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So now Jai Lucas is back…..


The picture above is the only that I have been able to find of Jai Lucas announcing for Florida. After two years of following Jai Lucas and his recruitment, our coverage ended forever, the day he picked the Gators. When he made that selection, it was for a number of reasons…..however the two most important were his belief that Patrick Patterson would likely join him and his affinity for Billy Donovan the man and the coach. Well now as of June 1st, neither of those rationales for coming to Florida are still in place. It is not a huge secret that I am a Jai Lucas fan and I actually feel bad for him that things have not worked out as he had hoped in Gainesville. But the real question now is, after thinking the Jai Lucas saga was FINALLY over….is it back on yet again?

Let me be clear about one thing…..Kentucky is interested in having Jai Lucas in Lexington. Fans are understandably debating the issue and opinions vary on whether one would want Jai in Lexington after he picked a rival school initially. But the coaching staff has a different set of priorities….they dont care about what they have to say to rival fans….they want to win, and they know Lucas can help UK win. For whatever reason (and I admit to being a bit mystified), the staff is still interested in a point guard for this class. It was part of the reason they inquired about Hank Thorns and it is why they are still looking for point guards this summer. Lucas is the best point guard left available this year (if he is available) and can compete favorably with the 08 point guards that UK has a chance at landing. So if Lucas is open to UK, UK will be open to Lucas.

My guess is that UF hires Anthony Grant. When Florida fans tell you that the Gators are the same level of program that UK is, remember that statement when they hire someone like Grant and have no chance with the level of coaches UK was inquiring into during their search. Grant’s first order of business will be to try and preserve the class. Lucas and his family were huge fans of Jeff Capel, likely liking him better than any other coach in the process. But they didnt want to “risk” Jai’s career on a new coach out of VCU who had not had time to prove himself at a big program. Does one think that will change now?

Will Jai decide to leave? I am not sure….but I do know one thing….if he leaves, the same suitors will come calling again. And if that happens, the Jai Lucas saga (unbelievably) will continue on this blog. My cohorts and I spent last weekend trying to make plans for what we would focus on in the coming summer…..and just like a comet from the sky Jai Lucas may have appeared again. Lucas/Patterson is back…..and my name is once again, “Hey Matt, what do you know about Jai Lucas?”

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. St. Louis Cat

    Who’s Jai Lucas?

  2. Solarimac


  3. St. Louis Cat

    oh I’m sorry around here you are supposed to say “first”

  4. Jeff_H


  5. V-in-K

    I still like Jai Matt, but your are too swayed i think. I am not sure if it is un his best interest to come here either…I know the coaching staff may not care what the fans think but i would be interested to know how the players feel.

  6. tzuzaki

    Please, no.

  7. NATE

    We need a true pt guard. He is an all american. He is a winner. We are winners. We want Jay.

  8. Guards

    Man, i wish we could get inside the head of Gillespie and find out the logic behind wanting another
    PG. I dont necessarily disagree or agree, i just want to know the logic. Probably wouldnt tell us, but also would like to know his thoughts on who he is looking to run off, Jasper, Porter, Williams?

  9. Sweet Z71

    Hey Matt, any word on Jai Lucas yet? Just kidding.

  10. Thurston

    Matt is is going to be on 1530 Homer in Cincinnati in about 5 minutes

  11. Thurston

    You can stream it.

  12. jaba

    I’m sure Legion would hold it against Jai for choosing another school after a coaching change.

  13. bo duke

    i don’t feel a bit sorry for jai….everyone told him that donavan was interested in the nba and he chose to go there anyways. he also fell for the lie that he would be the man at pointguard. and he let someone come in and sweep him up at the last minute when he had said that he would pick one of the final schools on his list (which did not include uf at the time). So again i don’t feel sorry for jai. he got played. and so did his dad.

    the smart people where the patterson family. they saw right throught all the lies…nuff said

  14. Jeff4192

    Thanks #10

  15. Freydaddy

    After sleeping on it I have changed my position to “In Billy Clyde I Trust” If he wants a midget pri@k tease point guard then fine.

  16. Snoopy

    #8…Agree!! Wish I could understand the thought process of CBC?

    Do we really need a PG? What does that say about our current
    players? What does it say about 08 recruits?

    I think he’ll stay at UF myself…I don’t care either way I guess
    as I trust in CBC and what he feels is best…hasn’t went wrong
    yet has he?

  17. Tomlins tom tom

    I would just like to think the 8lbs. 3oz. Good Lord Little Baby Jesus, for this glorious day. And tell Jai that he must pray to the Good Lord Baby Jesus for his forgiveness for blowing off UK.

  18. DCM

    Matt, have you heard anything about a Latin American PG (very good one at that) trying to qualify for 2007 to play for UK?

    Also, could you talk to Darius Miller and see where this leaves him.

  19. bigwillski

    Look the bottom line is we have no true ball handling pg! The coaching staff
    wants to win now and me as a UF fan also wants to win now.
    If Jai is a better floor general and ball handler than turnover Jasper and Bradly
    then get him. Whats the big freakin deal! Without a good ball handling PG
    you can have all the combo guards and pf’s you want but it doesn’t mean sh–!
    I am sure Billy G understands the team needs 100% better than the internet gurus
    yes including us fans! So everyone relax enjoy the summer and take it easy
    because the bottom line is Billy G will get who he fills fit to help the team regardless
    of what you me or the next UK fn wants and you know what I am 100% fine with that and you
    should be too!

  20. bigwillski

    sh– can’t believe I put UF in there sum beetch my bad peeps

  21. real slim happy

    does billy know something “we” don’t bout our point guard needs?

  22. Thurston

    Matt, that was great radio – you and Doyel

  23. V-in-K

    and once again Goodman can bite my butt…spurned KY…sheese…

  24. Micah

    He wants Lucas because he believes he is a true floor general. Jasper is 6’6 and cant shoot the rock…
    neither one of those two things equals point guard. Bradley will be able to handle the point this
    year if we dont have Lucas but after that we have a lot of guards but not one point guard. Meeks is a
    shooting guard, Jasper is a non shooting guard???, Porter is a bench guard. Billy G wants a point
    guard for this coming season and Lucas is that.

  25. killerthrees

    I’m not sure about L

  26. Micah

    Andy (I suck) Katz said Billy D expects to commute for a while from Gainesville.

  27. jbostong

    is katz’s email address anywhere on i looked around to no avail…i guess he likes to avoid all the hate mail.

  28. Freydaddy

    What do you think it means for Legion if Jai comes to UK?

  29. AwesomeUSA!

    Getting a 5’9″ pg is not going to change UK’s fortunes drastically, but I don’t think it’s fair for everyone to say that we would be “wasting” a scholarship on a McDonald’s All-American. I don’t think we’ve ever been so great that we turn away those guys. If nothing else, he would be a great change of pace point guard for the Cats.

  30. Daniel

    what do you think are our chances of getting Jai Lucas in a UK uniform?

  31. killerthrees

    I’m not sure about Lucas due to the next up and coming recruiting class , UK needs a TRUE point guard but aren’t there better one’s to pick from ? Do you take him for this coming season or wait next season and get someone better? Lucas had his chance and Donovan burnt him! He sure didn’t have the gator faithful cheering has he pulled off the shirt reveling the gator. Now if it had been a KY wildcat the faithful would have cheered just like they did with the Patterson recruitment. Many of these young men don’t understand the true passion of the KY Wildcat fan and if they did they would not turn away from the BIG BLUE NATION For a football school. KENTUCKY IS ABOUT BASKETBALL

  32. jon

    Matt, what about the foreign PG? Marc says he is much better than Jai, and I have come to the point where i believe whatever Marc says. I think your affinity is Napoleanic. You like that you are taller than a top basketball recruit.

  33. Micah

    29) Legion said he wasn’t promised any starting position and Legion was set to come off the bench more then likely this season.

    Legion also said he was going to try to find Lucas’ number and call him to try to get him to come to UK. Legion, Lucas, and
    Patterson played on the same team during the summer.

  34. AwesomeUSA!

    I couldn’t agree with Matt more about Anthony Grant. The guy could end out being a great coach, but as far as I can tell, he’s a poor man’s Stan Heath. He took over a team that was already athletic, experienced, and well-coached, and managed to pull off an upset against a Duke team that everyone knew did not deserve its seeding. If Florida is truly a big-time player, it would make more sense to grab Jeff Capel, the guy who built VCU, but I doubt he’d leave for the Florida job. Foley is a great AD, and I’m sure he’ll find a suitable replacement, but we’re not going to hear the Who’s Who of College Basketball Coaching on the roll call for possible replacements.

  35. demoCrAT

    I would rather have Nick Calathes than Jai–longshot, I know!

  36. Bubba

    Billy D. will never win with a backcourt of Jameer Nelson and JJ Redick. The first thing he should try to do is get Kobe.

  37. Micah

    Some are saying the South American is a guy named Nocedal.

    Here is a link to his nbadraft page:

  38. Micah

    Calathes would be great too but he is a Florida boy so he will stay. Also Billy G can’t recruit a signed player, Lucas knows
    what UK is offering.

    If Calathes leaves Florida my money is on Duke just because Duke has a nack for getting the best guards that happen to be white…

  39. Bubba

    If we were to get Jai Lucas, would that make our recruiting class in the top 5? If it does, then I’d put BCG’s recruiting job this year up there with biblical miracles.

  40. BigJHagan

    #10 – It seems clear to me. He obviously doesn’t have faith in the guards we have and wants another option. I like Jasper and Porter but we need an ‘all around’ point guard. Jasper is tall but can’t shoot and mediocre ball handling, Porter is probably to slow for the offense Billy G my throw out next year and probably couldn’t even start above Jasper. We need someone who is quick, can be a threat from the perimeter, and is smart… Despite being short, Jai could fulfill those needs.

  41. SLAYtheBEAST

    To say that Florida wouldn’t have any suiters for their job is crazy. Donovan put them in a bind leaving this late! Just b/c UK supposedly talked to everyone from Tom Izzo to Billy D. to Thad Matta, to Jay Wright, in the end the 8th or 9th choice was hired. Billy Clyde, as much as I like him, wouldn’t be at UK if some of the others had settled on the job.

  42. AwesomeUSA!

    40 Considering many analysts thought adding Lucas made UF the top recruiting class, I really believe that if Lucas went to UK, the Cats would have a top-five class. And yes, that would be an amazing accomplishment by BCG.

  43. Kidd

    We have guards, perhaps some very good ones, but not a true point guard.
    What we have is a point guard who will always think shoot first, another
    who not only cannot make a three but is not a threat at the free-throw line.
    And another who can shoot but is too slow afoot and a liability on defense.
    I coached for 7 years (much below the college level) but can assure you a
    point guard who is a floor general cannot be overblown. A coach calls
    timeout to make a change, only to find the defense changes also. He cannot
    take another time out. If his floor general can pick up on those changes
    and get his team into the proper offensive set, it is invaluable to the
    TEAM. The best “floor general” available right now is a 6’2″ point guard
    from Brazil. He is an SAT score away from becoming a Cat. He is not a Micky-D
    hyped “can he or can’t he?” type. He is the real deal – all world. If he
    does not make the grade, the next best floor general available is Jai Lucas.
    In Billy G’s type of offense, he likes his point guard to take over certain
    situations and keep the team in sync. Jasper comes close, but he is not an
    outside threat, and his free-throw shooting is a liability in close games.
    I am not an “insider”, but have watched Billy’s teams play enough that how
    he uses his point guard is obvious. He knows what he wants, and the way he
    works, he will get the right fit. Trust him. This not a diss on the point
    guards we now have. Just my honest opinion. (Sorry to be so verbose).


  44. 1ukfan

    Jai Lucas,,,, Come on down…. You’re the next contestant on You got Screwed!

  45. TubbyCAT

    I wouldn’t put BCG’s recruiting as biblical this year. Whether anyone wants to admit it, Tubby recruiting PPat as hard as he did was a major factor in him being at UK. BCG did a great job of keeping in the fold w/the kid, but in the end he chose the closest school to his family. If Jai Lucas ends up here, it will be part of the reason as well. FACTUAL!

  46. Bubba

    The South American guy just turned 17?!?

  47. Mattcat

    I want players who want to play for UK. Lucas chose to play for Florida, he should stay there.

  48. killerthrees

    IF Lucas ends up here does he play this coming season ? or sit out and don’t know the ncaa rule on that.

  49. jaba

    From Wikipedia. If Nocedal signed a contract with a European club, that should end his amateur status.

    “Matías Nocedal (born on May 30, 1990 in Ituzaingó, Buenos Aires) is an Argentine basketball guard. While still playing for Argentino Castelar , a small amateur club in the Buenos Aires league, he is considered to be one of Argentina’s greatest basketball promises. With only 16 years, Nocedal signed an eight year contract with European basketball powerhouse TAU Vitoria in August 2006, but will remain in Argentina for at least one more year.”

  50. Micah

    Billy G was not a 9th option…just because a bunch of people like Matta, Calapari turned the job down before even being
    considered doesn’t make Billy G the 9th choice…he was at least third behind Barnes if not second. Many believe Mitch B wanted
    Billy G more then Billy D because of Billy D’s interest in going to the NBA in the near future.

  51. BigBlueBloodhound

    46 You can quit stroking Tubby. He’s gone.

  52. UKfaninAlabama

    48- You would rather send Legion packing as well?

  53. AwesomeUSA!

    48 — then Legion and Crawford can stay at Michigan. And I guess Derek Anderson, Heshimu Evans, and Mark Pope are even worse because they had the audacity to actually PLAY for another school. I’m sure we’d be much happier if none of those guys ever put on a UK jersey.

  54. Micah

    It may or may or not be Nocedal. I am hearing five different names now and they all could be wrong…

    There is some debate on if the fact Nocedal contract is for a future time and hasn’t been paid anything for that contract
    until he actually goes there if that would rule him ineligible. He isn’t set to go to the euroleague till next season…not
    up on all the detailed rules…

    Some other names are: Campos, Gerbaudo

  55. UKfaninAlabama

    He may have like 5 names. They could all be right

  56. Micah

    And for the record Marc debunked my thought on a guy last night from Brazil basically saying that he never said he was from Brazil, just South America. So guys from Argentina seem to be more promising then Brazilians.

  57. UKfaninAlabama

    Argentina has definately produced some good platers.

  58. UKfaninAlabama

    Players, sorry

  59. Micah

    56) Billy G recruited everyone in america and after drinking another Dr. Pepper decided well might as well go recruit the rest
    of the world…

    Billy G has a few simularities with Forrest Gump…loves Dr Pepper and just keeps going…reminds of when Gump is running and he
    reaches the coast, and he says well I guess I will turn around and he ran to the other side…

  60. UKfaninAlabama

    60- I know right! I love this guy.

  61. adaircam4

    Hey Matt, what do you know about Jai Lucas?

  62. Mattcat

    #54, None of the players you’ve mentioned chose their respective schools over UK. On the contrary, they left their respective schools when UK came calling. Huge difference, Lucas chose Florida over UK.

  63. Bubba

    The South America PG story sounds about the same as when Dirk Nowitzki was “considering” UK.

  64. Mattcat

    I shouldn’t say that UK came calling. Rather, they left when it was clear that Uk was interested.

  65. BigJHagan

    #44 – Awesome post! Very well said and I totally agree. We just don’t have a ‘point’ guard that would fit Billy G’s system as well as he probably would like.

  66. Glen - Houston

    #54, But did Legion make a point of saying at his signing news conference that “NO” he was not going to Kentucky as Lucas did? Oakie State for little jai.

  67. UKfaninAlabama

    There not going to turn good talent down because he made a mistake.
    We hounded this guy for months, BCG is not going to just say no now.

  68. BigJHagan

    Who cares if he went to Florida. He obviously had interest in playing for Kentucky if he held on to the thought for so long. I don’t care if the kid is totally passionate about being a Kentucky Wildcat or not, if he helps put another banner up in Rupp, I’m happy!

  69. UKfaninAlabama

    His first win at UK, with about 12 assist, We will all love him!

  70. KYCat in Seoul

    #42, are you Andy Katz in disguise? Gillispie was not the 8th or 9th choice. He was most likely the second choice. Mitch B did not offer guys like Matta or Izzo because THEY WEREN’T TOP OPTIONS. Period. Barnes was a consideration, but the rumor through the grapevine is that he realized that he wouldn’t be offered the position, and thus withdrew his name prematurely so as to avoid the embarrassment of not being offered the job (not to mention the fact that flirting with the UK job would not go over well with UT boosters and fans). Get your facts straight before posting.

  71. ukcatfan88

    42–What I’ve heard is Billy D was called as a courtesy to UK fans. He declined even before being interviewed. BCG was the second choice. The media installed Barnes as #2 but he was never contacted and like Pitini, felt self-important enough to issue the “I’m not interested” statement, even though it was not needed. The media did a lot of speculating, as we all did. But I heard BCG from a time before OTS left….On this site, someone, maybe att, said BCG needed to get used to Rupp when he played there in the NCAA tourney because that would be the next place he would be coaching….And they were right.

  72. AwesomeUSA!

    67 – I see where you’re coming from, but that’s just a step short of not recruiting guys considering UofL or Duke because we can’t trust their judgment. You don’t turn away talent like Lucas just because he signed with UF. How much time did we spend last season wishing Brandan Wright chose UK? Are you saying that if Roy Williams left, and Wright became available, you wouldn’t have wanted him?

  73. Micah

    You guys who are down on Lucas coming…if you ran into Billy G and he saw your UK t-shirt and said with a big smile on his face
    “Hey just to let you know were getting Lucas!” Are you going to be like “I disagree with you…”

    The bottom line is if Billy G wants an all american who are we to say no…

  74. tzuzaki

    63) So it’s like some girl who is dating another guy, and then when you come along, she immediately dumps him for you — great! But then the other situation is like she knows you first, and you’re talking and all, and she’s like, no I like this other guy better, so she rejects you and goes out with him; then he dumps her, and she’s like, okay now I’ll go out with you — forget it! You had your chance! Okay I get your reasoning. 🙂

  75. 69'Z

    BG isn’t going to be as vindictive as some of our small minded fans. If he thinks Jai can help us and he’s available, I’m sure BG will welcome him with open arms. If he’s good enough for BG, he’s good enough for me.

  76. ChrisR

    So if Jai does end up coming to UK, who should be credited for another all-american here at UK? Billy G recruited him and he chose Florida….Tubby Recruited him and had his interest in UK, but he left UK….Donovan left Florida, which may be the cause for Lucas leaving and coming to UK. So would we credit Donovan for that recruit?

  77. SoCal Will

    I say we bought an “E Ticket” with Billy G so let’s buckle up and hold on tight because he is going to take our breath. Just at point guard he is recruiting “best of breed” for the classes of 08, 09, 10 and I guess Latin America for 07. If Jai is the “biggest, fastest, tallest” of that group then “Hooray Jai” come on down!

  78. bcgobsession

    I read that when the news reporters contacted Jai yesterday when the news broke, he was quoted as saying “Awww man– I guess he’s got to do what’s best for his family….” Sounds to me like he had no idea until the media called him. Billy G was ripped by the media for not meeting with his players & only sending a couple of texts. Yet, I’ve not seen one thing about Billy D letting his recruits & players know. Nobody can blame Donovan for going pro– its just like promotions in jobs, we all want them. I wish him the best of luck & I don’t care who’s on the gator sideline– I want to beat the shit out of them (with or without Jai Lucas on the roster)!!!

  79. frentzy

    the next point guard at uk

  80. tzuzaki

    Actually I knew a girl like that. Still scarred from it. Forget her, she’s no good.

  81. BigJHagan

    #77 – Well honestly if Lucas ends up here then you can write that one off as a kid that ‘fell into our lap.’ If you have to give credit you can throw some to Tubby, and some to Billy G because getting Patterson may be a factor in Jai leaving Florida also.

  82. Glen - Houston

    By the time Wright was out a year Billy G would have someone better. Maybe I’m too old but I can see top recruits saying the CATS have 3 openings and I WANT ONE! No more drama queens.

  83. adaircam4

    Let me say that I want Jai Lucas if he becomes available..he is a TRUE point guard and is quick and smart and can penetrate and kick the rock..he knows his role as a player and will be a veteren by the time GJ arrives on campus which will be great for him to learn from a guy like Jai..UK has plenty of guards but not a true point..who cares if he is short, he’s not going to post up anybody and if he gets posted up, Gillispie will bring the weak side D to help..bring him in and let him run the show!!

  84. Mattcat

    75, my reasoning is very simple. I want players who take pride in playing for UK. That’s it.

  85. UKfaninAlabama

    24,000 fans will pump the pride into him

  86. Mattcat

    79, John Lucas said he’s told Jai all along that Donovan was NBA bound. Jai had to know that Donovan heading to the NBA was a strong possibility.

  87. demoCrAT

    I say lets start recruiting Europe, South America…I hate to say it but over seas players are quickly out-performing our own.

  88. BadJuJu

    Idiots aplenty on this page. Anyone who thinks that Jasper can lead UK next year must also believe in the tooth fairy and Santa. Jasper is a great kid who got to UK because he was a great “passing” point guard. UK, to get to the next level, must have a PG who can shot and hit the 3 and make good decisions during crunch time and not be taken out at the end of games because the PG also can’t shot free throws.

    If you want UK to be successful next year you need to quite talking about who UK can recruit in 08. Get the kid that can make you a winner now and worry about 08 when the time comes. If Jai Lucas can out play Porter and Jasper and do well why would anyone believe that they would stick around. The brutal truth.

  89. UKfaninAlabama

    He’s a competitive kid, I believe he will play with pride wherever he is.

  90. BigJHagan

    Who cares if we have one kid that wanted to play somehwere else before Kentucky. I can deal with that trade off as long as he plays his ass off and gets us back to the Final Four and beyond. I agree with #84. It would be nice to have a true point guard with some experience under his belt when GJ arrives.

  91. dazed and confused

    I will not believe Jai is considering a change until I see a link with a quote that says so. It would be unlike anything I have read about him to change at this point.

  92. Micah

    75) Except your analogy implies a situation where the situations aren’t changing. Two guys who are who they are and the women
    is just jumping around. Lucas situation is different because things are changing.

    It would be more like two guys are after a girl and after a long deciding over who she believes is right for her she decides on
    option B. She finds out option B lied to her and was not who she thought he was and she was blinded by those lies.

    When she realizes her mistake she tells option A she made a big mistake and ask him if he is still interested in her.

    It would be a tough call either way in this situation just because I personally dont know if I could handle ever marrying a girl
    who chose another guy over me… but were talking basketball and I am all for Lucas only if the South American guy doesnt pan out

  93. UKfaninAlabama

    92- I guarentee he is considering it. He may not leave, but it’s on his mind.

  94. tzuzaki

    All kidding aside, it’s not personal, it’s business. It’s like when Tubby took Morris back after he dissed the coach and school and tried to jump to the NBA. Tough decision personally, but a good one basketball wise, and if it wasn’t for Morris, things would have been much worse the last two years.

  95. Micah

    There was a quote from him yesterday saying he had a lot of thinking to do…and John Lucas said Kentucky is an option.
    Anyone have that article, link it for those who havent seen it.

  96. tzuzaki

    But if it was a girl, I wouldn’t take her back.

  97. BigJHagan

    #75 – So how hot is this girl 🙂

  98. tzuzaki

    Besides, I still think Florida is the best fit for him, and I’d expect him to stay there.

  99. travyork

    Ppat Looks even smarter now. He held out so long because he knew something could happen with Tubby. He saw the whole Billy D thing coming from a mile away. He managed to make himself the biggest name in the 2007 class even though he was not a top ten player. Plus he picked the best school and gave himself the best chance to succeed. I don’t think he is getting enough credit for being a 18year old and just plain manhandaling the recruiting process. If he is half as smart on the court as he is off. Watch out.

  100. BigJHagan

    Im not convinced he will leave or even get released from his LOI but I need something to talk about. After the recruiting in April and May this darn site is like crack. I need my fix!!

  101. tzuzaki

    98) hmmm… good point… she’s cute but a little too skinny.

  102. V-in-K

    Geez..the Lucas saga revisited…lol
    Lets talk about other recruits…

  103. adaircam4

    It’s a good thing that Jai and Billy Clyde aren’t dating, if they were this would be an ugly mess!!

  104. V-in-K

    Guess we will have to beat the s**t out of FLA without Billy D..who can never beat KY again!

  105. Terrance Moore (AJC)

    I think in the end, it was the racist fans at Florida that ran Billy D out. They never could accept a guy from the NE coaching at their southern university.

  106. Micah

    Man on ESPNNEWS they keep showing comments from Florida fans mad at Billy D and how he is going to suck. Funny but not really
    appropriate…kind of putting a pin in his party balloon…

  107. UKfaninAlabama

    106- Or it could have been the millions$$$$$ I’m leaning that way

  108. bcgobsession

    I don’t really care if we get Jai or not (other than the fact he would be dissing UF). He did NOT go the Florida b/c of the university, he went b/c of the coach. That’s what most players do. He may stick around (out of loyalty-which is a good thing) but I’m guessing he’s already asked to be let out of his LOI. He’s got to get enrolled on someone’s campus quickly if he’s planning on summer school. Its JUNE.

  109. jaba

    Some people apparently never catch on to sarcasm.

  110. AwesomeUSA!

    106 – I agree. I also heard that’s why Brewer, Horford, Noah, and Green had to go pro. We need to get Andy Katz on this.

  111. UKfaninAlabama

    Does anyone else on here fear getting fired for not doing their job?

  112. tls

    Let him walk on if he’s so inclined .. he can earn a ride if he’s good enough

  113. demoCrAT

    Great article passed along my MM on the Latin America player

  114. Mattcat

    107, Not sure why they’re mad, it’s not like Florida fans turned out in droves to support the basketball program.

  115. V-in-K

    112) Good thing I am not paid by the hour or I would get fired…lol…a month ago!

  116. Micah

    So it is Nocedal…thanks for the link

  117. Micah

    Dont get how he could have went into the draft…he is only 17, dont you have be 19.

  118. adaircam4

    #112..I am very good at minimizing my screens when anyone walks by my desk..I have eyes in the back of my head like a good point guard..It takes a lot of practice but I have mastered it.

  119. killerthrees

    Well , I Heard through a brother-in-laws..cousins sister who’s husband works as a janitor for the Orlando magic that…Billy Donovan will coach the magic for 5 seasons THEN try to grab the job at UK ! After all certain players WONT be walking through that door to help the Magic ! Penny Hardaway or Shaq O Neil. Ha !

  120. deWildcats

    Nick Calathes, Jai Lucas, Chandler Parsons, Alex Tyus – all must re-think there options.
    Will Florida release them from the LOI?
    Will Coach BCG recruit one or more?
    Which one would be the most help to UK?
    Fun times ahead for us and the crew at KSR

  121. V-in-K

    I’d like to have Alex Tyus…(if we are wishing)

  122. deWildcats

    #114 GREAT find … sounds like much better PG than shorty

  123. Micah

    Is Tyus really only 180 pounds? If so then we got a taller beam pole in Stevenson. Jasper weights 213 and he is a guard…
    We need big guys but it doesnt sound like he is all that big… I have never seen him play…so I could easily be wrong, just
    looking at the weight he is listed at.

  124. tzuzaki

    I thought he was listed at like 210 or 220.

  125. BigJHagan

    Yeah but I think Tyus can do a few more things that Stevenson can. Like shoot and move quickly.

  126. adaircam4

    #120..don’t forget about Nick Anderson and Brian Shaw

  127. UKfaninAlabama

    I don’t know if all these guys will want to leave or not, but UF better
    hire a coach quickly. And a good one, to try and keep them.

  128. demoCrAT

    This Latin American kid is sounding good…i’m working hard on my “creative googling” to link a video.

  129. V-in-K

    And although I like Calathes…I would not trade Legion for him.

  130. Micah

    126) Maybe so like I said I havent seen him. I do know he is ranked the same in his position coming out of high school
    as Carter was…so I hope people that are interested in him isnt just interested in him because he is the highest ranked
    big guy committed to them…

  131. timmy

    why are we talkin about tyus is wanting to opt and come to uk?

  132. demoCrAT

    Does anyone remember the player from Florida from I beleive Sweden??? This Latin American kid reminds me of hime for some reason.

  133. deWildcats

    Florida’s 2008 recruits are also back on the street:
    Samardo Samuels, Kenny Kadji, Michael Dunigan just to mention a few.
    I bet both of the die-hard Gator fans didn’t sleep well last night.

  134. V-in-K

    132) Just discussing…just here, nowhere else I’m sure..other than maybe Marc’s site

  135. Micah

    129) I am curious on the “played against professional level” comment. If he got paid which is what professional means then
    he get a perfect SAT score and still not be eligible. Also dont get how a 17 year old could consider putting his name in the draft.

    Unless 17 in Argentina means 19…

  136. adaircam4

    #133..Christian Driejer?

  137. deWildcats

    “played against professional level” – played – not paid, I think he has experience playing against older players.

  138. demoCrAT

    link to vdeo of Matias Nocedal

  139. timmy

    i still dont get it why were yall talkin so much about alex tyus

  140. demoCrAT

    youre right 137..thanks’

  141. tom

    stay- we will find the right one

  142. Micah

    140) Many Cat fans see the Florida recruits as UK’s buffet table to pick from… its just talk…

  143. deWildcats

    demoCrat – it’s a short video – but at least it demonstrates he can dunk

  144. catty

    UF does need to act quickly in hiring a coach. But if donovan was telling the truth about why he hadn’t signed is contract, he could be spring break before they get a signed contract with their new coach. He kept saying foley, machen and ufaa needed to “finalize” the contract. yep

  145. demoCrAT

    144- maybe i smell a teabag for lucas in the future?

  146. deWildcats

    UK buffet table?? I am thinking were these kids going to Florida because it’s Florida or because it was BD? If they were planning on playing for BD then they must think it over?
    If they wanted to play for the tradition of Florida basketball, then it’s a no brainer … stay and play.

  147. timmy


  148. timmy

    what tradition does florida have before the last 2 yrs haha

  149. Micah

    147) I didnt say I agreed with it…only Lucas was even considering us…like I said its just talk…we got an open spot, many
    programs dont have any more rides this late in the game…the problem is they wouldnt get to know anything about UK until after
    they pulled out of Florida since its a violation to recruit players who are signed. So that makes it less likely to see any
    of these other guys going our way.

  150. rudi huxtable

    come on kenny lets go in the other room and leave theo alone.

  151. Micah

    149) Those two years probably mean more then our 7 just because these kids were 8 when we won in 98…

  152. BillyenerGy

    Are we sure of Nocedal being eligible? The contract deal seems to make that questionable.

  153. Dave G.

    Anyone hear Katz this morning saying that UF won’t be needing to hire a $90000 firm to find them a coach.
    I took that as another slam in Lexington.

  154. Micah

    153) Dont know but it is good Lucas is having to wait till they announce a new coach and has to talk to him before asking
    out. This will buy us time for him to get qualified if he can. If he doesnt get qualified we may still have time to get

  155. timmy

    i heard floridamight hire villanovas coach jay wright

  156. V-in-K

    Katz is a puke…so is Goodman…

  157. Al Purnell here

    What about Tom Crean at Florida?????

  158. V-in-K

    158) LOL…that is funny…

  159. V-in-K

    Dickie V said – “Two big-name recruits are on Florida’s radar – Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas – and if they go to Gainesville, watch out.”

  160. BrenUKfan

    If UK pulls this off and lands Lucas this class will rival the best ever at UK : right up there with teh Morris, Rondo, Crawford and Bradley class…

  161. timmy

    tom crean wouldnt be a bad choce really

  162. timmy

    the 2004 class was unbelieveable if only tubby could’ve coached them

  163. demoCrAT

    161- IMO would be a close second.

  164. George W Spicer

    A resounding NO to Jai Lucas. He made his bed…
    This would have a negative effect on future recruiting,
    especially next year (and possibly this year). There
    are far better PG’s in the big picture.
    If UK wants to
    rob the UF player bin, Nick Calathes is a far better

  165. jon

    Nocedal is not the guy. And playing against pro’s dosn’t make you a pro. Shaq played with Derrick Charachter when he was a 6th or 7th grader, but playing against pros and being payed to play are different.

  166. Micah

    166) How do you know he isnt the guy?

  167. timmy

    i wanna know who his cat is if hes as good as everyone is sayin f*ck lucas and just go for him because we need a pure point guard anyways and i think lucas would ony hurt our chances of gettin warren next yr… oh and has anyone heard anyhting about the JC calasan dude

  168. Micah

    Calasan looks headed to Purdue last I heard a few days ago

  169. timmy

    thats what ive heard to do you think he would help uk much if he did choice us though

  170. Han

    (Haven’t read all the comments yet today, but if it hasn’t been relayed yet, here’s this from someone at TCP)

    Supposedly Patrick was one of the first people to call Jai, and he said to him, “Told you so. Not quit playing around and come to UK.”

    I actually laughed out loud on that one.

  171. Steve from Steve ville

    Hey Matt, what do you know about Jai Lucas?? 🙂

  172. Micah

    170) nope…

  173. Micah

    171) Premium info so I didnt post it earlier didnt want to make anyone mad…real funny quote though…

  174. tdr76

    Jai Lucas we all make mistakes but it takes a real man to admitt it. You have the opportunity to make things
    right- Come on home to where you beyond-
    home where Patterson is, home where Billy G. is, home of the greatest college basketball program
    of all time…The University of Kentucky!

  175. Micah

    And Lucas said he was THE first phone call he received even before the other florida recruits

  176. conspiracy theorist

    Sure I’m being shallow, vindictive, judgemental, unforgiving, a bad Samaritan, a playa hata, curmudgeonly, and illogical. But sometimes that’s what being a fan means. I was 70/30 for, since he chose UF, 70/30 against. Say NO to LUCAS.

  177. Micah

    177) I only want him if the south american doesnt pan out…

  178. timmy

    same here micah

  179. conspiracy theorist

    Is that the Argentine gunslinger pictured with Mano ‘o de Flop?

  180. tdr76

    What do we really know about the South American? Who would he play against down there?

  181. timmy

    idk we dont even know who the cat is yet noone can tell us

  182. Micah

    180) I must have missed that one

  183. timmy

    does anyone have any idea who it is then maybe we could watch him on youtube and see what hes got

  184. timmy

    Matias Nocedal is a 6’3″ point guard from Ituzaingó, Argentina that has all but committed to UK

    [ June 1]

  185. Micah

    That article is linked in post 114

  186. Han

    I’ll trust Billy Clyde to make the best decision for his team for the next couple years when he chooses from the available players right now.

    Whether we get Samuels, this SA kid, Lucas, or even some other Florida recruit (why are we still so caught up in recruiting in JUNE?), I think he knows what he wants on his team. Also, he knows if any current players might be leaving, and he probably already has an idea about who might wash out, if any one. Clearly he expects someone to wash out or leave early, since he’s already accepted a commitment for 09, when we will have no scholarships open.

    Let the man do his job, and let’s all stop bashing Jai for making some major mistakes when it comes to his decision making process. If Patrick wants him, and Billy Clyde takes him, than he is good for our new team.

    Also, personally, I am glad to see Donovan gone. Yes, it weakens the SEC for a while, but it also makes it easier for UK to get big quick.

  187. Micah

    187) Yeah, actually we do have a scholarship currently open for Villarino until Lucas, the south american guy, or an 08 guy takes
    it. Coaches take more commitments then scholarships available all the time. Pitino one year took like 7 guys or something
    when he only had like 2 or 3 openings…

  188. tdr76

    I personall would have liked to have seen the two Billy’s lock horns.

  189. Han

    A challenge is always good, and it’s good the SEC to be strong, but right now, whatever makes it easier for Billy Clyde to establish his system and start raising UK back to the elite – that’s what I’ll take. And Donovan leaving helps that goal.

  190. tdr76 reporting that Lucas contacted UF officals today requesting release from UF.

  191. tdr76

    That is that reported Lucas seeking release from UF.

  192. Micah

    192) The AD already said that the players have to meet the coach before asking to leave. Lucas has already said he will
    meet with the coach and then go from there. Until I hear otherwise, that is what I expect. It is also what we need to keep
    Lucas at bay to have the time to get South American guy. I am hearing he has taken the SAT and is waiting results from it, and
    there are some questions on his eligibility involving the signing to a euro pro team starting next season…

  193. tdr76

    193) Where did you get info about UF AD’s comments?

  194. UKfaninAlabama

    Florida is not going to release him too quick. They will drag it out,
    hoping to change his mind. I would.

  195. jason

    i kind of hope he stays at florida, if he leaves i think he will end up at uk. i think in the next year or 2 we can recruit above him, but it may be harder to get those guys if lucas is there..

  196. killerthrees
  197. Anonymous

    “”My guess is that UF hires Anthony Grant. When Florida fans tell you that the Gators are the same level of program that UK is, remember that statement when they hire someone like Grant and have no chance with the level of coaches UK was inquiring into during their search.””

    ummmm, not sure about this comment, we just hired a coach who has been to a grand total of 1 sweet sixteen. Anthony Grant is every bit as strong of a recruiter and coach that Billy D and Billy G are. Florida will not fall far with Grant at the helm.

  198. BillytotheNBA

    197- Thanks- Jai who?

  199. Anonymous

    Jai Lucas can take his circus sideshow somewhere else. No way, no how do I want him at UK.

  200. sully t

    Jai Lucas needs to come to Kentucky because Billie likes a run and gun offense so being as small
    as he is he would fit in with that style of play so Lucas please come to Kentucky

  201. sully t

    Lucas needs to come here because of Billes style of play run and gun and being his size he would fit in

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