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AAU Nashville Event Part 2 — Meet New UK offer Chris Singleton


Marc Maggard reports in:

2008 recruit Chris Singleton, 6’9”/215 lb. combo forward for the AAU Atlanta Celtics has been offered a scholarship to play for the University of Kentucky. Chris is a silky smooth scorer with great range and good athleticism. Chris’s sneaky athleticism combined with his mild demeanor combine to often make difficult plays look easy which sometimes result in the unfair “not competitive” label. At 6’9”, Chris is able to post up small wing forwards and his range requires larger PF’s to guard him out to 25 feet. He has a very good first step combined with great body control, which makes him a threat to penetrate against almost any wing forward. Although he does have a very good handle, his tendency to dribble standing straight up is a liability at times against quick handed defenders. UK’s last player to be as versatile as Singleton was Tayshaun Prince, whose look may be different, but whose effectiveness is strikingly similar. Chris will need to become a better defender in order to live up to those types of comparisons, but his ability to defend is very good. Chris is believed to be one of the top combo forwards in the nation by everyone who observes him. His current list includes UK, LSU, IU, Cincy, G Tech, Utenn & South Carolina.

Scotty Hopson continued to have a good game followed by a mediocre game. Hopson has as much talent as any player in the nation, but at times, he seems disinterested in the game. His team played against the Atlanta Celtics and although he had a few spirited plays, his overall game was lacking. With the proper motivation, Hopson could be an All American type of player, but he could also easily be an underperformer.

Franklin Tn standout Drew Kelly, a 2009 player, had a very good game and showcased why he is considered to be one of the top post players for the 09 class. He has super soft hands, strong post play and is relentless on both ends of the floor. At 6’7”, however, he is about 2 or 3 inches shorter than you would like for an elite PF. Regardless, Kelly has the ability and desire required to get it done on both ends of the floor and will play at a high major program somewhere. He doesn’t yet have the body of a Chuck Hayes, but his game is similar in other ways with a better jumper out to 15 feet.

Adair Co. forward, Darren Ballou may not develop into an elite player, but he did play quite well against top competition for the Southeast Elite 16 and under team. At 6’7”, he is going to have to develop his handle in order to reach high major status as a SF. Regardless of his future status, it was nice to see an unheralded Kentucky boy do well in a big event….he deserves to have his name printed here!

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. uh,...

    I guess I’m supposed to say first.

  2. alex j


  3. CadizCat

    Not first but after watching Scotty Hopson for the last several years, especially this last year, MSU can have him.

  4. Raul


  5. Catfan9282

    #3 MSU? Which one?

  6. Catfan9282

    Murray State? Michigan State? Morehead State?

  7. UKStig23

    #5 Mississippi State

  8. Catfan9282


  9. CardiacCats

    I love the sound of this Singleton guy.

  10. Jon

    Marc, do you see Drew Kelly growing? class of 09 means 16 right? or 15-17? I know people are saying GJ has a few inches to grow. How do you decide who to project as growing.

  11. CrawfordsCorner

    Concerning Drew Kelly. The report on him seems like something very similiar to what you would type if you were describing Renaldo Balkman who was at South Carolina.

    Is that a fair comparison?

  12. Jon

    Balkman can really jump. I’ve never seen kelly play, but comparisson to hayes makes me think hard worker who isn’t as physically gifted. Hopefully he can jump like Renaldo. The rest of the breakdown, the relentless effort, soft hands, sounds a lot like Balkman.

  13. Aike

    I thought Ballou looked good in the state tournament vs. Lincoln Co., but he looked to be strictly a post player at this point.

  14. Marc Maggard

    Grown and Sexy
    From my head down to my toes I know Im fine (I know Im fine)
    Got that perfect face a perfect shape and perfect smile (a perfect smile)
    But soon as I turn around (Turn around)
    There’s somethin that I realized (Yeah)
    I look better from behind (I look better from behind)
    Grown and Sexy

  15. AAU Hoops

    I watched Singlton play for his AAU team last summer. He was spectacular. Nice touch and could reall get to the rack and throw it down. His game came against a team that featured 07 Jeff Brooks and 09 Jacob Jenkins. Singltons’s team won by 12. Here’s an interesting fact, Jenkins led all scorer’s in this game and did it even playing up two divisions.

  16. UKfan215

    How can you not like a Tayshaun type combo forward? He can go inside and post up smaller SF’s (and in today’s game, most will definately be smaller). Or he can step out on a more bulky PF and knock down shots at 20+ feet. Such a guy could create mismatches all over the place. And I’m sure with the comparison’s to Tay, that’d be a good tool to use in selling this young man on UK.

    All I can say is that Darius Miller better not wait too long to make his decision, otherwise he could find himself on the outside looking in. Ol’ Coach G isn’t gonna play the same waiting game that the Tubster played.

  17. Kevin L

    Matt, I have a question about an article you posted a few days go about Hamga. At the end of the article you stated that thre was “MUCH more than a 1% chance that he would be in 07 class. I really couldnt tell if you meant there was little or no chance or a great chance?? “MUCH MORE TAHN 1% isnt exactly great in my book? What did you mean by it and have you heard anything new about him?

  18. uk7spd

    #17, that was MM saying that, and although I don’t want to put words in his mouth, I believe he was saying (in response to Hamga’s coaches’ statement that he was 99% sure he would not re-classify) that the coach’s sentiment was for the public’s ears only and was just “coach speak.” I think that MM believes that the option is still viable basically, perhaps 50/50 at this point (but who knows what has changed in the past few days).

  19. wildcat57

    Hopson is a kid who will never reach his potential. He thinks talent will be all he needs and he will soon find out that talent is nothing if you dont have desire and work hard. He needs to be pushed and punished if he doesnt work hard.
    My son was an awesome baseball player for Southern High School. He never practiced hard and he was the last one finished during sprints or any work out, but because he could hit 400 and glove everything hit near him, he started every game and was never sat down. He didnt hit his potential and feels badly about it now.
    Hopson will be the same way

  20. uk7spd

    MATT, very interesting Hamga development on HOB, you should check it out!

    For everyone else, so I don’t get yelled at for teasing, an IU journalist basically interviewed Hamga, who revealed that reclassification was a very good possibility at this point (what he is probably wanting to do) and that although he has five schools, he is looking the hardest at UK right now. VERY promising!!! (Oh, I almost forgot, apparently he may not even need summer classes if he records from overseas are accepted or something like that.)

  21. uk7spd

    MATT, and everyone else on Rivals premium, the story is now on the front page of Indiana’s Rivals site!!!

  22. stereotypically resinous

    With all due respect, maybe if someone close to Hopson takes the time to find out what makes him click, instead of making him a subordinate, he will realize the right path. The key is getting the person to want to improve himself and punishment rarely works – unless that’s what makes him click.

  23. stereotypically resinous

    And yes, I’m the parent you all fear, but have two wonderful kids that are full of love and have great attitudes.

  24. CardiacCats

    Marc, any updates on Hamga?

  25. UKfan215

    Thanks for the Hamga tidbit. Sounds great!

  26. uk7spd

    #25, the funny thing is that the IU board is in a tizzy (which I love to see)!!! They are throwing Sampson under the bus because they lost jurick to Tennessee last week, they are losing ground on Zeller, that Negandu (or whatever) guy apparently committed to Arizona this weekend, and now it looks like they are losing major ground in the Hamga race. Pretty funny stuff 🙂 (CBC is taking over!!)

  27. UKfan215

    LOL! Go CBC! Down with the Hoosiers!

  28. Marc Maggard

    lol…14 is an imposter, but a funny one.

    Kelly isn’t a tremendous athlete, but not a stiff either. Hayes is about the right comparison. Great position player and works his butt off. I have no idea if he’s going to grow more….those I spoke to say they don’t expect much more height. If he WERE a jumping jack, it would be nice. Someone is probably going to take a chance on him and be happy.

    17- at this point, there is much more than a 1% chance that Hamga is 07. I said last week that it was 50/50 but I was being nice…I think it’s higher.

    18. correct.

    More on Hamga as things move forward….for now there isn’t much more to say. I reported it last week and it’s still the same. Uk is the leader IMO and 07 is likely.


  29. colegoes

    Anynews on the Lucas front?

  30. CardiacCats

    Thanks for the update Marc. I know you will keep us abreast of the situation. I will now laugh for saying “breast”. I’m as mature as they come, folks.

  31. Jon

    30) Don’t feel bad. The only difference in people who become fry cooks and people who become doctors is the ability to say things like breast without laughing. It’s a difficult task. That’s why doctors get paid so much.

  32. philmckracken

    Are Patterson and Hamga exclusive of each other for 07? Who is better in the long run? I assume Patterson is more immediate help.

  33. uk7spd

    The perfect finish to this class in my mind would be Patterson and Hamga. That class would be unreal given CBC’s three weeks on the job!!!! Of course if someone transfers (small chance of Jasper, but hope not), or Williams decides to prep (don’t bash because it is possible, though unlikely), then that could open it up for Jai or save it for next year, my preference (of course, the problem is that Jai, from all indications will be deciding before PPat, so if he chooses UK, then ????).

  34. uk7spd

    Because of the inevitable delay in the Hamga stakes, because of the reclassification issue and recruiting rules, it is possible that if Lucas and Patterson actually commit to UK, CBC would find a way to make room for Hamga later this summer if it works out. As Marc always says, don’t fret about scholarship numbers because the spot will be there is desired enough.

  35. ukgrad78

    Matt, we keep finding out about new offers! What about three more players. Top 10 types:Tyreke Evans who apparently has family in Louisville and Ed Davis who was on the radar when Tubby was here. Also, Carter McMasters from Tennessee…a big forward who visited in December and who can shoot the three. Thanks

  36. cbc's mojo

    What are the circumstances here did he make bad grades in the past or did he get held back or does he already have eneough credits to graduate just missings a few classes. Did he switch schooles and some credits not transfer.

  37. chitownkatfan

    36… If you are talking about Beas, he is from Africa so the credits transfer a bit diferrent… thats why he could reclassify.

  38. uk7spd

    #36, assuming you are referring to Hamga, his situation is that he is from overseas, so his academic qualifications are in question (not because they may be “bad,” but in question as to what his graduation status is). It was reported here first last week by MM that Hamga has received the necessary test score to reclassify to ’07 (confirmed today by Hamga). However, this doesn’t mean he can reclassify. He still needs the necessary number of school credits to meet graduation requirements. It was first reported by MM that only a couple of summer school classes may make him eligible to graduate. But today it was suggested by the Rivals Indiana article that his credits from his school overseas MAY be enough to reclassify without taking anymore classes (I don’t know any more details on this). Hopefully the latter scenario is true because then the pocess could speed up MUCH FASTER and he could reclassify to ’07 soon and then CBC could “officially” recruit him.

  39. Blueman2000

    I wouldn’t be too unhappy with Hamga and Sanchez, although I do like Patterson and Lucas. It seems to me that Sanchez has a bigger upside than Patterson (If the knee holds up.) I think BCG has it covered in either case, so we will not get left empty handed.

  40. cbc's mojo

    Thank you guys for that information. I would say we get this guy.

  41. DocKat

    Some more AAU news from Kentucky Wildcat Report:

  42. David

    Matt & Marc, thanks guys for the information! Awesome!

  43. Marc Maggard

    Hamga was ahead of the curve to graduate in 08 and is a pretty decent student. He has always been an 08, but because of his past, some of those credits may be reworked to clear him for the 07 class. At worst case, he may just have to take a few summer classes to be 07. If he WANTS to be 07, the work could easily be accomplished if there is even any work to do.

    This is the perfect example of why I always say “there is no good source”. Even the kid himself….you have to have MANY sources and the ability to interpret which are likely right.


  44. grateful reader

    thanks for the updates

  45. grateful dead

    far out!

  46. will in da ville

    what is IMO?

  47. Anonymous

    in my opinion

  48. will in da ville


  49. uk7spd

    “inside (my) medulla oblongata”

    (or possibly “in my opinion”)

  50. petty insult man

    Idiot Making Observation (j/k)

  51. UKisforreal
  52. UKisforreal
  53. catty

    What does recruit-over mean. I followed a link posted earlier, and it said that Gillispie would recruit-over Stewart and Williams

  54. lexslamman


    Recruit players in subsequent classes that played the same position so that Stewart and Williams don’t get playing time. It won’t happen.

  55. 69'Z

    It happens all the time.

  56. uk7spd

    “Recruiting over” is something that the best programs do all the time and need to do to stay on top (UK has not done this recently). It basically means that you recruit the best players every year, even if it results in the new player battling and perhaps beating out an old player for playing time. This has to happen to stay consistently on top; just the name of the game and CBC knows this well. If you look at all the major programs, you will see behind the scenes, rarely publicized, that major recruits are leaving the program year in and year out because they have been recruited over in subsequent years (Duke had a kid leave last year and one leave this year). Law of the jungle.

  57. anonymous
  58. catty

    54 and 57–Thanks so much for explaining that. Now the article makes sense to me.

  59. will in da ville

    still no word from lucas?? if nothing happens by 2:10 PM tomorrow, there is a 99% chance i will NOT slit my wrists

  60. catty

    60-follow 58’s link

  61. random goober

    #51 There’s no fleas on Beas…..He strokes that turnaround in the lane. 52 somewhere a team of psychiatrists await with a big net and hope for our message board convention…..big blue fanatics will be next. 53 The recruit Grayson Over…… Or as his 4-H club call him “Overgraze”….See what I mean about the net.

  62. will in da ville

    did david padgett get recruited over at kansas?

  63. random goober

    Naw, he got screwed-over.

  64. uk7spd

    LUCAS TO UK????

    Kentucky Ink, the same site that reported the “Bombshell” Patterson to UK via silent verbal last night, is now reporting through two different posters on their message board that Lucas has chosen UK as leaked by Jai’s family. One poster is the site’s administrator and the other is the same poster, who runs, that reported the Patterson rumor last night. AS ALWAYS, TAKE IT FWIW!!!!

    (Site is up and down because of increased traffice…imagine that!)

  65. Jon

    62) Padgett highly considered Pitino before going to Roy williams at Kansas. When Williams left Kansas, so did Padgett.

  66. uk7spd
  67. Daniel

    We got Lucas?

    In light of Josh Hancock’s death this morning, that might just make my day a slight bit better

  68. Crow

    Drew Kelly and Beas Hamga both gave me adds on my Myspace page today.

  69. will in da ville

    RIP josh hancock

  70. lexslamman

    Sorry, don’t believe it. Too many attention-starved rumormongers on the internets these days.

  71. uk7spd

    Lex, party pooper…j/k, as I am with you on this. I never believe this stuff until it is verified through very reliable sources.

    But it sure is fun chasing this stuff down!

  72. lexslamman


    Just shuffling through that site made me feel embarassed for the guys who were making the site and these off-the-wall claims.

    I do have to hand it to them – they’ve put their credibility right there on the line.

  73. uk7spd

    True, true. One interesting note, if this was strictly a publicity stunt, you think the site’s owner/administrator (jared, who posted the rumor thread) would have upgraded bandwith before releasing the rumor, because the site has been up and down due to the traffic, especially in light of the PPat rumor that crashed the site yesterday (started by different poster, the guys who runs

  74. will in da ville

    did michael bush get drafted today? im too lazy to go look it up and i dont wanna leave KSR

  75. will in da ville

    #73 damn man did you mean to make a sentence that long or what?

  76. 69'Z

    Bush went to the Raiders in the 4th.

  77. The SEC Maniac

    #74……Michael Bush was the first pick of the fourth round to the Oakland Raiders. IMO, this is a great fit for him because the Raiders RB situation is awfully cloudy.

  78. will in da ville

    i thought petrino would surely get him in the 3rd round yesterday, says something about the shape hes in due to injury

  79. uk7spd

    #73, lol. I am a law clerk (staff attorney) for a federal judge and he tells me all the time that I am the undisputed “KING OF THE RUN-ON SENTENCE”!!!! When I am drafting opinions all day I have to watch my sentence structure because I am more used to, and prefer, law review style writing as opposed to more mechanical/concise writing. My bad 🙂

  80. uk7spd

    Sorry, I meant that in response to #75.

  81. will in da ville

    ahh thats ok i understand my father is an attorney and he does it all the time as well

  82. will in da ville

    sorry for being the english teacher lol

  83. uk7spd

    It’s all good Will in da Ville. BTW, where do you live in the Ville? I grew up there in Middletown (went to Louiville Eastern where Rondo went). My parents just moved from Pewee Valley to Crestwood (they keep going farther out, lol).

  84. Macon_Volfan

    I think that Singleton will go to UT. Just a hunch.

  85. will in da ville

    i live out in glenview (close to ballard off river road) i know alot of people that go to eastern and alumni there, what class were you at eastern? i went to meyzeek where Rondo went also

  86. will in da ville

    i go to manual, i was gona go to eastern if i didnt get in manual

  87. lexslamman



  88. Barney

    found this on rivals

    Like has been stated on here, MY Post distinctly says it is only a rumor.

    I have received no confirmation from Jai or his father John.

    ALSO, be SURE you all understand that Bill Warfield (CKY Sports) is a visitor of Kentucky Ink, and is not a representative of it.

    I cannot verify his information, so please do not associate Bill with KI.

    Thanks guys.

    Jared Bonshire

  89. will in da ville

    nah im in communications

  90. uk7spd


    I know exactly where you live; my step-brothers and sister went to Ballard.

  91. 69'Z

    84- Dream on.

  92. will in da ville

    i know oldham county is growing soo fast, do you not live in louisville anymore?

  93. lexslamman


    So this is yet another case of some over-enthusiastic person shaking the magic 8-ball?

  94. will in da ville

    ballard is not as good as it used to be

  95. V*i*a*g*r*a*

    Mr. Jones,

    Your order has been shipped.


    Pfizer Team

  96. Drew

    By the way….

    He hasn’t been on it for two weeks though. 🙂

  97. adaircam4

    Matt, thanks for giving props to Ballou representing my hometown Columbia!! I live in Cincy now and I don’t get to see my high school team play much but I made it a point to go to Rupp to see Adair Co. play in
    the state tournament..Ballou is a good player with some athletic ability, but he tends to play away from the basket too much and not mix it up on the inside, good thing is that he will be a junior next year..
    He should be able to improve and I believe he will be able to sign with a team like WKU or EKU..
    look out for Adair Co. in the 5th the next few seasons!

  98. YankeeCpt (Jay)

    I have read much news that: Jai Lucas and Patrick Patterson will BOTH be committing to:


  99. YankeeCpt (Jay)

    via KentuckyInk and Cats Pause

  100. Mojo

    98, If you’re right, then great! If not, I didn’t want ’em anyway!

  101. Barney

    YankeeCpt (Jay) read post 88

  102. YankeeCpt (Jay)

    got it- I was just so happy reading it, I fealt it was my duty to put it here. To be honest 97 posts is a long time to hold my breath 😉

  103. Drew

    ask Patterson yourself….

  104. anonymous

    Man i hope this is true but since the bd thing i don’t believe rumors at all anymore lol.

  105. Marc Maggard

    97….It was MARC giving props to Ballou…lol. Really liked the kid and his game.

    As for mixing it up….if he’s going to play at a mid major, he has to imporove his perimeter game…handle and range on his shot. He needs to be on the wing as a 3 at his size, to be honest. Unless he plans on growing 3 more inches.


  106. goonies24

    Any new news???????

  107. Anonymous

    Here is an amozing video of hamga.

  108. Anonymous

    Who is a member of tcp can someone tell us what jeff d is talking about in your OWN words about why a update on lucas is doubtful this will be much appreciate.

  109. crazycat91

    I am going through information withdrawal. Must insert new UK related things into Brain now!!!

  110. Daniel

    news and views?

  111. Marc Maggard

    109…lucas not answering phone.


  112. adaircam4 bad Marc, just read the it quickly and saw Matt posted it, but obviously you provided
    the great info..From what I have seen of him this year (twice) and from what some of my friends say about him is that he tends to hang on the perimeter too much and is not agressive around the basket..He has good size for the 3 and is capable of knocking down a 15′ footer though..hopefully he will improve, and be able to score
    a schollie from a mid-major…thanks for the knowledge Matt….I mean Marc

  113. Anonymous

    Thanks marc man so i guess he never made a decision because he would probally answer his phone if he made a decision.

  114. pork chop henry

    I’m geetin’ hongry!

  115. bcgfan

    I wish this kid would just hurry up and make up his mind the anticipation is killing me. I just hope we’re not in for a huge let down.

  116. Barney

    either way they decide I will still be happy because unlike tubby, billy has kids lined up to take their space

  117. bcgobsession

    51) Beas (sp?) rockes some big blocks in that video! We could definitely use his height to our advantage! WOW

  118. bcgfan

    117 Yes I agree. Either way I just want to know already

  119. Oeuh

    Don’t get many updates lately.

  120. PsychoT isn't psycho...he's weak

    I feel like a parent who’s kid is out past their curfew and hasn’t called. What gives? I think my mouse is breaking from hitting the refresh button so damn often…

  121. crazycat91

    I’m now holding my breathe until I get some info.

  122. crazycat91

    Matt Jones, my life is in your hands.

  123. bcgobsession

    I LOVE weekends, except when it comes to recruiting info–seems like nothing exciting goes on 🙁

  124. mateotemprano

    kucinich an oddball?

    well maybe, but at least he hasn’t shot anyone in the face recently like that old ghoul cheney, who he is trying to impeach by the way.

    but this is not a political blog, right.

    willie also has his own brand of “biodiesel”– a plant based diesel fuel that burns much cleaner than petro-diesel.

    and go cats.

  125. CKY

    I just wanted to say that I did upgrade my bandwith. By the way nice website Matt Jones.