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Vote Early Vote Often…..


Ok, now it is time for the Kentucky Sports Radio folks to come out in full support. Thanks to a nice reader’s (who may be delusional) suggestion, I was nominated for an “Attractive Sports Blogger” bracket at another sports blog (the very funny Ladies Sports Blog. Now of course we know that is silly and the hottest blogger on this here blog is of course Hubby, but now that I am in it….I am in it to win it…..and also show the world that Kentucky Sports Radio can bring the funk in terms of support. In the 88 blogger field, I am in an 11-12 matchup, which according to the rankings is the equivalent of an 8-9 game in the NCAA. Now of course, that means it should be close….but it looks as if I am going up against a guy who is from the very popular “With Leather” blog (which is great) and is a friend of the ladies creating the bracket (which at this point I am not…but you never know….). So I need your help. Click below and cast a vote….even if you dont think I am particularly attractive (although the females know different)…..if you do so, the power of Kentucky Sports can be shown… even can take me to a winning promised land…..

And yes, I do think it is funny that complete strangers picked a blog about Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas as a “representative” post of this site….very smart young ladies…..

Vote for Kentucky Sports Radio (or Matt)

Article written by Matt Jones

128 responses to “Vote Early Vote Often…..”

  1. kingdonovan


  2. kingdonovan


  3. "I am a douche.." Andy Katz

    John Feinstein is a sexy mother……That fat hairy pig…

  4. 1ukfan

    I voted for you Matt, but you are losing big right now! GO CATS. Thanks again for this great FREE Board!

  5. Will Lentz

    72 – 73 Matts up.

  6. MMfiji

    Matt is ahead…79-74

  7. Crow

    Total farce since I am not in it.

  8. V-in-K

    Good Luck Matt!!

  9. Mike G

    i’m still debating if my man love for you is high enough to vote for you in a “looks” contest.

  10. wtd

    go matt go

  11. 1ukfan

    Matt over 100 votes now!!! KSR deserves this win!

  12. freda johnson

    go matt

  13. Mike G

    ok, i voted, but seriously a Brewers shirt. At least your hair was somewhat cut. :o)


    Matts up 118-81

  15. blue blinders

    Maybe I could vote for the girl who answers the phone on the radio show. She sounds cute. But I feel werid voting for a guy in a looks poll. Will have to get the girl at the next desk to come over and click the vote.

  16. bthendren

    I felt really gay voting. Oh well, Matt is now up 147-86.

  17. goonies24

    i gotcha Matt…u are in the lead not to jinx ya…haha…but what do u think about that Clarke guy we offered…willie warrens teammate…is he gonna be a package deal with willie….id take that, with darius miller(maybe)…..and another stud athlete…

  18. wildcat girl

    I voted, you are up pretty big!

  19. Lexie's Dad

    I feel like a Village Person, but I voted too. Matt’s up like 163-83 or something right now.

  20. Calicat

    I like it how Matt is in the same situation that UK was in the NCAA: If he wins the first round, he should go up against the number one seed. Coincidence? I think not! But I can’t tell if the bracket’s actually set up properly like that….

  21. catinhotlanta

    To “seal” the deal, all Matt needs now is his picture on the front of SI. Oh wait, that’s a jinx, isn’t it?

  22. jarweed

    I vote for and with Matt, but props is due:

  23. wtd

    I got neg burns, BACK OFF!

  24. lovemycats

    I fear I’m one of the few female regulars to this site, so I gave you some love on their board, matt! I think a lot of these guys might be questioning themselves right now…

  25. AMH

    Hmmm. Maybe it’s a phobic thing, but I think it’s a bit gay to vote for which guy is more attractive. I applaud the guys here in touch with their anima (female side).

    Reminds me of 40 year old virgin…”you know how I know you’re gay….”

  26. Han

    Up pretty big now. It’s like 3-1

  27. Han

    I know where Matt has tons of fans who would vote for him…TCP!

    *pauses for the boos and hisses*

  28. kingdonovanneedsalife

    Do what!

  29. Will Lentz

    Matt has substantially more votes than the number one seed.

  30. ricdix

    Matt your obviously a talented, intelligent guy but you’ve been hit with the ugly stick my friend. Its a good thing you cant see the other guys face.
    Hopefully all of us handsomely challenged guys can set aside any phobia’s and vote you all the way to victory!

  31. UKMoxie

    Is that the only picture of you? Might want to upgrade… need to borrow my polaroid?

  32. AMH

    #33 still laughing…thanks 🙂

  33. Barney

    Matt from what I noticed about the other match ups was the guys with girls in their photos were wining hand over fist so change your pick to include yourself and some female friends

  34. lovemycats

    Yes, I’ve noticed that (the testosterone). I like your attitude 33. What’s wrong with the rest of yall anything to win, nothing but the best Cats fans? Show some pride…get over your insecurities and vote for your boy!

  35. CadizCat

    ok Matt you now owe me.

  36. ukball

    279-97 matt. we have no life.

  37. BigJHagan

    Think you are going to wrap that up pretty easily. There was about a 5 vote increase just in the time I voted and checked it 30 seconds later. Good luck!

  38. goonies24

    Thanks for not answering my question…i think i will cHANGE MY VOTE NOW…PEACE..

  39. Will

    I’m in 11-12 matchup too, over in the Mid-Atlantic Conference (a.k.a The Shanoff Division), and it’s a close one. So you know, if you feel like showing your love for an 11 seed…

  40. ukcatfan88

    I voted for you, but now I feel gay. Someone hold me…..

    Good thing you had just had a haircut. You should save the clippings and put them on E-bay.

  41. #33's Wife

    Maybe so, but Matt just doesn’t lay there like you do.

  42. UKhoov

    I voted for you 5 times and the other guy only once. I think I owed him a vote based on the post comparison. The guy was talking about competitive kite flying……frickin kite flying man with broken glass coated strings! Patterson and Jai are old news, but competitive kite flying… thats news!!

  43. St. Louis Cat

    Matt I went to the site and put my mouse over your name to vote but just felt too gay and this kept me from clicking. Sorry.

  44. TvinceUK

    I voted, sorry dad…

  45. Han

    36) Read an article a while back that said when looking at pictures of men, women find them more attractive if there are smiling women in the photo (makes them think it’s a good guy). Men, while looking at the same picture, label the guy as less attractive (out of subconscious jealousy).

    Given that this is a poll for women voting on attractive male bloggers, it would probably help, as you suggested.

  46. BigBlueBloodhound

    This is off the PRETTY BOY subject… Does anyone know when the Schedule will be out?


    Matt is crushing everyone else in the contest by about 245 votes.


    The schedule probably wont be out till August or later.

  49. Looking4#8

    Voted for you Matt you have more votes I believe then any one else period…around 350…not shabby…how often can you vote?

  50. just my opinion

    Has this turned in to a funny boy site?

  51. BigBlueBloodhound

    53 Thanks. Looks like we’ve lost our focus.

  52. jarweed

    Well, when getting my weekly manicure, I overheard some hotties chattering ’bout how sexy a man is in a Brewers sweatshirt.

  53. Anonymous


    Looks like you’ve got an incredible support cast working behind you!!

  54. catty

    you’ve got over 370 votes so far Matt!

  55. Hooprokr

    Doing well matt, i predict at least a run into the third or fourth round!

  56. bcgobsession

    Matt, when I voted you were up 76% to his 24%. Poor guy, never saw the KSR/BBN coming….


    Tennessee is going to be fierce next season. BP is petitioning the NCAA to waive Tyler Smith’s transfer year and let him play this season on account of his dad having cancer. CL will probably spend a lot more time at point this year and Duke Crews will be playing away from the basket more.

    IMO we all just want to win this contest because we see KSR as a part of Kentucky. We arent voting for Matt because we think he looks good we are voting because we want to win everything even a blogger beauty contest.

  58. bcgobsession

    Seems like you should be wearing a UK sweatshirt AT LEAST. This is KENTUCKY sports radio.

  59. KY001

    Wow!! Matt, I think its safe to say you’ll get past round 1 ….. and probably every other round with all the votes already cast 🙂 Isn’t it great to be a KY fan — we all look out for each other !! LMAO

  60. bcgobsession

    62) So true, we always want to win no matter the contest. Can you competitive????

  61. bcgobsession

    ** Can you SAY competitive?**

  62. 1ukfan

    Hey Matt, is it just me or is COACH BCG offering all the top players, and saying first come, first serve. If you can’t commit, then find another ship. Cats are off and sailing! I want players who like Scott Padgett when he was offered said “If you are offering me a scholarship, I am taking it!” Gotta love the excitement surrounding the program right now. Hope that translates to W’s on the court next season!

  63. Barney

    should we start voting for ugliest guys in the other match ups so that Matt looks like george clooney when he matches up with them in the next round

  64. 1ukfan

    Good idea Barney, Lets all vote for the underdogs, and take out some of the contenders!!!

  65. Lurker Number Whatever

    Matt is beating the 1 and 2 seeds combined. Looks like he was trucked by the seeding committee! Oh well, rock on JONES, you handsome devil!

  66. a fan

    ha! Matt has about twice the number of votes for just him than any other of the combined match-up totals.

  67. 1ukfan

    Let’s vote for Stan Gable, and take Deadspin out first!!!

  68. sktech

    well, i’m not a girl, but i voted for ya anyway matt!
    you are ahead with 77% of the vote, ppl must like you a lot dude!

  69. Rich

    I really think we need the thoughts of Jai Lucas and Patrick Patterson on Matt’s chances, specifically are they willing to commit to voting for him.

  70. lovemycats

    haha! I’m sure Jai’s father and Pat’s mom would be willing to release a statement regarding this issue. i love how competitive we all are! I say we dont vote for any one else…that way matt’s numbers will just blow everyone out of the water!

  71. V-in-K

    66)/bcgobsession…I see you had a lot of support last night.. ;)(and Hi)

    Yeah Matt is going to win with all the “man-crushes” lol

  72. bcgobsession

    I’d bet it would take Lucas a couple of months to decide if & who he was going to vote for; I’ll go out on a limb & say that Matt is in his top 3 choices 😉

  73. bcgobsession

    76) Hey VinK– I read that a minute ago, what are you talking about???

  74. V-in-K

    78) Just all the male support you were getting (just messin with ya…you are so loved in the blog) 😉

  75. bcgobsession

    79) You’re funny. Females need thier egos stroked too! JUST KIDDING!!!

    Matt, you’re up by a large margin, its in the (Cats) bag.

  76. bcgobsession

    79) I’d like my support in the form of UK b-ball tickets please.

  77. 08

    OK this cracks me up. We refuse to lose anything. And now that Smarty Jones is our horse. I figure we will ride his ugly face all the way to the championship.

  78. V-in-K

    So…it looks like Donovan will get to go back to the gaytors with the no compete for five years in the NBA clause in his exiting contract)He is such a bitch

  79. CalifCatFan

    Matt, OK, I will vote for you. But if you run for a political
    office, then that is a different matter.

  80. V-in-K

    81) Same here…but hey I am sure you could get a few…seems you had an offer to go to Rupp Yesterday! (although I do not know if the offers were clean and free lol/j/k) I think they (the offerers) know more than I do… haha

  81. luckyINkentucky

    Other guy just threw in towel. Victory. You should talk to the tournament committee. You were screwed on that seed! Did you have a bad regular season blog? What was your RPI. Maybe it was your strength of schedule. Throw in a pic of Gidel…that’ll seal the 15-21 female demographic.

  82. adaircam4

    I don’t know how I feel about voting for a dude in a “beauty” contest..Matt, if you win this contest what do you win or will you just advance to another level and enter another “beauty” contest for dudes?

  83. Bobby Adkins

    Speaking of tickets when does camping out for Madness tickets officially start or maybe it’s better to ask when tickets become available?

  84. V-in-K

    Yeah Matt, with that poor seeding…was Tubby coaching ya? (sorry)

  85. bcgobsession

    85) Highly doubt those were free offers, for all I know they could be dirty old men!! LOL Again, J/K!!!

    Freaking donovan, this is just working out in his favor, yes, now recruits know he’ll be around another 5 years. Of course, he could opt to go to a different college team, although we know its not likely to happen. But I have to agree with somebody who posted earlier that he can always breach the contract. I mean who’s to say that he can’t be bought out of this non compete clause?

  86. bcgobsession

    88) Ask Wally, he was always out about 5 days prior, well until some other guy with nothing to do beat him that one year. Tickets shouldn’t be available until Oct 15, the day of, right? Or has it changed?

  87. adaircam4

    This whole Donovan situation worked out better for him in the long run..not only did he back out of a contract which I thought would hurt his rep with recruits, but now recruits now know for at least 5 years he will be at the University of Florida and will not go to the NBA, terminating any also gives an opportunity for the talking heads at ESPN to blow Donovan even more about how he LOVES the college game so much and how he couldn’t give that up and how his decision to come back will not harm him in any way because it was the “right” thing to do..well played Mr. Donovan, well played

  88. AMH

    “Females need thier egos stroked too!”

    Is that what we’re calling them now? 🙂

  89. V-in-K

    You mean as a poster on this blog we don’t get offered midnight madness tickets? ( J/K had to say it)

  90. Dan

    Matt, your kicking his ass!

  91. Jeff Drummond

    Stop stealing my work.


    I dont know the exact day but its ususally sometime in october and there are new rules about camping. I think you can only camp out a couple days in advance instead of weeks now.

  93. adaircam4

    #91..the last time I went to Midnight Madness (2002) I had the tix before the day of I believe..I like Midnight Madness but it had become a little stale..this year’s should be crazy!!

  94. Vote for the name you know Matt Jones!

    OK the dude Matt is up agianst is a joker it’s not a talk to the hand contest!You cant even see his face.I need to start my own blog cause them are some retarted pics.Keep voting it’s a blow out!


    I really cant stand the girls part of the hour. I know we have to be fair but Id rather see the guys play more.

  96. bcgobsession

    Last time I went I got my tickets from a season ticket holder (apparently their’s got mailed out). This years will be GREAT!!! I’m planning on flying in for it, should be a great weekend, Midnight Madness, Keeneland…. I’m sooooo excited!!!

    93)Feeling the blond right now, but what are you saying?

  97. Vote for the name you know Matt Jones!

    If wee keep up the good voting Matt will win. He said he will take us all out for PIZZA~!

  98. flop

    That made me terribly uncomfortable, but I voted for you Matt.

  99. dazed and confused

    I voted. KSR is slammin….

  100. Vote for the name you know Matt Jones!

    Go Matt Jones

  101. adaircam4

    I know everyone has probably seen this but here it is anyway.

  102. Vote for the name you know Matt Jones!

    104 you need what I got dazed and confusing

  103. V-in-K

    101) Make sure you wear a shirt with your blog screenname on it…(at the madness) how else will would I recognize ya!

  104. CadizCat

    100) If all you’re going to do is whine, go to another site.

  105. V-in-K

    I see Matt is approaching the 600 vote mark! It would be interesting tho to see how many females voted for ya….guess we will never know…

  106. Jared19

    Matt u hae it in the bank

  107. 08

    106 Hope they didn’t print more than 25 of those. What dude would wear that nonsense? Seriously. I hope they hang a banner of his face in their rafters. Because it looks like having a coach whose name rhymes with chubby is all they can celebrate.

  108. bcgobsession

    We need shirts that say “G Spot” (for Gillispie)– at least it would be funny, chubby for tubby??? Sounds kinda mean.

    101) Great idea– I’d die before wearing a shirt that says that! I love him & all, but don’t want to scare him off…. LOL

  109. CarlisleCo#20

    I voted and now I feel like a whore…

  110. Anonymous

    Just voted. Good luck Matt!

  111. FranktownCatFan

    I missed yesterday’s broadcast. Anyone remember the full top 10 list of the best multi sport Kentucky HS athlets? I’m curious because I played ball back in the day with a guy who I think should be on the list.

  112. adaircam4

    #116..who was that?

  113. V-in-K

    113) You are funny!! 101 is your post by the way. lol

  114. bcgobsession

    118) OOPS! That should have been 108, but I guess you got that! I’m having a bit of a blond day– for some reason I’m a little dingy today!

  115. Clay Aiken

    How gay is this board!

  116. V-in-K

    119) tiz cool…you always make me grin…lol

  117. ricdix

    @ 41 – Matt, your right. My wife does like the tall guys with dark hair but she hates lawyers…..sorry. ;o)

  118. bcgobsession

    The shirtless guy in the contest needs a tan. ICK

  119. V-in-K

    123) Looks like he need some lipo too…hahaha

  120. Crow

    Let’s vote Matt into the final, then once he reaches the final everyone switch their votes to the other guy and let Matt lose by like 4 million votes in humiliating fasion thus prematurely ending his beauty pagent career and saving him from a Jon Benet-esque fate having pimped himself out before his life had ever really began.

  121. Jon

    Yeah, I just voted for you twice. If you reload, you can vote again and again. If someone cared enough (Matt) you could spend the rest of the day racking up 20,000 votes.

  122. Bevcat

    I voted for you too, Matt. Hope you make it to the finals!

  123. Lovin_UK

    I just cast my vote (for you). You lead 1040-406.