” I posted something on TCP immediately following that interview and talked about it for a few weeks… there were others that read it too and commented on it.

  86. Big Jules

    I will leave it at that, because maybe i am being too negative and dont want to constantly harp on a id and my glass is usually half-full. I wish for the best for all players and support them no matter what. I will say that i find it interesting that Billy G is after so many Pg’s when we have so many on our roster.

    As far as offenses go, a power forward is probably the least important position. Rebounding and defense is another matter.

  87. Jacob Adam Brooks

    84) What were Bradley and Crawfords numbers as freshman? Crawford averaged 3 and change as a freshman and Bradley just over 4 ppg. I’m pretty sure they both had pretty good Sophmore campaigns despite both of them everaging less points, rebounds, and assists when they were freshman then Jasper did last year. Players improve. It’s the nature of the game.

  88. Jacob Adam Brooks

    86) Ok… That answers all my questions. LOL. A PF not important to a High Post offense? You realize that the high post is run thorugh the PF position don’t you? Did you notice that after Chuck Hayes left (a master of the high post) that our offense suddenly looked awful the following two seasons… the two seasons when we didn’t have a high caliber PF. LOL

  89. adaircam4

    #81..The Beatles came to America during a time when Rock was really getting established in America..the American public had never really seen anything like them before so they were a big deal..If the Beatles were to debut today in the states, they would not have the impact as they did back in the day IMO..The Beatles are okay but there are still older people who are fans of theirs that keep their music alive.

  90. adaircam4

    When Tubby had his best years as coach is when he had Chuck Hayes manning the interior, however the interior passing was excellent with players like Estill, Hayes, Daniels, and Camara. When UK was implementing the high low pass in the lane, it was awesome to watch..the past couple of years have not been like that because we have not thad the passing big men like in the past, hence pounding the ball on the perimeter and jacking up a long 3

  91. Big Jules

    All positions are important on the floor. My contention is that a PF is the LEAST important position on any offense. Would you rather have a good PG running any offense (high-post included) or a good PF. And i know what a high post offense is. Chuck Hayes was very good at flashing to the ball and then dumping in down low. However, shooters and SCORERS are more important, which we obviously have lacked

  92. Big Jules

    Plus to say that our offense dropped off when Hayes left?? I have never really seen a good Tubby offense other than 98. Tubby’s offense was definitely not his strength.

  93. Meekssuperfan

    I am pissed at all the sportswriters such as Katz and V but atleast Katz is realizing and trying to reccant.Dickie V rides the bandwagon for whoever is good each season.UTEP could become really good and he would talk like they are Duke or UK.Everyone should also support our current players to get better because they really wanted to be wildcats and even though tubbs was not a good recruiter.Jasper Harris Carter Porter Stevenson Bradley Crawford will be much improved and utilized to maximize their strenghts.This Kentucky team will be special and we will be back in the spotlight and the rankings where we belong.This team is elite 8 bound with a final four the year afterand the sky is the limit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Jacob Adam Brooks

    Jules… LOL. Offense was never Orlando’s strong point.. that is true. Put it’s no miracle that when he had very good PFs (Hayes and Prince) that the offense was much more effective. I’d rather a PG ALWAYS run the offense, but I wasn’t coaching UK the last few years, Orlaando Smith was and he ran a high post. An offense that involves a 4 flashing to the top of the key, and either hitting a cutting 2 or 3 man, shooting the ball himself, taking the ball to the hole, or pulling back and setting the offense up himself… that’s a high post offense. The 4 is arguably the most important player in that set. You’re saying that as a whole, PF is the least important offensive position, but in Orlando’s offense it was one of the most important. I’m thrilled to be rid of that offense forever but that’s how it was.

  95. 69'Z

    89- Spoken like someone who knows nothing about the Beatles. The Beatle’s music transcends time. George Martin remixes their music 2 years ago and it is one of the top sellers of the year. Their Anthology in the mid 90’s included 2 new songs and the rest were rough cuts of concert versions and it was the #1 seller and sold a huge # of copies at a very high cost per unit. Their #1’s in 2000 was the #1 cd and sold millions. I guess millions of people could be wrong and you right but I doubt it. If the Beatles came out with a new CD of fresh cuts tomorrow it would sell 25 million copies IMO.

  96. Jacob Adam Brooks

    Meekssuperfan, I like your enthusiasm.


    That’s a pretty sick backcourt.

    Now that BCG will unleash Stevenson and play him more then 3 minutes a game, he should come a very long way and I think him and PPAT will end up working very well together down low.

    Carter is kind of my wildcard. He could be either a very big impact, or sink into total obscurity. Both are possible, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a result that’s right in the middle. 5 or 6 ppg and 4 or 5 rbg. If he can stay of the floor and help out at the 5 whenever Stewart, Stevenson, or Patterson isn’t playing it.. then I think an elite 8 run is not out of the question. We’ll definately be much better this year.

  97. Big Jules

    Im very glad we are done with that offense, whatever it was. I cringed just thinking about it and felt sorry for all the guys who looked like they were in prison whenever running those sets. Hayes and Prince
    probably our two best players, they succeeded because they were just that good, i dont know that they did a whole lot out of that offense. Hayes got alot of garbage points and some drop steps. His jumper was ok, not great. Good to see he found the perfect fit with the Rockets team. Tay is the only reason i watched any of the playoffs, although i am eager to see if the Spurs will get away with hacking the chit out of LeBron like i think they will.

  98. Five Threes in a Row

    Prince the singer is a freak and shouldn’t be allowed in public. Prince the the former Wildcat, however, is the man.

  99. BillysTheMan

    did anyone read the article in the herald leader about the four guard line-up? Jodie Meeks wants to do it, and he said he would be willing to play point guard. (our pg woes are gone!)well maybe

  100. Jacob Adam Brooks

    Jules, just for the record, I’m not attacking you on here or anything. Hayes was a great overall player, with an (as you said) ok jumper… but it was really his passing ability that made the offense work when he was here. The offense still didn’t look great and I’m thrilled as well that i’s long gone. Tay worked in the high post very well because of his shooting ability and ability to take it to the hole once he got the ball in the high post… I love Tay. We’ll let this one go as a wait and see kind of thing.

    As for NBA, I’m a big Cavs fan, so I’m expecting a lot of hacking on the spurs part and I’m really thinking that they’ll get called for a lot of it. I’m expecting the usual “hands in the air and confused” look on every single call that goes against them too. I hope Lebron just attacks and attacks and attacks, because he’ll get to the line a lot if he does.

  101. Kevin


    Be sure to as Katz when ESPN will run a poll asking if Billy D. should be forced to coach the Magic this year.

  102. Jacob Adam Brooks

    99 that’s sick! I Liked Jodie at the point last year when he ran it.. I love him on the wing though…. I wouldn’t mind running with


  103. BillysTheMan

    55- well said i agree totally

  104. Mwildcat

    In my honest opinion I believe this year’s Team will make it to the Sweet Sixteen and possibly further, I just don’t see how you True Uk fans can’t see this!! The players were held back from displaying their skills and talents because Tubby was a Defense First Coach and never put much Emphasis on the Offensive end and it clearly showed the last 2 yrs, but I still love Tubby, just Glad we did move on and got Gillispie, I hope we all see the true talent these kids posses now that they have a coach that plays to their own strengths


    Excuse the obvious fan loyalties. I really am not bitter but the cavs are a bunch of floppers,especially Verajao and Lebron can be a pretty big whiner himself. The NBA is all about hacking so the cavs need to do some of their own instead of whining about it.

  106. adaircam4

    #95..I’m not doubting the popularity of the Beatles..they sell a ton of albums..I’m just saying that at the time they came out, they were a global phenomenom (spelling?) ..they created such a buzz that everyone was enamored by them hence the popularity and they played music people liked..with that being said, they will always be looked at as pioneers in music, but I’m just saying that with the internet and accessability to music today bands will not be as big of a deal as The Beatles were, plus the generation that loved the Beatles are still alive..years from now, people will know the Beatles, but the people who actually listen to them regularly will slowly dwindle.

  107. Jacob Adam Brooks

    105) no problem. The spurs are one of the biggest flopping teams in the history of the NBA though. I know a lot of Cat fans are also Pistions fans… and therefore don’t like the CAVS, but the cavs don’t flop nearly as much as the spurs. The spurs knee people in the thighs when they post up, bowen puts his feet under opposing jump shooters feet (CONSTANTLY) and they really do argue EVERY SINGLE CALL LOL

  108. Jasper's Wingspan

    Have heard Billy Gillispie quoted as saying “Jasper can’t play.” I’ll be surprised if he gets much PT.

  109. Steve Nash's Groin


  110. Big Jules

    I really think Bruce Bowen is becoming a dirty player, and note BECOMING. I think he has lost that half-step on d that used to make him so great. I now think he compensates through some dirty plays like the ankle thing and other stuff here and there.

    Flopping is a problem with the NBA as a whole. Something should be done, until then, everyone will flop and it will rarely be ignored or penalized.

  111. BigJHagan

    #102 – Im hoping to see that offense as well. Boy will they be fast with the ability to put points on the board. And having Stevenson and athletic backups like Legion and Stewart coming off the bench we could wear teams down by half time.

  112. MEWH

    Getting rid of half the roster is a horrible idea. All that will do is make us younger, and less
    cohesive. Let’s let the guys get on the floor together, and see if they can’t mesh. 1998 went ok
    for us without 8 NBA players. You need role-players to accompany the stars. How many defections did we have under Tubby? Michael Bradley/Desmond Allison/Rekalin Simms/Bernard Cote/Shegari Alleyne/Rashas Carruth.
    Let CBC get some stars and some contributors as well to give us some ‘Team Chemistry’
    I know thats a term that has been missing for a while around here

  113. Appalachian Wonder

    The Spurs will play dirty and win like they have all playoffs long. Duncan has the league in his hip-pocket…just ask Joey Crawford.


    I became a Pistons fan becuase of Tay but now I like them all, even Sheed and I love Joe Dumards. I havent seen the Spurs enough this year to know. Im not a huge Lebron fan. I just dont like his game as much as say D-Wades but I really cant stand the rest of the CAVS team. Verajao is a useless flopper and someone ANYONE needs to tell Gooden to cut his hair. I was really really impressed by Daniel Gibson this series. I think he is going to be a special player next to lebron. I wouldnt call Bowen a flopper just dirty. Manu strikes me a a flopping player. I dont know if its just me but the trend Im really noticing is that all of the worst floppers are foreign players. I like the internationalization of the League but I miss the play of the early nineties when basketball was much more of a contact sport.




    112 We really miss all of those players. They had so much to contribute.

  117. 69'Z

    106- You’re wrong. There are lots of kids that love the Beatles today 50 years from now the Beatles will sell more CD’s than all of the rap artists combined and nobody will know who Prince was IMO, except for UK fans. That’s what makes the Beatles the greatest musical artists of all time. When nobody knows what the term “grunge” means, there will still be millions of Beatles fans.

  118. bigblue1

    108, Where did you hear such a thing?

  119. MEWH

    116) I’m not saying they were great, or even good people (Allison/Carruth). It was the constant turnover that was detrimental to the team. We have some guys that should get a chance to contribute under a new regime. Why not give them a chance to prove themselves under an offense that can’t possibly be as stagnant as the last?

  120. Appalachian Wonder

    Best case scenario for the NBA Finals: huge bench-clearing brawl in Game One leads to both teams being suspended for the rest of the series…championship is decided by which team has the best-looking cheerleaders.

  121. Big Jules


    Obviously you are a fan of the Pistons, (as am i) but i have to say that LeBron is the best ATHLETE i have ever seen. Bigger and stronger than MJ. Only athlete i think that even comes close is Bo Jackson. Other than that, i dont even think you can argue it.

  122. Jacob Adam Brooks

    118) HE DIDN’T

    114) I respect your opinion, but I don’t know how anyone could’ve watched game 5 of the Pistons/Cavs and not like Lebron’s game. He had Tay guarding him, one of the better defenders in the league, yet he scored on about 14 straight possessions. Fade aways, off the dribble jump shots and attacking the rim. He is a much better passer then D Wade and he’s bigger, stronger, and more explosive to the rack… also Lebron is about 4 years younger.

  123. Jacob Adam Brooks

    119) Allison was not a bad kid at all. He made a mistake that hundreds of bball players have made since him, but he was unfortuante enough to make that mistake for the short period that UK had a no tolerance rule that was harsher then any in NCAA history.

  124. BigBlueBloodhound

    120 AMEN…Bring on the cheerleaders.

  125. Jacob Adam Brooks

    Jules, I agree about Lebron. 6’8 240… that’s bigger then most PF’s in the NBA. Jordan was 6’6 190, Kobe 6’6 205, Wade 6’5 200…. LEBRON is 6’8 240!!! yet he’s as agile as those guys. There’s really never been another player like him in the history of the NBA… he’ll go down as the best ever when it’s all said in done, at least imo.

  126. Shaffer

    Some people are saying Jasper is going to do so well and of course as a fan I hope he does become a major factor. He did well at the beginning of the season and his play fell off as the season went along. All the mental BS aside, what Jasper needs to work on is:

    1) shooting (someone was talking about him having comparable #’s to Crawford & Bradley’s, but I’d say there shooting percentages were not 50% on FT’s, 20% 3’s)
    2) passing — needs to stop making one handed passes, just a little more fundamentals in this area
    3) on the ball D — this would go for almost every player alive

    He needs to stay in the gym shooting and then you can’t give him a cushion and he can continue to beat people off the dribble and flaten out D’s and open up Meeks, Bradley, Crawford, Legion for 3’s.

  127. adaircam4

    #117..I disagree. I do not like rap and grunge was over in the late 90’s…I know a few people in my generation that like the Beatles but not many..I’m 31..They will always be respected, but will lose their popularity at some point IMO..People’s taste in music change and the bands I like now and will probably always like will not be as popular 30 years from’s just a fact..with that being said, I still think Prince sucks

  128. BillyenerGy

    adaircam4, please do not try to be a music historian. As Mark Twain said, “it is a terrible thing that youth is wasted on the young.”

  129. Big Jules

    Yeah, i think LeBron could have played just about any sport. Could you imagine him as a Tight End or WR. He would be unstoppable. He would flick safeties off of him and outrun, outjump any linebackers. It is just unfair .

    Sorry to rain on your parage Deeeetroit, but Sheed is done with the Pistons. They are gonna have to get rid of him and Chauncey, Pitino’s favorite player!

  130. Big Jules

    parade, sorry

  131. 69'Z

    Adair- That’s cool. I understand that my opinion is debatable, but what isn’t debatable is that the Beatles still are a top selling act nearly 40 years after their last studio LP. You said yourself that the bands you like now won’t be popular 30 years from now. The Beatles are already 10 years beyond that and still going strong. They may not be as popular with gen-Xers such as yourself, but they are strong with the Y crowd. The baby boomers have had their music for years, yet their catalogue continues to sell at a great rate so somebody new is buying their music.

  132. adaircam4

    117) and 128)..I am not trying to be a music historian..and thank you for calling me dumb masking it behind the words of Mark Twain..I am sorry I said anything about your beloved Beatles, which I really never said anything negative about..Note to self: do not express opinions, it will be taken as fact 99% of the time.


    121 I totally agree with you about Lebron athleticism I just dont like his skill set. Im not saying he isnt great Im saying I dont like his game. Its an opinion, a matter of taste, not fact.

    There is no way he should ever have scored on that many posessions in a row. That was just piss poor defense. Tay didnt play well this series and before you start Im not saying the Pistons could have shut him down. There isnt a way to shut down such a great offensive player these days with the new league rules but there is no excuse for letting one MAN drop 25 straight on your team. I dont care if you quintuple team him MAKE SOMEONE ELSE SCORE even if you leave four people open. Maybe I would like him more if he had a better team around him but I like Wade better. At this point in his career I like Wade’s skill set more. I am not argueing that Wade is better Im just saying I like him more than Lebron.

  134. MEWH

    123) My bad, Allison didn’t get a DUI, just the underage drinking deal. It was Camara that got the DUI for jumping into Stone’s back seat.

  135. bcgobsession

    Wonder if BCG’s hired a chaffuer yet? All the fan’s expectations may lead him to drinking…. Hopefully he won’t hop in the backseat.

  136. adaircam4

    131) Yes the Beatles are still popular and they will sell their albums for years to come..But you make my argument for me by saying they are not as popular with the Gen X group..Over time their popularity will fade womewhat..My favorite band (Radiohead) will no doubt be selling albums 30 years from now and still be popular but it is enivitable that younger listeners at that time will listen to a different type of music..I DO believe The Beatles are a good band and always will be..That is all I am going to say about this. I’m done.

  137. MEWH

    135) I hear Rod Rhodes is looking for work

  138. bcgobsession

    Manu= flopper; Bowen=diiirty; Chauncey & Flip will stay in Detroit; Wallace=whiner; Lebron will become the MVP & will never be liked as much as MJ, but is better.

    BCG’s work ethic & “happiness” will rub off on the current roster. He’s says “we’re all gonna love each other, I’m going to love the players & the players are going to love me”– that’s going to establish the team chemistry we need. His work ethic will make it hard for all these players to NOT flourish: the old saying “Practice makes perfect”~ well, they will be going through some grueling practices. These practices will consist of shooting, ball handling, passing, and back to basics skills. He’ll wear ’em out. AND he’ll let them play their natural game which will itself, improve the stats of many.

  139. bcgobsession

    137) LOL That was SO mean of me, I can’t believe I posted that! I love this man & I just belittled him. Now I feel bad. I’ll just have to live with bad karma today 🙁

  140. Big Jules

    Define the skill set you like better> LeBron is a better passer, has more range on his J and generally makes those around him better> wade gets the edge in defensee, but other than that???

  141. 69'Z

    Adair- GenXers hated anything babyboomers embraced was my point. They thought Zep didn’t rock, the Beatles were a fad, classic rock would die and Grunge was going to be around forever. It was rebellion against the dinosaurs. The ensuing Yers haven’t got that attitude, hence they like things that are good, no matter who liked them before.

  142. adaircam4

    anyone know how to set up your screenname as a link to a pic? It’s probably simple but I can’t do it. I found a funny pic I was wanting to put on here.

  143. Matt S

    Olek Czyz. is that pronounced Shits?

  144. Joe

    I’m 26 and I grew up loving the Beatles’ music. I did then, I do today, and
    I will tomorrow. The idea that the Beatles popularity will suddenly
    wane is completely insane. The Beatles “1”, an album of ENTIRELY
    pre-released music from 1962 to 1972 is still the highest selling
    album of the 2000s. THINK about that. An album with no new songs, and
    the newest one being 30 years old, and it’s the biggest selling album
    of the decade. Now I admit that many of those albums were probably
    bought by people old enough to remember The Beatles. But you simply
    can’t make me believe that was the sole reason for those kind of sales

    I’m not hopelessly nostalgic about music. But if you think a new Beatles
    or a new Bob Dylan or a new Rolling Stones will come along, keep dreaming.
    I listen to all of those guys, I have plenty of friends who do too, and it’ll
    be a cold day in Hell before those artists are obsolete.


  145. 08

    96- So you think Carter will either be much better- suck or be somewhere in the middle? WOW Thanks for the insight. You heard it here first folks. We’re going to hold you to that bold prediction.

  146. adaircam4

    For the record, I never said The Beatles would be obsolete..just an example, Elvis was recently overtaken by Nirvana as making the most money by a “dead artist”..who would have ever thought that would happen? It jsut show that times do change..The Beatles will always be an icon in music, but my original argument is that the popularity of the Beatles had a lot to do with the timing of when they came to the states..many teenagers loved the Beatles because they had never seen anyone like them..there is no way that would happen today with the easy access to music today.

  147. BigBlueBloodhound

    If the Beatles had a big man they could have ran a four guard offense.


    I think Wade’s got a better jumper, goes to the rack more, is a better ball handler, and a more willing defender.

    Lebron does not make full use of his athleticism. He could be a lock down defender but isnt, settles for a jumper that isnt that great too often, and should be posting his defenders up every other time down the court. Look Im not saying he is better than Wade Im saying I dont like him. So stop argueing with me you arent going to change my mind.

    I cant stand the audacity of the #23 jersey and no Lebron wont ever be liked as much as MJ. I think the thing about MJ is the complete dominance of the league he achieved in his carreer. I dont see Lebron winning 3 staight championships and then another 3 straight after the two years off and I think its the championships that will define him. There are just too many superstars in the league like Kobe and Wade to contend with.

    He does have funny commercials though. Although Wades better there too becuase of Charles.

  149. T. Walters

    Rotnei, Deshan, Olek, and Demarcus? Sounds like four good ole Kentucky boys!

  150. TheGreatVacillatorsays

    Matt Jones,
    You need to drink some Cosmo’s or whatever it is that Duke Law students drink these days before Katz comes on the show and lose some inhibitions. This is your chance to become a big time meaningful sports personality (think Rome v. Everrett) and you can’t blow it by being soft and letting him dodge questions like you did with CBC. I’m sure they taught you how to act like a DA in law school, put Katz on the stand and seek Murder One. Please don’t let us down by being soft and polite. I really hate Katz and beg you to please grill his ass. Call your buddy Tucker Max up for some tips if you need to, but do not blow this by being soft.

  151. Jacob Adam Brooks

    145) Ya know, I don’t write stuff on here then pour over it for an hour to make sure it’s completely safe from all possible criticism… Carter was no where near my main topic in that post, I was just spit balling, but to clarify… when someone says

    “is kind of my wildcard.” that means they’re not sure what he’ll do…but a lot of the success or failure of that particular team could be greatly effected by what said individual does… now the “He could be either a very big impact, or sink into total obscurity. Both are possible.” That’s me saying I could see it going both ways… I’m not really trying to make a bold prediction there jack ass. I’m more or less saying that depending on Carter… it could go both ways. However near the end there…. when I siad “but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a result that’s right in the middle. 5 or 6 ppg and 4 or 5 rbg.” There’s my actual prediction…. that’s why it was last.

    It’s ok though, your mom was probably sitting on the toilet when you were born so I won’t hold it against you.

  152. Desmond

    MATT you need to throw it down with Andy Katz because he is a punk who doesnt know what he is talkking about.

  153. Another Chris in Louisville

    KSR Girl Liz is the reason I started coming to this site. I went to school with her, she told me about blog, and I have been hooked since that day.

    And I can’t wait for the day that you throw down with Katz.

  154. Big Blue Bri


    Clarke and Miller are the two BCG should put the full-court press on. Add Zeller or Woods to that, and we’re set. Warren just wants to go to the NBA and I honestly think Clarke brings more to the table for our team. He can shoot like it’s nobody’s business, but he’s not one dimensional. And he’d very likely be around for 4 years. Trust me, UK fans would love him.


    i just got done watching a video clip of demarcus cousins on he is a stud. hopefully he will a verbal commitment this weekend.

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