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2008 UK Recruit Watch List’s Thursday News and Views


As some of you may know, our goal here at Kentucky Sports Radio is to continue to be (or become, depending on your perspective) the number one site for UK sports on the internet. In order to continue towards that goal, we have brought on as a contributor, Marc Maggard. Marc has his own site,, which he uses for information and message boards, but he will be contributing on here for his AAU and summer camp coverage and give recruiting perspective to the radio show. For those of you that dont know, Marc is a recruiting maniac (and I mean that in a good way), spending virtually every weekend at AAU tournaments around the country, getting the latest scoop. He is joining Kentucky Sports Radio to provide exclusive AAU and Summer Camp Tournament coverage for the website. He will begin next weekend at an event, and we are very excited about the news. Below, Marc gives us a detailed look at the big names looking at Kentucky for the 2008 class. In addition, he will be answering your questions about the 2008 class… can write a question below or email him at [email protected] and he will answer your questions in a mailbag to come. We thank Marc and look forward to his contributions.

The names are below, but before one tidbit of news. Beas Hamga, a big man that is currently part of the class of 2008 has been given a scholarship offer by UK and is being recruited very hard right now. UK has made multiple visits and is moving in quickly. Hamga could very likely be a Cat and he is a player to watch. Now here is your 2008 report…..look for more news during the day tomorrow, including a couple of updates on familiar names.

Marc’s 2008 UK Recruit Report:

Greg Monroe 6’10” 220 PF — Harvey Louisiana / Helen Cox High / AAU Louisiana Select –

He is exceptionally skilled for a 6’10 player with the body of a PF and the moves of a SF. He is capable of hitting some mid range and long range jumpers, but his game is clearly getting to the rim. I was impressed with his ball handling ability as demonstrated by a behind the back crossover on a 6’4 guard that picked him up in half court in the Kingwood Classic. He has very good hands and passing skills for a big man which allows coaches to run some plays through him on the wing or in the post. Plays in the style of Kevin Garnett. Needs to improve his back to the basket post play.

Al-Farouq Aminu 6’8” 215 Combo F — Norcross Georgia / Norcross High / AAU Gerogia Stars –

My personal #2 in the nation, Al-Farouq Aminu, played incredibly well at the Kingwood Classic. His ability to drive to the basket in either direction and his athletic ability make him stand out among the elite. Aminu can create his own shot seemingly at will, but needs to put out more effort on the defensive end. He is a reliable shooter inside the 3 point line and likes to play facing the basket. Unlike some big men, Aminu has a motor that won’t quit and after talking to him, is a genuinely good kid. His list is long and includes Kentucky at the top. UK hasn’t had a combo forward this athletic and skilled in quite some time. Coach Cyp was in attendance at all of his games. Plays in the style of Paul Pierce without the range. Needs to improve his range, defense, and post offense.

Brandon Jennings 6’1” 170 PG — Compton, California / Oak Hill Academy / AAU SoCal Allstars —

There is a reason some people think Jennings may be the best overall player in the class. Brandon Jennings possesses a gear that sets him apart from anyone else at this tournament. His ability to knife thru traffic reminds me of TJ Ford, but Jennings is a legit 6’1. He is the kind of player that attracts so much attention that it allows him to do what he does best… make everyone else better. He sees everything on the court and has the athletic ability to get in position to make great passes. He is super aggressive yet always under control. His defense is as good as any guard in the country and he seems to enjoy locking people down. Plays in the style of TJ Ford. Needs to develop a consistent 3 point shot.

Willie Warren 6’4 205 SG – Fort Worth, Texas / North Crowley HS / AAU Team Texas –

Team Texas is featuring Willie as a PG since the consensus is that he’s an NBA Lottery pick as a 6’4 PG. Most college coaches I spoke to see him as a scoring (emphasis on scoring) 2g in college. Warren possesses all the physical skills a PG would need with a great handle and good court vision, however, his mentality is to score at all times. He has been blistering the net from long range in his most recent games and shows great will and determination on defense. He has a strong body and could be more aggressive toward the rim instead of settling for the jumper so often. Plays in the style of Bonzi Wells. Needs to get to rim more often. (recruiting note: Kansas was once viewed as the leader, but I suspect UK has the best chance of signing Warren now that Billy Gillispie is the head coach for the cats)

Beas Hamga 7’0” 230 C — Decatur, Illinois / Decatur Christian HS / AAU Indiana Elite —

This Cameroon, Africa native has been playing basketball only a few years, but has rapidly increased his stock. He is a defensive showstopper with incredible athleticism for a man his size. He changes the game on the defensive side of the floor with blocks, rebounds and the ability to change shots. Although his offensive game is trailing his defense, he does possess a nice 15 foot jumper with very good form as well as a right shoulder turnaround jumper. Beas isn’t the type of player who you run plays through, but could easily average a double double from offensive rebound buckets and his surprisingly good FT %. Beas could have a surprise in store for everyone in the next few months…..more to come. Plays in the style of Emeka Okafor. Needs to improve his post offense. (recruiting note: UK and UNLV are leaders with Tennessee in distant third place…but Jurick just committed to UT, so they are likely out )

Drew Gordon 6’8” 235 PF — San Jose, California / Archbishop Mitty / AAU Oakland Soldiers –

Gordon is a super explosive Power Forward who’s athletic ability can allow him to dominate the paint. He is strong and can move players out of his way when needed with a body that is advanced for his age. He has decent touch with the ball, but his offense is still lagging behind his defense. His upside is as good as anyone in the class and could easily become an elite player at the college level. Gordon is a trash guy whose offense comes from his determination and rebounding. He is actively working to improve his post moves and mid range jumper. Plays in the style of Ben Wallace. Needs to work on offensive post and jumper. (recruiting note: Gordon had not heard from UK since Tubby left as of 22 April and may not be a target for Gillispie)

Darius Miller 6’6” 190 SF — Maysville, Kentucky / Mason Co. / AAU DI Greyhounds —

Many people believe that Darius Miller is the best player in the state of Kentucky this year. He is an athletic scorer who can do it inside and out at either forward spot. His long range shot needs to become more consistent to give him a total game, but he is athletic and mobile which helps him on both ends. There hasn’t been a better Kentucky HS player in many years. Darius is about as cool and calm as any player in this class, and his game takes on that attitude. He’s patient, but aggressive when opportunity arises. He blocks shots and rebounds and truly is a well rounded player. Plays in the style of Caron Butler. Needs to become more consistent with his 3pt shooting.

J’Mison Morgan 6’10” 265 C — Dallas, Texas / South Oak Cliff / AAU Urban DFW Elite –

J’Mison has a good name…we need to have good names on the team! Morgan has lost the equivalent of a small child in body weight over the past couple years and his game has taken off as a result. He has great moves in the paint and is the prototypical “back to the basket” center. He has nice soft hands and is an excellent finisher. He learned to use position and size while he was heavy and now that he’s slimmer and quicker, his post moves are even more effective. This is the guy who will probably move up the “rankings” as much as anyone in the nation. Plays in the style of Eddy Curry. Needs to improve his post passing and continue to get quicker. (recruiting note: not sure if offer has been made)

Tyler Zeller 7’0” 190 PF/C — Washington, Indiana / Washington High / AAU Indiana Elite —

Zeller really improved his stock at the recent Kingwood Classic with a 2 game stretch where he went 13-14 from the field and 7 for 7 from the charity stripe. Many of his points come from dishes from his talented teammates who are very good and the “drive and dish”. Tyler has great hands and gets the ball to the rim quickly once it’s caught. He also runs the floor better than any big man in the class and is able to catch the ball and control his body for easy buckets. He is also very aggressive despite his lack of strength. Plays in the style of Andrei Kirilenko. Needs to improve strength/weight and back to the basket post play.

DeAndre Liggins 6’6” 185 SF — Chicago, Illinois / George Washington HS / AAU Indiana Elite —

Liggins is very athletic and has great court vision. He can get into the paint at will with quick first step and a nice handle. He has a tendency to hold onto the ball too long sometimes, but he also can make the great pass by creating his own lanes. He rebounds well from the 3 spot and is strong for his size. He is a good shooter which makes you play him honest, and his first step makes it hard to keep up with him. Plays in the style of Scottie Pippen. Needs to get rid of the ball a bit earlier at times.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. Daniel

    congrats to marc!


    missed it this time but good report.

  3. Daniel

    So many great players, so few scholarships to offer (I’ve read over this 3 times now…looking for different things that i missed the other few times)

  4. Tom

    is tyler zeller the younger brother of luke (i think that was his name) zeller who was also from southern indiana

  5. Marc Maggard

    Yes, Tyler is Luke younger brother. Look for him to shoot up to about 35-50 range in the next updates…not that rankings matter much. There is not a better running big man in 08.

  6. Chris Tomlin Fan Club President

    Get Tomlin back on the Sports Mob for baseball updates please.

  7. ukforever

    Nice recruiting update. Makes the #1 UK site even better!

  8. Walls

    I like Gillispie..but it sounds like he offers a new scholarship every day!

  9. MarcM is the MMan

    awesome update…Marc Maggard is a great “get” for KSR

  10. crazycat91

    8. I’d rather offer too many than too few.

  11. Marc Maggard

    Don’t worry about scholarships….Billy is GOING to upgrade the talent. He may have to break a few eggs, but he’s going to make a great omlett!

  12. Jerry Tipton is a Hack

    I guess that means we’re going to have some transfers.

  13. The Truth

    Marc Maggard is a legend….this site just keeps on getting better.

    And Matt, you too are a legend.

  14. Barney

    Mark you are simply the best thank you for the insight.

  15. Daniel

    we only have two scholarships for 08. is anyone else leaving to make room? what about 09? carter redshirted so that makes no one unless i am mistaken.

  16. mirv909

    I like the odds of getting Hamga in a recruiting battle vs. UNLV.

  17. Wacat

    Marc, that is a really intriguing response – the one about breaking some eggs to produce a great omelette. So many good players interested in us; so few scholarships; broken eggs. Hmmmm…. I would rather see him discourage a few of our current commits now while they could still get a scholarship elsewhere than run off a current player like Harris or Porter – both of whom enthusiastically wanted to be UK players. Just my opinion.

  18. Wacat

    Another thought – it sure sounds like we will start recruiting like NC and Kansas. By that I mean we get recruits that are so good they only stay for a year or two so that scholarships are continually opening up is fairly good numbers.


    You offer scholarships, who ever takes the L.O.I. first gets the spot. SO in other words
    if they don’t jump on the L.O.I. early they just get left behind.

  20. #3

    Congradulations Marcus. And after only 2 weekends.

    I’m Impressed.

  21. Jon

    Marc is my hero. I was asking about Zeller earlier today, but no one else had heard of him. I know Luke was a McD’s AA, and wondered if he had a similar game. Unless some kids get run off, or don’t have the work ethic to put up with the new coach, we won’t have the schollies to go after this class. Jennings for example, is awesome, but knowing we have to get miller and a Big (unless, miraculously pan’s out), we wouldn’t have a spot for Jennings.

    18) That’s not the way the world works anymore. If you do that, you will get lost scholarships, and a post season ban. I think witht the rule change requiring kids to go to school one year that the rule should be changed, but if you don’t keep a great graduation rate, you wont be getting invited to the Dance.

  22. Wacat

    I thought there was an exception for kids who get NBA employment in terms of figuring grad rates? Am I wrong on that?

  23. Jon


  24. tubbyrulz

    i watched tyler play and he is very fragil. i seen someone block him out and he feel down. that happed like three times. he seems as skinny as perry stevenson, but he is not cut. i would pass on him. he was not a very good shot blocker either. the tallest person on the opposing team was 6’5″.

  25. Jon

    They can technically finish out there degrees online, but that dosn’t really happen. I think morris is finishing the year online, because the punishment for not finishing the semester is worse than not finishing the degree.

  26. Jai Lucas

    If Tubby(24) doesn’t like his game, I say sign him up.

  27. Marc Maggard

    There will be some kids who can go academic in all likelyhood. There may also be a “Feldhaus” who doesn’t mind paying his way for a year to allow an out of stater to take a ride. There are always ways to free up rides and I know Billy G is looking to up the talent level quickly. Beas Hamga is looking at UNLV to be the man….vs.. UK to be A MAN with a ring. Billy G is meeting Marc Adams, his AAU coach and legal guardian within the next few days to try to put something together. I think we have a good shot at Hamga, but as always, nothing is ever a done deal.

  28. UnnecessaryRoughness

    Good stuff. Are we not friends Matt? I thought I was your basketball recruiting boy!

  29. YankeeCpt (Jay)

    Based on what I have read or heard:
    Greg Monroe (as per Matt) and Brandon Jennings (as per the Legion interview)are both not really interested in UK. I am guessing here, and I am assuming Billy Bluegrass has not played any cards yet.

    Key Targets are:
    Beas Hamga
    Al-Farouq Aminu
    Willie Warren
    Darius Miller

    The others left UK off the list (report).
    1) How many scholarships will Billy Bluegrass potentially have? I mean assuming he trims some fat after this season.

    2) Are the other guys on the list “getable”?

    3) What kind of odds does UK have with each?

    I know Matt previously said something like: Do not get peeps hopes set to high exposing these recruits as potential UK players if there is no chance.

    Is a guy like Greg Monroe “getable” or was he lumped on the list?

    Thanks for everything given so far and all the work ahead! Great read!

  30. Daniel

    I figure someone like Jai Lucas has the money and wouldn’t mind having to pay their own way if it comes to that.

  31. #3

    Jai Lucas will not pay his way as a freshman. He deserves a scholarship, and he will get one, whether it be at UK, or at some other school.

  32. Marc Maggard

    29) It is too early in the eval period to really know what these kids are thinking. Billy G and staff have had 5 days of eval as of today. They have yet to play many cards for these players and you can bet that some kids who didn’t have UK on their list when tubby was here will have them once Billy starts in on em. Tyler Zeller now has an offer but has never even talked to Billy if that tells you anything. Jennings does mention UK in his top 5 (not that I think we’ll get him per se). There is no way anyone can tell just yet what the top 5 of most of these kids will look like. There are even top kids that will end up as UK targets that I didn’t list yet….I just listed the most obvious/interesting players. there are more.

  33. SoCal Will

    Marc, you and Matt make a two headed Monster for recruitniks! Matt seems able to form a relationship and interview any kid on the planet. You are encyclopedic when it comes to who is looking where! May I ask your insight on who the third assistant coach might be? Thanks.

  34. Marc Maggard

    third assistant coach is being kept locked up tight. Nobody will talk. I can only guess that the staff is going to pull a “Finney” and have the 3rd assistant be out at events evaluating players during the 2 month “quiet period” when coaches can’t go see players. I know that is what I would do if I were Billy G. For that reason, I wouldn’t expect any info on the last staff member till July 6th at the earliest (the start of the first of 2 eval periods in July). Of course, they could announce it tomorrow…lol

  35. YankeeCpt (Jay)

    thanks MARC! I am thrilled to have you here!

    Only advice I have:
    I update this site often! WRITE WRITE AND WRITE SOME MORE! I dont care if I read the same crap 50 times. I could read for hours.

    You are awesome Marc! I look forward to reading more! I registered at your site. Thanks again!

  36. YankeeCpt (Jay)

    Is it the Syracuse guy?

  37. Wacat

    Marc, my respect for you shot up tremendously when you said “I think we have a good shot at Hamga, but as always, nothing is ever a done deal.” I tend to turn “done deal” people off any more.

  38. cool

    Welcome to the KSR board Marc. Your input will make this site even more enjoyable forme than it already is.

    Is anyone else besides me really depressed because we only have 2 schollies for next year.

  39. villecat

    I love the move to get Hamga. Billy has enough scorers at our guard positions. Here’s a guy who will be the defensive force in the paint while still being a contributor. If anyone remembers NBA Jams, He’s heating up!

  40. Marc Maggard

    Thanks all. I appreciate the kind words. I will likely write my “recruiting manifesto” at some point for all to understand how recruiting works and why there are no good sources. It is an interesting read for those who enjoy the “other” basketball season.

  41. Jon

    Wow! quick responses from Marc. since i know you’ll get back to me, what color of interior paint should i go with? I am repainting and want to get away from off-white. I’m thinking wildcat blue.

    Marc, i know when Hamga was commited to Iowa, the iowa scout page was saying it was gonna help recruit Jai lucas. What kind of relationship do they have? Do you think getting Jai locks up Hamga? If Lucas choose a school other than UK, do you see that school as being able to get into the running for Beas?

  42. Marc Maggard

    I’m not aware of any kind of relationship that would make either follow each other. I don’t really know what the relationship would be other than Hamga was in Texas for a few years at Cornerstone Christian. I think Iowa writers were just hoping that there was a big connection, but I’m not aware of one (which doesn’t mean there isn’t one). I’ll ask Beas.

  43. Barney

    Mark i think we could pick your brain all night long.Look forward to hearing alot more from you.Plus I just joined your site.

  44. IndyCatFanToo

    Hey Mark, I love the reports you’ve been doing here and at TCP. I tried to sign up for your website, but have yet to receive a conformation. Any suggestions? Keep up the good work!

  45. Marc Maggard

    44- I just resent you an activation email. If you don’t get it, email me at [email protected]

  46. Barney

    so mark out of all these recruits you mentioned who do you see in a UK uniform next season

  47. Runt of Rupp

    Marc, Can you comment on Jai Lucas and Patrick Patterson? Do you believe they will come to UK? Also what about Michael Sanchez?? Is it true that he already committed to Arkansas??? Thank you

  48. Alpha Brumage

    Marc, great report. Thanks much.

  49. Crow

    Marc Maggard? LOL.

  50. Marc Maggard

    Sanchez has not committed to anyone unless it happened in the last few hours (I really doubt it). I don’t have a clue about PP or Lucas….I don’t track players this late into it….it’s almost useless. If you don’t have a read this late, you’re not going to…they don’t want you to.

    As for who is in a UK uni next year…awfully early for that. I’d GUESS Hamga, Warren & Miller are the most likely at this point.


  51. UKFanatic

    Marc what did you think of the interview with Brandon Jennings that was on the other day? He seemed to be very interested in UK as it was the school he talked the most about.

  52. UKFanatic

    Marc i also havent got the confirmation email from your site yet.

  53. Barney

    Hey marc do you see any players transferring out to give us more scholarships.And do you need a robin too your batman to help you out on the recruiting trail? I got 2 words for yah “road trip”

  54. Marc Maggard

    Barney, if “road trip” is a two man love story, i’ll pass…haha..just kidding

    No good read on Jennings yet. Need more time, but if he’s interested, we need to get him bad.

  55. UKfan215

    Matt, glad to see you have added Marc as a contributor here. I have been around him quite a while on several message boards and have always enjoyed discussing UK basketball with him. Having someone who can give detailed, first hand info about the players we are recruiting, as well as their abilities, will put your site at the level of Scout or Rivals in terms of quality, but at no cost to the reader. It will only generate more interest for your site. I think this was a good choice. In fact, you may at some point need to add a message board format here just for discussions alone (judging by the number of questions and back and forth discussions that take place in the comments section of these updates).

    Now Marc, for my first ever question to you since you have put on this new hat here at KSR, what do you know about the combo forward from Mississippi by the name of Romero Osby? He’s a very highly ranked 5 star from the 2008 class who was listing Texas A&M as “high interest” while Gillispie was there. Is there still interest between these two? And what (if anything) can you tell us about his game? I figure if there’s a new name that will pop up in the near future, he could be the one.

  56. Barney

    sorry but i don’t have the common courtesy to give out complementary reach arounds on the first road trip lol but anyhoo do you see scholarships opening up due to transfers

  57. Marc Maggard

    Barney, if NEEDED, there will be scholarships via academic rides instead of athletic….scholarship ky boys pulling a “feldhaus”….or, perhaps a transfer.

    UKfan…Osby is a great player who didn’t play all that well last week. He was in Pitt and Billy watched one game that i’m aware of and Osby wasn’t on. He will be though. Still, I think with the players we have and the 3 guard lineup Billy may be looking to run, Osby might not be at the top of the needs list. That and Kansas has been on him a long time and UK hasn’t….and I don’t know that Billy was all that hard on him either at A/M. Darius Miller is the choice for the 3 spot for UK and unless we slack on his recriutment, I doubt you see much movement for Osby. Aminu would be a bigger get at that spot than Osby anyway. Still, if we miss on Miller and Aminu, Osby would be nice to have, but he’s not the first or second choice IMO.

  58. Barney

    marc thanks for letting us night owls pick your brain

  59. RyanInLondon

    still havent got my conformation e-mail

  60. LilLouKat06

    Hey Marc, is it possible that Hamga might have enough credits to qualify as a 2007 recruit sincehe’s from another country and this wouldn’t be uncommon?

  61. Anonymous1

    good stuff

  62. PatMan

    No one must be up yet, no post since 4:21 a.m. Whats up with that ?

  63. lexslamman

    Maggard, your recruiting information is always solid, even if your contributions to the rumor mill aren’t always as good. Thanks for this post, I crashed early last night and it was great to have such a treat to read over my morning coffee.

  64. lexslamman

    So whoever feels qualified to answer this – assuming we only have 2-3 rides next year, how will they be distributed? First-come, first-serve?

  65. PatMan

    Hey guys & gals, keep it going strong, gotta go to work. Be back later !

  66. catbalue

    Congratulations on your new assignment. I really enjoy your comments on HOB
    and look forward to seeing more here. Very astute and in depth comments with
    great insider info. I appreciate all your efforts and your opinions.

  67. billy harrison

    Reading what Maggard has to say is the most interesting reading I have dound on the internet about Kentucky Basketball.
    I live in Southeast Missouri and there are a lot of UK fans in this area. Gillispie has brought back the great interest in the Wildcats. I like others just hate to wait so long on players to announce their schools like Lucas and Patterson are. I just cannot understand why they don’t go ahead and tell the coaches where they want to go. Why the game? I can understand why in the case of coach changes but that is over woth now. COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. billy harrison

    There are some players at Kentucky now that are not capable of playing like Gillispie wants his players to play. Something will have to be done about that. I hate to see Porter have to go because he wanted to play at Kentucky more than just the coach. He reminds me of Sheppared who was always a Kentucky fan from youth and wanted to live out his dream. He came to Kentucky to play for Kentucky no matter who the coach was.
    I am pretty certain that Carter and Williams will not be able to play for Gillispie. Not fast or quick enough.

  69. billy harrison

    KSR is the best site to discuss basketball. Keep the trash talk off this site. Otherrs just want to insult one another over their opinions.

  70. billy harrison

    Anytime I want to get good infomation about what is going on I come to this site. Thanks for that.

  71. Matt's girl

    Don’t you pay any attention to them honey. Size never mattered to me anyway.

  72. wildcat57

    The more I think about the recruitment of Patterson and Lucas, the smarter they become. Recruiting is all about relationships, trust and honesty and with 50 coaching changes you cant blame these 2 for waiting to see what actually happens to the coaches recruiting Patterson and Lucas. The Florida assistant that did most of the recruiting for Patterson left to go to Marshall. And everytime a NBA job opens up Donavans name is mentioned, so he may leave soon too.
    One thing that all recruits must understand is the Kentucky Wildcat fans are very, very passionate about their team. You just dont like Kentucky Basketball……………..we love it. We dont follow the team from October to March, we watch the team and what`s going on with it 12 months a year. We love other Wildcat sports, but basketball is our true love and we , sometimes, get too excited about recruiting and too impatient, but its like a marriage that last forever. In a marriage things will happen that the other person doesn`t like and we jump to false conclusions, but in the long run we love each other and our love last forever due to forgiveness and our love for basketball is about the same.
    We love Kentucky basketball and we`ll love you too Patrick and Jai and our love will last forever. Thats just the way Wildcat basketball fans are. At other schools, they will love you for 1 – 4 years, we`ll love you for ever. You will be mentioned here forever.

  73. bthendren

    Great recruiting update. Nice job Matt in getting Marc on board. This really is the best UK site, period. Each morning when I get to work, checking this website is the first thing I do.

  74. Gray Temples

    Congratulations Matt for bringing Marc aboard…..have read many of Marc’s internet comments…..his comments are always been frank and extremely credible….h very well informed fella……seems like recruiting is becoming contagious to Cat Fans once agtain…….too bad we don’t have about 6 schollies available for next year

  75. CatFanJ

    Marc, I’ve always enjoyed reading your reports as well (From way back in the day at the old message board) Glad to see you are doing well and have teamed up with these crazy guys! Your input is always the best and is very appreciated by us Kentucky basketball junkies!

    If the 08 class looks something like this it would be amazing:
    A Big Stud
    Willie Warren
    Darius Miller


  76. What Are You Thinking?!?

    Matt, I’ve been an admirer of this site for a long time but believe you made a big mistake endorsing Mr. Maggard’s website. Have you read the disgusting filth that’s posted there? Is that how you intend to become the number one UK sports website? IMO, you took a GIANT step back when you posted the address to Maggard’s website. That kind of crap has no business being associated with UK sports. I hope none of the recruits Maggard is reporting on ever venture over to his website…

  77. JKW1974

    Matt…This is a great move for KSR! Marc…Great move for you too! I always enjoy reading your stuff on TCP.

    So far as recruiting excitement…it is back! I can officially report that my 74 yr old Mom is now excited about UK again. She even bought a UK shirt, and says maybe they will be watching again…she had quit two years ago, feeling it was too depressing.

    Again, great move for both parties and I really look forward to reading it here first…



  79. bconover

    what else could you possibly offer matt? this site is great! i mean, if only this were a “full-service agency” ;)!


  80. Al Purnell here

    Which will happen first; Patterson commits to Cats, Lucas commits to Cats, or Live Streaming?

  81. plc

    if we sign lucas, i don’t see where willie warren or brandon jennings would fit in–can’t imagine them being interested with all the guards…
    unless bcg is serious about having a 4 guard lineup

  82. Aaronedge

    Willie Warren is a 2 in college. Jai Lucas does not affect him. Brandon Jennings and Lucas would be the only two point guards on the team. Florida did fine with Taurean Green and Walter Hodge and they’ll do fine with Hodge and Calathes. I know you guys aren’t used it, but we’re allowed to have more than one really good player at a position.

  83. Yankee Cat

    #82, did you forget about Jasper & Porter? Unless those guys re-tool themselves into shooting guards or small forwards, they’re point guards.

    Welcome, Marc.

  84. Denny Crane

    Great addition to the site….You can never have too much info

  85. jaba

    If you don’t like what you see, you don’t have to visit the site. The same applies to those constantly berating Matt and the others in the KSR crew.

  86. Droops

    I patiently await more football news.

  87. tls

    Great to be in on so many good players .. Don’t like all the transfer talk and all the downing of certain recruits who don’t have high rankinks/skills. The roster definitely has some issues with all the logjam at the 1/2/3 but realistically we DON’T NEED 13 players who all have the ability to contribute in a major way. We need some role players and players who are end of the bench types for most of their career. The academic route/Feldhaus route are much more palatable IMO. I hope we save one from this year unless we can get Hamga as an ’07. If that occurs then 2 rides for ’08 will be enough IMO.

  88. wtd

    ksr, do you know that Marc’s link is different when looking at the messages?

  89. wtd

    Wierd, it keeps switching back and forth

  90. Clay

    Matt will you have a weekly segment on the Sports Mob with Marc?

  91. #87

    r u serious?

  92. uklawstudent

    Well, I’ll go ahead and make it official:


    I’m not exaggerating when I say that there is no other place that people need to check UK news. Personally, I don’t read anything else now, including TCP, LHL, Scout, etc.

    I’m one of the many diehards out there, and let me congratulate you on having the only site that can truly satisfy us.

  93. 69'Z

    Matt_ Great move bringing MM on board. Welcome Marc, look forward to reading your stuff here.

  94. Lexie's Dad

    I agree with tls. You don’t want a mass exodus – the APR penalties would be potentially huge and the bad publicity would also be a black eye. You would also prefer a roster that has at least a few guys who will grow into contributors at some point in their careers – you don’t want guys who never contribute, but when a team is good, there is nothing wrong with have your 11th – 13th guys be young guys who will be contributors 2 years from now (or next season). The important thing is that every player contributes at some point in their career and that you never go through a season with a glaring hole in the lineup.

  95. Ryan H

    #92. I agree. T check this site religiously and also Marc Maggard is a great pick-up for this blog. I don’t even check TCP or KSR much anymore.

  96. Marc Maggard

    Guys, don’t look for any “mass exodus’ from UK. There are ways to creatively make room and there are some academic options with scholarships. There are consequences to “running players out” that are more than just PR. UK will have to be aware of grad rates as well.

    My site is uncensored, so do not visit if you are offended by free speech. Some do take it to extremes, but most do not. I have always been for free speech even when that speech offends me, but I do caution readers to not stop by if they are not of the szme opinion.

    Some are having issues getting the activation email, so I’ve turned that feature off for a few days to make it easier for those who want to sign up.

    As hinted to, Hamga does have the option to reclassify if he can get a few more credits squeezed in. He has recently got his test scores, so that hurdle is crossed. I’d say it’s even odds that he does that at this point. Matt, you can put this info on the main board if you want now…..


  97. V-in-K

    Out of context…but when is Billy CG going to give us fans a chance to shake his hand and grin in person?? Anyone hearing any pressings or visitings?

  98. SayWhat

    marc, so there is a possibility of Hamga for next year for us? That would be awesome althought i’m not counting my eggs yet ….. thanks for all the updates …

  99. Azubuikesmadhops

    Great stuff as always Mark – you are greatly appreciated.

    Sure will be busier under this regime with recruiting huh (haha) 🙂

  100. Stammy

    Welcome Marc, great read. I know its early but what would be your guesses at the utmost A team for 08 UK recruits? The most likely 08 class?

  101. CadizCat

    Matt – good job. Adding Marc is huge. You are the #1 UK site!

  102. sad to see it

    Uncensored opinions is one thing…to each his own…but the extreme vulgarity you and the other posters use there is a disgrace to this site for even mentioning it …The F word every other word along with extreme sexual comments coming from you……. I wonder what the recruits parents, sponsors of KSR and the UK athletic office will think???? ….by asking Matt and KSR to post it in exchange for your recruiting info is selfish on your part IMO…you hurt his respectabilty being associated with your trash site

  103. Anonymous

    would aminu be already interested in kentucky because he goes to norcross where jodie meeks went to high school?

  104. Marc Maggard

    I never asked Matt to post anything. Adults are able to choose where they click and where they do not click. My site is not commercial nor is it intended for the masses. It’s obviously not intended for those easily offended and I’ve said so many times and many places. I suggest you stay on the other message boards that are moderated to keep content at pg-13 level.

    Aminu played at Norcross AFTER Jodi had already left. They have no connection that I’m aware of.


  105. blue blinders

    Glad to see the info. Being a father of three young ones. Don’t think I will venture to the other site. I can read this site at home and feel pretty good about leaving it up when not at the computer. Not that I don’t support free speach. Just feel like a point can be made without the adult language. Thanks for the info KSR and MM.

  106. Marc Maggard

    Agreed, blue blinders, and there are lots of sites for those discussions. This site is the best of them IMO.

  107. Droops

    Yes #91, I’m very serious.

  108. Crow

    Maggard, Did Matt delete the link to your site in the thread header? Post one so I can check it out. I promise I’ll be nice.

    BTW, not a bad job on the info. If we get Hamga as an ’07 you would have earned your keep already.

  109. Marc Maggard

    Crow….email me at [email protected] . being nice is not required, you should know that by now…haha.

  110. wtd
  111. Jon

    102) I am shocked at how stupid someone has to be to be suprised that offensive language would be on a site with the word UNCENSORED right in the url. It is almost to much to overcome. that’s sad to see.

  112. Marc Maggard

    roundball recruiting is the name of my scouting service for colleges. It isn’t a site that is going to be live for another month or so. Anything that pertains to UK specifically will be revealed on this site.

  113. wtd

    Marc, who do you think will be the better college player; Sanchez or Patterson?

  114. Marc Maggard

    sanchez a better offensive player / PP will be better athlete and defender. Pick your poison.

  115. bcruser

    i heard that Sanchez at one time was a high four start prospect but had some injury problems with his knees…is this true? has his stock dropped that much? and how is his athletic ability today after that injury?

  116. Marc Maggard

    Injury is fully healed and stronger than before. It’s a non issue.

  117. Unhealthy obsession

    I worry about grown men who spend their whole life following around high school kids.

  118. coolkat

    Nice reports but you really have a case of fantasy island.I have seen a majority of these recruits and while you have some accurate points you paint almost every player as near super human. You forget to mention things like lack of strength,no body weight,lack of perimeter game, and you report that thet all have these unbelievable skills.TAKE THE BLUE TINTS OFF.Just because UK is interested in a player does not make them NBA stars-lay off the starry eyes and get more real.

  119. coolkat

    One other point-except for a greg monroe and jennings most of these players would have it handed to them as freshman by a decent college sophmore.