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Big Afternoon coming

Two big developments today….

1. Stephon Pettigrew is working out today in front of the folks from UK. The reports vary from him working out in E-Town for the coaches to him coming to UK to play with the players. Either way, Pettigrew is getting his game on for UK likely as we speak.

2. DeAndre Jordan is scheduled to let his intentions be known this evening about his Texas A&M future. We shall see.

We will give you any news as it happens….

Article written by Matt Jones

207 responses to “Big Afternoon coming”

  1. Anonymous

    lets hope he does come


  2. Xcat7

    The anxiety is killing me!!!

  3. Anonymous

    …crazy sigs

  4. markky

    making a decision after meeting with his new coach very quickly it seems. I think he feels the love by the uk fans, including AJ Stewart, and is leaning towards lexington! I can’t pretend to know what a kid is thinking but, I would like to come to a big school (sorry A&M) where I am immediately needed.

  5. cool

    Am I the only one hoping that coach Clyde doesn’t offer Pettigrew until we see what happens with Jordan, Patterson, Mcclain, and Lucas.

  6. Olmstead Cat

    If Petigrew is signed, where does that leave us with scholarship numbers as it relates to Lucas & Pat?

  7. Daniel

    6, We have 3 available.

  8. Harry Ballsonya

    i believe they would only have one scholarship remaining if they sign pettigrew

  9. markky

    three offers available, and heck yes BG will wait for JL,PP, and Jordan, he is too smart not to.

  10. Harry Ballsonya

    we have 4 scholarships available with the departure of perry/sheray/woo/and morris and 2 have been accepted with aj stewart and mike williams. i hope that gillispie revokes mike williams offer and signs deandre, PP, and jai lucas

  11. goonies24

    please let Jordan come…i hope the fans were smart enough to at least chant his name or somethin last night at the game….I have mixed feelings on Pettigrew….Billy G will know if he is good enough to play at this level…i hate how some fans want to get Kentucky players no matter what…if the kids arent good then dont get them, even if they are from Kentucky…

  12. Harry Ballsonya

    i believe jordan would come if BG recruited him to leave Texas AM, unfortunately that is not the case, so look for him to go elsewhere besides college station and lexington

  13. M. VIck

    Matt, do you think that Coury will remain with the team when his scholarship isn’t renewed? I would think so, since he came without the promise of a scholarship and hasn’t proven to be “UK scholarship” talented.

  14. Harry Ballsonya

    pettigrew dominated schools that often had 6 ft 4 centers due to the disparity of basketball talent in kentucky especially in rural areas such as around elizabethtown

  15. Harry Ballsonya

    any chance BG will try to change Bud Mackey’s mind and spur the Hoosiers for the boys in blue? that would really get under IU fans’ skin and fuel the rivalry

  16. hedcase10

    Long time reader, 2nd time poster…my 2 cents for what it is worth (since the weather has been too crappy for keeneland) is that Jordan WILL ask for his release and BCG will welcome him with open arms, he just can’t openly recruit him right now. I think the bigger issue is will TAMU grant him his release?? Any opinions on that?

  17. Harry Ballsonya

    i hope coury stays, most intelligent on the team

  18. Matt Jones Teach Me Your Ways

    um does anyone get the thing where it says you post a comment too fast

  19. Harry Ballsonya

    TAMU will probably release him, if they dont, it will get ALOT of bad publicity and scare kids away from going there

  20. hedcase10

    Then I think Jordan becomes a wildcat!

  21. Harry Ballsonya

    we need to get bud mackey and darius miller for 08′ that would be absolutely splendid

  22. Appalachian Wonder

    The good thing is if Jordan is making a decision tonight, it will clarify one variable on the Pettigrew question. (In other words, if Jordan stays at A&M, we don’t need to wait for Lucas & Patterson before offering Pettigrew. However, if Jordan says he’s coming to UK, the water remains murky.)

  23. 69'Z

    With JL rumored to be ready to commit to UK and this news, things should be interesting this week. Anybody else hearing the JL rumors?

  24. Daniel

    19, yes

  25. Harry Ballsonya

    wouldnt that be nice to get 2 recruits in PP and JL that donovan both went after and couldnt get due to the fact that kentucky has a tradition that is a million times better than floridas

  26. Gray Temples

    24….where you hearing these JL rumors???

  27. Harold Balsagna

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed on DeAndre Jordan. Hopefully, he will ask for his release and Texas A&M will grant it. I hate to even dream of signing Jordan, Lucas and Patterson. It would greatly improve our chances of having a better year next year. Seems like that is the best case scenario, while the worst case would be signing only Jordan or only Lucas. Surely we will come out of this with at least one of these guys.

  28. MrSleecat

    I’m just throwing this out there – really not relevant to these recruits – but I have a question that I figure someone on here will know the answer to: I remember about 2 mos. ago hearing that Michael Jordan’s son was interested (possibly) in going to UK. At the time, it was thought this might be good publicity, etc. Of course, that was during Tubby’s reign, so we sort of had a different expectation then. But with that said, is he out of the picture now? Has he committed to any school? And what year is he in currently? (I think all this talk of Deandre Jordan got me wondering about MJ’s son…)

  29. 69'Z

    27- Several different sites. Nothing to back them up. That’s why I asked if anybody else had heard anything.

  30. Mr Schwump

    13, BG can’t recruit “Jordan to leave AM,” that’s tampering and is not only a violation but it would get him fired.

  31. 69'Z
  32. wyldkatzky

    I kind of hope we get Williams to prep for a year, or do something to save his scholarship for another year.

  33. M. Vick

    #23, good points, but there is still the McClain PF ranked around 50 that hasn’t committed anywhere yet that BCG has been rumored to be in contact with. As well, thinking of the future, the 07 class could use a JUCO player to come in as a Junior and provide more balance to the scholarship ugly disparity that has now come into play due to player attrition and Tubby signing the huge (soon to be) sophomore class.

  34. bakert

    I know Jordan was supposed to meet with the new coach today but does anyone else think the timing of this announcement is interesting given that he just spent a few days in KY? I’m thinking he will ask for his release. And if he does I see no reason on earth why BCG should not ask him to join him in at UK. In fact, it would help fulfill my fantasy of PP finally deciding on UK only to find out we are out of rides due to being able to get better players.


    i like mike williams body, hes so strong and muscular. hes the kind of guy that you would just feel safe in his arms. i hope we give him 2 scholerships. go cats!!

  36. bigwillski

    Man o man I hope we get Jordan, PP, and JL that would be to good to be true. These kids will have an immediate impact for sure. Matt thanks for keeping us updated I will be checking all night for the good news fingers crossed.

  37. Jon

    23) Pettigrew is fifth on the list in that scenario. We need a legitamte 5 man, and if we lose out on Jordan, the offer goes to McClain. If we miss out on Lucas or PPatt, then pettigrew would get offered, but not from missing out on jordan.

  38. Hancock

    I think the expectations of this recruiting class have grown immensly since Billy Clyde. It’s not going to happen overnight, but it sure makes UK Basketbaal worth talking about again.

  39. bigwillski

    #39 AMEN!

  40. Jon

    34) I should’ve refreshed before i posted. Good points on McClain, although he is 7 foot, a center, and from D.C. Rumor has it G-town is heavy on him right now with Hibbert and Green headed pro. We could use some juco kids though, like you said, to help out with 09.

  41. bud tugley

    anybody got a timeframe for this press conference?

  42. Jon

    29) Jordan’s kid isn’t that skilled. He was being talked about in the same way that walls was, a preferred walk-on role. He dosn’t really have any good offers

  43. Harry Ballsonya

    39, i think uk fans are finally realizing the potential uk has in recruiting and have grown used to average and below standards while under tubby smith.

  44. Harry Ballsonya

    how sick would that be to have 2 jordans on the same team, possibly getting the air jordan brand like unc has

  45. D-Hub®

    I say Keightley buys Pettigrew some “high-rise” sneakers that makes him 2 or 3 inches taller, and there you have it. A 6’8 Kentucky bred “Winston Bennett type” power forward. Go Pettigrew! Pettigrew will PettiGROW!!

  46. Micah Pearson

    What worries me is he is announcing pretty quickly his decision…could he have already this fast gotten out of his loi? He isnt going to ppannounce to a different school if he hasnt gotten out of loi, and he apparently was supposed to meet with their head coach before he could get out of his loi… so this early of an decision from him worries me…hope Jordan comes, I really think having a good center next year will be more important then Patterson.

  47. Jon

    JEFFREY JORDAN IS NOT GOOD. Not an opinion. Simple ffact. Aubrey Whitewas a better ball player, and you see him at georgetown college? is he still even there? Look for jordan to be a decent D-II player or a D-I walk-on with skill level between Cameron mills and steve Masiello

  48. D-Hub®

    47, we had a good center last year. Although, I think Jordan is probably better potentially than Morris. We need Lucas to ensure our big men get the ball like they should.

  49. Matt Jones Teach Me Your Ways

    man i cant wait to hear news i wish uk would have a tv station on satellite that just constantly went over everything going on i dont get to see them ever on tv here

  50. D-Hub®

    Have you seen Jeffrey Jordan’s highlight videos, 48? He would destroy Masiello and Mills. Well, Cameron would maybe beat him in a 3pt shootout, but that’s it. The kid is 6’1 but he has some hops. Not like his father, but he can get up on an alley oop.

  51. Jon

    47) he is announcing what he will do pertaining to A&M. I.E., Will ask for a release or not. He wont be saying he’s comming to UK or not, he’ll be saying if he intends to enroll at TA&M

  52. andthisonebelongstothereds

    If DeAndre Jordan is having a press conference tonight then it can’t be good for the CATS can it? To me, thats means that hes decided to stay close to home. If it took another 3-4 days, to me, that says, he had a tough decision because Mark Turgeon made it difficult, but in the end…playing for CBC was just to great of a desire.

  53. Jon

    51) Yeah, i’ve seen highlights and saw him play a high school game. You sure you arn’y thinkin of Eric Gordon? He’s the player that looked impressive in that game. Jordan really can’t play. Who has offered him a scholarship? UK’s walk on is his best offer by far.

    And a 6’1″ player who can dunk isn’t a reason to be drooling over a kid. Rondo could finish alley-oops at 6’1, but you can’t do it often without the room for error. Aubrey, who i promise you was a better player could really throw down and shoot too.

  54. Micah Pearson

    49) Would you rather Carter and Patterson start or Jordan and Stevenson? Stevenson can hold down the 4 spot better then I expect Carter to be able to hold down the 5. No one knows for sure on Carter since he hasnt played in a real game in a while…but that is a probably a safe bet.

    52) That would be strange for him to announce him asking for a release publicily. He would ask for that from AD and if granted then announce the news.

  55. D-Hub®

    53, I think DJ already has his mind up that we wants to play for UK. But he has to go through the process of listening to Turgeon’s sales pitch. If he stays at A&M, I don’t think it will be because he would rather play there.

  56. Jon

    55) he wont be having a press conference asking, IMO, but it pertains to A&M, not us. He is gonna say he is staying put, or has been granted his release.

  57. Randy21

    aubrey who?

  58. Randy21

    aubrey white? ru kidding me

  59. D-Hub®

    Jon, I meant in comparison to Massiello and Mills……Jordan is better athletically and speed wise. He looked like a smart player. Jordan is above both those guys’ skill sets. I was implying he was a 3 star or anythign higher. He’s a solid 2 star at the very least.

    Micah, Jared Carter hasn’t really logged sufficient minutes to have an experience advantage over Jordan, if he comes to UK. But I think it’s a tough call between Patterson and Stevenson. If Stevenson could play the 5, then I’d like to see him there.

  60. bigwillski

    57) that sounds about right but of course it could potentially be great news for us if he decides not to stay at A&M.

  61. Micah Pearson

    57) Thats my point, he wasnt suppose to meet with his coach face to face until today. So that is awfully quick for him to meet the coach and then granted a release and announce the release in one day. Also how is he to know if in fact he will get the release back that quick? I hope we get him…but I find that he is announcing his decision in the same day he is to meet with his coach means he is planning on staying…hopefully I am wrong.

  62. Jon Morris

    DeAndre Jordan has a tough decision ahead of him….

    On one hand, he can stay at A&M and be part of their rebuilding process with a new coach and get tons of PT at a school where success is not demanded.

    On the other hand, he can go and play for a coach he knows very well and likes immensely and play for a school where basketball is king?

    I wouldn’t want to be him right now.

  63. duder

    He did say last night that he hadn’t been granted a release yet so he couldn’t say that he was going to Kentucky.

  64. MRedd

    My bet is Jordan stays at A&M. He know the recruits and returning players well and Turgeon is a good coach. Our hopes are with Patterson and Lucas, and possibly Pettigrew.

  65. Toffer

    Jordan staying put to A&M- my TX source just confirmed it leaked out. He has let Gillispie know that he will not come to UK.

  66. jbm

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….DAMN….
    Hurry up Billy Clyde and make them. You’re killin’ us…

  67. T Svoboda

    “TX source”…didn’t we hear enough from “sources” during the Donovan hoopla?

  68. uklawstudent

    Has there been a time given for this announcement?

  69. Daniel

    any updates?

  70. conspiracy theorist

    He had a face-to-face with Turgeon today, but he could have asked out of his NLOI many moons ago. Or maybe Jordan knows all he has to do is ask to get of his letter. With that, he would want to be respectful and talk to Turgeon so he’d be first to know he’s leaving.

    If he stays, this would be textbook Donovan with the “can’t talk RIGHT NOW” stuff. Either way, good luck DeAndre.

  71. LifeLongCatFan

    I think Jordan will stay at A&M because they are going to hire his AAU coach as their new Asst.Coach.

  72. PatMan

    Yea, I think he is probably staying also. Just gut instinct like with Donovan.

  73. cardsrule

    Why would anybody come and play for a bunch of rednecks.

  74. Daniel

    74, please go back to where you came from

  75. LifeLongCatFan

    When MAtt interviewed Jordan the other day he was really talking about how close A&M was to his house and how his family could get there easily and watch him play every game. I think he is a real family type person and likes the idea of them being close. My gut feeling is he will stay too.

  76. Han

    Any chance anyone coming redshirts for a year (like Williams)? Does that still take up a schollie?

  77. bayer

    #74 We’re talking about him playing for UK not UofL.

  78. PatMan

    (74) I was always taught, (if you don’t have anything good to say, shut your piehole)

  79. My2Cents

    Very interesting about Jordan. I thought he was supposed to meet w/ the new coach of A&M this upcoming week and then make a decision. Maybe his experience at the Derby Classic had an impact.

  80. Toffer

    Will be formally announced this week but it has been leaked out. Jordan staying with A&M. Good kid- too bad we don’t get him…

  81. wildcat57

    I have a problem with us possibly giving Petigrew a scholarship. He`s a Kentucky kid and I hope we grab every kid, from Kentucky who`s a division 1 recruit, but no D1 school is recruiting him with the exception of uMASS SO THERE`S A reason for that. Lets battle Florida, Duke, etc. for players, not Umass, Xavier or Western Ky.. If we get Patterson, Lucas, McClain, Jordan or a Juco great. If not, lets hold the scholarship for next year and not fill our allotment just to be filling it.

  82. bc

    link 81

  83. conspiracy theorist

    If you notice an uptick in thread derailment posts, it’s because other fans are scared sh-less of what direction we’re headed. Like someone else said, card. Heck, we beat the last three times in a row with flubby.

  84. 69'Z

    Leaked out to who?

  85. wildcat57

    I went to U oF L in the late 70`s and early 80`s because of cost. I can remember getting into their games for free, as well as a friend. They were either giving up football or moving to division 1aa. They are a one hit wonder, a stepping stone for coaches to move up the ladder to better schools and will never be anything different. They have Pitino because he wanted to come back to Kentucky, to be closer to his race horses and the Louisville job was available. Once their football team starts to lose again, their fans will go back into the closet.

  86. Toffer

    Look there is no link for this kind of info bro. I won’t give away my source to whom it has been leaked. Just forget about Jordan. He’s not coming. Worry about Patterson and Lucas!!

  87. conspiracy theorist

    He may not come, but he sure wants to.

  88. zcats

    Marc Maggard has posted on CP that UK is recruiting a wing for this year named Darrington Hobson. He looks like a player. I also think Jordan stays with A&M. No sources.

  89. catcard202

    I sure hope DeAndre Jordan asks for & is granted his release from A&M…and also wants to attend UK. But will BCG give him a schollie? (as I know BCG has publically stated that he will not pursue A&M recruits to attend UK, but will he then pursue a FORMER A&M recruit to attend UK??? I sure as heck hope so!)

    And am I the ONLY one that would be more than happy Stephon Pettigrew & possibly DeAndre Jordan added to the currently signed players of AJ & MW; even if UK doesn’t get Patterson or Lucas???

    Let’s face it…Patterson & Lucas had almost 2yrs to commit to UK under OTS & didn’t…BCG has been at UK a little overa week & it’s now 5 days into the spring signing period… BCG & the Lucas’ have already covered how important Jai is to UK (BCG stated he would give the ball to Jai from day one & they know what he did for Acie Law)…& as of MON, BCG & the Pattersons are to have a face-to-face meeting.

    If PP & JL can not give the OK to UK by WED…I’d be all in favor of moving on…IMO, UK should be too; as BCG can not wait until all other options are signed away to other schools before PP and JL make their minds up.

  90. Louisville over kentucky

    Louisville will have more success than kentucky can think of having for the next 10 years count on it.

  91. Anonymous


  92. Micah Pearson

    Hobson is committed to Pepperdine. Texas A&M had offered him a scholly. He is a four star guy, on the same level as Bradley coming out of high school. 6’6 1/2 ft.

  93. Anonymous

    What time is DeAndre going to announce this.

  94. Anonymous


  95. Anonymous

    7:45 sharp on CBS

  96. Patrick Sparks

    Patrick Patterson is just wasting his time about all this, if he was smart he would of already commeted to University of Kentucky were i played but other than that he needs to choose and stop taking up all the spot light for nothing…

  97. Anonymous

    ok thanks

  98. What a joke

    Louisville couldnt beat Kentucky with Tubby as the coach. #91, you must be a clown, because that is funny.

  99. wildcat57

    Louisville over Kentucky go back to your 43000 seat football stadium, oh yea, you filled that twice last year and your basketball facility thats older than most other buildings in Louisville that would probably fall with a thunderous dunk.

  100. Rabid Cat

    Dont forget Louisville is confirmed to be the dirtiest city in America. Why would anyone want to go there?

  101. Anonymous

    number 91 is a moron just trying to start shit on here don’t even bother reading what he has to say becuase he’s a louisville fan who doesnt know better considering we beat u of l the last 3 years in a ROW!!

  102. Hickscan'tspeak

    Why do so many cayut fans havesuch thick, hick like accents? Have you ever listed to a UK call in show? It’s comical, 75% of the callers sound like all they have is Uk basketball.
    I bet most have never set foot on any college campus. I’l hange up and listen to your answer.

  103. KyCat

    Just curious Anonymous (96) why would CBS cover a story of this nature during 60 Minutes. I doubt there will be any ‘national’ media covering such an announcement. Not to take anything away from its importance to Jordan but it is not a national story of much significance that a network like CBS would cover.

  104. wildcat57

    Coach K told me last week that if my son could be arrested more than 6 times he`ll start recruiting him to play football at U of L. If not then he`ll look elsewhere

  105. KAWildcat

    It is never wise to underestimate someone due to their accent.

  106. Hickscan'tspeak

    Hicks don’t understand sarcasm either (104).

  107. Your Mom

    Heard that that Matt Walls will be working out at Scott Co. tonight with Billy G. or a future assistant there to watch him.

  108. conspiracy theorist

    Hicks, you’re the only one typing with an accent.

  109. catty

    Besides 60 minutes is doing the Duke story tonight

  110. Dr. Bob

    Jordan will not be granted a release to come to UK. Simply won’t happen and should not happen. On the other hand, UF was second on his list, maybe he will get a release to go there.

  111. Rabid Cat

    I love it! Louisville fans are really nervous right now. They will do anything right now to try and make themselves look better, no matter how stupid it makes them look.

  112. Ric Flair

    Dr. Bob, 4 horsemen 4 life…. Woooooooooo!

  113. Anonymous

    So is it on 27 news first.

  114. catty

    The only thing Lexington has that I would want here in Louisville is UK

  115. Mike

    111, Either he is released or not. School can’t put restrictions on a release.

  116. Anonymous

    I hope he comes but he was supposed to meet with new coach today how would he be granted his release this quickly so i think he is staying.

  117. Mwildcat

    Louisville over kentucky Says:
    April 15th, 2007 at 6:08 pm
    Louisville will have more success than kentucky can think of having for the next 10 years count on it.

    LMFAO You are as stupid as Imus!!! Making jokes that are completely IGNORANT I hope your employer doesnt find out what you said!! You may be fired

  118. zcats

    Hobson is rumored to be wavering on his Pepperdine commitment. He never signed. Source: Pepperdine Rivals Board.

  119. Jon

    111) FLORIDA IS NOT BEING CONSIDERED. It’s been said time and time again, no matter how idiotic you are, you can surely get this point. Options for Jordan: A&M, UTA, UK and IU. not florida. Florida was not his second choice, indiana was. It will likely be A&M UK or IU, UTA on the outside looking in, Florida is not in the top 3,400 for jordan

  120. FanatiCat

    why would we compete with pepperdine for a recruit?

  121. SherayThomasfootwork

    What makes you think DrBob is employed?

  122. 69'Z

    120- Bob’s a idiot. Just tries to stir the pot since he can’t find anyone to talk to in fla. Jordan would never go to UF.

  123. Live and Die with Cats

    My wife graduated from TAMU a couple of years ago, and is still in touch with people there. She spoke with a friend in College Station today, word around there is that Jordan is staying. Too bad for us, I think he would have been a great Cat, but sounds like he didn’t want to go too far from family.

  124. Toffer

    My source in TX just told me that the first story on SportCenter tonight will be about Jordan staying put…

  125. Jon

    121) He was a gillispie recruit, but this a different situatuion. We don’t have room for another wing. A.J.Stewart is our wing recruit. And very similarly rated.

  126. Rabid Cat

    I friend of mine who knows a janitor at a local high school who knows a guy in Tempe Arizona who knows a lady in Japan who happens to be a descendant of a person who graduated from Texas A & M says that Jordan is staying, but then that person also said he might be leaving too.

  127. Live and Die with Cats

    I wasn’t claiming to have a reliable source. I guess time will tell. He’s not coming though.

  128. Toffer

    Wait a second I think I know your source. Is the janitor’s name Steven? Is the guy in Tempe named Ralph? Is the Japanese lady Shiley? If so then you are dead on. That is very close to my TX source. Guess we’ll find out on the David Letterman thow this Thursay….

  129. "Superstar" Bill Dundee

    From WKYT News 27 out of Lexington. A flood warning is in affect for a bunch of counties….

  130. Mr Schwump

    My source can beat up your source.

  131. Tony Buckets

    It doesn’t matter all that much who we get for the next year. We already have the players to beat Louisville. I’m fine with beating the Cards and Hoosiers with Tubby’s guys then laying waste to the rest of the nation when BCG’s guys start coming.

  132. Dano

    TCP has a little blurb saying that Jordan may make a decision sometime this evening. Or, words to that effect.

  133. Toffer

    AS LONG AS BOBBY PERRY, SHERAY THOMAS, SHAGARI ALLEYNE, ADAM WILLIAMS, SAUL SMITH, and those types don’t ever get a scholarship then we are in great shape. Come on down STUDS from 08,09, and beyond!!

  134. Daniel

    130, thanks for the heads up. i hope the people affected are safe and remain calm

  135. Toffer

    Under Siege 2: Dark Territory starring Steven Seagal, Erick Bogosian, Katherine Heigl, Everett McGill, Morris chestnut, and Kurtwood Smith is on TNT right now. The movie was directed by Geoff Murphy and received 2 stars. Rated TV-14: Graphic Voilence, Adult Language. Program Type: Movie/Action-Adventure. My sources are rock solid!!

  136. Daniel

    TCP commenters are commenting that Pettigrew could sign this week

  137. Jerry Lawler

    VH1, I Love New York – New York’s mom meets the mothers of the final three men.

  138. jl formerly of the uncommonwealth

    my 3rd wife’s cousin-in-law, from Louisville, just called to tell me that Tubby is leaving.
    OK, he’s a little slow, but he fits right in there.

  139. Anonymous

    This may sound dumb but what is tcp?

  140. Toffer

    who cares about Pettigrew besides Xavier, Georgia, and a bunch of other crappy schools. Spare me….

  141. PatMan

    140–the cats pause

  142. PatMan

    or is it the cats paws

  143. Anonymous

    Ok thanks.

  144. PatMan

    144–you are quite welcome !!!

  145. Anonymous

    Oh 137 are you a member or something.

  146. Anonymous

    Because im not so i only get to see the previews of stuff.

  147. PatMan

    see all you jerk louisville and florida fans trying to be rude on here, we UK fans can be really nice when we are not being insulted

  148. Daniel

    146, I only look at Rupp’s Rafters. I am not a paid member

  149. Anonymous

    Lol true!!!!

  150. Anonymous

    149 ok cool.

  151. Anonymous

    I have 2nd hand knowledge from Bill Byrne (AD at A&M) and he has stated that he will not let Jordan go to Kentucky.

    He will refuse to let him out of the LOI before he will let BCG get him.

  152. Chris

    Byrne and Barnhardt are good friends and I seriously doubt it that he has stated anything about Jordan and Kentucky. If Jordan was wanting to transfer in conferance..that is the only was I see that A&M wont let him out of his LOI.

  153. Tony Buckets

    152. He’d be stupid to go on record saying anything of the sort. If the kid wants to go to KY, the best thing an AD could do would be to respect it if he can’t talk him into staying. Why have a cancer who felt he was forced to stay and play for you. He’d just transfer later after sitting out a year.

  154. Thomas

    Kentucky or no Kentucky; Jordon is not going to follow a man without a real sense of integrity and honesty. He will, in the end, stick with Texas A&M and Coach Turgin — a man who cared enough about his team to fly home and meet with them face-to-face before allowing the move to be officially announced to the world. Jordon will prefer the face-to-face honesty of Coach T over the “I’m a Texan and a handshake means something to me” (Not!)– text messaging Coach G!

  155. Anonymous

    Jordan will not sit out a year. He might be a one and done.

    Byrne and Turgeon have made it clear to A&M boosters that nobody will be allowed to get out of their LOIs.

  156. Toffer

    No one can put any stipulations on where someone can or can’t go if they are let out of their LOI so take your 2nd hand knowledge from Bill Byrne and shove it!

  157. Tony Buckets

    It was no secret to any of BCG’s recruits that he’d leave if offered the KY job. That’s precisely why he hadn’t signed the extension offered. Jordan will stay because his family is near and he loves A and M. He loves BCG and has said as much. So much for your attempt to make UK look bad 155.

  158. lexslamman


    You sound just like the Tubby defenders.

  159. Boggie

    Some dude on TCP Marc Maggard is saying that Jordan will Not be
    coming to UK.

  160. BlueSuave

    Tic-Toc Tic-Toc…

  161. Tony Buckets

    156. You’re probably right. But if an AD told him “tough nuts” he could always counter and show him, so why do it?

  162. Jon

    155) Makes you sound like a dumb-ass to get on Gillispie to go to a school light years ahead of his, and praise Turgeon for making what is very nearly a lateral move.

  163. Anonymous

    When is this thing coming on?

  164. Jon

    159) it makes me physically ill that we agree on something. At least it’s only happened once 😉

  165. Live and Die with Cats

    160. Not a big surprise. Disappointing though.

  166. MRedd

    My wife’s third cousin has an acquaintance that has a freind whose son’s ex-girlfriend is from College Station and she says that her brother heard from a girl who was a secretary at A&M that Jordan is leaving!!!!! That’s what I heard yesterday. Pretty solid info.

  167. MRedd

    Marc Maggard said that Billy Donovan to UK was a done deal!!!! He is VERY reliable.

  168. Chandrathan

    THIS JUST IN!!!!

    My sources have just confirmed that all of you claiming to have sources are idiots…

  169. Live and Die with Cats

    You can wait to hear it first hand, which is wise to do. But accept it, it’s true!

  170. Thomas

    I’m not making a comparison between the schools only the integrity of the people involved in the situation. Coach G anc Coach T presumably demand a sense of committment from their players regardless of where they coach. The problem is that the way the Coach T is eons ahead of Coach G. when it comes to reciprocating. He was not honest and it was painfully obvious that he cared solely about his own ambitions and dreams. Turgeon, on the other hand, made it a point to fly home to meet with his players into the early hours of the morning before he allowed A&M to introduce him and to make the official announcement.

    I’m sure that Coach G will do a great job now that he is here. The problem, 163, is that, in the end, he cares solely for himself.

  171. Anonymous

    When is it coming on????????

  172. JimmyJoeJohn

    Actually Marc Maggard didn’t say he was not comming he said in his opinion he isn’t comming. He also said he could be wrong, has been wrong before and prolly will be wrong again…Thats MUCH different than saying he’s not comming as the poster here tried to lead people to believe…

  173. john meyer

    my sources say you spell coming with only 1 “m”

  174. 69'Z

    171- That’s total BS and sour grapes. All I’ve heard from BG’s ex-players is good things. The only bad stuff comes from whiners like you who don’t appreciate that he took you from nothing to a school who could steal WSU’s coach. Jackazz.

  175. Tony Buckets

    174. nice

  176. john meyer

    ill be here all week

  177. Boggie

    Hey 173 – I wasn’t trying to lead anyone to believe jack shit.
    The title of Maggard’s post on the premy board read “Jordan is
    NOT coming to UK.” Feel free to back down.

  178. Anonymous

    It’s funny that KU fans think they have any shot at Jordan when Byrne would never release him to go to a big XII school or Kentuckyy

    There are conditional releases from the LOI and Byrne would use that condition if in face Deandre asked out of his LOI.

  179. Boggie


  180. JimmyJoeJohn

    Ummm Didn’t dispute the title, just the facts of what was said BY MM

  181. Live and Die with Cats

    I hear he’s going to TAMU-Chorpus Christi

  182. JimmyJoeJohn

    aTm AD already said last week ANYONE wanting out of their LOI after meeting the new coach would be let out unconditionally… Dunno why thats even a topic

  183. john meyer

    so when’s this press conference for real??

  184. JimmyJoeJohn

    did anyone say it was a presser??? Could simply be a statment is released…

  185. john meyer

    oooo perhaps i misunderstood…

  186. JimmyJoeJohn

    yea lots did I think… Matt simply sqaid Jordan would let his decision be known…Lots of ways to do that other than a presser, pe3ople just jumped the gun there a
    As long as the info gets out there though, makes little difference

  187. Live and Die with Cats

    Sources say that he’s putting a message in a bottle, sending it down the Mississippi, and Byrne and Turgeon are to row out into the gulf of Mexico in a dingy and retrieve it. We should know something early next week.

  188. john meyer

    is it bad that i check this this site every 25 seconds?

  189. Tony Buckets

    same here man

  190. Fred

    96 – ok, was the “7:45” press conference pacific time?

  191. Anonymous

    You all know he isnt making a decision tonight right?

  192. Anonymous

    183, that counterdicts what was in an ESPN article saying that noone would be released from their LOIs.

    Turgeon also stated that he had asked the AD not to allow any players leave.

    Jordan is going to be at A&M.

  193. john meyer

    i was under the impression that most universities let top recruits out of their commitments if the coach who recruited them left…maybe thats just me being stupid

  194. JimmyJoeJohn

    I just telling you it was reported by several media outlets last week QUOTING the atm AD saying they WOULD be released AFTER meeeting with the new coach if they asked.
    Maybe ESPN is jumping the gun and saying they wouldn’t because he was not going to release them BEFORE meeting the new coach…
    I dunno, but Iam 100% sure if he asks out, he will be let out…HE is 100% sure of that if you read some of his comments

  195. Anonymous

    Well this sucks

  196. Anonymous

    195, I am 100% sure he will not be at Kentucky next year and that is all that matters.

  197. Anonymous

    He isnt having a presser anyways.

  198. Live and Die with Cats

    197. What you are 100% sure of means squat!

  199. No Jordan

    Announced on Texags insider site – Billy Luicci Maroon and White Report that Jordan has told Turgeon he will honor his LOI and is an Aggie. UK can move on to the next recruit.

  200. matt get to work

    your laggin matt it’s reported he is staying at tam your falling behing

  201. Toffer

    Press Conference is complete! He got cold feet and just decided to stay at home…

  202. BIlly Donovan

    my source:
    Jordan changes mind and moves to gatorville!

  203. I'll keep waiting!

    No news is good news, the longer we wait I think it will work in Kentucky’s favor.
    He is one and done anyway, I would sure like to have him even if it was for one year.

  204. the wait is over
  205. BIlly Donovan

    damn! he moved back already : (

  206. Thomas