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Alex Legion Interview and Update


I just had a very interesting interview with Alex Legion in which he talked about his trip to Kentucky, his list of schools and other interesting tidbits. Here are the highlights:

You visited Kentucky this past weekend. Talk a little about your visit and what you did.

The staff took me all over the place. I went to Rupp Arena and got to see the court and everything and just how big the arena is. They took me to the academic center and I was absolutely amazed at how much care they put into setting you up academically to do well. I also went to the practice facility and was absolutely blown away by everything in it. They have the weights, the training stuff and a video room kind of set up like the NBA. Everything a college athlete would want and only 20 yards away from the dorm so its convenient.

But the most impressive thing that has ever happened to me on a visit is that I got to meet the President and the mayor. That showed me how much the school really wants me and it was the highlight of the trip. Plus I also went to Keeneland and being from Detroit, I havent really been around a lot of horses, so it was kind of a neat experience.

Do you know any of the guys on the UK team?

Well I know Joe from growing up in Detroit and we get along really well. He was my host and he loves the place. Plus I know Mark Coury from playing with him in high school. He is a real smart guy and he seems like he is doing well there too.

What did Coach Gillispie say about your potential role with the team?

Coach Gillispie told me that he wants me to come in and make an impact with Ramel, Joe and Jodie and that we may be a quick, four-guard team. I like the idea of that.

You have been listed as considering UCLA and Michigan. Are you going to visit those two schools?

I have been to those schools before, so I am going to talk with them some, but I already know a lot about them and dont need to visit again.

It has been reported by another source that the decision has already been made and that the deal is done for you to go to UK. Is that true?

I dont know anything about that. I havent said anything to anyone about that. Somebody may have talked to other people about it, like my mom or something, but I havent made a decision yet.

Do you know any of the other UK recruits?

I know Patrick and Jai real well as I played with them at the NBA camp. I actually just got off the phone with Patrick a little while ago and was trying to persuade him to look real hard at Kentucky. You know he has a lot of people going after him, so I dont know what he will do. I think his dad likes Duke and his mom likes UK and you never know what he wants to do. But we talked about the pros and cons of each school and he likes that UK is close and they need a big man, so I think he is considering UK hard.

When do you think you will make a decision?

Pretty soon….hopefully in the next few days.

Alex will be on the Sports Mob tomorrow at 5 pm.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. anonymous


  2. borat

    damn… second… BUT VERY NICE!!!

  3. aj


  4. ZING!!!

    YAHTZEE!!! Run ‘n Gun Cats. The Billy Gillesthrees

  5. Anonymous


    Legion is the man, already trying to recruit and he’s not even here yet.

  6. anonymous

    Sounds like he is coming.

  7. random goober

    Hope he announces on the show.

  8. Tyler from Shelbyville

    Scout is reporting he had made a decision in a premium article. Somebody might want to look at it and report back. Matt, any good matces on WWE tonight?

  9. Cashmoney!

    Scout is reporting he just committed!

  10. Tropar

    I don’t think i could get anymore excited

  11. anonymous

    That would be nice i guess he isnt going to take anymore visits.

  12. lexslamman

    I hope he did. Sanchez and Patterson should be our two main targets now.

  13. JKW1974

    I think it is good that he is calling PP. I have thought that if he comes, it might actually take some pressure off of PP and JL, and make it morelikely they come to UK…It could set up an awesome trio on the court here for a few years….

  14. Zach

    Hey Matt, why no post about the women’s coach? That’s UK sports, right? Just wondering.

  15. uklawstudent

    The four guard set sounds a lot like Villanova two years ago. How great would that be?

  16. DRock

    Legion, Patterson, Sanchez, Lucas could be a possibility… so who do we boot?

  17. aj

    Call him back because he just committed! Hell Yeah!

  18. kyhoosiermama

    Zach, who gives a poo about the women’s team now that Mickie is gone?!?!

    On the other hand, great interview Matt and I sure hope this kid commits and it brings
    PP to the Commonwealth too!

  19. WI Daniel

    I love Legion. He just give more info on Patterson than Patrick has in months.

  20. Chuck Alexinis

    Oh my…..If Legion does not commit, then I will not get
    on this site again…..Matt is reporting what he said and it sounds
    like not only is he coming, but he is recruiting PP as well…..I
    can’t see what could happen to change his mind…..but he has before…
    he has gone from decommitting to coming to UK for a visit to saying
    that he will make other visits to saying he really doesn’t have to…
    Just go ahead and announce and then fax the LOI in immediately. Seriously,
    if we get Legion, this could be the start of something special.

  21. aj
  22. CatFanJ

    This is the best news I have heard in a long time!!!!!!! OHHHH SWEET!!!! I sure hope Legion is a Cat!!!

  23. Chuck Alexinis

    16. I am sure they will figure it out…….

  24. Hey Matt!!!!

    Jeff Goodman’s article is on the front page of Fox Sports BBall and is titled “Recruiting Coup!!!” Yeah baby!!!

  25. Evan

    go cats baby!!!! were gonna be beasty next year

  26. Alex Legion hates you

    There’s the link

  27. Chuck Alexinis

    The link is a premium site….however, Matt JUST got off the
    phone with the guy himself…..I would rather believe Matt than
    “sources.” He has not committed, but seems very close.

  28. aj
  29. uklawstudent

    Does anyone have the link of Legion from youtube.

  30. random goober

    Dang! Hayes with 6 offensive reb. in first half.

  31. Droops

    So when will we hear some football recruiting news?

  32. Alex Legion
  33. Chuck Alexinis

    Signing tomorrow…….I am on a business trip in New England
    this week…..sat in a restaurant in downtown Boston tonight with
    my UK fleece pull over….you would not believe the POSITIVE thoughts
    I got from the folks in the bar…..alot of respect up here for us
    probably because of the history of Pitino, Walker, Rondo, etc…..this
    news is awesome! As soon as he signs, please post immediately!!!!

  34. anonymous

    We got him baby!

  35. fewfirstchoice

    Jeff Goodmans article said that Legion did commit to UK and expects him to make it public tomorrow.

  36. Gunch

    I had never heard of this kid before last week, but just reading the interview gets me excited. I am going to name my first born Billy Clyde.

  37. Daniel

    Thanks for the interview

  38. Brian Boston

    gat damn I’m ready for ’08 recruiting…’07 has worn out it’s welcome.

  39. Somervillain

    33. Glad to hear that. I just moved home to Louisville after a decade in Boston, and by and large they HATE Pitino, and people were pretty split on Toine. More than anybody, they LOVE WALTAH.

  40. tim

    sounds like he has already gave a verbal and is trying to recruit patterson to uk also.

  41. kyjohn

    Great article,and I hope great news.UK is going to be one kick butt team next year.Guards are going to be awsome,and finally some three point shooting potential with Meeks,Crawford,Ramel,and Legion.Plus taking it to the hole,with any of these guys.Going to be some exciting times.

  42. Alex Legion
  43. Brandon

    28 & 32: LOL @ “It’s a done deal” quote from that article 😀

  44. Jon

    Yeah, he might not be saying it, he probably wants to hold a big presser, but he’s commited. How many kids do you know who would recruit anyone to a school they wern’t going to? Would it make sense for Legion to go to Michigan and push hard for Pat to go to UK?

    30) Yeah, Hayes is a beast. And, H-town needs him. I was reading a Rocket message board, and the fans were very critical of him for not having the planned pregnancy and having a kid in august. Took it as a personal affront and a shot at their playoff hopes. I love Hayes’ game, but who would of thought we he signed on to a team With Juwan Howard, Lonny Baxter, and Stromile Swift, that he would end up being the starting 4 in the playoffs.

  45. Chris Hansen

    You should read Matt’s other not-so-public blogs.

  46. uklawstudent

    Does the Legion signing hurt our chances with Lucas?

  47. Pete

    Two things that stand out from the Goodman article to me:

    (1) Did he really quote a source as saying “it’s a done deal?”

    (2) If Legion is moving into Joe’s spot on the wing after next year, where will Jodie be playing?

  48. lexslamman


    1) YES
    2) At the 3

  49. lexslamman

    or in the NBA

  50. tubbyrulz

    the 2 dummy

  51. Daniel

    This is great news if he actually is expected to sign tomorrow.

  52. Jon

    46) Where will jodie play? Probably Sacramento Kings or Memphis Grizzlies.

  53. Chuck Alexinis

    Jodie Meeks will play 2 and a little 3….BCG will find a spot for him…..he is a game breaker….as
    for Lucas, Legion is a 2 guard…..Lucas is a 1. Should not make a difference.

  54. efil4naftac

    Oh No! Not it’s a done deal again.

  55. random goober

    Love Hayes’ game and he must be thrilled and inspired my the new baby boy.

  56. Daniel

    Jeff Goodman wrote both the FoxSports and Scout articles, it seems.

  57. efil4naftac

    Hopefully the source wasn’t STG or HADDON

  58. Chuck Alexinis

    I bet Jeff Goodman had a hard time writing this article since he has been an ass
    through this whole Tubby Smith and recruiting circus going on concerning Kentucky.

  59. tubbyrulz

    jasper and lucas athe the 1 spot, ramel and meeks at the 2, and crawford andlegion at the 3, patterson and stewart at the 4, and carter and stevenson at the 5. hopefully williams will redshirt, ramon plays sparingbly. and porter to

  60. kyball

    55. Either that or he uses the old ‘cut & paste’ method pretty well.

  61. Jon

    If we don’t get a big man in this years class, we wont have room for one next year, with Miller and Warren as the top targets. Look for us to play 4 guards for at least the next 2 years.

    Starting Lineup:

    1.) Smooth
    2.) Meeks
    3.) Jasper
    4.) Crawford
    5.) Stevenson

  62. DRock

    Lucas, Meeks, Crawford, Legion, Jasper, Bradley!!! Guard heavy or what…

  63. anonymous

    This is just a guess i know lucas said his decision is coming friday i think he is going to uk because it talks about him calling up patterson to talk but if he also knows jai really well why wasnt he calling him to so to me it sounds like jai is also coming the only thing that makes me think that he isnt coming is that we have so many guards already so would he really start.

  64. Daniel

    60, look at the author of both articles. the scout profile says he freelances.

    61, if you read the interview. BCG wants to utilize 4 guards

  65. Xcat7

    He is in.
    I was surprised that Eddie Munster didn’t come, but after reading Legion’s own words I would be more surprised if he didn’t.

    Bring on the Legion of Doom and Clyde’s Five!!!!

  66. random goober

    I’ve got a rising fever ’cause I’m catching a case of Legionnaires’!!!

  67. Jon

    64) Not sure what interview we’re talking about, but you can look at the roster and see he dosn’t have a choice in the matter.

  68. Tommy

    Did anyone ask him how his steak was at Sal’s?

  69. anonymous

    If this is true that means it will help us in the recruiting of brandon jennings.

  70. Intern

    Ahhh, I knew my vote for Newberry would pay off.

  71. kyball

    69. and i’d rather have jennings than lucas, so would it be better for
    lucas to go somewhere else?

  72. PT

    and maybe the recruiting of Steve Smith also

  73. Daniel

    why was the Halberstam post deleted?

  74. Fantastic Sam's

    Don’t blame us.

  75. PT

    oak hill’s coach

  76. Intern

    73, it’ll be back in the morning.

  77. DRock
  78. JKW1974

    Good question, 73.

  79. DRock

    what did Halberstam post?

  80. Daniel

    Thanks for the update on that, Intern

  81. kyball

    I miss Chuck Hayes.

  82. Xcat7

    Who is the source?

  83. Sweetland Undefeated

    If the rumours about a commit are true, Billy has outdone himself. What a coup!!!

    Ya gotta love this new Kentucky Recruiting style. Hard, fast and gettin’ it done!

  84. Xcat7
  85. JKW1974

    Once this falls, and a couple of others follow I can’t wait to catch the buzz in Knoxville and Florida. We are once again at least a major player in recruiting, and no longer irrelevant in the discussion of college basketball….

  86. Anonymous

    i see Chuck still has that hitch in his shot. it seems like its an even longer pause now. it caused a lane violation, even. he got the two points though.

  87. uklawstudent

    Two more scholarships available! If you want one, you’d better come quick (hint, hint Lucas and Patterson).

  88. Anonymous

    So, Jodie is a two, and Crawford and Legion are twos that play the three? Or, is it, Jodie is a three, and Crawford and Legion are twos? Or wait, maybe Jodie and Legion are twos, and Crawford is a three? No, that can’t be right because we never liked Joe at the three, right?

    Dag-gonnit, I hate it when that Tubby plays guys outta position….

  89. Anonymous

    chuck now w/ 8 pts. & 10 boards. His hard work is paying off!!

  90. bcgbringthetraditionback


  91. bcgbringthetraditionback

    Oh i think i am a little late.

  92. Anonymous

    Chuck w/ a double double–10 & 10

  93. PatMan

    MATT—you are “THA MAN” !!! GREAT post, hate to jump the gun, but it sounds like a lot of stuff may be fakking into place.

  94. Daniel

    it’s gonna be a good night tonight!


    WOW sounds like UK is in the driver seat on this one. How about the classy move of Billy the kid having him meet the mayor and pres.? I mean he just seems to know a way to make the recruits feel important and thats because they are, they’re the future of this school and when the visit and talk with him he makes them feel that way and thats exactly what your looking for when u visit a school for a college, to feel that everyone even the president wants u there and that the mayor wants you in his city. Just amazing, look for great things out of Billy and the kids he brings into town.

  96. PatMan

    that should have been FALLING, not fakking, sorry

  97. Shitass

    Take that yo bitch-asses! LEGION OF DOOM!!

  98. kipper265

    I agree with 1, 2, 3, 90 and 92.

  99. Rob Bromley

    This turns me on

  100. UKfan215

    I am so impressed by what Legion said. Most of you seem to have eaten up the part about him trying to persuade Patrick to come to UK. While that was so very nice to read about, the thing that impressed me most was the way Legion discussed his visit. He gave props to the basketball program, but he also seemed to really like UK as a school and what it offered academically. It’s nice to see him equally interested in athletics and academics. He sounds like a very smart kid who has his head on straight and his priorities straight. He doesn’t at all sound like the individual some Michigan fans had made him out to be on the Kentucky Rival’s forums. But I suppose that’s mostly just a case of sour grapes anyway.

    I am really excited about Legion and hope he does come to UK. I am also very excited about the prospects of running a 4 guard offense at times. If that happens, you can bet UK fans will be thrilled with tempo. We’ll run and run and run like Nova did in 05-06 and like Tennessee did this past season. I can’t wait to see our new team’s debut this Fall!

  101. UKBALLA

    If you look at Billy G’s style he likes the smaller run and gun style guys. And his teams will be any where from 6ft. to 6’6″ average with only one big man on the floor at a time (shall we put PP’s name here) with the ocassional back up big men, but most playing time from the bench are usually guards or forward/guards. Its the old style ricky P. type thing. Like the Mercer, Walker, Delk, Epps, Anderson style of line up, even with a guy like mccarty that could play outside with only one big man.

  102. UKBALLA

    long quick and athletic is where u win games in college, not just bulk but athleticism

  103. BG

    Coach Gillispie is just getting started…BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!

    GO CATS!!!!

  104. Anonymous

    Wow, I’ve slotted 6 euro over the past 30 minutes into this damn pay as you surf computer here at a youth hostel in Amsterdam. Gotta love it!!! Cats are gonna be huge next year!!! PS- My next stop is Japan, and with the Lucas decision, and possibly Sanches’ also coming soon, god only knows how much money I’ll be spending
    at internet cafes there!!!

  105. bcgobsession

    I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!! But what happens if Lucus & Sanchez decide to sign with UK. Where does that leave PP? Is it a case of early bird(s) get the worm?

  106. Rob Bromley

    In a perfect world, UK gets Patterson AND Sanchez. That would be great. I would also get laid in a perfect world too. But there’s no chance of that

  107. Bill Keightly

    Sorry Robbie, I’m getting laid as we speak….

  108. kyriver

    #105…..if Lucas and Sanchez follow, then UK just got 3 great basketball players. PP will be playing bball somewhere else. So be it.

  109. bcgobsession

    Anonymous– Say hi to the red light district & Bulldog’s Cafe for me!!! Amsterdam is great– the Anne Frank house, sex museum, wooden shoes, & tulips!

    Can’t wait to see the LOI so its final! Hurry up & make it official! GO CATS!

  110. Aaronedge

    First of all, this is great news. Great, great, great news. Sure we have plenty of guards. But Legion makes us more talented and more athletic.

    Second of all, if PP, Jai and Sanchez and want to sign with us, BCG will find a place. I believe that. Williams will redshirt or someone will “decide” they’d like to transfer. You wonder if Jasper will actually consider transferring now with another guard commit, especially if JL commits.

  111. catsfor8

    Welcome Alex!!

  112. random goober

    Amsterdam….a toast (puff) to Legion

  113. Did Legion tip his hand? : Wildcat Fan Report

    […] an interview with Matt Jones, Alex Legion said the following: I actually just got off the phone with Patrick a little while ago […]

  114. Han

    Matt’s interview really made it look good for us (especially the parts about not needing to visit the other schools again and about talking up UK to Patterson).

    So, what are the odds now that we get Legion, Lucas, and Patterson/Sanchez within the next week or 2? Wow.

    Potential starting lineup:
    1 Bradley (since Legion mentioned him in the 4 guard comment)
    2/3 Crawford
    2/3 Meeks
    2/3 Legion
    4/5 Patterson

    Jai Lucas, Porter, Jasper, Harris, A.J. Stewart, Stevenson, Carter, Mike Williams
    Benson, Coury, Krebs, D. Perry

    These next few years, it looks like we’ll be turning down top talent again. Next year is already looking busy with interest from Warren and Jennings (who may be a stronger possibility if teammate Legion comes) and a target on Miller, among others. CBC is leaving us all in the dust trying to figure out the possibilities.

  115. GMo

    I’m going to bed w/ a monsterous chubby after reading this. Life is good.

  116. UKCatnNC

    Go Cats!!! I haven’t stopped grinning since Coach Gillispie was announced! And it keeps getting better and better!! Bring on Midnight Madness!!! – Thanks Matt!

  117. BG

    The fact that nobody from the current roster has jumped ship speaks volumes about Coach Gillispie. Obviously he has sold the players on his intentions for the program. Gillispie is a salesman, and has placed the UK recruiting back on track. Given the fact that he had a late start after getting the job here, it is amazing what he has done in a couple of weeks. If he gets Legion, and Lucas that is fantastic, but if he gets either Sanchez or PP to come with him then that would be RIDICULOUS! — It is as it should be when you recruit from the greatest program in College Basketball.

    As far as the last two schollies, it is first come first serve…no longer will UK be held hostage. Thanks Coach for bringing the excitement back.

  118. Han

    If Legion has in fact verballed to Billy Clyde (supported by someone’s source and his recruiting of PP), then he’s probably going to call his other schools to tell them and just didn’t want to make his decision public over the unofficial channel that is Matt Jone’s blog.

    If he hasn’t verballed yet, someone at Scout/FoxSports has egg on their face, and soon, their house.

  119. Booger Nose

    Pick me, pick me!

  120. Han

    117) Perry “handcuffs off” Stevenson and Joe “change is good” Crawford in particular have seemed really excited about the possibilities, and I think I read somewhere that Derrick “Make me like A.C.” Jasper was, as well. We know Porter’s dad thought it would be a good system, and AJ certainly was sold in that he still wants to come. I think the guys are getting excited, and we can certainly see it in the words of guys like Legion, Vilarino, etc.

    Recruiting is starting to feel big time again.

    I think if Legion is coming, and if Jai follows (assuming Billy makes it clear that there’s still a place for him after Legion commits), Patrick will be the 3rd, and Sanchez will end up at his personal preference of Arkansas or in prep school.

  121. kyhoosiermama


    And I think PP goes to Florida and Sanchez is the 3rd scholly. Legion and Lucas
    getting the other two. Either way, I’m pumped.
    And in the words of GMo, I’m going to bed with a chubby!!! YeeHaw

  122. BG

    Has Coach Gillispie filled out his coaching staff yet? If not, then he ought to go after John Lucas, Sr. We already know his wife, and Coach Cyp’s wife are friends…why not? Seal this recruiting thing up!

    That is what we call a “Trump Move.” Take that Billy D.

    Lucas Sr., and/or Kenny “Sky” Walker, at least I’d love to see it.

  123. Chris in Louisville

    Matt Jones, let me buy you a beer my friend. You are the MAN!

  124. Han

    New News and Views blog post up, btw.

  125. Jon

    122) Lucas Sr. Wants to get back in the NBA, but he runs an academy in H-town, works with the best high school kids and top pros. He couldn’t be a college coach, as is his admission. He loves to talk and be personable, and wouldn’t last a month before stumbling into major violations. Hope he gets another NBA job though. Cavs screwed him over by telling him to lose to get LBJ, then fired him as soon as they got LeBron. But, gordon Gund was blind, maybe he didn’t see how wrong that was.

  126. BG

    125, it was just wishful thinking…he is definitely answering his calling by working with kids at all levels of the game and providing them with his insight whether it be his trials or triumphs in the “Lig.” I know his story well, TRUST!

  127. ex WKU player

    So is the site right about Legion? Is he UK bound?

  128. Rob Bromley

    127, we don’t know. I’m more concerned about not being able to get laid 🙁

  129. Borat

    uhh whena iya hear legion come to UK i make a hand relief, HIGH FIVE!!!

  130. ex WKU player

    Hes UK bound and Patterson and Lucas will follow the Leigon Of Dome………

  131. Rob Bromley

    Alex’s Legion of Doom:

    Animal (Patrick Patterson) and Hawk (Jodie Meeks…the defensive hawk)

    And I’m still not going to get laid tonight 🙁

  132. Han, Tom Gray, and Tubbycat

    We miss Tubby, please bring him back!!!!!!!!! We are just moving way too fast on this recruiting stuff.

  133. Anonymous

    If Patterson, Lucas and Sanchez all want to commit can we boot Ramon Harris?

  134. Valupix

    In reading the interview with Matt, it appears the between the lines message was that “the source” was Legions mother.

    But that is an obvious stretch.

  135. Anonymous

    I think it plays out like this…

    Legion commits, Sanchez commits, Lucas signs on Friday.

    Patterson waits until mid May, and signs with Puke or Fla.

    This sends a message to the future recruits…If you want to be a Cat, and part of this great program and it’s history, pinch it off, get off the pot, and sign here. It is possible that Patterson will sign, and Dirty Sanchez willl RS his freshman year.

    Next years depth chart (scholies only) at the beginning of the season…

    Carter/ Stevenson/ Williams

    We’re ten deep again. Made up (mostly), of 6’3″ – 6’7″ athletes. Not clayfeets. I expect, after next years class gets going, for Williams to transfer.

  136. Dano

    Sorry…Forgot to add my name to the above.

  137. Xcat7

    Looks good for us right now.
    I just hope he DOES NOT win it all his first year.
    If he does, there will nothing left for him to do.
    I think that is part of what happened to Tubby.

  138. billy harrison

    I read an article about Gillispie and he said when he was younger that he would like to coach the LA Lakers someday. Whoa. I hope he is not another Pitino.

  139. RexEffect

    XCAt , i would never turn down a national championship….NEVER EVER EVER…..

    Hey Matt, get that Fresh Prince video back out of Carlton, cause when I read your interview,
    that’s exactly what I felt like!!!!!

  140. Big Blue for Life

    My cousin–Jim Newberry–is the mayor of Lexington and a former UK grad. I think BCG can count on him to help sell the school. I’m just blown away by the recruiting that our new coach is able to do.

  141. billy harrison

    Some Kentucky fans will continually critique everything that Gillispie does while he is here. I have read on these different discussion boards that some are already suggesting how he should use his players. I would think that knowing just how successfulhe was at the other schools that he certainly knows how to win games without the fans helping him to coach. Good Grief.
    No wonder that some other coaches didn’t want any part of coaching at Kentucky.

  142. Tuesday morning update : Wildcat Fan Report

    […] to UK is a “done deal” and that UK should get his NLI some time today or tomorrow. When Legion spoke with Matt Jones on Monday, he said he had just gotten off the phone with Patrick Patterson and was trying to […]

  143. Clay

    I think our coach said he doesn’t get caught up in assigning numbers to players and we shouldn’t either.
    At times next year you could see


    What a way to close out a lead with quick guards and free throw shooters

  144. RexEffect

    Hey Billy, 141, quit trying to rain on our parade!!! go back to Florida, or Louisville, or
    wherever u go!!!!!!!

  145. Mattcat

    If this is true, I’m excited. I’m excited because Alex seems to appreciate UK and wants to play here. In this day and age, that’s huge.

    I don’t know much about Legion, other than he’s a 4 star, a 4th team parade AA, and people say he’s a pure shooter. Can someone please describe his game?

  146. Jeff Johnson

    What about Michael Porter?

  147. Jeff Johnson

    He needs to be given more of a chance it seems, since he did not get as much playing time last year as he should have.

  148. Rob Bromley

    Too bad I didn’t break this story. I might have gotten laid 🙁

  149. Anonymous

    Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi