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March 3rd, 2015

UK vs. Georgia LIVE BLOG

Live Blog UK vs. Georgia LIVE BLOG

Charles Barkley and Bill Belichick at the game


Ashley Judd won’t be the only celeb in the house tonight. Charles Barkley and Bill Belichick are in attendance at Stegeman Coliseum, and Sir Charles was kind enough to pose for a selfie with yours truly:




Tipoff pushed to 9:10 p.m.


Greetings from Stegeman Coliseum, where tip off has been pushed to 9:10 p.m. Blue is REALLY getting in here in Athens, so here are some sights and sounds to tide you over until game time…

Look at all the blue…

IMG_4644 IMG_4640

Here is Aaron coming on to the court to a warm welcome from the UGA student section:

More hospitality from the Georgia students:

The two signs of the night so far:


May we all be as lucky as that woman on the right some day.

Your ‘what the heck’ Kentucky fan fiction of the season

Mark Zerof | US Presswire

Mark Zerof | US Presswire

If you have never heard of, it is a site which tracks trending topics in film, TV, music and apparently sports. It’s not the type of sports coverage ESPN does, however. The site uses more of a…..avant-garde…. way to connect to sports fans across the board. And what better way to bring sport fans together than to discuss beating Kentucky?

This writer used his imagination to come up with a way to take down the Kentucky Dynasty that involves Dip & Dots, Andy Toole and robots that takes place over forty years in the future. All were used to return college basketball to its former glory before Coach Cal ruined it.

Here is a little excerpt:


The worry wasn’t for basketball’s sake. The worry was instead that this group of six-stars were simply too fast, too long and too good at jumping to be merely basketball players. It wouldn’t just be platoons, it could be entire battalions of humans who were the best of the best. In the wrong hands with the wrong self-interests, these Wildcats could pose a threat to the very harmony of society.

A plan was forged, and in retrospect it was the only appropriate answer. Regular humans were never going to be able to beat genetically gifted humans. To beat Kentucky, we needed something inhuman.

We needed robots.

The coalition hired the best of the best remaining five-star minds to work on project Basketball Fever. The world’s more forward authority on artificial intelligence, Dr. Spike Jonze, was brought on to make sure the robots could think on their feet and gain the appropriate level of on-court awareness to do battle with the Wildcats. Plays were designed with the Laws of Robotics in mind. The bodies were formed with the lightest and most durable alloys known to man.


That is just a small portion of the beyond ridiculous story and you can get the rest of it here. I think the post might be a little like a bad car accident. You know you’re looking at something horrible, but you just can’t look away.

At least the got something right, though.  I think the only way to beat this team is robotics.



Listen to the KSR Pregame Show

Kentucky is in pursuit of 30-0 tonight in Georgia and the KSR gang is in studio in Kentucky to talk about it. So why don’t you tune in at 6:30 p.m. through or on 630 AM in Lexington to hear the show. We’ll be on 98.1 The Bull beginning at 7:00.

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29 reasons why Kentucky has made it to 29-0

Kentucky is entering its final two regular season games and with an undefeated season on the mind, let’s take a look back at 29 reasons why the Cats have made it this far.

1. Historic defense

Our own Matt Jones explained in his recent Sunday night post that it isn’t hyperbole to say this is one of the best overall defenses in college basketball history. Dick Vitale has said on broadcasts it is the best defense he has seen in 30 years.

2. Sacrifice

Kentucky’s All American players have seen less playing time than what one would like, but they also don’t seem to mind it. The joy they get from making a great pass or even cheering on the bench makes up for the minutes shared between the talented team.

3. The Kansas game

Kentucky’s first game against a ranked team (top five at the time) ended in utter domination and gave the nation a taste of what was to come later in the season with a 72-40 victory.

4. Unbelievable depth

Kentucky not only has nine McDonald’s All Americans on its roster, but eight different players that have led the team in scoring this season.


5. Veterans

Where would we be without the experience of the Harrison twins, Willie Cauley-Stein, Dakari Johnson and even Dominique Hawkins? They know what losing feels like and never want to be there again – and they haven’t been. But it is also important to note that having veteran players took the pressure off the freshman from having to shine from day one. Devin Booker has had Aaron Harrison to turn to for advice, while Karl-Anthony Towns has been able to learn from Willie Cauley-Stein.

6. The new guys

Where would we be without the talent of the rookies? 29-0 wouldn’t happen without Karl-Anthony Towns and Trey Lyles dominating the front court and certainly not without Devin Booker’s outside shooting and Tyler Ulis’ incredible court vision. Cheers to you, freshmen.

7. Trip to the Bahamas 

This Kentucky team had a chance to bond pre-season and that catapulted them into a comfort level other teams are unfamiliar with. This team vibes better together and I like to wonder what’s in that Bahamian water…

8. Sam Malone’s headband

Need I say more?

sam malone headband

9. Platooning

A lot of analysts and coaches didn’t have a lot of faith in this system, but Cal did and that’s all that mattered because it has worked for Kentucky all season long.

10. Willie’s dunks

It’s safe to say Willie Cauley-Stein posterizes someone each and every game and it never gets old. His dunks seems to always come at the perfect time and propel the Cats on a major run. They certainly seem to get Willie going.

(Photo via Rob Ford | Getty Images)

Rob Ford | Getty Images

11. North Carolina

This was the first game for Kentucky without Alex Poythress, begging the question of where would Kentucky’s energy come from? Willie Cauley-Stein came through with a big 15 points against the Tarheels and faith was restored in the Cats’ front court.

12. UCLA

Who could forget this one? Kentucky led 41-7 at the half and completely shut down the Bruins by scoring the first 24 points of the game and finishing them off 83-44. While this isn’t John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins, that type of defensive performance was still jaw-dropping against a historical program.

13. Tyler Ulis’ breakout game at Louisville

No one can argue that Tyler Ulis came into Louisville fists up and ready to win because he came into the Yum Center and basically told everyone to suck it and led the team with 14 points. That was the first game where the rest of the country truly took notice of Ulis. His toughness has been a huge part of Kentucky’s success.

14. A 1 OT game

Kentucky’s first game that went into OT proved to be a challenge for the Cats as they had to learn how to handle adversity. Aaron Harrison stepped up in the 89-86 win over Ole Miss with 26 points.

15. A 2 OT game

Just when Kentucky fans thought they’d had their fix of close-calls for the season, Texas A&M brought 2 OT’s to shake things up even more. Clutch free throws were the game changer for the Cats and proved again that they could dig deep when the going got tough.

16. The Missouri Game

This ushered back in the platoon system and featured a new energy in the Cats that had been missing since Alex Poythress’ untimely injury.

17. Dominique Hawkins

Never a guy to complain, Hawkins worked hard and waited patiently for his chance to be that secret ingredient Kentucky was needing. It showed big time in his start for the blue platoon against Missouri. Just has Hawkins proved last season in the NCAA tournament against Michigan, he is aways ready when his number is called on.

18. Devin Booker’s humble beginnings

Booker started the season 1-11 from the three-point line, but despite his confidence in his shot never wavers. He kept shooting and now is having to reload nearly every trip down the court.

19. An electrified bench

A team is nothing without their backup and we clearly have the best bench in college sports, just look at us.via

20. The hunt for Trey Lyles

It was a fun game of hide and seek and no one is really sure what happened to Trey, but whatever it was had a little hint of magic because Lyles has dominated every game he’s played in since his disappearance. His back-to-back 18-point performances led to the conference naming him Freshman of the Week for the second time this season.

21. Dakari says…


Credit: Lexington Herald-Leader / contributor

Getty Images

22. Big Blue Nation

If you’re having team problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a fan base ain’t one. Okay, so that didn’t flow as well as I would’ve liked but one thing’s for sure and that is BBN shows out for every single game–home and away. We’ve got your back, Cats.

Photo by Steve Harp @sharpimages28


23. Shot clock violations

Kentucky has consistently shown all season long that they love nothing more than a good turnover via shot clock violation and it just solidifies the domination that is Kentucky’s defense.

24. The LSU kryptonite 

Kentucky broke the law of averages in Baton Rouge and proved that it seemed impossible for them to lose. After getting a double digit lead on the road, a Karl-Anthony Towns technical propelled LSU to go on a 21-2 run. But, once again this team showed their will to win and gutted out a 71-69 win.

25. South Carolina at home

Big Blue Nation got the one Valentine’s gift they really wanted here – one more game towards the best start in school history with a 77-43 win over South Carolina.

26. Tennessee

History, folks, that was what we had at The Sumit. A 66-48 win over UT gained Kentucky the best start in school history, but they weren’t quite done yet.

27.  The ESPN commercials

Nothing keeps morale up for a team under a lot of pressure like a kick-a** highlight commercial for the nation to see. Sorry, not sorry.

28. Beat down of a ranked Arkansas team

When this team hears a team has a chance to beat them, they smell blood. Wow what a performance against Arkansas! We saw a second straight 18-point performance from Trey Lyles and the Willie Cauley-Stein block and stare down. A 17-point win was really more like 30. This one was never close.

via ESPN

29. March on the mind 

With March Madness on the brain all season long, the Cats can finally say they’ve arrived. Now let’s go get us another banner boys! Go Cats!

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ESPN released the trailer for its 30 for 30: “I Hate Christian Laettner”


ESPN will debut its next 30 for 30 documentary, I Hate Christian Laettner, following its Selection Sunday special on March 15.

The trailer for the movie hit the internet today:

Karl Towns compares Kentucky to an amusement park


ESPN’s Jeannine Edwards recently spoke to Karl Towns about life as a Kentucky basketball player and Karl likened his time at UK to a place known for fun and happiness. Towns told her, “Its like being at an amusement park that never closes.”

Karl is a quote machine and this is one of his best.

And now I want funnel cake.


The visiting locker room at Georgia is ready to go

… if we can even call that a locker room.

Enjoy those blue uniforms tonight because it’s the last time we’ll see them this season.

Beat Georgia.

9 Apps We Considered But Didn’t Develop, Yet

By now you’ve heard we released an iPhone app yesterday and it did really well, so well it jumped ESPN for the No. 1 spot in the Top Free iPhone Sports Apps. But did you know we left several other apps on the drawing board? Yep, lots of great ideas got left behind in the KSR app creation meetings and today I will reveal what could’ve been.

Below you’ll find the apps we considered, but did not develop, for various reasons.

Maybe one day…




Ryan Lemond Wreck Finder

— Comprehensive, accurate map of Fayette County and other areas Ryan frequents
— Instant alerts when Ryan wrecks
— Ryan Lemond Car Tracker


Kentucky Joe Pandora

— Tap into an entire world of Kentucky Joe’s music, including hits like “Big Blue Fan In The Morning” and “Willie Cauley-Stein Man”
— Personalized stations with one artist to select from


Drew Franklin’s Weekend Adventure

— Gain access to the aux cord while dodging flying Fireball shots at Tin Roof
— Survive both levels at Belle’s without leaving a credit card
— Make your way to Taco Bell before it closes
— Escape The Paddock on Sunday


Crean Yourself

— Add a puzzled, clueless look to any headshot
— Select from your Photo Library or take a new photo with the in-app camera
— Lose to Northwestern


#BBN Tinder

— Connect with new and interesting people around Big Blue Nation
— Swipe right to like or left to pass. If someone likes you back, it’s a match!
— Meet up to watch UK games and see what happens from there



— 24 hours of Matt talking, 7 days a week
— Brought to you by Sleep Outfitters, Harry’s Razors, Hudson, Wendy’s, Shari’s Berries, Egg White Delights…
— John Short guest spots on the hour, every hour


Daily Doron

— Inspirational and motivational quotes, powerful nuggets of wisdom direct from Doron Lamb’s Twitter feed
— Keep track of when Doron is watching Martin
— Eat D. Lamb
— Socks of the Day
— Connect with friends to find out what channel UK game on


Patterson/Lucas Updater

— For fans interested in any updates on Patterson or Lucas
— Developer note: App has not been updated in eight years


KSR for Android

— Like the current app, but for Android users

Jay Bilas says Kentucky is beatable

Jay Bilas went on Georgia radio in Athens last night and said Kentucky is beatable if a team is willing to do what it takes for 40 minutes to win. He believes there are ways to win, if a team can find them and give a great effort for an entire game.

There is a difference between being unbeaten and unbeatable,” Bilas told the Georgia Bulldog IMG network. “If you’re unbeatable, you’re going to be unbeaten. But you can be unbeaten and still beatable.”

“They’re better than everyone they’re going to play,” Bilas continued. “The toughest teams find ways to win, and that’s the challenge for anybody playing against Kentucky. There are ways to win — can we find those ways to win?”

Listen below:

Coach Cal and Rick Pitino as gang members

On the left you see John Calipari reimagined as a member of the Crips. On the right you see Rick Pitino wearing Louisville casual.

(via @KYforKY)

UGA students gave a piss poor effort coming up with tonight’s chants

Georgia students will unleash preplanned, unfunny chants in the direction of the Wildcats during tonight’s game — and it’s a really sad effort.

If you’re going to go through the trouble of coming up with taunts in advance, then printing them out and distributing the list throughout the student section, you should at least come up with something marginally funny. But nope. Not Jo’Ja. They went as unoriginal as one can go with tonight’s list.

In my most sarcastic tone…. Brilliant idea counting down from 5 when the shot clock reads 10. Groundbreaking stuff there. UK won’t know what hit them. It’ll be hilarious when they shoot with five seconds left! Also, kudos to whoever came up with “Aaron’s better.” The twins will be blindsided by a brothers reference.

Win money through KSR and tonight

We’ve teamed up with for another one-day college basketball contest, this time with a $4,500 prize pool. The winner of tonight’s contest will walk away with $500 (money that can be spent at the SEC Tournament) so you’d be crazy not to click the link at the bottom of this post to sign up and begin drafting your eight-man roster.

The top 525 finishers will earn some form of payment and first time players will receive free entry into the contest, as well as a 100 percent bonus up to $600 on the first deposit.

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