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Monday Morning Coaching Search Breakdown


It has been a weekend full of news, rumors and combinations of the two as the world tries to figure out who will be the next basketball coach at the University of Kentucky. This story is literally all-consuming and has led the battle for the Final Four to be a mere afterthought in the Kentucky area. Stories have flown over the last couple of days of a number of coaches coming to Lexington, visiting the Cats and even accepting the job. Everyone and their brother has a “source” about payments that have been made, houses that have been bought and wives that have been courted. It is a very exciting, and for that matter amusing, time to be a Kentucky fan. Some of you may have spent the weekend doing things other than checking the internet for Kentucky news (amazingly) and thus here is a quick rundown of where we stand:

Billy Donovan: Virtually every individual I have spoken with and every person who is following this story can agree on one thing. It seems as if Billy Donovan has become the number one option for Mitch Barnhart. Stories have flown over the last few days about meetings between Donovan’s people and UK and agreements that may or may not have been made. Here is what we know…..Billy Donovan has been given MULTIPLE opportunities to express his desire to not be considered for the UK job….and he has repeatedly denied the opportunity. Donovan does nothing but say that it “isnt his job” to make the decision, but never says he does not want to be considered. Many have opined on what Donovan’s interest would be and some, including Andy Katz and Dick Vitale have guaranteed that he will not come to UK. But one who knows him well…..Bret Bearup says he would at least listen, and all signs point to that happening. Billy’s team is focusing on the Final Four so I expect no confirmation this week…..but for now, Donovan as UK’s first choice seems to be a safe bet.

Billy Gillespie and Jay Wright: Now we start moving into more speculation. Having surveyed the scene over the last few days, I have come to the conclusion that these are the two most likely contenders for UK’s coaching position if Donovan is not hired. My sources (and I know people hate that word and so do I, but if you can think of a better one, I will use it….maybe “conquistadores”) tell me that Jay Wright’s people have been contacted by UK (when I get contacted, I assume that Hubby will be considered “my people”) and that an interview of some sort either has or will take place this week. Comcast Sports allegedly reported today that Nova’s AD had been contacted about such a meeting (multiple people heard the report), but they now say no such report was made. However my conquistadore on Wright still suggests that the meeting will take place.

Other reporters (read, not me) have stated that a similar meeting has been set with Billy Gillespie of Texas A&M this week. I find that very likely as the folks that I have talked to say that if this process goes past Donovan, Gillespie will be high on UK’s list. Both of these young coaches would bring a high level of excitement to the UK position and both are considered to be hot prospects. I lean more towards the Wright (oh yeah) for a variety of reasons that I will get into later in the week. But it may very well be the case that the final decision comes down to these two men.

Mark Few Lots of talk about how much Mitch likes Mark…..very little info to suggest that movement is being made in this direction. Gonzaga’s AD has said he will let Few speak to Mitch, but there is no word if it has happened. Let me go on record with this….of ALL the candidates mentioned for this job, none would excite me less than Few.

Tom Crean All the early buzz went to Crean. Early stories said he would be named coach the day after Tubby left. But his name has been drowned out by the chants of NOOOOO that followed the news. Crean is a good coach…..but there is no indication he is a great coach when not given Dewayne Wade. He plays even slower than Tubby….Crean will get a look, but I hope not much more.

Tom Izzo I like Izzo as a prospect. Mitch loves Izzo as a prospect. I expect that a call either has or will be made between the two parties. I dont expect Izzo to leave Michigan St……but if it happens, UK would get the most proven coach in the entire group, including the one in Gainesville…..but its Tubby style again and many wont be satisfied.

John Calipari Dont listen to the Memphis Italian Stallion. He would love to come here…..but I cant see how a university in UK’s position would take a shot at Calipari. He would EXCEL at UK and likely immediately recruit better than virtually any other program in America. He is a CANT MISS success…..but forces at UK are such that it would be a huge upset if Calipari is even given a call.

Travis Ford Please no.

Mike D’antoni Season ends in June….disqualifying factor.

Rick Barnes Everyone close to Mitch says that he loves Barnes. I hear all about their various connections and mutual contacts. I personally think Barnes cant coach his way out of a paper bag. But he can recruit….and he has succeeded everywhere he has gone. Interesting to follow over the next few days.

Bottom line is this…..the UK nation can be unified under one coach, Billy Donovan. Bring in the Gator to Lexington and UK basketball is more exciting than it has been in years…..after that however and the presumptive favorite splits. We are all on hold at this point until Billy makes a choice after his team finishes its run at a repeat championship. But until then, Mitch is working on other options….and Wright and Gillespie seem like the early leaders. But of course EVERYTHING can, and likely will, change.

McDonalds Game on Wednesday….dunk contest tonight….should have Patterson and Lucas info as it comes in. At this point, both are still considering UK…..Mitch’s job is to keep UK in Patterson’s top three when he makes his decision this week. Lucas wont make a decision until UK has a new coach.

Stay tuned…..

Article written by Matt Jones

106 responses to “Monday Morning Coaching Search Breakdown”

  1. Daniel

    I want Donovan.

    As of now, sequel plans are on hold. Tubby leaving has to do with it. Sorry to disappoint. It might be postponed indefinitely.

    I know you want to see it, Matt, but it’s most definitely on hold at the moment.

  2. Anonymous

    what, no love for pitino?

  3. GoBigBlue

    Why would we not take a shot at Calipari?

  4. Wes

    I agree that Calipari would make a great coach. He recruits very well, his teams play hard, and their style is fun, but I have reservations about his character. After the UMASS ordeal, and as much attentio as UK gets (see Sandy Bell and the Myspace violations), bringing him in could be a disaster.

  5. mrbluehead

    billy the kid

  6. kyhoosiermama

    How long before copied and pasted posts from TCP start making their way on to this
    thread? I just want a coach, don’t really care who, that will make the UK fanbase
    unite again. And I want to win, more than 77% of our games.

    GO CATS!!!

  7. Anonymous

    If Donovan says no and Calipari doesn’t at least get a call then UK administration is holding the program back.

    He was cleared of wrongdoing at UMASS and could turn the program around faster than any other coach. Calipari was practically born for a premier job.

  8. Anonymous

    not about this, but any links for that Woo interview? Can’t find it and dying to hear it.

  9. rel

    Calipari would make kentucky the king again.

  10. sortleader2

    Was that Billy Donovan pictured above or Pauly from the Sopranos? Fugget-aboooout-it!

  11. Brad King

    Another thing to throw into the equation here. There are some premature reports that Heath is out at Arkansas as soon as tomorrow. This, of course, like seemingly every other bit of information on coaching situations is a rumor at this point. However, if it does happen Arkansas’s number 1 target is Billy Gillispie and Billy G and Ark supposedly share many ties. If Heath is in fact fired, this could seriously complicate the UK coaching efforts. UK will not and can not say or do anything concrete regarding Donovan until Florida loses or wins the NC in Atlanta. At the latest, UK will have no answer on Donovan until next Tuesday. Arkansas then has a week cushion to lure in Gillispie before Kentucky has a definitive answer on Donovan (who I think we won’t get by the way). Hence, UK goes to the next coach down on the list, who I assume is Jay Wright.

  12. goonies24

    It pisses me off about the Calipari ordeal and i have said it a hundred times….he is the man if not Donavan….gosh, some people are just dumb…look at what he has recruited and done with a team in a so called weak conference….give him a chance…he would love to have the spotlight on him at UK, and so would I….

  13. Phillip

    #11…If that happens, BG could simply “put off” his hypothetical response to the Hogs until a decision is made at UK. Besides, I’m not really sure if going to Arkansas would be a “promotion” at this point.

  14. YankeeCpt (Jay)

    I am reading on the chat boards of rivals- Billy D to Kentucky is a done deal.

    “Jon, I can shoot the crap with the best of them, but this information is given to me as legit and the guy who I talked to last (around 1 hour ago) was off the charts excited and I know this guy too well. He is not one to get too hyped up and his words to me were as follows “Billy Donovan to U.K. is a done deal.” I know this guy and I know his company which is A BIG BIG BIG donor to the University of Kentucky. In addition, I have confirmed this information with another individual who is tied directly into the AD’s office through a very very very shall we say “close” relationship. Donovan to U.K. is going to happen.”

    “Yes, I will COME ON HERE AND TELL YOU THAT MY SOURCES WERE NOT LEGIT. Guys, I post this stuff for one reason and one alone, I just want to share what I know with you guys. I love this program as much as the rest of you and I was told on Thursday afternoon that Donovan was a real possibility and tonight around 8:00 p.m. I got a call from a friend of mine WHO HAS NEVER given me this type of information. This friend has very big ties to the University. This friend was absolutely EXTATIC. I spoke to him for a few minutes and he related to me that Donovan to Kentucky was a fact. If this is not true, I will come on here and take the heat; however, the guy who gave me this information is as level headed and as serious as a heart attack and he has very close FINANCIAL ties to the program.”

    “My son just called me and an aluni of his faternity and a realtor. he told them tonight tha Mrs D was in Lex today looking for houses. Like I son my son was just relaying what he was told.”

    “I don’t claim to be in the know but I come from a family of police and we have a retired officer friend who now resides in Gainesville. He is good friends with a guy who is a former UF football player and close to the program still. He just called us and said the same thing. Done deal for Billy to caoch the Cats”

  15. R. Smith

    well we agree on Barnes…don’t want, you can have him, he’s not good to me

    I also don’t understand the idea of our current coach going to the big 10 to play his style and then we *want* a big 10 coach in return – no way on Izzo

    I think Calipari is posturing because he knows he isn’t on Mitch’s top 5 list which I think is unfortunate. He should be second on our list.

  16. Phillip

    goonies….I am guessing that the “perceived” violations associated with Calipari are too risky??? Why else would he not be considered?

  17. Phillip

    Yankee…I have been paying attention to that thread….it’s very long. I hope it’s true, but only a signature make it a “done deal”. It’s very unlikely that anything’s signed considering Billy D’s travel and current basketball schedule.

  18. cool

    # 12 im right with you. Most of the people on these boards can see that Calipari would a perfect fit for UK. I just cant believe that barnhart wouldnt at least give him an interview.

  19. Drake

    What about Rick Pitino? I have heard his name over and over. I’m surprised you didn’t preview him in your list!
    “…Set the program back 10-15 years!…”

  20. YankeeCpt (Jay)

    I agree Phillip-
    I just who better to share what I have read than ya’ll?

    I am telling you- if there is 1 fault with that “confirmation”.



  21. Jason S.

    Patterson said on tv tonight that he won’t announce during this week. He said he’ll cut his list to 3 and then make his final decision in mid April.

  22. Miguel

    If not Donovan, I would love to see Calipari as well.

    Gillispie and Wright would be a step below both of those guys as far as I am concerned.

  23. Phillip

    Man, I can’t take this anymore. I’ve got a newborn at home, changing jobs, and building a new home, but this coaching thing is dominating my thoughts. Florida keeps winnning because I need them to loose. When I go to bed, I close my eyes and try to visualize who will be pacing the sidelines next year….it’s insane!! Make it stop, my head hurts. I know, I know,…Cheryl Truman would suggest I grow 3 gardens.

  24. YankeeCpt (Jay)

    We need to find a way to organize a voice. I can think of noone better than Matt Jones.

    Mr. Jones,
    If you feel Mr. Calipari is the best choice outside of Billy Donovan, is there something you can do to organize a voice?

  25. Intern

    I have a feeling that Barnes will get a serious look. That’s based on absolutely nothing except gut, which is practically science.

  26. rel

    We want Calipari or Wright Mitch get it done.

  27. Gerry DiNardo

    I do not think the UK fan base would appreciate a player wearing an undershirt on the bench or playing with flames cut into his head. UK has an image of itself above most other schools. It may not be popular and I understand a haircut is not what wins games, but the fact of the matter is that the “wholesome” image that many UK fans cling to does not fit Calipari’s current Memphis team.

  28. James

    I’ve never understood why these “sources” themselves aren’t the ones on the message boards.

  29. UK grad in L-ville

    1st Choice = Billy D.

    2nd Choice = Billy G.


    Our top choice has to be Billy D. and even though he might be not saying NO to the UK job to get a bigger contract, I gurantee it is a possibility in his mind to come here. If not we need CALIPARI. Without a doubt, all the stories everyone wants to bring up about him at UMASS, “FOLKS” that was 10 years ago, he is 10 years older, knows not to do those mistakes again. Think about where we as UK bball were 10 years ago and how much has changed? Think about it, we dont get Billy D. we need a guy whos going to come in and SPARK things up a little bit. Get UK back as a flashy, quick up tempo exciting team to watch. Thats the style of ball the kids want to play now days and that what you have to use when recruting these kids. Thats also the style of play us UK fans love! All im saying is he made these mistakes at a lot younger age, think where you were 10 years ago and the things you did, would you do them today? Now think back then, and then think what school he was coaching at, he had to almost border line cheat in order to have a great team, he wont need to borderline anything if hes at UK. Face it what wins ball games the players, who gets the players the coaches, and Calipari does a GREAT job at that. So yes if we dont get Billy D. good old JC would be the next guy in line to get the right players in LEX.


    im not sayin he should be here 10 years, hell all i care about are maybe the next 3-4, just to get this whole thing turned back around to being a “Cool” place for rectuits to want to come and play.

  32. kyhoosiermama

    28 Because the ‘sources’ are for the most part just that person’s thoughts. Not talking
    about Matt b/c I truly believe he has some, but most ppl are just saying how they feel
    and they quantify that with saying they have sources.

  33. kyhoosiermama

    And my sources tell me that Billy D was spotted taking a piss at the STL airport and he was
    wearing UK boxers………that means it is a done deal.

  34. Phillip

    It would be a lot cooler if people had ‘sorcerers’. I’m sorry…I need help.

  35. gvt11

    As a Tennessee fan without much of a dog in this fight – one bit of advice. If you get even a hint that Mitch Barnhart is using his old boss – Doug Dickey – in this search, SHUT IT DOWN, pull the switch, stop before it is too late. That was the Dickey style, to pay some old buddy to consult on his many searches for Tennessee coaches over the years. Y’all were the among the beneficiaries of the results – Wade, KO, Jerry Green, Buzz. If you find out Dickey is involved in your search in any way, that is not good.

  36. YankeeCpt (Jay)

    “My son plays BB for UF. I won’t tell you who he is, but he is a freshman.

    Donovan told the team tonight, in a very passionate speech, that he is leaving after the season is over no matter what happens, and that this is their best chance to make history at UF.

    My son is disappointed and is considering transferring.

    I just got the phone call from my son 5 minutes ago….

    I did not post everything that my son told me but the gist of Donovan’s speech was, I am leaving after the final game, and I know many of you are as well. Let’s take this to the end for all of us with another championship.”

  37. YankeeCpt (Jay)

    “DOubt me all you want. My son is Jonathan Mitchell, and his hearing this has no effect on the team at all next weekend, because he will not get into either game. The people it affects the most will all be gone next year anyway, and Coach is telling them, let’s go out together as champions.”

  38. jon

    It has to be Cal or donovan. If the ethics thing was really the reason Calipari was being counted out, why is wright being considered? Cal was cleared of all wrong doing, and Wright had to suspend TWELVE players for stealling phone cards. He is just as sketchy. I hope for mitch’s sake he dosn’t discount Cal, cause this could be the end of him if he blows it and brings in a guy like barnes/few/brey

  39. Jerry Tipton is a Hack

    Barnes or Few=poop IMO

  40. R. Smith

    If Mitch brings in a Barnes/Few/Brey – even Wright, I think the fans are going to want to know immediately that things on are the right track with the new coach. There won’t be any confidence in these guys and we already know we are looking at a couple of sketchy years that could seem like a mountain to many coaches.

    Donovan doesn’t have anything to prove – people will take it for granted that he is making the right decisions for much longer period than a “second tier” guy.

    In some ways Donovan just isn’t a proven coach, he is the coach that can reunite the program

    plus, if our new coach *isn’t* Donovan, he is going to have his hands full regaining the SEC title.

  41. kyhoosiermama

    Sorry Yank, but I believe that is just some Florida fan ‘yanking’ your chain. Just trying to
    get everyone all worked up. Donovan would be an ignorant fool if he really said that stuff.

  42. Bevcat

    Why isn’t Thad Matta getting any consideration? I agree that Billy D should be our first choice. Though Calipari is a great bench coach and recruiter, his teams do seem to be a bit ghetto. My second choice would be Gillespie. His record is unbelievable– from last place in the Big 12 to a Top 10 team. That’s pretty impressive!

  43. James

    My goodness, have any of us had normal sleep schedules since the Tubby story broke? I’m on the internet at 1:30 in the morning, for crying out loud.

  44. SoCal Will

    Did anyone on here guess Brooks when Mitch suddenly needed a football coach? That’s who I want to hear from. Not “my sources say Walt Haris is on a plane….” If Billy D is this year’s Billy Parcells and Mitch gets robbed of a home run then Mitch probably won’t change his spots. A personal connection to his past will likely be determinative! Just my guess…


    CALS teams seem ghetto? Are u serious? He has the same type kids we had when we got Daniels and his corn rows, fitch with his tatts, and sorry but we even have ramel and his tats and his ROCK sign. All of them I dont mind, but from the outside looking in wouldnt all that look ghetto? The reason why his kids look “ghetto” is because at that school they’re allowed to wear their clothes a certain way and have their hair a certain way. At UK when your in season they have to be cut proper and things of that sort. Obviously you havent seen any of the basketball players at UK out in person or on the streets, or even better yet during the summer and early fall before practice starts.

  46. nepalibabu

    whats the delio with calipari?? why wouldnt the UK ppl look at him even though ppl seem to agree that him on the job would be good for both parties?

  47. JTownsend05

    So my wife was returning from a business trip this weekend in St. Louis and was flying back to Cincy. She was in the St. Lois airport and had to use the ladie’s room. She said that as she was washing her hands Yoakim Noah emerged from the stall next to her sobbing and mumbling something about Coach D leaving him for the Kitty Kats. Guys this is a DONE DEAL.

  48. another thing

    It should go without saying, but for those of you in the Louisville area, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD go to the Mickey D’s game and scream your brains out for PPat and Lucas!

  49. University Update

    Monday Morning Coaching Search Breakdown…

  50. Crow

    I have Calipari as 2nd in line after Donovan. If Barnhart doesn’t see it that way then I am confused. Calipari is only the best recruiter in the entire country by a mile and could out recruit Billy Graham at the Harvest Festival.

    Matt Jones, you should sound the horn on Calipari a little louder as we need to know Mitch hasn’t foolishly crossed him off the list.

  51. Mattcat

    SoCal Will, that’s exactly what I’m afraid of. After Morris left for Baylor, the names Spurrier, Chow and Parcells were flying around all over the place. When I heard Rich Brooks was named the new coach, I just sat there with my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe it. As it turns out, Mitch and Brooks had history. So did Mitch and DeMoss.

    Now that there’s a coaching vacancy for Basketball, we keeping hearing all of these huge names being dropped. In reality, Mitch might be looking at some of his previous constituants. With a one man search, only Mitch knows who he’s looking at. Others may like to pretend they know, but the truth is, they are likely as clueless as we are.

  52. UKfan215

    Lots of Arkansas fans are coming on the Catpause board excited about the possibility of Heath being out and Billy G in. I don’t know if there really is something going on there or whether their fans are just as delusional as our’s. Either way, I really hope Gillispie holds off on any decision for now. Outside Donovan, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have than him. And I sure as hell do not want to have to face him every year in the SEC.

  53. Mattcat

    I also like Calipari, but I’d put him ahead of Donovan.

  54. CalifCatFan

    Matt, from reliable “sauces” I heard that Billy D. was seen with Elvis, and
    that it was a done deal…that Elvis was coming back.

  55. James

    my sources said that Rupp is actually going to be the pick. he was cloned back to life from some skin cells found on a paper clip in the Memorial parking lot; Ashley Judd has been carrying the baby.

  56. CalifCatFan

    #55: This is true. Ashley Judd is carrying the baby clone of Adolph. I once saw a documentary about this called the X-Files. I was going to mention it, but you beat me to it. I figured if I mention it first that they would just consider
    me just another crackpot from Calif. OK, I am just another crackpot from
    Calif., but Hey! we’re talking about the future UK basketball coach here.
    It could happen. I once saw another documentary called the Jerry Springer
    Show and they….

  57. RageKage

    I think that it is obvious that everyone will be satisfied if Billy D Signs the line, but there are two very important people that we havent considered how much of an ideal situation this would be for them.

    Patterson and Lucas. If they were coming to UK for tradition and fan support, and they were considering Florida because of Donovan…. well, they can have it all if Donovan comes to UK. Think about it, Donovan comes and maybe brings one or two of his gator friends with him, and possibly some of his recruits, ppat and lucas come as well… Freak man, he could win a title just as quickly here as tubby did.

  58. Dave

    Good work, Matt, keep it up. Thanks.

  59. Ron in OKC

    Hey Matt, Does the Donovan “main guy” / Pelprey “guy in waiting” discussion have any legs or even a couple of toes????

  60. T. Walters

    I have an insight as to what Matt’s true personal list is, and, in the interest of full disclosure, I will break that news
    right here and now:

    (1) John Brady – Despite beginning his career at the zenith of NCAA schools, heaven on the hill, Samford University, Brady
    just might be pursuaded to take the UK gig,
    (2) Tim Millett – Would also fill UK’s void at health teacher, and
    (3) Dowell Maxwell – Would insist that Patrick Patterson was “not going to play college ball unless he plays for me”

  61. Jason

    Matt, you never answer the few serious questions placed in here, but I will give it a shot. Calathes said he would follow BD if he leaves UF. If UF releases a kid from LOI can they place restrictions? You never answered the wuestion as to whether we are going to lose a Scholarship because MOrris left mid semester.

  62. wildcatlover3

    all forces have to push hard for donovan. he will bring the excitement, recruitment, and game plan that all uk fans want. plus if all goes well, we are virtually guaranteed to land patterson, and with 2 additional scholarships left, maybe lucas or billy d could bring some of his recruits with him. he has a pg signed in calathes, and 2 forwards in parsons and tyus. if he wants too, ncaa rules allow a recruit out of his letter of intent if the coach leaves. he is free to bring anyone or all of them if necessary and all three are rated higher than anyone we currently have. if jasper leaves, that will free up the last scholarship needed and frankly, would probably be better anyways. just a thought on how quickly billy the kid could turn around the program and infuse it with talent.

  63. Droops

    What is this Final Four of which you speak?

  64. Cat Toe

    I love some of these rumors. Everyone has a source.

  65. D.Ho

    My source says that if Billy D does not take it, the next line is…… yes, Adolph Pitino!! Who has been my choice since 1973. The time is now right.

  66. Matt S

    What exactly is the Calipari deal with UMass?

  67. h.t.spy

    A good write-up that summarizes why Calipari would be disastrous. Hiring him would dismantle the one thing we can all agree that Tubby did for our program–elevated it above the muck. See below.

  68. TakeABreath

    Yankee Cpt, the veracity of the post quoted from elsewhere re: a son who plays at UF is just a little suspicious. No way a coach would say something like that, allowing it to fester for a week. That could never be kept secret. Billy D. is playing his cards so very close to the vest and something like that is completely inconsistent. Highly suspect “inside” info. In the end,I think Billy D. stays put and UF dramatically increases his salary, plus adds all kinds of retention incentives. All because, he simply never answered the questions directly. How many of us can do that? Double our pay for not answering a simple question.

  69. David

    We should make up an NCAA coaching bracket and the winner of the final game will be who the new coach is and have a pool.

  70. Wednesday

    If we hired Calipari we might as well hire Huggy Bear – they recruit the same type of players. Blech….

  71. Al Purnell here

    My source says Steve Lavin was seen at WalMart in Lexington this weekend buying some hair gel.

  72. anonymous

    I didn’t take the time to read through all of the posts but has anybody heard the one where supposedly Bill D bought a horsefarm near Lexington?

  73. David Shelton

    Matt- Why so down on Ford?
    What about Pelphrey?

  74. TubbyCAT

    The UK job and program would EAT Travis Ford alive at this point in his career. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Crow

    #68, yeah.. Calipari hollered at an obnoxious fan and is a type “A” arsehole instead of being a “nice guy” that looks out for his buddies and keeps them employed even when they are no longer doing their job.

    We need a guy like Calipari, not another do-gooder that spends more time kissing babies than he does kicking arses.

  76. bigc21

    #8 # Anonymous Says:
    March 26th, 2007 at 12:20 am

    not about this, but any links for that Woo interview? Can’t find it and dying to hear it.

    I found it at and on who got it from a member at hope this helps you out.

  77. Wick

    Whether he considers leaving or not, we’re playing into his next pay grade. Calipari used other jobs to ratchet his last salary negotiations up with Memphis, and Donovan would be a fool not to do the same thing. I’m sure we’ll be in the discussion, but it may only be to give him leverage with the Florida AD. It’ll be confusing in the next two weeks, but I really wonder if we can match their money.

  78. Eric

    You guys should also hope that, in the event Billy D. turns you down, you have a plan B that you can execute quickly.

    Having watched UNC’s (first) search, I saw that it does not take many high profile rejections before the media really goes crazy attacking a program.

    Hopefully, though, none of that will matter. Billy D. will win the national championship and, as he is being interviewed by Billy Packer on Monday night, he turns around, kicks Jo Noah in the nuts, puts on a Kentucky Hat, and walks off the court with his arms raised.

    That would be one shining moment.

  79. h.t.spy

    #76, Why make it so black and white? How about someone in between the two–someone who lives to win but is able to live with ethics rules and practice adult self-control? A little perspective, perhaps. The last few years have proven we all need to calm down and move forward, not hire someone who will fan the crazies’ flames. Because the crazies will find a new soapbox now that Tubby’s gone. You know it and I know it.

  80. Going Nowhere
  81. Pete

    #73, anonymous: I have heard the horsefarm purchase story from a local realtor. However, the version I heard was that it has been in the works for a little while, so, even if true, who knows what it means…

  82. TakeABreath

    How many times have we heard the horsefarm story? This gets recycled incredibly often. Realtors? Oh, now there’s a group from whom you want to seek the unqualified truth.

  83. LCW

    Why is everyone so high on Jay Wright? He had one decent year at Nova (2006) after not even making the tourney his first few years and then got whipped by Tubby and our “down” season this year. He is not exactly in a place with no tradition or resources in a tiny conference. What has he done at Nova that was any better than Tubby did at UGA other than wear some nice suits and look cool. Hell, he was on the hot seat before the 05-06 season. I think he is a major step down from what just left (and I think the final score of the first round game says the same thing).

  84. Clay

    Watch out for Slick Rick Stansbury. Barni may whiff on a few studs like the Tub and we may have to call Rick to come in and make people fear the name!

  85. JKW1974

    #85….NO WAY!!!

  86. Tom Crean

    I think the kid in the pic has a blue UK bracelet on????

  87. LCW

    Let me revise my post. I forgot about the sweet 16 in 2005. So Jay Wright’s resume is 3 NIT’s, one losing season with no post-season, one sweet 16 losing to Roy W., one final 8 losing to Billy D, and most recently one first round exit losing to Tubby. Pardon me if I’m not all that excited.

  88. David

    Han anyone heard from Dr.Bob recently. He has disapeared.

  89. Bluebeard

    It’s Billy Gillispie, not Gillespie. Sources = “Babblebiatch”. Speaking of coaches, did anyone else notice Roy Williams crying yet again after a loss? That’s like five times by my count. Dick Vermeil is going to have to come out of retirement. I’m not calling him a big pu$$y; I’m calling him much worse. What he is doing is recruiting. He’s trying to get people to say “wow, look how much he cares”, but this is disingenuous. Roy Williams is a lying, conniving ass. I’ll call it like I see it.

    The reason I bring this up is to make a point. The next coach at UK will not act this way or your ass will get run. I expect a coach to carry himself with class and no disingenous games – like Williams plays – should be tolerated. This is why I think Billy Donovan is the best choice. He is genuine, IMO. When a coach stoops to Roy Williams’ crybaby games, Rick Pitino’s obvious exaggeration, John Calipari’s disrespect for rules, Bruce Pearl’s buffoonery, then the cost is too high. Roll with class or take your hat out of the ring.

  90. Mr. Mujumdar

    Matt, I always appreciate the info you provide and you do a great and professional job in handling everyones comments on this board. However, you need to seriously get a clue when you make a statement that Rick Barnes can’t coach even from your viewpoint.

    He took Texas to the Final Four in ’03, to the Elite 8 in ’06. Barnes ’97 Clemson team beat Rick Pitino’s ’97 team when they were ranked #1 with a healthy Derek Anderson and Ron Mercer. Of course Barnes Clemson teams did lose to Tubby’s ’96 Georgia and ’98 Kentucky team. Thus, I see where you may have a point.

    If Mitch does not land Donovan, Rick Barnes is the coach that you land. He has done a good job at Providence, Clemson, and now Texas. Matt you are right about one thing and that is that he recruits phenomenal talent at Texas.

  91. Mr. Mujumdar

    90- outstanding post. Nothing pleased me more that seeing both UNC and Roy Williams lose. This is the one team that was predicted as a lock to get to the final four both before and during the season. All of you who were in love with their young talent saw nothing finer than their incredibly poor decision making, shot selection, and selfishness playing out in a game that mattered most. All the credit to G’town.

    As for UNC, Reyshawn Terry graduates. If both Hansborough and Wright leave for the NBA, UNC won’t be as much of a beast next year.

  92. Bluebeard

    Mr. Mujumdar, Thanks and I agree about No. Car. They will always be predicted to get to the FF due to the amount of talent they bring year after year. But talent IMO is only 60% of getting there. I’ll say 30% is experience. The on-court leadership is lacking on these strapped together teams with 1 or 2 year players. The other 10% is X and O’s raw coaching. Look at who’s made it this year. JTIII, Howland, Donovan, Matta…they all have long athletic players that can defend and run up and down, but prefer a controlled chaos game and are a great balance of good interior scoring and deadly 3 pt. shooting.

  93. PatMan

    We need Calipari first & foremost, then maybe Billy D.

  94. Nick

    Billy G to arkansas….don’t know if that’s been posted or not, but sounds like it’s a done deal.

  95. TakeABreath

    Heath is out according to the University; it is official.

  96. Chewie

    95, if it’s true about Gillispie, then IMO he knows it is a done deal re: Donovan and UK. He knows he is UK’s 2nd choice, so why take another job if he already knows he’s not getting the UK gig.

  97. Wick

    Like how you found a picture of him in a UK tie (more or less).

  98. VolNation Blog » Blog Archive » Coaching Carousal Builds Steam

    […] returning (did anyone really think that was going to happen?). has a nice breakdown on the possible candidates. Regardless of the long list, Wildcat fans only seem to want to talk about Billy Donovan. […]

  99. kyfan22000

    Just some food for thought: I really don’t have any idea if Billy Donovan will ever coach at Ky…I do know he is a great basketball coach, and I’m sure would love to coach at a basketball (first) university. Florida, the defending national champion, and by most accounts are very likely to repeat: They have 500 hundred fans at their opening round game. Kentucky, a #8 seed, and everyone knew would never get out of the 1st round, has 15,000 fans at its first round games. Something to think about!

  100. The Drunk Kansan Sports » As Billy Donovan Turns …

    […] Coaching Search Breakdown [Kentucky Sports Radio] Bad Form [Yellow Chair Sports] […]

  101. Winston Churchill

    First, his name is spelled GILLISPIE, it’d add credibility to your site to at least get the name right.

    Second, Bobby Knight deserves to be in this discussion, two major institutions such as UK basketball and the great Bobby Knight coming together would be a HUGE splash.

  102. BKELLUM


  103. TWOLFF


  104. Billy D.

    I’ll make the announcement after Monday’s game.

  105. Daniel

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding Monday Morning Coaching Search Breakdown, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong 🙂