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Lunch news….


Couple of quick tidbits…..

(1) Multiple news outlets are reporting that Alex Legion is down to UK, UCLA and Michigan. Since his mother told a Detroit newspaper that he would not be going to UCLA and Michigan is the school he originally decommitted from, you have to like UK’s chances. Sal’s will never be the same.

(2) A national recruiting specialist told me last night that some are overlooking a real player in the Patrick Patterson recruitment. “When Tubby was still at Kentucky, it looked like it would be UK or UF….but Tubby leaving gave Duke some more time and now they are a true player in this race. It would not surprise me at all to see him end up at Duke due to the coaching change at UK and the distance to Gainesville.” Interesting stuff….bears watching.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. V-in-K

    Thanks Matt!

  2. UK#1MAN

    TYPO….1st u mean his mother said he would not be going to ucla or uconn not uk

  3. Gray Temples

    Matt…..on your point 1, did you mean to say….”Since his mother told a Detroit newspaper that he would not be going to UCLA?”

  4. gmoney


  5. duke hater


  6. wyldkatzky

    fix the mistake matt, im ocd and thats flippin killin me, that and the mistakes in m y own typing, i hate myself! AIEEEEE

  7. Mike Jones

    I miss Tom Gray.

  8. ukcatfan88

    I figured PUKE would get him. Said that many moons ago. Lucas to UK and PPAT to PUKE. I’ll take Lucas, Legion and Sanchez.

  9. V-in-K

    I figured the typo…I am up to date…thanks again Matt

  10. Wednesday

    A lot of the PP talk appears to be conjecture to me….

  11. Wick

    What is Sanchez’s published timetable, if he has one?

  12. Sweetland Undefeated

    Anyone who commits to Duke deserves to never win a game thereafter.

    Death to Duke!!!

  13. bcgobsession

    I HATE to say this, but I’d rather PP go to Duke than Florida. Billy D & his gators have just pissed me off too much this year. Then we’d know that Jai is less likely to consider UF, as well.

  14. Maddman

    I’m looking forward to May 15, its time to move on. Maybe in the future Coach Clyde can get early commitments.

  15. catty

    13) I totally agree with you on that. I really wouldn’t want him helping Billy D try to beat us.

  16. bcgobsession

    This is a hilarious UTube video about Duke. Here’s the link:

    If you can’t get it to open, search for “This is why Duke Sucks”

  17. Daniel

    I really like our chances with Legion and Lucas. Don’t know about PP or Sanchez.

  18. Clyde

    16, we landed on the moon

  19. bcgobsession

    I thought Sanchez would be a lock for us, considering he was going to prep next year– what the hell happened? WHY would you even have to think about it when UK’s knocking on your door? Especially when you were thinking prep? GEEZ! What’s wrong with these peeps?

  20. Wacat

    I checked driving times from Huntington – it’s 5 1/2 hours to Durham and 12 hours to Gainesville.

  21. Guards

    Thanks for the update 16, we can rest assured that you will report late-breaking news. Let us know when Tubby leaves ok?

  22. Anonymous

    Jai, Legion, and Sanchez…..i’ll take it!!!!!

  23. alan32766

    I agree with #13 & #15.

  24. bcgobsession

    15) I KNOW! I NEVER thought I would say that I’d rather a player go to Duke than Florida. But, all this shit with Billy D & 2 championships– I just don’t want to see them in that position again for a long, long, long time.

  25. TX_Ryan
  26. bcgobsession

    Guards–what’s your beef with me? I just posted a video that I thought was hilarious & that UK fans would appreciate. You can kiss my ass.

  27. Stammy

    So does the “signing period” have any end? And how long can a recruit effectively hold-out on deciding and still be enrolled for Fall to play ball?

  28. bcgobsession

    TX_Ryan– do you live in Texas right now? I do!

  29. Anonymous

    If we can get Sanchez to commit, we can let Patrick look wherever the hell else he wants. Add Alex Legion and I could give a rats butt who the third party is.

  30. bcgobsession

    I’d like to see Sanchez, Lucas, and Legion. Is that asking too much?!?

  31. Daniel

    I want Sanchez, Lucas, and Legion as well at this point. Patterson is taking too long.

  32. RexEffect

    I’m still very confused on this Sanchez kids.. Because of a knee injury he was goint to enter
    prep school, and wait til 2008 for a major college to offer….But KY has already offered
    him a schollie for this year???? NO BRAINER, RIGHT??? why hasnt be signed??

  33. bills217

    Who is this “Tubby” guy you keep referencing?

  34. bcgobsession

    32) EXACTLY! Why would he wait for a schollie? It just doesn’t make any sense. UK is a huge college basketball powerhouse in D1, its not like we’re some small school just looking for a good player. Unless he’s waiting on Arkansas or something, there’s NO REASON to not accept the scholarship. Or has some freaking weasel at UF decided he wants to get in the recruiting mix? It wouldn’t surprise me….

  35. bcgobsession

    33) ASK GUARDS– he’s the punk who keeps bringing up the Tubster.

  36. V-in-K

    Remember all the recruits feel “special” and they follow suit with the other recrutis it seems…

  37. Anonymous

    There is NO WAY PP goes to DUKE!!!

    Afterall, after his recruiting visit last fall at DUKE…Matt basically assured us that DUK WAS OUT OF THE RUNNING!!

  38. RexEffect

    well apperently Sanchez knee is well and kickin….he had a monster game on Sat I hear with
    25 points and 15 boards (Clyde of course was in the house)…..i cant take Jai committing
    to Florida, please Jai, if u dont want UK i can handle it, but dont stab us in the back, just
    go where your bro went…….

  39. tzuzaki

    I predict we get Legion and Patterson. Jai goes to Florida and Sanchez either goes prep or to Arkansas.

  40. RexEffect

    39) are u serious???…..if patterson comes to UK, jai is definitely in!!!

    where is your logic??

  41. bcgobsession

    I just can’t read PP at all– I feel like he’ll end up at Florida though. Jai is another story, I hope he can withstand PP’s peer pressure & come play for the Cats. And, RexEffect, I agree– I’d rather see Jai play for OK St than Florida. I want FL to SUCK for the next few years, so it puts them back into their place. Those gators are getting a little too big headed for me.

  42. Daniel


  43. RexEffect

    florida will come smashing back down to earth…..they will become the old florida we all
    know and love………remember, arkansas had a little run like this in the 90’s…and they are
    back to good ole arkansas these days…

    like cinderella use to say “the more things change, the more they stay the same!!!”

  44. .

    i beleive we will get legion sanchez and a player to be named later

  45. 69'Z

    Chewy’s got a wicked hairball. Breaks off the table.

  46. Han

    I would never wish a potential recruit to Duke, even if the alternative is a closer rival. Never.

    19) Maybe there’s just a school he’d rather go to, like Arkansas. Hell, maybe he grew up watching UNC or UCLA. UK is the best offer he’s got right now, but there’s always personal preferences, etc.

    26) That video made the rounds several times WEEKS ago. That’s why they jumped on you. Similarly, the 96 and 98 One Shining Moment videos, the “Dream On” fan vid, and a few other vids on YouTube have all been posted here and elsewhere dozens of times since Tubby left.

    It would be hard for you to know that if you haven’t been glued to the site like many of us, but keep in mind that often what’s new to you is old to everyone else, and they may be annoyed, so try to have thick skin on that sort of thing.

    32) First, it’s a matter of whether he just wants to go somewhere else. Second, maybe he was looking forward to developing his game more before going to D1. He will probably sign with us or someone else rather than prep, but even if not, it wouldn’t be the first time a HS player turned down D1 offers to prep for a year.

  47. Han

    Chewbacca throwing out a first pitch…best picture ever? Maybe not, but possibly the best picture ever not including nudity.

  48. deWildcats

    Baseball has changed too much. I remember when Chewbacca was striking out the entire side … hell, he didn’t need anyone backing him up but Princess Lea … baseball was brought down by steroids!!!

  49. Anonymous

    Why did Sheldon Williams throw out the first pitch for the Red Sox?

  50. Chewie

    (translation: nice pair of bagels on Leia)

  51. ricdix

    I also would hate to see Jai at UF. The Gators were never in the picture until just a few weeks ago. If they swoop in at the end and sign Jai that would hurt like a slap in the face.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but during the Jordan event Sat night I believe they said Patrick may announce at the end of the week.
    Also, there was a fan holding up a sigh that read something like this; ” Jai and Patrick please come to UK”. Good stuff.

  52. bcgobsession

    21’s reply to me was uncalled for IMO. You’re right, Hans, I haven’t been reading this blog for very long, as a matter of fact, I just started reading it days before BCG was announced. Regardless, I didn’t appreciate his smug comment, nor will I bow down & not say my peace to an asshole, such as himself. Perhaps there are other people who have just started reading this blog who haven’t seen the video. Hopefully they can find as much joy in it as I did. From here on out, Guards can still KISS MY ASS 🙂

  53. blue blinders

    Chewie says relax and be happy 52

  54. ukcatfan88

    #51–You are correct. I heard the same thing and posted that last Saturday with the question “does this mean we will get a joint announcement from Jai and PPAT?” Or something to that effect.

  55. bcgobsession

    I’m 🙂

  56. glt

    bcgobsession sometimes people forget that their are new folks on the site.
    Just forget it and post what you think is Ok, good, fun, etc. about UK.
    Some will enjoy others won’t! No biggie.

  57. UKFanatic

    Is it me or is that one ugly Leia?

  58. David

    32/34, both UK and Arkansas have offered Sanchez. He lives about 15 minutes from the Razorbacks front door, and he grew up rooting for them – so he has something to think about. I believe Matt said Sanchez hopes to decide by early next week.
    I look for JL, Legion, and Sanchez to sign with the great Blue & White – and PP will go elsewhere.
    Just think how great our recruiting will be when BG has a few months/years instead of a few days to take care of business!! Good times are on their way!

  59. glt

    Sanchez update! Just say no to Arkansas!!

  60. Han

    If Jai and Patrick both announce for UK Friday, I think we all need to lift a can of Dr. Pepper high and toast a fantastic effort by our new coach. Then we can get drunk celebrating.

    52) It’s Han. I’m not from Northern Europe. 😉

    But do keep in mind that if you post things on the chance some other new people haven’t seen it, you’d be justified in posting such things as “Heard a kid named Jai Lucas may be interested in UK” or just about any other old news story. Post stuff you find interesting, but when someone or a few someones makes a joke about you being late on the ferry, try to take it with a bit of humor. Guards was far from an ass compared to a lot of what goes on here.

    56) That’s probably an OK attitude, just so long as they don’t do what some people do and post the same link in every blog post 5 or 6 times because they really think people need to see it.

  61. Anonymous

    59-Could you provide a summary of the Sanchez article? I’m blocked from that site at work. Thanks.

  62. David

    59, well, after reading the link it sounds like the jury is still out on Sanchez signing with UK or anyone for ’07. Lets keep rooting BG on during the signing period!

  63. PatMan

    I agree with all who do not want the guys we recruited to go to Florida. Guess its that pride thing. I would much rather they end up somewhere else, if they don’t come here.

  64. David

    62, Sanchez is considering signing with UK, Arkansas – and other schools are now recruiting him again, like Steve Alford, etc. Interest died down when Sanchez said earlier he was going to prep school and would not sign until ’08. He likes UK and because we’ve offered him he is considering it because it’s UK! His father said he’s been planning to attend prep in Las Vegas and now with all this sudden interest in him again Michael’s head is spinning as to what to do!

  65. RexEffect

    i just cant imagine another D-1 program as big as our’s that has as big a whole in the
    middle that we do….if i’m a big guy like Sanchez, i hop on UK RIGHT NOW…
    i can make an almost immediate impact without much competition at my position…plus the
    national recognition would be great for my future career aspirations…

    maybe i just bleed too much blue, and am missing something here…..i have been too both florida
    and ky facilities to witness a bb game……trust me, its night and day…Gainsville is also
    a dump compared to Lexington…..again we are comparing apples and oranges, i’m not sure
    patterson is “getting it”….as long as he has taken however, i would think he would….

  66. Anonymous

    Patterson has an in home tonight with Billy Donovan and another in home with Duke on April 30. Dont expect a commitment this Friday to UK.

  67. Drock

    PG-Lucas, SG-Legion, SF-Stewart, PF-Sanchez and C-Williams sounds great to me…

  68. Drock

    As a class that is… not a starting line-up…

  69. dudeinstein

    There are some really bad ass recruits in the ’08 class that are seriously considering UK. If we strike out on some of the guys that we want for this year, it may wind up being a blessing in disguise for us. I’m not saying I want to miss out on good players this year and have a team capable of making a run. I would however be happy if we had more scholarships to use for next year. There are a lot of top guys looking at us. If we use our three schollys this year we will only have two to dish out for next year. If we get Darius Miller and Willie Warren we use them all. We would still be without a top big man or power forwar.

  70. David

    69, I’m thinking at least one current player will transfer either Christmas or next spring after they try BG new ways for awhile. I’m thinking 1-2 of them will see they won’t be getting playing time, etc. and someone will leave.

  71. bsquared

    I’ve heard similar things about Patterson and Duke.

  72. David

    69, I agree. Let’s save some schollies for next year – no problem with that.

  73. Wednesday

    Did I read correctly in that one article that Sanchez averaged 16 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists this year. Not exactly gaudy numbers. Has anyone seen him play?

  74. dudeinstein

    You are probably right, but I always hate to see a guy leave. But if it is in the best interest of the kid and the program i guess it is a win-win situation.

  75. V-in-K

    Hey…in the end we are and always will be…KENTUCKY!! et al

  76. David

    73, yes, someone has seen him play, namely your/own new coach BG. Sanchez was rated higher than PP before he was injured.

  77. Greg

    WTF is Sanchez thinking? Prep school instead of UK????? His spot very well might be taken next year, it could be his only chance. IF his knee is healed fully, he could be an immediate stud here.

  78. RexEffect

    ok, so your telling me Sanchez is deciding between us and Arkansas, and possible New Mexico!!!
    wow, what has this world come to???? this is definitely a no freakin brainer!!!!
    why cant we close this deal!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Greg Hoover

    I saw Sanchez play prior to the Patellar Tendonitis issue. He WAS better than Patterson THEN.

    I havent seen him since that time and Patterson has improved alot.

    I can understand Patterson moving up the ranks, but I dont agree with how far. I also understand why Sanchez fell. But if you look at the numbers from the game at Pittsburgh Jamfest this weekend you can see he hasnt lost that much. 25 and 15 in an event of that nature is superb.

  80. David

    78, read the link 59 gave us. His head is spinning. He’s a kid and he may want some attention from ALL of the big boys before deciding – who knows. He’s 18. Remember what it was like?

  81. tzuzaki

    #40, logic is that Jai picks first, goes to UF, PP doesn’t care about following Jai.

  82. dudeinstein

    Sanchez started the season slow and finished the season strong. small numbers at the beggining of the season brought hsi averages down.

  83. bcgobsession

    60) Sorry HAN!

  84. Daniel

    As Matt said a while back, when healthy, Sanchez is better than Patterson

  85. RexEffect

    i understand his head is spinning, but damn, sit down take a deep breath, look Clyde in the
    face, and say “where do i sign?”

    is our name KY or Pepperdine???… this how fare we have dropped in the eyes of others under
    Orlando Tubby?? close the deal!!!!!!!!

  86. David

    My thing is we’ve got a coach. If he wants Sanchez, or anyone else, I’m going to trust him to know what he’s doing. So if BG wants Sanchez then so do I. I’ll trust BG until he proves otherwise. Go Cats!

  87. David

    85, LOL. No arguments here. Tell them to sign and do it now!

  88. Wednesday

    79. The one thing that I think impresses a lot of people with PP is his body and potential. from what I’ve seen of PP it’s hard to really judge how good he could be b/c he isn’t very offensively aggressive.

  89. Knowledge

    I would rather see Patterson at Duke than UF, to be honest. I can’t believe I just said that. Wow, the last 2 years have really changed how I view UK’s rivals. Ha!

  90. Wednesday

    86. People were saying the same thing about Tubby a month ago but in retrospect we are in a pretty screwed up scholarship situation b/c he just brought in bodies to fill needs. You shouldn’t just trust someone b/c they are your boss/coach/whoever….

  91. Steve McQueen

    I had a bacon and tomato sandwhich in Hell with Rock Hudson and Ava Gabor. That’s my lunch news.

  92. bcgobsession

    61) Here’s the best parts of the article from wholehogs regarding Sanchez~

    “Kentucky definitely got a good one in Coach Gillispie,” Bert said, mentioning that Kentucky’s coaches had seen Michael play for the Arkansas Hawks in the Real Deal on the Hill in Fayetteville.

    While the Sanchez family is obviously impressed with Gillispie, it seems they are equally impressed with Pelphrey

    “Michael and I both have been very impressed with Coach Pelphrey and Coach Ostrom,” Bert said. “Michael also went down to the HPER and played some pickup ball with the Razorbacks today as well. He gets along with them pretty well, too.”

    Sanchez’s friend and teammate Nate Rakestraw, a 6-5, 212-pound swingman, signed with the Razorbacks in November as well. Rakestraw and Sanchez teamed up to lead Har-Ber to a conference championship and state runner-up finish.

    “Arkansas hasn’t offered Michael a scholarship,” Bert said. “We also have other schools coming in to see him as well.”

    Wake Forest was at the Real Deal on the Hill and saw Sanchez. Its coaches were scheduled to come in this past week and New Mexico’s new coach, Steve Alford, is also recruiting Sanchez.

    “New Mexico’s coaches told Michael they would take him for the Class of ’ 07 or ’ 08,” Bert said.

    Bert Sanchez also told Rivals. com’s Jeff Drummond, who is a beat reporter for CatsPause. com, that his son’s head was “spinning a little bit” right now.

    “Things had died down a little bit with schools knowing he intended to re-classify, but now things have gotten really intense in a short amount of time,” he told Drummond. “When a school like the University of Kentucky comes along and offers you a scholarship, it really changes your way of thinking.”

  93. RexEffect

    #90, i think all of Tubby’s credibility went flying out the window when he walked into Sheray
    Thomas’s living room and offered him a schollie!!!!!

    look at how agressive Clyde has been persuing top recruits…..i’m just glad he is here, and i’m
    gonna trust him till he proves otherswise…..

    Tubby’s recruiting visit to the Sheray household in Canada….

    Tubby: “young man, i know u have been considering Ottawa community college and all, but we’d
    like u come play ball at the university of kentucky”

    Sheray: “umm, your talking national powerhouse, most wins in bb history Kentucky, where rivals 100 kids usually go, right?”

    Tubby: “yes”

    Sheray: (jumping up and done) “HELL YEAH, WHERE DO I SIGN” (sherays inner thoughts: please
    dont run out of ink on me now pen, please!)

  94. There are some who call me.....Tim

    89, no kidding! I feel the exact same way

  95. tzuzaki

    Sheray started out to be a pretty good player, then he had some medical problem or something and never got back to form. He did start stepping it up some late last season, but by then it was too late. I think he would have been a lot better if his development hadn’t been interrupted like that. He gets too bad of a rap sometimes.

  96. RexEffect

    ummm, which Sheray were u watching,??? the one that couldnt jump, or defend, or the one
    that went bolting off the foul line to cost us the miss st sec game..

    please tell me…..cause i dont recall sheray ever “stepping it up” (other than the foul line
    incident mentioned up top)..

  97. tzuzaki

    I didn’t say he was great, but I think he put in more productive minutes at the end of last season than he did in the two years previous to that. And I do recall him having some promise at the beginning of his tenure here. Again, not that he was ever great, but maybe gets labelled a little unfairly sometimes.

  98. Chris in Louisville

    #96) Cut the kid a break. Let’s see you play basketball as well as he did after TUMOR impinges on your BRAIN.

  99. Bub

    95, Agreed about Sheray. I’d like to see how many guys would even play again after having something the size of a small child removed from them.

  100. RexEffect

    i’m not trying to label him, just saying he wasnt ky material….
    nothing against sheray personally….but he basically played because we had no one else
    to put in…..not his fault, that’s on Tubby!!!

  101. RexEffect

    surgery or not, sheray was not ky material…..and if the surgery was going to be a factor..
    trust me, dr would not let him come back….

  102. tzuzaki

    What will be really interesting to see is whether any guys play better or worse under CBCG than under Tubby.

  103. Wednesday

    101. Not disagreeing that Sheray never really produced but he played for a good Riverdale Baptist team in a very good DC metro conference and did well during High School. Was ranked behind Linus Kleiza as the best player from the area and I wan to say 50-75 in the country.

  104. Chewbacca

    I regret that Leia didn’t dig fur.

  105. tzuzaki

    He was a three-star, rated 112 by Rivals.

  106. Chris in Louisville

    It was less of a matter of letting him come back, than it was Sheray working his ass off to get back up to weight and strength. Maybe he wasn’t the most talented player or the type of player we should be getting from now on, but it does no good to bad-mouth a kid who poured his heart out on that floor for us. He’s gone now, so let it go. If you want to continue to criticize/lament Tubby’s recruiting for our scholly situation now, fine, although I don’t see what good it does now. But don’t bring former kids in to it who gave it all they had.

  107. Sheray Thomas

    Suck on it hard American Crackers. There’s been guys at UK who had a better rep than me who did less and all without having a mass the size of your head removed.

  108. ukcatfan88

    Morehead State coach Matthew Mitchell will be Kentucky’s next women’s basketball coach, replacing Mickie DeMoss, Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart announced Monday.

    Mitchell, 36, a former Kentucky assistant, will become the first male head coach in the 36-year history of the Kentucky women’s basketball program. He was an assistant to DeMoss for two seasons at Kentucky.

    “Matthew Mitchell brings incredible passion and enthusiasm for the women’s basketball program at Kentucky,” Barnhart said in a statement. “He was here at the beginning of the transition of this program and helped lay the foundation for the growth that we’ve had. He aspires to continue the growth pattern that Mickie DeMoss put in place over the last four years, seeking to take Kentucky women’s basketball to championship levels.”

    DeMoss resigned abruptly after four years at Kentucky’s coach, saying she needed “some time to myself right now.”

  109. Wednesday

    Scout had him 93 and 3 star as well. Whatever. He wasn’t a horrible prospect coming out of high school and is about as touted as Sanchez.

  110. RexEffect

    look, i’m not trying to attack Sheray personally, in fact i admire his effort…..i’m just
    saying he was not ky talent, and the reason he played so much was because of Tubby’s other
    terrible decisions sitting on the bench….

    someone made a comment about how everyone trusted tubby, and they should not trust clyde
    just because he is our new coach….

    i’m showing an example of how tubby lost credibility in my book….maybe a bad example considering
    thomas’s medical problems….we can go on down the line, but like u said it doesnt really matter now…

  111. Sheray Thomas

    Damn dog. If Tubby knew I was going to get sick why didn’t he tell me? That son of a bitch.

  112. tzuzaki


  113. Chris in Louisville

    Anyone know what days Legion is supposed to be at UCLA?

  114. Wednesday

    110. You do realize the irony of blaming Tubby for accepting a similar three star player who didn’t turn out but yet saying trust Gillispie? Or god forbid the kid gets a tumor or blows out his knees or something out of the coaches control…..Bah. I’m glad to have some interesting recruiting news to talk about but as a fanbase we are pretty bi-polar. It’s either all love or all hate. I’m just reserving judgement and not getting too worked up over Sanchez until I get more info.

  115. Tomlin

    I can’t believe Chewbacca is on this site. Thanks for wasting my eye-time looking at that picture, Matt. I visit this site for sports news. If this site is going to be about Star Wars, I’m going to stop coming here.

  116. C-3PO

    My advice to you? Let the Wookie win.

  117. jon

    88) Exactly the opposite. Patterson has polish but not potential. He will be a good college player, but he’ll never be more than a servicable pro. Think Lonny Baxter with less athletic ability.

  118. monron

    Wookie stays! You stay! You go! Your choice! More power to the Wookie!

  119. RexEffect

    114, there is no irony here…..the fact of the matter is we have a large sample of
    bad recruiting to make judement on Tubby…..we have none yet on Billy Clyde, until then I’m
    going to trust his judgement….but keep in mind Tubby has left him high and dry, and maybe
    he has to settle for a 3 star recruit now, because we have no-one in the middle for this year(AGAIN TUBBY’S FAULT),
    except for Jared Carter who cant walk and chew gum at the same time…but i’m sure u will blame
    that on his shoulder injury, RIGHT!!!!

  120. C-3PO

    I say. This man above is an idiot. R2-D2 where are you!

  121. Wednesday

    117. What I’ve seen of PP is him just out muscling people or getting deep position on a lot of putbacks. I missed him having any moves around the basket or creating his own game. Not saying your statement is false b/c I haven’t seen him but on video and on national TV (like two games)…..

  122. Wednesday

    119. Chill out man – I’m not blaming anyone for anything. Just saying you can’t have your cake and eat it too…..

  123. jon

    121) i’ve seen him twice in lexington and 11 times in huntington over the last two years. He’s pretty much hit his ceilling. He is a big, strong kid, with no hops, no shot, and no considerable upside. Again, look for him to be very similar to Lonny Baxter from Maryland. He will be a good guy to have in the locker room, and may even win a title, but will not be a good pro, and to succeed, he can’t be the best player on your team. IMO having seen him up close, what you see is what you get. Who knows, maybe he gets to school and learns to shoot and jump. I doubt it though.

  124. Yoda-Dog

    Ignore the wookie-hater, you must. Embrace the innate coolness of the force, you will. My brutha, chill.

  125. jon

    122) I hate that saying. Why would i want my cake if i couldn’t eat it? By God, if i have cake, i will eat it.

  126. tzuzaki

    125) Agreed. That saying has to go. It makes no sense.

  127. cyeast97

    I didn’t know chewbaca was left handed

  128. RexEffect

    126. u still think we will get patterson, but jai will go to florida????
    LMAO!!! wow….

  129. tzuzaki

    Yep. Just a prediction. Who knows.

  130. tzuzaki

    I take it you disagree….

  131. Anonymous

    Once you eat it you no longer have cake. Not too hard to understand.

  132. tzuzaki

    If you read Jai’s latest comments, he seems to be leaning toward Florida. PP at one time was pretty high on Kentucky, and I haven’t heard anything different since then, plus it’s still close to home for him, and Ky needs frontcourt players bad. Jai picks a school first, UF, and I don’t think that will be determinative for PP. Ergo, Jai to UF, PP to KY. Ain’t speculatin’ fun?

  133. tzuzaki

    But what else would you do with cake?

  134. Wednesday

    125. That makes sense about PP I suppose.

    Eating yourcake is certainly the best way to enjoy it. Although sneaking it into someones seat for the to accidently sit on is pretty sweet too…Perhaps a better saying would be you can’t have your cake and have someone accidently sit on it too….

  135. Wednesday

    123. The thing about Lonny Baxter was that although he and Juan Dixon were the best players on that championship team…Chris Wilcox ended being by far and away the best NBA player off that squad. I recently saw where Juan Dixon is playing for someone (in the NBA) which made me smile – I always liked him and thought he would be a better pro player than he turned out to be. Baxter was a lot heavier and slower than PP though but it seems like a fair comparison based on their games.

  136. 69'Z

    115-Get off Chewy’s ass. 127- Yeah he’s a southpaw.

  137. Confused

    Is it just me or has Chewie packed on some pounds since his last movie appearance? Leia, too…

  138. jon

    131) To the contrary, at the very least, once i’ve eaten my cake i have 7 peices in the refrigerator.

  139. as is

    huh, Chewie’s a lefty…

  140. ukcatfan88

    Shut up about the freakin cake. I’m diabetic. You guys are going to make me eat something and then go into a coma.

  141. David

    #110, if you can’t trust your coach then you’d better get one you can trust. Don’t pay them if you can’t trust them. They get paid to make the best, right decisions. BG just got here – let him do his job.

  142. cyeast97

    Just eat some damn cheese cake instead. You’ll stop the rotation of the earth and cause Jerry
    Seinfeld to come center stage… just what is cheese cake? Is it cheese, is it cake?… it would be the riddle of the century I tell ya

  143. Jon

    140) Couldn’t you just have same cake made with NutraSweet and Carob? That sounds like a fine cake subsitute. Just think of it like Soy Milk.

  144. RexEffect

    the latest of patterson: he is still deciding…

    i think jai in his heart wants uk, lets hope thats the advice his dad gives…stick
    with your gut , jai……your gonna get dirty sanchez and legion….we’ll be fine at uk…
    that calethes punk is so florida it aint funny.,,,doesnt he just look like a punk
    with that spiked hair….i cant wait for his ass to come to rupp…this may be better
    than matt walsh…

  145. Randy21

    whats the word on our walk on kid?? has anyone seen him play?

  146. duder

    in 70 years they will be talking about Matt Jones like the digital age version of Cawood Ledford. hahaha

  147. Forrest4Three

    Thomas is the WORST player to average 20 mins a game to ever wear a UK jersey.

  148. ukcatfan88

    #143–I prefer Splenda. Carob is OK, I guess. Anything with maltitol in it gives me the runs. That’s an excellent joke to play on people…Give them sugar free chocolate and it’s guaranteed they will have a runny bottom….Or as Borat would say, their anooos will be moist.

  149. Legion to UK...

    …just reported on Scout!!! Wooohooooo!!!!!

  150. lexslamman

    O RLY?

  151. Big Ole Rollin Terd

    Legion is a Cat!!!!

  152. Chuck Alexinis

    151…who are his sources in the Legion story? This is HUGE if it is true!

  153. Chuck Alexinis

    Matt………please reconfirm with your sources on Legion….this could be the start of something abso
    absolutely wonderful.

  154. PT


  155. Chuck Alexinis

    I believe it when Matt reports it as fact and his name is on that LOI!!!!!!!

  156. Big Ole Rollin Terd
  157. Big Ole Rollin Terd

    There ya go!!!! ^^^

  158. FearofaBluePlanet

    125) I think the saying means and should read you want to eat your cake and have it too but that flows weird.
    You know have a magic cake that you can eat but it remains there to eat again, but I could be wrong and it would be better off dropped because it’s only said by crumudgenly grandmothers and whiney men.