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Patterson update

Contrary to some rumors going around, Patrick Patterson did not commit to Florida. Spoke with his father, who said that he had a “good time in Gatorville.” They plan on narrowing it to three after the state tournament.

That is all….

Article written by Matt Jones

143 responses to “Patterson update”

  1. Phil Shelley

    This still appears to be a wait and see on whether or not OTS and/or BD leave.

  2. mrbluehead

    it’s just a matter of time

  3. alphacat

    If Tubby is back, both Jai and Patrick come to UK. Jai is probably much stronger to the ‘Cats than Patrick. JMO.

  4. TheDynastyContinues

    #3 is apparently not a UK fan or he would not be so overjoyed that we may miss out on top recruits.

  5. Pitino's PPHolder

    3 Obvious you really love UK. Way to be a blowhard.

  6. Pitino's PPHolder

    Then don’t come to his site. Easy solution son

  7. Pitino's PPHolder

    Nope, blowhard

  8. T Svoboda

    Good to hear…been sweating bullets this morning over the Florida reports.

  9. Pitino's PPHolder

    HAHHAHA, nice comeback…are you 12?

  10. The Kid Stuck In Haggin Hall

    #6… i forgot Matt came to your house and placed a gun to your head and forced you to go to this website…

    you know, if the wildcats had a hand motion that we do for every game like the retarded gator chomp, im sure he would have done it at march madness.. you guys are blowing this wayyyyy out of proportion.. lets see what happens

  11. The Kid Stuck In Haggin Hall

    correction to mine…. midnight madness/


    it seems to be a situation of he wants to know not only what coaches are staying where, but what players are staying where as well.

  13. Matt Jones Your my Hero

    i think we still have a good chance for both to come but only if tubby is still here i think we should give him until both of them commit somewhere hopefully uk even if they dont commit ive him at least one more year

  14. wildcatcrazy

    All I have to say is, don’t get your hopes up that PP will be a Wildcat.

  15. wildcatadam6

    Hey number 45, you must suck.

  16. TubbyCAT

    I just wish the entire fan base would come together and SUPPORT the CATS and Coach Smith at tourney time! Never gonna, happen I realize that!

  17. bakert

    24, that is crap. No matter who the coach is you should support the players and the program. But then again you are probably a moron, so who really cares what you think?

  18. Tom Gay

    For what it’s worth and not sure how valid it is, the thinking inside the AD dept is that the Texas Tech coach would be the mostly likely replacement. Some think that if we lose to
    Ala. we are out of the NCAAs. The buy-out money is already there. Matt what do you think about the Texas Tech coach?

  19. Karl Hungus

    smell ye later patterson. same song, different verse. tubby tried… there’s always next year to land the big fish! hopefully there won’t be a next year for the tub needs to be drained.

  20. t will's PPholder

    Us Da Ville fans need to start a PENIS PUMP holder union. I’m getting tired of holding T Will’s all the time. He uses his constantly. His ego needs help from brick enough three’s to build the new stadium by himself.

  21. Bobby Adkins

    When is the West VA. state tournament over with? Speaking of state tournaments when does the KY tourney start?

  22. Pitino's PPHolder

    Yes, I’m being mocked that means I’ve made it big time….celebrating
    with some SoCo!

  23. Han

    I love the smell of deleted comments in the (early afternoon).

    Good to see semi-official news that PP has not committed to Florida.

    My guess is he’s stronger to Florida, depending on who leaves there (including the coach), but who knows? If Tubby confirms publicly (with support from Mitch) that he is returning next year, Jai may commit, and after that, our chances for PP may go up.

  24. Tom Gay

    Yeah Matt- I meant the A&M Coach. I don’t think we have a realistic shot at Billy Boy.

  25. wildestcat

    Thats a good guess HAN for somebody that picks UK to
    win everygame and constantly kisses TUBBYS butt I’m amazed
    that you actually think PATTERSON may go somewhere else
    maybe you are coming to reality.Try this he will not come
    to UK 100% ITS OBVIOUS.

  26. Lueker

    #22 The boys state tournament starts two weeks from Wednesday. It is pushed back a week this year since Rupp got 1st/2nd round NCAA Tournament games.

  27. Boofdaddy

    UK has a total of 0 votes in the new coach’s poll. Zero! Also CBS has UK as a 10 seed. If UK loses to ‘Bama on Thursday they’ll be sweating it out on selection Sunday.

    PS U of L is up to a 4 seed.

  28. losingluv4tubby

    You want to know what I think of Texas A&M’s coach: Who’s Texas A&M? Yeah they’re having a good year this year. And a decent year last year. Other than that and football, who’s Texas A&M?

    And about Kentucky: You know what’s sad: can somebody give me any positive news on Kentucky Basketball right now? It’s so sad. Give me a positive. It’s hard to find one.

  29. Genuine Realist

    Pelphrey. Gotta be – if it happens.

  30. Boofdaddy

    Wonder if they’ll be taking callers during Tubby’s show tonight?

  31. ukiwildcats2007

    Kentucky Baseball still undefeated……

  32. losingluv4tubby

    Latest ESPN/USA Today poll which came out today: Of course it gives the top 25 and then others receiving votes. There are 18 other teams receiving votes meaning those are the top 43 teams. UK is not in the top 43 teams. NOT IN THE TOP 43. These are notable others receiving votes: Virginia Commonwealth, Vermont, UMass plus about 5 other BUBBLE teams. All ahead of KY.

  33. Roger

    No ex-UK players are qualified to be the next coach. It absolutely must be someone with proven NCAA experience and a style that suits the university.

  34. tubby's final days...

    tubby’s final days are upon us… that’s the only good news around… if he makes it til next year, we still don’t have a solid 4 that tubby will trust enough to play so… we’ll have the worst three year stretch in the glorious history of kentucky basketball… however, he will not be here next year. For I have seen the signs, the ides of march are approaching and Tubby’s final days are upon us…

  35. Jacob Adam Brooks

    I don’t care how you spin it… when Patterson is doing the gator chomp while his other supposed top 3 is getting their butts kicked… he’s not being objective. The fact that we’re losing, quite disgracefully mind you, and he’s getting up and cheering on the fan base and supporting Flordia stomping us… I don’t care how you spin it, that’s not objective. If he was just there to get a feel for the teams and still had us in a nose to nose race, he would more likely just waive to the crowd and remain objective. that’s not what he did… please don’t blast me over this, think about it first… but UK is probably only still in it at this point because of the possibility of playing with Jai and the fact that his parents (mom) likes UK so much. We’re behind, and no matter of time is going to change his mind… if he decided today or in two months, he’s still going elsewehre… and sadly I don’t blame him. What he witnessed yesterday is all he needed to see to know the current program standards. Better talent, better coach, better location… with the exception of the UK history, Florida is leading on all accounts… it’s sad, but it’s true… which is why I’m so pissed. We should always be a contender… however that is no longer the case.

  36. wildestcat

    #36 I agree 100%

  37. Outlaw Josey Wales

    #37 i agree with you for agreeing with #36 100%….

  38. Des Moines Rugby

    Florida is loading up for next year with Parsons, Tyus and Calethes in the fold. They add Patterson they have a top 5 class. Hell right now it is a top 10 class. We have AJ Stewart and Mike Williams and we aren’t ranked in recruiting or the actual polls. Doesn’t take an expert to realize we are bringing up the rear in this battle.

  39. losingluv4tubby

    I agree 36. If he’s doing the Gator Chomp and they are playing Tennessee, Georgia, Vandy, anyone I don’t put as much stock in it. If he’s doing it when they are playing Kentucky and laying an ass kicking on Kentucky then I do put stock in it. He was living up the atmosphere at the expense of Kentucky and screw him for it.

  40. Micah Pearson

    Yeah it seems to me that Patterson is on his way to Florida, but Jai could change this. Also it depends on who leaves at Florida. Ideally for Florida they would get everyone back but Noah or possibly Horford. This would give Patterson the starting role but have a stellar good team to run with. At UK we need Morris to come back, so Patterson is convinced we will be as good as Florida or better with him starting at the 4. If Tubby is gone, then Patterson is a lock for Florida. If Donavon is gone, but Tubby is here, he is probably a lock for us. If we both leave, he will be going some place esle like Virginia.

    I think his decision right now means very little because he is going to decide on many things such as the coaching situation and who is leaving from Florida and UK. So in all honesty what he feels right now means very little unless he is ready to commit. If he gets tired of waiting and verbals then obviously we are hurt, but that isn’t happening. He will wait to see who looks better when the dust clears, so yes Florida leads but to be worried about that is like worried about your horse being in second place after the first turn of the track… wait till the end of the race before you rip up your betting ticket!

  41. Micah Pearson

    Also on the whole coach situation…we need to wait one year before firing Tubby… if we fire him now that is going to hurt us because UK will look really bad by firing a coach after two lack luster years that still got us dancing…after next year it will be obvious if Tubby can right the ship or not and that is one less million dollars we have to give out to buy his contract out. Gillipsie may be interested but let him prove one more year of success at Texas A&M before we sign him up at UK…plenty of coaches can have a few years of success, let him prove himself for one more year while we see if Tubby can bring us back or not. No doubt he slipped up and we are now paying for a few years of bad recruiting…but some acted like he was suppose to just fix that in one year…that would be quite a challenge especially with Rondo leaving…so give him one more year to prove his ability…then if he doesn’t cut it…then like in every job you find someone who can.

  42. Han

    26) Yeah, what kind of idiot picks their team to win every game. GOSH.

    By the way, only a fool or an insider says things are 100% certain before they happen. Which are you?

    If Patterson is 100% to Florida, he’d verbal.

  43. alphacat

    IMO, the only starter that returns for the Gators is Green. They also lose 6th man Richard. Stevenson is the only PF on UK’s roster. Morris is the only underclassman UK will lose. There are plenty of minutes for Patterson at either school. It comes down to who he wants to play for more, Tubby or Billy D. One, or both, may be elsewhere next year.

  44. wildcatadam6

    42, “getting us dancing” is nowhere near enough. dammit, we ARE KENTUCKY!

  45. BRN2BNK

    Off subject, but has anyone heard anything on Steele’s status for Thursday’s game?

  46. flipisatrip

    46 and other people act like we haven’t had a quality team capable of winning it all in 9 years. Tubby has had the number one overall seed multiple times here. Two down years, this year should be no surprise if you watched a single game last season. Calm down and give it a couple more years. 96-98 seasons could have been the worst thing for this program. It gave fans a mythical perception of what college basketball is.

  47. alphacat

    As for letting Tubby go, UK comes out bad no matter how you cut it. Say what you will, he won an NCAA title to go along with 3 other Elite 8 and 5 SEC Titles. If, IF, UK were to miss The Dance this year or next, then it could be justified. Ultimately, it will not play well, ever, nationally and could seriously hinder Barnhart’s ability to land a suitable replacement.

  48. Tom Gay

    Want a funnier one- just heard Tubby to the Celtics. Rondo- would love that.

  49. alphacat

    47, he’s out. UK should cruise. The path is paved to the title game for the ‘Cats.

  50. losingluv4tubby

    If we lose Thursday, we may not even “Go Dancing” this year.

  51. kyhoosiermama

    49 Right on. No matter what or when, it will be ugly one way or another

  52. wildestcat

    #43 Its rediculous to think UK could beat FLORIDA in GAINESVILLE.
    Its also obvious to me anyway that PATTERSON is not leaning
    to UK.It also seems rediculous to keep taking up for a coach
    that is destorying your basketball program.It makes you look
    pretty silly to most I would think.

  53. bigblue

    Not sure what the fascination with John Pelphrey is aside from being a former player. He coaches SOUTH ALABAMA, which is hardly anything close to the SEC, or even Missouri Valley Conferencefor that matter. Tubby Smith has put a crack in the foundation of UK basketball but hiring Pelphrey will bring the whole thing down. I seriously doubt that there is not somebody out there thats not better than Pelphrey.

  54. Jacob Adam Brooks

    My only problem with giving him another year (and I know this sounds harsh) is that I really don’t want to give him another year to get us deeper into trouble. If we assume that Tubby and Billy both stay, I’ll say we get Lucas, but in the end Patterson still goes to florida. So we look like this in a best case scenerio…


    I like that way better than this year, but that team still has problems… tubby may still not trust stevenson enough to play him, and we’ll need him big time next year… exactly why he should be playing more this year… but even IF morris stays and IF we get Lucs, I have a hard time seeing tubby benching bradley for a majority of the game which means that Crawford, Jasper, Meeks, Lucas, and Porter will be splitting time at 2 posistions. on top of that, Florida will be just as good next year and at least still be better than us… Tennessee will lose lofton, but they may still be better overall with the maturation of crews (and that other young forward who’s name escapes me) and the addition of a top 15 class again next year, they’ll get second next year and once again we’ll be in a battle for third in the sec east… 3rd/4th in the SEC for three straight year? That’s a very damaging prospect… and once again not to sound so harsh, but giving tubby another year results in giving him another shot to screw up a potentially gold mine recruiting class… he’s a good man but… that’s rough, even under good cirumstances…

  55. kyhoosiermama

    54 I think its rediculous to say Tubby or should I type TUBBY is destroying our program. He runs a clean program that has had a ton of success. But I guess you are “What have you done for me lately” groupie. But to say he’s destroying the program is pretty silly to me.

  56. Raptorky

    I’m pretty much on the fence on this one guys.

    I like Tubby. Good coach, but he deperatley needs to get his butt out there and land some self-motivated talent. Hell that is the ONLY thing that bothers me about him. 1. Recruiting, which Finney I thnik will fix. 2. Motivation, this year’s team is probabaly the last group of men I would like to be in a foxhole with.Yet when you look at Tub’s previous teams, that wasn’t a problem leading me to belive that it’s the player’s fault on that end.

    I am 100% behind Tub if he can land some good kids soon, and Day Day and Frease are BIG steps in that direction, so is Lucas.

    Though I also have no problem with a parting of ways and bringing in a quick-fixer like D’Antoni or Calipari. Both ways I see us getting back in this game and I am not opposed to either.

  57. wildestcat

    Tubby has no kind of class coming next year he banked
    everything on PATTERSON,LUCAS.If he stays brace yourself next
    year will be really ugly.

  58. kyhoosiermama

    Great post RaptorKy. I pretty much sit on that fence with you. I love UK so much and I just want all of UK sports to do well, but also with class and dignity.

  59. Raptorky

    Don’t think it will be ugly, especially if we have Morris back. Hell it might even be BETTER than this year. AJ and Williams at least are competaent frotcourt members, along with Carter back. We really don’t lose a ton (sorry guys) with the seniors.

  60. kyhoosiermama

    59 Have PATTERSON or LUCAS signed elsewhere? I think UK still is in the running so to say we have no kind of class coming in is a little premature. We got Morris very late in the spring of his senior year, nothing different.

  61. wildest cat

    #61Morris won’t be back those guys coming in are projects.
    FLORIDA,DUKE,KANSAS ST.,UNC,UCLA all have great classes coming
    TUBBY is going to get scraps as usual.

  62. kb

    Just food for thought, and might have already been stated, but maybe Patrick has decided Florida is where he wants to be but the parents aren’t so sure that’s where they want him to go. That would go a long way to explaining the contrary reports.

  63. Raptorky

    TY kyhoosiermama, I think this is where alot of silent people sit. Everyone knows OTS can coach, there is no way on God’s Green Earth he was handed the keys to the Big Blue Cadillac if he couldn’t. What you have seen is an aversion to big name players that landed us this Senior class, a lazy Junior class, and no Sophomores. It is a recipe for the ‘disaster’ we expirience now.

    Alot of people are stinging over the UF loss, but hell, they are one damn good team, and I’m not afraid to admit it. The SEC is brutal compared to even 5 years ago. 10 losses off of the #1 Strength of Schedule aint too shabby considering the cards we are playing with.

    Obviously people qill question if Tubby is the right ‘dealer’ or not, but he needs the chance to land some guys, and people just have no idea how good AJ and Mike will be. Not saying that I do, they could suck horribly, but noone on here knows and are lying if they say they do.

    The Kentucky basketball team also has a bad case of Cancerously Delusional Vulture Fans.

  64. killer45

    piss on patterson he is just leading everyone on. when he announces for florida it is going to break all your hearts. move on.

  65. Micah Pearson

    59 and others what recruits do we get if he leaves? Many act like we will bring in other recruits if Tubby leaves…that isn’t true…we lose Tubby we guaranteed lose Patterson, probably Lucas, and may even lose guys like Stewart…

    The question is, is firing Tubby going to be better for the UK program in the long run. Is having another year of less talent coming in under a new coach worth sacrificing a year where we have practically no help on the way…

    I truly feel we as UK fans have to be a little patient to see if Tubby can right the ship or we will be looked at nationally as the program who has no loyality to a coach no matter what he does for us if he has a a couple of sub par years…

    I am no way satisfied with Tubby but I am not satisfied with turning off Lucas and Patterson and having a new coach coming in with the cupboard bear. I honestly think Tubby felt he didn’t have to recruit hard because it came so easy before, now that he has seen the lack of success this year and last has brought he will recruit harder.

    Kentucky has a lot to recruit under especially with our new practice facility.

    If Patterson and Lucas still goes elsewhere and it is obvious he isn’t bringing in top quality players…then we will know for sure that Tubby isn’t getting the job done and we will not give off a negative impression that we dont give our coaches the chance to right the ship. Timing is everything and if we fire to soon we will miss the mark. One more year! One more year! Tubby your under the gone, can you handle it? I hope so…

  66. NateWill85

    Patterson is showing on rivals that Florida, Duke and Kentucky is his top three schools

  67. kb

    If Tubby didn’t learn what to do after his first 3 10 loss seasons there’s no reason to believe he’ll have an epiphany now. Will the 07 class suck if he’s fired, probably, but long term the program will be better off.

  68. Greg

    Getting caught up in the Gator Chomp on Senior Day is not surprising, I wish it wasn’t against us but…I think that Patterson and his parents will consider everything. In my opinion UK offers a stronger team next year with its’ returning players and a good complimentary recruiting class that will supplement Pattersons growth better than any of the other schools. If Lucas committs the competition at point guard will make them all able to run an offense or sit down. No other school can offer the facilites, resources or the ability stay on top as UK.
    Yeah, the last two years have been tough, but only by our standards. Billy D lost to Tubby 8 straight times with supposedly superior recruiting classes. Tubby missing on a couple of recruits the last two years has slowed the train, but he appears to have tried to correct that by working his butt off trying to get Patterson. We are only one top player away, if Lucas comes with Patterson well, we all will be singing a different tune. Now is the time to be like the Rupp crowd at the Georgia game, we are not dead yet. Go Cats

  69. gocats012

    #50: I heard the same thing about Tubby to the C’s. I didn’t think of the Rondo aspect, but rather the fact that the last 2 coaches at UK left for the Celtics.
    I feel Tubby will end up in the NBA next season & all the talk of firing or buyout flies out the window. I don’t claim to have any insider info, just an opinion based on rumor. Maybe I should send my resume to Herald-Leader.

  70. Jacob Adam Brooks

    It’s not delusional to assume we should be a constant title contender… in down years we should struggle to stay in the top 25 but still be there for the majortiy of th etimes…. (right now we are about 43rd in the nation if you go by the ap poll voting) that’s on a down year, even in a down year, we should AT LEAST HAVE THE CHANCE to make a title run, we haven’t the last two years… Its not delusional to think we should NEVER get sub 50 classes and especially not 3 out of 5 years… IT IS DELUSIONAL to still assume everythig is ok and that TUBBY is still an all around (that includes recruiting) top 5 coach in america… that’s delusions partner.

  71. shelbycat24

    I hear walmart is passing out shotguns for all you so called fans, please do us us a favor and end it all, I am so sick of hearing about getting rid of tubby, Until he is gone, he still coaches our team the University of Kentucky, at least thats my team, and I will stand by the team as long as I am alive. Also guys do you honestly think we are going to land the recruits we want or keep the guy in 08 or have a chance of keeping frease and miller around if we just push tubby out the door. I have lost patience myself with the coach but I still cheer and love those player who wear the blue and white and sport that name across there chest….thankyou

  72. wildest cat

    #67 Whoose to say that another coach may bring some guys with him its
    happened before.But I don’t even care we are going nowhwere with TUBBY
    he has had plenty of chances and even PROMISED we would not have anther
    season like last year and as far as I’m concearned this year is worse
    and even more embarrassing.So the promise was a lie and his recruiting again
    looks to be horrendous.

  73. craigo

    we will make the tourney. 5 teams we have lost to are in the top 8 in the country. also vandy twice who is ranked too. i know our best two wins are louisville (looking better everyday and IU), but with rpi 51-100 we are 11-1. with top 3 SOS and still a top 12 RPI we will definitely be in the tourney given the fact that thos are what the commitee looks at in bubble teams. as for Patrick Patterson, don’t give up on him yet, trust me.

  74. Lame Duck Tubby

    Once again… supporting your team and supporting tubby are not synonomous… supporrting tubby while we’re getting killed is supporting tubby… always cheering on uk and hoping for the best for the program, no matter what has to happen, is supporting the team and the university. There’s a difference, and telling the folks that know the difference to go kill themselves is just shameful and immature… not to mention it shows how crazy the hard core tubby loyalist are… of course, you’d have to be crazy to think everythings looking on the up and up…

  75. tubby's final days...

    #36 you too are a profit

  76. Micah Pearson

    The fact is we have had two seasons of being unsuccessful. If your Tubby and you feel UK will win and bring in good enough talent because were UK (stupid thought yes…but seems to be the case)then obviously when your proven wrong you got to do what you can to fix it. When was he proven wrong about mid of last season it was pretty apparent UK wasn’t just in a slump but that UK was not bringing to the table a team to contend with the title. So he has had less then one and half years to rebuild this team…

    Is it his fault we have spiraled? Yes, but never the less he seems to be working hard to right the ship which will take more then a half a season to fix. Next year if Morris comes back and he can get Patterson and Lucas, we are a good team. Especially if Crawford and Morris are at their best (two high school all americans in their senior year tends to equal some success), then Jasper needs to learn to shoot the ball, and Patterson and Carter need to gain some weight and develop their game.

    We lose very little if Morris comes back (except for maybe Perry who has had a few good games lately).

    So all this equals Tubby righting the ship and all is good in Catland. We could easily not get Patterson and Lucas and Morris could leave which equals NIT bound…

    This happens then we can call for the firing squad. But when there is a decent chance of all being marry again next year then it does seem silly for so many to be passionate about calling for tubbys head.

    Let go of this “he has had ten years stuff…” that is pretty misleading since before last year we were number one seed for three years in a row….

    Of course all of this I through out the window if someone like Billy D wants the job…which would be selling out in its finest…because there is no reason for Billy D to come here except for the 1.5 million and the nicer office…

  77. wildcatcrazy

    #76, Amen. Preach it brother.

  78. tubby's final days...

    Question is… why give tubby another year to bring us down to the NIT level.. it’s much harder to rebound at that point then it would be for a new coach with the current team….If tubby misses on the 08 class AND loses Patterson and Lucas… WOW… we have no sophmore class… the juniors will graduate by then, the freshman will be going into thir junior years, with no seniors, a potentially terrible sophmore class behind them, and any freshman tubby landed in 08 jumping ship once he gets fired… think about that. Everyone assumes it’s better to give him one more year… but that’s only if he succeeds… if he has another bad year and we get rid of him then… it’ll be way worse then this eyar…

    Seniors – none

    Juniors – Jasper, Harris, Meeks, Porter, Carter

    Soph – Stewart, Lucas, Pettigrew, Williams

    Freshman – Who knows because some will jump ship if tubby were to get fired…

    All and all… waiting one more year could be very disastorous… atleast a new coach at the end of this year would have decent talent to work with and a full season to recruit for 08.

  79. gocats012

    I don’t know if Tubby leaving is the answer or if Tubby staying to right the ship is the answer. All I know is that this is not the way it should be. How can that be twisted into not supporting the program?

  80. Lame Duck Tubby

    #80…. WOW, nuff said.

  81. Lame Duck Tubby

    Didn’t say you weren’t supporting the program… I said supporting tubby no matter what happens isn’t synonomous with supporting the program… telling the people who love the program but think tubby’s a joke to kill themselves does not sound very reasonable and that’s the difference. Saying “we should support tubby no matter how far we fall” is supporting tubby… wanting whats best for the program is supporting the program… no if you think tubby’s still best for the program then that’s fine… I’m just saying that if you specifically say that you’ll support tubby through and through just because he’s our coach then you’re supporting tubby in itself… it should not be confused with supporting the program.

  82. Micah Pearson

    I will admit it is a degree of a gamble to give Tubby another year. But in our current situation it is a “choose your poison” do we gamble with keeping Tubby or do we gamble by firing Tubby. To be honest if Mitch told him he has one more year to right the ship last year, then he has to look elsewhere after this season or his word means nothing. But if that conversation did not take place, then after this season Mitch has to look at which situation is there a bigger gamble. To me it is abigger gamble to fire him because it guarantees a bad freshman class coming in and it makes us look horrible on a national perspective. Of course if one of the top notch coaches is ready to fill his shoes then it will work out, but if Mitch doesn’t know this to be the case, then it will be a challenge to get someone of high status to come here knowing what type of pressure he will be under to succeed.

    As far as if we make the nit, its hard to get out that isn’t true at all… look at North Carolina…they did it…Louisville is doing it…plenty of teams can do this…no nit sounds horrible to me but nit next year is not going to be based on tubby being there or not, it will be based on if we can get Patterson and Lucas and if Morris stays. Sometimes I really dislike Morris for not giving his best…but we will have Carter and Williams as our only centers next year if Morris leaves…

    I dont care if we got Roy Williams, or Coach K or Bill Self, John Calapari, none of these guys will keep us out of the nit if we lose Morris and only Stewart and Williams are coming in…

  83. Slobbering Clown Spawn

    No. 84, I like how all your posts are almost exactly the same length! Keep doing it!

  84. shelbycat24

    What you do with your shotgun that you purchase at Walmart is your choice. Shoot your dog, your foot,and your neighbor for all I care. I am not a Tubby supporter, I am a UK supporter and I just get tired of reading all of the negative things that surround our team. I am pissed like the rest of you guys, and for the first time this year I found myself walking away from the T.v. When that happens its time for some changes. I just want to make the right changes, and I think only time will tell. We should all support the players who work hard for us, and see where the road takes us.

  85. bigblue

    Lame Duck Tubby, what is your response to the fans who have admitted to cheering for the opposing team and rooting for Kentucky to lose. A coaching change is necessary but I will never root against UK. Don’t these fans realize that while a loss is relected in Tubby’s coaching record, that a loss is also reflected in the record for Kentucky?? I don’t see how that is supporting the program. I will cheer the Cats on for every game and never will I say that I hope they lose. I’m not satisfied with losing but doesn’t mean I will stop hoping for them to win.

  86. Lame Duck Tubby

    I agree 87, if you root against the program because you hate tubby, then that’s not supporting the program or tubby… I’m just saying that it’s not synonomous… don’t say that we HAVE to support tubby because “that’s what supporting the program means” it’s just not the same thing. I didn’t say cheering for tubby is NOT supporting the program, I just said that standing behind tubby JUST because he’s the coach…even if you know he’s not doing a good job, is supporting tubby… if you think he’s still doing a good job then that’s fine… like I said, just don’t say.. “you have to support tubby if you support the program” it’s not the same.

  87. Jacob Adam Brooks

    Tubby, is no longer the best option period. He may still be a great coach, and a great man, but he’s not getting the best results and hasn’t for 2 years in a row and next year is not looking much better… if you allow him three years to lose 26-28 games it will stay with the program for awhile. A new coach could take the current group and do soething with them… tubby has proved he can’t win with this group and I’d like to see another coach get a shot with Jasper, Meeks, Crawford, Stevenson, and Morris….

  88. BigBlueFan28

    Why are we blaming Tubby everyone? CM Newton is the one to blame. He hired
    Tubby and the program is going to hell. He also hired Hal Mumme who
    destroyed the football program. We should also blame Pitino for dominating
    during the 90s that made our expectations so high and made us all raging
    lunatics right now. But who really cares about PP and Lucas? I want a coach
    who will bring in a Mayo, Walker, Beasley, Gordon, etc. Not these players
    ranked 30 or higher. We need difference making freshman like Wright and

  89. D-Hub®

    I have mixed feelings on Tubby too. I know that firing him would likely lead to a .500 or below record next year, because we would lose recruits and current players. Unless you can get a big-time coach immediately. But I also think Tubby is capable of leading a team to another NCAA title. But I don’t think he has a quality staff to help him. As I’ve said before, I’d like to see Bennett and Macy on the staff.
    If we don’t get Patterson, and if Morris leaves….then hopefully UK would be able to sign Rusher and Akol, and Pettigrew. That’s assuming they have 3 schollies since Jai might not come if Pat doesn’t. I would definitely try to get Pettigrew, and any other decent Kentucky high-schooler. You can always count on the home kids to put everything they’ve got into it when they play for UK. Most of them anyways.

  90. D-Hub®

    90, Hal Mumme actually built the interest up in UK football. He’s not the only coach to cheat. I wouldnt accuse Mumme of destroying the football program cause it was mediocre to begin with. At least he gave us some excitement for a couple years, which is more than his predecessor did.

  91. Turkey "MILF" Hunter

    Seems to be a foregone conclusion on here that Duke is out of the running for Patterson. I wouldnt count out K and Duke just yet.

  92. payne

    I am confused about all of this complaining about recruiting. Last I checked UK had 2 Top 100 guys already signed and were on the short list with 2 Top 20 guys. Both Lucas and Patterson really like UK so Tubby and staff must not be screwing up as badly as some of you like to think.

    If either of those guys is looking for a reason not to go to Kentucky they have to look much further than some of the stuff you guys post.

    The 40s are over. There are 100 teams that can beat you on a given night now instead of there being only a few like there used to be. Quit living in the past and accept that the game has changed.

  93. Forrest4Three

    If Tubby isnt tearing our program down then just what is he doing to it?

    Are we better than we were when he came here. Or even the same level…

    no and NO!

  94. Turkey "MILF" Hunter


    AJ Stewart has dropped to the #140 range.

    Mike Williams is a 2 STAR recuit not even in the top 200 AND suspended from his HS team.

    Ramon Harris choices were UK, Rutgers, Charlotte, Portland St, and GTown.

  95. D-Hub®

    There are two games that UK can really say they shouldn’t have lost this year. The first, giving up the big lead at Georgia and losing in OT. The second giving away the game in the last minute at Vandy. If those two things hadn’t happened, Kentucky would have been 22-8 (11-5 2nd seed in SEC). I know you can say “IF” about alot of stuff, but those games they really really really had in the bag.

  96. jayhovah

    #93. I would agree, and I hear Patrick has a heck of a right hook.

  97. payne

    96-don’t think you are really turkey hunter, but espn’s latest rankings (updated today) have stewart at 87 (20th pf) and williams at 96 (15th c)

  98. Katdaddy

    #93, i think Duke will make his final 3 just because its duke, but i really think that its FL at the end. Makes me sick that UK won’t get him after Tubby being the first to watch and offer him.

  99. Jacob Adam Brooks

    Well I’m a big rivals believer, and they got Williams at unranked and Stewart at 140… O don’t mind these two if we had two high impact recruits already in the bag with them.. but tubby signed williams way early and ended up having to back off of barnes when barnes could really help next year at the 5/4 if we lose morris… but even if you go by the highest rankings that Stewart and Williams get… the average recruiting rankes have ste=wart about 100 and williams in the low 150 area… Tennessee and Florida are bringing a couple top 50 guys in every year now… you don’t get better then third when you keep recruiting the third best…

  100. wildestcat


  101. Jacob Adam Brooks

    yeah, I really don’t even know why I was trying to make the point I did… I could’ve just said it’s pretty obvious that it’s bad and if someone can’t at LEAST admit that then theres no point in telling them anything at all…

  102. TubbyCAT

    #94, Just for the record, G-Town is the #9 ranked team in the country. I guess them wanting Ramon Harris means nothing to you. What incompetence!

  103. I'm Just Sayin

    No, watching him play tells us all we need to no. He should have gone to Portland State.

  104. dodgeindyram1

    I’ve been a diehard Ky. fan since the runts. We have 4 NC in the last 50 YEARS. We’re way over due, lol. These recent teams lack athleticism big time, not to mention a decent basketball IQ. Don’t even get me started on basic fundumentals.If your a diehard Ky. fan better have plenty of patience. Don’t look like this is gonna get turned around any time soon, new coach or decent recruits or whatever, some kind of new direction is needed. Too much to fix. I always hold out hope however, we are Ky.

  105. ciolfwgt



  106. Pitino's PPHolder

    105 Unless you are in practice, how and the hell can you justify your statement? He’s played in
    11 games for 32 minutes. I think we can safely say the verdict is still out on him. Intelligence please

  107. I'm Just Sayin

    I’m watching VCU and George Mason….. either one would beat Kentucky if meet in the NCAAs. Athleticsm and size, two things we don’t have an abundance of right now.

  108. I'm Just Sayin

    108 I have powers beyond your comprehension….. Go back and do your job. Rick is waiting little boy.

  109. MMFIJI

    have you seen either play this year? George Mason has been horrid compared to last year…VCU has played a very week schedule.

  110. Pitino's PPHolder

    110 Did you help build the new facility and install those hidden camera’s? Damn son,
    you are special. Post those for us.

  111. MMFIJI


  112. I'm Just Sayin

    111 Have you seen Kentucky play this year?

  113. I'm Just Sayin

    VCU’s point guard is better than any guard we have.

  114. I'm Just Sayin

    Tell you what, I’ll bet you a hunk of cheese VCU goes farther than we do in the tournament.

  115. Pitino's PPHolder

    Deal, has to be Colby though

  116. I'm Just Sayin

    Colby works. I’ll bring the crackers, you’ll get the cheese.

    By the way, here is an interesting link. I’m not sure if he is tougher on Tubby or me.

  117. DocKat

    Anybody hear what the Ol’ Tubster said on the call-in show tonight? Did he take any calls this time?

  118. I'm Just Sayin

    He did but all the questions were layups. I think they were on the “Friends and Family” plan tonight.

  119. BloodyNoseInChapelHill

    #118, you’ve already brought plenty of whine. Why not break the cheese & crackers out now?

  120. Gerald Henderson

    Nooooooo, I didn’t mean to break his nose. Just listen to Coach (Holier Than Thou) K he’ll tell you.

  121. tubbyrulz

    Hey MATT? Patterson plans on commin=ting on april 3rd and I believe that the mcdonalds all american game is march 28. It sounds like he is headed to Florida. What is your take?

  122. Coach K

    did somebody say my name? Um anybody want to sign up for an American Express card?

  123. I'm Just Sayin

    123 I hate to hear he will be commin=ting. Do you think he can recover from that?

  124. tubbyrulz

    know that was funny

  125. UKBALLA

    First off march 28th and commiting on april 3rd why would that mean committing to florida? Second how would ne date reflect where he would be committing. And third how the hell did this blog get 126 hits?

  126. Pitino's PPHolder

    Wish Tubbster recruited ballers like Ron Artest

  127. I'm Just Sayin

    128 At the very least he would Noah’s …………

  128. I'm Just Sayin

    kick was supposed to be in there somewhere. And I think he would commin=ting him also.

  129. Mwildcat

    This is all I can say to all the people who say they are UK fans and don’t support our current staff!! GO TO F#@KING HELL!!!

  130. GMo

    I don’t think this dude is a great player. We definitely absolutely have to have him
    in LexVegas but I don’t think he’s a very good offensive player.

  131. Mwildcat

    Our players still play with UK at this time so get on or off the BUS and IF YOU GET OFF DON’T COME BACK!!!

  132. GMo

    131. I say the same to Noah, Ricky P, Eddie Munster….I mean Billy D., and
    DOOK. F’um

  133. I'm Just Sayin

    131 Now that wasn’t very nice. Have you met my friend Ron Artest.

  134. GMo

    Ron Artest would rape your mother.

  135. GMo

    Noah would rape Ron Artest

  136. Pitino's PPHolder

    You know when the messages get to this, a new entry or something is
    really needed.

  137. GMo

    I’m getting a little tired of Patterson and his stupid A$$ dad Dook fan. I’m
    also tired of our sorry stupid A$$ recruiting. I’m tired of watching this stupid
    a$$ year. My stupid a$$ life is suffering b/c of it.

  138. UKBALLA

    138 my point exactly and 139 why dont u jump off of a bridge or grab a gun if uk bball as made ur life that bad.

  139. BloodyNoseInChapelHill

    Tim Hardaway hates Ron Artest.

  140. Mwildcat

    whos Ron Artest?

  141. lame duck tubby

    #131 if you DO support our current staff then I’m not sure you can even comprehend hell…. tubby’s one thing, his staff… well that’s quite another.