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August 28th, 2015

The KSR Golf Scramble’s Friday Morning Wakeup

You smell that? I do. That’s called a championship. I smell it well.

Today, four of the state’s best golfers will stoop to amateur status to compete in the inaugural KSR golf scramble. I’m talking about my team, of course, made up of former KSR county blogger, Corey James; former KSR Bachelor blogger and current PGA caddy, Aaron Flener; my father, Franco; and me, carrying a putter so hot we might get a visit from Louisville Fire before the turn.

As for everyone else in the field, we’re excited to have a fun group of Cats fans at the Polo Fields and I wish them all well in the race for second place. It’s very nice of everyone to take off work and come out to a tournament they can’t win. Good people. Hopefully they win some of the many prizes we have around the course. If nothing else, they’ll meet Shannon The Dude and Ryan Lemond, and you can’t put a prize on that.

But enough about the golf, let’s talk about things you care about.

Did you enjoy the KSR UK Football podcast?

Apologies for the poor quality. Nick had the equipment for about an hour before we sat down to record, so he was learning how to use it on the fly. It will improve next week when we all get together to talk about UL-Lafayette and that home opener in the New Commonwealth Stadium. Tweet us any questions you may want answered and we’ll get to them on the show. Looking forward to recording another one and getting this season kicked off. The talking has gone on way too long.

Kobi Simmons lands today.

One of the top guards in the 2016 recruiting class will take his official visit to Kentucky this weekend. There was a time when Simmons was pretty much a lock to UK; that optimism has dwindled just a little bit, but he’s still high on the Cats.

The football team is getting ready for UL-Lafayette today.

We’ll have interviews with Stoops, Dawson and various players from the scoring side of the ball a little later today. Check back in the early evening to hear what they have to say on the last Friday before things get really real next week.

Football is almost here!

Anthony Davis is huge.


I would like to thank former UK fullback Moncell Allen for shattering my phone last night.

I didn’t know it was possible for a screen to break in so many places. Turtle, I’m not even mad. I’m impressed.

Bill Goldberg is going to be a guest on KSR.

File that one under Things I Never Thought I’d Say.

Goldberg — excuse me — Gold-Berg will be calling into the show some time this morning. We’ll be out at the golf course for the entire show so it should make for a very bizarre interview.

I’ll also be out there with my Phunkee Dunk segway and we’re going to make Ryan try to ride it. I don’t know how that will convert to radio, but we’ll Periscope it, too.

Be sure to tune in. I’m off to the course…

BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: KSR Summer Fan Stories

1951 Student card
I am a 1955 graduate of UK and have attended,  listened to or watched   every men’s basketball radio or television broadcast that I could receive  since 1948.   I got interested when the Fabulous Five won the NCAA tournament and went on to the Olympics and  joined up with the Phillips 66ers.  When I enrolled in the fall of 1951 (see student card) it was only the second year of Memorial Coliseum and only one year past Alumni Gym. I was there on the street corner in front of Alumni Gym when the sign was changed to Avenue of Champions from Euclid. That had extra meaning then because Stoll field was there too and Bear Bryant was making football very important. I attended every home  basketball game and cheered on the Wildcats even  during the lost season of 1952-1953 when  EVERY game was a Blue-White game.  I couldn’t sleep for  days after watching the Jan 1955 loss to Georgia Tech that ended our 127 home winning record. I still hate Whack Hyder.
After graduation I moved to Atlanta and had to try to get the games on AM radio from WHAS. They carried them whenever it didn’t conflict with a UL game.  This was Caywood’s first years and the reception was awful and faded in and out.  But , no matter. I just had to wait till it faded back in again.
I recently came across an article that  summarized the 1948 team problems, including one item that matched last years conditions.
WE now live in northern Virginia and I’m looking forward to this BB season and will not miss a single TV broadcast.  It is great that now all UK BB games are on TV.  I have a VA license plate that reads UKY- BB .
Richard I. (Dick) Underwood

August 27th, 2015

If Matt Jones runs for Congress…


By now you know our own Matt Jones is considering a run for Congress. Betcha didn’t see that one coming, huh? I was taken back when he told me months ago. I had no idea he ran at all.

Anyhow, Jones’ jump into politics is officially a thing that could happen, and it’s been the talk of the town since the Herald-Leader leaked the story Sunday evening.

We promised to keep it all sports (well, mostly sports) on the radio and around here, but I wouldn’t be KSR’s resident political reporter if I didn’t put my knowledge of American government, and my knowledge of Matt Jones, to good use. So allow me to break down what you can expect if he does indeed drop hooded sweatshirts and visors for wrinkled suits and, well, visors.

If Matt Jones ran for Congress…


KSR will be fine.

Let’s get that one out of the way. It’ll take more than a Congressman Jones to completely end all of KSR. Though he wouldn’t be on the show every day, the show will go on, as well as the website.

Now if someone were to dig up that old video tape from our trip to Canada, then we worry about the future of KSR. Until then, we’re all good. And I’m pretty sure we threw it in the Detroit River.

This will be his campaign sign:


Be sure to use promo code Jones when you vote.

(Signs courtesy of Vistaprint.)

If elected, he will leave empty McDonald’s cups and Skittles wrappers all over the House.

There may be 434 other representatives, but the big House will be no different than his own house.

Kentucky Joe will tell everyone he is the campaign manager.

In fact, Kentucky Joe is already telling everyone he is Matt’s campaign manager.

This Qdoba will see a spike in sales.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.48.03 AM

No Roosters on The Hill, unfortunately for him.

Get ready for the BACK Act.

Jones’ Ban All Crying Kids Act will attempt to crack down on noisy children in restaurants, stores and airplanes. He will push for imprisonment without bail for anyone between the ages of two months and 12 years who are caught disturbing the peace.

It will be his first priority in office.

He will drop out of the race the moment someone hands him their baby.

That’s it. Gone. No questions asked.

Baby, he’s out. Deal breaker.

He will attempt to end every debate with, “I appreciate your call.”

He will begin every debate with, “Andy, I love you but…”

He will probably win.

Then we sit back with our popcorn and see what happens. I, for one, love the idea of him representing my district, so long as he promises to do so in the most ridiculous manner possible. I can’t wait to read “UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Legislation.”


But all this is hypothetical. He’s a long, long way from making a decision.

Wendy’s KSR Top 10 Tweets of the Day

Spicy Chicken

You know you’re thinking of a Wendy’s ® Spicy Chicken Sandwich. The spicy goodness of the all white meat chicken lightly breaded with a unique blend of eight peppers and spices, topped with crisp lettuce, delicious fresh tomato and creamy mayonnaise, all on a soft toasted bun. The only way to get it out of your head is to get it in your hands.

You can be a part of Wendy’s KSR Top 10 Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtop10. You can also nominate tweets by mentioning them with the hashtag. If

#10 Ralph D. Russo

It’s nice to start getting respect.



#9 Robin Foster

I hope the professor was a Louisville fan.



#8 Shane Boyd

Sounds complicated.



#7 Jackson Sanderson

We don’t needs friends like this, Jackson.



#6 Kentucky Josh




#5 SAVE the K

It doesn’t get any more clear than that.



#4 ColonelCrispy

Your dad seems like a big jerk. Sorry Mr. Crispy.



#3 Gary McIntyre

Maybe I should gamble more often.



#2 Samuel Evans

Everything’s cooler when Drew Franklin does it. They should do scientific studies on it.



#1 Stephen Huntsman

That poor cameraman will never get work in the world again.



Anthony Davis’ New Diet has Transformed his Body

If you’ve seen recent pictures of Anthony Davis, it’s impossible to ignore his increased stature.  Not long ago, he was lanky string-bean.  He’s since transformed into a monster, poised to make a potential run for MVP, all thanks to a strenuous offseason workout and diet plan.

Over eight weeks of working out in LA with new Pelicans strength coach, Jason Sumerlin, Davis has packed on 12 pounds while maintaining 10% body fat.  The primary reason he’s up to 253 pounds is a new diet, explained by Sumerlin to the Pelicans’ official website.

“I wanted Anthony to eat more than he does, actually, because that’s the only way to gain weight. You have to get more protein, more calories. He’s never going to cut out pizza, but I finally got him to eat seafood, for the first time ever. He had salmon. He also has a chef now, so he’s become more adventurous when it comes to food and his diet. Changing his diet is a huge thing and probably half the battle.”

The 2015 first team All-NBA selection was amazing in his third season, averaging 24.4 points, 10.2 rebounds and 2.9 blocks per game.  Despite the amazing output, Davis still has plenty of room to improve, most notably against bigger, stronger post-players who often out-muscled him.

Sumerlin already sees an improvement without having seen against an opponent, ““He’s going to be stronger, faster, quicker and more explosive this year,” said Sumerlin.  “He talks about it all the time.  He feels it.”

If he’s feeling it, I have a feeling we still haven’t seen the best from The Brow.


KSR Preps High School Preview: Week Two

(@1egend_ Twitter)

Lex Cath’s quarterback, Legend Brumbaugh. (@1egend_ Twitter)

KSR Preps Games of the Week

We’re switching it up this week and covering a doubleheader. Just a few miles from UK’s campus lies the Bluegrass Bowl at Lexington Catholic High School, where St. Xavier and Henry Clay will play in the first game of the twinbill, and Ryle vs. LexCath in the late game. All four of these teams are ranked in MaxPreps’ Top 35 teams in the state, with St. X coming in at #9. There’s plenty worth watching in the Bluegrass Bowl, so let’s get started.

St. Xavier (0-0) vs Henry Clay (0-0)

Both St. X and Henry Clay are kicking off their seasons in the Bluegrass Bowl. The Tigers of St. X return as a contender for the 6A, District Three title along with Male and Manual. The inexperienced X will look to junior Desmond Ridder to take the snaps in 2015, announced the starter earlier today. On the other side of the ball, Henry Clay returns running back Joquise Buford and Kentucky-commit Davonte Robinson. Buford led the state with 184 yards per game last year, while also totaling 30 touchdowns. Buford is one of the best sleepers in the state. Cornerback Davonte Robinson is not a sleeper. Robinson is the #10 player in the state (Rivals) and had offers from UofL and Notre Dame before signing with UK. The star defensive back led the team in tackles last season and has been committed to UK since 2014.

Trey’s Pick- This game will be a lot closer than most people think. Barring Buford breaking out for a big game, I’m taking St. X.

Nick’s Pick-  St. X lost too much last year and Henry Clay has a chip on their shoulder after an early exit in the playoffs.  Henry Clay, all the way.

Ryle (1-0) vs Lexington Catholic (1-0)

The host of the Bluegrass Bowl, Lexington Catholic, will play in the late game against Ryle. This game has the potential to go 0-100 real quick due to the offenses that will be paired up. Ryle’s quarterback Tanner Morgan threw for 451 yards last week in a 35-28 win over Covington Catholic. Ryle also gave up 400 yards of total offense, which is something of an issue with Legend Brumbaugh taking the field for LexCath. The son of Kentucky Defensive Line Coach Jimmy Brumbaugh, the junior QB threw two touchdowns on 17-19 passing last week against Boone County. This will be a big game for Brumbaugh to prove himself against a good level of competition. The LexCath rushing attack is led by Jaylen Jones and Brett Balcirak.

Trey’s Pick- Legend Brumbaugh will lead LexCath to a win over Ryle. I’m definitely taking the over on whatever the spread would be.

Nick’s Pick-  I’ve lived with LexCath kids throughout the majority of college career, but my bias isn’t the reason the Knights will win.  Too much firepower from the athletic Brumbaugh cannot be contained by Ryle.

Games to Watch

Paintsville (1-0) vs Frankfort (0-1)

This will be a fun game to watch, but the best reason to watch will be Kash Daniel. The Kentucky-commit ran all over Sheldon Clark last week at the quarterback position in a 46-12 win. Daniel had three touchdowns on 72 yards rushing, but Paintsville also got 177 yards rushing from Kent Phelps on only five carries. Frankfort will look to recover from their opening loss to Paris. Despite the loss, Frankfort is still a contender in 1A. They need to beat Paintsville to prove that they will be in contention.

Trey’s Pick– Kash Money will lead Paintsville to a 2-0 start for the first time since 2013.

Nick’s Pick-  All Kash Everything as Painstville rolls in front of a Big Blue Central Kentucky crowd.

 Photo by Brian Powers

Photo by Brian Powers

Pulaski County (1-0) vs Scott County (1-0)

Both of these teams are coming off blowout wins to begin the season. Pulaski County saw a big game from Riley Hall as they destroyed Jeffersonville (Indiana) 64-26 last Friday. To beat Scott County, they will need to stop the run. With Keith Guy (three touchdowns and 76 yards) leading the way, Scott County rushed for 275 yards and five touchdowns in a 46-0 win over Tates Creek.

Trey’s Pick- Scott County is going to end the third longest winning streak in Kentucky as they will beat Pulaski.

Nick’s Pick-  PC is the team to beat in 5A, and Scott County won’t be the one to get it done.

Male (1-0) vs Ballard (1-0)

The returning regional champs Ballard got off to a great start with a 54-0 win over Oldham County. They stay at home this week to face crosstown-rival Male. Despite playing without Keion Wakefield, Male defeated Floyd Central (Indiana) 41-0 last week. Wakefield will miss this game as well with a leg injury. Ballard will look to shut down the explosive passing attack that Male imposes. Hayden Shelton threw for 252 yards and three touchdowns last week, including two to Zackery Smith.

Trey’s Pick- Male won this game in a blowout last year. They won’t blow them away this time, but they will take cake of business against Ballard.

Nick’s Pick-  It’ll be tough without Wakefield, but I still believe Male gets it done.

Warren Central vs McCracken County

This may not be the most hyped game of the week, but it is extremely important for both teams. Warren Central and McCracken County are coming off big losses to Owensboro and Paducah Tilghman respectively. Both teams are contenders in their respective regions, but an 0-2 start would hurt them out of the gate. Owensboro’s experienced defense held WCHS to 12 rushing yards, forcing Chance Shanklin to drop back and throw 18 passes, completing six. McCracken County struggled to stop the run last week, allowing 205 yards on the ground. Zy’Aire Hughes finished with 75 totals yards last week. MCHS needs to get the ball in his hands as well as Cory Fike’s in order to win on Friday.

Trey’s Pick- McCracken County’s defense will hold WCHS like Owensboro did last week and Zy’Aire will find his zone.

Nick’s Pick-  I believed in McCracken in Week 1, and that faith will not falter this week.  Zy’Aire Hughes will find a rhythm in Week 2 and get the dub.

Players to Watch

Tre’ Hornbuckle, Murray Defensive End- The Duke-commit was consistently in the backfield last week against West Greene (Tennessee). Hornbuckle has big play potential as a weak side DE as he is fast off the line and can wreck havoc as a pass rusher. Hornbuckle plays both ways and will shine this week against Calloway County.

Jamale Carothers, Bowling Green Running Back- Don’t be surprised if you hear this name from me throughout the season. Carothers is from my alma mater, and he is extremely special. Last season, he ran for 336 yards against Owensboro’s fantastic defense. He was named co-offensive player of the game in the Rafferty’s Bowl last week after totaling 140 yards and two touchdowns on nine touches. The Purples travel to play Christian County this week,

Cameron Fogle is Leaving the Football Team

Vicki Graff | Vaughts Views

Vicki Graff | Vaughts Views

Kentucky walk-on wide receiver Cameron Fogle is leaving the football program, according to Jen Smith of the Herald-Leader and confirmed by a Kentucky spokesman.

Fogle was the lesser half of the Conner-UK connection.  Drew Barker’s favorite target in high school pulled in 7 touchdowns for 865 yards on 55 catches.  The sophomore wasn’t bad during his short-lived stint at UK, but with a gluttony of receivers and another walk-on wowing the coaches (Charles Walker), Fogle’s future didn’t include much time on the field.

Best of luck Fogle.  You’re much better than the other infamous Fogle.

Position Previews: The Schlarman Nine, Previewing the Offensive Line


Kentucky offensive line coach John Schlarman has quietly constructed a formidable position group. The Schlarman Nine includes his starting five rotation plus four pivotal reserves. Going into fall camp, the Wildcat OL was considered Shannon Dawson’s most consistent group. That pre-camp assumption proved to be accurate. Up front, the Wildcats average size is 6’5 314 pounds and have 89 collective starts under their belt, the 15th most returning starts in college football.


Right Tackle-George Asafo-Adjei 6’5 325 true freshman, 0 starts. This rookie can flat out play the game of football. He’s also established himself as a team leader within a short period of time. George assumed his starting role when junior tackle Kyle Meadows missed a portion of camp due to migraines. He’s not relented. Right tackle is the best position for a true freshman offensive lineman to play.

Right Guard-Ramsey Meyers 6’4 320 sophomore, 12 starts. In 2014, Ramsey solidified his position and hasn’t looked back. Meyers’ experience will benefit right tackle Asafo-Adjei. His strengths include double team blocking and drive blocking, plus releasing downfield to clear a path during screen plays.

Center-Jon Toth 6’5 310 junior, 23 starts. Jon is the anchor of the offensive line and provides a consistent presence for the group. Highly intellectual, yet can move mammoth nose guards due to his understanding of leverage and technique.

Jon Toth is the anchor, and 2014's Offensive MVP. (Big Blue Insider)

Jon Toth is the anchor, and 2014’s Offensive MVP. (Big Blue Insider)


Left Guard-Zach West 6’4 305 senior, 30 starts. The old man of the unit, Zach has played a great deal of football for the Cats. He had an exceptional game against South Carolina in 2014. Untimely injuries have somewhat hampered his career. West is now healthy as Coach Schlarman is counting on his experience and consistency.

Left Tackle– Jordan Swindle 6’7 309 senior, 24 starts. Moving from right to left tackle is not an easy transition. From all accounts, Jordan’s move has been effective. Optimal size for a LT, Swindle will be called upon to protect Patrick Towles’ blind side.

Key Reserves-Nick Haynes 6’3 308 sophomore OG, 1 start. Kyle Meadows 6’5 298 sophomore RT, 1 start. Cole Mosier 6’5 335 sophomore G/T, 2 starts. Zach Meyers 6’3 300 junior OG, 1 start.


The Schlarman Nine is an efficient group with sufficient skill to accelerate 2015 offensive production. Three key reserves are vital due to their versatility. Mosier, Haynes, and Meadows are capable of starting and playing every OL position other than center. LT Jordan Swindle was named to the preseason All SEC 3rd team. Expect a more physical unit due to player development and familiarity. Due to his age and lack of experience, Asafo-Adjei will be tested early by opposing defenses. Having the steady Ramsey Meyers beside him will help.

More Love for Tyler Ulis – This Time from Sports Illustrated



It seems like every day there’s a new media outlet falling in love with Tyler Ulis – and rightfully so. The kid is easy to like, no matter if you’re a Kentucky fan or not. This time it’s Chris Johnson at who lists the 10 high-impact sophomores for college basketball this season.

Ulis checks in at No. 4 behind Melo Trimble, Jakob Poeltl and Grayson Allen. Now, I understand the Trimble and Poeltl picks as they have been talked about for quite some time and showed what they can do as freshmen. However, Greyson Allen ahead of Ulis? I’m sorry but Allen really played one game as a freshman and it just happened to be in the national title game, so everyone is living by the what have you done for me lately theory. Give me Ulis ahead of Allen 100 out of 100 times.

Johnson talks mostly about the crowded backcourt and how it will be tough to figure out playing time for Ulis, Briscoe and Murray (hint: just play them all together). He call Ulis a great distributor and reminds everyone he was second on the team last year in offensive efficiency behind Karl-Anthony Towns.


Practice Notes from a Pleasant Mark Stoops

I don't think I've ever seen a smile so big on Stoops' face.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a smile so big on Stoops’ face.

It had been almost a week since the media has seen Mark Stoops in a good mood.  With camp letting out and the start of school yesterday, the Cats were in full pads to begin preparation for Louisiana- Lafayette.  The changes in practice put a much better product on the field, “There was good concentration and I felt like guys were locked in,” Stoops said.

Although Angry Stoops can be entertaining, I prefer Stoops when he’s cracking jokes.

“He’s doing a good job, but don’t tell him I said.”

The first question of the day was about strong safety Marcus McWilson.  After being consistently challenged by Stoops, he’s had a pretty consistent preseason.  They were speaking during a break in practice when Stoops told him he wasn’t going to compliment him.  McWilson replied, “Don’t even say a word till after the season (starts).”  So Stoops won’t play nice…just yet.

It’s a great sign to see from someone who has everything down pat physically, but needs to prove it with consistency on the field.

True Freshmen that Will See the Field

Stoops’ short list of guys that are guaranteed to make the field: LB Eli Brown, CB Chris Westry, OT Big George, CB Derrick Baity, TE C.J. Conrad, RB Sihiem King, OLB Josh Allen and ILB Jordan Jones.

Jordan Jones has been out due to illness for the last few weeks, “He tells me he’ll be cleared next week,” Stoops said.  “But we all know he’s not a doctor.”

The young receivers, Tavin Richardson and Jabari Greenwood, are “in the mix” but they will play the waiting game to see if their services are needed.

Flannigan’s Shoulder is in Question for Week One

It’s the burning question on the defense.  After taking a hit from 330-pounder Jacob Hyde (OUCH!), he’s stayed in a no-contact jersey.  His range of motion has returned, needing to add strength to be able to suit up on Saturday.

“He’s got to get 100% strength back in his shoulder before we can let him have contact.  Hopefully that will happen in the next couple of days, Stoops said.  “With the injury that he has, nobody can really tell me that (he’ll be ready), so we have to wait and see.  We gotta prepare as if he won’t be there, but he is getting some reps.”

Flannigan is confident that he will be fully recovered and ready for the first game, but added, “Right now we’re just waiting to see.  Everything is looking fine so far.”

Problems ULL Presents the Defense

If you’ve followed Freddie Maggard’s analysis, Public Enemy #1 is running back Elijah McGuire, last year’s Sun Belt player of the year.  Stopping that facet of the run game is only one aspect to their offense – they’ll also have to contain a running quarterback.  Stoops’ defense have done better than most in the past, but the pressure mostly falls on the shoulders of the defensive ends and outside linebackers to make plays in one-on-one situations.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.  It’s a new year.”

Mark Stoops has put Jordan Swindle’s false start problems in the past.  We won’t know if Swindle’s work with the sports psychologist has paid off until the season starts but, “If things don’t work out, then Ben (the sports psychologist) may be in trouble,” Stoops said.

World’s Tallest Man made Enes Kanter look short today

At 8’3″, Sultan Kösen is the world’s tallest man. At 6’11”, Enes Kanter is a very, very tall man. The two Turks met today at the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Fulton Science Academy in Atlanta, and the pictures are pretty awesome.

For perspective, here is tall Enes with some children:

And Sultan and Enes with normal-sized adults:

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, Sultan’s record-breaking height resulted from a tumor affecting his pituitary gland and he actually had to have surgery to stop the growth in 2010. He also holds the record for the largest hands of a living person, each one measuring 28.5 cm (11.22 in) from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger. Take that, Jahlil Okafor!

Kendra Harrison Advances at World Championships

Kentucky track star Kendra Harrison will run in the semifinals of the 100m hurdles. Harrison will race in the semifinals on Friday, which is scheduled for 7:25 a.m. ET.

Harrison advanced to the semifinals by running a 12.90 in her first heat, which was good enough for second place. She’s expected to contend for a medal based on her previous experience, including having the third fastest time among athletes in the field.

Best of luck to Harrison as she hopefully brings the USA and UK a gold medal.

Karl Towns posts emotional tribute to Darryl Dawkins

Earlier this afternoon, the unfortunate news came out that NBA great Darryl Dawkins passed away from a heart attack at the age of 58. Dawkins, known as “Chocolate Thunder” for his monster dunks, was the first NBA player to make the leap to the league straight from high school.

The news was especially hard for former Cat Karl Towns, whose father knew Dawkins. The two practiced together during Karl Sr.’s playing days at Monmouth University and kept in touch, to the point that Karl Jr. referred to Dawkins as “Uncle Darryl.” Karl posted this touching tribute on Twitter this afternoon:

In a loss of words….

I’m going to miss you so much Uncle Darryl. There will never be another Chocolate Thunder. Love you so much and going to miss you so much..

Always told you I would make it to the NBA since I was little, I thank the man above  for allowing me to come through on my promise to you.

Rest in peace, Darryl.

Why Kentucky was Voted the Best Coaching Job in the Country

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

CBS Sports wrapped up their Candid Coaches theory yesterday by asking the roughly 100 Division I coaches what are the top three coaching gigs in the country. They voted in order Kentucky-Duke-North Carolina. Now, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that Kentucky was voted the best coaching job in the country, but let’s look at why. Remember, this is the best coaching job, not the best program, which does make a difference – and why Duke shouldn’t be on the list.

One of the coaches polled said the following about Kentucky:

“Fan base is unwavering. They’re consistent. Kentucky owns the state in terms of the fan base. They travel well, are willing to put in any amount of money. There’s a blank check for those guys to do what they need to do dot maintain a level of greatness.” 

But, for me that’s not the main reason why Kentucky is the best coaching gig. It’s because each coach wins in Lexington. Since Adolph Rupp, only two coaches haven’t won a title and that is Eddie Sutton and Billy Gillispie. So, the fear of following up a legend like Coach K in Duke isn’t as strong. Again, that’s why Duke shouldn’t be on the list along with the terrible facilities in Durham from a recruiting standpoint. Yes, the pressure is immense, but there’s a constant stream of success in Kentucky, which no other program can talk about.

Then there’s the obvious reasons of the practice facilities, living quarters for the players which make it easy to recruit coupled with the extremely competitive salary that goes along with the pressure of being the coach at Kentucky. So, after Kentucky what are the best coaching gigs – again, not programs – in the country? For me, it’s North Carolina and Texas.

Sleep Outfitters’ Thursday Recruiting Roundup

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 Kobi Simmons will take an official visit to Kentucky this weekend

I mentioned this in the wakeup post, but it bears repeating. Tomorrow, Simmons will arrive on campus for an official visit, the first of three he’s taking in the coming weeks. Next month, the five-star combo guard visit UNLV and Ohio State, and he’s already visited Georgia, his home state school. His dad told Ben Roberts they will decide between the four programs next month, and laughed at the notion that Kentucky has cooled on his son.

“It’s just funny to me that people think that,” said Demond Stephens. “Cal talks to me. Kenny (Payne) talks to me. We talk every day.”

 Marques Bolden visits next weekend

The best center in the 2016 class will come to town next Friday before taking officials to Duke on September 18 and Kansas on September 25. Reason to feel good: Bolden’s AAU coach and mentor is Jeff Webster, Julius Randle’s former coach. Reason to worry: Duke has a slight edge in his 247 Crystal Ball.

Here’s a reminder of what he can do:

 ESPN released their new 2017 recruiting rankings

Here’s where those with UK offers stand:

1. DeAndre Ayton
2. Wendell Carter
3. Michael Porter, Jr.
5. John Petty
7. Jarred Vanderbilt
8. Mohamed Bamba
9. Gary Trent Jr.
13. Nick Richards
18. Zach Brown
25. Trae Young

Point guard Trevon Duval was ranked fourth, and although he doesn’t have an offer from the Cats yet, he’s expected to pick one up soon.

  Don’t forget that Kash Daniel plays in Frankfort Friday night

Paintsville’s game against Frankfort High School is the BBN’s best chance to see the future Cat play in Central Kentucky. It kicks off at 7:30 p.m. at Sower Field, which apparently is a little difficult to find. Here’s a map to help guide you:

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 2.29.53 PM

Daniel scored three touchdowns in his season opener. What will he do this week?

  3-star cornerback has UK in his top two

Three-star cornerback Carlos Becker is considered the 37th best corner in the 2016 class, and according to 247 Sports, he’s got the Cats in his top two, along with NC State. Ryan Bartow spoke with Becker, who says he’s going to take officials to Kentucky, NC State, Wisconsin, Ole Miss, and potentially Florida State. He said the Cats were the first “big SEC team” to offer him, and the fact that he considers UK a “big SEC team” speaks volumes to me.

He may be a NC State lean, but he was spotted by his classmates wearing a UK shirt on “college day” today:

Why not, right, Carlos?