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In these Hard Times, Lets Remember what is important

Remember these guys? I am sure you do. Showing off the latest in rap artistry, two UK fans produced their version of the Saturday Night Live video “Lazy Sunday.” However while that video was about the Chronicles of Narnia and included a well-produced video, this video is about UK basketball and well……you will see. Called “Lazy Tuesday”, it is still one of my favorite creations of all time. When we debuted this video nearly eight months ago, our traffic was about 1/10th what it is now, so we thought we would give it to you again. Enjoy….

Article written by Matt Jones

26 responses to “In these Hard Times, Lets Remember what is important”

  1. Macon_Volfan

    ah yes. Going old skool. Back to the KSR roots. Awesome!

  2. B

    That may have been the worst thing I ever seen in my life. May god have mercy on their souls.

  3. Macon_Volfan

    We love Kentu-t-t-ky b-b-b-asketball.

  4. Mike Jones

    I loved it then, I love it now. That dude’s jumper is pure poetry
    in motion. I’m sure he goes for about 35 a night in intramurals.

  5. Daniel

    That video is DEAD TO ME!

  6. crazyfortheblue

    I now have fewer brain cells for having watched that… but they died happy, or at least moderately amused.

  7. Daniel

    Why is this video still online?

    And Matt, it’s all about Revver, not YouTube!

  8. Justin

    Daniel, guess you should have thought twice before posting something to the internet.

  9. PFox98

    Absolutely hilarious and disturbing all in the same. I can’t tell if this was made as a joke or if these guys are taking themselves serious. Nevertheless I love it.

  10. Daniel

    I can assure you it was made as a comedy video.

    Horribly edited.

    It’s my single greatest regret, well, one of them anyway.

  11. J Love

    Why regret it? That is quite possibly the best thing associated with UK basketball at this current point in time.

  12. Daniel

    I have my reasoning

  13. Jason S.

    Great form on the jumper. Wow. No. Just no. Head hurts. I’m confused. That was rediculous lmao

  14. mgmgmg

    show solzy some love! Heard he loves Kentucky bababababasketballll!

  15. Crow

    Every time that video gets watched, an angel gets punched in the face somewhere.

  16. Joel

    This is a public service announcement, stay off drug’s, brought to you by UK athletics & Tubby!!!

  17. Wolford

    Don’t tell me that was the inspiration for the Lazy Scranton thing on The Office a few weeks ago…

  18. Cats&Cubs

    Solzman! I can’t believe you did that. Keep in touch with any BBYO kids? –Your favorite fomrer Pit Advisor

  19. Cats&Cubs

    former Pi…

  20. Paladin

    I only lasted 7 seconds… that’s just wrong.

  21. Mike Hancock

    Thanks for the laugh.

  22. Daniel

    Scott, is that you?

  23. Daniel

    I still cannot believe I made such a horrible video

  24. ChrisHarrison

    It’s an awesome video. Look at the stats of the download traffic. Based on those statistics it passes the dancing baby animation as one of the most popular of all time. It could not sux like people who watch it think- a bad rip-off of Christopher Guest. Just like our basketball team. Stats provided by Mr. Gray

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