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Jai Lucas Interview and other tidbits


I spoke earlier this evening with Jai Lucas about his recruitment and how it has changed with the new Kentucky coach, Billy Gillispie. We had a short conversation, which is recounted below:

What did you think of Kentucky’s hire of Billy Gillispie?

I think it is a great hire. Coach Gillispie has done a great job everywhere he has been and he is going to do a great job at Kentucky. I wasnt sure what they were going to do, but when I heard they were getting Coach Gillispie, I thought it was a great choice.

Did you know much about Coach Gillispie before this week?

Yeah, he recruited me while he was at Texas A&M, so I know him and his staff. I like the way they play, what they do with the point guard and everything about his coaching.

You mentioned that Gillispie recruited you while with the Aggies. How come you didnt seriously consider the school?

Thats a good question….I dont really know. Mainly because I just wanted to get out of Texas.

Have you spoken with Coach Gillispie yet?

Yeah he called me Friday night and we had a good conversation. He said that the pieces were in place for them to have a successful team but he wanted a point guard and he wanted me to be the point guard. He said I could help build the program from here forward. It was a great conversation.

What is your status right now with Florida?

Well with Taurean Green leaving, Coach Donovan has been calling more often and I am considering them. But you know, I am pretty connected with my top schools. So I dont know what I will do with Florida right now.

When do you think you will make a decision?

I am not sure yet. I am not really in a hurry. I want to talk to Coach Gililspie some more and just see how things play out. But I will do it relatively soon.

So that is where things stand with Jai. I think UK is still in good shape with him and it is clear that the Gillispie hire is a good one with respect to the Cats. A couple of other tidbits….

WHAS reported that Gillispie contacted Stephon Pettigrew on Friday night as well, along with big man Anthony McClain, one of the last remaining center talents in the class. McClain is interesting to follow as he has Ramon Harris on his Myspace site as one of his top friends. Once again, myspace teaches all……

Just wait till you see what Gillispie is going to do in the 08 class. I am already hearing my recruiting contacts telling me that they predict a Top 5 class with the kids he was already in on at Texas A&M and the guys he can get at UK. It would not shock me to see him leave a scholarship or two open this year, in order to save for what could be a huge haul in 08.

Michael Beasley now says he is considering Memphis, NC State and Florida State….this afetr his mother said he would be staying in Manhattan, Kansas. Aw recruiting….

Look for more tomorrow, and have a GREAT Easter!

Article written by Matt Jones

123 responses to “Jai Lucas Interview and other tidbits”

  1. Jared19

    Sounds like we have a great chance with JAI. What do you know about this McClain Kid? Is there any validity of him talking with Ramon Harris or is that just a coincidence?

  2. goonies24

    nice……jai would be a nice pick up………..

  3. silky johnson

    I am loving coach clyde even more by the minute

  4. brink

    This guy has done more in 2 days than OTS did this year!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. fewfirstchoice

    I dont think Billy G. can afford to leave any rides open for next season after the mess Tubby left him with here at UK.I mean if h can get any talent what so ever here in the 07 class he will have to do that.I think there is what 2 maybe 3(not exactly sure)rides open right now.If he can bring in Jai,PP,and McClain or Pettigrew he will have to use them all in 07.
    But I believe he can get maybe 4 rides opened up for 08 counting players transfering from athletic to academic schorlarship.Am I correct if a player has a certain GPA he can switch to a academic ride correct.So UK will lose Crawford and Bradley(SR.)and Carter and Porter are grat students so they couls probably switch rides.
    So if Billy G. can work is magic and end up with a top 15 class(if Stewart,Williams,Lucas,McClain or PP,and Pettigrew)at UK in 07 just imagine what he could end up with in 08.

  6. UKfan215

    I find it interesting that Gillispie immediately contacted LKucas, Pettigrew and McClain, yet didn’t attempt to contact Patterson. Could that simply be because Patterson is away from home playing basketball right now, or could it suggest something else?

    Also, I cannot wait to see what BG can do once he has had a little time to contact and develop relationships with these 08 recruits and beyond. He’s sort of in a tough situation now, as there aren’t many good recruits left to choose from. Plus, he is getting involved very, very late. But I still think he’ll get us a couple of quality additions anyway. But I am really excited about 08 and beyond. I think the days of looking at rosters of other schools and feeling jealous are about over. This guy will consistently recruit classes good enough to keep us right up at the top with the other elite programs. I am thrilled we have him here.

    Also, let me say that I am also grateful that he has took the time to contact Pettigrew. Here is a kid who has flat busted his butt to get noticed by UK, averaging over 30 PPG, grabbing rebounds, playing defense, doing everything for his team basically. He has waited and waited and waited, hoping Tubby would eventually notice him and give him a chance. Now it appears Gillispie is taking notice immediately. Call me crazy, but I see Pettigrew becoming a fan favorite if gets the opportunity to come to UK. He’s a Chuck Hayes type guy who is committed to doing whatever it takes to win and succeed. And he loves UK. The guy will be willing to run through fire for Coach Gillispie if he gives him a chance to live his dream here. And I think the kid will make us all proud too, like some of those Kentucky kids who filled the rosters of Pitino’s early years here at UK. How can anyone not like that?

  7. nepalibabu

    hey matt, how tall is Jai. I mean the real height… he has been listed from 5’6 to 5’11

  8. JKW1974

    I think the idea of leaving a couple of slots open this year has to be looked at. Short term pain for long term gain. I expect he will have a killer class for ’08. I would only take up space if I could get another big guy and Jai……

  9. brink

    I don’t know about you guys but I haven’t been able to stop smiling since the press conference yesterday. BCG is definatly the best coach we could have gotten IMHO. Just think had we landed BD he would still be in the DR with his family, not out on the recruting trail trying to insure we have the best possible team for 07′. I love this guy and it truly is a great time to be a wildcat fan.

  10. Daniel

    Great interview with Jai. I agree with 3. I think I’ll be wearing my Gillispie shirt for every game this season and retire my 1998 NCAA championship shirt.

    Gillispie is the Baron reborn.

  11. Chuck Alexinis

    If Jai comes… you see Jasper getting a little playing time at small forward? He liked to post up in high school and seems to be more comfortable closer to the basket than out on the floor……and then spell Lucas at point when needed? Can we see a 4 guard line up?

  12. Wildcat

    Carter a great student? are you kidding me. I know for a fact this isn’t true.

  13. Chuck Alexinis

    You know, what about going JUCO for short term help which will allow that ’08 class to develop? Just a thought…it seems BG knows what the heck he is doing so I am not telling..just asking….

  14. J Love

    Thanks for the interview Matt. BTW, are you going to post a picture of your new doo?

  15. J Love

    ^ Because that’s what we all really care about

  16. Overhype the GMan

    Lets not overhype Gillispie just yet, guy hasn’t won a game, and that was the problem with our last coach. If he recruits well then GREAT. It all means squat if he doesn’t win on the court.

  17. Chuck Alexinis

    Not overhyping….just excited that he has been the coach for 24 hours and he is already working hard and recruiting hard……..kinda new to us all….we should not fuss about wins and losses until 2008 (even though I think we will be better than most think next year).

  18. Cat Fan

    16 – Dude – ease up. Gillespie is all over it.

    I am extremely excited about what is possible with this guy.

  19. Xcat7

    I agree with 4, 9, and 10.
    Billy Clyde may even be elected governor come November.
    As long as he runs on the Wildcat party.

  20. Venerable

    I wasn’t sure about Billy G before the pep rally/press conference. I have no doubts about him now. This guy was contacting people Friday night….after he stayed up all night Thursday, became the coach at UK, met the fans and the press, and flew to California.

    Imagine what the past 48 hours have been like for him!

  21. Jon

    #5, unless the NCAA has changed rules, thats not true. Because, obviously, every school would be trying to ‘fix’ grades up and prove they had outstanding students. A case of an actual outstanding student, J.P. Blevins a few years back, when Bogans decided to return but all the schollies had been given out, they said just switch Blevins to academic, but it wasn’t allowed. Estill ended up dropping his sholarship, but regardless, the switch to academic dosn’t exist. To go to academic, you have to stop playing sports.

    If he wanted to get creative, and Brooks and Porter both agreed, he could switch him to a Bball walk on and, as long as he joined the football team, make that his scholarship, but that wont happen. The kid dosn’t like to get hit. He had a clear path from HS to USC to the NFL, but didn’t want to play football.

  22. silky johnson

    it has only been 2 days and I am just as excited as I was watching the ’96 team play. skys the limit for the future of uk no matter what the great katz and forde say

  23. Daniel

    19, I almost posted “Billy Gillispie for Governor” in my post. I wonder if folks will write him in…although if my candidate of choice does not survive the primaries, I just might.

    We are in a new era of basketball in this state.

    He’s at 100 wins right now, give or take. If he stays here until he retires, which I hope is what happens, he could become a Hall of Famer as a coach. He’s 47, so I’m going to wager 25 years at minimum as head coach. Okay, this could just be the sugar in my system.

  24. fewfirstchoice

    21) NCAA did change it last year.

  25. Daniel

    DeAndre Jordan will honor his LOI with TAMU and as such, will not be following Billy Gillispie to UK.

  26. bigbluballs

    i definitely called beasley reopening his recruitment (is that a word?). btw i called it in post #14 under “beasley staying at k-state; Matt gets haircut

  27. Han

    Any word on Williams?

    Just curious if Gillispie is looking at other Centers in this class, particularly since we’re thin on schollies next year and need a couple guys this year still.

    The academic transfer stuff in comment #5…I would think the guys on academic schollies would be walkons on the bb team, and there’d be traveling issues.

    The only way we have extra schollies next year besides the Bradley and Crawford ones is if someone transfers, or if some from this year are saved. I’m really curious if Williams is still coming, what with at least another center being approached already. Last I heard, everyone we have wants to stay as of right now, so if we sign a couple more guys (Lucas, Pettigrew, McClain/Jordan/?, we basically only have 2 next year for Miller and someone else. Then, the next year, we have nothing without transfers or switching to walkon.

    Who on this team would be willing to give up a schollie for a new coach when they could go elsewhere on scholarship? Just curious. It’s a hard thing to ask a kid.

  28. Han

    25) Gut, official statement (link?), or assumption based on statement by Gillispie that he wasn’t going to poach him?

    I think that if Jordan were to call Gillispie and say, “Can I come to UK?”, it would probably happen.

  29. Daniel

    We have 3 remaining for this year, right?

  30. Jon

    24) anywhere i could read this at? not that I don’t believe you, but it dosn’t seem like an NCAAesque decission. Makes alot of room to cheat the system, and potential for violations. I think if this is a new rule, you will see a lot of proffessors called into question. I think it would be a horrible rule change, but if it exists, great. Take advantage of it while it lasts, cause it wont be for long. Like transferring without sitting out a year like Kevin Krueger, it is doomed from the start.

  31. Daniel

    Han, it was reported on WKYT by Christi Thomas

  32. SoCal Will

    Having a great recruiter lead the program is unbelievably sweet! If Carter is a redshirt don’t we
    have six sophomores, zero juniors, and two seniors returning on scholarship? If so, this sophomore
    class only leaves seven rides for the other three classes. Another example of Tubby being a good
    person,as Dickie V will remind everyone every Tuesday and Saturday, but making his successor look
    unfeeling as he realigns the program for a championship run….

  33. Wrath

    What are the chances that Porter could be convinced to stay and play some 2G if we land Jai…….or is he that unhappy about Tubby leaving? Seemed to be a decent outside shooter.

  34. KyCat

    Jon, I do not have a link to the rule but as I recall the rule allows for up to two student athletes to go on academic scholarship based not only on their performance but the team as a whole as well. Maybe even taking into account graduation rates and team GPA. I recall this being discussed last year but never heard anything more specific.

  35. brink

    33 What are you talking about??? I havent seen anything about Porter leaving.

  36. Sig

    #6- I believe BG contacted Patterson as well on top of McClain, Lucas, and Pettigrew. With his tireless recruiter reputation, he probably contacted any uncommitted recruit he could find. LOL

  37. easternkymafia

    quit knocking other coaches just praise what we got show some class everyone, god bless

  38. Mattcat

    Matt, in the time you’ve been covering Jai’s recruiting, I’ve always heard (or read) him state that Hobbs, Hanson, or Rigot had been in contact with him. Billy G hasn’t been on the job 48 hours and he’s already personally contacted not only Jai, but Pettigrew as well. Wow, a coach who actually cares enough about recruiting to pick up a phone. What a welcome change.


    To be honest with you I look to see him fill the roster with scholarship players, It woudl be great to see PP and Jai both sign then whoemever with the 3rd (morris’) scholarship. But if all fails I know hes great with Jr. Coll. transfers and well he can sign one if not 2 of them that only take up 1-2 years eligibilty and thats it, which will help us not only short term but long term. But I still see Billy gettin us the cream of the crop for what he can get, and he’ll do his best at whom he can get, and honestly I have full belief that he can. He knows what he’s doin, Im glad I can sit back and not second guess who he recruits. even if it isnt a name we know, I gurantee he knows more than we do, just look at his record. He’s known for not only getting great players to produce, but yet to get good players to be great, and thats what UK is all about, GREATNESS!

  40. UKfan215

    I hope he wraps up Pettigrew as well. That kid dropped 26 and 8 on the Ohio All-Star team tonight. That Ohio team had some D1 caliber kids on the roster, some of which are probably highly ranked and committed to play for Thad Matta at Ohio State. It is also reported that Pettigrew ended up guarding a big 6’9″ wide body guy about the same size as Glen Davis at LSU was a couple of years ago. He apparently did quite well and all reports suggest he was the best player on the floor. He was simply too quick for their big guys to stop and he simply overpowered their guards. So much for those who say Pettigrew can’t put up big numbers against top notch competition huh? I want to see him in a UK jersey next season. The kid will be a star.

  41. pekingcat

    Curious how beasley is looking at FSU and Memphis. FSU ? is anybody investigating them…
    Just because he contacted these players does not mean they get a scholarship (ie Pettigrew). What I think it means is he has a list on his desk and is being responsible in following up. Also, I imagine the “recruit Kentucky” was presented loud and clear, so he has to make the calls…wonder what happens with Walls from Scott?

  42. Lex Luthor

    Despite the national media’s idiocy, overall talent has never been a problem at UK. It was two more narrow problems where talent was an issue. Bad classes that left the team unbalanced in maturity, and POSITIONAL absenses where we’re overloaded at the 2 and 3, but thin at the 1 and 4. That was Tubby’s real recruiting failure. Last year, UK would have been a final four team with a veteran point guard, and a power forward would have helped too. And having a freshman point guard two years out of three probably is why Tubby is gone today.

  43. Chuck Alexinis

    I do think we need to recruit a 2 guard as well…..a real shooter…..behind Crawford there isn’t a true pure shooter….Walls fits that for me…..

  44. Lex Luthor

    A JUCO would be great to add someone back into the junior class, which is now empty because of Carter’s medical redshirt.

  45. Jo Jo

    43, If we add another point in Lucas, that could free up Porter at the 2. Given some real PT, he may be the best shooter on the team!

  46. ryan

    45 i completely agree porter is probably the best shooter on the team we just didnt get to see it. no disrespect to Crawford but he cant shoot consistently

  47. Chuck Alexinis

    Who is the guy in the red shirt in the picture above?

  48. Chuck Alexinis

    I agree about Porter….when he did play minutes this year he played well………Crawford is inconsistent and when he puts his head down and drives watch out…… dishing….

  49. Des Moines Rugby

    Since Morris left, we have 3 scholarhsips available out of the 5 total (AJ Stewart, Mike Williams). Looks like AJ is definitely coming and I haven’t heard a peep concerning Williams intentions. If Williams wants a release then we have 4. I think at least one should be saved for the 2008 class.

  50. lexslamman


    Wildcat basketball player AJ Stewart.

  51. LifeLongCatFan

    There is a link in the previous post that has an interview with Mike Williams and some video of him playing. In it he says he is definately still coming to UK.

  52. Chuck Alexinis

    Cool…thanks! Patterson never looks interested in anything…..look at every picture you see of him…..I know he is a great player….but I am just not sold on his attitude and his mother’s extreme “enjoyment” of this recruiting process. Not fair to any of the 6 teams that are still recruiting him.

  53. Dano

    Would this class make you happy?

    Stewart, Williams, Lucas, Pettigrew and Walls?

    I say we quit chasing a 1 and done Patterson and get a good 4 year player in Pettigrew. I say it again…Stevenson, with 20 lbs of muscle, is Patterson.

    Pettigrew wants to be a Wildcat, knows what it means to be a Wildcat, and looks like he can play at the d-1 level.

    Walls may solve the 3 pt shooting. Has anyone seen him play? I guess the question is…is he good enough?

  54. LifeLongCatFan

    I think it is so stupid that he is narrowing his schools to 6. Why not just say you are not sure. Most kids start with 6 schools on their list. I would like to have the kid but I also want a player that really wants to be here!

  55. Chuck Alexinis

    If anyone was worried about Meeks and Porter being concerned about Gillispie, this from Larry Vaught this morning:

    “California high school coach Gary Porter, the father of UK freshman guard Michael Porter, liked the hire. His son is home for Easter weekend and got a call early Friday morning telling him about Gillispie’s hire. Michael Porter later talked with freshman teammates Jodie Meeks, Perry Stevenson and Derrick Jasper about Gillispie.

    “From what I can tell from Michael, I think all the guys are excited. They all said they had a good meeting with the coach and liked him a lot,” Gary Porter said. “Personally, I think Michael is going to fit in well with the coach because Michael does enjoy hard work and effort and things like that.”

  56. Bryan

    52- I agree about Patterson, he has the same nonchalant vibe an deadpan expression about him that Morris did. Personally Im tired of kids like that. Not that I think we should stop recruiting him, but if we miss out on him this year and sign a bigger PF with more passion next year, I think the short term loss would be worth it in the long run. We’ve built this kid up so much for so long because he was literally the only thing we had in the whole program to look forward to, now that things are starting to look so drastically more optimistic, I think we need more kids with the same level of heart we see from the new coach, the fans, and guys like Bradley, Woo, AJ Stewart and Ramon Harris. We need a Tyler Hansbourough, not another Randolph Morris. Im not sure if PPat is that guy.

  57. Chuck Alexinis

    53. Absolutely agree………of course, we will keep trying, but man I think if Gillispie is a “go getter,” I would call his Mamma and say you have a week and then you are going after others……looks like he his already contacting Pettigrew and the guy from Maryland. I am not impatient…just tired of this…..and Patterson is not the 2nd coming of Kenny Walker….he is a solid, solid player that we need…..he apparently doesn’t need us that badly and that is the direct opposite of the attitude that Billy G is bringing.

  58. Mr Schwump

    Cut some of Tubby’s deadwood would free up schollies. Schollies are a year at a time thing and just because you were here for the last year or two doesn’t mean you stay if you can’t play.

    What about Pettigrew’s size and game? I’ve seen him listed anywhere from 6’3 to 6’6. I thought I read he was undersized who played with his back to the basket. Since he’d probably play a 2 or 3, can he handle the ball and shoot from the outside? Also, could he guard the other guy’s 2 or 3? Thanks for any help.

  59. Chuck Alexinis

    My thoughts about Pettigrew is this: 33 points a game average and probably Mr. Basketball….sign him. We will find a spot for him. Also, let’s not give up on Ramon Harris….with this new attitude and probably a new training program under Hollsopple (spelling), if he can put about 15 lbs of muscle on him then he could be tough as well….he has some talent…but is tentative…Billy G will get him out of that….being the player of the year from any state is an accomplishment…..just don’t forget about him.

  60. DKuen

    53) Patterson is not a 1 and done guy. He may be a Bogans/Morris that thinks he’s one and done, but he doesn’t have the game for the NBA yet.

    Also, with the academic scholarship thing, when I was in school a few years ago, UK made it almost impossible to get academic aid if you did not have it when you entered school. I missed the scholarship deadline in application as a freshman and once at UK even with terrific grades, they would only give me about $1000 a semester academic money.

  61. DKuen

    Obviously they would probably make an exception for a BBall player, but there isn’t a “full ride” academic scholarship available to students already admitted.

  62. JKW1974

    Listen folks….If you watched A&M play, you know that no matter what the roster looks like they will play with far more passion that Tubby’s teams played with. That alone will make it worth watching again.

    Patterson? Maybe. Don’t get me wrong, he would be a GREAT get for us…but I have faith in Stevenson with another 6 months in the weight room and also being toughened up by Billy G. So far as Williams goes, I have said all season that friends of mine out East got to see him and tell me all along we will like him. He will take some work, but is a true center who can play with his back to the basket (has a good hook shot) and will be serviceable for us. If we don’t recruit another center, we can make this work between Carter and Williams. I would rather see us get one good JUCO power body type and focus on a true point. That allows us to play Jasper at a “Point Forward” type position…and with two great passers on the floor, we can become VERY dangerous.

    Fact is, we really don’t know what the kids we have now can do, because the previous regime did not allow them to really explore their talents to improve…..I do think Billy G will do that, and then tailor a style of play to match what people can actually do.

    I still don’t expect a GREAT season next year, barring a GREAT couple of late recruiting steals…but I do know it will be more passionate, hard played and fun than it has been in many years……

  63. fathertime

    Patterson will not be one and done. He plays very hard at both ends of the floor. He does have a consistent stern look on his face, but I thought we wanted him at Kentucky so he would man the pf position. I hope the Cats receive a player that has a rugged demeanor. If Randolf would have displayed that look he would have scared his opponents into submission, but he chose the look of “I don’t care”. Patterson will care.

  64. D.Ho

    #16 you say Gillispie hasn’t won a game yet? Hell man, he’s UNDEFEATED at UK so far. Gimme a break.
    #52 you say Patterson isn’t interested in anything? I went to the McD’s All Star game in the ‘Ville and he looked plenty interested in blocking shots, rebounding and playing dominating D. He was tough, tough, tough. Only Beasley (K St) stood out more to me. He was very impressive. Scary impressive.

  65. Overhype the GMan

    I’m not saying don’t enjoy the guy. Hell, I’ve got him on the back of my computer etc. My problem comes from the fact that people are ready to annoint him the savior. I want to see how he handles the pressure of UK basketball before completely buying into him as the next great UK coach. He’s hit the recruiting trail hard which is great

    Remember, Tubby had a similar record before coming to Lexington.

    I think he’ll do a better job than Tubby, but I also believe that he’s got a lot of work to do with the current group of players. At this point Tennessee might be the best team in the SEC East next year.

  66. Chuck Alexinis

    64….yes on the court he likes to play like any other McDonald’s All-Americans…..he looks uninterested with life and his mother is loving the publicity…kinda sad…….wherever he goes, he better perform or he will go down as one of the biggest busts of all time….Finally, blocking shots and dominating D in a McDonald’s All-American game? I watched a different game.

    Look…I want him to come to Kentucky…I am not disputing that…….signing period coming up and still have 6 schools on his list? Wow….Lucas is different because HE (and his dad) has been very candid with his thoughts…whereas PP’s mother is all over the place….he will go to Florida probably….

  67. Overhype the GMan

    Rumor has it Patterson is UFs. Jai Lucas is not going to UF.

  68. Dr. Bob

    #67, True Lucas will not be at UF. Not as certain that PP will be at UF either, but I also don’t think he goes to UK. UK would be better off picking up a few for ’07 and concentrating on the ’08 class, which is a much deeper class.

  69. markky

    any word on BG’s assistants?

  70. john michael reitz

    lucas is coming to uk in my mind… he just wanted to see who the coach was … he could be a great player for us… i hope patterson does too but i think it’s a 50/50 shot for patterson… hope its uk.

  71. Anonymous

    I think BG will go hard at Lucas, but as far as Patterson goes I dont think he is going to wait on anyone. He will either fill the positions he has quickly or leave 1 or 2 for next year. I would be fine with him juts getting Pettigrew and go for 4 guys next year

  72. KyCat

    I just do not understand fans ragging on PPat and his mom with regard to HIS decision making process. Of the six teams on his list 2 ended up with coaching changes and had Billy D came to UK then 3 of the six would have had changes. The decision is his to make and his alone. How he comes to that decision is not ours to question. I tire of those of us who think we know better than he or his parents. If my child was making such a decision and I would bet if any of your children were making such a huge decision you would want him or her to do it carefully and thoughtfully not rush into it based on pure emotion. I also think that most of us would want our child to look to us as their parent for counsel. Criticizing PPat’s mother simply because you read comments attributed to her in a newspaper is ridiculous. She knows her son, loves her son more than any of us and want’s what is best for him not what is best for any college or any fan base. Again, it is his decision to make so let him make it in his own time and his own style. Our eagerness to have him commit is not his problem it is ours so stop trashing him simply because he is weighing the options carefully. The fact that so many coaching changes occurred in his deliberation is proof that taking his time is the better option for him.

  73. R. Smith

    so the kid thats as short as a horse jockey is who we are trying to recruit?

  74. JGKing

    Wow, everybody is jumping the gun a little bit here. As SOME fans like to point out about tubby and his nat’l champ that he didnt
    win w/ his players…Well, BCG hasnt won w/ “his” players either. I love his passion and hopefully he brings the big blue back
    to the promised land (for many years to come)!!

  75. jareduk7

    #73. So was Travis Ford how did he turn out???

  76. JKW1974

    I am reading over at Cat’s Pause (Jeff D.) that UK may be getting “a big ’07” recruit that had previously signed with another school….but he can’t say more until later in the week (typical Cat’s Pause)…anyone hearing anything?

  77. JGKing

    If you can shoot (make good decisions, distribute the ball, etc) you can be 4 feet tall for all i care. Happy Easter ya’ll

  78. RBlue

    Why is Beasley always looking at the smaller schools. He could play for anyone he wants and he
    first chose Charolette then K.St. now Florida St. N.C. ST. and Memphis. Not that Memphis is bad
    but it is a weak conf. and the others are in good confs. just not the big ones in their conf.
    He could come play for us and start from day one.

  79. David Jenkins

    76) will you post the link?

  80. MrSleecat

    72 – I don’t think anyone is questioning that Tywanna (sp?) loves her son and is trying to look out for him. But I think her being so outspoken at times is a little troubling, considering what it might mean for his future team. Will she be this vocal when he is playing ball next year? What if his coach doesn’t give him enough playing time? Will she call him out on this during the middle of the season? That’s my only concern. (Maybe it’s just me, but why do I think of Allan Iverson’s mom everytime I read a quote from Tywanna?)

  81. Cat Fan

    Guys – Just look at the conversations we are having now.

    Instead of bemoaning the fact we cannot get good recruits – we are actually discussing some very highly sought after prospects.

    I have to tell you. I think Tubby Smith is a fantastic human being, but he quit coaching UK about two years ago – but just never made it official. He was burnt out. I am not badmouthing him, just stating my opinion.

    I am absolutely ecstatic about Gillespie. He has injected new energy to the program. He want us and we want him.

    Every UK site is abuzz with the possibilities. Naysayers – go away. We are on the way back.

  82. MrSleecat

    81 – I was just thinking the same thing. I can’t wait to get into these sites everyday – for fear I might miss something exciting.

  83. JKW1974

    Try that…hope it works for you….

  84. DROCK

    I wonder who it could be… hmmm.. Jordan maybe…

  85. Cat Fan

    82 – Me too, KSR, Aaron’s blog, DD, LHL, C-J etc. My wife is ready to strangle me.

    I am obsessed. It is a nice change of pace. I had several games this year where I almost did not want to watch.

    The 2nd Vanderbilt game almost did me in. That game hurt as bad if not more than the Duke game in the 90’s

  86. Mattcat

    I wouldn’t pay too much attention to anything coming from TCP. It’s sounds like Drummond is attempting to create a buzz to generate more subscriptions. I doubt there is actually a buzz concerning a previously signed 07 player.

  87. LifeLongCatFan

    Maybe Beasley is looking at smaller schools because of his grades?? I dont know if that is the case but Huggins is known for his horrible academics. Just a thought.

  88. Jo Jo

    Definitely don’t give up on Harris. Any kid who’s the player of the year in any state, and who wins FOUR state championships (at different schools) is a born winner, and that’s what we need!

  89. Han

    86) Yeah, I can’t read what’s over there, but my guess is that it’s just someone pointing to the DraftExpress comments by Jordan, again.

    Him coming wouldn’t surprise me, but until we hear something from the kid, I’m assuming he’s not coming.

  90. brink

    84 Jordan announced on Friday that he was staying at A&M.
    86 TCP only posted this on the pay site not as a teaser on the front page trying to get more subscribers.

  91. KyCat

    MrSleecat (80), I don’t think you ever hear her instigating comments rather she is always asked what is going on with her son. Have you seen any reports where she has caused problems for PPat’s high school team? None that I am aware. She is an outspoken person and I applaud her for it. It’s her son, she has a right to answer questions and a right to have an opinion about what impacts her son. My response was not to question whether anyone here questioned her love for her son, I mentioned that she loves her son more than any of here to demonstrate she was in a better position to have an opinion about his future than are we.

  92. lexslamman

    Lucas, Patterson and Jordan with Pettigrew as a possibility.

    But those first 3 = number 8 in the very near future.

  93. MrSleecat

    91 – I know you’re NOT questioning she loves her son. But the fact of the matter is she has spoken a lot lately. And if you read her comments immediately following Tubby’s departure, she indicated this would probably change things. At least that’s how many of us interpreted it. Now she’s talking like we’re still in it. Maybe so. I guess I’d just like to hear Patrick say it, not his Alpha mom. I think John Lucas has been a good example of how to handle the pressure of your son’s recruitment. While he has been interviewed concerning his son, most answers to our pressing questions have come from Jai, not John. At the very least, it makes me feel the kid is helping to determine where he’ll go; not super-agent mom or dad or AAU coach or friend off the street. Just a thought…

  94. ukcatfan88

    BCG has to get Pettigrew, IMO. Tubby ignored the state of KY for years as far as talent. But he’s not the first….Remember all of those Vandy players (ex. Barry Goheen) who were KY boys that ended up always burning us? I mean, we never lost FOUR IN A ROW to Vandy back then, but it seemed the KY boys always ended up hurting us. (I won’t even mention Lofton here). Get Pettigrew for the future of KY recruiting if nothing else.

  95. lexslamman


    KY does not have much talent, and Pettigrew is not considered a great talent. He’s a back-up or a walk-on, in my opinion.

    Pettigrew is undersized and has played against crappy Kentuckian competition – not exactly good indicators of how good he actually is.

  96. catcard202

    95) Pettigrew just put 26pts & 6rebs(in 20minutes of play) against the OH all-stars…and there were several highly rated players on the OH team…

    Pettigrew also won the overall 1-on-1 competition & was the KY 3pt champ…So, I would not be so quick to judge his abilities!!!

    BOYS’ PREP BASKETBALL: Pettigrew named Kentucky MVP of Kentucky-Ohio All-Star Game

    CRESTVIEW HILLS – Though his team may have lost on a buzzer-beating 3-pointer, Steffphon Pettigrew shined in the Ohio-Kentucky All-Star Boys’ Basketball Game on Saturday night at Thomas More College.

    The Elizabethtown High School senior led the Bluegrass squad with 26 points on 11-of-16 shooting from the field on his way to being crowned the 2007 Kentucky MVP.

    Ohio’s Dante Jackson, who hit the game-winning shot to lift the Buckeye State to a 105-104 victory, led all scorers with 27 points and was named the 2007 Ohio MVP.

    Pettigrew also recorded six rebounds in his 20 minutes of play. Meade County’s Riley Benock added two points and two assists for the Kentucky team, while Central Hardin’s Andre Miller had one rebound and one steal. Benock and Miller each played 10 minutes.

    In the All-Star Slam Jam Festival held on Friday, Pettigrew gave a preview of what was to come.

    Pettigrew was the overall champion of the One-on-One Contest and Kentucky champion of the Three-Point Contest. He finished overall as runner-up in the Three-Point Contest.

  97. KyCat

    MrSleecat (93), I never said that you or anyone here were questioning that I believe she loves her son. For you to get that out of my comments goes to my point that I think people who read her comments are interpreting her statements out of context just as you misinterpreted what I said. I also find it troublesome that you refer to her as an Alpha Mom. For some reason it is apparently ok for those of us without connection to her son to make comments and give opinions but she as his mother is not allowed. Should we refer to oursevles as Alpha posters? I think not and I think referring to her as such is disrepectful and out of line.

    So after Tubby leaves she is asked by a reported and responds that losing Tubby would probably change things. I think that is a rather obvious thought as surely his leaving did change things. That does not say it made things irreversible but it changed things. She did not ever say Kentucky was out of it did she?

    If you want to hear what Ppat himself has to say, don’t blame his mother that he chooses to be more tight lipped. As to how Jai’s dad has handled things keep in mind that he has been through this before having been a great player himself and having had another son play major college ball. Oh and he was also involved in the NBA I believe as a player and a head coach so yes, he probably is a little more experienced in dealing with the press. I would expect him to be more polished in his responses.

    Personally I see nothing wrong with what she has said. She gets asked a question and answers it truthfully to the best of her knowledge. I am also very pleased to see when a child involves or includes their parents in the decision making process. I see no evidence that she is making the decision for him rather deflecting some of the press from bothering him.

  98. MrSleecat

    Troubling that I refer to her as Alpha mom??? (Hey, let’s get some perspective here.) It is okay for us to make comments and give opinions, yourself included. I’m not going to make myself feel guilty for that. Go ahead if you want to. Why? Because we’re not speaking FOR him. We’re just having discussion as to his recruitment. And lastly, nobody said “she as his mother is not allowed” (to give opinions). My point originally, and still is, that I hope when PP signs with a team, she learns to stay in the background. God knows there are too many outside influences on student-athletes in the 21st century. That includes parents at times. Yes, we (and I say that literally) want what’s best for our children. But don’t fool yourself, there are parents, yes parents, that are not always doing what’s best for their children. If you disagree with that, go to the McDonald’s game and see who is speaking for many of these kids. Hell, go to any high school game on a Friday night. Bottom line – they’re not all saints…

  99. J UK fan

    94-I think with BG at UK we will once again be the place where all KY boys will want to play collage ball and that the best will get their chance.

  100. Tyler Price


  101. End of weekend update : Wildcat Fan Report

    […] recruiting Matt Jones over at KentuckySportsRadio recently spoke with Jai Lucas. Here’s the play-by-play. Jones also reports that Gillispie has been in contact with Stepfon Pettigrew and uncommitted 6-11 […]

  102. Dano

    I think Pettigrew not signing with UK would probably make another Lofton situation.

    95 The talent in the senior class may be down. But the sophs and juniors are going to be good. Especially the Euton kid at Rose hill, and Jenkins at Manual. Any kid who can average 28 a game, throw up 26 or so on the best from Ohio, can probably play a little ball. Lofton and Brewer couldn’t play at this level either…remember?

    I am tired of waiting for King Patrick. I think Mayo rubbed off on momma. If we wait and wait for him, and he signs elsewhere, then we end up with a typical Tubby class.

    If we sign Pettigrew, Lucas, and (the center from Maryland), and possibly get Jordan, it sends a message…

    If you have top keep thinkling about playing for UK, then maybe you shouldn’t be here.

    This program is bigger than one player. Always has been, always (now) will be.

  103. jimmy13

    The player the CatsPause might be talking about is maybe DeAndre Jordan that signed a LOI with Bill G at Texas A&M.

  104. jimmy13

    I heard reports that Billy G has 08 recruits Draymond Green wanting to resign to UK and Number 1 recruit Greg Monroe is ready to sign. Also 09 recruit Shawn Williams is very interested.

  105. patrick

    patterson is going to pacific – he’s out of the picture. UK still needs an inside presence – better yet, 2 – we cannot assume like OTS did that a chuck hayes will not get hurt, leave early, be THAT consistent – Hayes was a God-send, rare, you need 2. Perry could be that, but needs A LOT of muscle.

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  121. GatorJim

    It AMAZES me how UK fans “thought” they had a shot at Jai Lucas and the REAL Billy got him! Patterson is next and then we just keep on winning!!!

  122. Brandon

    GatorJim – Haha.. who’s getting the last laugh now? How long will it be before Jai transfers to the new Billy in the SEC?