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July 28th, 2016

1950 National Champions: the Kentucky Wildcats, Tennessee Volunteers, Princeton Tigers, and Oklahoma Sooners

The 1951 Championship Trophy

The 1950 Championship Trophy

Before the BCS and College Football Playoff, mythical college football national champions were decided by a group of “Selectors,” or voting conglomerates. After UK’s New Training Facility tours, certain media and some fans have united in angst over the University of Kentucky’s 1950 National Championship trophy. Somewhat understandable but not unprecedented. Kentucky is not the only football program that has retroactively recognized a national or conference football title; in fact, one of the Southeastern Conference’s newest members did it just four years ago. In 2012, Texas A&M adorned Kyle Field with a fresh coat of paint and two new national championship banners. The Aggies were retroactively recognized as 1919 and 1927 national champions by two separate selectors: The Billingsley Report and Sagarin Rankings. Good for them. Gig ’em Aggies. Furthermore, the University of Alabama claims five national championships prior to 1961. After posting an 9-2 record in 1941, the Houlgate System proclaimed the Tide number one. I have zero qualms with that, as Bama declares 16 titles in their rich football history.

Truth of the matter is, the NCAA doesn’t officially sanction a major college football national champion; it merely recognizes “selectors” that award titles. Aren’t all titles officially mythical by definition? With football being the most profitable and popular American sport, the NCAA has very little say so in its postseason. Bowl teams are independently selected due to merit, geographical preference, or conference affiliation. The College Football Playoff has supplanted the BCS and names a champion by utilizing a four-team playoff. The four teams are selected by a committee.

According to Jeff Sagarin, who generates the Sagarin Ratings for USA Today, Kentucky is the 1950 national champion. Sagarin has generated computer ratings since the 1970s and reconstructed earlier seasons. Sagarin’s computer rated the Wildcats as tops for the 1950 campaign. UK is NOT claiming to be the only champion from that season, just merely one of the four that were deservingly picked by various selectors regardless of time of designation.

The majority of selectors designated the national champions after the regular season and before the bowl games in that era. UK finished the regular season with a 10-1 record and was ranked 7th before knocking off then #1 Oklahoma 13-7 in the Sugar Bowl.

Oklahoma was named as the mythical champions by the UPI, AP, as well as four other selectors. In that same season, Tennessee claims a Sagarin title along being identified as kings by the Billingsley Report, Devold Systems and three other selectors. Princeton is the fourth team in the equation by garnering selections by the Boand System and Poling System. Good for those schools. Paint the stadium. Buy a trophy and rings.

UK’s recognition of the 1950 team as the national champion is not new. As a matter of fact, in 2005, UK honored the distinguished team with championship rings during a Commonwealth Stadium ceremony. Is it the trophy that has caused the stir? A new trophy was made to show off in a brand new training facility. UK wasn’t hiding the title, as it has claimed the championship for several years now. It’s all about the players. Eighty-five-year-old deserving men like All-American and Outland Trophy winner Bob Gain can now bring their families to the facility to show off a tangible reminder of their team’s accomplishment. When the remainder of the 1950 team gathers at the facility, trophy construction date all of a sudden becomes irrelevant. Gain went on to a long NFL career after being selected fifth overall in the NFL Draft.

If I ever see Mr. Gain, I’m going to ask to see his championship ring and congratulate him on winning the national championship. That 1950 team was flat out loaded. Nine players were selected in the NFL Draft. The SEC Champion Cats went 11-1 on their way to beating top-ranked Oklahoma 13-7 in the Sugar Bowl.

A quick look at the 1951 (the next season) national championship polls offer an even more crowded picture at the top. Georgia Tech, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan State, and Tennessee were all named as title holders by various selectors. Georgia Tech honors the title as unclaimed. Tennessee, Maryland, Michigan State, and Illinois all recognize the championship. Individual schools don’t fabricate achievement. Declaration of championship is decided by independent entities or selectors. The celebration thereof is an institutional decision. I’m proud that my alma mater decided to go all out. I’d be nearly as happy for any or all schools to honor their championship teams in a manner they see fit. I’d say the same if referencing Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Louisville, or Princeton. Let us never forget: it’s all about the players.

Wendy’s KSR Top 10 Tweets of the Day


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At participating Wendy’s for a limited time.

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#10 Teresa Greenup



#9 Bryce Bailey

I would say that’s offensive but he’s kind of right.


#8 John 606

Add this to the list of things you can’t unsee


#7 Jason

Well that can’t be coincidental.


#6 Kentucky Josh

I just really don’t understand where people got this whole Mountain Dew thing for Bullitt County.


#5 Aaron

I bet that dude could pick a mean fight.


#4 dave1974

This whole KSR Convention thing really scares me.


#3 Brennan Browning

I think that if Ryan really knew how the system works, he wouldn’t have so many speeding tickets.


#2 Chad H

Yes. A million times yes.


#1 chuck wood

WHAT. I don’t believe this. I’m shocked.



Ark Encounter Engages In Naval Battle With Horseshoe Southern Indiana


Editor’s Note: The following was previously published on The New Circle Circular, Lexington’s #1 source of Fake News You Can’t Count On.

The roar of cannon fire rang out across Kentuckiana early yesterday morning as the recently opened Ark Encounter fired a shot across the bow of the Horseshoe Casino riverboat in Southern Indiana. The gambling vessel returned fire with a barrage of empty oxygen tanks and discarded buffet plates, and before long, the two ships were engaged in a full-fledged naval battle.ark-firing-3

Witness Uncle Terry described the mayhem that ensued.

“It was madness,” said Uncle Terry. “There I was blowing my kid’s college fund when all of a sudden, cannon shots started coming in two by two.”

The Ark’s artillery assault was led by Creation Museum founder and Brett Favre look-alike Ken Ham. Ham carried out the attack because he was tired of people sinfully throwing their money away at the casino, rendering them unable to afford the 40 Days and 40 Dollars it costs to tour his Ark.

Horseshoe Southern Indiana was captained by The Gambler himself, Kenny Rogers, who was in town to gamble some more on his face with a trip to the plastic surgeon.

The battle ended in a stalemate when The Horseshoe threatened to use its ace in the hole, a weapon of mass destruction, pocket rockets, resulting in the Ark Encounter’s exodus back to Williamstown.

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Top Pass Rushers Visiting Campus This Weekend

Stephens (left) via Scout, and Riegelsperger via Vype.

Stephens (left) via Scout, and Reigelsperger via Vype.

Like most weekends, there will be some football recruits in town.  Unlike most weekends, two players could play an extremely important role for the Wildcats in the future.

Rushing the passer has not come easy since Bud Dupree and Za’Darius Smith departed.  Stoops has sought to remedy the situation with junior college transfers, but it takes much more than that.  Jabreel Stephens and Alex Reigelsperger could be Stoops’ long-term solutions.

Stephens is a 3-star weak-side 2017 defensive end from Tampa, currently holding offers from 18 schools, including Cal, Arizona, Louisville and Iowa State.  He has great length and a frame that can add plenty of muscle.  His highlights include tipping a pass for an interception.

Reigelsperger is a year younger, but ranked a little higher.  ESPN recently gave him 4-star status in their Top 300 in the class of 2018.

Reigelsperger has frequently visited Kentucky, but this is likely the first time his Wayne High School teammate, Tobias Gilliam, is on campus.  Gilliam has persistently recruited Reigelsperger to Kentucky, giving Vince Marrow an extra edge.  Reigelsperger holds offers from Iowa, Pitt, Miami (Oh.), Purdue, Rutgers and Western Michigan.

Coach Stoops BBQ’s with his Defense

The whole squad via @UKCoachStoops. What’s Kendall Randolph doing with his face? (bottom right)

Before the grueling days of camp begin when players officially report to camp begin next Thursday, Mark Stoops invited his defense over to his house to enjoy some steaks.  I’m sure they ate well.  I hope they didn’t destroy the bathroom like last time.

The D-Line certainly seemed to enjoy themselves poolside.

There are only a few remnants of food left on the patio table.

Stoops looks happy on a stoop with his All-SEC Freshman cornerback, Chris Westry.


Stoops wasn’t the only one taking care of his players.  Vince Marrow took his tight ends and fullbacks out for dinner.


Everything You Missed at the Louisville Kickoff Luncheon

Stoops is surrounded by his coordinators, D.J. Eliot and Eddie Gran, and the moderators, Tom Leach and Freddie Maggard.

Stoops is surrounded by his coordinators, D.J. Eliot and Eddie Gran, and the moderators, Tom Leach and Freddie Maggard.

By now you’ve probably learned that every sports season is prefaced by a talking season.  The foundation of talking season lies in appearances at a variety of local functions, from the Rotary Club to the Alumni Association Kickoff.

Even though I’ve followed along for countless years, my only personal experience with one of these events happened a decade ago when my Dad brought home a polaroid and a signed basketball from Tubby Smith.  That changed today.

After spending 30 minutes “working” in interviews with Mark Stoops, D.J. Eliot and Eddie Gran, it was time to experience the event.  The Galt House ballroom was decked out in Kentucky blue.  Fans filled more than 50 tables that were already adorned with a salad and chocolate cake.

Herein lies my only complaint: You can’t sit chocolate cake in front of me and expect me to not be ravenous.  I tore through my salad with hardly a breath because LOOK AT THAT CAKE.


I was patient enough to wait for the cake until after the main course, but it took intense concentration to focus on what Tom Leach was saying.

After a few videos and an award presentation, The Voice of the Wildcats admitted, “I’m just bored,” with the dead zone in the sports calendar.  Each year, this event gets Leach’s gears grinding, ready to get back to the football field.

After thanking all the former players in attendance, he invited Freddie Maggard and the coaches to join him on stage.  The next 15 minutes were fun.  I don’t know if I’ve ever heard all three coaches talk so candidly, cutting up with one another, yet still relaying a consistent message while thanking those who got them to this point.

Before I finished my cake, here is some of what was discussed.

Real Recognize Real

As the renovations around campus have catapulted the football program forward, there’s been an increased emphasis on recognizing the past.  It’s present in the facilities and in the words of the head football coach.

“We need ya and we want you around,” Stoops said, opening the doors to the new Football Training Center to former players this weekend.

There were plenty of former players in attendance today.  Freddie Maggard was joined by his fullback Andy Murray, along with Marty Moore, Dean Wells, Mike Meiners, Jay Dortch and Paul Karem, the man primarily responsible for helping the school honor the four African-Americans who helped integrate the SEC.

Stoops and Leach extended their thanks to Dr. Capilouto and Mitch Barnhart for helping to make everything happen.  Stoops’ gratitude was evident to all, extending it to the fans who have stuck by the program through his first three years.

Stoops and Gran with the event coordinators, Steve Rush (left) and John Ryan.

Stoops posed for plenty of pictures with fans after the event, here alongside Eddie Gran and the event coordinators, Steve Rush (left) and John Ryan.

Name-Dropping New Players

The two positions the coaching staff is confident will dramatically improve are two of the most important positions on the field — quarterback and wide receiver.  At wide receiver, Tavin Richardson and Jabari Greenwood will provide impactful depth at outside wide receiver after redshirting during their freshmen season.  (I’ll get to Drew shortly.)

Defensively, Stoops and Eliot are excited to see the progress of last season’s junior college defensive end transfers, Courtney Miggins and Alvonte Bell.  Miggins was able to see the field halfway through the season, but Eliot said Bell physically wasn’t ready, using the year to redshirt.  Stoops expects big things from Bell this fall, “We need him to play well.”

Drew Barker

No matter how much the players around Drew Barker have improved, Stoops knows a lot lies on his shoulders.  “It goes as your quarterback goes.”

So far, Barker’s done everything they’ve asked of him and more.  After he was announced the starter, he’s ran the offseason practices/workouts for the offense.  He excelled in the classroom, earning a 4.0 in the spring semester.  “That’s what your quarterback’s gotta do,” Gran said.

Progress starts off the field.  Now it’s time to see it translate onto the field.

Stoops Confident, Cutting Up with his Coordinators

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Stoops more comfortable.  Even during his candid KSR interviews, this session was incomparable.  His coordinators coached with him at Florida State.  “We were on the ground floor with Jimbo on the rebuild at Florida State. We know the structure, commitment it takes.”  Stoops added, “I could not be more proud to have these two men with us.” He’s confident they can help him successfully rebuild Kentucky’s program.

The best moment of the entire event occurred when they were discussing Gran’s high-powered offenses at Cincinnati.  As much as he loves yards and touchdowns, when they watch Cincinnati film together Stoops reminds Gran, “You’re not going to get that in this league….Nothing’s going to be given to you.”

They’ll employ the same style, but it requires a focus on creating space, something that doesn’t come easily against elite SEC athletes.

Gran’s Running Back Philosophy

Eddie Gran has a deep, talented backfield to work with this fall.  It can be difficult to discern how, when and who to give the ball to.  What he preaches to his players is humility.  “There’s only one ball,” Gran said.  If he can get them to buy into playing as a team, they will collectively improve as a unit.

Improving Capacity

Stoops has used the term “capacity” often in the preseason.  “Increasing the players’ capacity” seems like an ambiguous, loaded phrase, but he believes his players now know what it takes to win.  They’ll be able to do more than ever before and he’s excited to see the product.  Stoops’ final words before leaving the stage:

“Expect big things from this team. We do.”

Coach Cali”Fairy” is Scared of our Non-Conference Opponents



Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Big Blue Nation arose from summer hibernation last week with the release of the basketball non-conference schedule. Fans are already exited about this years team as it was evident in the amount of discussion generated by the schedule’s release. How could you not be exited about this years group when you got guys like Brad Calipari and Isaac Humphries leading midnight workouts? Anyone who knows about basketball could take won good look at the non-conference games and determine how many of them the Cats will loose next year. Zero. So Coach Cal wasn’t scarred at all by our non-conference opponents, right? Wrong.

Cal has now proven to me with this, honeslty, insulting tweet that he has no confidance in himself and more importantly in his team. If he has no confidance in his team than how can they have any confidance in him? It has now been made very clear to me that John Cali”fairy” is scarred and the result is the losing environment he has created over teh last four years. He uses “travel” as an excuse for potentially losing. Our soldiers travel across the world and we stilled killed Osama Bin Laden. Forgive me for not feeling sorry for you, Cal, if our boys loose to Arizona State after the tumultuous journey to the dreary Bahamas.


I’m scratching my head trying to fathom a reason why Cal would be scarred of anyone we play in the pre-conference. Duquesne? Maybe because “Duke” is part of the pronunciation? Arizona State? Sorry but Kentucky isn’t losing to a school once attended by Phil Mickelson. The Hofstra Pride? Yeah there real proud alright, proud of picking a terrible mascot. Louisville? I think I saw there coach on the last episode of The Walking Dead I just watched.

Ive been letting it slide for to long but I think this tweet has been the last straw. I think I speak for most fans when I say: this losing stuff is getting old. And if you don’t agree just look at the facts. The last four seasons have all ended in losses. I’m as guilty as anyone has been about making up excuses.

“Well we where unlucky”

“We just had a few missing pieces in the frontcourt.”

“Our players just made some bad decisions down the road”

Blah, blah, blah. All these excuse have a common theme. A very unfair common theme, if you ask me. All these excuses are doing is just blaming teh players. Well now I’m ready too point out the real reason for all the dissappointment. My finger has moved from the court to pointing at the guy wearing the same tie he bought from Kohls on the sidelines.

We all know what makes a great coach. Great coaches recruit teh worst players and win national championships with them. Cal couldn’t even make it to the title game with the best college team to ever play. Great coaches draw up great out of bounds plys, run zone defenses and structured offensive sets. Cal, well we all no to well he just rolls teh ball out on the floor while he sits back and thinks about teh next Dunkin Donuts he’s going to open up. Lastly, great coaches fear no opponent and especially don’t make excuses for loosing games BEFORE they even play them. I’m no history expert but I don’t think George Washington ever posted a tweet warning the colonists that we might loose to the British even with the risk he might of been beheaded publicly if he did. Now, THAT is a leader, folks. What’s Cali”fairy” scarred of? Maybe someone says something mean to him on twitter? Cry me a river.

Clearly, Cal has no excuse to loose any of these non-conference games but yet he’s already apologized for doing so. This throws up some major red flags in my opinion. I’m a true Wildcats fan and true Wildcats fans believe the only banner worth hanging is the one that says “National Champion” on it. Knowing I have a coach timid to even step in the ring with Valpraiso, makes me believe that this upcoming season will be yet another one where we hang one that just says “Final Four.” I hope I’m wrong.

***Please note that FirstTimeLongTime’s hot takes are satire and reflect no real opinion of anyone on the KSR writing staff. Spelling and grammatical errors are intentional.


Three UK Players make TBL’s Top 50 College Basketball Players


College basketball usually gets left out of the discussion during the dog days of summer.  While most are looking ahead to football season, Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead has basketball on the mind,  releasing annually a list of the Top 50 Players in College Basketball.

Kentucky has three players on this year’s list.  None of them have ever worn a Kentucky uniform.  All of them are (almost) in the Top 25.

26. Malik Monk, G, Kentucky, Freshman
Will he be the most explosive guard in the country from November? It’s entirely possible. I loved watching Jamal Murray last year, but Wildcats fans will have forgotten about him by Thanksgiving.

17. De’Aaron Fox, G, Kentucky, Freshman
A more athletic, left-handed version of Brandon Knight? Not a shooter on that level yet, but he’s very fun to watch.

15. Bam Adebayo, F, Kentucky, Freshman
Looks like a man among boys in these highlights, similar to Dwight Howard physically against high school kids. But does he have the offensive skills to do this at the college level immediately?

It’s hard to complain if you’re a Kentucky fan, but these rankings are easy to dispute.  First as a UK fan, no Isaiah Briscoe?  Murray and Ulis received all the press, but their backcourt companion was excellent at the rim as a freshman, even if he couldn’t finish his free throws.

The #1 player on the list is Harry Giles; who blew out his knee twice in high school and has never played in college; who will be on the same team as eight other superstars at Duke.  Placing Syracuse’s Tyler Lydon at #9 after exclusively playing good during March Madness is another example of questionable logic.  View the entire list below to raise questions of your own.

[The Big Lead’s Top 50 College Basketball Players]

Karl-Anthony Towns Doesn’t Care About Your Age, Dunks All Over Kids

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 7.14.47 PM

So apparently it doesn’t matter if you’re in high school, college, the NBA or grade school. Karl-Anthony Towns will beat you off the dribble and dunk right on your head. Don’t believe me? Check out this video:

There’s so much gold in this short clip, but the best is the kid at the end who thought for a brief second he was about to block KAT. I mean he jumped, extended the arm and everything. That will never stop being funny. All in all it just goes to show what we all knew about Towns for a couple years now. He’s nothing but a gigantic kid.


KSR After Show: Farewell DNC! (7/28/16)


Welcome, BBN, to the Thursday edition of the KSR After Show! After a long two weeks at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, the KSR crew is wrapping things up with their final day in Philadelphia. On today’s show, the guys discussed what competitive means in terms of Kentucky football, gave advice to a lawyer, dispersed the Coach Cal haters, ranted about the UofL board meeting, and fantasized about what a KSR Convention might look like.

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Today on Kentucky Sports Radio:

The security was intense last night with the President and Vice President in the building.

US President Barack Obama (L), surrounded by US Secret Service agents, walks to greet guests upon arrival on Air Force One at Tampa International Airport in Tampa, Florida, on April 13, 2012. Obama arrived in Tampa to speak at the Port of Tampa, before continuing to the Summit of the Americas in the Colombian city of Cartagena. AFP PHOTO/Saul LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

The guys have had some interesting interactions with Uber drivers this week.

Mainly because Matt has to tell the driver (yell at the driver) where to go and always thinks he is going the wrong way.


Orlando Antigua is now being pushed out at South Florida.

There have been reports that USF is offering Orlando a buyout to resign. It’s unfortunate, but this still looks really bad for Antigua, and will follow him wherever he tries to go and do from here. Equally as unfortunate, this will undoubtably be another sword for haters to stab Coach Cal with whether merited or not.

Do a lot of you really think that Coach Cal isn’t a top 10 coach, like that caller thought?

One caller today was insistent on proving that Tom Izzo is a better coach than Calipari, and that Cal is not a top 10 coach right now. While his facts were incorrect, it does seem like there is a section of the fanbase that really believes this. The two coaches may not factually be too far away from one another, but the caller’s argument that Coach Cal isn’t a top 10 (he puts Cal 11th) coach right now is ridiculous. What 10 would/could you put in front of him? I’m betting if you’re being honest with yourself, you wouldn’t be able to make it to far down the list before you have to put Cal on it.

Three inmates walked out of the Bell County jail after the air conditioning quit working and the jail decided to open the doors.

Well, that is just hilariously spectacular.


Kentucky can still get Mac Jones.

But don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret.


What would qualify as “competitive” against Alabama and Tennessee this year?

I feel like this is kind of an “eye test” question. It’s hard to just say, as long as they don’t get embarrassed, keep it within 14-21 points, or whatever else you may think. I trust that once I see the games, I’ll know if I felt like they where competitive or not.

What are your opinions? Do you have a way of quantifying competitiveness before the games are played?

No one loses more big games than Bill Self and Kansas.


“Pat Forde, eat a turd.” – Matt Jones


KSR’s advice to a lawyer late for court: Call immediately and say you are running late; Do not give any excuse just apologize; Give yourself a flat tire, or fake one; Tell the judge you had to poop.

What is the most purchased car in Kentucky?

The Kia Rio.


KSR convention.

The guys brought up the idea of having their own KSR Convention, which of course would be spectacular. This has got to be a new yearly event. Who would you like to see there as performers or speakers?

UK football signed a two-game deal with Toledo (both are home games)

Chester called in and put the smack down on Ryan. 

While he compared Calipari to Donald Trump, he did not address the elephant in the room of Jay in Lyndon calling him a fake caller yesterday.


The James Ramsey situation.

At the six hour Louisville board meeting yesterday, the board decided to pay James Ramsey $690,000 of taxpayer money to resign, although, as of today, he is keeping his position in the foundation, where he makes over $1 million a year. Matt said in all of his years of doing this he has never seen a more corrupt jerk than Ramsey.

While the board was deliberating, Ramsey decided to teach a class about life lessons…

KSR After Show Hotline messages:

Text from (859): This might be late but I have 2 controversial UK opinions.
1: I like the new interlocking UK logo more than the old interlocking UK logo.
2: I love Cal, but I wish we played faster. There’s no way a team with Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray should be 221st in tempo

Text from (502): Is this ksr car


Thank you BBN for joining me here on the KSR After Show! Send in your messages to the KSR After Show Hotline to have them posted to tomorrow’s After Show. Have a great Thursday! 

UK releases (unofficial) heights and weights for the 2016-2017 Wildcats


UK sent out some preseason materials to the media today, and included was a roster with the unofficial heights and weights for each player:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 2.38.07 PM

Bam is listed as 6’9″ 232 lbs. on his 247 Sports recruiting profile, so if it’s true that he’s gained 23 pounds and grown an inch? Good golly. Here’s a comparison of the rest of the roster from last year to this year:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.02.34 PM

Looks like the summer conditioning program is working.

Walker Wood and Jedrick Wills among favorites for 2016 Kentucky Mr. Football Award


High school football is right around the corner, and today, USA Today High School Sports’ Jason Frakes released his list of the top ten candidates for the 2016 Kentucky Mr. Football Award. Two of the names should be very familiar: Lafayette quarterback Walker Wood, a current UK commit, and his teammate, Jedrick Wills, UK’s top 2017 target.

“There’s little doubt Wills is the most coveted recruit in Kentucky’s senior class,” Frakes wrote. “Among Class of 2017 recruits, he’s ranked No. 1 in Kentucky and No. 41 in the nation by If ever an offensive lineman was going to be named Mr. Football, Wills could be the one.”

The 6’5″ 318 lbs. Wills recently narrowed his list to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana State, Michigan, Notre Dame and Tennessee; however, there are rumors that he’s given Alabama a silent commitment. Wills toured the new UK Football training facility earlier this week, so hopefully it made enough of an impression to keep the Cats in the hunt.

Meanwhile, Frakes noted that Wills may not even be the top Mr. Football candidate on his own team, naming Walker Wood the early favorite for the award.

“If there’s a preseason favorite for the award, Wood (6-0, 180 pounds) would be the one. He plays the glamorous position of quarterback and gets the Mr. Football boost of having committed to the University of Kentucky. And his numbers from last season were superb, both through the air (188 of 315, 2,611 yards, 21 TDs, 8 interceptions) and on the ground (236 carries, 1,622 yards, 22 TDs). The Generals finished 12-3 after falling to Male in the Class 6-A championship game.”

If Walker manages to convince Wills to join him at UK, he deserves all of the awards.

[USA Today HSS]

Lamar Thomas retires from Twitter, a Big Blue Nation weeps (UPDATE: He’s back!)


Mere hours after Mark Stoops said he was totally cool with Lamar Thomas doing what Lamar Thomas does on Twitter, Lamar Thomas tweeted quite possibly the saddest news of all: he’s taking a Twitter break.

Here are Stoops’ comments when asked about Lamar Thomas’ Twitter antics a few hours ago:

“Really? What’s he said?,” Stoops laughed. “Unless something needs to get to my desk, I don’t know. I’ve said it before, I like the way Lamar coaches, I like the way he goes about his business. If it was just the flair, I wouldn’t be very into it. You’ve got to have some substance behind what you do and your coaching and your teaching and that’s what’s most important to me.”

Camp starts next Thursday, but it’s going to be a long week without Thomas putting Louisville trolls in their place.

🎶 In the arms of the angel, Fly away from here…
From this dark, cold hotel room, And the endlessness that you fear…🎶

UPDATE: After only 30 minutes, Lamar is back.

Can’t keep a good man down.

Vlade Divac: DeMarcus Cousins is the “most dominant player in the whole world”

© Kyle Terada

Sacramento Kings GM Vlade Divac is not one to shy away from hyperbole. After the NBA Draft in June, Divac said former Cat and Kings draft pick Skal Labissiere was “the best player in college basketball” last season, a pretty bold claim to say the least. This week, Vlade’s at it again, telling James Ham from CSN Bay Area that DeMarcus Cousins isn’t just the best player on the Kings’ roster, he’s the most dominant player in the entire world:

“It’s a no-brainer,” Kings general manager Vlade Divac said from his courtside seat. “He’s the most dominant player in the whole world. And being from Serbia, I have to root for Serbia, but I feel bad for them. He’s going to kill them.”

So far this summer, Cousins is doing his best to back up Divac’s praise. Through three exhibition games with Team USA, DeMarcus has two double doubles and is currently second the team in scoring at 15.7 points per game and first in rebounding at 11 rebounds per game. He was dominant Tuesday night vs. China, scoring 21 points and grabbing 11 rebounds in only 19 minutes.

While LeBron James or Steph Curry would steal the title of most dominant player in the whole world during the season, maybe Vlade’s on to something; of the players competing in the Olympic games, does DeMarcus have a case for most dominant?

[CSN Bay Area]

Stoops fine with Lamar Thomas’ trash talk as long as he produces results


It’s been six months since Lamar Thomas left Louisville to be Kentucky’s wide receiver’s coach, and he’s certainly made an impression. Thomas, a former standout at the “The U,” has lived up to his boisterous reputation, doling out trash talk whenever possible and taking on UofL trolls on Twitter with glee. Thomas most recently ruffled Louisville fans’ feathers by telling fans at Saturday’s Women’s Clinic that he much prefers Mark Stoops as a boss than Bobby Petrino, and when asked about the comment both on KSR Monday and at today’s kickoff luncheon in Louisville, Mark Stoops feigned ignorance.

“Really, he said something?” Stoops said, claiming that because he’s not into social media, he hadn’t heard it.

“If it was just the flare, I wouldn’t be very into it,” Stoops said of Thomas’ antics, adding that he wants Thomas to get results from the wide receivers “by any means necessary.”

The wideouts better have a great year, because I don’t know if I can live without Thomas trolling Louisville fans:

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