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July 1st, 2016

Calipari: Ulis and Booker are “Two Peas in a Pod”

John Calipari made a special guest appearance on an Arizona radio station today to rave about his two former players, Devin Booker and Tyler Ulis.

Calipari led off by telling the show what we all here in Kentucky already know, that the two guards are inseparable:

“Now (Booker)’s got his teammate. I imagine they’re going to live together; they’re two peas in a pod; they’ll eat together; they’ll travel together. I mean, these two, you talk about two guys who will fight for each other — it’s those two.”

Cal bragged on Booker’s jump shot and how it’s unguardable; how Ulis played almost every minute of every game last season at Kentucky; how they each fell in the draft; and how both players play with a chip on their shoulder.

He also had a little bit to say about getting 12 Wildcats in the All-Star game one day. Lots about other NBA stuff, too.

Listen to the entire 18-minute interview:

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 7.42.05 PM

Introducing this year’s KSR “The Body Issue” cover model…


As ESPN The Magazine rolls out its eighth annual “Body Issue” this week, we here at KSR have our own “Body Issue” coming soon to your favorite newsstands.

Allow me to introduce our 2016 cover model, Ryan Lemond…


Pre-order your copies now!

(Note: It’s photoshopped.)

(Note 2: I may fire myself for doing it.)

Funkhouser’s Guide to the 2016 Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest (Live Blog Monday)


Every year, when I think of the Fourth of July, there is only one true symbol of the festive day.  You can have your fireworks, you can have your bald eagle, and you can have your backyard BBQ.  I don’t want ’em.  The only thing that makes my Fourth of July complete is watching a man house 69 hot dogs and waterlogged buns in 10 minutes.  I want at Noon-o-clock sharp, the sounds of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” to slowly build in the background as our generation’s greatest orator, George Shea, rises on a scissor lift to greet the massive crowd on the corner of Surf and Stillwell Avenues in Coney Island.  On that corner sits the Mecca of Mastication, Nathan’s Famous, a Coney Island landmark since 1916.  And every July 4th, 20 masters of salivation and gurgitation will stand forth and show if they can handle one of America’s most time honored traditions, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.

*Tyler Thompson and I will be doing a live blog of the Hot Dog Eating Contest on the main page at 12:00 PM Monday.*

The women’s competition will be at 10:50 on ESPN3.  The Men’s Competition will air on ESPN3 at Noon. Thanks to Wimbledon (shakes fist) ESPN proper won’t air the contest until 3:00 PM.  Whoever is playing in that match better win in straight sets…

Contest History


The first Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog eating contest took place, according to legend, in 1916 as four immigrants had a hot dog eating contest to settle an argument on who was the most patriotic.  While that story would possibly be the greatest story ever told, the first recorded contest took place in 1972, where american Jason Schechter ate 14 hot dogs in three-and-a-half minutes.  His prize was a certificate for 40 more hot dogs.  It did not become an annual event until 1978 where Manel Hollenback and Kevin Sinclair ate 10 hot dogs and buns in six-and-a-half minutes.  Side note, Brian Cranston joked in a press conference that Walter White entered the 1978 Nathan’s Contest eating 38.5 dogs that year (which would have won by 28.5 dogs).  The first female champion captured the crown in 1984 when Germany’s Birgit Felden won with 9.5 hot dogs over a 10 minute span. She is now has a doctorate…

The number of hot dogs consumed each year rose through the year 2000 where Japanese competitor Kazutoyo Arai took down the event and world record for hot dogs eaten that year, throwing down 25 1/8 hot dogs.  The world, however, did not know what was in store in 2001 when a 128 lb. Japanese man named Takeru Kobayashi took the stage.  Kobayashi, as he’s known, ate 50 hot dogs, smashing the previous record set just the year before.  In second place that year was Eric “Badlands” Booker, who finished off 26 hot dogs. Kobayashi would reign supreme over the next five years including setting the record again in 2006 with a mark of 53 3/4 hot dogs (breaking his 2004 record of 53 1/2).

However, in 2007, a man by the name of Joey Chestnut brought the title back to America with a performance of 66 hot dogs in front of the Coney Island crowd..  Since 2007, Chestnut has won eight consecutive Nathan’s Famous Contests and now holds the World Hot Dog Eating Record with a tally of 69 dogs in 10 minutes.  It is important to note that when Chestnut won in 2007 the time limit for the event was 12 minutes.  In 2007, Chestnut was eating 5.5 dogs per minute (DPM), while in 2013 the California native ate 6.9 DPM.


One can not bring up Kobayashi without noting his bowing out of the competition in 2010. Major League Eating and the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE – the governing body of competitive eating) wanted the eating superstar to sign an exclusive contract that would keep him from competing in non-sanctioned events.  He showed up to the 2010 event wearing a black Free Kobi shirt.  He crashed the stage after the event, promptly getting arrested.  He has since been banned from the events and his image has been taken off the wall of fame at Nathan’s Famous.  In 2011, he held his own eating competition on a rooftop in New York, where he ate 69 hot dogs of his own.

In 2011, Major League Eating started putting on a Women’s Championship, as there were many women who wanted to shoot for the women’s eating record.  Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas had been hanging with the men since 2003, even coming in 2nd place overall in the 2005 contest.  Since the new women’s championship, she had won all three times, setting the women’s world record with 45 hot dogs in 10 minutes.  However, newcomer Miki Sudo defeated Sonya Thomas for the first ever women’s title change, throwing down 34 hot dogs, while Thomas had 27.75.

The competitive eating world was turned on its ear in 2015 as “Megatoad” Matt Stonie defeated Joey Chestnut, who had won the competition for eight consecutive years.  Will Chestnut reclaim his mustard yellow belt this year, or will this be the second year in the Stonie Dynasty?

Meet the Contestants

There are 20 competitors vying for the Mustard Yellow Title Belt (yep, that’s a thing).  Here are a few of the top competitors to watch out for this year:


Joey “Jaws” Chestnut

Entering last year’s competition, Chestnut was the current, reigning and defending 8x Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Champion.  At the age of 32, he has a bachelors degree in civil engineering and even proposed to his girlfriend before competing in the 2014 Hot Dog Eating Contest  Just two weeks before the July 4th battle this year, he ate 73.5 Nathan’s Famous hot dogs in 10 minutes.  He is the #2 ranked eater in the world and holds over 30 World Eating Records, including certain ones set in recent years:

– 14.5lbs of Boysenberry Pie in 8 Minutes

– 14.5lbs of Burritos in 10 Minutes

– 103 Krystal Burgers in 8 Minutes

– 24lbs of Poutine in 10 Minutes

– 121 Twinkies in 6 Minutes

Matt “Megatoad” Stonie

At just 24, Stonie has taken the competitive eating game by storm, being the #1 Ranked Eater in the World.  Last year he upset Joey Chestnut to win the Mustard Yellow Belt.  In 2013, he defeated Joey Chestnut three times in Major League Eating Competitions.  This is his fifth year in the Nathan’s Famous Contest, and holds these world eating records since his major title win last year:

– 200 Peeps in 5 Minutes

– 113 Silver Dollar Pancakes in 8 Minutes

– 10lbs of Spaghetti and Red Sauce in 10 Minutes

-69 Moon Pies in 8 Minutes

Miki Sudo

Miki Sudo popped on to the eating scene out of nowhere.  On April 20, 2013, Sudo at 40 hot dogs in her Major League Eating debut, blowing the minds of onlookers.  Since then she has become the #3 eater in the world, winning the women’s title at the July 4th event in 2014, housing 34 dogs in the rain soaked event.  She looks to win her third straight in 2016, walking onto the stage also holding the world record in eating Kimchi with 8.5 lbs. eaten in six minutes.


Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan

Morgan, out of New Orleans, enters his seventh consecutive Nathan’s Contest as the #4 Ranked eater in the world.  He placed 5th in last year’s competition with 31 dogs (a two dog improvement from the year before).  He won the Houston, TX qualifier at Tootsies, eating 39 hot dogs, more than last year on July 4th.  At 33 years old, he holds the record for most hard boiled eggs eaten:

– 20 Hard Boiled Eggs in 84 Seconds


So there you have it.  Some of the top names in the field, along with others will vie to set a new world record, having to eat more than 74.5 hot dogs on the stage on the corner of Surf and Stillwell.

I now leave you with one more bit of George Shea, introducing the competitors from last year’s contest, as only he can do it:


Kentucky still in the mix for former football commit

When Michael Warren decommitted from the Kentucky football program on May 20, it didn’t necessarily mean the Wildcats were completely out of consideration for the four-star running back’s services.

At the time of his decommitment, Warren wrote on Twitter, “I just want to open up my recruitment and enjoy my recruiting process because this is only a once in a life time experience. Kentucky is still a top team on my list.”

That is still the case today as Warren named his top six schools and Kentucky is still in the hunt. The Toledo product is also considering Iowa State, Boston College, Rutgers, Louisville and his hometown school, Toledo.

It’s also worth noting that Warren is a high school teammate of James Hudson, another Wildcat decommit in the class. Hudson, who was arguably the top commit when he was on board, decommitted two days before Warren; but he is also keeping Kentucky in mind moving forward.

Gotta stay on those two, Vince.

KSR After Show: When You Are Replaced By A Youngmisuk (7/1/16)


Welcome ladies and gentlemen of Big Blue Nation to today’s KSR After Show! We will be feeding you all of the brewing conversations that Matt and Ryan dropped on our plates this morning. Kentucky Sports Radio was at The Red Mile in Lexington for the fifth stop along the Blue Lights Across the Bluegrass Tour. On a fun Friday show we get a jambalaya of topics including Football and Basketball recruiting news, Matt giving advice channeling his best Dr. Phil, a call from Dale Willis, and much much more!

To continue these conversations or start your own use these methods to do so:

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Today on Kentucky Sports Radio:

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

Some ESPN First Take topics that Matt missed out on today.

  • Timofey Mosgov signs $64 million deal with Lakers.
  • Joekim Noah is going to sign with the Knicks.
  • What are Johnny Manziel’s chances of staying sober.
  • Andrew Luck’s new contract.

Big Blue Madness could be really extravagant this year.

Because of the massive influx of 2017 recruits that Cal will have in attendance at BBM, Matt expects the glamour and hype that is Big Blue Madness to be kicked up a notch this year.

Matt has never seen Cal offer so many kids this early. He has offered 11 kids for the 2017 class so far.

Well we knew Coach would be hot on the trail even more so than normal right now. I don’t know that I expected 11 offers already, but we are most certainly not the only ones that know what the roster will look like come April 2017. It’s going to be a crazy recruiting season following all of these kids and digging up what ever scuttle-butt we can before they make their decisions. So be ready for that.

There are rumors that three former UK Football commits (Yeast,Warren, & Hudson) may all be signing with Louisville.

It is a bummer that we’re most likely not going to see “Yeast” on the back of a UK jersey in a couple years. Then losing him to Louisville on top of it stinks, but what can ya do it happens in football. The Hudson kid whom Matt believed could have came in and started on the defensive line from day one is the biggest blow here.

Are you for or against cars that drive themselves?

Quick Authors Note: Shannon’s intro/outro songs get at least one smirk a day from this guy.

The guy replacing Matt on First Take is Ohm Youngmisuk.


Dale Willis, Derek’s father called into KSR.

  • Team chemistry seems to be really high already.
  • There are not a lot of big ego’s on the floor.
  • Derek realizes he made a mistake.
  • He was never in the driver seat, and did NOT drive that car.
  • He doesn’t know if there will be a suspension.
  • There are things in place to keep Derek in check on campus now.
  • Derek seems a lot more confident in his play and is getting along with the new guys really well.

Quade Green the number 3 ranked PG for 2017 was on campus and offered by Kentucky.

We are assuming as a backup in case Tre Young decides to go to Oklahoma. No one tell Mr. Green that though please.

Marquis Teague and Dakari Johnson leaving for the NBA hurt the following years team more than any other players.

If Louisville got an NBA team would you buy season tickets? (If your budget allowed for it)

I would for sure want season tickets if I was able regardless of who was on the team.

Drake may have just called Matt an idiot.


Matt’s Top Ten List of Favorite States.

10. New York
9. Louisiana
8. Arizona
7. North Carolina
6. Colorado
5. South Carolina
4. California
3. Hawaii
2. Maine
1. Kentucky

Matt’s Top 5 Worst States.

5. Arkansas
4. Indiana
3. North Dakota
2. Connecticut
1. Kansas and Nebraska

Give us your best and worst!

If Pitino leaves UK in 97′ and we hire Calipari instead of Tubby would he have had the same success?


Vince Wilfolk posed for the front cover of ESPN’s Body Magazine naked.


How much money would it take for you to do the same?

Eh, I’d probably take a half million to a million bucks and be ok with it.

Corbin’s North America Sticks will soon be supplying the country with Popsicle and coffee stir sticks.


Malik Newman announced that he will be going to Kansas.

Ryanism of the day: “I success that he’ll have success.”

Thank you BBN for joining us on today’s KSR After Show! Have a safe and spectacular Friday and holiday weekend! 

UK ranked 26th in Directors’ Cup rankings, ends top-25 streak


The University of Kentucky fell just outside the top-25 in the final Learfield Directors’ Cup standings for the 2015-16 sports season. UK Athletics came in at No. 26 with 736 points, some 790.5 points behind Stanford, the No. 1 school.

Kentucky ranked sixth in the Southeastern Conference, trailing only Florida (5), Texas A&M (12), Georgia (15), LSU (19) and Arkansas (23).

The Learfield Directors’ Cup measures NCAA post-season competitive success and awards points to 10 men’s and 10 women’s programs per university. For a complete look at the standings, click here.

UK was No. 22 in the standings last year, the school’s second-best finish behind a No. 11 ranking in 2013-14.

This year snaps a three-year streak of ranking in the top-25.

The Bluegrass Boys secure the 1-seed in the Midwest Region of The Tournament

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 1.04.33 PM

Good news! The Bluegrass Boys secured the 1-seed in the Midwest Region of The Tournament, which tips off in two weeks. The group of mostly Kentucky alums will face off against the 16-seed Jackson TN Underdawgs at 6:45 p.m. on Saturday, July 16 at St. Xavier in Chicago. Here’s the bracket for the first two rounds:

Who are the Jackson TN Underdawgs? Apparently, a group of friends who have been playing together since high school. According to The Tournament’s website, their roster includes a banker, an engineer, a teacher, and a truck driver. Yeah, we got this.

The winner of the first two rounds will move on to the Super 16 in Philadelphia. In case you missed it earlier this week, The Bluegrass Boys added some new members. Here’s the entire roster:

  • Shagari Alleyne
  • Chane Behanan (Louisville)
  • Ramel Bradley
  • Joe Crawford
  • Jordan Crawford (Xavier)
  • Erik Daniels
  • Kevin Galloway (UK and Texas Southern)
  • Scotty Hopson (Tennessee)
  • Perry Stevenson
  • Marquis Teague
  • Brian Williams (Tennessee)
  • Coach: Derek Anderson

It’ll be a little weird cheering for a team with Chane Behanan, Scotty Hopson, and Brian Williams on it, but hey, at least the jerseys are blue, right?

Alex Poythress, Aaron Harrison, Marquis Teague, and Dakari Johnson tip off in the Summer League tomorrow


While you’re enjoying hot dogs and pasta salad at various July 4th shindigs this weekend, three former Wildcats are going to work. Alex Poythress, Aaron Harrison, and Marquis Teague will suit up in the NBA Summer League in Orlando, which runs from tomorrow through next Friday. Poythress will play for the Orlando Magic Blue squad; Harrison the Charlotte Hornets; and Teague the Dallas Mavericks. For Poythress and Teague, this may be the best chance they have to make a team. For Harrison, the only Hornets player on the summer league roster, it’s a prime opportunity to showcase his talents and lobby for more playing time.

Unless it’s in the championship games on Friday, Poythress and Harrison won’t play each other, but both will face Teague and the Mavericks, Aaron on Wednesday and Alex on Thursday. Here’s the complete schedule:


Alex Poythress (Orlando Magic Blue)

Saturday, July 2 1:00 p.m. Orlando Blue vs. Indiana
Monday, July 4 3:00 p.m. Orlando Blue vs. Detroit
Tuesday, July 5 1:00 p.m. Orlando Blue vs. Miami
Thursday, July 7 1:00 p.m. Orlando Blue vs. Dallas

Aaron Harrison (Charlotte Hornets)

Saturday, July 2 11:00 a.m. Charlotte vs. Orlando White
Sunday, July 3 1:00 p.m. Charlotte vs. Indiana
Monday, July 4 5:00 p.m. Charlotte vs. Oklahoma City
Wednesday, July 6 1:00 p.m. Charlotte vs. Dallas

Marquis Teague (Dallas Mavericks)

Saturday, July 2 9:00 a.m. Dallas vs. Oklahoma City
Monday, July 4 1:00 p.m. Dallas vs. Orlando White
Wednesday, July 6 3:00 p.m. Dallas vs. Charlotte
Thursday, July 7 1:00 p.m. Dallas vs. Orlando Blue

Twenty-four of the 25 games will air on NBATV, so if you’ve got some downtime on this holiday weekend, flip on over and cheer on the Cats.

UPDATE: As was pointed out to me in the comments section, Dakari Johnson is also playing in the Summer League for Oklahoma City. Here’s his schedule of games:

Saturday, July 2 9:00 a.m. Oklahoma City vs. Dallas
Sunday, July 3 5:00 p.m. Oklahoma City vs. LA Clippers
Monday, July 4 5:00 p.m. Oklahoma City vs. Charlotte
Wednesday, July 6 5:00 p.m. Oklahoma City vs. Indiana

The Entertation Index: June 27-July 1


Each week KSR’s Funkhouser collects the best of pop culture. The Entertation Index collects the best of the week for your consumption.


Auctioneers — If you’re ready for the best thing you’ve seen all day, I’m ready to deliver it right to you. Here’s a bunch of auctioneers backed up by hip-hop beats and YOU’RE WELCOME.

Link: AuctioneerBeats (via Vine)

Beer — It’s the Fourth of July weekend, which means relaxing outdoors with your favorite beer — and from the always-excellent Clickhole comes a list of eleven microbrews which need to be on your list this weekend. #5 might surprise you!

Link: 11 Microbrews You Have to Try This Summer

Broadway, Off — A new Off-Broadway theater production in New York City entitled Here I sit, Broken Hearted features a bare stage actors appearing seated on toilets in four open bathroom stalls. Original titles for the play included Mary Poopins, Craparet, The ‘Deucers, Dooky and the Beast, SCats, The O-Ring & I, Guys and Stalls, Annie Get Your Dung, La Cage Aux Stool and Loaf-lahoma. We good here? Okay then.

Link: “Here I Sit, Broken Hearted” Answering Nature’s Call With Bathroom Humor

Facebook — Facebook has announced a change in its newsfeed algorithm which will in theory bring more news from your friends and family to your page and less stories from news outlets like The New York Times or Buzzfeed. Unless your crazy bearded uncle who lives on a farm in Michigan and drunkenly calls in the middle of the night to tell you Obama is trying to take his guns also lands a job covering politics for the New York Times. Then you probably won’t see much of a difference.

Link: Facebook is Bringing More Friends and Family to Your News Feed

Thinks it's so great. It's not.

Thinks it’s so great. It’s not.

Pyramid, Great — Due to errors in construction, researchers have discovered that Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza was actually built lopsided, with the west side of the architectural icon being slightly longer than the east. As a result of the findings the pyramid has been downgraded from “Great” to “Eh…Okay.”

Link: The Great Pyramid of Giza is Lopsided, New Investigation Reveals 

A scene from the Tetris movie.

A scene from the Tetris movie.

Tetris — A collaboration between China and the US will yield not one but three films based on the ever-popular Russian-themed stacking video game Tetris, which will be a science-fiction based story line about “creating order from chaos.” Naturally, studios are expecting it to be a real blockbuster. See what I did there? Because of the blocks. You get it. Man, I’m on fire today.

Link: “Tetris” Movie Will Be Trilogy 

White, Snow — Newly released artwork from Disney’s 1937 classic reveals as many as sixteen “rejected” dwarf characters for the film, including characters named “Baldy,” Deafy,” “Stuffy” and “Wheezy.” Don’t fret, however; though they didn’t make the cut they’re all currently enjoying their jobs on the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee.

Link: Auctioned Artwork Reveals Rejected Snow White Dwarves


Okay, which one of you did this?


The 2015 team is probably my favorite of all time, but come on, man.

Derek Willis’ dad gave us an exclusive scouting report on this year’s team

This morning, Del Willis, Derek Willis’ father, called in to the show to give us some exclusive scoop on this year’s team, which he’s watched during the various father/son camps and workouts. According to Del, the 2016-2017 Wildcats are already off to a great start.

“They’re already starting to build a little bit of chemistry,” Del said. “The perimeter guys, the guard play, I think is going to be exceptional this year where, the fact that we didn’t quite click last year, but this year, I think they’re going to click pretty well just because you see that camaraderie already within the team.”

(I would argue that Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray clicked pretty well last season, but if this year’s guard play is going to be even better, well, bring it on.)

Del was particularly impressed by the freshmen, who he said are hungry and humble.

These new kids that came in, they’re eager to learn. I don’t see a lot of big egos out there. They just seem like kids that are excited — it’s like they’re at summer camp, I think. They’re excited to be away from home, glad to be there, and the way they interacted with the campers, too, said a lot about them for me, because they were really trying to make it enjoyable for the young kids.”

What about Derek? Is he ready to overcome a rough summer to build on a breakout season?

“I think he’s definitely ready to go. His shot looks so much more confident this year. As you know, in the past, it seemed like Derek could be a little hesitant on shooting open shots, and I don’t think that’s going to be the case at all this year. I think he’s going to be a lot more assertive when it comes to shooting the ball. He just seems like a different player, you can tell by the way he conducts himself around the guys. It’s just more confidence, he just seems more sure of himself.”

Thanks to Del for the scoop. We’ll take as much as we can get.

Derek Willis’ dad says Derek was not driving on the night of his arrest

Much to our surprise, Derek Willis’ father Del just called in to the radio show to give KSR listeners an exclusive scouting report on this year’s team. Del had some great observations from the summer workouts, which we’ll get to in a minute, but first, here are his comments about Derek’s arrest for alcohol intoxication in a public place last month. Contrary to what most of us believed based on the dash cam footage from the police, Del said his son was NOT driving the car.

“He’s good. He realized it was not the best decision in the world. First off, as a college athlete, especially at UK, you’re under the microscope all the time, you know that and they know that. It was a bad decision what he did. Bottom line is, it was not the smartest thing to go out and do that, but at least they did have someone that was driving them. He was never in the driver’s seat at all. I know a lot of people speculate that he was, but no.”

Del said the reason Derek was lying on the ground was because his designated driver was unable to carry him into the house.

“No, as a matter of fact, the young lady that was driving them had the keys in the house and they just — it’s one of those things, the little gal that was the designated driver can’t pick up a guy that’s 6’9″ 220 lbs. and get him in the house. It’s not going to happen.”

When asked if Derek was facing a suspension for the coaching staff, Del couldn’t go in to details, but said the coaching staff is working with Derek to make sure something like this never happens again.

“I don’t know. I’m leaving that between the coaching staff and Derek. Whatever happens happens. He’s got some things going on now to ensure this doesn’t happen again. He’s kind of gotten things going on within the coaching staff — that’s going on right now, I would say.”

Buddy Ryan’s funeral is today in Lawrenceburg

Funeral services will be held in Lawrenceburg today for legendary NFL coach Buddy Ryan, who died at the age of 85 on Tuesday. Ryan was the guru behind the “46” defense, which helped the Chicago Bears win the 1985 Super Bowl. He also served as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Arizona Cardinals and defensive coordinator for the Houston Oilers during his 35-year coaching career. Father to Rex and Rob Ryan, Buddy passed away at his home in Shelbyville, Kentucky, and will be laid to rest this afternoon in Anderson County, where he bought a farm in 1976 and retired to in 1995. 

The Ryan family will receive visitors from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. today at the Ritchie & Peach Funeral Home in Lawrenceburg. His funeral mass will begin at 2 p.m. at St. Lawrence Catholic Church.

In 2011, Ryan did an interview with the Herald-Leader in which he said Kentucky just “felt like home.”

“We were looking for a place to retire,” Ryan told the Herald-Leader’s Mark Story in 2011 about his move to Kentucky. “I said, What about the San Francisco area?’ But my wife liked Kentucky. And I did, too. So I bought a home and a farm here. Even when we weren’t living here, it felt like home.”

KSR is in…Lexington! (Friday Show Thread)

Good morning, friends, and welcome to the Friday edition of Kentucky Sports Radio, which is coming to you live from…The Red Mile in Lexington! Kick off the holiday weekend by coming out to 1200 Red Mile Road to watch the show and register for tickets to a UK basketball or football game.

Join in on the fun by calling (502) 571-1080.

Listen to Kentucky Sports Radio


Canada Day’s Friday Morning Wakeup

America celebrates its birthday on Monday, but today, our neighbors to the north will celebrate their big day. That’s right, today is Canada Day, which marks the joining of the three British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada into a single country, Canada, in 1867. While Canada wasn’t completely independent of England until 1982, Canada Day is considered the nation’s birthday, and they celebrate it as such, with parades, parties, fireworks, and lots and lots of Molson Ice.

We will celebrate Canada Day by thanking Canada for its various exports: Jamal Murray, Mychal Mulder, Trey Lyles, Kyle Wiltjer, Jamaal Magloire and…Jamal Murray! So, go out, get some poutine, some maple syrup, and raise a Moosehead Lager to the land to the North. Just don’t say “aboot” or “eh” too much. Once is enough.

Here’s what we Americans can look forward to on this beautiful Canada Day…

Kentucky offered Quade Green yesterday

The big news yesterday was John Calipari offering Quade Green, a five-star point guard from Philadelphia. Green has been tearing it up this spring and summer, leading the EYBL in assists and steals. He’s the third point guard Calipari’s offered in the 2017 class, but has taken over the scene to the point that Cal had no other option than to throw his hat in the ring. Duke offered Green last week, and if Calipari wants another guard to play alongside Trae Young, this could lead to another Coach K/Cal showdown, starting at the Peach Jam next week.

To read more about Green, check out my feature from last night.

Malik Newman is headed to Kansas

According to ESPN, the former Mississippi State guard and one-time UK target chose Kansas over Western Kentucky. He’ll have to sit out a year, but I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Newman, who will get a much-needed fresh start.

The Orlando Summer League starts tomorrow

Tomorrow, Alex Poythress (Orlando Blue), Aaron Harrison (Charlotte), and Marquis Teague (Dallas) will suit up for the NBA Summer League in Orlando. Games run from Saturday to Friday, and 24 of the 25 will be shown on NBA TV. I’ll have the schedule for all the games here in just a bit for you.

Vote for Karl Towns

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 7.33.21 PM

The new NBA golden child was nominated for “Best Breakthrough Athlete” at the ESPYs, and you can help him win it by voting online through July 13. We’ll remind you a lot over the coming weeks, so make it part of your daily routine.


While you’re at it, vote for him to get “slimed” at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards:

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 7.37.14 PM

VOTE FOR KARL at the Kids’ Choice Awards

Adnan Syed has been granted a new trial

Big news for those of you who listen to “Serial,” the wildly popular NPR podcast: the subject at the center of season one, Adnan Syed, has been granted a new trial. In 2000, Syed was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, and was sentenced to life in prison. Syed has maintained his innocence, and through “Serial,” new information was unearthed, including testimony from Asia McClain Chapman, who claims she saw Syed at the library around the same time prosecutors say Lee was murdered. Yesterday, a Baltimore judge granted Syed a new trial and vacated his conviction, although he still remains behind bars.

As someone who listened to “Serial” and “Undisclosed,” a second podcast dedicated to the case, I will be watching this story very closely.

Set a reminder for the 4th Annual KSR Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest LIVE BLOG

On Monday, I’ll be live blogging the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest for the fourth year in a row with Richmond Bramblet. Monday is July 4th, of course, but anyone worth their weight in IPA knows the real fun on July 4th weekend goes down on the 3rth so you have the holiday to recover. Join us as we watch the defending champ, Matt Stonie, take on perennial favorite Joey Chestnut. As an added bonus, former KSR guest host Barstool Big Cat will also be competing, so, if you loved his appearance on KSR, tune in to cheer him on, or if you hated, it, tune in to cheer against him.

Have you seen Vince Wilfork on the cover of ESPN’s Body Issue?


Now you have. The Houston Texans star is large and in charge, and clearly not afraid to flaunt it. Keep his confidence in mind when you head to pool parties and the beach this weekend.

Where will KSR be today?

We’ll find out in about an hour…