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Sports Mob Live Streaming and Jai Lucas Decision thread

Today on the Sports Mob from 3-6 pm we will be at Lucky Strike and giving you up to the minute info on the Jai Lucas decision. Rob begins at three, Matt will be there later in the day. Listen live by clicking the link below and use this thread to discuss the Jai Lucas decision

UPDATE BEAS HAMGA has committed to UNLV per the Lexington Herald Just spoke with Coach Huss…..HAMGA WILL commit to UNLV

Lucas to Florida

Sports Mob live

Article written by Matt Jones

647 responses to “Sports Mob Live Streaming and Jai Lucas Decision thread”

  1. travyork


  2. Jkwo

    no firsts for anybody

  3. Jkwo


  4. john


  5. Josh

    Best case scenario: Lucas to UF, Patterson to UK

  6. mrbluehead

    1st to say 2nd

  7. BDinSC

    bthendren’s rival text message just said Lucas to UF

  8. Drock

    #7… who?

  9. mrbluehead

    Lucas who? What you talkin Willis?

  10. JKW1974

    I am reading a lot of Lucas to FLA stuff. Where there is smoke….Actually, I think that is ok as we need size more. We can make do one more year at point, and hopefully Jasper and Co will dedicate themselves to improvement in their games so everyone will end up happy they stayed and the other guys didn’t even show….

  11. CalifCatFan

    T-minus 89 minutes and counting.

  12. I love lamp

    So is there nowhere we can go to hear his decision live?? With all the attention these guys like, I’m surprised you can’t do so…

  13. Al Purnell here

    This Jai Lucas fiasco has me as nervous as a straight ballplayer in the locker room with john amaechi.

  14. Glad When Its Over

    83 minutes to go.

  15. travyork

    A pg this year would be nice but we need big men. To be real contenders this year we needPatterson or Hamga even Sanchez. If we can get two of them we will be in great shape for the future.
    Billy G will bring in 5 star pg one after another. GJ would have taken Lucas starting spot his Junior year anyways. This keeps a spot open for Jennings to come in next year.

  16. Tom Crean

    Mitch, you’ve got my number if you need me.

  17. Prince

    #15 Wrong about GJ taking over for Lucas as a freshman.

  18. BLUE MAN

    I have lost alot of respect for Matt considering he acts like he knows. I thought this site was about sharing information to the rabid fans. You my friend have let us down. I expect you to say I knew all along. What a joke.

  19. AMH


  20. Jengler13

    I think signing Lucas will be a positive in Billy G’s recruiting….It will put in the minds of other recruits to go to Kentucky and sign will other big name players…

  21. Prince

    #19 Wrong as well T-Minus one hour and 18 minutes

  22. miguel

    All sources now reporting Lucas to UF.

  23. Jengler13

    It is a 3:30 not 2:30 #19

  24. BLUE MAN

    After this huge let down, let’s all go back to the Cats Pause!

  25. Jengler13

    Why CatsPause Im a member and they dont update but every month…..

  26. travyork

    #17 so do you think he would take his starting job as a Jr. when Jai is a Sr.? I am just saying we can make do at PG and legit help is on the way. We need help inside for this year as well as in the future.

  27. 69'Z

    24- Why don’t you go ahead now?

  28. Blizzard Man

    Cat’s Pause stinks.

  29. thndrkg

    New poster… been trying to stay away from this saga, but now it’s just getting too dang exciting… and work is getting too dang boring!

  30. Human Beat Box

    #27 & #28 —-> Word.

  31. Jengler13

    Hey what happened to The Fat Boys Human Beat Box?


    Can’t we all just get along, every UK fan site has it’s share of assclowns. No need to disrespect each other about which site is better. i like the information that I get from all of them.

  33. Anonymous

    22)what sources????????????????????????

  34. Catfan

    Is it that big of a loss if he does go to Florida? Not really. Let Florida use a scholarship on him. We’re on some much better guards.

  35. wtd

    30, lay down a little beat boxin while we wait

  36. I love lamp

    BlueMan is pretty obviously a Cats Pause staff member….

  37. 69'Z

    32- LOL. There’s no chance of everybody getting along. I don’t care what site you’re at. It does seem more neurotic today here than normal.

  38. IndyCatMan

    #22 All sources tell me that Jai is in school right now and no one really knows his choice at this time. John was qouted that his son Jai got up this morning and still couldn’t decide between the two schools. We will know something soon.

  39. adaircam4

    I seem to think that Jai will go to FLA, but I don’t feel like working at ALL now, knowing that the decision is coming very soon…the rest of my day at work is going to be useless!

  40. 10, 2, and 4

    Easy to mistake 2:30 Central – where Lucas lives – for 2:30 Eastern.

  41. thndrkg

    Do you ever really feel like working?

  42. UKFanInNY

    #5… Why not say best case scenario is Lucas and Patterson to UK?

  43. travyork

    Does any one know if Lucas planned on calling the schools befor the confrence? Maybe he has already called to let them know.

  44. bigBLUE_Princess


  45. Anonymous

    to hell with 3:30, I gpt tp 420 now, just to calm the nerves

  46. jon

    38) I hope you’re right. I would love to see a press conference, Lucas in a nice suit, sitting with his parents and coach, and pull out a quarter.

    “Okay, I can’t make up my mind, so, Florida Tails, UK heads. If the quarter defies gravity and remains in the air, I’ll play for the Globetrotters.”

  47. Anonymous

    got to 420^^^ oops lol

  48. Dano

    These two guys sound like they’re using the shrooms and peyote they were talking about. Is it me, or does one sound like and Oompa Loompa with a microphone to his throat?

  49. Anonymous


  50. goofy7fters

    even though he’s only 5 foot sumin, i still wantem

  51. gokats1

    Who are “all sources” reporting Lucas to UF? I hope it is the same “sources” that reported Donavan to UK.

  52. jon

    49) in one hour 2:30 central time, 3:30 eastern

  53. Firecat

    Will someone from 1570 be at the presser?

  54. T-Bone

    if they are one hour behind then its at 230 our time..not sure but has it as 130 press guess is that they are 2 hours behind..

  55. adaircam4

    #41..not really..that is why I check this site way too often during helps the day go by much quicker

  56. Firecat

    Will someone from Matt’s show be at the presser?

  57. TK

    Who are the 2 jack offs that are talking about their favorite movies on the zone right now???? Ridiculous. There should be a press conference happening right about now~

  58. Wow

    Beas to UNLV! It’s Official!

  59. I love lamp

    Texas is central time….1 hour behind

  60. Mwildcat

    This almost reminds me the day my son was born, all the anxiety, anticipation and excitment of it all!! Go Big Blue

  61. Well its official
  62. bcat

    hamga to unlv reports

  63. James

    the press conference in still an hour away, did anyone read the poster above?

  64. gvillecat

    57…agreed. STFU.

  65. wtd

    Dudes, go to Wikipedia and type “time zones”, never mind there is a lot of info there. It’ll confuse you guys more

  66. TK

    OK I was wrong. First time for everything

    Point guard prospect Jai Lucas will announce his college choice at 3:30 p.m. EDT Monday, and his father expects Lucas to sign with Kentucky or Florida. Per Jerry Tipton and the Herald Leader

  67. travyork
  68. Al Purnell here
  69. T-Bone

    yea james, i read it, but i also read the just stating what a paper in Texas has said.

  70. jon

    57&64) The worst thing in radio is dead air. I doubt they’re gonna just shut up for the next 51 minutes so the next thing you hear can be the presser.

  71. truBLU

    (42 because we dont want Lucas anymore

  72. Al Purnell here

    Are the Cats gonna strike out on 2 recruits in the same day???

  73. blue2u

    Hamga got pimped out by his coach. UK is never going to get those guys.

  74. Anonymous

    Link # 58

  75. James

    this sucks, maybe marc maggard doesn’t get such good information

  76. Dick Kumzinya

    #54, the Tulsa World said 1:30 CDT BEFORE Daddy Lucas changed it to 2:30 Central time. That means it will be 3:30 Lexington time.

  77. Chandra Than

    You guys still thrilled with Gillispie? He can’t even out recruit UNLV…

    You would be crucifying Tubby if that had happened when he was here…

    We’ve now lost a center to UNLV, Donovan stayed at Florida, and we are in the process of losing Lucas and Patterson to Florida. It sucks to be a UK fan right now!

  79. Anonymous

    #77 No it just sucks to be you.

  80. Mwildcat

    Wonder if Gilchrist will consider Uk, now that he wopn’t play for VT!! Is he a good player anyone know?

  81. bigBLUE_Princess

    if we did indeed strike out on Hamga, then who are the fans over on the CP gonna blame? the coach again? cause I believe they’ve stated multiple times during the Tubby regime that the fans couldn’t be responsible…

  82. Al Purnell here

    77….Gillispie will be fine, Tubby just left it in a mess.

  83. TK

    70….agree on the dead air…and it looks like the time was changed on the presser, but these two haven’t talked about anything related to sports in the past 30 minutes! Katie Couric and her plastic surgery was what their last comments were about.

  84. Dave G.

    Who woke 77 up?
    He has been a snake in the grass waiting for something negative to enhance his luv for OTS.

  85. j sexton

    Is anyone listening to the radio?

  86. Aaronedge

    #77 please tell me we’re not going to make any news from today about Coach Gillispie. He’s had about two months to work on these kids while the other schools have had about two years. For high school kids about ot make these decisions, you cannot discount the relationships they’ve formed with the coaches of certain programs.

    And it appears to me that this decision from Hamga has something to do with his AAU coach and guardian..

  87. Anonymous

    Tipton just can’t stand UK at all can he, all this Negative Publicity! 100% complete Moron

  88. jon

    77) What’s your problem? I assume we’re NOT talking to jonathan, cause he always had more sense. The fact we were even an option in the selection shows what a great job gillispie has done. He came in, and hung in their with Krueger, Donovan, Alford, Sutton and G. Williams for these kids, when he effectively had no chance getting such a late start, and still landed a parade all american in Legion, recruited away from Kansas, UCONN, UCLA and home town UM.

    Get off his back, Tubby couldn’t have done what gillispie has.

  89. V-in-K


  90. Anonymous

    unlv?? i wonder if he knows he’ll fall off the map and never be heard from again playin in the wac?

  91. TK

    This guys just used the line “we’re gonna sneak on out and pay some Buffalo Bills, to segue to the commercials….Cheeeeeeeeesssssssssy

    At lesat he said Buffalo Bills, that relates to some sports!

  92. duder

    hamga to unlv?

  93. bconover

    77, i certainly enjoy this blog more when you do not contribute to it.

  94. LondON UK

    hearing traffic has stopped on New Circle Road and people are sitting on their cars waiting for the news

  95. I love lamp

    are there any other sources stating Hamga to UNLV other than Jerry Tipton??

  96. Chandra Than

    Gillispie should not have lost a center to UNLV period.

    Especially when we don’t have a center to play next year.


  97. Jared19

    Beas Chose them because they have a player from his native country.

    THis week could end up being a terrible week. Hopefully Lucas changes the trend.

  98. Anonymous

    We would crucify Orlando if this happened, simply because it would be the 409th time in a row… this is Gillispie’s first loss… and for a kid that we kind of came out of nowhere with, I’m not overly worried about it. I’d love to have HAMGA, but oh well.

  99. David

    Hamga’s decision shows how his coach made the decision, not Hamga.

  100. V-in-K

    (blessings in disguise…we are in it for the long haul)

  101. Chandra Than

    I assumed we wouldn’t get Lucas or Patterson from the start…So you can’t blame Gillispie for that.

    But Hamga reclassified after Gillispie was fired. He flat out screwed up this one!

  102. Anonymous

    Wow we are going to loose 3 recruits this week and I think sanchez goes to arkansas so 4 really maybe bcg isnt all that and a bag of chips.

  103. JKW1974

    We knew it would take a LONG time to overcome what we had left to us a month or so ago. It takes time to build relationships with kids and AAU/High School coaches. I still think it would be wise to see what happens with Patterson and Sanchez. If neither of them fall, I say hold the scholarships and load up on the classes we are really working on.

    I still think the big problem with the team we have is the style they played and how they were (or were not) coached. Maybe they will get the chance to show what they can do in a different system……

  104. Donneybrook

    #77…it is fans like you that cause recruits to go elsewhere. Look in the mirror…you are a moron.

  105. Jacob Adam Brooks

    I was #98 and Chandra Than, stop being ridiculous… this kid was a total wild card. UNLV has been on him longer, and his AAU coach didn’t like UK at all… so that was working against us. His coach was saying that we were trying to corrupt him.

  106. Random Person

    Chandra’s more emo then Peter Parker. Go jump off a bridge.

  107. Han

    Real bummer not to get Hamga. I can only hope that Billy G called him up and pulled the offer because he’s got verbals from Patterson and Lucas. Would’ve been a great coup, but with his coach first convinced he’d stay an 08, then bashing UK fans, it’s not a surprise.

    77) Yeah, because the coach should be expected to outrecruit everyone in his first 2 months on the job. He got us Legion, and GJ V has verballed far in advance. Legion gives us a good in on Jennings, and CBC’s already working hard on the likes of Zeller and Singleton, among others, so all is not lost. That’s a good start. If Billy G whiffs on Lucas, Patterson, Hamga, and Sanchez, well, such is life. We had high hopes, but it usually takes more than a month or 2 of recruiting from a coach to get a player.

    And if Tubby had been here and missed on Lucas and Patterson, you’re damn right that we’d be pissed. He had 2 years to reel them in.

  108. Al Purnell here

    After listening to Hamga on the radio, I believe you could take him to Morehead State and tell him it was UNLV. Yea, the coach made that decision.

  109. Tomlin Rocks

    Hamga to UNLV is great news re Patrick Patterson. It leads me to believe that Patterson is coming to UK, and Beas was made aware of this. Beas probably didn’t want to play behind/be second fiddle to Patterson. I like this development immensely.

  110. demoCrAT

    hamga did not realize and understand the tradition of UK basketball. Cant blame this on CBC.

  111. V-in-K

    Haters go home…we have enought rivals…lol

  112. travyork

    Maybe we are getting both Lucas and PP. Billy G just told Hamga we were out of Scholly’s. If only this were true.

  113. Anonymous

    I get the feeling coach knows something that we do not….. and informed Hamga that UNLV would be the best place for him as we do not have any additional scholarships for this year….. maybe!

  114. derrickforreal

    number 96 dont blame it on gillispie i dont want this starting where we blame the coach for ever little thing

  115. dwightperry

    #96. And tubby shouldn’t have lost every single power forward he’s attempted to recruit in the past 3 years.

  116. Chandra Than

    The guy Hamga is staying with has a son that attends UK. This was easy! It’s UK or UNLV…

    Come on!

  117. glt

    Chandra it must really suck to be you. Please go where you can feel the love. Because it is not here.

  118. Human Beat Box

    #31 – I died, so did one of the other Fat Boys.

  119. goonies24

    U guys make me sick…Gillispie has been here for a month and u all think everything is his fault….give me a break….u are just bringin the program down with u….get a life…

  120. Blizzard Man

    Chandra = Moron

  121. Chandra Than

    Hmm…Why is no one else upset that we are losing players?

  122. Anonymous

    i agree with number 119

  123. tzuzaki

    Jody demling is reporting that Hamga may NOT have committed to UNLV yet.

  124. anonymous

    Could be the fans actually lost this one for us. He may have been told to look else where since our fans like to make us look bad in recruiting this kid. Can someone like fire Tipton PLEASE or at least put a huge amount of pressure on him to be canned or something I Hate the guy.

  125. demoCrAT

    This is good news..I hope

  126. Drock

    is Jai pronounced- “Jay” or “Jie”, I’ve heard it both ways…

    Info coming next!

  127. gvillecat

    none of us had even heard of hamga 3 weeks ago. rivals lists him as a 2 star PF/C. i really dont think we missed out on much here.

  128. Wolford

    121) – we can’t lose players we don’t have.

    but it sounds like you should calm down before you start losing hair over this.

  129. derrickforreal

    we are upset just not upset at billy clyde

  130. goonies24

    because our coach has been here a month….go to minnesota….people like u is why we lose players…

  131. Dave G.

    96, who left the cupboard bare of big men outside of Carter?
    Oh yeah, OTS.

  132. Human Beat Box

    Who cares if we lost Hamga, he reminded me of one of Flubby’s 7-footer projects anyway.

  133. BTK

    Hamga coach: “he has not committed to anywhere yet.”

    via Jody Demling

  134. cdbinbfe

    #121 — Losing players? BCG’s lost out on 1 so far and may have Lucas and Patterson. Your parents should’ve considered birth control a lot more seriously.

  135. Chandra Than

    Matt…Sorry…I’ll hush…

    Matt, what are you hearing about Lucas?

  136. tzuzaki
  137. Han

    116) And a friend and fellow native of Cameroon just graduated from UNLV.

    119) There’s only one idiot saying Gillispie failed, and that’s Chandra.

    123) Keep us up to date. I was curious if there was a chance of a bad report when I saw the LHL leading the way. According to them, Sanchez was here this weekend, and he wasn’t.

  138. ChrisR

    Chandra, you wouldn’t have come on here and commented if he committed here…you just wait around till there is a potential to complain, then you do. They aren’t as upset because they see the potential for so many more recruits over the next couple years. We may strike out, or we may come out alright over the next week, but either way, BG is getting things moving. It’s tough to come in and have as little time as he has to recruit for this year. He’s done far better than most expected…heck, we have Legion on board already

  139. Saul

    Leave daddy out of this, anybody got Reggies number???

  140. killerthrees


  141. Postalrevnant

    What is the big deal about this 7 footer anyways? So what if we didn’t get him. I don’t think he was ever top on wish list anyways. I have to agree with other posters that Coach told him he could walk on (especially since he is known for liking to have a lot of peps for practice squad). The 7 footer wasn’t ranked and we already have too many questionable 7 footers as it is. If we don’t get lucas…so what again. We have plenty of good guards. I think Coach is working hard on our true needs like Patterson. And if we end up without him as well, still so what. I believe the future will show Kentucky’s potential and coach’s work with the players. Not a few recruits before we even see what BCG’s impact will be on the players we currently have.

  142. Blizzard Man

    #124: Matty-J in da house! Ban that dope.

  143. Don

    Chandra – get a life. Sooooooooo, you were on Clydes nuts when he got Legion to come here.

  144. Han

    139) Exactly. Count me among those who gave us no shot at Patterson or Lucas when Tubby left. Now we’re seriously on pins and needles right next to Florida waiting to see who they pick.

  145. Crow

    LOL @108.

  146. Jacob Adam Brooks

    Hamga would’ve been great here, but as others, as well as myself, have already said… the kid’s coach didn’t help us out at all… not BCG’s fault.

  147. Chandra Than

    144) Gillispie did an amazing job getting Legion here!

  148. DerrickForReal


  149. cdbinbfe

    #148 — Well, then have a big glass of shut the hell up.

  150. Bub

    When is Lucas deciding????

  151. Al Purnell here

    I’m as nervous as Ricky Williams peeing in a cup labeled NFL.

  152. Han

    151) Theoretically, announcement at 3:30 Eastern – 25 minutes

    He may just announce it’s down to Florida and UK and that he’s going to announce his pick Wednesday

  153. V-in-K

    141) those people aren’t fans…at least not Big Blue ones…

  154. Jacob Adam Brooks

    So he’s amazing one day and unexcusable the next huh Chandra…

  155. KYFaninColorado

    For all you hating on BillyG, I present you a certain outside shooting stud named Legion, who he reeled in his first two weeks on the job. Also, judge him on what he does with the 2008 class.

  156. Postalrevnant

    LoL at 108 & 152. Great posts

  157. Anonymous

    number 153 that would be gay

  158. flop

    Stupid kid trusts his AAU coach way too much! He would have probably flunked out like Shagari anyway. He can barely speak english!

  159. Taylor

    The Lucas recruitment isn’t as important for position, but important to show Florida we still have what it takes to compete on all levels. To show we can still win recruiting wars the year after they won two national championships. Patterson and Lucas should be going to Florida, but Kentucky will still manage to snag one of them.

  160. cardiaccats

    What is it about Hamga’s coach saying “he hasn’t committed anywhere yet” don’t you all understand? Check out the courier-journal update linked above

  161. Solarimac

    #121 You don’t loose what you didn’t have! A bird (Legion) in the hand is worth two ( or 4) in the bush!

  162. "I am a douche.." Andy Katz

    Move to Minnesota Chandra

  163. tls

    Re Hamga: I hope the “We Are Kentucky” crowd will someday “get it” that our tradition is rarely going to be the deciding factor in any recruitment. It opens a lot of doors for us but there are many more important reasons that kids choose schools. Billy will get the ones he’s been on for a long time and the ones he will be on for a long time in the future.

  164. Rick

    Link to the LHL on Hamga going with UNLV.

  165. V-in-K

    164) The kids have not seen our tradition of late…they don’t even remember before Tubby(we need to change that)

  166. CalifCatFan

    T-minus 20 minutes and counting.

  167. Jacob Adam Brooks


  168. UKfaninAlabama

    Easy on Billy guys! He came in handicapped by Tubby and time. He only had a select few recruits
    available when he got here. Wait until he has a class to recruit from. He just left a 5 star
    7 footer in T A&M, not a popular school for recruits. When was the last time Tubby brought a
    5 star player in. We still have a chance with Paterson, I truly believe that he is the only one
    we really need.

  169. V-in-K

    166) More recent courier journal note said he has not…scroll up…

  170. Anonymous


  171. Chandra Than

    I hope Donovan goes to Orlando, and Lucas is stuck there with whatever bum they hire to coach the Gators!

  172. Anonymous

    MARC- What about HAMGA? Heard anything?

  173. Anonymous

    MARC- What about HAMGA? Heard anything? Can I belive the Jody Demling guy?

  174. universityofkentuckywildcats

    Monday, May 14, 2007
    While we wait on Lucas part II
    Beas Hamga to UNLV!

    Is it true? I am trying to find out. Am on hold with a coach of his now.

    OK just of the phone with Decatur (Ill.) Christian coach Alan Huss, who
    asked me “where is this being reported” that Hamga had committed to

    I told him where I had seen the report and he said “call me back in 30
    minutes” adding that “he has not committed to anywhere yet.”

  175. Anonymous

    #159 Next time you have a thought, just drop it. English is the kids third language, and I am sure even though he hasn’t attended college yet. He is more intelligent than 60% of this years graduating class.

  176. KYFaninColorado

    Looks like Tipton might have blew this one. Just like Sanchez was “supposedly” at Kentucky last weekend.

  177. Marc Maggard

    WAIT–> Just been told that Jai is walking around with his LOI and will not go to Florida, but will go to UK….He is changing his
    mind by the second… literally…

  178. BDinSC


  179. Marc Maggard

    I haven’t heard nothing on Hamga.


  180. Mike J

    even if we don’t get another player for 07 we will be fine. it wouldn’t hurt to spread out the scholarships a bit anyway.

  181. deputy

    Chandra T. get a life and SHUT THE F@#K UP its not Gillispie’s fault if we lose these recruits ITS YOUR DADDY-FLUBBY SMITH

  182. billy harrison

    I guess Hamga was lured by the prostitues and gambling at UNLV. What else it there out there? You tell me.

  183. Drock

    We lose Lucas and Hamga on the same day… wow, Patterson to follow?

  184. Anonymous

    Can we do something with Tipton like tie him to the front of a Aircraft Carrier or something? I truly can’t stand the guy how can someone like that exist in Lexington anyway?

  185. Anonymous

    Wait, heard he is now carrying a LOI to Ok. State, the LOI looks like it had beer stains on it.

  186. BigJHagan

    I hope someone dropped the ball here. I don’t see how Hamga could take UNLV over Kentucky.
    That would truely be a kick in the old nads considering we were supposedly ‘way ahead’ on
    his list. AHH..

  187. Anonymous

    Lucas did commit on the phone to Billy, and he is announcing it here in just a few minutes!!

    Now I won’t say which of you GUYS SUCK but you really thought your friendship was going to bring Jai to UK and thats what you thought all along, but two weeks ago when he STOOD YOU UP, you got smart and decided to wait on comments like that one again smart, but most of us get you man!!

  188. MarcMaggard

    Hamga is going to UNLV….just giving him some time to do some press. He is going to go to UNLV.

    People, recruiting is a FAST paced hard hitting game. NOBODY knows what is going to happen. Obviously, Hamga’s UK visit wasn’t what he hoped it would be and mixed with the OBVIOUS pressure of playing at UK, UNLV was a better fit for an African player not used to that kind of limelight….if anyone still thinks that the myspace/facebook stuff is still such a good idea, then I don’t know what to tell you.


  189. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    Quit the jibba jabba, Matt! Get on the ball! 🙂

  190. JD

    142…Hamga was not ranked in the 2007 rankings because he just reclassified, but when he was
    in the 2008 rankings he was a top 40 recruit and rated 4 stars.

  191. cdbinbfe

    Do we really want some kid (Hamga) that’s scared away by fans posting on his Facebook/MySpace sites? What a turd….

  192. dUKe hater

    I don’t think I can take anymore rejection today! I Pat ends up a pUKe I may….

  193. jon

    Chandra being banned makes sense. She hasn’t popped up to say negative things in a while, this kinda puts the puzzle together.

    Remember now, her husband has distanced himself from the issue. He told us he is the Than, she is the Chandra. It’s easy to tell who you are talking to. We’re not talking to jonathan. We’re talking with Chandra.

    Matt certainly cleaned up the issue with one comment 😉

  194. BigJHagan

    #181. Face the facts. If we don’t get another recruit we are not in very good shape next year.
    If people weren’t happy with our total losses last year then how can you say we will be fine
    after loosing our best player and not gaining any impact players at the post? I do agree we will
    be fine in the long run. Billy G will deliver after a full year of recruiting.

  195. Chandra Than

    This is turning out to be a very crappy day…

    Let’s just hope Donovan signs with the magic tonight!

  196. universityofkentuckywildcats

    Anyone have the direct link to the streaming on 1570? I cant get their front page to load.

  197. Al Purnell here

    oh man minutes away, I’m as nervous as Dwight Perry standing next to Rob Bromley in a Time Out.

  198. Han

    189) Unfortunately, those who did it will deny it and deny it mattered, or bash the kid for being bothered.

    Likewise, the posters online bashing recruits or wooing recruits will say they’re not a big deal.

    Likewise the guy who gives a player a small gift.

    Likewise for any recruiting violation, unfortunately.

  199. Anonymous


  200. gvillecat

    matt jones superstar says its official…hamga to unlv…jerry tipton rules!

  201. Anonymous
  202. Ness

    Where the hell do I go after clicking on the link to listen to the MOB?!?!

  203. My2Cents

    It’ll be hilarious when Billy D leaves for the NBA

  204. ....

    Oh well, Lucas to Florida. More incentive to beat them.

  205. bconover

    i hope lucas realizes that he has at most one year with donovan.

  206. James

    204- i can’t wait for lucas to be shocked when Billy d leaves

  207. Chris in Louisville
  208. Jengler13

    Whats the word? When is th e news coming?

  209. Daniel

    dang it. demling hasn’t confirmed the hamga report yet though.

    we lose lucas and patterson

  210. Anonymous

    we got played and bc new it! i officially hate tubby

  211. Jason

    Great, we suck again.

  212. will in da ville

    meeks needs to shut down that anorexic beotch named jai

  213. Anonymous

    Hamga to UNLV it is a Done Deal, just like Pats in my Jai to Florida

  214. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    Good luck to Jai. He’s a good kid. I hope UK fans treat him classy.

  215. MRedd

    Thank God!!!! Lucas is going to Florida. We did not need a 5’7 PG. We need interior players much more….this is great news to me. It would’ve been a wasted scholarship.

  216. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    I should say, ‘treat him with class’. English FTW!

  217. Ron Simmons


  218. lexslamman

    2 missed recruits. Pretty sad. Clearly the coach wasn’t the problem with the program. I wonder when the fans will wake up and realize what the problem with Kentucky basketball really is….

  219. Wes

    What now Billy Gillispie? Still willing to give you a chance, but it isn’t looking promising.

  220. valupix
  221. will in da ville

    yea id rather have brandon jennings, that kid is a monster

  222. Jared Carter

    I will dominate the SEC this year…Hamga who?

  223. demoCrAT

    I dont care if he is a great kid or not, i hope he sucks and UF has a losing season. Put Meeks on his ass and shut him down.

  224. BillytotheNBA

    The long and winding road is over. I think this could end up being a mixed blessing many years later. LEGION is going to be the man. If fans blew the Hamga recruitment I am going to go even more blue in the face. Doesn’t Billy have to coach at Florida next year now? Makes you wonder what happens with the Orlando job. I hope PPat isn’t too influenced by this- but my gut says they are all laughing at us Cat fans as I type. I want Florida more than UL now. Is that weird?

  225. adaircam4

    Wow..I feel used..Patterson to Florida probably too..Hamga gone..I know Gillispie will do great in recruiting but we will have to wait a full year for the excitement of some good players signing..well I say that we just save the scholarships now and load up next year.

  226. Ness

    Darn, I’m only upset because this could/will hurt our chances with Patterson. But let me guess, we’ll nab Sanchez; The one recruit I hope we don’t end up with.

  227. Anonymous

    dont hate on billy clyde

  228. Han

    Here’s to Legion helping us land Jennings next year. Either that or a lot of success from Jasper and Porter after Bradley leaves.

  229. UK#1MAN

    the hell with jai…dont treat him with class boo his ass every time he is here

  230. Tom Seaver

    We should just shut the program down. With asshats like lexslamman and Wes planting their heads where the sun doesn’t shine, we should just shut the program down. Why bother continuing? Two recruits go someplace other than UK and the asshats put on their hats and parade around and cry “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.” The best advice for lexslamman and Wes is STFU!

  231. lexslamman

    I’m not so sure Gillispie is going to have as much luck attracting recruits to UK as Tubby did, at this point he’s doing about the same as Tubby.

  232. will in da ville

    i hope lucas tears both acls the first day of practice and then later learns donovan has just signed with a pro team in the same day

  233. David Jenkins

    I’m beginning to have my doubts. I think the honeymoon is over.

  234. lexslamman

    Hey, so far we’ve seen lukewarm results out of Gillispie.

  235. top

    kentucky needs patterson

  236. cdbinbfe

    #231 — Thank you! What a couple of @ssbags!

  237. V-in-K

    235) I wouldn’t call Legion lukewarm pardner…

  238. JimJoeJack29

    Wow, look how bad Tubby left our team, he left the stinch all over it and no one wants to come here.

  239. MATT57

    you idiots really disturb me…..gillispie has had limited time to recruit jai and pat. what’s he do with that time??? keeps us in jai’s top 2 and takes us from off of patterson’s list to right back in the thick of things. some of you guys need to grow up and quit looking for things to bitch about.

  240. wtd

    232 & 234……wait for it…’re idiots

  241. Capitalist

    219, the most important part of recruiting in still on the court. That we were still in Lucas’ final two after a coaching change was actually remarkable. Give Coach Clyde the chance to actually get on the friggin’ court before you give up on him! That’s what will generate excitement among recruits! We knew going in with Coach G that Lucas and Patterson were probably long-shots at this point anyway. It was an accepted cost of cutting loose Tubby.

  242. Lindsay

    yeah, id definitely rather have jennings next year. lucas is good, but jennings is better. still want patterson though.

  243. lexslamman

    Personally, I think this shows that the reason recruits were not coming to UK was much bigger than just Tubby and his boring style of play. There is something seriously wrong here at UK, and it is not the coach or the players’ fault.

  244. Han

    232) Hmm, BCG got a Top 50 player and a Verbal from a potential 09 Top 10. In his first 2 months, at the end of the recruiting period.

    Next year, we’re in good shape on the likes of Zeller, Singleton, Warren, Jennings, and Miller, among others.

    Yeah, sounds like futility.

  245. Random Person

    It’s just been reported that lexslamman will be joining Chandra Than and a few others in a bridge jump. Fans are hoping it’ll be sooner rather then later. No word yet on the official time.

  246. V-in-K

    240) Absolutely…..I Love BCG

  247. Anonymous

    Good Suck being a gayturd Jai! We all new you wouldn’t start with our current backcourt dept.

  248. seth

    Yeah, I give a big F-U to Jai, he can replace Noah as the Florida kid I boo the most. I can’t wait til Donovan goes pro and he’s left with his d–k in his hand. Good luck you primadonna. Matt, is that what you had a feeling about? Easy to say now. Hopefully PP knows better.

  249. Cat Toe

    You guys are a bunch of crybabies. Get over it. BCG will get it done.

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