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You better get to know this guy….


Marc Maggard is reporting that Beas Hamga now has the test score that is necessary to reclassify as a 2007 recruit and Kentucky is recruiting him for that class. He may have to attend summer school to make up a couple of necessary classes, but that is a very doable option at this point, the question is only if he chooses to do it. Coach Billy Clyde is currently trying to make Hamga a part of the 07 class and visits are set up for the next few days. Get to know Beas (pronounced BEE-AZ) quickly…..

Article written by Matt Jones

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  2. palmerjr

    At least we know he uses deodorant…

  3. gutter2D

    nice deodorant btw

  4. Enough said

    awesome thanks matt your the man

  5. bsquared

    I gotta say I like that fact that Coach Clyde isn’t waiting around for recruits (i.e. Patterson and Lucas).

  6. Anonymous

    got it again! nice report.

  7. uklawstudent

    WHOOOOAAAAA! That’s big time Coach G. Dear lord, I feel sorry for the rest of the NCAA. Nah, not really.


    …looking ahead…optimistically….say he commits to the Cats for 07?! Where does that put Mike Williams?..would he back out?

  9. anonymous

    Yea baby!!!!!!

  10. steve

    #2 that is classic

  11. uklawstudent

    Mike Williams reminds me of Woo. He’s got a great attitude, and looks to contribute any way possible. That would include coming off the bench all four years.

  12. browncat

    This is so fun watching Billy G and Cats.

  13. V-in-K

    This would be an incredible add again…esp for BCG just getting going…AWESOME

  14. Luke Skywalker

    I feel the Force strong in this one they call BCG.

  15. deWildcats

    OMG – that would be huge!!!! Coach G is making UK basketball history … and the legend grows.


    CBCG is like lightning you nevr know where he is going to strike.

  17. KWICD

    Story before says he has a nice 15 foot Jumper. Can he play power forward?

  18. Alamo_Cat

    Yes, I refer to the prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the Force

  19. Marc Maggard

    Beas would still have to squeeze some classes in (prob summer school) so it’s not certain that he’d be able to be in the 07 class yet, but it’s possible if he wants to do the extra stuff.


    Who ever wants on this big blue train better turn thier L.O.I. in because this train
    is taken off. And it is going to be moving fast.

  21. V-in-K

    Nice to have more options with some recruits being unable to make up their minds 😉

  22. Azubuikesmadhops

    Meanwhile, Orlando Tubby Smith is somewhere just being a “good guy”. Bwahahahahahahahaha!

  23. adaircam4

    Sign him up coach! I will take an Okafor type player any day!

  24. Andrew Hamlett

    This is great I hope we can hear from Hamga soon on what he plans to do.

  25. killerthrees

    If Billy G Gets this guy then we have a MAN-CHILD with a 7’4″ wingspan ! who can flat block shots !!! He can also jump out and nail the 12 foot shot ! GO GET’EM CLYDE 1

  26. Cat

    I think he needs to use clear deodorant.

  27. Gray Temples

    And Marc says he is a terrific free throw shooter

  28. RexEffect

    20..not only that, the seats are fillin up fast……
    clyde is nothing short of miraculous…..

  29. V-in-K

    26) Yeah I saw the contrast…hehehe

  30. AudiAlbs

    Do we have enough scholarships available to sign Hamga, Patterson, and Lucas?

  31. RexEffect

    Matt combined with recruit expert Marc make up the batman and robin of uk recruiting..
    M&M keep up the great job….we are starving for info…

  32. WILDCAT1669

    My gosh, does Coach G ever rest? This guys moves so fast my head is spinning.

  33. UKFanatic

    Would everyone be happy if we got him and Sanchez? Then Warren and Miller next year? Im excited again about B-Ball Recruiting. I LOVE IT!!!

  34. Knowledge

    Marc, you might know some of the same AAU people that I do … I’m told that it will only take another meeting or two with Gillispie and this kid is coming to UK assuming his classification works out.

  35. Wick

    Does it seem to anybody else like CBC offers about three times as many scholarships as he’s actually got? I don’t mean to be negative, but how does that work – regardless of its improbability – if everybody we’ve offered tries to commit?

  36. Anonymous

    me gusta cookies

  37. Alamo_Cat

    35) First come, first serve…

  38. Anonymous

    … and to think that we don’t have to pay for this kind of information

  39. anobservation

    #35 I think he is smart. Picks the guys he would want then puts it in their court (no pun intended). If they want to play here, they better sign up before it is too late.


    It is first come first serve. It really does not matter how many he offers.

  41. Jo Jo

    Patterson Who?????????????

  42. killerthrees

    A serious question is –> Do we want Patterson if Beas has a 7’4″ wingspan and can swat the ball into the face of a smaller power forward ? Shagari was no bluechipper but jammed the ball through the net into the bearcat players face! Beas has some long arms people !

  43. Blue Blam

    so what happens to this kid if patterson commits?

  44. Catfan9282

    This is great news if it materializes!!


    Sorry 37 i should of refreshed first.

  46. Anonymous
  47. Catfan9282

    BCG should put several offers out there and make players fight to get them. WE ARE KY! You should run to us not use us as a second option!! Kind of like giving stores only 3 PS3’s ppl line up to get them. Limited resources mean big demand!!

  48. Anonymous

    I’m beginning to forget about Patterson and Lucas…..

  49. billy harrison

    If a player wants to come to Kentucky he had better get in line. Gillispies is thakilng only the best of the best.
    For this year and right now he is just trying to fill out the roster for the upcoming season. There will be no more zero points scored at the power forward position next year. Or for the rest of eternity.

  50. catbalue

    Gonna have to get out of the box if you’re going to keep up with
    CBC. He sees no restrictions and no constraints, I like how he
    thinks. He stays after and explores all possibilities, what a

  51. adaircam4

    Sounds like he will be a project with a lot of upside but can contribute now..I have had enough
    of projects but we have not seen what Gillispie can do with a project post player just what Tubby can
    do..It would be nice to see Gillispie take and mold raw talent, like Thompson III did with Hibbert..
    sounds like this guy can be a force on the defensive end now and Coach G can develop the offensive
    side of the equation.

  52. KAWildcat

    Wow, check out that picture that herald times online link.

  53. V-in-K

    Forget about who and what?

  54. Knowledge

    This kid is NOT a project … get out of the Tubby mindset, please.

  55. Anonymous

    Where is the link to where Marc Maggard is reporting this?


  56. random goober

    Even if Beas doesn’t reclassify, we look to be in good shape for 08.

  57. Han

    So, if he ends up here, and if there isn’t any roster changes, who gets the last spot: Sanchez (possible still Arkansas or prep), Patterson, Lucas, or someone else? I’d love to have Lucas, but if Hamga isn’t much of an offensive threat, that leaves us with very little scoring in the frontcourt. We could still really use Patterson or Sanchez in that case.

    30) Not at the moment. After Legion committed, we have 2 schollies left. Unless something changes.

  58. adaircam4

    #54..I didn’t say he was a project like Shag was, just saying that from what the scouting reports states, he can average a double-double on just ability alone, but needs to improve his post offense..If you can remember Okafor’s freshman year at UConn, he was more of a shot blocker and defensive player and developed his offensive game over his time at UConn..just LOOKS like to me that he could take a similiar path.

  59. Hofmannia

    I would be extremely happy to finish out this class with Legion, Sanchez and Hamga. That would be two bigs and a very talented guard to go with Stewart and Williams. I just don’t think we get Lucas or Patterson, but if we can get Sanchez and Hamga who cares?

  60. BigBlueBloodhound

    If BEE-AZ has classes to take this summer…when/how could he sigh a scolly? I’m tired of Lucas and Patterson. We need kids like Legion, that want to be at KENTUCKY.

  61. V-in-K

    Don’t be too quick to ship off L&P to FLA or DUK…

  62. the how

    holy crap – Billy Clyde is THE FREAKIN’ MAN!

  63. Tomlin

    Clearly, this young man will have the sweetest smelling armpits on the court.

  64. CadizCat

    This is not a Coach Smith bash – but here Billy Clyde has only been on the job a few weeks and there is all this “buzz” about the program. People are excited and golly gee – it looks like we have a recruiter on board!

  65. Crow

    How solid is the “Hamga reclassifying” stuff?


    after looking at UF page i am confused. They already have 4 commits for next season and are still looking to acquire JL and PP. Do they even 6 scholys to give (i thought they only had 5 to give)???…will someone clarify

  67. bone guy
  68. Woohooo

    Shouldn’t UK have 4 sholly’s to give? Woo, Thomas, Perry, and Morris? Please excuse my ingnorance if I am off base…….

  69. brink

    66 Lets not forget that they had 2 seniors and 4 juniors leave this year. That is 6 all by itself. It is possible that they have more than 6 available.

  70. JD

    68…We had one scholly left open last year that coury got for the second semester last season, so that gives us 5 schollies open for this season because coury is not getting the scholarship again this season.

  71. Steven Leffler

    I would rather have this guy than Patrick Patterson

  72. Woohooo

    Thanks 70! So did Harris get one of those scholly’s If so will that leave us 4?

  73. AJ

    They had an unused scholly last year, coury got it for a while now its back to open.

  74. AJ

    How long until Mike Williams is asked to go else where, like Minnesota?

  75. Blades

    68. We only had 12 scholarship players last year. We are allowed to have 13. 12 less the 4 you named is 8. We have 3 signed frosh… thats 11. We have 2 scholarships to offer (plus mm seems to think we could open up one or two more with some loopholes).

  76. Alpha Brumage

    Smith deserves to be bashed. Billy G is showing how it can be done at UK. There is more excitement about the Program since BCGs hire than Tubby could create over the past 5 or 6 years.

    Good Riddance to Smith.

  77. Woohooo

    So why stress when we have 5 scholly’s to give or am I missing something?

  78. Marc Maggard

    27. I didn’t use the word “terrific”, I said “surprisingly good”, which means that he’s very good FOR A BIG MAN….lol. They won’t be hacking him just to stop him like they do Shaq and Ben Wall.

    34. I think we are doing well with Beas. Marc Adams is probably the key to this recruit. Beas has little knowledge about college basketball legacy, so he’s going to have to be told the difference between UNLV and UK. There are some connections with UNLV thru the AAU circuit, so that has to be overcome, but I dont’ think in the end it’s going to matter.

    35. There will be ways to open up a couple more rides, but you either get on the bus or sit on the bench.

    38. You can send me cash if you want….lol

    42. Yeah, we still take PP if we get him. Those two would really kill on the glass together. They are both stong!

    51. Beas is not NEARLY a project like we have gotten used to. He could start day 1 at UK. He’s already one of the best post defenders…it’s just that his offense isn’t as caught up yet, but the skill and aptitude shows already! You are right…his development may mirror Okafor’s. They remind me a lot of each other (I saw Okafor at this stage). However, Beas is more physically mature at 18 already.

    55. I’ll be reporting stuff here via Matt or just under my own posts when I get shown how to make a blog entry…haha. This will be where I post most of my stuff now….and on Matt’s radio show.

    71. I would too, but I’ll take both happily.

    ALL – you can forget counting scholarships. There will be spots made if needed.


  79. Chandra Than

    77: five scholarships…one to stewart…one to williams…one to legion…

    Two open spots.

  80. Anonymous


  81. Woohooo

    10-4 79!!! Lunch time, and I didn’t my V8…….. Thanks……

  82. lexslamman


    Can he play PF?

  83. Knowledge

    Flat-footed, his reach is 9’6″ – I’d say he can play any position down low that he wants.

  84. Chandra Than

    81) No problem…Glad to contribute to the site!

  85. Titan_Town

    How about Hamgas and Patterson this year and pick up Jennings next year along with Willie Warren?

  86. ukcatfan

    80–79 is correct. We have no JUNIORS.

  87. lexslamman


    We’d be in pretty solid shape if that happened.

  88. DAMtheluck

    “ALL – you can forget counting scholarships. There will be spots made if needed.”

    Marc, I take this to mean that current players may be sent packing in one way or another. If I am correct in that assumption, Did BG do the same at A&M and UTEP. Also is that something that you think he would do only during the transition year or would he continually get rid of players that weren’t performing.
    I see the need to upgrade talent but I’m concerned about the long term integrity of the program if we start cutting loose players. It’s a slippery slope.

  89. V-in-K

    85) I think someone needs to pinch you…It would be great but sounds like we are dreaming here…

  90. jayhovah

    Matt that new poll is unfair and should be removed immediately. It is liek asking a mother to pick a favorite child.

  91. Woohooo

    Ditto 88, it would look really shady. Who would want to come if there is a possibliity of you being sent home if someone better comes

  92. mirv909

    #85 You are forgetting Darius Miller

  93. loukat

    88 — I think this would refer to certain players going on academic scholly, etc. — not simply running off less talented players.

  94. Aaronedge

    Does it look shady if it is the previous coach’s players?

    Also, I remember reports after this season of Coach Calhoun at UConn sitting down players and telling them they’d have a better chance of getting playing time if they went somewhere else. Anyone remember fewer kids wanting to go to Connecticut?

  95. Knowledge

    Question – not to knock the kid, because he clearly bleeds blue, but would Gillispie have signed AJ Stewart? I’m thinking not …

  96. Random Person

    Thanks for the updates Matt/Marc. Without a doubt the best place to get UK info.

  97. The Herd

    You guys are going to put TCP out of business …

  98. Dan V.

    Looks like a “one and done”deal here.
    Not academically qualified now but “could be” by the fall.
    Why not look for another Legion type academically but four inches taller?
    The 3.8 gpa will go a lot farther in Lexington than will a marginal student looking for exposure before NBA scouts for a season.
    Ah—could this be the reason for the musical schlorships?

  99. Jon

    Marc, have the rules changed on academic schollies? I know it used to be you couldn’t play NCAA sports if you were on academic schollarship. When Bogans decided to come back, and we had 14 scholarship players, They talked about Blevins, who was a 4.0 student going on academic ride. They said to take the ride he’d have to quit basketball.

  100. tls

    Marc, Thanks BTW for spreading your wings like you have .. Did you see Thabeet last year in HS?? If so can you compare with Beas

  101. gutter2D

    players will leave voluntarily if they never get to play.

  102. Jon

    95) I’d say probably he would. He is a 4 star combo forward, who had offers from Illinois and Kansas State. Kansas St. had the best recruiting class, and wanted to add Stewart to the mix.

  103. Anonymous

    is it true jai lucas made a commitment to UK?

  104. Marc Maggard

    99. Yeah, after a period of time (I think it’s 2 years, but could be off) a player who is “on track to graduate” and is qualified for academic ride can switch over and free up a athletic ride.

    additionally, we have Ky boys who may be willing to pull a “Feldhaus” and pay their own way to free up a ride. I’m pretty sure that move would be well recieved when they went looking for jobs here in the bluegrass after bball is over! Ky usually takes great care of their ballers.

    I don’t think Billy will be “running off” players. These things normally work themselves out. Additionally, you’ll see new life in some of the players that were once thought to be underperforming IMO.


  105. Han

    85) While Jennings and Warren would be great, Miller is also a top target as the best talent in KY right now.

    88) Pitino did it, lest you forget.

    A lot of times at the best programs, players who turned out to be a bit of a bust are ‘encouraged’ to pursue other opportunities and transfer.

  106. anonymous

    How big of a team are we going to have i know kerry beason or however you spell his last name is walking on this year and is coury still on the team can someone tell me how many players you can have on a team.

  107. anonymous

    Benson my bad.

  108. Biggieboy

    Playes that left…

    Myron Anthony, Carlos Toomer, Aminu Timberlake, The Ziegler boy

  109. Aaronedge

    106, 13 scholarship players (assuming) plus Perry, Coury, Krebs, Benson = 17 players.

  110. tzuzaki

    You can have up to 50 players. CBCG only has 42 in the fold right now, so we have room for at least 8 more.

  111. V-in-K

    Take that Dicky-V

  112. BigJHagan

    Billy G must have something worked out to open some scholarships w/ all the offering he is doing. Something about the thought of
    Alex Legion, Jai Lucas, Patrick Patterson(or Sanchez), and Beas Hamga possibly in UK jerseys next year gives me a tingly feeling. Billy G is
    stacking the talent up!! Sorry SEC conference!!!

  113. Alamo_Cat

    The only Kentucky boy I can think of for the “Feldhaus option” is
    Jared Carter — am I missing someone else?

  114. Anonymous

    Marc Maggard-any word on how the latest visits with Lucas and Sanchez over the past couple days weny?

  115. TX_Ryan

    Marc, who do you think would be a better fit with the team we’re compiling right now? Patterson or Sanchez?

  116. Quite The Deal

    109 – I’m not familiar with Krebs, who is he?

  117. V-in-K

    115) Isn’t Lucas seeing the other Billy today..

  118. Han

    114) The last face-to-face with Lucas is on Saturday, with other coaches starting to see him today, remember?

  119. Michael

    so is it possible to just take a scholly away from williams or does he have to make the decision to leave himself?

  120. Han

    116) Mark Krebs transfered (and so didn’t play last year), I think, and is a walk-on.

  121. Daniel

    awesome news

  122. Anonymous

    sorry i thought lucas was going to announce tomorrow–forgive me–
    i have a pinched nerve and herniated disk in my neck and am on lots of pain medicince.
    i may have misheard something

  123. V-in-K

    122) eyes not hearing right…

  124. Anonymous

    yes 123

  125. jai

    119- do you think williams will not be in uniform at uk next year?

  126. V-in-K

    122) Must be the tears of joy…

  127. Anonymous

    126-it is exciting again to be a wildcat fan. — like it should be

  128. adaircam4

    #108…If I remember correctly, Todd Ziegler was kicked off because he stole a razor from a store so he could shave and was caught…of all the things to get booted from a team, that may be the most embarassing.

  129. Han

    119) He signed a letter of intent, so I think he’s locked in for next year unless he asks out of it. After that, scholarships can be rescinded each year, I believe, but it’s not exactly the best PR move.

    Williams is really looking forward to coming, as evidenced by the whole “punting the Cardinal” escapade. We should all expect him and be behind him.

    122) Originally, the thought was tomorrow (Friday), but in the last week he announced he would have face-to-face visits with the coach of each of his 5 schools. They start today, and end Saturday. Billy Gillispie meets with him Saturday afternoon (Gary Williams of Maryland is the last visit on Sat. night).

  130. tubby

    what are the chances that uk lands lucas, patterson, sanzhez and hamga?

  131. Anonymous

    thanks 129 i missed that one.

  132. anonymous

    We don’t have enough schollys to land them all so 0 chance unless someone asks to be released.

  133. V-in-K

    (I sure hope our Billy does not explode or anything…anyone know his cardio status?)

  134. RP-in-The ville

    no matter who coach g gets , ul will still be better next year. agreed?

  135. V-in-K

    134) laughing hard at you…

  136. Anonymous

    who let 134 in the house?

  137. dUKe hater

    BS 134…

  138. 69'Z

    Why all the hand-ringing about schollies? BG knows what he is doing. Enjoy the ride. This is exciting.

  139. bubbleup

    So this is what happens when the kid gets turned loose in the candy store?

  140. Anonymous

    138 – well said. again it is exciting again to be part of big blue nation

  141. anonymous


    It’s cingular the new at&t lol.

  142. Anonymous

    so marc maggard or matt jones – whats the latest on sanchez– how did the last visit go?

  143. Daniel

    well said, 138.

  144. Response #134

    Considering UK’s “down” team last year beat your good team in Freedom Hall (for the third straight time), and given that both teams are basically the same (minus Morris but plus many new good recruits and a new coach who changes the equation in UK’s favor BIGTIME), I would say Louisville better not look ahead.

  145. blue blinders

    Put in the bank, write in down, done deal, we will be better next year. They will turn people away from midnight maddness. go big blue

  146. Anonymous

    i have to agree with 144. afterall coach billy is 2-0 in rupp and 1-0 against pitino. heres to the future–go CATS

  147. 146

    well said

  148. Marc Maggard

    Sanchez is being visited Friday (I THING) at his home, not a visit to UK as first thought.

  149. Anonymous

    thanks for the update Marc keep up the great work

  150. Anonymous

    marc – do you think alex legion will succeed in bringing patterson to lexington

  151. V-in-K

    150) No offense, but I don’t think even MM has a crystal ball…

  152. Final 4

    When will know something for sure?

  153. Marc Maggard

    151. correct
    150. Can’t hurt, but not sure it helps much.
    152. who knows.

  154. hyperbole

    I read yesterday (from a poster on this site) that jasper had removed his reference to UK from his Facebook page. Has anyone heard Marc/Matt?) what’s going on with Derrick? I’d sure hate to see him leave, as I think he has tremendous potential. Also, he seems to be a good guy, and wanted to be a part of UK basketball.

  155. jayhovah

    94 – We used to call those “bush talks” during rush.

  156. rgunslinger

    Matt/Marc just wondering what kind of timeline it will be to finding out if Hamga will reclassify and can he commit before finishing his needed classwork? Thanx, BTW love the uncensored site.

  157. bcgobsession

    There’s a new blog up, just so y’all know…

  158. Daniel

    i just heard that Gillispie was in St. Louis looking at John Brandenburg (

  159. Getrealpeople

    So marc, did the doctors have much trouble dislodging your and tom grays head from tubbi’s butt? It must have been crowded in there with Matt’s head as well. I hope you are enjoying Minnesota.

  160. lexslamman


    May I suggest some Massengill or Summer’s Eve for you?

  161. starchief5

    With all these offers Billy G is making, I suspect he is fairly certain, even though he’s still recruiting them hard, that PP and JL won’t be coming. The UF boards seem awfully confident that they are coming to Florida.

  162. Rich Holt

    116)Krebs is the “half-breed” brother of J.R. Ewing on ‘Dallas’.

  163. guindage

    with his apparent deoderant usage, i think playing for bruce pearl is out of the picture.

  164. kipper265

    163. lol

  165. Marc Maggard

    159. wasn’t hard at all. My head has been in the fresh air all the time!

  166. meeks superfan

    Hamga and Sanchez would almost be better than lucas and patterson because that would be two bigs.Billy G has a reputation with point guards and would emediately have impact on Jasper Porter and Bradley.

  167. ex WKU player

    134 you and Pitino could not bet UK last Year at HALL….. Billy G is 1-0 at RUPP against Pitino so nothing is going to change.

  168. impetus

    Pitino mentored billy the kid and he beat them all, long live big blue and tradition

  169. Meet the newest potential Wildcat : Wildcat Fan Report

    […] told the Albuquerque Tribune’s Jeremy Fowler that Hamga is likely heading to Kentucky. Matt Jones reported last week that Hamga has achieved the necessary test score to reclassify for 2007 and now just needs to make […]

  170. Matt Clason

    And he signs with UNLV. Better work on the recruiting effort next time boys.

  171. Rebel 4 Life

    So sorry UK fans – BEE-AZ is a Rebel….you’ll just have to get by with your usual spate of McDonald’s All-Americans next season (the kind we haven’t gotten since Tark left in ’92 🙁 Maybe Hamga will help us make a Final 4 or two before all is said & done – we made a nice run this year, but the cupboard’s pretty bare with 5 seniors departing. We sure needed him in the worst way for ’08 & beyond…

  172. Dick Vitale

    Rebels for the win.