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August 23rd, 2016



Next Saturday, the parking lots around Commonwealth Stadium will be buzzing with the sounds of the season: cornhole bags hitting the boards, cans and bottles popping, the KSR Pregame Show, and, of course, grills sizzling with various cuts of meat. If you’re going to the game, odds are you’re either hosting or attending a tailgate, and because there are few things in this world I love more than tailgating, I spent my day doing what true, hard-hitting college football writers do: pitting tailgate foods against each other in KSR’s TAILGATE FOOD BRACKET.

I split the contenders into four categories/regions: Grilled, Dips, Entrees, and Side Dishes. From there, I used a generator to randomly decide the placement in each group. This is my bracket, so I’m weighing in with my picks, but ultimately, you, the fans, will decide which foods move on to the second round.

Voting on the first round ends TOMORROW AT 9 AM, so let’s get to it.



Pulled Pork vs. Hot Dogs

Even a simpleton can cook a hot dog, so I’m going with the labor-intensive pulled pork on this one. If you’re going to a tailgate with pulled pork on the menu, you know the host cares enough to put in several hours at the smoker, and even if it’s dry, you can douse it in a variety of sauces (Carolina vinegar style is my favorite).

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Ribs vs. Sliders

I love both of these, but the novelty and convenience of the slider gives it my vote.

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Brisket vs. Brats

Because brisket is so hard to cook, not many people do it well, whereas brats are very easy to cook and always have a ton of flavor. Brats all the way.

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Wings vs. BBQ Chicken

A properly seasoned and sauced hot wing is my nirvana during football season, so this is a no-brainer.

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Buffalo Dip vs. Onion Dip

I’m pretty sure my view on party food changed the first time I tried buffalo chicken cheese dip. Add in the fact that onion dip makes your breath smell and this is the equivalent of the 2014-2015 Wildcats taking on Hampton in the first round.


Hummus vs. Queso

I like hummus (particularly Sabra’s Red Roasted Pepper version), but if it’s sitting next to queso, I’m never going to eat it. #Fatty


Guacamole vs. Seven-Layer Dip

Since guacamole is in most seven-layer dips, this is kind of an unfair matchup. I’m going with seven-layer, as long as I can avoid the olives and tomato chunks.

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Spinach Dip vs. Salsa

I love salsa, but as a tailgate food, it kind of sucks. If you’re a polite party guest, you have to spoon it on to your paper plate, where it inevitably runs into other foods or soaks through. Or, you can be an impolite party guest and just dip into the jar the whole time. Regardless, spinach dip holds up well and usually tastes mostly of cheese. Spinach dip FTW.

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Fried Chicken vs. Subs

This is a tough matchup. Good fried chicken is a staple of the best tailgates, but what’s more fun than a Subway 6-foot sub? This is almost a toss-up for me, but I’ll go with fried chicken.

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Pizza vs. Tacos

We all have that friend who shows up to a party with either a Little Caesar’s Hot-N-Ready or a 12-pack of Taco Bell. That’s because both are perfect options for the quasi-lazy party guest: no cooking involved, but generally a pleasing offering. I enjoy both, but at a tailgate, I would probably go for pizza.

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Jambalaya vs. Nachos

Some may consider nachos a side, but with the proper construction, they can be a main course; that being said, jambalaya is delicious, especially on a chilly November day at Commonwealth.


Chicken Fingers vs. Chili

Chicken Fingers got a raw deal here (or, should I say…a SALMONELLA deal! Ha!). Chili is the overwhelming favorite in this region, and in my opinion, the eventual champion.

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Pigs in a Blanket vs. Deviled Eggs

I’m not a big deviled egg fan, so this is an easy decision for me. (Here comes the deviled egg hate…)

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Potato Salad vs. Veggie Tray

Some may consider this an upset, but I’m going with veggie tray. This is probably a topic for another post, but here are my Veggie Tray Power Rankings:

1) Broccoli
2) Celery
3) Baby carrots
4) Cherry Tomatoes
5) Cauliflower

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Sausage Balls vs. Pasta Salad

This is an interesting matchup because I associate each item with a different season: sausage balls with fall, pasta salad with summer. A good pasta salad is refreshing on a hot day, but the combination of sausage, cheese, and biscuit is hard to beat.

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Snack Mix vs. Chips

This is dependent on the chip (not once have I craved a classic Lay’s), but generally, I gravitate towards snack mix…unless there are Doritos involved (HOT TAKE: Nacho > Cool Ranch).

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Remember, voting on Round One ends tomorrow at 9 a.m.

Wendy’s KSR Top 10 Tweets of the Day


The one and only Wendy’s Baconator is a meaty masterpiece in its
own right. Composed of six strips of thick cut, applewood-smoked bacon;
cooked in an oven. Two quarter-pound patties* of fresh, never-frozen,
North American beef raised close it never sees a freezer. Only Wendy’s
has the fresh beef and thick bacon to give you a hamburger worthy of the
name Baconator.

You can be a part of Wendy’s KSR Top 10 Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtop10. You can also nominate tweets by mentioning them with the hashtag. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day. Now. On to the tweets:

#10 Amanda Blackburn

It would terrible if you didn’t skip work.



#9 Marty catron

Please say OK.



#8 Jason Thomas

By the look of Bobby’s face, I’d say yes.



#7 MattJones’Bangs

Only way you can hire Pitino.



#6 Andrew H. Scott

Such a great picture.



#5 Jon Payton

Someone needs to photoshop an album cover.



#4 Trey Minton

I mean did they see the cartoon?



#3 Robby Drakeford

The guy on the right looks nothing like Matt…


#2 jacrosse

Too many bigguns.

#1 Ryan Lemonds Diary

Typical Matt.




Chad Ford’s Latest Mock Draft has Three Wildcats in the Lottery

Just in time for the start of classes on college campuses, Chad Ford is looking ahead to the 2017 NBA Draft with his Mock Draft 1.0, not to be confused with his Big Board 1.0.

Although it’s a bit ridiculous to put a ton of stock in an August mock draft, this year’s draft class is loaded, making his calculations interesting compared to where he sees the rest of the class.  However, I find it more enjoyable to see the potential destinations.  There’s one that already has me hyped.

10. De’Aaron Fox to Milwaukee

His rationale is focused on Jason Kidd’s affinity for developing point guards.  Even though they just got everyone’s favorite gritty Australian, Matthew Dellevedova, Ford sees Fox as a good fit for a team none of us will ever see play, but should be an Eastern Conference contender this year.

14. Malik Monk to New York

The Knicks have been terrible since many can remember, but the bright lights of New York are appealing to most young athletes.  Now with a strange starting lineup — Carmelo, Porzinigs, D-Rose, Joahkim Noah and Courtney Lee — you could see the Garden as “not the worst” place in the world to play.

15. Bam Adebayo to Washington

John Wall lobs to Bam Adebayo would be the most beautiful sight in the world to see.  Bam could conceivably have a dozen dunks a game and I would not be shocked.  But by the reports we’re hearing from practices at the Joe Craft Center, I can’t imagine a scenario where Bam falls this far down the lottery list.

[ESPN Insider: Chad FordMock Draft 1.0]

How “Taco Meat” Collins told his Dad he was Awarded a Scholarship

UK Athletics

Last week Will Tom Collins, the senior fullback better known as Taco Meat, was awarded a scholarship for his final season along with Tanner Fink and Dylan Greenberg.

Often times coaches award scholarships in elaborate fashion, surprising the players in front of the entire team.  That was not the case when these three received their scholarships.  It was also not the case when Taco Meat told his dad.

His mother drove his unknowing father to Lexington before he casually dropped the news.

“I always kind of wanted big sleeve tattoos.  But tattoos cost a lot of money so I have never got ’em, but now that I’m on scholarship I can get a sleeved tattoo.”

Watch the entire video below from SEC Country.


Jon Toth and Jojo Kemp on Senior Bowl Watch List


This afternoon, UK’s own Jon Toth and Jojo Kemp were both named to the Reese’s Senior Bowl watch list, a group recognized as the top senior college football athletes in America.

Kemp and Toth join a list of talent including UT’s Josh Dobbs and Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Southern Miss’ Nick Mullens, Ole Miss’ Chad Kelley, among many others.

The list will eventually be cut to 110 players and split into a North and South squad for the event being held on Saturday, Jan. 28 in Mobile, Alabama, televised on the NFL Network.

Though this is the first major senior accolade for Kemp, Toth is also on the Rimington Trophy watch list, given to the nation’s best center each season.

Let’s hope by the end of the season, not only are Toth and Kemp on the final roster, but a few other Wildcats make the cut as well.

Go Cats.

Ever Wanted to be On Air on Television? Now is Your Chance


If you are a long time fan of KSR, you know we like to do things differently. I am a big believer in the fact that there are lots of talented people out there with the ability to do things in the world of media, but it doesn’t happen because of a lack of opportunity. With that in mind, we are announcing the “Hey Kentucky” Co-Host Search. Here is the deal…as part of my new TV show beginning this fall on WLEX, I will be doing a daily debate with a rotating group of co-hosts that will be from all different walks of life. Some of these co-hosts are folks you know…Tony Vanetti and Mary Jo Perino for instance will be two of them. But we also want to get a diverse group of people from outside the world of traditional media. The reason why is simple…I found literally ever writer on KSR without going through traditional channels and it has been successful…so why not try the same for television.

So this is your chance. If you are interested in a career in television or simply would like the opportunity to do something fun on the side, here is your chance to give it a shot. All you have to do is send us a 3-5 minute clip of you debating issues in sports, news, politics or whatever to the “Hey Kentucky” Facebook page. Send it via the message there and if we think there is potential, you may get called in for a try out that we could air on the show. Our hope is to find a number of potential co-hosts this way and create new on-air talent going forward. It is that simple.

So if this is something that intrigues you, do it. IF you know someone you think would be good, let them know. It is worth a shot and you have nothing to lose. Like the Facebook Page below (do this either way so you can keep up with the show) and submit your video by FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 2. It is that easy. I am very confident we will find on-air talent via this route. Don’t wish it were you or someone you know. Give it a shot and good luck!


The Mismanagement of UK’s Running Backs

UK Athletics

UK Athletics

Entering the 2016 season, Kentucky’s talented groups of running backs have received praise from a variety of media outlets, consistently ranked in the top five of the SEC.

It makes sense when you look at individual talent, but on paper, it really doesn’t.  In 2015 Kentucky ranked 57th in rushing yards per game, 87th in 2014.

If these running backs are so talented, why haven’t they produced impressive numbers?  Simply put, they have not been put in situations to succeed.

Over the last two years, three running backs received the majority of the carries.  All three averaged around five yards per carry, putting them near the Top 100 in the nation, yet their carries were never consistent.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 3.44.20 PM

Boom averaged more yards per carry than he did carries; Mikel Horton wasn’t far from doing the same.  That should drive the point home.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 4.12.32 PM

Last year Boom was 14th in the nation in yards per carry and his carries doubled, but off the field issues, injuries and conditioning kept the coaching staff from feeding him.  However, if you compare to other elite running backs at the top of the yards per carry list, Florida State’s Dalvin Cook received 100 more carries last year, around 20 per game.

In Boom’s 22-game career, he’s rushed for more than 100 yards 8 times while only getting more than 10 carries in 10 games.

This post isn’t to belabor the point that Boom needs more carries; he is simply the grossest example of the lack of logic in the running back rotation through the last two seasons.  There is plenty of anecdotal evidence you can probably remember; maybe JoJo wasn’t getting the ball when he was obviously in the zone, or the powerful Horton wasn’t getting carries near the goal line.

The good news is that Eddie Gran is calling the shots this year.  As the running backs coach at Auburn he had two top five NFL Draft picks in the backfield.  He kept them happy and made sure they got the ball, rushing for over 2,000 yards combined while each received more than 12 carries per game.  Gran probably can’t replicate that kind of success, but he should be able to ensure these backs live up to the preseason hype.

Gran has not said exactly how his rotation will work this season, but you can rest assured that it will not be as puzzling as previous years.

Former 4-star UK target George Brown Jr. transferring from LSU


Brown (back, middle) pictured with current Wildcats Mike Edwards and Mikel Horton, former UK LB Dorian Hendrix, and former UK targets Derek Kief and Tyrell Gilbert

Last night, word broke that former Kentucky target and LSU Tiger, George Brown Jr., was packing his bags and headed out of Baton Rouge, furthering his football career elsewhere.

Brown is a former 4-star OL out of Winton Woods High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, who held offers from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Auburn, among others before signing with LSU. He was listed as the 16th best OL prospect and 199th overall according to

You may remember back in the day, Brown held a press conference to announce his (first) college decision, where he pulled out a live baby alligator to commit to Florida. The final three hats on the table were Alabama, Florida, and Kentucky.


Leading up to signing day, Les Miles managed to flip Brown to LSU, but just two years after signing his LOI, Brown has apparently had a change of heart.

As a friendly reminder, Brown Jr. is UK safety Mike Edwards’ cousin, and there was high mutual interest between the Cats and Brown coming out of high school. Brown took several visits to UK and was extremely close with the coaching staff, Vince Marrow in particular. IMG_0220

In an interview with Ross Dellenger of The Advocate, George Brown Sr. said his son will likely decide by this Friday between “Miami, Michigan State, Penn State and UCLA.

Bad news, right? Well, maybe.

Last night, Vince Marrow followed Brown again on Twitter, and according to those close to the program, UK will be testing the waters on Brown’s interest and will make a last ditch recruiting attempt if the program feels there’s a realistic shot. 

Is it likely? Probably not. Honestly, it’s uncertain if LSU would allow a transfer to another SEC school in the first place, so I wouldn’t fall too much in love with the idea.

If LSU were to allow the transfer and UK manages to convince Brown that UK is the place for him, the 6’7, 270 lbs. OL would have to sit out this season in preparation for three years of eligibility starting next year.

There will certainly be an uphill battle in the coming days should UK decide to turn up the throttle in (re)recruiting Brown, but it will be interesting to follow nonetheless.


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Video (and my summary) of Eddie Gran’s post-camp comments

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 5.48.14 PM

Eddie Gran met with the media at the conclusion of today’s practice, the final practice of fall camp. I assume you weren’t there, so here is video of the entire press conference, courtesy of the staff.

To recap, Gran got more out of the camp than he expected, in terms of the installation of the offense. The line is smart, which allowed Coach Schlarman to do more, and the receivers and running backs bought in. As for today’s practice, the tight ends were spectacular and finished strong. Benny Snell took a big hit and popped right up, which was good. Moving forward, he will talk to Drew Barker to find out what plays Drew is most comfortable with, and the staff as a whole will determine which freshmen are ready to play. He will also script the first series of the Southern Miss game because it’s important to get off to a good start in the game and for the season. He feels good about the team. He thinks they have tools. Consistency is key. “When crud hits the fan, we don’t panic; we move.” Create habits. It’s time to get things done and finish under Mark Stoops.

I think that pretty much sums up the video.

Welcome to UK Football-topia



UK Athletics

Would you rather UK be a football or basketball powerhouse? This seems to be an increasingly popular debate among UK fans these days. Obviously UK is known for its rich basketball history but it is certainly very fun to think about a world in which UK was known for hanging banners in football. What would this world be like? What would a college football Saturday be like for a fan in this alternative world? I took some time to paint a picture of the planet on which UK football is king.

The planet that this storied, perennial powerhouse, Kentucky football dynasty would call home would be a strange place but not too much different from our own Earth. The laws of physics would differ from our own because, well, they would have to. Gravity and other natural forces would behave more in favor of the Cats. Frictional forces would behave in such a way that players would rarely lose their footing so infamous clips, like the one of Morgan Newton biting the dust against WKU, wouldn’t exist. Gravity would be slightly weaker, not pulling balls so quickly to the turf, giving our receivers more time to save bobbled passes. Space and time would be interwoven in such a way to allow Kentucky football to thrive and give way to a tradition many fans in our own world have always dreamed about.

Just think about how a college football Saturday would be for UK fans on this alternative planet. UK fans are known for their passion and love for basketball so one could only assume they would bring the same enthusiasm for a football team that’s known as a traditional power. The Commonwealth Stadium we all know here on Earth wouldn’t exist in the UK Football-topia. Instead Commonwealth would have been destroyed over a decade ago and a new 105,000 seat, state of the art, mega structure called Kentucky Sports Radio Wildcat Stadium equipped with universal Wi-Fi, seat backs, giant concourses, gourmet stadium food, and no bathroom lines would be built in its place. Parking and traffic still would still be an issue but this alternative world wouldn’t necessarily be a perfect one.

College football Saturdays would be a marvel at KSR Wildcat Stadium. A sea of blue would flood the parking lots, side streets, and fraternity tailgates. Getting season tickets would only be a dream to most fans in UK Football-topia because the waiting list would be longer than the Green Bay Packers’. Fans would pay through the nose with no remorse for a nose bleed ticket just to get a seat to catch a glimpse of their beloved Cat’s playing Vanderbilt. Even on down years there wouldn’t be a single fan not convinced we have a shot to win it all.

In UK Football-topia when the Cat’s didn’t win it all, fans would immediately begin dreaming about next year’s national title celebration. Not winning a national title, however, would raise questions regarding the current UK head coach, Mark Stoops, and generate discussions on whether or not he should be fired after following a 7-5 season with an 8-4 season in which they barely scraped buy Vanderbilt with a last second Drew Barker QB sneak. They would call in to local sports talk shows frustrated, making comparisons to the legendary Joker Phillip’s era where they enjoyed 3 national titles and never finished with a record worse than 10-2. But, as soon as national signing day rolled around and a new juggernaut recruiting class was welcomed in, filled with four and five star recruits, some of which stolen away from other lesser SEC schools like Alabama and LSU, all the coaching concerns of fans would quickly fade.

The fans in this alternative world would be naïve and spoiled, completely unaware of the misfortunes and disappointment felt by UK football fans here in our world. They would look back on their rich history with pride remembering all of the great moments in their past, such as the time UK scored on a last second desperation hail mary against top ranked LSU under the lights of Tiger Stadium in Death Valley. They’d reminiscence their domination of Louisville, and all the blowout wins of the recent years, mocking Bobby Petrino every opportunity they got. If you told a fan living in UK Football-topia that just getting to the Music City Bowl was good enough for you, they would laugh you out of the Blue lot. They would scorn you for not renewing season tickets and wouldn’t be able to fathom why one would choose to sit in their house and watch the game on the SEC Network (although in UK Football-topia the Cats would play most of their games on CBS).

UK Football-topia might exist somewhere out there in the far reaches of our universe although we have no scientific evidence to prove it. The technology we would need to search for such a place is hundreds even thousands of years away. We can’t get on a spaceship or travel through a wormhole to travel there and be a part of their great tradition so for now we can only dream. Even if such a place doesn’t exist it is fun to dream about but more importantly it’s a place that we as fans can strive to duplicate. Or come close, anyway.

Barker: “This is the most consistent camp since I’ve been here”


Kentucky’s fall football camp is over as classes start back up tomorrow and Southern Miss prep begins on Thursday.

It was a long 20 days for the Wildcats, going all the way back to camp check-in on August 3rd, but Drew Barker believes it was a very good one. In fact, he can’t remember a bad day. And if there was one, the team bounced right back the following practice.

Earlier today, in the final podium appearance of camp, Barker called Fall 2016 the most consistent of the three camps he has been a part of under Mark Stoops.

This is definitely the most consistent camp I’ve had since I’ve been here,” he said. “Every single day I don’t think we really had a bad day. Maybe one. But if that we bounced back right after the next practice. I don’t think there’s really been many bad days. We just have to carry that consistency over into Saturdays and translate all the work we’ve done all offseason and this camp.”

Now it’s on to game prep after a break for the first day of school. Barker’s new focus with the season only days ahead?

“Really just studying the game plan hard; watching a ton of film on those guys; just learning their personnel and stuff like that, but really just mental stuff. Obviously at the end of camp everybody’s got to get their legs back. We’ve been having a bunch of two-a-days and stuff, so just getting our body’s prepared for games as well.”

It’s almost time, Cats fans.

KSR Football Glossary: Vol. 7


All Defenses Are Multiple and Bunch Formations

Mark Stoops and DJ Eliot have frequently spoken of individual players with diverse skill sets. Add that factor to a limited number of game-ready defensive linemen with a youthful linebacker corps and you have the makings of a true Multiple Defense. The term Multiple can be misconstrued. Throughout the Southeastern Conference defenses are designated by front seven structure but commonly adjust due to down-distance and gameplan. Please remember that defensive nomenclature is derived by the number of defensive lineman with the first number and linebackers by the second. The 3-4 for example features 3 DL and 4 LB’s.

However; in functionality and actuality all SEC teams execute multiple fronts and coverages. Kentucky is a base 3-4 team. Why do we commonly see four defenders aligned on the line-of-scrimmage? Let’s take a look:


Again, no college football team is good or talented enough to line up in the same front/coverage for 70 plays and win. Calculated guesses based of film work and tendencies are all a part of the football chess match. It’s also important to note that both the offense and defense call plays. 3-4 variations are numerous; here are two basic alterations:

3-4 Eagle Front


By the eye ball test this front looks and feels like the old-school 5-2 defense. Well, it is; but with diverse players aligned at the defensive end positions. Diverse defined in context to above picture refers to outside linebackers that are walked up to the line-of-scrimmage. Consistent with projected UK starting defensive lineup, from the above diagram the “W” would be OLB Josh Allen and the “S” Denzil Ware. These players have different responsibilities from a traditional 3-4 while offering opposing offenses a disparate look which in turn forces offensive linemen to alter calls and blocking schemes. The more OL talking, pointing, and hesitation you see the better. The 3-4 Eagle front is commonly used as a run-stop method but can also utilized against the pass. 

3-4 Okie Front


The 3-4 Okie front is another example of multiplicity within a 3-4 scheme. Much like the Eagle look, Okie can be used in both run and pass situations however it’s most effective during certain passing downs. In the traditional 3-4, outside linebackers must be able to rush the quarterback. Here you see both are directed to rush up-field. Most likely behind this front lies man-to-man coverage in blitzing situations. Kentucky can benefit from this scheme due to its height and skill level at cornerback.

As you can see, defenses are labeled for personnel and schematic purposes. However, there are many different ways to alter basic fronts/coverages to achieve unique looks to confuse offenses as well as force offensive coordinators to use practice time for preparation. Twists and stunts are executed which adds yet another level of difficulty in both of these fronts.

Mark Stoops has stated that he needs 8-9 defensive linemen to be game ready at all times. Based off simple mathematics the 3-4 is most manageable because at a minimum defensive coordinators must have a capable two-deep rotation. A 3-4 requires six DL in its first and second team. A base 4-3 front would require 8. Due to attrition there is just not enough of the big fellas to go around.


At times you may see receivers line up behind each other or in a Bunch Formation. Let me simplify; imagine the traditional Trips formation and simply transfer personnel from horizontal to vertical pre-snap alignment. Why would this matter? Well, just like multiplicity in defensive fronts and coverages, stacking or bunching receivers gives the offense a different look for the same route end-state. Bunched or stacked receivers forces natural picks to opposing defensive backs. Starting in a vertical straight line also presents an optical illusion in terms of route depth perception. Eddie Gran has been known to utilize this formation.

From Alabama to Kentucky, all defenses are multiple. Bunch formation is simply trips in a vertical line. Football is a complicated game; hope this helps.

KSR After Show: Either Hit Me or Kiss Me! (8/23/16)


Welcome Big Blue Nation and the KSR Army to the Tuesday, August the 23rd edition of the KSR After Show, presented by The Rafters! I hope you enjoyed Kentucky Sports Radio this morning as the crew continued along the Blue Lights Across the Bluegrass Tour at City Hall in Coal Run, Kentucky.

Today on the KSR After Show we will break down the topics that Matt and the gang started for us, and if you are listening on podcast the After Show is here to help you follow along and continue the discussions just as you would during the morning KSR radio show. So don’t be shy, if wish you could have called into the show, don’t feel left out anymore! To most, our opinions and your own may not really matter, but on the KSR After Show we want to hear them anyway!


On today’s Kentucky Sports Radio the guys talked the latest Rick Pitino comments and the 20 year anniversary of the 1996 team. We also dive into UK football Catwalk news, feature the 11th day till kickoff, Brock Lesnar kissing Chris Jericho, the Cal Ripken and Kevin Costner streak urban legend, and much more!

Express your opinion and continue these conversations here on the KSR After Show, and feel free to do so in these ways as well:

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Today on Kentucky Sports Radio: 

Hour 1:

Hour 2:


Rick Pitino seems to understand why the 1996 Kentucky basketball team and himself haven’t been honored at a game at Rupp yet. (While still being somewhat of a snot in his understanding.) 

He understands that after all of the history between himself and Kentucky, that the fans would not embrace him if he came out with the 1996 team for a 20 year anniversary this year. Pitino believes that something will be done this year but without him. I’m wondering how all of you feel about this, even if he wouldn’t be embraced, and there would be a 99.9% chance that he is booed, should he still be there when the 1996 team is honored?

I guess we should ask this to0, just to be clear. I’m pretty sure I know how it will go but lets just be sure.

Did flipping off the crowd last year ruin any last bit of fan affection that you had for Rick Pitino?


When Pitino took the job at Louisville he believed all Kentucky fans would become Louisville fans. This is laughable to me, the cojones on this guy right? He also was friends with Tubby Smith at the time and knew the pressure it would put on Tubby when he came to coach Louisville. Although like Matt said Tubby overcame the pressure and still got the best of Pitino in his time at Kentucky.

Brock Lesnar told Chris Jericho “Either hit me or kiss me!” during a locker room altercation, after already kissing Jericho once during the scuffle. This isn’t the first time Lesnar has used this strategy…

“On the 11th day till kickoff Matt Jones says to me: the spread for the Southern Miss game is now set at 6.5.” 

Matt believes that is a spread that fans (if you are going to bet on the game) should bet on Kentucky with. He thinks Kentucky will either beat Southern Miss by two or more touchdowns, or the Cats will completely fall flat and lose. With the latter being the least likely to occur.

UK is adding a second “Catwalk” between the practice facility and Commonwealth Stadium.


There will be a limited amount of space (maybe 500 people) at the second “Catwalk”, but he will potentially be better as the first. The players will be walking from the practice facility to the field in full game day gear, getting fired up coming onto the field. Yeah, this will be awesome, I’m picturing lots of fan high fives, dancing, getting jacked up with the fans before storming onto the field. Should be a great thing for both fan and players.

If Cal left Kentucky with a few more years of success at here, and went to Duke. Would you then dislike Calipari?

I don’t believe Cal would ever go to Duke, he would never want to be considered Coach K’s rebound but if he did, there would be a lot of resentment from fans. I feel like that would almost be worse than what Pitino did going to Louisville. These days especially with the rivalry continually heating up between UK and Duke, and the Cats putting it on the Cards each year in basketball.

The Cal Ripken Jr. and Kevin Costner urban legend.


I feel like I had heard this at some point but forgotten about it over time. The legend is that Kevin Costner was staying at Ripken’s house while filming a movie, and Ripken caught Costner with is wife in bed after returning home to get something he forgot before a game. Cal Ripken then beat up Costner, called the Orioles and told them he wouldn’t be able to make it to the game, which of course would have ended the streak. To add to the conspiracy this was said to be the game where the electric mysteriously went out at Camden Yards and the game had to be cancelled. Interesting…

Here is the whole story in more detail, if you’re interested.

Would you then root for and embrace Rick Pitino if he coached an NBA team in Louisville? 

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Basketball team back from summer break today


John Calipari’s Wildcats are arriving back on campus today following a three-week summer vacation. The team had its last summer practice on August 3rd and they’re already trickling back into Lexington, one by one, to get ready for the real thing later this fall.

School begins tomorrow for all UK students and then the team will spend some time working John Calipari’s fantasy camp this coming weekend.

Here’s to hoping they each got to relax at home these last few weeks before their lives get extremely busy and exhausting as the 2016-17 season approaches.

And for what it’s worth, De’Aaron Fox returned last night and went straight to the gym for a head start on the process. This is the hardest-working bunch we’ve seen in a long time.


ESPN previews UK’s season, says eight wins is best-case scenario

Bryan Lynn | USA Today

Bryan Lynn | USA Today

This afternoon is Kentucky’s turn in the 2016 team-by-team season previews over at ESPN’s SEC Blog. The Cats’ season preview, written by staff writer Greg Ostendorf, hit the major storylines around the team and its personnel heading into the first kickoff next week.

Loyal followers of the happenings around fall camp won’t learn anything new from ESPN’s preview, but the best-case scenario for the entire season sounds exciting:

Best-case scenario: Looking at the schedule, if you count the games that Kentucky should win, plus the toss-up games, there’s the potential for seven wins. But this team also has enough talent to surprise one of the upper-echelon teams. The Wildcats aren’t beating Alabama, but it wouldn’t be shocking to see them win at Florida or at home against Georgia. And maybe this is the year they break the streak against Louisville in the Governor’s Cup. Either way, eight wins is probably the best-case scenario for a Kentucky team that is still building. [ESPN]

The worst-case scenario? Five wins or fewer, as our own Jared Lorenzen predicts.

I’m more of a glass half-full guy so sign me up for the first bowl win since 2008. Although, eight wins in the regular season is getting a little ambitious.

[ESPN: 2016 Season Preview: Kentucky Wildcats]