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Jodie Meeks Staying


Jodie Meeks is staying at UK according to his father who posts on the message board, Wildcat Nation. The post is linked below, along with the responses…..good news.

Jodie Meeks staying

Article written by Matt Jones

68 responses to “Jodie Meeks Staying”

  1. Daniel


  2. Jody

    People named Jodie, Jody, or Jodi, are just awesome people!!!!

  3. wildcat57

    Awesome news. Jodie could go down as one of the best guards to play at The University of Kentucky

  4. Norrin

    That was thoughtful of Mr. Meeks. Everybody can exhale.

  5. Daniel

    it won’t let me read it even after registering for an account and logging in.

  6. YankeeCpt (Jay)


    This is AMAZING NEWS!

  7. Jon Eagin

    Good start to our next coaches career at UK

  8. Glen - Houston

    He even moves without the ball, Lucas could set assist records playing with Meeks.

  9. Maddman

    He is a key player to the team for this fall.

  10. nepalibabu

    sweet! that pontiac commercial doesnt make sense with UCLA. they should stick with UK. SCHWEET!

  11. Tim - Virginia Beach, Va

    Thats what I’m talking about, Jody is playing for the love of the game and staying with a
    program that is on the move. Can’t help what is done but can help what is going to be.

  12. blue train

    Meeks already is one of my favorite Cats of all-time.

  13. WildcatRick

    #5…. Daniel are you still having problems reading the thread??

    Thanks to all for signing on and posting to Mr Meeks.

  14. Brad King

    Great news!

  15. ChillPill

    This is the kind of news that makes us say…”Cheryl who?”

  16. David

    I hope “Billy the Kid” is as happy as I am at the news Jodie is staying!

  17. BuffyKat

    Thank you Great News You won’t be sorry

  18. DROCK

    GREAT GREAT NEWS!!! We need Jodie to team up with Bradley, Crawford, Lucas and Patterson with BD as the coach…

  19. lexslamman

    Finally, something good happens!

  20. DROCK

    Don’t worry 19, more good will certainly follow!

  21. blue train

    It does make sense that Mr. Meeks would post on Wildcat Nation and not TCP. Doesn’t it? Matt, they are really rude to you on TCP even now that Tubby left.

  22. wyldkatzky

    Mr Meeks has posted on WCN for a while. He’s contributed quite a bit, and even chimed in on the Tubby situation a few weeks ago.

  23. voice of reason

    Too bad we don’t have more players with this type of dedication to the team and program as a whole.

  24. Randy21

    Thank God

  25. Jared Bonshire

    Damn Matt, you almost seem dissapointed.


  26. Step up or Step Off

    If you read his actual post on Wildcat Nation, he doesn’t state, unequivicably, that Jodie will be here next year, he only states that he isn’t certain to transfer RIGHT NOW!

    Noone will know anything until the new coach arrives!

    But it’s certainly better news than what’s coming from the Jasper camp.

  27. Papel_Hygenico

    Jodie will be back so long as Digger Phelps or equivalent isn’t named coach.

  28. Jacob Adam Brooks

    #26 read it again, he more or less says he’s staying as of now… as in, unless something drastic happens to change thing, he’ll be a wild cat.

  29. GMo

    Thank goodness. My pee pee has been shrivled up worrying about it.

  30. Meeks?

    Now is not the time to consider bailing. But maybe later will be.

  31. Steven Leffler

    Thank the Good Lord in Heaven…If he were to leave I would cry.

  32. TCPcat

    Awsome to hear,,,,just back back in from Dinner with family and i am stoked!! Thank you Jodie!

  33. GMo

    I don’t know if anyone heard Tubby on ESPN radio this morning, but he made the comment
    that he decided to leave during the meeting with Barnhart and Todd.

  34. Han

    33) Interesting, and not surprising.

    My gut feeling is that he had an open line to Minnesota as his escape route/backup plan, and when he realized just how much more pressure he was going to be under if he returned (and after the season ended disappointingly again), he just decided to use his lifeline and move on.

    By the way, to anyone in Lexington, Matt Walls and Scott County are on CW right now (Insight 5 or 17) finishing up their game in Rupp at the SS.

  35. Randy21

    jodie meeks is my dude

  36. Han

    Scott County and Matt Walls won – State Champions

  37. Boggie

    I’ll bet Jodie will change his mind if Mike Brey is the new coach. Wouldn’t you?

  38. Matt S

    It is awesome to see our best player return

  39. another thing

    Hopefully Meeks realizes that he has the opportunity to become a true star with Morris gone. He will get 20 shots/game next year. Regardless of what happens with the team, he will be in a great position over the next few years to score a ton of points and become a frequent presence on national highlight reels.

  40. Step up or Step Off

    yeah Scott Co wins State but Walls had one of the WORST tourneys for a “star” playe that i can remember-he was horrible…but thanks to Mackey, they won anyway

  41. Papel_Hygenico

    The way next year is shaping up, Meeks can stay at UK and become one of the Second Unforgettables, and be Ag. Commissioner in fifteen years if he so chooses.

  42. Tom Gay

    Matt- Did TCCAT on the Cats Pause site go to jail? He was a great source of info.

  43. goonies24

    good news…..the news on pitino was in lexington was true…he had dinner with Mitch one night, and came back to lex. the next day, but not to talk about him being our next coach…he is the third person in trying to get Billy D. here….

  44. Han

    42) If that was the guy dealing with the vacation stuff, I think he’s being arraigned. Not sure if it was Friday or this coming week or what.

  45. Anonymous TCCat changes from Blue & White to black & white stripes.

  46. Evan

    so is jodie def. staying??? and is matt walls good? i mean like how good is he out of 10?
    just wondering

  47. Phillip

    Two questions….

    If Pitino and Mitch rode around and went to dinner, how big would the vehicle or the door jams have to be to accomodate the egos? And….if Pitino was lobbying for BD, is it most likely becuase Ricky wants to coach Florida. HAH

    Let’s see….
    Billy to UK
    Ricky P to Florida
    Calipari to UL
    Pelphrey to Memphis

  48. WildcatDan

    The title of the thread coupled with what Mr. Meeks posted pretty much tells you that as of right now, Jodie WILL be back.

  49. tubbyrulz

    i want tubby back. there is no real coach out there that i really like. Tom izzo would be my first choice, jay wright next, john calipari third, and then billy donovan last. billy d won a national championship and a final four but tuggy always out coached him except for the last couple of years, and that was due to talent more than coaching.tom izzo is really good. his teams play good defence and a great all around offense. he recruits the same style of players as tubby but more talented and that is becuase he dont have to leave the state. calipari is a cheater but a great coach. jay wright is young and having alot of success at villinova and plays in the big east.

  50. barry

    no izzo…boring!

  51. kyhoosiermama

    Just got back from Rupp and I’m telling ya, IU is getting a player in Mackey.
    Walls didn’t have a good game at all. Looked rattled by Ballard’s pressure.
    It was one of the worst officiated games I’ve ever seen and I wasn’t supporting
    either team. KHSAA should be embarrassed by the crew they put out there.

  52. Daniel

    43, nice.

  53. This guy

    Hell yeah, we love Meeks. Everyone please try and keep Jodie’s grandma in your prayers!!!

  54. ???

    just wondering how there is any evidence to support this claim. why would jodie meeks’ father feel the need to break this news on a message board, and not to the press? this is just a ploy to get hits for a website, and nothing more. it seems to have worked. i believe meeks will be back, but i do not believe that “mr.meeks” is is father. its almost comical just how niave some cats fans really are!

  55. jon

    51- The only thing about mackey negative, and it has been stated by many sources, is a really bad attitude and work ethic. I see much more potential in hopson and miller out of Kentucky HS’s in ’08.

  56. kyhoosiermama

    54 Mr Meeks regularly posts on that website. Take it for what it’s worth.

  57. YankeeCpt (Jay)

    I am telling you guys. Calipari was cleared of any and all wrong doings. Now barring what UK Admin can figure out- he would be a solid backup to Billy Donovan.

    I give you this link as a resort for you to be able to see the caliber of players Billy D, Calipari, and Billy G have broought in since 2004 and up to 2008:

    Check it out!

  58. Dr. Bob

    I’m hearing up here in Mass. that Travis will be your next coach.

  59. TubbyCAT

    Who recruited Jodie Meeks to UK? Anyone???

  60. Tom

    Ballard should have won the Sweet 16 last night; Scott could not handle the Ballard pressure. The call by the ref midway through the fourth quarter that gave the ball to Scott after they had clearly swatted it out of Ballard’s #3’s hand probably cost them the game. But, my bracket is winning the KSR challenge on…

  61. Voice of Reason

    #19 Finally something good happens? Something good happened when Tubby left!

  62. luke spears

    geez guys how does jodies dick taste. you all act like hes the savior. there will be no success untill tubby is gone. go catz

  63. David Shelton

    And I’m telling you Meeks is
    leaving. His father is covering for him so he
    can finish out the semester at UK without
    feeling uncomfortable. Once he packs his bags
    and leaves the Wildcat Lodge in May and is
    safely back home in Atlanta he will announce
    his decision to transfer to GA Tech. I know this for a fact.Jasper will not return either
    and Porter is suspect.

  64. Voice of Reason

    #63 I don’t know about this. Seems that Meeks came to play for UK not Tubby. Why would he leave when there will be more opportunity for success with the next coach?

  65. luke spears

    wow davaid shelton, it seems you have some solid inside sorces, because if you didnt, shirly you wouldnt be stating blind opinions as facts. but your not a completly dumbass so im just going to assume that you have a solid inside source. you do dont you?

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